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XTV 1:38 LIVE! From the Hydro Arena, Glasgow Scotland!

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

TWOStars opens up with the a lone spotlight shining down in the ring. Some of the crowd recognise the male in the middle of the ring but the commentary team knows who it is.

JB-“Welcome to TWOStars and we are witnessing history right now! That man in the middle of the ring right now is the majority shareholder and an senior member of the board of directors!”

BP-“Never before has this happened!”

EVIL-“You know fine well something is going to happen homes!”

The crowd settle down as one of the owners gets the mic before beginning his speech.

“Ever since this company has grown up we have had such an amazing ride with you fans! As a senior member of the board of directors and a majority shareholder, we our proud to have you guys as fans!”


“We have decided after making an agreement that myself would show up for the first ever time since this company began on 17th February 2005! And nine years on we are still stubborn enough and refuse to die! We get ever so stronger and make more masterpieces and wrestling memories! Next year marks our ten year anniversary and we have major plans to make that the biggest party and celebration of all time!”


“But that is for the future, we are talking about now. We have Wrestlenova TEN to happen first! And we our happy to confirm that the day to put in your calendar for Wrestlenova X is the 3rd of May 2014!”


“And we feel that this is the perfect time to announce that we the board have unanimously agreed to introduce a new concept to TWOStars. This will all happen at Wrestlenova X !”

“So ladies and gentlemen….We are proud to announce that at Wrestlenova X we will have…






BP-“Long overdue!”

“And we will be inducting three legends into our hall of fame class of 2014. Starting right now! Production! Get a camera feed to the roster!”

The giant tron immediately shows to the roster who are all looking at the ring and themselves about who could be going in or what could be going on?

“We are going to announce the very first inductee and we feel they are well deserving of their induction. So without further the first ever inductee of the TWOStars hall of fame class of 2014 is…



Lucian is shocked in the back as the crowd as the rest of the roster congratulate him with pats on the back and hugs. Lucian is almost in tears with the surprise of being immortalised into the hall of fame and being the
very first one in.

“Come on Lucian come down here!”


Lucian Jones high fives some of the roster as he makes his way down to the ring.


JB-“Oh my god!”

EVIL-“No way!”

The crowd and the board member look on in shock as Lucian is attacked by Bison! Then Hi’lani Kai and
Archangel, Winter’s hencemen arrive and continue the beatdown! They get a hold of Jones as Kai holds Jones’ arm out as Angel grabs his body. Lord Bison grabs a steel pipe as he stares down as Lucian who is helpless.




JB-“Oh dear god!”

BP-“Even this is low for me!”

Arron Winter suddenly appears, pulling them all back as Randy Roko leads the roster with Famous and
Dammage as they try to get to Lucian! Road agents and referees intervene as Lucian screams in pain!


Winter then gets enough space to look at the camera before paying Bison off.

AW-“I’m sick and tired of people trying to take over my company. This is my show, these are the rules I put out that the board agree with me on. So this is my stand. No more nice general manager! No more people trying to undermine my power! I have taken care of one deviant, and I will finish off the rest! Please forgive me for interrupting the party, but this man deserves nothing! I should be the first inductee! Not this delinquent! Tonight, the authority will make its stand known!”

The camera cuts to the crowd roaring with boos as the senior member is visible furious with Winter!

“I want to speak with the rest of the board right now!”

He makes his leave, apologising to the fans as the crowd see Lucian be attend to.

EVIL-“That is just sick homes. No need!”

JB-“I mean Lucian was about to get to see the fans moments after being announced as the first ever inductee into the hall of fame and Winter gets his beast!”

BP-“I mean I am all for Winter defending himself and his role…But this is too far. I have long waited for a hall of fame and for it to start off like this…It’s sickening!”

Markos Andronikos vs Donald Erics

Both men know their hopes of being on the Wrestlenova X card rely on their matches from here on then. As the bell rings, the theme music of Brian Tankard goes off! He storms down the ring and Markos sneakily pushes Donald into Brian, causing the brute to get even more angry. Tankard takes out Erics with ease before focusing his attention on Andronikos! Markos tries his best but the British beast is in no mood to settle and destroys him to rule this match a no contest before it even begins!
Tankard is furious! He wants answers into what went down last show as he power walks back and forth like a wild animal!

BT-”All I want is for that little hillybilly to come down here and see what it is like to mess with a man like me! COME ON GET DOWN HERE!”


"We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results."

