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XTV 7:18 Recorded from USF Stadium, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


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Jim Ross: Welcome to the last XTV before World War, here at the USF Stadium, Sioux Falls, South Dakota! And tonight we're going to see who will be heading into the PPV with loads of matches tonight. But first we have a contract signing, as we see in the ring there is a table ready for Brice to do the honorable thing and sign what we believe is a contract.

Paul Heyman: Will he do it though, not that I am complaining, but Brice wants his team on the top, I more than expect him to renege if he feels that Team Million might suffer.

JR: I suspect that Draven Cage is not one to be crossed and hell or high water, Brice WILL be signing tonight!


The audience noise rises as Darkstar's theme music kicks in.

JR: And here we go...

Darkstar launches out from behind the screen, followed by a stumbling Brice Perrino, the reason for the stumble is the push from none other than Draven Cage.

JR: And there we are, answers to a lot of questions, I am surprised that Team Million haven't tried to stop this.

PH: Plenty of time for that JR!

As Darkstar walks confidently down the ramp, Brice is helped along by DC everytime he stops.

PH: Cage should really watch himself, that is a CO-General Manager he's rough housing...

JR: I think that, with the amount of hassle he has had from Team Million over the last 6 or so months, I pretty much doubt he cares anymore!

Darkstar stops at the ring steps and offers Brice to walk up first, Brice stops gives Darkstar a priceless Paddington Bear (stare) and stomps up the stairs into the ring. Darkstar climbs in behind him and grabs a microphone.

Darkstar: Ladies and Gentlemen, I come before you on a momentus night, that, thanks to Draven Cage's hard efforts last show, I have Brice Perrino's guarantee that this next contract will be signed.

The audience cheer loudly.

JR: What is it? The return of Cari Dee perhaps?

PH: Never!

Darkstar opens the folder on the desk and offers Brice a pen, Brice snatches it from his Co-General Manager and looks hard at the contract.

DS: I think it's best we add a little context shall we? Last week Brice agreed to sign off on DC's request and this week, of course, I have once again had to get Board of Director backing to enforce Brice's agreement, you see Brice didn't want to go ahead with this, but his word is the board's word. Brice, you have a lot to learn about being a General Manager and one of those things is sucking it up when your gamble doesn't pay off.

Brice can be seen mouthing something off at Darkstar. But the experienced General Manager just motions to the paper.

DS: If you would be so kind?

Brice gives Darkstar a cold hard stare and then signs the paper, he jumps up from the desk and gets out of the ring and up the ramp like a child who hasn't gotten his way.

DS: Well, I think that about wraps it all up, we can get on with the sho...

The audience boos as they obviously want to know what has been signed. DS makes a mock realisation and laughs.

DS: Oh, wait! Silly me... I nearly forgot didn't I. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce, that Brice Perrino and I have authorised to re-instatement of...

PH: OF? OF?!! Come on!

DS: The Tag team division...

The audience goes wild.

JR: BAH GAWD! This is perfect for Draven Cage, everyone knows how much he loves his tag team!

???: Woah, woah, Woah! Could I bring everyone's attention to the present?

There's a slight mute pause as people get quickly over the fact that the important news has been interrupted but none other than Jimmy Hawthorn and next to him is the Masked Mexican Ángel de la muerte.

Jimmy Hawthorn: Ángel de la muerte doesn't have a match tonight and I thought it would be awesome if say he went up against Draven Cage tonight.

The audience cheer at the thought of the match up.

DS: Jimmy, I know you're new here, but usually you need to come to me to sign up for a ma...

JH: Sign up? You ask a wrestler of the magnitude of Ángel de la muerte to sign up and be a part of your machinations? No! Ángel de la muerte IS the machine and he wants to chew up DC and spit him out. What say you Draven Cage?

The camera cuts to the Hangman, who just stares at his would be opponent, without moving his stare, DC reaches up for the microphone, takes it from Darkstar and brings it to his lips.

Draven Cage: Aye, I would like that!

The audience cheers as the TWOstars music kicks in and a camera cut stare off between Ángel de la muerte and Draven cage eventually fades out.


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We cut to a corridor backstage where we find the Burberry Army sans their leader hanging about in the best traditions of Britains underclass. A couple of tinnies are being passed about furtively despite there being no one backstage who is going to tell them not drink during a show. A stage hand walking by becomes the target for their attention before he can scurry away from the jeering group.

Gaz: You fink dat Chav is goin' to 'av any trouble with that Sickness bloke tonight?

Daz: Nah, Chav's got it covered and if it doesn't then he's got us to back 'im up, amiright?

The group murmur their agreement with a bit of back slapping and fist bumping. Around the corner a huge shadow appears and slides towards the group of yobs. The shadow reveals itself to be the hulking frame of Igor, shoulders drapped in the long leather trench-coat he's so fond of. The Body-Snatcher looms behind the group before he lets out a polite cough to get their attention.

Baz: What do you want, weirdo?

Igor: Perchance good sirs, I happened to notice that thou art consuming some amber nectar from yon mettalic containers. As a practiser in certain arts I would be grateful of these containers to form the central conduction chamber for my latest experiment...

Gaz: Wut?

Cutherbert: I think he wants the cans lads because they're made of metal

Igor: Bingo Bango. Here's your prize little boy..

