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XTV 1:4 - Close date: 13th April Detroit, MI

Discussion in 'Show Submissions' started by Omega, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Omega

    Omega Global Modd Subscriber

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    submissions here plz
  2. Ruderz

    Ruderz Well-Known Member Subscriber

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    And we fade back into the arena tonight – the fans excited as ever – as we slowly canvas the fans and end up positioned looking directly down the ramp at the TWOTron.


    The crowd’s reaction is one of slight surprise but with the usual disgust and hatred as the jeers soon follow the beginning of the one and only Randy Roko’s music.

    JR: Well this is a surprise Heyman, Randy hasn’t been as active as of late!

    Heyman: He works hard – he doesn’t have to pander to everyone’s needs.

    The man in question walks out from the back as the lights pulsate red, dressed in casual jeans and his trademark leather jacket and smug smile as he swaggers down the ramp, much enjoying the negative reaction that the crowd is feeding him every step of the way.

    JR: All I know is that when Randy walks down that aisle and he doesn’t have a match; he has something that he wants to say!

    Heyman: It’s what he’s famous for JR!

    Randy confidently climbs up the steps in tune to his laidback music, walking along the apron and doing his trademark mockery of the ‘Search’ before wiping his feet on the apron and climbing into the ring, magically producing a microphone from seemingly out of nowhere as his music slowly dims and is replaced by a waterfall of jeers and boos.

    JR: Nice to know he’s still as loved as ever…

    Randy patiently waits for the crowd to quieten down a little, before lazily raising the microphone to his lips and uttering two words.

    Randy: F*cking finally.

    JR: I apologise people for the foul language used!

    Again, Randy waits for the crowd to quieten down.

    Randy: You know, it’s been a while since I came out here and had a nice little chat with all of you morons. I put it down to getting fed up of wasting my words on simplistic idiots such as yourselves, it’s like trying to talk to a drunken monkey sometimes, no matter how many times you tell them to put down the bottle they just stare at you and scratch their head and eat the lice they find there.

    Obviously the crowd is insulted and it gets a little bit restless, but soon quietens down.

    Randy: You’ve all forgotten about Randy Roko, you’ve all been too busy slobbering over that pathetic excuse for a Hollywood Wash-out Famous to remember who the real man of this company is. I’ve been quiet lately, picking my moments and biding my time. I’ve been watching things unfold and frankly, everything has planned out precisely as I’d hoped.

    Randy momentarily takes a pause to consider his next words before continuing.

    Randy: You see, when I heard that each of the three General Managers were going to be picking Champions? I knew my time had come. There are only two…

    Randy holds up two of his fingers to emphasise.

    Randy: …two real men in this company, two men worthy of being champions, two men who will take this company into the future and keep this company at the top of the food chain. You might be thinking, ‘Oh who could he mean?’, ‘Obviously he’s talking about himself…’ ‘Who is the second?’ …

    Randy lowers his hands and stares out into the crowd with confident, sure eyes.

    Randy: Famous? Don’t make me laugh, the only thing that man is good at is acting classes, and even then I’d rather watch a Chimpanzee in a movie than him. Kyle Gilmore, Winter’s misinformed decision? He’d sooner look down the bottom of a bottle than look into the future of TWOStars. Jimmy Tsunami? Kid thinks he’s top of the world cause’ he can get a few lucky wins when people get overconfident? Please.

    Randy walks over to the turnbuckle and leans against it lazily.

    Randy: No. The only two men in this company who can be considered for the future of this company are… Randy Roko and Christopher Ryan Eagles.

    A murmur of confusion goes through the crowd, surely these two hate each other?

    JR: Surprising Paul, everyone knows the history between Eagles and Roko…

    Heyman: It’s the truth though JR!

    Randy: Yes, yes, yes… “But, but Randy, you and Chris have SO much history… But, but Randy you and Chris hate each other! But, but Randy-“ Shut the f*ck up! Eagles and I may have had our differences in the past but the past is the past, and when I look at the pitiful state of the roster today I realise that if I want to find any kind of challenge in this company or anyone who could possibly, almost, be on my level? That man is Christopher Ryan Eagles.

