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XTV: The Farewell From O2 Arena, London.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

Smoke and Mirrors hits the PA System, as the crowd erupts. The A-Lister staggers onto the stage, clutching at his ribs as he raises an arm to the crowds delight. HE quickly moves towards the ring as the crowd applaud and cheer for the man who at WrestleNova rid the company once and for all of the reign on Arron Winter.

The Master of Opportunity walks up the ring steps and waits for a moment for another pop from the crowd before he climbs into the ring and picks up the microphone in the centre of the ring, albeit with a grunt and a groan from the broken ribs he recieved at Nova from Winter's henchmen.

The lights simmer down to blackout the arena, leaving just the ring bathed in light as Smoke and Mirrors fades out. The crowd however applaud the A-Lister before he can speak. He loses his cool composure for a moment before gathering himself together and speaking into the microphone.

Famous: So I guess you all here tonight are pretty happy that we can finally say goodbye to Arron Winter huh?


Famous: And I hope, no I pray, that when he's done reeling his crap out tonight, we're all going to Boo-Tista Queen Wave the guy out of here as we sing in unison.... Na Na Na Nah! Na Na Na Nah! HEY HEY HEY...


Famous: You guys know how to cheer me up, even with 2 broken ribs and a sore head like nobodies business. See at WrestleNova, I started the night laying. Being savagely beaten and nearly took out of contention to try and rid the world of Winter. His two henchmen, Archangel and Kai have a lot to be patting their backs for. They did what Winter wanted. They left me down and out. But they didn't get the job done.

See it takes more than that to stop Famous, and forgive me for stealing my regular tag partner's line here but you can't stop the unstoppable. Actually I don't think he's ever used that. But he should. It's good.

My point is, at the start of Nova. I was written off. Arron thought he could have his way and I'd pick someone else to come and replace me. Not saying I didnt think about it. Laid up on the trainers bench, gasping for air, feeling my ribs, I thought about letting Dammage take my place. Me and he came here together to fight this war and rid TWOStars of Winter. That was our primary goal. Along the way we got distracted but the goal never faltered. Rid TWOStars of Winter. And I gave serious consideration to letting Bryan finish what we started. But when I looked out there, and the people wanted me. Well being the egotist I am, and being your chosen champion to finish the job... why the hell not eh?

And I'll give full credit to Winter. I mean he gave me a war. An all out war. He fought like he should of. Like there was no tomorrow. That it could of been the last. And it was. As good as he gave, I was just one step better. A little Walk of Fame is all Ive ever needed. And when the dust settled, when the smoke cleared... for the second time in history it was me, Famous, the A-List Superstar standing tall closing out WrestleNova.


Famous: Thanks guys. I didn't just beat Arron for me and Dammage. I did it for this company, I did it for TWOStars. We came back because of those young guys in the back who want and deserve their spot and their careers. Most importantly though, we did it for you. There's no denying the enormous sense of satisfaction I get, knowing I rid TWOStars of it's most vile creation, but it warms me and pleases me more to know that this place now has a future. And a future that we put into the hands of you people.

This tonight is me passing the torch onto the TWO Universe. For you guys to continue to take a stand against injustice. That the next generation of TWO Superstars are sitting here tonight be it in this arena or sitting at home. Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is not only the farewell of Arron Winter, but at 28 years of age, having accomplished all I can and having secured the future of this company; this is my swansong, and tonight...



The now permanent GM Paul Gray rushes to the ring, microphone in hand as he talks on his way to the ring.

Gray: Mr. Famous I know I gave you microphone time tonight and I appreciated every word. A rousing speech and I'm sure the audience here tonight will help me say Thank You, not just for doing what you did for all of us in this company at WrestleNova, but for everything you've done since you debuted back in 2007 here.

Another round of 'THANK YOU FAMOUS' chants echo around the arena as Paul climbs into the ring and walks up to Famous.

Gray: Famous, I had no idea of your plans to retire here tonight in LONDON ENGLAND! *the crowd pops*

However I regret to inform you that due to contractual obligations... and PLANS MADE IN THE LAST 24 HOURS, I can;t accept your retirement.

The crowd boos heavily before a smattering of 'One More Match' chants begin to get louder.

Famous: What the hell Paul? I thought you were the good guy. I just wanna go home damnit!

Gray: I know, I know! However I remembered something you said not so long ago and it pushed my mind back to 2012. TWOStars Rebirth when essentially you were awarded the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship. Only for the split GM's to put you into a Triple Threat match that Kyle Gilmore ended up winning and thus becoming champion!

Famous: What's your point?