Igor fishes out a large but fluff and detritus covered lollipop from the inner recesses of his jacket and hands it to Cuthbert before patting him on the head. The "pat" causes Cuthbert to sag a little at the knees thought Igor doesn't seem to notice.

Daz: Hey, don't you touch our mate!

Daz swings his arm and flings a near full can of lager at Igor's head but the man from The Old Country reacts with lightening speed and rips the can from the air without spilling a drop. He then very carefully spills just a small amount in front of him.

Igor: You spilt my drink....

Daz: No I didn't, you spilt my drink!

Igor: Close enough.

With surprising speed The Gravedigger launches himself at Daz catching him off guard and bearing him full force into the metal shutters behind him. Daz crashes to the floor winded but before Igor can do anything else, Baz, Gaz, Naz and Jez all pile onto his back wailing away.

There's a sudden crash and the area we are looking at in enveloped in a cloud of thick smoke and when it clears The Burberry Army is left holding one another in various holds but Igor is no where to be seen. Suddenly from the rafters two long, muscular arms appear and crack Naz and Jez's heads together. The two men crumple to the floor leaving Baz and Gaz to start lobbing various objects into the darkness above the corridor.

Gaz: Come out you freak! I'll kick your f*bleep*ing teeth in!

Almost silently Igor drops from the pipes and lands behind the two men. As they turn around Igor's shoots out his arms and catches both men across the face with his huge hands. The two yobs struggle furiously at the grip but the sheer size of The Body-Snatchers palms means he's got a vice grip and the length of his arms means they can't kick out at him. The two guys drop to their knees, clearly unable to breath correctly through the suffocating mask.

Cuthbert thinking quickly gathers up a few of the empty cans and presents them to Igor. The Gravedigger lets go of his grip and takes the cans gratefully from the young and least chavy of the Burberry Army. He pat's his pockets absent mindedly

Igor: I had a lollipop earlier but I can't find it now. I might have a Werther's Original somewhere?

Cuthbert: N...No worries. I'd probably go now though, they won't be happy when they come to.

Igor suddenly splits his face with a goofy smirk.

Igor: Okey Dokey. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite... I really wouldn't. I genetically altered them with a Rottweiler and they bit through their cages.

And with that The Body Snatcher disappears down the corridor as Cuthbert tends to his friends and we cut to..


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The camera cuts to the ring and swings around the packed arena.

Jim Ross: Well already it's been an action packed night with the great news that the Tag team division is returning to TWOStars!

Paul Heyman: Though you and I could argue about the colour of the sky, I have to agree with you on that one and I relish the idea of tags being back in the shows!


JR: And here we go for our first match of the night!

PH:: All bow down to the messiah!

As soon as the music hits, the lights dimmed to red and red smoke billowed out onto the stage, and as soon as the chorus hits Randy Roko walks through the red mist dressed in his usual long leather jacket and black wrestling tights with red barbed wire designs.

Audience: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Tony: Introducing first, weighing in at 212 lbs and standing at a height of 6ft 2, he is the former Unified World Champion… Randy… Roko!

JR: Does he make Tony Chimmel say former Unified World Champion?

PH: And why not JR? That's what he was, before CVD came along.

JR: Well. that's a story long in the telling!

Roko vaults into the ring and steps up to the turn buckle, holding his arms out in a cross, then crossing his arms into an X to the audience.


TC: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at 170lbs, Jimmy Tsunamiiiiii!

The audience cheers as the young up and comer walks out and down the ramp, bouncing as he goes and slapping outstretched hands.

JR: Jimmy Tsunami on a roll right now, he's beaten Christopher Eagles and the Chav so far, so I have to ask, is Randy Roko the next on the list?

PH: I doubt Roko has been lying awake all night wondering that JR! He's not as impulsive as Christopher Eagles and he's not the Chav!

JR: Are you telling me that Randy Roko is the thinking man's wrestler?

PH: He's the Messiah JR, so you better bow down to his glory!

JR: Whatever...

Jimmy Tsunami bounds into the ring full of beans and confidence, he even gives Randy a wink, which sets the Messiah off.

JR: Referee holding back Randy Roko.

PH: They should let them get on with it!

The referee asks Roko for calm and he moves back into his corner, once satisfied, the ref calls for the bell.


JR: Time keeper calls for the bout to begin and Bah Gawd! That was one kick to the midrif by Randy Roko!

PH: Roko means to end this early.

Roko lays in punches to the up and comer and forces him back to the corner, where Tsunami is whipped to the turnbuckle and followed by Roko. Jimmy puts his hands on the rope and lifts his legs over the approaching Roko and leaps backwards, forcing Randy into the corner.

JR: Roko whipped to the turnbuckle...

Roko tries the same manouever but lands on Jimmy Tsunami's shoulder, Jimmy lifts Roko.

JR: Snakeyes there by Jimmy Tsunami and Randy Roko is seeing double. Small package!


TWO kickout.

JR: Some good wrestling there by Jimmy Tsunami!

PH: Fair play to the little runt, he's got a game plan and he's sticking to it!

Tsunami brings Roko up to a vertical base and kicks in a wicked snap suplex.




PH: There's certainly more life in the pony here!

Tsunami heads to the top turnbuckle.

JR: Uh oh.

PH: It's a little early for high risk!