    Randy walks forward into the camera, looking into the hard-cam.

    Randy: You hearing this Famous? You’re nothing. You think you’re the big man? You think you’re the ‘A-Lister’? Are you hearing this, Brice and whoever the f*ck is the other GM? You’re both looking at one half of the remaining two champion spots, and to find the other half? Look no farther than Eagles, my friends.


    Randy looks irritated now as he looks out into the crowd.

    Randy: Oh boo hoo! That’s the problem with you people, when you see greatness you despise it, when you see weakness you love it, when you hear the cold hard truth you ignore it and when you hear the blatant lies and misleading truths you believe it blindly.

    Randy begins walking back to the ropes nearest the ramps, still staring out at the masses.

    Randy: Keep an eye out, boys and girls. If you don’t believe me now… You sure will soon enough.

    And with that, Randy drops the microphone and starts heading up the ramp, smirk plastered onto his face as we fade out.
  3. WAYNE

    WAYNE Well-Known Member

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    We are backstage, where The Grish is standing by with Jimmy Tunsami and Owen Roko.

    TG: So guys, how are you both truly feeling after Arron Winter passed you both over in favour of Kyle Gilmore as his World Champion.

    JT: To be honest, I’m happy for Kyle, the man has worked his ass off and even though he was one half of the longest tag team champions of all-time. He never really had the chance to show the world what Kyle Gilmore could do on his own.

    OR: Yeah, the man has helped the two of us settle here in TWOstars when he didn’t have too. Jimmy and myself will have enough time to one day be World Champion, but for now at least, it’s Kyle’s time to show guys like us where the bar is.

    TG: So you don’t think Bruce Perrino or the third GM will pick you?

    OR: Come on, we all know Perrino will pick Eagles.

    JT: Eagles is Bruce’s bitch.

    OR: And no one knows enough about the other guy.

    Suddenly Owen grabs Jimmy’s arm and pulls him toward him.

    CRE: Well, well, well! Look at what we have here. Two men that by the sounds of it are happy to be passed over, you know when I first joined this company. I aimed to be World Champion since day one, since day one and I have been held back by every single GM we have had. The way to look at this is simple. This is Arron Winter’s SECOND time in charge, Darkstar is no more, The Incredible Holt has been gone years. None of them would let me have the chance to be World Champion, yet I’m still here.

    JT: Even Perrino wouldn’t give you the chance, he saw you as Craig Van Dam’s lacky.

    Todd Grisham and Owen Roko look on shocked.

    CRE: Craig’s lacky? Where is the one great Van Dam? He was only Champion for as long as he was because of Bruce, Team Million wasn’t about Craig Van Dam, it was about Bruce Perrino and Christopher Ryan Eagles. Van Dam had the money in the bank briefcase and that was the best way to get a shot. The long term goal as to talk him into giving me a fair shot and there is no way Van Dam would have lasted against the Cancer of TWOstars.

    OR: So you are Bruce’s bitch.

    Eagles shoves the younger of the two Roko’s in the chest.

    CRE: You really think by calling me match that I’ll give you the match you really want? The only Roko worth me using my time is your brother, at least he has earned respect, at least he is someone your family can be proud of. He’d NEVER be happy to watch someone else become Champion. He is the type of man to shake your hand and say well done before punching you in the face and challenging you. But I’m here to show Bruce that even though I am a big enough star to refuse a match against a no name punk bitch. That I am the man to put him in full control of this company.

    With that the Cancer of TWOstars lands a hard kick to the mid-section of Jimmy Tunsami, before throwing him against the far wall.

    OR: I dare you to do that to me.

    Owen and Eagles are face to face at this point.

    OR: Go on big man.

    CRE: Owen, Owen, Owen. Didn’t anyone tell you to watch who you piss off?

    Eagles continues to talk, but slowly backs away.

