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XTV 1:33 LIVE! from St. Petersburg Arena, St. Petersburg, Russia


Am disappoint, son
Senior Moderator
The TWOStars Logo appears on screen…

…as a stern voice reminds us…

"The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and story lines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects."


The XTV theme music continues to blare from the sound system, as we jump to inside the arena and the Russian contingent of the TWOStars Universe who are making their excitement very well known at an ever increasing volume. The production crew weaves it’s magic and the shot seamlessly dissolves to the announce position for the evening where we find our announcers, Jaxon Blakeslee, Evil Gringo and Brice Perrino ready to call another enthralling night’s action.

JB: Welcome to TWOStars Xtreme TV and thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. I’m Jaxon Blakeslee joined as always by my broadcast colleagues TWOStars Hall of Famer The Evil Gringo and “The Million” Brice Perrino.

Gringo shoots out a smile, as Perrino nods and winks in the cameras direction.

JB: We’re coming to you LIVE! tonight from the beautiful St. Petersburg Arena right here in the heart of Russia!

BP: Beautiful? I’ve been freezing my a*s off all day! It’s beak as hell out there!

JB: Well the weather may be cold, but things are certainly heating up here tonight! Not only do we have issues to resolve with Matthew Kennedy Denton stealing the TWOStars Heavyweight Title…

BP: You say stole, I say “liberated” from that jacka*s Frankie Thomson!

JB: Well however you care to refer to it, Matt Denton has Frankie’s title belt, and you can bet there will be hell to pay for Denton if Thomson lays hands on him! And speaking of the Heavyweight Title, how about our Triple Threat Match tonight to determine a new number one contender? Lucian “Legendary” Jones squares off against Matt Denton and the “King of Sin” Simon Davidson, every man for himself. Who will emerge as Frankie’s next challenger?

EG: That’s gonna be one hell of a match, ese!

JB: But the action doesn’t stop there, we also have a fantastic 6 man tag team match which will pit the team of Chaos Dragon, Randy Roko and Donald Erics against Dan Fox, Archangel and Hi’lani Kai. Sparks are gonna fly in that match!

EG: We all know that Randy and Fox have a lot of bad blood that runs deep, let’s just say I’m not expecting a catch as catch can masterpiece from this match!

BP: Bro, Fox, Kai and Archangel are gonna wipe the floor with the other team. Chaos Dragon, Erics and Roko better start saying their prayers!

JB: And as well as all of this we also have the in ring debut of TWOStars latest acquisition, Brian Tankard who will be taking on the mysterious man known only as Mur…

The screen flickers and the sound distorts as the view of the announce position is blanked out and replaced with something altogether more sinister…​
This Fire Still Burns


Brian Tankard Has Arrived

Denton's Warning

Brian Tankard vs. Murdoch
The match begins with Murdoch putting the bad mouth on Big Bri, both men looking to make an impression with their first real action in TWOStars. Unfortunately for Murdoch, Tankard is the kind of person to prefer actions over words. Murdoch may have won the verbal portion of the evening, but quickly finds himself on the receiving end of the Death Nut of an unamused Big Sherm for his troubles. The crowd go wild as Tankard essentially manhandles Murdoch throughout the match, scoring the victory after hitting Murdoch with a Bri Bomb quickly followed by the Y.K.O. for the win. After the match Murdoch appears to be hurting from the mauling he took at the hands of Big Bri, and the last we see is Murdoch being stretchered up the ramp and out of sight.
Winter and Frankie Face Off

Back at the announce position for the evening…

JB: Well can you believe what we’ve just heard? Our GM, Arron Winter is going to wrestle for the first time in a long time, and not just against anyone, he’s going to face our Heavyweight Champion Frankie Thomson!

BP: Something tells me Frankie’s not gonna have a “fun time” of things tonight!

EG: I don’t know homes, Frankie has proven time and again what he’s capable of in that ring. Maybe Winter could be underestimating his opponent?

JB: Well we’ll certainly find out whether that will be the case later on tonight when Frankie and the Boss go one on one in that very ring…​

This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us...

Chaos Dragon, Donald Erics & Randy Roko vs. Archangel, Hi’Lani Kai and Dan Fox
Early on in the match, Kai, Fox and Archangel take control of Chaos Dragon and work him over for the majority of the match, refusing to let Dragon make the tag to either Erics or Roko. After managing to weather the storm somehow, Dragon finally manages to make the tag to Erics who clears house, much to the delight of the crowd. Unfortunately the sneaky underhanded tactics of the heel team start to show through again, with Archangel distracting the referee while Kai and Fox do a number on Erics in the ring. Unable to stand anymore, Randy charges to the rescue, making a beeline for Dan Fox, and sending the former Rebellium member scurrying for safety. This is all the respite Erics needs to make the tag to Randy official, and the former Immortal Highlander unloads his entire arsenal on an unsuspecting Archangel. Randy seizes this opportunity to shove the woozy zealot into Dan Fox, bringing him into the match. Roko unleashes his full rage on Fox, stunning his opponent and the crowd in equal measure. The match ends with Randy locking in the Rocky Ride and wrenching back for all he’s worth, tearing at Fox until he has no option than to finally submit. But…
Randy Roko isn’t finished with Fox…yet


Number One Contender’s Match
Simon Davidson vs. Lucian L. Jones vs. Matt Denton

Somewhat unbelievably, Jones and Davidson work together in the early going of the match, joining forces to put a hurting on their common foe Denton. This all works swimmingly until Davidson double crosses Jones, trying to sneak a sly victory over the Jonestown Warrior. Jones punishes Davidson for his antics, but forgets about Denton, who cuts Jones off and takes control of the match, scoring several close falls on both Jones and Davidson, but not quite being able to nab the win. As frustration sets in with Denton, Davidson very nearly squeaks the win with a surprise roll up of doom, only for Jones to come out of nowhere and save the match at the last possible moment. The match breaks down into a finisher free for all, with Davidson hitting his Simon Says DDT on Denton, only to eat a Ghetto Blaster from Jones in the process of returning to his feet. Jones picks Denton up, no doubt thinking of going for the KTFO, only for Denton to reverse expertly into the Money Clip submission. As Jones thinks about tapping, Davidson once more does him a favour by hitting Denton square in the face with his Medicine Kick. As Davidson lays some smack talk on the downed Denton, Jones strikes, snatching the King of Sin into a reverse facelock and hitting the KTFO for not just the win, but also the opportunity for the next shot at the TWOStars Heavyweight Championship.
Chaos Dragon falls foul of grease…or should that be Greece?

Next-Gen Denton

Main Event
Frankie Thomson vs. Arron Winter

Even though Arron had some harsh words for Frankie earlier in the evening, it was the man from Leith who drew first blood in this match, battering the GM with a succession of high impact moves right from the opening bell. This seemed as if it would be a quick match, with the champion not being given too much trouble by Winter…until the arrival of Hi’lani Kai and Archangel on the scene. Both men immediately hit the ring and start laying into the stunned Frankie, who does all he can to cover up and weather the storm. The referee tries to gesture for the bell, only to find our illustrious GM at the timekeeper’s table announcing that the match has become a no DQ match. With little way to protect himself from a 3 on 1 mugging, Frankie is subjected to not one but two Divine Punishments from Archangel, as Winter looks on laughing. The crowd boos intensely as the GM makes the cover for the three count, and ends the show standing victorious over Thomson, his arms raised in victory by Kai and Archangel either side of him.