Jimmy flies off the turnbuckle for a splash but Randy has rolled in to avoid his opponent, Tsunami gets up holding his face but is met with a kick to the breadbasket, Roko holds his opponent over and brings his left knee hard up into Jimmy's face, then his right knee and finally both knees, leaving his opponent dazed.

JR: And Jimmy is down with a forceful clothesline!

PH: This is the part where we can sit back and enjoy the ride!

Roko begins spouting obscenities and ritualistic jingo into the ears of Jimmy Tsunami, who is more busy trying to recover some energy to get back up. Roko cups his ear to the crowd.

Audience: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Roko runs to the ropes, leaps over the prone Jimmy Tsunami and then performs a running moonsault on his opponent. He looks about with the expression of "Now THAT'S how you do that!" and goes for the cover.



Roko pulls up Jimmy Tsunami's head.

JR: Oh Come one Roko! If you have him beat, you have him beat, there's no need to be sadistic!

PH: I hate to disagree JR, but there's ALWAYS time to be sadistic!

JR: You're one sick S.O.B. you know that?

PH: Yeah, but my Psychiatrist says I'm recovering!

JR: Anyway back to the action, where Randy Roko just seems to be toying with Jimmy Tsunami!

Roko is just slapping Jimmy around the head, shouting at him and asking him when he's going to get up, Jimmy responds and gets to one knee, only to be met by a shining wizard!

JR: Another kick to the face and it begs the question, how long will Jimmy be able to take this punishment and still continue?

Roko brings Jimmy to his feet and hits him with a wicked Knife edge Chop!

Audience: WOOOOOO!

JR: Jimmy's chest is on fire!

The audience "woo"s again as Jimmy buckles under the force of another chop.

PH: It was time Jimmy learnt to lose!

Roko swings for another chop, but it is ducked, forcing Roko to swing around, totally reversed, there is little Roko can do to stop the atomic drop and the Messiah walks away with seriously coccyx issues.

JR: Roko back in but another atomic drop, this one to the front and I hope he's not expecting kids anytime soon!

Roko looks out of it, but as Jimmy grabs his opponent's head, Randy swings his arms up to release the grip, grabs Jimmy's head and sits out.

JR: Jaw breaker by Roko there.

PH: You have to admire the intestinal foritude of Randy Roko, that was a wild get out there and should be enough for him to get his wind back.

Both wrestlers are on the mat, with Jimmy Tsunami crawling to the corner nursing the bruised jaw and the shock to the noggin, Roko slowly gets up, getting his second wind.

JR: Roko forcing his opponent into the corner and giving shoulders to the abdominal area.

Jimmy staggers out of the corner into a side kick from Roko, Tsunami goes over and Roko lifts him into the powerbomb.

JR: Jimmy caught in a powerbomb, but I believe another is... yes, there's the second powerbomb

Roko performs a third and holds Jimmy down.





JR: Randy Roko is just toying with Jimmy Tsunami! But it's already been seen that this sort of tactic could let Jimmy back into the game.

PH: Man! I thought tsunami was toast-nami with that TTC move from Roko!

The ref turns Roko around and begins chiding the Messiah about putting on the pin and fair competition.

JR: Wait! Jimmy is up and heading to the ropes.

As if timed to perfection, Roko turns around just in time as Jimmy Tsunami jumps onto the rope then springboards back towards the Messiah, Tsunami grabs Roko's neck and spins around planting a DDT.

JR: Bah Gawd! Jimmy Tsunami got his springboard spinning DDT off!

In obvious pain, Jimmy Tsunami rolls his opponent over, too tired to hook the leg.




JR: It's another tick in the win box of Jimmy Tsunami, a third win in a row.

PH: He's looking to get a full time contract and he's putting out all the stops, but to be fair, Randy was beaten by the referee and no one else.

JR: Really? Well, for your information Randy only has himself to blame, he had Jimmy in winning positions twice and decided to be sadistic and punish the poor lad!

Jimmy leaves the ring to celebrate walking backwards, leaving a perplexed but p*ssed off Randy Roko to slap the mat in frustration.

PH: You say potato, I say interfering Official!

JR: Well, despite the contraversy, Jimmy's earned his place at World War and we will find out later who he will be facing!


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We cut to Draven Cage, getting himself ready for his bout against Ángel de la muerte, he is lacing up his boots, when behind him lurks Christopher Eagles.

Christopher Eagles: I bet you must feel really pleased with yourself.

DC quickly swings around into a defensive posture.

CRE: It's ok, I haven't come here to fight, just to get in your face.

Draven Cage: If you haven't come here ta fight, then you're wasting your time with me boy!

CRE: See? That's your problem, it's always black and white with you, no nuances, you know what that means right? No of course not you Scottish tw...

Before Eagles can finish the insult Cage has him by the throat and slammed into a locker.

DC: You'd better have a point, or you and my fist are going to have a kissing contest!

CRE: You think you're so much better than everyone else don't you Cage? I can prove to you regardless that you are nothing, in fact you and I, we have some unfinished business to attend to.

Draven lets Eagles go.

DC: I'm kinda busy with Ángel de la muerte tonight boy.

Eagles goes to answer and then stops, before pointing his finger at DC.

CRE: I'm not a boy, I am your challenger, I want to face you at World War and I will kick twelve grades of snot out of your Jock backside!