    CRE: Remember kid, this isn’t personal, it’s just business.

    Suddenly Owen Roko is knocked to the ground with a steel chair. Todd is even more shocked as the camera reviews why.

    Standing over the fallen youngest is…


    CRE: You should really tell that brother of yours to watch his mouth, and his back.

    The two former foes come face to face with each other.

    RR: That offer you make. It’s a deal.

    Randy Roko and Christopher Ryan Eagles shake hands as Eagles looks down at the mess his new partner has made.

    CRE: First we take out everyone on the roster, then when it is time. Randy Roko Vs Christopher Ryan Eagles at the biggest stage of them all for the World Championship. But until then no one is safe.

    The pair grin as they continue to shake hands as the camera fades to…
  4. Ruderz

    Ruderz Well-Known Member Subscriber

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    We fade backstage into the medical room where the youngster Owen Roko is sat with an ice-pack held onto his back by the stunningly attractive nurse, while Owen and Kyle Gilmore are discussing what took place earlier.

    Owen: …I won’t fight him, he’s my brother!

    Kyle: Owen, dude, that didn’t seem to stop him from hitting you with a chair from behind, man!

    Owen looks troubled for a moment but shakes his head in defiance.

    Owen: He’s always been stubborn and he’s always wanted to get his own way, we’ve always butted heads but I know that he doesn’t mean it.

    Kyle laughs slightly before shaking his head at the naivety of his new friend.

    Kyle: Dude, you might know your brother outside of the ring but I know him in the ring. He’s ruthless, cold and calculating. When he makes a decision he sticks with it. Him and Eagles teaming up is bad news for us all, we need to watch our backs from now on, you heard what they said…

    The attractive nurse removes the ice-pack and is quickly thanked before she takes her leave.

    Kyle: Dude, I know he’s your brother and all… but in TWOStars, he’s just another guy scrambling to get to the top of the food chain. You have a match tonight, your first match in TWOStars after Eagles no showed last week, you gotta’ be prepared for that man.

    Owen nods, seemingly still slightly troubled as he stands up and stretches his muscles.

    Owen: Dammage won’t know what hit him – I need to show people I’m not just ‘Randy’s little brother’…

    Kyle: That’s it brutha! You got this!

    Owen smiles as we fade out to….
  5. Omega

    Omega Global Modd Subscriber

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    Backstage Matt Denton and his assistant Robert are loitering with intent around a table. Robert is furiously tapping on a laptop as Denton lounges back on the chair, balancing on two legs.

    MD: This had better be worth my time Robby, I want you to know that I could have been having some downtime with a couple of blonde, Scandinavian twins right about now.

    R: A couple of twins? Is that 2 or 4 girls?

    MD: I... Look, you do the numbers around here not me. Now are they online or not?

    R: Yes Sir, they've just signed in.

    MD: So?

    R: I'll put your requests...

    MD: Demands, Robby. Demands, I'm not asking I'm telling.

    R: Right, I'm just putting your demands across....Oh.

    Denton drops the chair back onto four feet and leans across the table

    MD: Oh? I don't like the sound of "oh".

    R: Well, we've got most of what you wanted Sir. The dressing room, upgraded accommodation and even the paid vacation.

    MD: Ok, so what have we not got?

    R: No automatic title. The offer is for guaranteed top billing and at least one shot at capturing the title whilst you still remain the chosen champion.

    The Affluent Asshole leans back on his chair again and steeples his fingers and presses them against his lips.

    MD: Let them know I'll think about it. We've got all night, after all.

    We cut to...
  6. Beefhead

    Beefhead Well-Known Member

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    We find our good friend Kyle Gilmore backstage dressed in his ring gear and doing stretches between a treadmill and a weight bench.

    KG: (sing songy) gonna whoop some famous ass tonight, gonna whoop some punk bitch ass tonight.

    Suddenly theres a staticcy sound and a mechanical voice says good evening Kyle. Kyle's facial expression screams what the ****?

    KG: WHAT THE ****?

