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XTV 1:32 Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Lucian opens the show

Markos Andronikos V Ari Shapiro
The two men square off as they are keen to make an impression with their debuts in TWOStars. Markos gets the upper hand but Al uses the crowd to fight back. Markos tries to use something Greek on him but he rams his head into the turnbuckle, Getting Al the roll up pin for the win to shock the world as Markos is beaten.
The Champ is here

Randy Roko V Chaos Dragon
A back and forth match where the crowd could not decide who to cheer for. Chaos showed why he is still around with a massive use of high flying while Roko uses his experience. A great match that everyone wished they could see the report for...right up until Winter's men of Kai and Archangel arrive and attack! The opponents team up as they fight back. They throw them off the ring as both jump over the ropes to crash on top of them! A no contest is called as the pair cause Winter's men to chase off. Roko and Dragon high five each other as the crowd are delighted to see them team up

Matt Denton & Dan Fox & Archangel V Frankie Thompson & Donald Erics & Simon Davidson
Denton refuses to be tagged in by any of his team mates to face Frankie, with Fox even refusing to look at Matt. A back and forth match where Simon dominates Archangel before a cheap shot means Fox using his wrestling skill after the tag to take control. As Fox is about to finish him off, Matt forces a tag in and controls. But simon hits a superkick as Frankie is tagged in to get his hands on Matt! He dominates back and forth until Matt his a eye poke. He goes to tag Fox, but Fox refuses the tag after what Matt did to him! Just as he is about to walk away, Randy Roko comes from the crowd to attack Fox! Archangel eventually tags in but Frankie nails the final hit on him for the win!
Fox and Roko Battle it out!

Donald with Mr Oliver

Kyle Gilmore V Lord Bison
The beast is not as forgiving as last time as he completely dominates Gilmore from start til finish. Kyle tries his best but Bison uses his pure power and strength to get an easy win. Furious with Lucian, Bison destroys Gilmore with various power slams and hitting two Scolds Bridles! Is this what we are to expect inside the inferno cage match!
Trying to Kill the Beast