DC: Is that so? Well, let me tell you something BOY! I accept your challenge, but don't think for one second I will go soft on you, I'll break your Goddamned neck.

CRE: We'll see whose neck is broken by the end of it... GRANDAD!

Eagles scarpers followed by Draven Cage's gaze.

DC: As if I don't have enough on my plate...


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Tony Chimmel: And coming down the aisle with a weight of “Get yo nose out of ma buzniss beyatch!” , hailing from “The Streets” The Chav!

Jim Ross: And here we go for our next match up tonight, the Chav is facing off against Sickness!

The Chav reaches the entrance way with a can of cider in one hand, Council Estate Bling over one shoulder and a nub end in the other, Chav takes a toke on the nub end, drops it in the can and tosses it to one side.

Paul Heyman: Impressive example of a man!

JR: You're kidding right?

PH: Totally serious, I mean, he has to be, as he's the one giving Goldie Hoppz a...

JR: Well anyway... The Chav is looking like he means business tonight.

The Chav hard man struts his way down the ramp to a mixture of cheers and boos, jumps up onto the turnbuckle and leaps into the ring, sinking into his corner casually.

PH: He looks like he could care less!


The audience goes wild as Sickness’ music hits the arena.

Sickness slowly appears riding a kids tricycle, behind him, in a trailer Igor has managed to fit his massive frame, Sickness looks to huff and puff as he tried to get the tricycle, moving, eventually reaching the top of the ramp where he stops for breath and, as if noticing the crowd for the first time begins to wave to the fans.

TC: Making his way down to the ring, hailing from Parts unknown and weighing in at 234lbs, he is the Sick one... SICKNESSSSSSS!

JR: And Sickness has brought his new charge with him... Igor I believe.

PH: Big fat lump by the looks of it JR!

Sickness uses his feet to go over the edge of the ramp and then lets gravity take over, as the tricycle and the cart goes barrelling down a loud "Wheeee!" can be heard from the trailer. That is until Sickness realises there are no brakes and they come to a crashing halt as Sickness turns the front wheel and tips the cart over. All that is left of the mess are a couple of legs waggling under the bulk of Igor.

PH: Well, not quite a car crash, which is less than could be said for Sickness!

Igor eventually gets up and Sickness sits up fighting for air, though we're not sure if it's the fact he was being crushed or Igor's "eau du henchman".

JR: Sometime soon Sickness may be ready to compete, though I am not sure if his partner is really helping that much.

PH: If he really wanted to help Sickness, he'd pick him up, take his away and forfeit the match!

The Chav on the other hand is protesting to the referee about Igor being anywhere near the ring, the ref responds with a shrug.

Sickness eventually wanders into the ring, leaving Igor to set up some sort of mini lab.

PH: What the hell is Igor doing?

JR: Probably something to keep himself busy whilst Sickness wrestles.


JR: And both wrestlers lock up.

The Chav moves sickness into a headlock which is pushed back to the ropes, Sicky pushes the Chav away forcing the return, as the Chav comes back he shoulder tackles Sickness and the Sick one goes down. Igor calls to Sickness, Sicky looks back, holds one finger up to the Chav, as if to say "Just a second" and rolls out of the ring to Igor.

JR: Is that a potion Igor is offering?

PH: Is it legal?

JR: Well, he's out of the ring, so I'm not sure if this is interferance or not, but I think the referee is going to let it slide.

Sickness looks at Igor with a look of uncertainty, but, after several nods from his charge, Sickness downs the contents of the test tube. Sicky smiles at the camera and the contents of his mouth are stained blue.

PH: Would you look at that ugly mug!

JR: Certainly not his most flattering of looks.

The Chav looks on as the Sick one climbs into the ring and begins doing muscle poses.

JR: The Chav unimpresses with what is going on in front of him.

Sickness suddenly stops, eyes bulging and looking around in desperation, he then begins to fan his mouth and runs around the ring in a panic!

PH: Looks like that potion has had the effect of a super hot chilli!

Igor slaps his head and hurredly puts together another potion as Sicky drops out of the ring asking Igor for a drink, Igor passes him the potion and as Sicky drinks it, what appears to be steam comes out of his nose and mouth. Sicky's shoulders relax in relief, the Chav looks at the ref and the ref looks at the Chav, the ref once again shrugs and the Chav snorts in annoyance.

JR: Hopefully this potion will have cancelled everything out, right! Sickness has gotten back into the ring and is ready to go.

Sicky begins to circle again with the Chav, but then one of sicky's hands comes to life and looks like a naked muppet looking at him, Sicky double takes at his own hand.

PH: Looks like Sickness' hand is angry with him.

JR: Did you just say that?

PH: I know, highlight of my broadcasting career!

Sickness' hand attacks Sickness's face as the Sick one's other hand desperately tries to pull himself off, the Chav just motions to the ref to do something about the situation, but the ref looks at a loss.

JR: Sickness' hand has Sickness in a jaw lock...

PH: We really going to do this?

JR: When in Rome... HEADBUTT to the breadbasket in Sickness by Sickness' hand...

PH: I have to say Sickness' hand has Sickness over a barrel right now...

JR: Sickness is flipped and Sickness' hand is going for the three count!