    ????: Ah I've startled you that wasn't my intention.

    Gilmore looks around the room as the voice speaks some more, he seems to be searching for the disembodied voice.

    ????: See I only opened communications tonight to ask one very important question?

    Gilmore seems to have narrowed his search down to the speaker on the control panel of the treadmill. He leans down and speaks into the speaker.

    KG: And what question would that be?

    ????: No need to speak into the speaker Mr. Gilmore I can see and hear you anywhere in this arena. My question is can you be sure you've made the right choice accepting Aaron Winters offer to be his champion? After all you didnt even wait to see if there would be other offers.

    Gilmore looks around the room again, and seems completely creeped out to not know who hes speaking to or where they are or even how the can see and hear him. However he responds to the weird voice in the box.

    KG: Yeah ya know what I definitely made a wise choice. Aaron and I have never seen eye to eye in the past, however, Aaron Winter the wrestling GM and Aaron Winter the board member acting as GM in the best interest of this company are two very different guys. He spoke to only three people last week when he was making his final decision, me, Owen Roko, and Jimmy Tsunami. Three guys who wanna be champions, three guys who wanna be at the very top of this industry, three guys who will not however sell their souls to do it. That tells me all I need to know. That tells me he has no desire to be in bed with guys like Famous, Chris Eagles or Randy Roko. So I hope for your sake you plan on offering your spot to Owen or James because otherwise your gonna be backing a lame horse because Winter, myself and those two boys are the only real hope this company has of staying on the top.

    A rather bizarre noise somwhere between laughter and bees buzzing is heard before the anonymous GM responds.

    ????: Well lets just say, Kyle, that before you even made your choice I planned to watch tonight's main event very intently. And while there is now only one competitor in this match who is still available to be my champion, I have a feeling I may see my champion anyways. I bid you adieu.

    Theres a sharp cracking noise and smoke drifts out of the speaker as Gilmore just shakes his head disbelievingly and we cut to...
  7. The B-Man

    The B-Man Well-Known Member

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    We cut to a shot of inside the arena and wee see that a pink bed with numerous fluffy pillows is set up in the centre of the ring.
    JR: It’s time,Paul.

    PH: For what? The Worst segment in wrestling history?

    JR: Hell,no. This got rid of Michael Cole from TWOStars.

    PH: Well that’s a bonus at least.


    Crowd: YEEAAHH!!

    JR: It’s The Wild Boy!

    A few moments pass but Jaxx doest come out from the back.

    PH: Where is this clown?

    The fans start making noise and the camera cuts to a shot of the bed where this half naked fat guy emerges from the bed and dances on top of it to the tune of wild boys.

    PH: I think I am going to have to steel this one from you JR. My Gawd!

    JR: Just when you thought you had seen it all folks.

    PH: I bet that guy is found of your Barbeque Sauce, JR.

    JR: Good to see someone is still buying it.

    Keith Jaxx’s music fades off and the Fat Dancer scarpers out of the ring and runs to the back.

    PH: That’s god for that.

    JR: Where is Keith Jaxx though?

    PH: Maybe that was him, JR. Maybe he’s put on a lot of weight since last week.

    JR: That would be some eating!

    PH: You would know about eating.

    JR: Hold on, I am just getting word that something is going on in the back.

    We cut to the parking lot area of the arena and we see that there are a number of medics standing around in a circle with some of the roster looking on.

    Voice: Stand Clear please!

    The Roster backs off and we see that Keith Jaxx is being lifted on a stretcher and being loaded into a ambulance.

    JR: This does not look good folks.

    PH: As much as I don’t like Keith Jaxx this is not something I enjoy watching.

    JR: One has to wonder who is behind this.

    PH: I know for a fact that Parking lot has security cameras so I am sure we won’t be long in finding that out.

    JR: I sure hope so.

    Cut to...
  8. Fletch

    Fletch Well-Known Member

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    Josh Matthews is backstage in a setup interview area with a screen in the background showing a moving video loop of the XTV logo. Josh recieves the signal to proceed as he then pulls the microphone up to his mouth.

