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XTV 1:37 live from MEN Arena, Manchester

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
XTV 1:37

Smoke and Mirrors

Tankard V Bison (non-title)

(A brutal match where both men showed their power with slams, thuds and slugs! Tankard surprises everyone with taking the lead until..

During the match, an animal likes to say hello

Despite the distraction Tankard keeps the fight to Bison, but suddenly a member of the crowd with the confederation flag wrapped around his face distracts Brian from the crowd enough for Bison to get the scolds bridle for the win! The so called fan then runs away as Tankard can't believe what has happened.

Winner: Lord Bison)

Winter addresses the chaotic one

Whole lot of Dammage

H. Ash Tag V Markos Andronikos
(No contest due to Andronikos not being alive)

The appeal

What does the Fox Say?

Famous & Dammage V Archangel & Kai

(A back and forth match where the classic tag team looked to be on the brink of victory, only for the hencemen of Winter to hit a low blow for the disqualification! Afterwards It became a 2 on 2 brawl until Winter paid off the beast Lord Bison to come down and tear everyone apart! Bison hits the scolds Bridle on both men as Winter spits on their faces to remind them who is in charge of this promotion while the world champion looks on continuing to be Dominant

Winner by DQ: Dammage and Famous)