The ref and the Chav watch perplexed as Sickness' hand demands a three count by slapping its head three times on the mat. The ref goes down to count.



JR: The Chav puts the boot in on Sickness's hand and breaks up the three count.

PH: When did this become a three way?

Sickness' hand is obviously pissed off by the interferance and headbutts the Chav in the groin.

JR: Referee missed the low blow there!

As the Chav goes down, Sickness' hand goes for the cover again...



JR: Kickout by Sickness!

Sickness headbutts his own hand and crawls across the ring to get another potion from Igor, as he drinks Sickness' hand goes dead.

JR: Well thank Gawd for that, perhaps we can get down to some serious wrestling.

The lights go out and some thunder claps and lightning hits the ring, the audience oohs and ahhs at the lighting, though there are quite a few screams. When the lights go up Sickness is sporting a wicked Unibrow and bucked teeth and for no apparent reason, his clothes are all torn...

JR: Looks like Sickness has become Mr. Sickness...

PH: Give me strength!

It looks like the Chav has had enough too, he performs a loud whistle and the Burberry Army come down from the entranceway.

JR: Looks like the Chav has called an end to the proceedings!

The ref protests to the Chav and the Chav just shrugs with a big grin, seeing what is about to go down, Igor jumps into the ring and gives Sicky another potion, which he downs, Igor then covers Sickness from view, just as the Burberry Army get into the ring.

The ref calls for the bell.


TC: The referee has indicated that the match is a no-contest!

The Chav looks at the ref with an evil eye, protesting that Igor interfered, but his Army also entered, the ring. Insensed the Chav calls for the mic.

Chav: You'ze knows what Sickness, da Chav came here for da wrestlin' match and all da Chav got wuz a whiney lil wuss hidin' behind his henchman.

The audience boos.

Chav: Now, da Chav would challenge you'ze twos to a tag match at World War...

The audience cheers their approval.

Chav: But Brice f*BLEEP"ing Perrino has booked da Chav elsewhere, so here's whats gonna go down beyatches!

Sickness appears from behind Igor, eyebrows and teeth gone, interested in what is going to go down.

Chav: You'ze can take on Baz an' Daz of da Burberry Army instead!

The audience again cheers for the suggestion of the match.

Chav: Whatcha say Sicko? You'ze and yo' smelly ho versus da Chav's crew?

Sickness looks a bit perplexed, as if he doesn't quite know where he is, he looks at the mic and then to Chav.

Sicky: Are you my mom?

The Chav pulls back ready to clock Sickness when Igor steps in.

Igor: *Slurrrp" Wait Mr. Chav! We accept, we'll go get ready for World War, come on Master...

The audience cheers loudly as Sickness looks around the arena like a kid at a circus but his attention goes to leaving the arena as Igor holds Sicky by both shoulders and escorts him back up the ramp and to the entranceway.

JR: That has got to be the strangest match I have ever seen.

PH: Well, we thought Sickness was weird, with his new playpal, things have gone trippy!

JR: But there we have another matchup for World War, Igor and Sickness versus the Burberry Army, well Daz and Baz of the army anyway!

PH: Should be an interesting matchup!

JR: Or, if I may say, a very, very strange one.


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We see the arena go dark and the audience's response to it.

Jim Ross: It's been a great night so far, but first off, we have a match that we've been waiting for since the start of the show.

Paul Heyman: Yeah, we're here to see Ángel de la muerte beat that no good contract signer Draven Cage!

JR: No good contract signer?

PH: I couldn't think of anything better at short notice!


JR: And here we go!

A fountain of fireworks moves apart to see the massive Mexican sensation walk confidently through followed by his manager and mouthpiece, Jimmy Hawthorn.

Tony Chimmel: Making his way to the ring from MeHEEco, weighing in at 290lbs, the Mexican Sensation, Ángel de la muerte!

The audience boos, but this doesn't faze the Mexican one bit, only Jimmy Hawthorn seems to react with disgust at the reception.

JR: As we saw last show, Ángel de la muerte is a technically gifted and strong wrestler, so I wonder if the audience is booing him, or Jimmy Hawthorn.

PH: The fans are fickle, they want one thing, they all sit behind their computers typing their outrage on what should be done, none of them are great managers like Jimmy Hawthorn, neither are you, so shut it JR!

JR: Surely it's my job to commentate?

PH: Stick to that and keep your sordid opinions to yourself.

Ángel de la muerte makes his way up the steps and gets into the ring, no procession, no fanfare, he just walks into his corner, Jimmy Hawthorn is busy shouting at a kid with a DC t-shirt.


TC: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan. He weighs in at 257 pounds, Draven Cage!

We are presented with another focused wrestler, who walks with a purpose towards the ring, head down, but eyes firmly on the prize.

JR: Draven looks like he means business tonight, he's bouyed by his win over Team Million last show and I think he may be out to prove he's got what it takes to go for the Unified title!

PH: God I hope not! I for one have had enough of the Hangman this year!


Both wrestlers begin circling the ring, but suddenly Ángel de la muerte holds his hands up in the air, which takes Draven Cage completely by surprise.

JR: What's this? Ángel de la muerte is asking for a test of strength against the Hangman.

PH: Looking at Ángel de la muerte, I'd say he has more than enough muscle for this ego pumper!