    Matthews: At this time, please welcome, making his official debut tonight... Dammage!

    The Original steps into camera view as Matthews continues.

    Matthews: Dammage, despite being an original TWOStar back in 2004, you were put on the shelf, for 5 years in a wheelchair before a short run in 2009. Is tonight the night we see the resurrection of a man who 8 years ago was dubbed The Unstoppable One?

    Dammage stops to think for a moment as Josh pushes the microphone up towards the debuting Superstar's mouth.

    Dammage: That's a very good question Josh. See I seem to be almost kind of an urban legend to some of these kids, they've heard of me, but my footage is so buried deep in the archives that it's probably never seen the light of day, and I have Holt, Trash and The Future for that, hey look it up folks. Maybe I wasn't around for long in my first run thanks to an incident at the hands of a monster who put me in a wheelchair for over 5 years. 5 years, I waited and plotted revenge and I became some sad little bitter twisted little freak that when I did come back I was simply used as a sad, little pawn in the games of Famous.

    It's true what they say, you spend so much time being mad, eventually you forget what you're mad at. There's no reason for me to be that bitter, sad little man anymore. I've finally got an opportunity here to prove how good I was, and how good I am now. This is my big chance, my final chance, my last run as it is to make a difference and prove I have what it takes, and it starts tonight Josh.

    Matthews: That said, tonight you face off against the brother of our former World Champion, Owen Roko, one-on-one.

    Dammage: You know, before I get to Owen, I wanna talk about his brother, just for a moment. See Randy... Randy has a lot of talent, back when I was here before he was a young, charismatic up and comer. He had a quality about him you don't see all the time, he had a unique looks, attire, gimmick and I really thought he'd emerge from the shadow of his best friend just like he did... but the trouble is somewhere between stepping out from that shadow and putting Angus McDonald in his own, he grew bitter, just like I did, and resentful, and arrogant and egotistical. What he got was a chip on his shoulder, one that's still there today. Now as for Owen, I see a lot of potential in him to be a big star, just like his brother, but I genuinely hope that the arrogance and chip-on-the-shoulder isn't a genetic condition, because the last thing we need is another Randy Roko.

    As for our match tonight, I'm gonna give Owen my all, and one way or the other, I'll show him, and the entire world, why I'm forever known as The Unstoppable On...

    The Original TWOStar turns to his left as the camera pans to see Famous right up close staring a hole through Dammage. The two men literally just stare angrily at each other as Josh Matthews hustles to try put his microphone in the small gap between them.

    Famous: Was it you Bryan? Did you attack me? Wouldn't be the first time you tried to use me as a stepping stone would it?

    Dammage: It wasn't me asshole. That was a long time ago, I don't need to ride your coat-tails Hollywood, I don't need your Spin Doctor approach to making it to the top, besides, if I were going to attack you, and trust me, I've as good a reason as anybody around here... and there's a lot of people who'd want to kick your teeth down your throat believe me, I'd do it like a man... to your face.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have a match.

    The Unstoppable storms off leaving Famous scowling with Josh Matthews leaving the microphone in the space Dammage has just vacated. The A-Lister turns to Josh and speaks into the mic.

    Famous: One way or another Matthew Joshua, I will find out who attacked me last week, because I'm... entertainment.

    As Mr. Hollywood too then storms out of camera shot, Josh sends it back to the announce table.
  9. Beefhead

    Beefhead Well-Known Member

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    The crowd boos as
    "Warrior's Call by Volbeat" pounds the speakers and Everybody's Least Favorite Canadiens appear on the rampway. They are wearing their red and black long trunks and hooded black ring robes with the sleeves cut off. The back of the robes are adorned with a large golden colored maple leaf with a huge red anarchy symbol scratched over it.

    JR: It's been a few weeks since these guys have appeared on television sparking armchair analysts to debate whether or not TWOStars had given up on the young ring generals.