*Proverbs*28:1: "The wicked flee when none pursueth"

The camera cuts to a camp fire, the same one the men went missing to. A big man with a thick husky beard wearing a dirty stained white vest and jeans spits flem out of his mouth and takes a swagger of beer before hearing the greets of the men that he took hostage.

“I knew you’ve been looking for me. I’ve been watching all you all along. For a big notorious guy like myself I knew what animal I had to mimic so I can over hear what y’all had to say and still be lethal. They call me the beast of the southern wild for my brutality…but I’m more like a rattlesnake. I slither and hear what I need to hear where you don’t expect and then when you piss me off I make myself f****g known and then before you know it PAM!......You’re dead.”

The men struggle to shout for help.

“There was a guy I knew in Louisiana that told me one thing that I realise was right. People are sheep, they need to have someone they can follow to. All of those stupid philosophers and social theorists go on and on about what people need to do but they forget the simplest thing that is in almost every human is born into……Fear. They’re just too chicken sh*t to stand up and fight!”


“But you know what makes the world work? Do you know what the most dominant thing in the world is? The most POWERFUL word in the English dictionary that I give no s**ts to look at…..Its’ Obey. Because you don’t need money, cars, woman, hey you don’t even need an empire. Just need an idea and for everyone to kiss your feet to realise that idea is right for their own interests….I do believe I am amongst the smart guys in this planet….BUT WHEN THEY SEE SOMEONE LIKE ME THEY JUST SEE AN INBRED THAT F*CKS HIS COUSINS ALL NIGHT LONG! AND WHILE THEY MAY LIKE TO OPEN THEIR LEGS FOR ME AND I SURE PLEASURE THEM THEY CONTINUE TO STEREOTYPE ME AS A HILLBILLY ROUGHNECK THAT CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD! WHERE THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE ALL WRONG! THAT IS WHERE I SHOW THE WORLD WHEN I CHANGE THE COGS IN THE MACHINE IN TWOSTARS IN MY FAVOUR! People are cogs in the machine and they just don’t realise it…..AND THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO LOOK AT ME LIKE I’M BELOW THEM…..I DON’T HAVE A F*****G AUTHORITY TO KNEE DOWN AND SUCK OFF UNLIKE THEM!”

The giant laughs hysterically before throwing down his beer and shattering the glass.

“People are all talk in society, but they’re just no show. When I say I’m gonna cave someone’s skull in I’ll show the brain matter stained in my shoes to prove it. That’s why I signed a contract….to break bodies and to make my machine…And I’m gonna start right for the top…..And you will all remember the name….MURDOCH!”

Murdoch emerges, lighting a cigarette as he views all the graves in this cemetery on roasting hot southern sun. He breathes out the puff of thick smoke before looking at the camera...



The lights dimmer and change to orange colour as Murdoch, with a beaten and battered Paul Gray, arrives on stage. Murdoch is dressed to fight wearing only his white vest, jeans and timber boots. Murdoch confidently walks down to the ring without taking sight off Brian Tankard. He takes his vest off as he says a quick prayer to himself before walking over the ropes. Murdoch only wants to fight, no signal of victory, no showboating, no pyro. He just wants to cause havoc as Gray watches on.

The lights go back to normal as Murdoch and Tankard stare each other down.

JB-“The man we heard about months ago…..He is the man behind all of these videos. But he's not the guy that showed up! The Beast of the Southern Wild…Murdoch….Is here!”

EVIL-“Oh boy he’s going straight for the top!”

BP-“Get out of there while you can Brian!”

Tankard goes over to Murdoch, not intimidated and pushes the big man. Murdoch smirks as he has a big smile on his, nod his head over and over.

Tankard-“lets see how you can do you inbred piece of sh-“



Murdoch continues the beating with hammer fists before dragging Tankard and ramming his head over the turnbuckle! Murdoch skips to the opposite turnbuckle.

“Money doesn’t make the world go round, but my foot will make your head!”


Murdoch then grabs hits a straight right underhook that knocks Brian out cold!


Murdoch then jumps out of the ring and goes for the steel steps! He easily lifts them up and throws them in the ring! He goes back in the ring. Before eyeing up Tankard like a predator waiting for the strike for the kill!
BP-“He’s not going to…”

Murdoch lifts the steel steps up as Tankard slowly gets back to his feet.



Murdoch shouts as hillbilly to get him a microphone as he takes the steps to the middle of the ring, followed by a bloodied Denton. He then sits on top of Brian, smirking at the actions that he’s done. Murdoch demands a beer as the hillbilly bows to him and gives a Bud. He bits off the cap before quickly drinking down a beer.

