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XTV 1:33 St. Petersburg Arena, St Petersburg, Russia. Deadline 30th November


Am disappoint, son
Senior Moderator
The 3 Contenders Face Off


“Meds” by Placebo hits the sound system, and the entirety of the St. Petersburg Arena leap to their feet as one, booing loudly.


JB: Well folks, that music can only mean the arrival of Simon Davidson, but we don’t have him scheduled to appear until later tonight?

BP: Why shouldn’t Davidson be out here? The bro won his match over Donald Erics in convincing fashion at End of Days, so it’s only right he comes out here to gloat a little!

As the music swells, Davidson slithers out onto the entrance stage. Like, literally slithers, as The Method slides on his front out from behind the curtain, pelvic thrusting the floor, before hopping up to his feet and flicking his hair out of his eyes. Simmo spreads his arms wide, smirking smugly as the jeering of the crowd intensifies. With a grin, the King of Sin takes the cigarette from his mouth, dropping the butt to the floor and extinguishing it underfoot.


Slowly, Simon starts to swagger down the entrance ramp, winking confidently to a pretty young thing in the crowd, before cupping a hand to his ear in an attempt to get this Russian crowd to increase the volume.


Davidson remains unperturbed though, a sly grin showing that he’s getting exactly the reaction he wants from this capacity crowd. The Amoral Artiste continues to strut around the ring, swinging around the ringpost and dancing at ringside like he hasn’t a care in the world.

JB: Well Davidson certainly looks to be on a high following his End of Days victory?

EG: On a high, or just high?

BP: How dare you!! That’s slanderous, libellous and if I were Simon I would sue you’re a*s for defaming my good character!

EG: Pfft, we’ve all heard the rumours, ese.

By now Simon has swaggered his way up the ringsteps, and stands in the centre of the ring, microphone in hand. Mr. Amorality sweeps his hair out of his eyes, a sly smirk crossing his lips before he raises the mic.

SD: Well thank you for the rousing reception!


SD: No, really, you’re too kind! The warmth and compassion coming from you is almost too much to bear!

EG: I think he’s being sarcastic.


Davidson smirks again, noticing a young lady in a Prime Time Playas shirt near the front row. Simmo leans casually against the set of ropes nearest to the girl, shooting out a wink.

SD: Alright darlin’?

The young lady does not look impressed. In fact, she looks positively repulsed. Simon’s face drops.

SD: See this is the problem! I’m getting the feeling that nobody in this place is taking me seriously! You think I don’t see the way you all look at me? You think I don’t hear the whispers behind my back, or see the conversations that hurriedly stop whenever I walk into a room?

Simon again sweeps his hair out of his eyes (he should really see a hairdresser about that), his stern face breaking into a slight smirk.

SD: But that’s okay. It’s fine. Because after tonight I WILL be number one contender to the TWOStars Championship, and when I win you WILL have to show me the respect I deserve!


SD: Boo all you like St. Petersburg, it’s not gonna change a damn thing. Simon Davidson will be your new champion, and the age of decadence will be ushered in!


SD: Your booing doesn’t matter! I don’t care if you like me, I don’t care if you loathe me, hell, I don’t care if you knock one out at night screaming my name! The only person Simon Davidson needs to impress is Simon Davidson!


SD: And if you don’t like what I have to say…well…

Simon grins, before deadpanning and glaring directly at the hardcam.

SD: …just try and do something about it!!




JB: Well Davidson needs to be careful what he asks for, you never know just who might respond!

The crowd roars as Lucian bounds out onto the stage in an explosion of pyrotechnic shock and awe.


EG: And speaking of men who were successful at End of Days, how about that knock down drag out brutal war that Jones and Bison went through?

JB: My colleague of course is speaking of our first ever inferno cage match, which saw Lucian Jones somehow manage to overcome the overwhelming force and brutality of Lord Bison.

BP: The bro got lucky!

As the cheering continues, Jones bounces down the entrance ramp, bumping knuckles and slapping hands, all the while chuckling at the disgruntled Simmo stood in the ring.

BP: What business does Jones have out here anyways?