Gray: You never got a rematch after that Triple Threat. The company could of probably done a lot worse than had you as champion. But we have an issue of our own here, and I'm hoping you'll hear me out and listen to my offer. Y'see, Winter was the tyrant. And you defeated him and he's gone. We will never thank you enough for that. But the way I see it, you've earnt your way by pinning Arron. We have a behemoth of a predicament. You see last night Bison retained the TWOStars Championship. Something none of us wanted. And worse still, Chris Eagles got the Money In the Bank briefcase. Whoever is the champion of those isnt good for the business and these people don't want either of them as champion.

Frankly Famous, they deserve a champion who stands up for what he believes in. They need someone who has a proven track record. We all need a champion who can represent us and be the champion we need. Famous we need you as TWOStars World Champion, which is why I am naming you the new Number One Contender to the TWOStars Championship, effective as of... NOW. Do you accept?

Famous: You know I came here tonight Paul to say my piece, take a bow and go home to spend sometime with my dogs in the mountains. But let's be honest here, I'm the epitome of the word champion... and all I need is that one opportunity to take.

TO HELL WITH IT, Retirement can wait.

Ladies and Gents, the Famous you see before you is the man who will be the next TWOStars World Heavyweight Champion... and that guys, that really is...


Smoke and Mirrors hits the PA System again as Famous and Gray shake hands. The GM leaves the ring as Famous poses with the fans and we cut to a commercial break advertising the new TV show starting in two weeks.





Gringo: I’ve fought Eagles, and when he’s on his game, this ese is tough to beat.

Perrino: Chris is hard to motivate, and if this chance doesn’t do it, he might as well quit.

The number one Contender enters the stage area, lifting his briefcase high into the air with his left hand, using his right to bring the microphone to his lips.

CRE: Cut the music.

“Ugly” cuts out.

CRE: Finally… Finally I have a one on one shot for the World Title.

The jeers from the London crowd only causes the Cancer to milk it even more.

CRE: This is way I quit this crappy country, I’m ashamed to have born here in England, more so I’m gutted that like you, I am a Londoner!


A grin appears on Eagles’ face.

CRE: Wrestlenova ten was great to me. I was on top of the world, I’d had a few drinks and I sat and watched as Sickness tried to roll back the years and once again claim the title. I will admit I was seconds away from cashing his bad boy in (pats the case) But as a ten year veteran, I thought to myself these hard men have beaten the crap out of each other. I could’ve walked down to the ring, handed my case over and left the World Champion.


CRE: But deep down I knew the old Christopher Ryan Eagles would have. But since I’ve been in this company I’ve never had a one on one main event match on a PPV for the title as the bosses were to scared to give me the ball as I admit to this too. I was unreliable. I was a time bomb that could’ve went off at any moment, and a few times I did. I’ve no shown TV tapings, hell I even quit the company while Tag-Team Champion because I got bored. Why is this time different? Because this boss called me up and offered me a spot in the gold rush ladder match. He said I won’t hand it to you, but you have a fair shot at something you’ve wanted your whole career. I replied with a simple “What is that then?” and the GM just said a fair shot, a clean slate and the chance to prove the haters wrong.

The Cancer rubs his nose before continuing.

CRE: Mark my words, I will do anything to win that title, I will prove everyone wrong, tonight is the final XTV ever. I will beat KJ Wood later tonight and no matter if you like it or not, you are looking at the next TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion!

Eagles drops the mic as the place remains silent over what they’ve just heard.

Gringo: Was that a pipe-bomb? Or was Eagles being honest?

Perrino: You should know him more Pingu.

The camera fades as Blakeslee continues to try fix his headset and the other two speak about Eagles…

Cuts to…







The crowd are up on their feet roaring their support as the chaotic one comes up swinging his newly won TV title. The kids are bouncing as some of the adults are too while the chaotic one swings the belt. He stops before making a guitar movement with the belt before walking down the ramp.

JB-“He finally did it! The 8 and a half month reign of Hi’ilani Kai is over. He defeated the authority to win the belt against all the odds!”

He high fives the crowd, even letting a little kid hold the belt much to his delight.

EVIL-“That is a true champion!”

Dragon gets the belt back before walking into the ring and headbanging with the belt! The crowd clap as Chaos Dragon goes to the top rope to raise the belt proudly above his shoulders. The music cuts off as Dragon gets a microphone.


The crowd are still on their feet and roaring their support as loud as ever. Despite wearing a mask, you can visibly see the lump in his throat as he bows to the fans in appreciation


CD-“I don’t think I tell you guys enough BUT YOU FANS ARE ****ING AWESOME!