“You forget Boy that no matter how much money you have under your couch or how much you can bench press, you still bleed the same as everybody.”

Murdoch has another drink.


Murdoch spits beer down the bloodied face of Tankard!

“The moment those sponsors decide you’re not the one for them, you will be just a mere ghost. You don’t let people obey you….You are just a capitalistic gym *****!”


“I said to everyone that I am a preacher. A new enlightenment into this company, but I’m not just one that spreads for a new ways of living life…I also like to rip apart bones, flesh, marrows and drink blood if it needs to be done. I’M NOT HERE JUST TO FEED ON THE SCRAPS! And you my mis-understood friend are just the start. But why did you have to be so bad with manners? I’m not just another wrestler…..I AM YOUR NEW MASTER AND YOU WILL START TO OBEY ME!

Murdoch rams Tankards head into the steel steps!


Another ram into the steel steps.

“THE F**K”

And Another!


And another steel step ram!


Tankard is out cold! The hillbilly arranges Brians’s body so it looks like he is kneeling down to Murdoch. The crowd are mixed with the Beast of the Southern Wild as he licks off the stained blood off of Tankard that spurted on his white vest. Murdoch opens his arms out with a smile on his face!

“Down with the machine!”

JB-“Guy’s Tankard is really hurt…”

BP-“He’s not moving….”


We find Aaron Winter secluded in his office surrounded by papers, hand on forehead obviously stressed by tonights events.

AW: "See look at this one....."

He has totally lost it as no one else is in the office with him.

AW: "Dear TWOStars/ Mr. Winter, I am of Asian heritage and your superstar, Chaos Dragon, has desecrated our culture. The despicable action of him attacking one of our monks, leaders of our faith. This is similar to if I have took a sharpie and drew moustaches all over the Sistine chapel. My family and I are highly offended by his actions and how TWOStars seem to support his doings; until, he is reprimanded or no longer employed I will not be tuning into TWOStars for a very long time. Sincerely, a 4 year fan Mr. Yang."


Winter's computer lights up with email notification occupying the center.

AW: "Who the f*ck is Mister Jackson?............. Dear Mr. Winter, I was wondering is there any chance that I can get a refund on these tickets I bought for next week show? I just no longer feel comfortable bring my wife and kids into that environment after Bison's actions earlier tonight."

Winter face confronts and turns red, he grinds his teeth creating a similar sound to what sculptors make when carving wood projects. He explodes from his chair and slaps all the papers from his desk


??: "Aye yo calm ya tits boy, cause Showtime is here to save the day.

The camera whips around to the office door where KJ Woods stands gym bag in hand, wearing a sleeveless red shirt eith the words "witness greatness" written across it paired with black shorts no nerd to go into detail bout his chain or shades or rollex or Jordans or Nike socks: its just swag.

AW: "Oh thank you, I needed some good news."

Woods sticks his hand up signaling for Winter to stop.

KJ: "Slow ya roll bruhh, Showtime aint hear to help ya. It just so happens that you and him got a common enemy, a common goal."

Aaron Wonter nods vigorously, knowing exactly what Woods.

AW: "So you got a plan."

KJ: "Showtime dont know bout you, but he gonna getvhis revenge. Break this size 15 boot off in Chaos @ss and send him home to whatever wacked off place he came from. "

AW: " You cant just send him home, I need you to ensure that he does NOT make it to wrestlenova."

KJ: " Arred yo, but what does Showtime get out of this?"

AW: " We can talk payment once the jobs done KJ, I've been burned by two individuals already And I dont plan a third."

KJ smirks and nods, seeing the game Winter is playing.

KJ: "Arred you got a deal."

The screen fades cutting to commercials with Winter and Woods shaking hands.


Archangel vs Randy Roko

Roko has the passion and beatsdown angel before the henchman even gets to the ring! Randy uses the chairs, steel step before putting him in the ring and delivering a very quick riptide to pick up the win

afterwards Roko gets to the mic and declares that the beast better watch his back, along with Arron Winter for what they did to Lucian.

Winner: Randy Roko

The feed to the titan tron scrambles as another signal tries to push through.


the video then pulls back to reveal pixels of foxes and the wrestler Dan Fox during moments of his career, from his debut, to the rivalries with famous, winter, sickness, Thompson and the infamous matches has been apart of. The pixels of everything all begin to form an image of the writing:


The writing smashes into pieces to reveal a man with his head hidden but wearing wrestling gear. His head is about to turn before the image sharply pulls further away to form the final pixel of the picture...