Draven looks at the audience whilst considering the offer, then tentatively brings his right had to meed Ángel de la muerte's, checking to ensure that there's no way the Mexican sensation is going to lay a cheap shot, Cage tentatively raises his left hand to meet the lock. Ángel de la muerte stays stock still, looking for a genuine test of strength.

JR: And they're locked in, both struggling for purchase.

But it is Ángel de la muerte who manages to push hardest and the Hangman begins to bend backwards, Ángel de la muerte brings his left leg forward as Cage is forced slowly into a bridge.

JR: And Ángel de la muerte showing his strength there, that has to hurt DC right now, being bent backwards, the stress on his chest must be intolerable.

PH: Wouldn't it be great to see Cage humiliated in the fasted ever DQ?

JR: Not really...

Cage makes an audible grunt as he pushes back and actually seems to be forcing his way out of the forced bridge.

Audience: Let's go DC let's go *CLAP CLAP*...

JR: Cage forcing his way out of the hold and, Bah Gawd! He's reversing the hold, Ángel de la muerte is going back over!

Indeed, DC pushes with all his might and Ángel de la muerte goes over backwards into the forced bridge.

PH: Cage cheated!

JR: Say what?

But as Jr is about to defend the Hangman, Ángel de la muerte begins to push back and once again DC finds himself going backwards, to prevent this, Cage pushes back harder and Ángel de la muerte begins to lose his footing.

Ángel de la muerte suddenly rolls backwards, putting his feet into Cage's sternum and DC flips over onto his back with a resounding crash, Ángel de la muerte turns over, crossing the hold at the wrists and gets up before DC, Ángel de la muerte lifts an arm and gets behind DC, holding him in a reverse bearhug lock. Ángel de la muerte brings the Hangman into a headlock, where he finds himself pushed back to the ropes as DC gains momentum and pushes his opponent to the opposite rope.

Ángel de la muerte returns with a shoulder tackle, but the solid Hangman takes the hit and it's Ángel de la muerte who finds himself on his back.

JR: Cage showing true grit there to get out of that lock!

Cage looks down at his opponent then to the audience and launches himself to the ropes, Ángel de la muerte drops to the floor as DC goes over him, Cage returns but Ángel de la muerte leaps over him, as the Hangman returns Ángel de la muerte waits for a hip toss, DC goes in, but quickly darts around and performs a hip toss of his own.

Ángel de la muerte is straight up and runs into another hiptoss, then up again but this time for a slam.

JR: Well, that's knocked the wind out of Ángel de la muerte's sails!

PH: ...

Cage drops a couple of elbows and then goes for the pin.



Ángel de la muerte rises only to meet a volley of open handed punches, these force the Mexican to the corner where he finds himself whipped at velocity into the other corner, the impact is heavy and Ángel de la muerte finds himself wobbling near the ropes.

JR: DC's looking to end this early as he goes for the Gore!

DC steams across the ring and launches himself at Ángel de la muerte for the Gore, but the Mexican sees the move coming and literally drops to the floor. The velocity of Cage's move makes the wrestler fly over his opponent and through the second rope to the unforgiving mat below.

PH: HAH! What an idiot!

DC is quick to recover, but, as he gets up Ángel de la muerte springboards onto the top rope and follows with a canonball plancha onto the Hangman.

JR: If Cage wasn't seeing stars after his move went wrong, he's certainly seeing stars now.

Cage isn't given time to recover, he's pulled up to his feet then promptly has his head introduced to the ring apron several times, then the Hangman is rolled in.

PH: Nothing like rattling DC's brain cell to soften him up!

Ángel de la muerte puts in a couple of elbow drops before going for the pin.




JR: Cage showing a lot of fortitude to get out of that pin!

Ángel de la muerte gets back up and puts the left arm into a lock, whilst pulling the still groggy Cage to the corner and climbing the turnbuckle.

PH: And Ángel de la muerte is taking DC old school!

The Mexican sensation walks to the centre of the ropes and flips over cage, grabbing his neck on the way and bringing them both down to the mat.

JR: Old school blockbuster by Ángel de la muerte.

Cage is holding his neck and kicking out in pain, Ángel de la muerte flattens his opponent out and goes for the pin.



Th... Kickout!

Ángel de la muerte brings Cage to his feet and leaps onto his shoulders bending back for a hurricanrama, then a second one.

JR: Cage all over the shop now, Ángel de la muerte going for a third, wait!

Cage uses his strength, to hold Ángel de la muerte in position, then brings the Mexican back up to a seated position, Cage them brings Ángel de la muerte down with a sit out power bomb.

JR: Cage doesn't have enough strength to hold in for the pin.

Obviously shaken, Ángel de la muerte moves in for the kill, only to be met by a pumphandle Cageplex.

JR: Cage trying to shake the cobwebs out right now and not pressing home the advantage.

It takes a few moments, but Cage see's his opponent still prone and goes to the ropes, only for his leg to trail back.

Audience: Boooo!

JR: interferance from Jimmy Hawthorn there, and Cage is not happy with him.

PH: Problem is, you take your eye off the prize...

Ángel de la muerte gets up and walks ominously towards Cage, whose focus is solely on Jimmy Hawthorn. The Mexican grabs the waist of the Scottish Hangman and brings him back for a German Suplex, the Mexican's legs swing and they are up for a second German Suplex, again the legs swing for a final release German.