CD-“If it wasn’t for your, none of this could have happened. Last night I fulfilled a dream of mines ever since I got into this business. Any country I went whether it was America, UK, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, I have dreamed to be on a big stage and win a title. Last year I came this close to doing it, but Matt Denton fair play was the better man. But at Wrestlenova X, the biggest stage of them all, I can proudly say what I promised you fans to wanted to see and that is CHAOS DRAGON: CHAMPION!”


CD-“This road has been bumpy, from wrestlenova, to winning this belt first time around in a best of five series match with my good buddy Donald Erics. Oh and Erics I pray to god you’re back soon, you’re one hell of a worker! To Winter stripping me of the belt because I was deemed not good enough. To him firing me in September and eventually getting my job back to this very moment right now. But would I do it again just to embrace this moment right here, right now one more time? You bet your f*****g ass I would!”


The chants get to the chaotic one as he claps in appreciation.

CD-“Many champions say this, but some just say it to get the reaction. I genuinely mean this what I say right now, you guys gave me a second chance to turn a wrong into a right. You guys gave me my chance to fulfil my dream by campaigning for me to come back. If it wasn’t for you I would have fulfilled my dream so for that this belt is for you! This win is for you! My career is all for you! Thank you so much!”

The stands stand up and clap as Dragon holds in tears from his eyes. He beats hard against his heart to show the fans his heart belongs to the fans.

CD-“Now I would be getting really really drunk right now….But the gold rush tournament outcome happened.”


CD-“For those of you who don’t know. KJ Woods got the case that read out “Final ever number one contender for tv title at midsummer night’s destruction.” Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what’s going on. So I’m not leaving until Paul Gray comes out and explains what the hell is going on. So 50 shades of Gray….get your fat ass out here!”


Dragon clutches the belt close to his chest as he awaits the interim general manager. The crowd chants his name as he waits.


The interim general manager walks out and down the ramp slowly with a cane supporting him. What surprises people is he is carrying something heavy in a red burlap bag. He eventually gets into the ring and asks for a microphone.

PG-“Now Dragon, I understand your emotions right now. You have become a champion! You fulfilled a life long dream, and that case appears to take it away from you so soon. I promised to give you an explanation and I will give it right now..Yes the TWOStars television title…Will be retired!


CD-“Mother ****er!”

PG-“But before you decide to kill me, let me tell you why it is being retired. Television is outdated. It is still going but it’s not the only thing we watch programmes on anymore. We have consoles, we have desktops, we have laptops, smart phones, smart tablets and a very high speed internet to do it under. We are in a process of change, with this being the final ever XTV on television and the beginning of Onslaught on Demand on all platforms of media. Having a belt that represents this old ways of mankind is not what’s best for the company. Which is I have decided this route. At Midsummer Night’s Destruction KJ Woods will be the final ever challenger for this belt. It will be either against you, or your opponent for the title at Onslaught on Demand. BUT…..Here’s the catch! The winner of the champion at the time against KJ Woods at the pay per view becomes indeed the last ever TWOStars television champion…..and becomes the first ever winner of this…”

Paul Gray opens the burlap bag to reveal a brand new silver and gold title!


Dragon begins to warm to the idea of becoming the first ever winner of the new jr heavyweight belt.


Mr Gold Rush arrives on the stage immediately asking for the microphone to be cut as he makes his arrival for a second time tonight.

CRE-“Woah, woah, woah ,woah! Tell me that this isn’t true! You are going retire the belt that I made famous? It’s a bold move Gray I’ll give you that. But let me remind you all that I am a four time television champion! I am the face of that division! I know that I have this brief case that guarantees me world champion, but I think injustice has seriously arousen here.”


CRE-“If this championship is being retired, then the man that made the title in the first should be a part of it! Think of this Gray, I become a five time and the last ever TWOStars television champion, then become TWOStars junior heavyweight champion. Then I unify the belts and become world champion when I cash in. It’s brilliant! So Paul, do the right thing and make this match a triple threat match at Midsummer Night’s destruction!”


Gray-“Eagles, shut the **** up.”


PG-“You already have a guaranteed world title shot with that case and now you want to be undisputed grand slam winner? That’s a bit greedy isn’t it? Besides the contract in that case of KJ Wood’s says that they would be the last ever contender. Which means one challenger against the champion. So with regards to your proposal of a triple threat…..No!”


PG-“However….if you want to be in this pay per view match and be the final ever TV champion, you must win the belt first….and Dragon needs an opponent to defend the title at the first ever Onslaught on Demand event. And I do like the idea of Chaos Dragon, the new kid champion, defending his title against a man infamous with the belt. So while a triple threat match will not happen. At Onslaught On Demand in two weeks time, Chaos Dragon will defend the TWOStars television title….Against Christopher Ryan Eagles!