JB: Well I’d imagine that this man has taken some exception to Simon Davidson’s promise of becoming the next TWOStars World Champion?

Lucian hops up onto the ring apron while simultaneously grabbing a mic from a nearby ringside technician. Jones stands on the apron for a moment, meeting the glare of Davidson with a cool gaze of his own.


LLJ: A’ight, so I know we haven’t crossed paths befo’ so I’ve gotta ask y’all…are you outta yo’ tiny mind?


LLJ: You gots to be, right? To come out here and run yo’ mouth and try an’ provoke me y’all have got to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic, right?


LLJ: Don’t you know who I am?


The crowd pops huge for the airing of the old catchphrase, responding in strong voice to show they know exactly who Jones is.


Simmo sneers again, practically spitting out his words in disgust.

SD: Oh aye? That’s what you think, huh? That’s what you all think? Lucian’s gonna “kill me”? Well why doesn’t Lucian step in here and try?!


Jones looks at Davidson in almost amusement at the balls this guy’s showing…before casually stepping between the ropes and into the ring.


LLJ: It seems like y’all are jus’ determined to rub me up the wrong way t’night, ah well, it’s yo’ funeral…

Davidson adopts a fighting stance as Jones approaches, only for…




The dastardly Denton himself swaggers out onto the entrance stage suited and booted, a steel chair in one hand, a live microphone in the other. With this being Denton I’m not sure which one is more dangerous in those devious hands? Immediately the attention of Davidson is drawn to the ramp, as Jones rolls his eyes and slowly spins to face the Billionaire Butthole.

BP: Oh ho ho, looks like we’ve got a full house tonight!

Much to the surprise of…well…everyone really, Denton unfolds the chair on the entrance ramp, placing it down and taking a seat, before raising the microphone to his lips.

MD: Please, don’t let me stop you! I only came out here to get a better view of TWOStars two biggest addicts tearing chunks out of each other!


EG: Two biggest addicts?

JB: I don’t know what Denton’s talking about?

Denton smirks that wicked permasmirk, licking a pearly white incisor with delight as he raises the mic once again.

MD: We all know about Davidson’s “battles with demons” if you catch my drift, wink wink. You can dress it up however you like Simon, but the truth remains that you are, always have been, and always will be a pathetic addict!


JB: Well I don’t see what the trials this young man have been through have to do with anything?

BP: Shhh! I’m listening!

Denton’s obviously taking great delight in this, delivering each word slowly and thoughtfully, revelling in the mischief he is causing.

MD: And then you’ve got that other pathetic addict Jones in the ring with you.


MD: I can see the shock in all your faces, all looking at each other saying “it can’t be true!!” and “Lucian can’t be an addict, can he?” and the answer is yes, and you people are to blame for it!


MD: You see, what the wonderful Mr. Jones here is addicted to isn’t drugs, or drink, or any of those other vices. What Jones is addicted to is the cheers of each and every one of you worthless wastes of space out there in the crowd.

The jeering is deafening. Denton’s gone and p*ssed the crowd off…again.


Denton smirks that wickedly evil permasmirk again, pointing directly down the lens of the camera on him.

MD: And that counts double for you idiots sat on your fat a*ses at home stuffing your fat f*ckin’ faces!!


MD: Boo all you like, it doesn’t change a damn thing!

Denton points an accusatory finger in Jones direction.

MD: That sonuvabitch down there puts himself through hell, and I should know, I’ve put him through plenty of it, just to get the cheers and adulation of you morons.


MD: He thrives off it, he needs it, and it’s his one weakness.


LLJ: A’ight bitch, you’ve had yo’ promo time, how about y’all jump to the point of whatever this is?

Denton grins wickedly again.

MD: Oh don’t worry. We’re getting to the point soon enough. See you thrive on the fans, your motivation is their adoration, but it means that you blindly take your eye off the ball…

And with impeccable timing, Davidson strikes, clubbing Jones in the back of the head and dropping the Sultan of Swagga to all fours.


Davidson rains in stomp after stomp on the surprised Jones, as Denton watches on from the stage.

