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  • jack25
    jack25 replied to the thread Foreign music.
    Gangnam style was a hit and I enjoyed it too but aside from that, I cannot recall liking any other song not sung in English. I...
  • jack25
    Hey @Zack T, it seems harder (now) to make a selection from the high number of TV shows at our disposal. There could be more variety...
  • jack25
    jack25 posted the thread Is the tide changing? in Sports Forum.
    Four English teams made it to the last eight of the UEFA Champions League. Even though it is clear one team will be eliminated at this...
  • Boomer
    Boomer replied to the thread Foreign music.
    I occasionally listen to Japanese songs off of YouTube, soundtracks, or music apps. I also have downloads of American hits sung in...
  • headrush
    What is the cut-off year for a song to go from modern to old? I don't think there's any hard or fast rule. However, I'm thinking that if...
  • Kam
    Kam replied to the thread WWE SmackDown LIVE 2019 Discussion.
    Miz always does a great promo. Is Charlotte using botox? I mean:omg: I'm getting sick of all these convoluted storylines...
  • Kam
    Kam added the media item charlotte-flair-190319.jpg to WWE Media.
    Charlotte Flair on Smackdown - 19th March 2019
  • Kam
    Kam replied to the thread [44] FWL Update: Week 6.
    Smackdown and 205 Live points have been added. WWE Smackdown - Gauntlet match: Kofi received +5 points per elimination - Kofi...
  • Boomer
    Boomer replied to the thread Summer Vacation.
    I'm trying to squeeze in a trip to northern California to visit relatives and maybe a couple of friends. Other than that, just local stuff!
  • Zack T
    I even got the Daniel Bryan/Kevin Owens prediction right despite Mustafa Ali being added to the match :)
  • Zack T
    Zack T replied to the thread WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019.
    Baron Corbin has storyline reason to be Kurts last opponent, but I fear the match will be disappointing. But hey, maybe Kurt can win it...
  • Eversleigh
    I recently learned of a huge scandal involving a woman named Elizabeth Holmes who started the company Theranos. The company was...
  • Eversleigh
    Eversleigh replied to the thread Elizabeth Holmes Scandal.
    I don't think the HBO documentary has been released in the UK yet and I'm dying to see it. I find the story fascinating. One of the...
  • Eversleigh
    Eversleigh replied to the thread Merlin.
    It's a love for me as well. The good news is that it's a completed series so you can binge it in a weekend or two and won't be...
  • Zack T
    Zack T replied to the thread Foreign music.
    I don't. I enjoyed Gangnam Style a hell of a lot, it had a sick beat, crazy music video, was very fun. But it didn't last because I...