Eagles smirks as Dragon stares him down.

CD-“You better bring you’re a-game with me bitch because there’s no chance in hell I’m losing this title! Mark my words, I will go out as the last ever champion, and become the first ever Junior Heavyweight title holder!”

Dragon’s theme plays as he and the newly announced challenger at Onslaught On Demand. But unknown to theme KJ Woods is looking on backstage through the television monitor. Knowing he will face the winner of those two at Midsummer Night’s Destruction.

Christopher Ryan Eagles vs KJ Woods[

Winner by Eagles Wings: Christopher Ryan Eagles/QUOTE]


Dan Fox arrives on stage as he immediately makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd are mixed with him, but he is on a high following his victory at Wrestlenova X. He lifts his infamous hood up and requests for a microphone.

BP-“Been a while since we saw him this happy!”

EVIL-“Has a right to be! Big win for him at Wrestlenova!”

JB-“Also undefeated at nova. Only him and Lord Bison out of the entire current roster hold 100% records at Nova!”

Fox asks for his music to be cut as he looks around the arena.

DF-“Well, I wasn’t expecting this reaction I mean I’m used to being booed. So getting a few cheers is weird, but hey ho I’ll take it!”

The crowd again continue their mixed response.

DF-“I am really happy and for the first time I can truly say since I got back here that I have my smile back. I got a very big win at Wrestlenova X against two tough men. Almost passed out at the end but held one with my mental strength to get the win! So I am pleased with myself and that is not me bragging. It’s back to hard work to rise up to the ladder to reach the top!”

JB-“Honest response.”

DF-“It’s weird knowing I’ve been around for nearly two years. I’ve been in XTV a winner, loser, facing legends, hall of famers and newcomers. It is going to be sad that XTV will be no longer on our screens. But hey, times have changed and as Gray would say, a new onslaught is needed by TWOStars. And I for one can’t wait to take part in the Battle Royale! But there’s something bugging me….”

Some of the crowd are now curious as to where Fox is going with this.

DF-“It bugged me last year when I took leave of absence. It’s bugged me this year and even after Wrestlenova to this very day it’s been bugging me! I relive the moments over and over again! And the more than I think about, the more I have faith that I can those moments and replace with new ones that not only will get rid of this pain in my head, but help me be better as a wrestler…”


DF-“So Randy Roko…Get your ass out here!”

The crowd cheers as they await Roko!


Randy Roko emerged onto the stage with a smirk on his face. He walks down to the ring and steps in without hesitation. Roko is given his own microphone as the music is cut.


RR-“Well well well Foxy, I never knew I still bugged you! But in all fairness I’m bugged too! I mean I came this close to making the submission machine tap out! But hey ho, Dammage has the weaker lungs on you!”

Fox smirks and nods.

RR-“So what is this all about?”

DF-“I think you know what this is all about lad. I’m talking about how me and you have played out and how it’s been 2-0 in your favour. Now you beat me fair and square but I know deep down inside me that I can beat you! I can beat you in a fair fight and I am looking to have another chance to face you one on one!”


Roko is intrigued by Fox’s offer.

RR-“Foxy, I have two wins against you? Why would I want to face you again?”

Fox gets closer to Roko.

DF-“Because I know you want me to tap out from your hands after Wrestlenova!”


Randy Roko’s face turns from being joyful to being serious as Fox knows he has something. He knows he came close to a victory but was robbed by Dammages inability to hold on.

DF-“You know that you deep down after Wrestlenova that you came this close to doing the impossible! And I know the competitor you want that the idea to tap me out! So now I am giving you the chance to face me one on one……and why don’t we do it at Onslaught On Demand!”


RR-“So let me get this straight. You want to beat me…And I want to tap you out. So this is leading us to Roko/Fox 3….At Onslaught On Demand?”

He pauses as the pair embrace the crowd as they chant!


RR-“Okay Foxy. You and me one on one….IT’S ON!!......Under one condition!”


Fox is intrigued by what Roko wants to add to their match.

RR-“Why don’t we add a little something to get the fire going inside ourselves a little longer! Since I think we are going to need it.”

DF-“What do you suggest Roko?”

RR-“I’m suggesting that the loser of our match, pinfall or submission. Concedes their spot in Battle Royale!”


Fox is hesitant at first, but he can’t say no to another match to Roko.

DF-“If it means I have to put my spot on the Battle Royale to get that win against you….Then so be it!”

Dan Fox offers his hand out to shake Randy’s to confirm the deal. Roko drops the microphone and gives a firm hand shake to Fox. The pair smile but stare each other down at the same as the match at the inaugural Onslaught On Demand is confirmed!

