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XTV 1:31 Sapporo Dome. Sapporo, Japan Deadline 12th October

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4
JB-“I’m sorry to interrupt but we’ve been told that we have to go to one of the camera feeds backstage!”

EVIL-“Well let’s go homes!”

The camera cuts to members of staff trying to break up a fight, who are revealed to be Randy Roko and Dan Fox! The pair fight off security and road agents to clash again with each other in the cafeteria! Roko has the early upper hand, smashing plates onto Fox’s skull! He goes to smudge his face into frosting of sponge cake for further embarrassment but the technical mauler rams his legs in his stomach and drags the legend across the table before slamming Roko onto the concrete ground.

BP-“These guys want to kill each other!”

Fox grabs a hold of Roko again for a massive Olympic slam onto the concrete floor. Dan takes this time to throw Randy through the door to the locker room where some of the members of the roster watch on as the pair clash with blows, punches and kicks to their bodies and head. Dan throws Randy down with a front flip as he tries several elbow strikes. But Roko rolls him off and slams him through one of the lockers! Fox is moved by Randy, who drags him through the roster and rams his body across walls several times before dragging over the behind the scenes area next to the ring.

JB-“Uh oh.”

EVIL-“Bring them over here!”

Randy throws Fox over the table and around the arena! He takes Fox to the fans who go nuts as they form a circle in between the wrestlers as they fight each other. Roko points over to the merchandise and ask if they want to see Fox go through it! The fans shout for Randy to do it much to his delight. Randy laughs as he looks at Dan before lifting him up!


BP-“Get someone in here to stop this now!”

EVIL-“Oh shut up homes”

Randy picks up Fox, but the maulers anger is visible as he tries a massive right hook, but Randy sees it and hits a counter strike. He then grabs one of the beers given to him by the fans and drinks it down to the crowd’s happiness, before spraying Dan with the beer!

Fox is furious and out of nowhere picks up Randy and spears him through the doors entering the seated area. Dan lays into Randy with punches and elbow strikes before laying in him with several head butts! Dan Fox decides to increase the pain as he crushes Randy’s back with a suplex on the concrete steps! Roko rolls down several steps in the process.

JB-“Ouch that had to hurt!”

Dan continues by throwing him down the steps! Randy’s back is bruised as Fox has a smile on his face, but Randy fights back with a big arm drag down the rest of the stairs! Fox retreats to the barricade to recuperate, but Randy sees his chance!


Randy high fives some of the fans as he sets his sights on finishing off Fox. He looks under the ring and brings out garbage can and lid, a steel chair, a kendo stick…and a table to the crowd’s delight.


Randy is dazed as his head is knocked from the collision with the announce table. Fox lifts him up and fireman carries him over the announce table!

BP-“Get away from here!”

Fox then throws Roko over the ring announcers desk as he gains more confidence. As he goes for another attack, Randy fights back with a steel chair! He rams it against Fox’ ribs and follows it up with smashing his back as the crowd goes crazy. Roko throws Fox into the ring and begins destroying his back with multiple chair shots!


Randy sees his chance with Fox down as he goes outside to grab the table to bring it back into the ring. He sets it up as he nods his head in determination.






Fox gets up holding his back to regain some momentum as Roko struggles with a double dragon suplex. He spits blood out of his mouth as he looks down at Randy.

DF-“Now you’ll see why you’re like the rest!”

Dan picks up Randy as he places him in the Foxtrot!




The fans go crazy as Roko holds his back and is on his feet. He smiles as he goes over towards Fox after getting the upper hand.

RR-“Now you see that I’m not the rest! Now you’ll see that I CAN BEAT YOU! See you at End of Days!”

Roko’s theme music hits as road agents come to clear the situation. Randy has early advantage going into their match at End of Days. Can he keep it up?


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We return from ads and find a video promo starting. We see footage of old school technical wrestling matches, and tough man competitions, interspersed with high flyers, crazy costumes, circus performers, and sideshow freaks. Circus music plays over the video, and a voice over tells us all we need to know.

VO: Professional wrestling has always been a sport filled with tremendous athletes, and larger than life tough guys. Championships are won and lost on the skills of these warriors, these men and women who give their blood, sweat, and tears to you the fans. However somewhere along the way we've forgotten the pageantry, the showmanship, and the spectacle of this great profession. I believe that overlooking this aspect of our sport is sucking the life out of it, and ultimately the entire professional wrestling fanbase.

Suddenly the music changes to the familiar "Star war's Cantina song" and the footage changes to show a somewhat chubby guy in a wacky red and white singlet, and red sweatband on his head, dancing, goofing off and occasionally doing some surprisingly good wrestling holds and moves. The crowd cant help but smile at the antics of the unknown clown.