The lights go back up as Famous and Dammage look at each other, having to go through another one of the return promos by Dan Fox.

Famous-“This really necessary when we have more important things to go?”

Dammage-“Forget about it, he’s just trying to make himself heard. Not the-“


The crowd all stand up as the theme music of the technical mauler is played! Famous and Dammage look on to see if this is another psych out, or if the man self-declared the best wrestler in TWOStars has returned!

BP-“Business is about to pick up!”

JB-“Could it be?!”

Dan Fox emerges on the stage with a hooded shirt and pair of jeans on as the fans give him a mixed reception.

EVIL-“It is homes!”

JB-“Dan Fox is back!”

Fox smirks as he looks around the arena. He then walks down the ramp and without hesitation heads straight into the ring. He gets to the top rope and stares around him as he embraces the crowd and the atmosphere of being in the squared circle. He drops down and follows up by collecting a microphone.


Fox is initially surprised by his reception.

DF-“I wasn’t expecting that but thanks!”

D-“What are you doing here Dan interrupting our time?”

F-“We are trying to take the company away from Winter, something you failed to do!”

DF-“Oh I know, and I acknowledge I failed in that aspect of my career. But the reason I am out is for two things. Number one is to confirm that I am back ready to wrestle!”


DF-“And secondly is I wanted to speak to you two.”

F-“Is that so?”

DF-“Believe so. I have been watching you or the last month trying to do this with our beloved general manager. And this is where I believe you have flaws at.”

D (Sarcastically)-“Oh do show us our ways.”

DF-“I’m not here to criticise, hell I want you two to succeed because I can’t stand the man myself but this is what you got to do. You’re just talking, and people can tolerate a mouth. I don’t give a shit who talks to me. You got to do something which makes him want to fight. Something you both have failed to do, something I managed to do. I am the man who made him tap out without interference!”


DF-“If you want to get to him that bad, make him walk! Because you know he will only fight if you have your waist wrapped around the one thing he cares about…The TWOStars world heavyweight title! That is where his kryptonite is! That is what you should be going for!”

Famous and Fox stare each other down as they rekindle the feud they had 2 years ago when Fox debuted. It was Fox who took him out from their match on pay per view. They both smirk as they stare each other down, not pulling out in the slightest.

D-“Why would we take advice from a man who took his balls and left the promotion. Why would we want to take advice from a man who desecrated on the fans! Why would we want to listen to you when you took my brother Famous out?!”

Fox smirks as he licks his lips.

DF-“You don’t, but someone had to put you in the right direction.”

F-“I don’t like you Fox. Never have and I never will. So why don’t you do yourself a favour and leave this ring before somebody gets hurt!”


Dan smirks and laughs a little bit following Famous’ threat.

DF-“I have never turned down a fight in this ring boys, you know that. And who would I to deny such a wrestling match with any of you two. But I tell you what. I let you finish your little moment together in front of the fans. But remember this. I am back and ready to fight anyone and everyone! I have one goal in mind that I will profuse blood sweat and tears for! I will not stop until I achieve it! And that it to become TWOStars World Heavyweight Champion!”


The music plays as Dan sarcastically swings the mic towards the pair as he leaves. The crowd remain mixed in his return as Dammage & Famous look on.

JB-“Looks like Fox is here to stay!”

BP-“And telling those two that he is here to fight.”

EVIL-“Going to be interesting road to la Nova now esse!”

Famous vs H. ash Tag

H.Ash Tag suffers a heart attack and Famous gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Famous
JB: Ladies and Gentlemen I have been informed that we will soon be hearing from our Champion The Beast Lord Bison

EG: I wanna know what he has to say ese, we haven't heard from Bison since he became champion, I wanna know about the Winter regime! The guy goes from being a lone wolf to joining up with the big bad guys!

BP: Bison's a smart guy he knows how to get what he wants, being part of the big bads is only going to make him scarier..... man just tink about that, a scarier Bison... Damn.

The crowd are enjoying the show with various signs shown throughout, 'What Does The Fox Say?', 'Whose Going to stop me?' and a very long bannr held up by a large group taking up a middle row 'ENTERTAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIINNNMENT!!'

JB: I wonder wh....