MD: See? Too busy doing what these people want you to do to realise that danger was right behind you! You lack focus, Jones, and that is why it won’t be you leaving tonight as number one contender…

Denton rises from his seat, striding confidently down to the ring as Simmo drags Jones back to his feet and places him in a standing headscissors. With a sly smile, Davidson hooks up the arms and legs of Jones, hoisting the King of Bling into the air and sitting out, driving Jones’ head to the mat.


JB: Skin and Bones from Davidson and Jones is out!

BP: That was fantastic!!

Denton reaches the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and striding over the prone Jones to the smiling King of Sin, Simmo.

EG: Both of these sanganos were in this together all along!

Denton retrieves his money bill from his inside pocket and counts off a wad of bills, before handing the money over to Davidson, Mr. Amorality’s eye lighting up at the wedge in his hand.



JB: It appears Gringo was right, Denton has paid for the services of Simon Davidson in this heinous attack!

Denton stands tall over the fallen King of Bling, as Davidson moves to walk away, counting the wad of bills in his hand.

BP: It’s nothing personal, bro, it’s just business…and I love it!!

But suddenly Davidson finds himself being gripped by the shoulder and span through 180 degrees. Davidson finds himself face to face with the sneering devil himself, as Denton hoofs Simmo in the gut, doubling him over and sending the wad of cash spilling to the mat.

JB: Now what’s happening?

The Affluent A*shole wastes little time in hoisting Davidson into powerbomb position, before letting Simmo slide down and hooking his own legs over the King of Sin’s arms.

BP: What’s happening here is quite possibly the most perfectly executed double cross ever! It’s all good business!!

The permasmirk looks like it’s gonna split Denton’s face in two, as he drops to his knees, driving the skull of Simon directly into the mat. The crowd aren’t really sure how to react so choose to boo anyway.


Denton stands, picking up the microphone and smoothing out the creases in his expensive suit and tie.

MD: Now where was I? Oh yes. This…

Denton gestures to the massacre at his feet, devilish delight in his eyes.

MD: …this is just a portion of the devastation I am going to cause until I take what’s rightfully mine, the TWOStars Championship. For too long I’ve watched as pretender after pretender jumps ahead of me, but no more. I will finally take my rightful place atop this company, this will be the face that will be associated with greatness from here on out, Matthew Kennedy Denton will be your next TWOStars Champion and you can take THAT to the bank!



“King Nothing” kicks in again, as Denton bends down and stuffs a few of the stray $100 bills into the mouth of Davidson, before smirking at the incapacitated Jones and vacating the ring.


JB: A bold statement there from Matt Denton, but will he be successful in tonight’s Number One Contender match?

BP: You wouldn’t bet against him in this mood, bro! Not to mention he’s already got a head start by leaving both of his opponents unconscious before the match has even begun!

EG: Well let’s just see what happens when this is a straight up match without the sneak attacks!

JB: Stay tuned folks, we’ve got more great action to come as well as that HUGE match to crown ourselves a new Number One Contender!

We fade out on a shot of the permasmirking Denton walking back up the entrance ramp looking VERY pleased with his deeds.


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Arron Winter is in his office doing General Manager-y things. The door is thrust open and a suit clad Matt Denton walks in with the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship slung over his shoulder. A belt that doesn't belong to him, but a prize he so desperately wants.

Matt Denton: Long time since I've seen you... Well, voluntarily seen you that is. I'm sure you know why.

Matt glances at the shiny golden belt hanging from his shoulder.

Matt Denton: This doesn't belong to me. Call it a taste of things to come, bitch. I've shown you that I can take this at any time. You know full well that I can.

I've considered taking this belt and keeping it. Probably walking out of here and defending it at my own leisure or hanging it over my mantel, or even throwing it on a massive f*ck-off bonfire. Call it a crisis of conscience, call it whatever... This belongs to you.

Matt sighs.

Matt Denton: You should have your champions take care of their property a little bit more carefully, or even better... just throw this on Hi-ramma-lamma-ding-dong or whatever his name is and be done with it. Call it an engagement present... Just don't make out with him, okay? I hear the Russians are down with peace between America and North Korea, but they ain't down with man love.