    PH: Well theyre here tonight and Ill tell ya Dem Boyz look to be on a mission here tonight.

    Paul's words seem to be spot on as the duo stomp to the ring, and Mike snatches a microphone from Tony The Chim as they slide into the ring.

    MS: Last week we were in our own backyard, Manitoba, Canada and we couldnt be bothered to make the short drive from home. I'm sure most of you sports entertainment fans couldn't even be tasked to notice, or wonder why we just no showed. I'll answer the question anyways. We couldn't be bothered to make the drive because sometime in the early afternoon the day of the show Jimmy Redman called and sai they had no immediate plans and we were free to take the week off.


    JR: The fans may not like these guys but they dont seem to like the fact that they were effectively benched last week either.

    MS: So yesterday we start making preparations for todays show, travel arrangements and such, and lo and behold Dick's phone rings. Who is it? You tell 'em Dick.

    He hands the microphone to The Bastard Son, who seems to be a rather intense shade of red in his apparent anger.

    DS: JIMMY F***IN REDMAN!!!! That son of a bitch has the gall to call us two weeks in a row and tell us they've nothing for us. So I say to Mike, I've half a mind to storm into that arena and whoop Redman's ass and hold the show hostage until somebody in this company pulls their damned heads out ofd their asses and give us our god damned shot.

    Mike takes the microphone back from Dick who seems reluctant to release it however.

    MS: However cooler heads prevailed and I made a little call to the board of directors and officially tendered our resignations. I refuse to stay here and collect a paycheck for nothing when we were supposedly hired to be the faces of a new tag team division. Aaron Winter saw us a backbone to something he needed to differentiate the new product from the old one but in his new struggle for control with Jersey Shore and The Voice, he pushed us aside in favor of the super green Jimmy Tsunami and Kyle Gilmore's broken carcass. So as of today WE QUIT!!!!!

    There is a mixed reaction to this as some fans cheer and some boos while a rather vocal majority begin to sing NA NA NA HEY HEY GOODBYE. However the crowd noise changes to overwhelming boos as Brice Perrino's music hits and perma tanned pr**k makes his way down to the ring, grinning ear to ear. He grabs his own mic as he climbs into the ring.

    BP: Whoa wait a minutes broski's! No hasty decisions ok. Remember there are two other General Managers here and I am prepared to let Aaron Winters mistake become one of my greatest triumphs.

    Dick snatches the microphone from his brother's hand.

    DS: You saying Aaron Winter made a msitake signing us?

    Perrino looks shocked at the suggestion.

    BP: quite the opposite Broman Polanski. I think the best thing he did when he took control was sign you, his mistake was letting you fall by the wayside. I intend to showcase you boys. I intend to make you two the poster children for brofessional wrestling, I thin there's a place for the entertainers and a place for the athletes. You guys are some of the realest athletes I see in this joint, your Bro Dimaggio, and Smokin Bro Frasier. So while I need only one champion I need other people to show what MY PROGRAM is about. Give me one month to make it right before you quit, one month to make The Sons of Anarchy a household name.

    Suddenly Work Experience Boy runs out from backstage and runs to the ring. He climbs the steps and stands outside the ropes motioning to Brice, who has a message whispered in his ear by the young master Austin. Brice laughs and speaks into his microphone.

    BP: This young man has a message from Aaron Winter and I'd like to ask him to step into the ring and share his message with my new friends and all of you here.

    WEB looks nervously about before stepping between the ropes and accepting the microphon offered to him by Dicky Son.

    WEB: Aaron Winter would like me to inform Mr. Perrino and The Son Brothers that currently our product is looking to run over the alloted time slot. The network contacted Mr. Winter and let him know that if he needs the time they would be willing to sell him fifteen minutes. Mr. Winter has agreed to buy the agreed upon block in the event that it is needed, however he has tasked me with informing you that should the main event run over due to your threat of quitting and sad bid for attention that he would fine you both 25,000 dollars.