The tron begins to cover in static as the overpowering sound causes the crowd to go silent the lights cut out the only light coming from the tron flickering showing the ring with each burst of screen light

JB: What's goi...Kkptt...

The sound cuts out as well as the commentary team ,The ring now suddenly has a towering frame with a large hooded coat on, his head and face covered with the hood, the figure raises it's head as the lights slowly come up the mask becomes exposed letting the crowd know that the impressive frame is that of Lord Bison


The beast throws the coat to the ground showing Bison's bulking frame with the world championship wrapped around his right arm as if it were a shield

LB: Quite the reception... Glasgow.


The crowd show a hostility few arena's have dared towards Lethal Eloquence

LB: A City which thrives on violence is one that can truly embrace my work and Glasgow you people reside in a city bathed in violence. A special sickness rests within you all, a thirst for violence a thirst for bloodshed that you all share.

Bisons voice is steady but loud, booming around the arena causing the Glaswegian crowd to get more hostile


Bison's body begins to shake as he laughs to himself

LB: LOUDER GLASGOW LOUDER! Show us all that you thirst for blood, share in my masterpiece, share in the glorious violence I shall bring forth

The crowd decide to go against the Beasts goading and simply show their distaste for the boost with a mixture of boos and 'sign language'

LB: I am here to place an open challenge to you all, the false idols in the locker rooms to the blood hungry animals in the crowd. I offer you the opportunity to get inside the ring with me and do what you all clam to want to

The crowd begin to chatter amongst themselves at the daunting task set before them

LB: Who wishes to enter the ring? Who wishes to fight me? Show yourself...............

A well built muscular crowd member raises his hand and Bison stares at him for a few seconds the man drops his hand after the few seconds of intimidation

LB: No takers? No one proud enough? No one feels they can challenge me?

A couple more men show confidence and step, forward Bison waves them over allowing both men into the ring

LB: You people are very proud, brav even, but mostly stupid

The two men are rather well built one is wearing an MMA shirt the other is sporting an american football jersey, Bison steps toward the men and points toward a stack of chairs signalling them to take one the man in the NFL jersey takes him up on the offer the other man laughs and heads into the ring

LB: Come along gentlemen show me the Glaswegian fighting spirit!! What are your names?

The man in the NFL shirt replies with Joe the other says his name is Steve

The men enter the ring both standing in a corner with Bison in the center of the ring, Steve walks towards Bison with his hands raised like a schooled boxer. The man in the Joe hangs back to see what's going on

LB: Let us begin

The Steve lurches forward and throws two hooks to the body of Bison which barely make him flinch he then throws a combo to Bisons head causing the mask to move Bison then reaches and readjusts the mask just as this happens the Joe lunges forward with the chair causing Steve to hop back, the chair is swatted aside by the Bison using his 'shield'

Bison then delivers a vicious knee to the ribs of Joe sending him crashing to the floor he then lifts Joe up and delivers a Scolds Bridle which leaves Joe face down and unconscious


Steve then throws a head kick at Bison but its blocked with the large arm of Bison and responded too with a powerful diving right hook sending Steve to the mat and causing his nose to pour blood Bison then delivers a horrible stomp to Steves ribs followed by the Scolds Bridle


leaving the two 'challengers' prone in the ring with the crowd screaming in horror or merely looking in stunned horror

EMT's and security arrive at the ring beckoning Bison to leave


The sound returns to the announcers team but no words are said for a while as Bison leaves

JB: That...that Bison he is one sick man, that was pure evil, how can he just beat up on our fans?! It's disgusting!

EG: I don't believe what I just saw

Bison slowly walks up the ramp as the crowd look up in horror

BP: They walked into the lions den they got what they deserved!

JB: We had no answers to our questions we got nothing but a monster feeding in our ring... its horrifying

Bison is half way up the ramp when the lights give out again the tron goes black and green appears typed onto the screen








EG: What the hell was that?!

JB: And who is S?

Bison looks enraged by the video and marches into the back

BP: I don't know but I wouldn't want to be them

JB: The Emt's are taking the two men into the back and both men are showing signs of recovery which is a great sign, I wonder if Mr Winter will discipline Bison for hi s actions here?



The cameras cut as Arron Winter is in the middle of the ring, sitting on a chair provided by TWOStars production as a desk and chairs are in the middle of the ring as Brice Perrino gets the green light to start the segment.

BP-“Alright ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin this, this is the appeal outcome of Chaos Dragon. First please welcome our boss, who is already in the ring..Arron Winter!”