VO: That's where I come in.

Switch to the same smiling goofball staring into the camera. He cocks both thumbs at himself and says

AS: Ari Shapiro. (Bad Ahnuld impression) COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.

CUT TO....
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364 2
We find ourselves backstage where a dressed down Frankie Thompson is talking to a small group of VIP fans who (knowing Winter) are likely to have paid for the privilege of meeting a few of their favourite superstars in between matches. He's signing autographs and chatting to the wide eyed group of youngsters when a hand slaps down on his shoulders and the shot widens up to see Arron Winter stood by the heavyweight champ bedecked in his usual taste of white suit, shirt and tie. A couple of security guards mysteriously arrive and usher the fans away leaving Frankie and the Co-GM alone in the corridor.

AW: Champ! So good to see you, it's been a while since we've had a chance to catch up. you don't come visiting as much as you used to.

Frankie looks unimpressed by Winter's enthusiasm and simply folds his arms.

FT: Really? And you're surprised by that? After that stuff you pulled on Dragon? Putting his title on someone who's not had a proper match? Yeah, lets just say I'm not feeling the new you, Arron.

Winter pulls a mockingly puty faces as if wounded deeply by Fun Time's comments.

AW: Aww, are you unhappy that I gave away the shiny to someone better suited? That's a shame Frankie, I know you're a very intelligent young man. I was sure you'#s get I only did that in the best interests of the company. The same as how I make sure that my champ is the best person for that role, that's why you're still the champ Frankie.

Thompson wrinkles his nose at the accusation that he;s only champ at Winter's behest and his hands uncross from his chest.

FT: Hey! I earned that title belt. I've beaten everyone who's come in front of me. Including Dan Fox, who if you remember put a pretty big hurting on you recently. I don't need to be given anything.

The Estonian Warrior raises his hands defensively, cooing a little in his tone to placate Frankie.

AW: Of course champ, I'm not saying any different. In the ring you're one of the best, everyone says so.... but maybe you should consider that all those little confrontations with Fox, all those times that his attention wasn't fully focused on the title and his opponent. Well those things add up. No one wants to be going into the biggest match of their career knowing they've been outsmarted by some old, broken down ex-wrestler like me do they. And yet that's exactly what happened and what do you know, you were still champ. Maybe you could have done it without that little advantage, maybe not. The important thing is you are still champion and that I want you to remain that way.

Frankie looks like he's about to respond but suddenly he turns around to find Hi'ilani Kai and Archangel stood right behind him, looming one might say. Thompson backs up, bumping into Winter.

AW: Of course Frankie, it could be that if I thought that you weren't exactly the man I wanted wearing MY title then things could be very, very different. So isn't it great that you, yes you, Frankie Thompson are my favoured son right now. And like any father I'm prepared to do anything to make sure my son succeeds. Don't go disappointing me....

With that Winter walks off with Archangel and Kai walking after him leaving Frankie to ponder Winter's words.


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We fade backstage to the interview set where Arlen Smedley is standing by with none other than the Saint of Saints himself, Archangel. The big man has no smile on his face as he glares into the camera as a clearly nervous Arlen gets on with the interview.

Arlen: Hello ladies and gentlemen and here with me-

Archangel: Be silent, child. This is not what you would describe as an interview. I am not here to pander to your silly questions, get infuriated and fired up, and then storm off with a final biblical quotation! No, I am here to send out a warning. A warning to Chaos Dragon. Tonight, he better make sure that he hides in the darkest corners of the arena if he is to escape the wrath of the Lord's light.

Archangel snatches Arlen's microphone out of his hands, startling him and making him yelp and scurry backwards.

Archangel: Last week you humiliated me...But in doing so, you also humiliated the Lord! You insulted the Lord! You made a grave error you foolish little creature. There will be no Ark to save you from the oncoming flood of rage from Christ almighty, for he is angered and he is vengeful upon such a sinner as yourself. Tonight, you better run, for only Satan can save you now...

With that Archangel walks off with a strangely devilish laugh as Arlen looks on. We fade out to a recap of last weeks XTV Main event.


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We cut backstage to what appears to be Chaos Dragon standing with his back to us at a table full of food, picking away at the food and laughing with some of the crew members.

Gringo: And there he is esé, the man who will take on Archangel come End of Days! He better be pre-

Before Gringo can finish his sentence, Archangel storms onto the scene and grabs Chaos from behind, slamming him down face-first into the table. The crew members scatter as Archangel grabs Dragon and slams him against a vending machine.