JB-“Wow….what a match confirmed.”

EVIL-”Roko/Fox 3. Loser is out of Battle Royale.”

BP-“Big match folks! This could indicate who will win the Battle Royale!”

Roko leaves the ring as Fox looks up in the air before leaving the ring and walking up to the stage to follow Fox out of the arena.

Dan Fox vs Markos Andronikos

Winner by Wicked Gogoplata submission: Dan Fox






The camera cuts to first person where there are various people partying in a summer beach. The sun is roasting hot with not a single cloud in the sky! Steel drums can be heard before they are eventually seen in the shot with men with straw hats on them playing them. Dancers wearing various costumes shout cheer and dance while a man takes centre stage wearing face paint and dancing while staring straight at the camera.






The clip ends with this immediately straight after it;


Followed by this announcement.



We return from commercial break as the camera pans around the packed sold out O2 Arena in London for the final ever edition of XTV! The capacity crowd continues to roar and cheer, full of enthusiasm and anticipation for the next piece of thrilling action.

Suddenly and without warning the is a loud bang as pyrotechnics flash into life upon the stage and entrance ramp, followed up instantaneously by the opening chords of Meds - the hypnotic, eerie and unnerving rift that can only signal one thing - the imminent arrival and return of the sickest man in professional wrestling: Simon Davidson!!

Jason Blakesee: "Surely... Surely it can't be?!"

Within seconds, the man himself appears on stage, dressed as is standard in black skinny fit jeans, matching handsome leather shows and a black shirt that clings perfectly to his slim torso. His dark hair is elegantly unkempt and a cigarette hangs loosely from his lips, although not enough to disguise his arrogant grin and pristine white teeth.

Jason Blakesee: It is!! He's here!! Simon Davidson, alive and in living colour is back in TWOSTARS!!

Evil Gringo: I wonder what he wants, my guess is whatever it is, it can't be good!

Brice Perrino: Now why would you go making nasty ass assumptions like that Gringo?! I for one am delighted to see my Simon back in the business! A true star of out sport!

Jason Blakesee: You would say that...

The crowd, just seconds before full of cheers, joy and enthusiasm, changes sharply upon the arrival, as many in attendance recall the reputation Davidson carved out for himself in his previous stint with the company. The atmosphere is suddenly tense, a sense of foreboding in the air, but Simon, apparently oblivious or at the very least apathetic to his lukewarm reception, continues to grin as he makes his way down the entrance ramp and towards the TWOSTARS ring.

As he reaches the rings steps, he pausing, taking the cigarette from his lips and flicking it to the floor. Catching a mic thrown to him by a production assistant, a young woman in her late teens can be clearly heard shouting from the front row "MARRY ME SIMON!!". Grinning again, he climbs the steps and enters the ring. As he prepares to speak, more and more boos ring out from the increasingly hostile London crowd.


Still smirking contemptuously, he raises the mic to his mouth and speaks his first words in TWOSTARS for over six months.

Simon Davidson: That's right, ladies and gentleman. Me. Mr Ammorality! No conscience nor care, your father's worst nightmare! Methodcial and infections, no man can best this! Simon William Davidson himself!!

As the words leave his lips, the sly grin on his face changes into a broad, wide smile as boos continues to rain down upon him from all angles of the crowd.


Simon: That's right! I'm back. And you can boo me, boo me all you like, but when you go home and look yourself in the mirror at night, you can't lie to yourself. You know every single word of what I just said is true. One look in that mirror will tell you all you need to know - you've got nothing on me!!


Chuckling to himself at the reaction, he continues on.

Simon: Now. To business. I know I didn't say goodbye on the best of terms, but I'm a forgving man. I'm prepared to overlook the failures of others that led to my absence and let you all in on what exactly it is I'm doing here tonight...

Evil Gringo: Can you honestly believe this guy? I've never heard anyone so full of themselves in all my life...

Brice Perrino: Shhhh.. The man's speaking goddamit!

Simon: ...That's if your unsophisticated minds can that it that is!


Simon sighs, shaking his head.

Simon: But I doubt that very much.


Ignoring the crowd, Simon begins his tale.

Simon: Now, where to begin, where to begin. Well it's really very simple. As you all know, I'm a business man. A man who looks after number one, numero uno, me, myself and I. I don't deny it, after all I'm not a liar.

At this he pauses, grinning again as the disbelieving crowd continue to jeer.

Simon: So. What with the departure of that useless foooool Aaron Winter, this company feel into the hands of Paul Gray. And there in lay an opportunity for Ol' Simone. Under Winter's pathetic stewardship, Simon Davidson was never gong to amount to anything in TWOSTARS. The stupid old fool would never have allowed it. He let personal feeling, relationships and grudges cloud his mind and to get in the way of good business!