JR: Cage lost focus there and got caught in a three amigos German suplex combination!

PH: The guy is an idiot! All brawn and ego! In this game you need much, much more!

Ángel de la muerte goes for the pin




Ángel de la muerte slaps the canvas and looks at the referee who reiterated it's a near fall, the Mexican looks over to Jimmy Hawthorn and then down to Draven Cage. Ángel de la muerte grabs the head of the Hangman and sets him up in a front face lock, bringing him up to a supplex, but Cage's legs begin to waggle, desperate to get out of the move, Draven cage, switched the fulcrum to his legs and swings back down, but instead of landing, the Hangman tucks his legs in to swing Ángel de la muerte's head straight into the canvas!

JR: BAH GAWD! What a DDT reversal by Draven Cage then!

PH: Have to hand it to the big guy, he needed a miracle and managed to find himself one!





JR: Both wrestlers down and the ref is counting.




Cage begins to stir, slowly followed by Ángel de la muerte at 8 both men are rocking on their feet and promptly exchanging blows back and forth.

JR: Cage taking control of that exchange, takes the left arm, short arm clothesling by the Hangman.

Cage cuts a knife across his throat as Ángel de la muerte slowly rises giving the audience a rise, but as Cage lifts Ángel de la muerte for the DC driver, Jimmy Hawthorn is up on the apron trying to get in, naturally the ref goes to intercept him.

JR: What does HE want?

PH: To complain, obviously.

DC's attention is turned to the argument allowing Ángel de la muerte to kick his legs and shift the weight over DC so the hangman falls backwards, allowing Ángel de la muerte to get to his feet and pick Cage over his own shoulder. Hawthorn is off the mat as Ángel de la muerte brings down the sit out tombstone.


Ángel de la muerte climbs across the prone Draven Cage and hooks the leg




Audience: Boooooooooooooooo!

JR: And once again, interferance from Jimmy Hawthorn has led to Ángel de la muerte winning his match!

PH: You can't guarantee that JR, who knows if Ángel de la muerte hadn't gotten out of there prior to Jimmy having words with the ref?

Ángel de la muerte gets up unceremoniously and leaves the ring, leaving Hawthorn to be gesticular towards the crowd.

JR: You know DC had him beaten fair and square!

PH: No JR, Cage had him in a move, he could have just done it an then you might have been right, but instead Cage got himself distracted from the prize...

JR: What are you saying?

PH: Cage has no one to blame but himself!

JR: ... Anyway, despite my protests, it's still an impressive win for Ángel de la muerte.

Camera cuts to Hawthorn and Ángel de la muerte walking up the ramp and back to the locker room.


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We go backstage where Todd Grisham is standing with Jimmy Hawthorn and Ángel de la muerte.

Todd Grisham: Here I am TWOStargazers with the winner of tonights match up against Draven Cage.... Ángel de la muerte!

Jimmy Hawthorn: Let's cut the niceties here Todd! We all know that a living legend like Draven Cage just fell easily to Ángel de la muerte!

TG: Woah, woah, woah! I wouldn't call that easy, DC put up one hell of a fight!

JH: I'm pretty sure that Ex-wife of his did as well when he was wriggling on top of her gettin his jollies, but I think we have proven now that Ángel de la muerte has the credence, the guts, the forsight and the plain winachampionshipability to, well, WIN the championship!

TG: Winachampionshipability???

JH: If I wanted my words repeated Toddy boy, I'd get a parrot, though, stick you in a cage and we wouldn't go far wrong! What I am saying is that Ángel de la muerte is the most exciting and powerful wrestler to hit TWOStars today and he deserves his title shot.

???: If I might interject...

Everyone moves around slightly as Brice Perrino walks into camera shot.

Brice Perrino: I have to say, after tonight's performance you can colour me impressed here bro! I mean Ángel de la muerte is the sort of Bro-fessional TWOStars needs, but, sorry, you've not proven yourself enough to go up against the likes of Craig Van Dam.

TG: Really? Sickness, Draven Cage? Those aren't names that give the impression of easy pin.

BP: Toddy, bro, you continue to walk dangerously to the line of unemployment, but I'm not here to talk semantics, I am here to talk matches and Ángel de la muerte, you want your shot, you're going to have to toe the line like every other wrestler here, so, at World War you will be facing none other than...

JH: Yes?

TG: Yes?

BP: Jimmy Tsunami!

Everyone but Brice seems a little crestfallen.

JH: Well talk about dropping your pants and dropping a load on the party!

BP: Look, my Mexican Brominator, I want him defeated, he's an embarrassment to TWOStars, so if Ángel de la muerte can do the deed, then I am more than happy to see what else we can find.

TG: So there we have it, another match announced for World War!


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We return to the arena waiting for our next bout.

Jim Ross: Well Paul, it's been a Roller coaster of a night we have all but one match announced for World War and Brice has been, well, let's just say he's avoiding the subject.

Paul Heyman: I would suspect as much from the Million in all honesty, if there's no title match then he won't have to worry about CVD losing.

JR: Well it all could be a moot point if Matt Denton wins tonight!

PH: Very true JR, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


The lights go out as the crowd anticipates the arrival of Denton. $ logos appear on the screen as the arena lights up. MKD then struts confidentially out the curtain.