Denton slides the belt off his shoulder and hangs it in front of Arron's face. Arron pops his head to the side of the belt, knowing Denton probably has an ace up his well crafted sleeve.

Matt Denton: Take it. It's not going to blow up in your face, I guarantee.

Winter snorts and grabs the belt, but Denton doesn't let his grip falter.

Matt Denton: Give my regards to Franchesca when you see her to return the belt. Round two is coming and I'm not falling for her stupid little f*cking hurricanrana trick again.

Arron tugs at the belt, but Denton has already let go sending Arron's chair back into the wall with a loud thump. Denton can't help but smirk as he leaves the room, chuckling under his breath.

Matt Denton: Bitch.


Global Modd
We cut backstage to see Arron Winter storming through the maze of corridors behind the scenes of XTV and he's dragging the world title belt in one hand as he goes. He pushes past various black t-shirted crew members, production staff and general hangers on. His single minded journey takes him to the locker room area where he proceeds to kick open the door forcefully.

A few local enhancement talents are hanging about in various states of dress but Winter makes a beeline for the only true superstar actually in the room and that's the World champ; Frankie Thompson.

The Estonian Warriors rush takes the Scot by surprise and before he's had time to really react Winter has pushed him against the locker-room wall with his forearm up to his throat. Arron shoves his face to with a centimeter of Frankies and slowly bring the world title up to eye line.

AW: Everyone in this room who isn't out of it in the next 5 seconds will find themselves on every wrestling blacklist I can think to get them on..

The few remaining wrestlers scramble for the door, almost trampling one another to be the first out just in case. Frankie struggles to free himself but despite Winter's advancing years (in wrestling terms) he's still big and strong enough to keep the champ in place.

AW: You f*cking...little....bitch. I hand pick you from the rest of the dross, I push you into the title picture, give you the easiest ride I possibly could, hand picked your opponents... I've done every thing to make sure you were the face of the company. It was bad enough you spat that back in my face but after all that I have to put up with the sack of self-important sh*t Matt Denton handing me my title like he was doing me a favour?

Thompson struggles enough to remove the pressure from his larynx and get a breath back but Winter remains firmly pressed against him preventing him escaping his grip.

FT: Who asked you for anything? I never asked you for nothing. You're a has-been Winter, trying to push your failings onto anyone else to make you feel like you mean something. Now... get your f*cking hands off me.

Winter backs off a little, enough for Frankie to push him further away, rubbing his throat.

AW: I'm a has-been? First ever Grand Slam champion a has-been? You know NOTHING! I could pick you apart like a child's jigsaw puzzle, don't you EVER speak to me like that.

Frankie grins and takes a step forward.

FT: Make me, old man. If you think you can take me, bring it.

Arron sneers at the challenge from the young man, he throws the title belt so it lands at Frankie's feet.

AW: Ok then Frankie, let's see what you've got. You and me, one on one in the ring tonight. I'll show you exactly what this has-been can do and I'll show the world what a little punk you really are when I'm not making you look good.

With that Arron storms out of locker-room with Frankie staring daggers at his back.


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JB: Welcome back guys to another edition of XTV live from St Petersburg Russia, I am joined as always by the Legendary Evil Gringo and The Million Brice Perrino!

EG: Woah! Its crazy in here today homes, this country is really excited to have us here and I'm excited too!

BP: It's cold and It smells bro, I don't wanna be here any longer than necessary

JB: Up next we have the first look of a new addition to the TWO Stars roster In that very ring

EG: Yeah our main man Baptiste Oliver is gonna get the low down off our new guy who has to face the mysterious Murdoch tonight!

BP: Is no one else freezing? Brrr

Baptiste Oliver is standing alongside

EG: Wow, he's a pretty tough looking dude, look at that beard man!

BP: The guy looks like one of the locals!

Brian makes his way on screen sporting a flat cap, faded grey denim jacket, white tee and jeans with brown boots and a bristling dark brown beard- waving to thousands of fans through the camera and nods at Baptiste

BO: Well Mr Tankard, a pleasure to meet you welcome from me and the TWO Stars fans

BT: Cheers pal, pleasure to be here, a bit more glamorous than I'm used to to be honest!