Paul Gray on the other hand... When Paul Gray offered me the chance to come it under a new regime, well I knew I had the chance to become the success that my natural talent so richly deserves! And with success, comes riches and royalties. And I f*cking love riches and royalties. That's a business opportunity a wise man like myself just couldn't turn down now could I? And is there a more appropriate time for my glorious return, than the final ever XTV? The final edition of Aaron Winter's sinking... sinking... sunk ship. I think not...

He pauses, nodding his head slightly, a convincing look etched upon his young face.

Simon: So for all those in attendance who can't quite keep up with an intellectual like myself, and I guess for all those in locker room right now who I just know are listening, let me spell out for you nice and simply: I'm here and I'm here to WIN!

There is a change in the tone of Simon's voice now, which just seconds before was cavalier, relaxed and joyfull, is now serious. He speaks with force, determination and believability. The change is matched in his eyes, which now look cold and deadly.

Simon: I want that TWOSTARS World Heavyweight Title. And it starts next week when I enter and win the Battle Royale!!

I'm putting the entire roster on notice! People say I'm sick in the head? Well maybe they're right! I'm like a virus, and it's going to sweep through that lockerroom and roster. Into every single one of them. Into their blood, into their bones, into their hearts and into their minds! And one by one, they'll all fall down. No antibiotics can stop me. I am Simon Davidson and I am the infection!!

He lets the mic drop from his hand, hitting the floor as his music bursts back into arena, playing over the noise of the somewhat surprised crowd, who are taken aback slightly at the sudden intensity of Davidson.

Evil Gringo: WOW! What a statement from Simon Davidson! He wants that World Heavyweight Title and he's prepared to do whatever it takes to get his hands on it!!

Brice Perrino: And you guys thought he was bringing bad news! This is great! Exactly what this company needs, some top competition at the top from a true star!!

Jason Blakesee: Well I can't deny he's certainly made an impression! Only time will tell where he goes from here!

'The Infection' Simon Davidson exits the ring and makes his way back up the entrance ramp. There is still a confident smile on his face, but there is no doubt that it is now coupled with a maniacal glint in his dark, grey eyes!





The crowd are cheering as Tankards theme emerges onto the stage. He is sporting bruises, black eyes and cuts from his fight with Murdoch at Wrestlenova X. He claps hands with the crowd as he walks down to the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen please welcome…Brian Tankard!”

Tankard gets into the ring and begins beating his chest. He gets the microphone as his theme music cuts. Tankard looks around at the crowd and begins to nod his head.

BT-“Now I know I’m not going to be winning any model contests anytime soon. Me and Murdoch if you lot haven’t heard went to hell and back at Wrestlenova. Now the good news is he knows that I ain’t as easy to beat the living shit out of, hell I even had a pint after the brawl! But the bad news is I didn’t get the win that I wanted to give you guys."


BT-“But I know Murdoch isn’t finished with me, and I ain’t finished with Murdoch. But lets do some hyping up here! We are going to debut a brand new show in two weeks time, where the Battle Royale that was delayed thanks to Winter will take places! Now nothing gives me pleasure to eliminate Murdoch and win the Royale at the same time! But I need to embarrass Murdoch much more than that!”


BT-“Murdoch can swing a good punch, but he’s not a tank like the tankard. He isn’t the brawler with pure power…He’s a little bitch that likes to sleep with every family member under the sun! But if he wants to play in the big leagues and try to take me out, then let’s see him try. I know he wants a winner to this feud, I want this feud to end with a winner and I know you fans need to see an winning outcome!”


BT-“Then I got thinking about how I can finish him off once and for good. To put him back in his place. And three words came to my mind…Midsummer Night’s Destruction!”


BT-“Mates of mines would tell me when they went to Rio that it was insane. It was awesome but you had to be careful. But they told me about something at night that went down at Copacabana beach. The pier would have clubbers visiting to see it light up at night. Some of course drink too much and that leads to a good old fashioned brawl. They would fight on the beach as a crowd would encircle them cheering the men, sometimes women, on. But this wasn’t just a bar brawl…this was as they locals call it “Regras Copacabana.” To us that doesn’t speak a word of foreign language….That means Copacabana rules.”


BT-“Anything goes, every five minutes the participants would be given drinks of shots, beer, whisky, cider, cocktails, any spirit they could think can inspire them to fight more! And they did this every five minutes until one man could no longer stand up. Either from being knocked out or being too drunk! Now since they do fights like that over there…..and considering we are in Rio for the pay per view…”

JB-“Wait a minute!”