Tony Chimmel: Making his way to the ring, the challenger! From Miami, Florida and weighing in at 232 pounds, Matthew Kennedy Denton!!!!!!!!!!

JR: Matt Denton, finally throwing off the shackles of his reputation and coming out to cheers tonight.

PH: Hours of my own personal time wasted JR, Denton should be ashamed of what he's become!

JR: I disagree, it takes a lot of guts to admit you're wrong, it takes a lot of soul to ask for forgiveness!

Matt Denton rolls into the ring and brings his hand up to the audience to get a massive ovation.

JR: Of course this is Matt Denton's shot at the title tonight, something that Brice has fought vehemently against, in fact we're still without a main event!

PH: Well, Brice has his reasons, perhaps Van Dam isn't ready to fight that week!

JR: Paul, he's the Gawddamned champion, he should be prepared to fight every week!


The Brotal Package steps through the curtain looking confident with the Championship belt around his waist, beside him is Brice Perrino, looking serious. Both men ignore the fans as they walk down the ramp.

TC: Making his way to the ring, from Durham and weighing in at 235 pounds. The TWOStars Unified Champion, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!!

Audience: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

JR: And what the hell is HE doing there with him?

PH: Probably making sure no one sucker punches his champion JR! Denton can pull any trick you know!

JR: Something you used to defend I might point out.

PH: Not against the calibre of the Brotal Package!

CVD climbs the ring steps, followed by Brice and enters the ring, removing the belt and passing it to Brice who holds it aloft to show the crowd, but doesn't let the referee near it.

JR: Talk about your paranoia! Brice won't let anyone touch the Unified title!

Brice removes himself from the ring and clutches hold of the belt tight to his chest as the referee makes his final checks amidst the excited buzz of the crowd.

JR: Looking at Brice, I have to wonder, if Matt Denton wins tonight, will Brice let it out of his grip?

PH: I think Denton will have to prise it from his cold, dead hands!


JR: And already these two are into a punching frenzy, with Van Dam coming off worst Off the ropes.

Denton goes to ropes himself and comes back with a flying clothesline, as Craig gets up Matt goes to the ropes again and brings the Champion down with a flying tackle, Craig gets back up again to find himself hit by a Lou Thesz press.

JR: Denton hitting Craig Van Dam hard and fast.

Van Dam pushes Denton off and sweeps the leg forcing Matt to land on his back, but as Craig gets up he too is swept and lands back with a resonance through the ring.

Matt Denton goes for a quick elbow drop but misses, Craig tries one of his own but misses as well, Matt goes for another but fakes it and slams his foot on the ground, CVD rolls and gets up, only to be poked in the eyes by Denton.


JR: Matt gets a warning from the ref about his conduct.

CVD angered and humiliated charges at Denton, only to find a massive back body drop waiting for him. On the outside Brice is hitting the apron in fristration and anger.

JR: Van Dam is being humiliated here by Matt Denton!

PH: The CHEAT Matt Denton!

Brice is throwing cautionary words to the referee as Matt Denton holds Craig Van Dam in a front facelock and holds the arm.

JR: Cashflow DDT and this looks over before it's even begun!

Craig Van Dam looks out of it as the audience begins to boo as Christopher Eagles comes running out of the entranceway.

JR: Matt Denton with his back to the entrance, picking up CVD for the A.T.M.

Denton looks around, just as Eagles gets to the ring, Denton drops CVD out of the move and goes over to attack Eagles.

JR: Denton dealing with the trash... NO! Eagles has that pepper spray! Please say it won't end this way!

The referee is already calling for the bell as Brice Perrino marches to the timekeepers table.


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen as a result of...

Brice Perrino: SHUT YOUR TRAP CHIMMEL! If you know what's good for you Bro!

The audience boos as Tony Chimmel goes silent.

BP: As Bro-General Manager, I ORDER this match be restarted Bro-st haste!

JR: Of all the selfish...


The audience goes wild as the other General Manager's music kicks in, Darkstar walks out mic in hand.

Darkstar: Brice, you know as well as I do that, unless the board make a ruling, we both have to agree to something or it simply won't happen...


DS: So before I come to the events that are happening here tonight, I would like Mr Chimmel to do his job, Tony, if you please...

TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, as a result of a disqualification, your winner is Matt Denton!

Audience: Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!

TC: But as the title can change hands only by a submission or fall, the Champion is STILL Craig Van Dam!

Audience: Booooooooooooooooo!

DS: Thank you Tony, now, Brice, your ineptitude at agreeing to a title match at World War has left the board with the sad decision of giving me the sole decision of a Championship match and I am very, very sorry to say that this match didn't live up to my expectations and, frankly, the paying public's expectations.

Audience: Yeeeeaaaaah!

DS: I'm a man of value for money and I want to see this match... AT WORLD WAR!

JR: And there it is folks, the last match for World War, it's going to be Matt Denton challenging Craig Van Dam for the Unified title.

Denton is more interested getting his eyes washed out by EMTs as he is escorted back up the ramp.

PH: That's if he's ready for the match, pepper spray is nasty stuff.

Brice is busy kicking the rope as Eagles is explaining himself to CVD, who looks a little miffed that his match was interfered with.

JR: Well, that's about it for tonight folks, we'll see you next at World War, just before the Christmas break!

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