    The angry looks thrown at Webby are enough to make him drop the microphone and attempt to scramble from the ring. However he isn't fast enough as he is caught and hauled into a firemans carry by Dick Son and hit with a devastating inverted death valley driver.


    The crowd boos the destruction of Darkstars former aid but a few smark fans are heard to chant


    Brice seems to look to the brothers for an answer to his offer. Mike and Dick both shake hands with the jersey devil as their music plays and we cut to....
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  10. Beefhead

    Beefhead Well-Known Member

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    Once again we find Gilmore backstage , stretching, next to that same slightly smoking treadmill.

    ?????: Kyle, Kyle Kyle.

    Kyle stand up and looks towards the speaker again, not noticing Famous until he's standing right next to him.

    F: I don't know whether or not your the guy who attacked me last week but I just wanted to put you on notice. I'm gonna beat your sorry ass tonight in that very ring, just because your Winter's pet.

    Gilmore turns face to face with the Hollywood Bad Boy.

    F: and once I finish my investigation into who attacked me last week, be warned, if I find out it was you, I'll see you buried.

    Gilmore just smiles pats Famous on the shoulder and says

    KG: See ya in the ring Tinseltown.

    Famous looks unhappy with Gilmore's rather flippant attitude as he turns and exits the room closing the training room door a little roughly.
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  11. Fletch

    Fletch Well-Known Member

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    We see Famous, charging into his private locker room, sweating and beaten up following his Main Event match with Kyle Gilmore. He pulls off his elbow pads and throws them onto the couch before he picks up his iPad and begins scrolling through contacts and apps.

    Famous: DAMNIT... this is not happening to me. I'm the A-List Superstar and damnit I deserve better than this...


    Mr. Hollywood turns his attention to the opening door as Josh Matthews storms in, iPhone in hand as he passes it over to Famous who scowls at the backstage reporter.

    Matthews: I've just been told to pass this to you Mr. Famous, sir.

    Josh quickly backs out of camera shot and apparently out of the room as Famous turns to the iPhone, looking down, the cameras unable to see what is on the screen, but soon a familiar voice speaks out.

    ???: Hello Famous, this is the third General Manager, the Anonymous... General Manager with a proposition for you.

    Famous: What the hell do you want? You hide behind screens and that vile looking 3D render of a face and now you have the help run in and pass me phones so I can talk to you. What the hell?

    ???: You were attacked last week yes? Well I happen to know EXACTLY who attacked you, and I'm willing, more than willing to let you in on the secret, privately, away from cameras and XTV during the course of the week, if you so desire.

    Famous: TELL ME!

    ???: All in good time, but I want something in return Famous. You see I'm not as stupid or as pig-headed as those other 2 GMs are. Each of them already have their close circles of friends. Winter's allies are the fan favourites, the people who the fans can get behind, not neccesarily the cream of the crop. He's put all his eggs in one basket choosing Gilmore as his champion, a man who has very little experience, or should I say, very little accomplishment in the world of singles wrestling.

    Brice too has a very small group of close knit friends. Those he knows inside out, people he knows will place their allegiance at the very highest bidder and have no morals for what they do. It's no secret there's been no publically announced champion yet for Brice, but I'd put a large amount of money on him picking one of his two favourite sweethearts, Matt Denton or Randy Roko. He knows them inside out, he has history and knows he can buy them.

    Me on the other hand, I choose to look all around. It doesn't matter to me whether someone is cheered or booed out of the building, reaction matters but it doesn't matter whether negative or positive. Famous looking at the current roster of Superstars you're the most decorated. A 4 month reign as Triple Crown Champion, 2 Money In The Bank wins, Undefeated at WrestleNova and a United States Champion. This is in addition to the mainstream media attention your garner from being a Hollywood Superstar.

    Famous I will tell you exactly the name of who attacked you, but in return... I want you to be MY Champion.

    The Hollywood Sellout ponders for just a second before a wry smirk engulfs the lower half of his face. He looks at the phone... and agrees as we fade out on another XTV.
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