BT-“And since it is obvious that not only me and Murdoch can’t fight in a contained environment….but that we also love to drink and fight too! I think you know where I am going with this! I am challenging Murdoch at Midsummer Night’s Destruction to a Copacabana rules street fight! We bash at the beach! We get drinks every five minutes, no holds barred! No pinfalls! No count outs! no submissions and no referees! The only way you win is by knocking out your opponent!”


BP-“Of all the matches I have heard!”

JB-“I want to see it!”

BT-“So Murdoch, I know you’re here tonight! Get your dirty arse out here!!”



The feed connects Murdochs face with Tankard. Murdoch is surrounded by darkness as he is all alone, sarcastically feeling loved.

M-“Oh Tanky, I knew you would call me back! A second date! You are too good to me!”

Tankard shakes his head as some of the crowd get freaked out.

M-“I feel so privileged! Another chance to dance with the brawler from the Kingdom of C**ts!”


M-“You’re right on a few things. I do love to drink and fight. I do agree that I believe we need to get a winner from our little fling! And I do agree with you that we truly cannot solve this in a contained environment…..So let me tell you this”

Murdochs face turns from sweet to sour.

M-“Ask yourself this. I should be in an hospital chair looking on at my little hillbilly seeing how he is from a broken back…But he’s on his own. Because I don’t care. I should take your seriously, but I don’t care! I only care about anarchy! Because it is bare and pure! I care to make that anarchy to force the system and you to fall at your feet to obey me! If I can’t be controlled in a standard match THEN WHAT THE **** CHANCE DO YOU HAVE AGAINST ME IN AN UNCONTROLLED AND UNPREDICTABLE ENVIRONMENT?! I AM AN ANIMAL WITH NO REMORSE TOWARDS HUMAN! I WANT TO TEAR FLESH NOT REPAIR IT! AND THERES’ NOTHING MORE THAN I WANT TO DO THAN TO DRINK AND TEAR YOUR ****ING FLESH OUT YOUR STEROID INDUCED WANNABEE! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IAM! I am not just a mad men Tankard….I am a monster. A monster that wants to ****ing kill you!”


M-“So yes Brian, It would be an honour to accept your invitation to dance with you one more time! We will waltz at Copacabana beach with glass embedded in our skulls and blood dripping down our faces! At Midsummer Nights Destruction, we show the world the waltz of death!”


The camera cuts back to Tankard who is smirking at his face.

JB-“Wow, that was intense!”

EVIL-“But essie we have our match. Murdoch versus Tankard in a Copacabana rules street fight!”

BP-“This could be one of the largest brawls we’ll ever see guys!”








The NoodleBrainTron (Trust me, it’ll catch on.) bursts to life, where we see Matt Denton relaxing in his hot tub, somewhere in the not-quite-so-war torn part of Mexico, chatting to his PA.

MATT DENTON: I have to go back to a rinky dink arena in LAAAAHNDAAAAAAAAAAAN? Hell no! That ain’t happening any time soon!

The English fans aren’t happy with Denton, quickly Denton realizes that the video is rolling and begins.

MATT DENTON: The more things change, the more things stay the same… Wrestlenova was evidence of this. What in the suffering f*ck happened to this company? CHRIS EAGLES HAS A WORLD TITLE SHOT?




MATT DENTON: F*CKING REALLY? Is the company in such a bad state that EAGLES is actually f*cking winning things?!

Facepalm from Senor Denton.

MATT DENTON: Y’know, I only came back for one reason! Winter versus Famous for control of the company. Do you think I’m simply going to forget the utter bullshit I’ve had to go through with those two bitches?

Matt sighs.

MATT DENTON: Famous; a dude who FEARS me. Straight up, FEARS me. He’ll deny it, and probably insult me, but you all know it’s true and above all else, he knows it’s true. I’m sure you all know the story of how he ran away from TWOStars when he was supposed to defend his precious little Money in the Bank briefcase against me, only to show up at Wrestlenova time for a big payoff, then running away again as soon as it was all said and done?

And you f*cking morons cheer him?

The multi-billionaire puts on his best phony stereotypical San Francisco gay man voice which will probably get a strongly worded blog from GLAAD for his next sentence.

MATT DENTON: “Ohmygaaad, like, Famous is, so great, like, super, ohmygaaad.”

Matt flops his hand in that oh so stereotypical way before sneering.

MATT DENTON: Get the **** out of here with that bullshit! A leopard never changes its spots, and Famous will remain a bona fide, grade A, chicken shit motherf*cker!

Boooooooooooooo. The crowd knows it’s true but continue booing, Famous is still quite popular… Ugh.