BP-“Okay now let’s introduce the man of the hour….Chaos Dragon!”

As Dragon is still unemployed, he has no theme music. The crowd cheer loudly as he arrives….Wearing a suit and having his quills in a head band. He high fives the crowd as he walks down into the ring while Winter laughs it off. The crowd cheer the chaotic ones name as he gets ready to sit down on the chair.


AW-“Do you seriously think that will win the board over?”

CD-“Worked with your mother…”


AW-“You’re lucky a senior member is arriving here or I would have ripped your jaw off!”

CD-“Oh I did that to your sister this morning.”


Winter loses it and storms up from his chair and is about to go for Dragon if it wasn’t for Brice’s getting in the middle!

BP-“People! People! Lets’ not do things we will regret. Let’s sit down and wait for the board member. Infact can we get him out now?!”

Brice’s facial expressions are ones of anguish as he desperately tries to get the board member down to the ring. Eventually after a couple of seconds, for the first ever time, a member of the board of directors appears on the stage and walks down towards the ring.

EVIL-“Never been done before gringo.”

JB-“Wonder what will happen.”

The board of director gets in the ring and shakes the hand of everyone before being handed a microphone.

BP-“Now Mr member of the board, whose name we have agreed to disclose. You and the rest of the board discussed this and I am led to believe there has been a decision made?”

“Yes there has.”

BP-“Okay, then it’s all you!”

“Thank you. Gentlemen, this was a very difficult call to make-“

AW-“He’s an idiot! What other call is there to make!”

“Thank you for interrupting me! Now as I was saying this was a very close call to make. Dragon. You are without a shadow of a doubt one of the most controversial wrestlers we have had on this companys wage bill. You have been alleged to be sexist, racists, disgriminatory against the Jews, threatening people with their lives and overall a non-conformist. These are all traits of someone we don’t welcome to our company.”


“However, you have not failed any drug or alcohol tests, you have showed up for work every show and you are well loved by our fans. In terms of your performance within this company we see no causes of concern while reviewing!”

Winter is confused and immediately steps in.

AW-“What do you mean no causes of concern? This guy brought a camel and made it piss on one of our roster! HE PUT A GUN TO THE HEAD OF A MONK IN CHINA! What more back up do I need? I fired him because he is a liability and has brought this company down!”


AW-“Like I said there is no other professional call to make other than to fire him!”

The board member has a negative disapproving look towards Winter

“Mr Winter. It has become very noticeable to us that you have seemed to have let the power get to your head. To the extent there has been concerns raised about your performance as general manager of TWOStars! One would think that with what happened at the pay per view last year that Dragon was wrongfully stripped of the title! A match you have yet to grant. Maybe this isn’t to do with Dragon being…chaotic. Maybe this is to do with you wanting rid of your enemies…”


“So take this as a warning that we are watching your every move Arron. We expect you to be fair to EVERYONE! We wouldn’t want to make a job change wouldn’t we?”


“So consider that your warning! And as for this matter; We decided to do a vote on this and the result was a 7 to 6 result in favour of…


“Chaos Dragon!”


“Therefore Chaos Dragon is reinstated as a member of the TWOStars roster!”


Winters face is dejected. He has been given a warning over his job and now the chaotic one has a job again. Dragon shakes his hand as the member leaves the ring, leaving just Chaos Dragon and Arron Winter.

CD-“Well that was pleasant! Your job is now being questioned while I got my job back!”


CD-“As first act of returning, I hereby would like to invoke my rematch clause for the TWOStars Television title…At Wrestlenova!



Dragon sprays massive green mist in the face of Winter! He stumbles out of the ring as Dragons theme music of smack my bitch up plays much to the crowds delight!

BP-“This is not right!”

JB-“It’s brilliant! We have Chaos Dragon back in TWOStars!”

EVIL-“TWOStars is once again chaotic!”

Dragon removes the head band and jacket of the suit and begins to headbang, while general manager Winter looks on in disbelief. Within a matter of moments he sees Dragon returning and on top of that, his job seems to be under threat!

We return from commercial break, the camera pans all over the arena focusing on signs promoting the upcoming main event. Signs that read, "It's time for some entertainment, " some simply state, "famous", and countless others. The best has to be a detailed poster of famous standing over Bison holding the belt high with "wrestlenova dream" written in thw corner.

JB: " I dont know about you two but tonight has been an utter surprise."