BO: Now you're the newest addition to the roster what can we all expect from you here at TWO Stars?

Brian gets a wry smile at the question

BT: Well, I can tell you nar that I won't be beating round the bush or pussy footing round any of ya's and any of the lads in the back who draw the short straw and have to step in this ring wi me are gonna learn quick I come to fight and I come to win

BO: Very well, what are your thoughts on your opponent here tonight?

BT: I can't say I know much about him, all I know is he's mysterious and he needs to invest n a freeview box because his TV is never tuned bloody in! All I need to know is that I've got these two

Bri gestures to his large arms

BT: And once I've dropped him with them he may decide on a career change! Like I said before I'm here to fight and all these parlour trick and all the nonsense can Ballax, when When its al said and done he'll be out here one on one and those odds don't favour him!


JB Well He sure is confident to say the least, none of us have even seen Murdoch compete!

EG: Some times all a guy need is that confidence! We're gonna see if he backs it up

BO: A very confident outlook right there folks, thank you for your time Mr Tankard

BT: It's Bri Pal, you all just call me Bri

BO: Okay Bri, Thank you for your time and good luck in your match tonight

Bri nods and walks off screen


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A fire is raging flashing and flickering around a room, as the camera moves closer in it becomes apparent that the fire is a ring and there is someone kneeling in the centre of the ring and that person is rather large with a bald head and a body dotted with scars.

???: Fire. A one of the most destructive and powerful elements, used for thousands of years as a weapon, as a life saver as protection. It can be made but it has been here from the beginning, burning down civilisations, wildlife being turned to ash. It helps send people onto the next life, it SENDS people to the next life

The figure begins to stir and begins to stand raising one leg

???: The aftermath being nothing but ash and the deadly smoke tearing into a mans psyche a lingering memory of all that was, all that was taken. All you lost and can never regain

The figure is now standing the flames flickering higher and higher

???: When a fire is fuelled, when there is something to BURN a fire grows a fire spreads a fire RISES!!

The figure turns whilst pulling a mask over its head and turns to be just visible over the flames it becomes clear it is Lord Bison looking intense

LB: Fire can be put out it can be dulled it can be made smaller but if you do not make sure every ember is put out it will simply engulf you again, Lucian L Jones was taught about fire at End Of Days, I am Fire, I am the flames that shall tear through this company and you shall all become nothing but the ashes, the remnants of what you once were, another memory disintegrated by a fire that cannot be stopped, that is eternal

Bison Steps through the Flames slowly unflinching

LB: I am rising TWO Stars and when I have risen to the pinnacle you shall all be nothing but ash or choke upon the smoke when you try to run.

I am The Fire, I am Bison


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Matt Denton is walking backstage following his match. He is frustrated, when all of sudden off screen the sound of a a heavy clicking and grinding is heard. Denton rolls his eyes, but before he can turn around, he is knocked to the floor. He collides with the concrete face first and is out cold.

Several members of staff run over but instead of attending to him, they pick up the object that caused Denton to fall over. A Blu-Ray copy of Killzone Shadow Fall.

Chief Staff Member: God damn PS4...

The staff rushes back over to the PS4 as we get an instant replay from a different angle. The PS4 began to grind the disc, the chief staff member pounded on the eject button and then WOOSH, the disc flew out at a great speed and clocked Denton in the head. Denton goes down.


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The camera shows the surrounding area of the arena on this cold night in Russia.

Spencer Blackworth is stood outside wrapped up warm with a scarf and knitted hat on and you can see his breath it’s that cold.

SB: Where on earth is he?

Suddenly a few road agents run by. One stops and informs Blackworth that something is happening around the corner and Markos is a part of it.

The cameraman and Spencer join the rest and we see more road agents holding back the Greek Superstar, while a few more are checking on Chao Dragon.

(In very broken English)
MA: He trip me. I run, he foot out.

SB: Don’t worry I’ll sort this out, I know you are annoyed you have no match again.

Spencer grabs the arm of Andronikos.

SB: Good to see your English lessons paying off.