MATT DENTON: So that’s why I kicked him in the nads. To be honest, I didn’t think he had any… The more you know. It was so satisfying having him beg me for help. What a f*cking douche.

A small matter of a “F*ck off Denton” chant rises in the crowd, but it’s quickly quelled.

MATT DENTON: As for Winter… Last time I was in this company, I was good ‘n ****ed by the political plays and the “I’m an evil authority figure” bullshit. He could have bought me dinner, because I like to be wined and dined before I get F*CKED!

MATT DENTON: You f*ck with me, I f*ck with you. I ended Arron Winter’s reign of terror… Not that sleazy scum sucking letch Famous. No, it was ME.

Matt’s permasmirk™ reappears for the first time in MONTHS. Making it not quite so permanent, but dammit I still gotta use the trademark.

MATT DENTON: What’s next for me? Whatever the f*ck I want.

The NoodlebrainTron dims with those last words, leaving a crowd in anger. But a wiser crowd for having heard Denton… Or not.


Main Event
Randy Roko/Dammage vs Lord Bison/Archangel

Winners: Bison/Archangel

After the match Bison and Roko attack each other, tearing the roof off the place to the point that referees have to step in to break the pair apart!




The crowd all anticipate the departing Arron Winter as his theme music starts being played out from the P.A system. The reaction is mixed from the fans from boos to minor cheers.

JB-“Well this is it.”

BP-“The goodbye from Winter.”

EVIL-“Emd of am era.”

As the crowd wait for the Hall of famer, there is no sign of him. They’re curious as to why he has delayed his farewell speech. Maybe it is a mind games tactic or him trying to take control for the final time…




JB-“Oh no…”

BP-“What has the beast done?!”

The crowd are now on their feet as they anticipate the world champion! To their shock Lord Bison arrives on stage dragging the unconscious hall of famer by the arm!

EVIL-“Oh dear god!”

Bison has a microphone as he begins to speak while dragging Winter down the ramp.

LB-“I should have closed Wrestlenova X, not Famous. I AM THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AND I NOW DEMAND RESPECT! While you all were cheering your heroes., I was ending the career of anothers. I am the king of the beasts, the one true monster you should get chills down your spine and hairs on end when you hear the very name of me. Maybe it’s from doing too much of other peoples dirty work that people have forgotten the destruction I create. I have made enough money to put a temporary halt to that….”

Bison easily throws Winter into the ring.


LB-“I am undefeated in standard singles competition! I have only ever lost once in singles competition and it took an inferno cage to do that! So this little attempt to forget the incredible force I am here in TWOStars halts now….I want Famous to come out here right now and face me like a man!”

The crowd anticipate the newly crowned number one contender, but Arron Winter suddenly makes noise which turns the beasts attention towards him.

AW (barely)-“You’re going to lose…”

LB-“What did you say to me Winter?”

AW (barely)-“I said you’re going to lose you masked piece of shit!”


Bison loses his cool as Winter spits at his face! His eyes widen open before lifting Arron up…


Arron is screaming in pain, to the point he is almost in tears instantly as the pain is too much. Medics immediately once seeing that rush down to Winters aid, to which Bison refuses them entry. He adds insult to injury by lifting himself on top of Winters back!

LB-“You’re nothing anymore.”

Bison continues the assault on Winter…



Lord Bison immediately stops to the ramp as Sickness arrives on the stage. He asks for his music to stop as the medics attend to Bison. The mini monster is visibly sporting two black eyes and some cuts from their match at nova.


S-“What Famous and Paul Gray didn’t mention was that while Famous is indeed number one contender…That earlier during today Paul Gray asked the rest of the locker room if it was ok that Famous got the shot because he deserves it…at the pay per view. So beasty, what that means is Famous faces the man that leaves the inaugural Onslaught on Demand as world champion….AT MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DESTRUCTION!”


JB-“Famous gets the shot in Rio!”

S-“And what you also didn’t know is after many discussions with Gray, it was agreed that since I did such a good job almost beating your ass for the belt, and with Famous needing time to heal up for his title match. There was only one man that’s sick in the head to face you not 100 percent….”

BP-“Wait a minute…”

S-“So it gives me joy that the main event of Onslaught on Demand will be BISON/SICKNESS 2!



EVIL-“Holy gringo!”

The crowd are excited as the adrenaline goes through them. Bison nods his head as he proudly raises the title over his shoulders.

S-“I swear to the gods Bison that come Onslaught on Demand that the last thing you’ll see…Is me lifting the world title! See you in two weeks!”

The music hits again as the last ever XTV finishes up with the big announcement that Bison will defend against Sickness once again! The men stare at each other as the credits come up!
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