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XTV 7:18 Aftershow Party


I'm the good looking one up there
Hello and welcome to the biggest party in town, the only place to be right after the last show before WORLD WAR. We have the go home show to talk over, and maaaaan, we have some stuff to talk about!

  • HUGE news to kick the show off - Draven Cage's victory last week has seen the restoration of the tag team division!
  • Will DC return to his old stomping ground to dominate, or are there going to be some new kings in town?
  • Igor is a sly old fox... erm, slave... um... monster? Whatever he is, he's a sly one. Hidden talents in kicking ass and taking names. And cans.
  • Wahay! The Tsunami winning streak continues! Personally, I have my order in for the "TSU!TSU! TSU! You Know It" T-shirt.
  • How will Roko recover from another bizarre loss? He is the anti-Tsunami at the moment
  • DC vs.Eagles set for WORLD WAR! Whoo!
  • Sickness... potions... Sickness vs. his hand... I may have to update my list of favourite matches to include this.
  • It does give us Igor & Sickness (w/ Sickness' Hand) vs. Baz & Daz at WORLD WAR after the dust - and insanity - has settled.
  • DC vs. de la muerte was a TV classic - and I was right about The Reaper being a killer move in the making
  • Off the back of his big win, de la muerte will be facing Jimmy Tsunami at WORLD WAR. The seemingly unstoppable force facing... well... Jimmy.
  • Has the bro-train left the building? What will happen first - Brice runs out of bro-puns or CVD loses the title?
  • Brice's charge takes the loss but keeps the belt, thanks to a big assist from his trusty accomplice the pepper spray
  • But, that result could change at WORLD WAR as Darkstar signs CVD to face Matt Denton!

Well, there we go - the build up to WORLD WAR is complete!

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