EG: "I gotta agree ese, Aaron Winter, or el jefe as he feel he us, got knocked down a few pegs with Chaos Dragon reinstated and then losing control of his monster. I dont wanna jinx anything but I think we might be witnessing the beginning of Winter's downfall."

BP: " Oh shut uo with ese and downfall crap, Gringo. Winter is a smart man, I know this first-hand from competing with him for power in this company and when you think he has ran out of cards and you've backed him a corner well that's when he most dangerous. He has got KJ Woods, an exceptional athlete, on his side. He has history with Chaos and I'm sure he can get the job done. Tony Young career is on the line next week. And now in a few minutes we will watch Lord Bison destroy Famous. "

JB: "I will agree KJ is a top athlete but he has never defeated Chaos in match, actually Chaos has always got the better of Woods through camels and other wacky ways."

BP: "That was then, this is now. Things changed, hey I use to be a rich, handsome gm...... well I'm still rich and handsome."

EG: " Oh sh-------"

Gringo was cut off by the titantron, it turns on but nothing appears on the screen. Soon images fill the screen. The first being two men surrounded by a group people holding cash in their hand. One man of the surrounded man stands tall in a fighting stance smirk on his face. The other is on one knee clutching their stomach face contorted in pain. An omynomunmus voice speaks over the image.

"For two rounds he has put up a fight but now your enemy has none left........."

A new image fills the screen featuring the same man, who was standing tall in the last image, but now he is in a boxing ring facing a new man. But even with the new picture the result is the same. He stands tall and smirking arms to the side, as his opponent face is covered in blood, left I swollen, and nose fat.

"You have left him bloodied......"

Again a new image fills the screen centering around this same man. This time though he is in a octagon and his opponent is sprawled on all four with what be assumed to be a pool of blood below his head. A little north of his opponent lies an object that seems to be a tooth. The mysterious man stand hovering over his opponent smirking again.

"Batteted and broken...."

The screen turns black.

"And now its time to finish them!"

The first image reappears, a video plays showing what continues after the picture. The man deadlift pick up his opponent and powerbombs him down onto the concrete the crowd erupts behind him throwing money and enclosing around. The second omage reappears and now as if someone has hit play on it too, a continuation is shown. He floors his opponent with a viscous hook that could rival any boxing legend. The final image appears again and its video plays. We see the man pounce on the opponent and excute a move similar to the tazmission causing a tap-out victory. Three images displaying an in time victory pose during each event occupy a third of the screen respectively.

"Chase Barker. The Barker Barrage. Is Here."

The titantron cuts off but leaves no time for reaction or interpretation as Famous begins his entrace.

Main Event
Lord Bison vs Brian Dammage

A brutal back and forth match where Dammage did his best but the beast is just too strong. After a flurry of chair shots, table spots, fire and backflips. Bison grabs him with the Scolds Bridle to get the win.

Winner: Lord Bison
A full scale riot has taken place after the match with Kai and Archangel beating down on Dammage!

JB-“It’s 3 on 1 here come on!”

Bison picks him up and delivers a thunderous power slam! The boos echo as Arron Winter storms down from the ramp and makes his presence known. He orders his hencemen to pick Dammage up as they quickly obey as they hold his arms. He slaps him over and over again to a chorus of boos!


He strikes Archangel and Kai as he tries to go straight for Winter! But the beast makes a massive lift takedown to stop all momentum! The men continue their dominance with three on 2 and they stomp, punch and beatdown Famous and Dammage. Winter grabs the mic as he makes his men rise up.




Roko goes straight for Bison, who took out Lucian Jones earlier tonight. Famous and Dammage manage to regain themselves enough to start a massive brawl to the crowds delight! Winter then out of nowhere hits a massive spear on Dammage! He gets the microphone and immediately escapes the ring, ordering Bison and his men as they start to get the upper hand as Bison and Kai get the upper hand on Roko!




BP-“Fire him!”

JB-“Get him Dragon.”

The men are distracted as Famous, Dammage and Roko manage to fight back making it 4 on 4! Roko hits a massive low blow on Bison as he clotheslines him out of the ring! Famous and Dammage nod to each other as they dropkick Kai and Archangel out of the ring!

EVIL-“This is madness!”

BP-“This is disgrace!”

JB-“No, this is war!”