MA: No Good. Kakó (Bad).

SB: Improvement. I get you match next week.

The pair enter the building.


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Blakeslee: And the match is over, but Dan Fox and Randy Roko couldn’t care less!!

Randy and Fox are blasting each other with powerful right hand hooks and kicks, much to the frenzy of the crowd. Fox grabs Randy and attempts a German suplex but Randy knocks him away with a furious headbutt and charges at him, clotheslining both himself and Fox over the rope to the floor.

Gringo: I think we might need a couple of referee’s out here esé!!

Brice: Someone stop Roko! The lunatic! Psychopath!!

Returning to their feet, Fox a little more dazed than Roko, ‘The Nautical Warrior’ grabs Fox and slams him into the barricade, rattling it and causing the fans in the front row to go ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!’

Randy, motivated by fury alone, grabs Fox and drags him up to his feet, slamming him into the ring-post with force. With Fox dazed, Randy throws him over the commentary table as all three commentators can be heard protesting and dashing out of the way.

Brice: Damnit Roko!!

Randy jumps onto the top of the announce table and roars out to the crowd, who roar right back at him. On a high, he jumps down next to Fox and drags him back into the ring and slams him down with a high impact DDT. Randy has a fire in his eyes which tells everyone he intends to make a real, clear message. Leaving Fox in the ring, Randy drops down and looks under the apron...

Blakeslee: Oh god, Randy now looking under the apron...things are about to get nasty!

Gringo: When Randy has a weapon in his hand, you better make sure you aren’t in that ring with him!

The fans cheer in excitement as Randy brings out a wooden pirate leg! He shouts out to the camera ‘let’s get nostalgic’ as he slides back into the ring just as Fox is shaking his head and clearing the cobwebs. Randy times his attack just as Fox turns around and smashes the wooden pirate leg across his face, causing him to turn and drop like a sack of bricks to the raucous cheering of the crowd!!

Blakeslee: Fox might be damn well unconscious!

Brice: Forget referees, GET THE DAMN POLICE DOWN HERE!!

But Randy isn’t done with that. Throwing down the now busted wooden leg, he jumps down to the outside and grabs a chair from ringside and a table!! The fans scream in excitement as a we want tables chant starts up!

Gringo: Fox is not gonna like this esé...

Randy drops the chair to one side for now and goes over to the almost motionless body of Fox who is holding his hands up to his face, which was busted open by the wooden leg. Showing no mercy, Randy picks him up and throws him on-top of the table as the fans cheering gets louder and louder.

Blakeslee: Oh no...this is not going to be good...

Gringo: It’s going to happen esé!!

Randy nips up on to the turnbuckle and poses at the top, roaring while glaring at Fox as camera flashes go off everywhere. Randy leaps from the turnbuckle and smashes Fox through the table with a Swanton Bomb!!



Brice: Damn Randy!! Is he trying to kill him!?

Randy sits up from the wreckage with an almost satisfied look in his eyes, he grabs Fox and pulls him from the wreckage and glares at him while putting his head through the chair...

Blakeslee: Oh god, what is Randy planning now!?

Gringo: He’s ending this, ese. Fox needed to be taught a lesson, and Randy is going to send a clear message to anyone who thinks he is past it...

Brice: Get the ref’s down here now!!

As soon as he said it, referee’s come pouring from backstage but they are too late...Randy has locked in The Last Ride with Fox in a chair!! The fans go wild but it doesn’t last long as the referees reach the ring and separate Roko from Fox who is taken out of the ring and examined by the ringside doctor as Randy grabs a microphone.

Randy: So, Fox...who’s the old-timer now? Who’s past it now? You were so sure, so confident, that you and your Rebellium could roll over me and roll over TWOStars as if we are nothing. I said that you would end up in the gutter just like everything else before you that has tried to beat TWOStars...and I was right.

Randy looks down on Fox.

Randy: Some people may claim I went over-board, some people may claim I did more than I needed to do...but in the end, I stopped you...Fox. Me. Randy. Roko. I am not finished in TWOStars yet...and I will prove that.

With that, Randy leaves the ring and we focus on Fox as we fade out to adverts.