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XTV 1:35 LIVE!! from the LG Arena, Birmingham, UK


Am disappoint, son
Senior Moderator
The TWOStars Logo appears on screen…

…as a stern voice reminds us…

"The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and story lines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects."


The XTV theme music continues to thump loudly, as the screen transitions seamlessly from the opening credits to the insides of Birmingham’s own LG Arena, absolutely jam packed with rabid TWOites ready and willing to kick off 2014 with a bang!

JB: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the first TWOStars Xtreme TV of 2014, and thank you for welcoming us into your homes once again. I’m Jaxon Blakeslee, and joining me as always are my broadcast colleagues Brice Perrino and the Evil Gringo himself!

The camera transitions to the announce position where we find Gringo and JB sharply dressed and attentive, while Brice slumps on the desk, his eyes obscured by a pair of designer dark shades. Indoors. At night.

EG: Waddup JB! ¡Feliz año nuevo!

BP: Can we keep it down a little please? The Million is still trying to recover from the mother of all New Year’s parties. Just move on to the recap, okay?

Brice does the universal hand gesture for “get on with it”…

Lord Bison Ascends to the Throne

Lucian Jones responds

Archangel vs. Jones

Be Careful what you wish for, Brian Tankard

Who is the Red, White & Blue Avenger?!?!

The lights in the arena go out, as a sound effect booms out at the same time, an overly dramatic sound to signify the lights have cut out.

All attention turns to the giant screen atop the entrance ramp as the following video plays:


The lights come back on as the crowd don't quite know what to make of it and we cut to a commercial break.

A Little Friendly Competition?

Not a Fun Time for Frankie



Randy Roko vs. Hi’ilani Kai…or is it?

Randy Roko vs. Brian Tankard vs. Hi’ilani Kai
Big Bri plows into Kai, sweeping both the legs of Winter’s right hand man, and instantly grounding and pounding away at the stunned Hi’ilani. The crowd explode as Randy stands by unsure of what to do next. Bri pulls himself up from Kai, dragging the big man to his feet himself. Instantly Randy clocks on and both men set Kai up in the double suplex position. No sooner has Kai hit the canvas, he rolls for the safety of the ringside area, looking on as Tankard and Randy stand tall.

Bri’s not prepared to wait, and quickly exits the ring, giving chase to Kai, who sets off in a quick sprint around ringside. Randy tries to shout to Bri to look out, but it’s too late as he has no time to notice Archangel spring up from behind the Timekeeper’s table and damn near lariat his head off. The booing of the crowd intensifies, as Archangel looks down at the prone Bri, before looking at his partner in crime Kai with a wicked smile on his face. Both men look up at Randy in the ring, who quickly assumes a fighting stance, not willing to back down an inch from the terrible twosome before him. Kai and AA split to opposite sides of the ring and slither in under the bottom rope, each man flanking Randy on either side. Immediately the young Scot bursts forth, teeing off on Archangel and drilling him with a few hard forearm shots, before turning his attention to the advancing Kai. There’s little the referee can do under these Triple Threat rules, as Randy continues to try to impede the onslaught of two larger men.

Unfortunately for Randy, the numbers game overcomes him, and he finds himself caught in a dual goozle by Winter’s Soldiers, only to be hoisted into the air and splatted to the mat in a devastating looking double chokeslam. Kai and Archangel couldn’t possibly be any happier with themselves than they are right now, taunting the downed Roko and Tankard, before once more dragging poor Randy to his feet and delivering yet another horrible looking double chokeslam.

Kai makes the cover, as Archangel drops to his knees, spreading his arms wide and basking in the red hot hatred of this crowd. By this point the 3 count is merely a formality, the duo having taken the fight out of Roko with the tandem of terrible chokeslams. The Timekeeper rings the bell and Hi’ilani Kai is announced as your winner, but it’s not enough for Winter’s troops, the pair of them starting to mercilessly lay stomp after stomp into the fallen Randy Roko. That is until Big Bri regains his senses enough to propel himself in under the bottom rope, causing the scavengers to scatter to the safety of the ringside area and the entrance ramp…

Winner: Hi’ilani Kai

Red, White & Blue Through and Through

TWOStars Heavyweight Championship Match
Lord Bison © vs. Frankie Thomson

Frankie makes his entrance, but it’s obvious that early events this evening have shaken the youngster up slightly. Matters are only made worse by the lights in the arena blacking out entirely and plunging young Mr. Thomson into complete darkness.

Where usually we would find static and then the music that symbolises the arrival of our new champion, there is nothing. The only sound is the general background noise of the crowd, all sat wondering exactly what is going on in the darkness. A few flash bulbs try to do their best to illuminate the situation, but all we see are the odd glimpses of Frankie Thomson looking just as puzzled as everyone else.

The oppressive darkness persists, when suddenly the quiet is shattered by a loud yell, the sound of a man in pain. The yelling is quickly muffled and out of the darkness comes the sound of thrashing, banging, and finally a loud dull thud emanating from the centre of the ring.

Finally the lights in the arena illuminate the ring, but the sight we’re greeted with may be better left unseen. Frankie Thomson lays battered, bloodied and unconscious in the centre of the ring, a small pool of blood collecting under a clearly visible gash across his forehead. Standing tall over Thomson is our Champion, Lord Bison, his hands red with the blood of Frankie. Some audience members scream, some boo, some are left genuinely speechless in shock at the beating Bison has so obviously delivered to their young hero. His Lordship glares out at the hardcam, slapping his hand on the faceplate of his title, leaving behind a bloody red handprint across the shining golden faceplate of the belt, before raising it high overhead and unleashing a guttural roar that leaves in no doubt as to just who the dominant force in TWOstars is right now. We fade out on the shocking scene and the audible gasps of concern rising from the crowd.