Roko and Bison fight each other but Roko returns the favour with massive uppercuts before throwing Bison over the announce table! Randy tries to pick up the monitor but as he is trying to do it, Archangel does a low blow before Kai pokes in the eye! Chaos Dragon drags Winter to the ring as he prepares for taste of chaos! But Winter counters with a massive backbreaker and retreats to the corner! Famous and Dammage have to again try and regain after cheap shots as Kai and Angel go back to the ring! But as that happens Lord Bison out of nowhere grabs a hold of Rokos throat! Randy tries to fight back, but the beast gets on his feet and tightens the grip further!



The beast’s eyes widen as the rage begins to sink into him he turns around and looks at Famous and Brian Dammage!


JB-“Oh my god!”

BP-“Dear lord!”

Bison isn’t done as he sees Randy getting back up!


EVIL-“Dear god homes!”

JB-“Enough already!”

The crowd are dejected as the hencemen with Winter and the world champion get the upper hand! Bison goes straight into the ring and attacks Chaos Dragon! He picks him up!




The men stare at the ramp as the same member from the board of directors appears!

“This is not acceptable!”

Winter gets a breathe in quick while trying to fix his torn suit before replying.

AW-“This is self defence of my company!”

“It’s not your company Arron! We warned you earlier and you have not listened to us. So we’ve been led to no other choice.”

AW-“What do you mean?”

“You let your world champion take out a legend with your approval, you attack your own employees, you have made TWOStars for you and no one else! This was not needed and you know it! So myself and the rest of the board have decided that Arron Winter………



Your services as general manager of TWOStars are no longer required!”





Winter is in shock as the news is told of him that he has lost his job.

“And effective immediately we are replacing you with an interim general manager of TWOStars…..



The crowd are in shock as Paul Gray, the former manager of Dan Fox and Chaos Dragon, emerges on the ramp with a massive smile on his face. He shakes the hand of the board of director as he gets ready to speak for the first time as the interim general manager of TWOStars. Winter is furious, even foaming at the mouth as he tries to keep it toghether.

AW-“After giving my LIFE to this company you are going to do this to me just like that! I AM TWOSTARS! This ring is my ring, these fans, the money, the wrestlers were all because of me! You are delusional! You members of the board have no faith in MY COMPANY! YOU CAN’T FIRE ME! I AM TWOSTARS!

PG-“Actually Arron, this is not your company. It’s our company from the wrestlers to the fans!”


PG-“So let’s get down to business shall we because I think these fans deserve to know what is going to happen before we sign off! First and foremost to confirm Chaos Dragons announcement earlier, Hi’Lani Kai will defend the TWOStars Television title against Chaos Dragon at Wrestlenova!”


PG-“And Arron. You will have a match at Wrestlenova! Against the winner of Famous versus Brian Dammage on next XTV for the right to face you!”


PG-“And Mr Winter, if you lose your match at Wrestlenova, you will be FIRED!”

Winter is seething but there is nothing he can do as Famous and Dammage look at each other, nodding while the hencemen are rocked by the news!

BP-“This is not right!”

JB-“It’s what he deserves!”

PG-“And as for your our champion. Arron Winter protected you by refusing to grant the Battle Royale in January! You have slaughtered everyone you have faced. Well I guarantee you at Wrestlenova, you won’t have it easy! At the next XTV you will face Randy Roko in a no holds barred match! And for Wrestlenova….well I think he wants to say a personal welcome to you!”

Bison grabs the mic

“I am the beast of TWOStars! There is no one that can stop me! I am here on the throne forever. I am immortal, I am unbeatable, I am-“


The crowd goes nuts as the jump out of their feet.



The legendary Sickness arrives on the ramp. Picking up a contract from Gray before smirking down as they storm down the ring.

BP-“Sickness is back? We haven’t seen him in nearly a year! Is he Bisons opponent?”

Sickness jumps into the ring as he smirks at the beast. Bison and Sickness have a stare down as they acknowledge the crowd before beginning to smash lumps into each others head! Bison gets the early upper hand as he rams him against the turnbuckle and hits boxing style punches and uppercuts! But Sickness fights back and hits a massive drop kick! Bison manages to use his size to lift Sickness up!







The crowd go insane as Sickness looks at the contract, he gets a pen out from his pocket and signs the contract! His music plays as he grabs the title and smirks down at the fallen beast!

JB-“Is this it official! The first ever grand slam champion is now our number one contender for the belt! Sickness Versus Lord Bison for the world title!”


As a dejected Arron Winter looks on with his hencemen, everyone else laughs as Winter is finished as General manager.

EVIL-“What a way to end this show. Sickness vs Bison. Winters future on the line. What can happen next?!”

The credits come up to end the show!

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