Archangel: You will learn not to disrespect the Lord you foul cretin!

Archangel reaches down and grabs Chaos who then begins to speak...

Chaos: Iya, onegai, yame nasai!

Archangel is confused as he just stares down at Chaos who apparently can speak fluent Japanese with a very good accent impersonation too.

Chaos: Onegai, watashi o kizutsukete teishi! Watashi wa shimasen anata ga omou dareda!

Archangel rips off the mask to reveal a cowering Japanese man who is obviously not Chaos Dragon...In fury, Archangel throws the decoy across the room and stands there for a few minutes before storming off in another direction.

Archangel: Throw all your diversions at me all you want, cretin! I will find you and I will beat you down like the mongrel you are!

We follow Archangel down the corridor as we cut out to...


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We cut backstage to the car-park area for the arena where Archangel is hiding in wait as what appears to be Chaos Dragon carrying his bag full of wrestling gear is headed for the entrance. Without even waiting to establish if this is the real Dragon or not, Archangel bursts out from his hiding spot and grabs Dragon, slamming him against the side of a truck in fury.

Archangel: Where are your decoys now, Dragon!? The Lord always strikes true and jus-

Dragon: eurgh...Watashi no senaka... Sore wa itai...

Archangel: CURSES!

Archangel rips off the mask to reveal a second decoy, much to the dismay of Archangel. Before anything else can transpire however, a crew member cautiously approaches Archangel.

Crew: Uh...Archangel?

Archangel: WHAT!?

Crew: I was told to pass on a message to you to be in the ring in 5 minutes by uh...by...Chaos Dragon...

Archangel says nothing, but storms off in the direction of the ring with a look of thunder (or lightning) on his face as we cut out to adverts.


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First segment in fox/roko, show start if possible


After the entrance video plays out to it's full we cut to the arena as the music continues to play as the fans rise to their feet and throw up their signs and scream in excitement as we search through the crowds.


Gringo: Welcome to another edition of XTV esé's!

Perrino: We got it all happening here tonight bro, it's gonna be one hell of a show!

Blakeslee: We have the TWOStars debut of Markos Andronikos coming up here tonight, a face-to-face meeting between Lucian L Jones and Lord Bison, Hi'lani Kai and Archangel taking on Donald Erics and Chaos Dragon and finally, the main event, Simon Davidson will take on The Nautical Warrior, Randy Roko!

Gringo: So many things there esé. I for one am very interested in seeing this Markos Andronikos, and to see what he can bring to the roster and to TWOStars!

Perrino: Well, tonight we will certainly find out if he is a bro or a hoe!

Gringo: Esé, this is a family show!

Blakeslee: The meeting between Lucian and Bison will certainly be something to watch, these two have been building up a monumental rivalry between them over the last few months!

Gringo: As have Hi'lani Kai, Archangel and Chaos Dragon! Erics did the right thing in standing up for his friend, he is a good esé, esé!

Perrino: And then there's the main event...Simon Davidson will pretty much just destroy Randy Roko!


Blakeslee: And speaking of people who want to destroy Randy Roko...that right there is his opponent at End of Days!

Fox appears through the curtain to a massive shower of boo's and general disapproval that he casually shrugs off. He walks down to the ring while ignoring the mass of booing fans around him and even doesn't acknowledge the small Randy Roko chant that has began near him.

Blakeslee: Last week before the main event, Dan Fox accepted Randy Roko's challenge at End of Days after being constantly harassed by Randy to accept.

Perrino: Harassed is not the word I would use bro! He was abused! He was humiliated! Hell, I would even go so far to say that Randy Roko should be a jailed man by this point!

Gringo: For playing a few harmless pranks, esé? You clearly don't know the Immortal Highlander way, then. Randy is a born prankster, as was his partner Angus. This is what he does.

Perrino: What he should be doing is dominating in the ring, like my bro-ski Fox does!

Fox slides into the ring and demands a microphone as his music cuts out and is replaced by a resounding chant.


Fox does not look amused.

Fox: Seriously? That's what you morons decided to chant in unison? A pipe-dream fairy-tale that you use to put your children to sleep at night?


Fox: You see, the fact is that Randy Roko cannot beat me in this ring. He can't even come close. Do you want to see what Randy Roko is capable of, at best? Really? ROLL THE FOOTAGE!

Fox shouts the last part of his sentence as he is clearly incensed by said footage.

Fox looks around before looking at what has been spray painted on his locker wall.



Fox storms out of the locker room only to be confronted by the new announcer Arlen Smedley.

DF-“Who the f**k are you?”

AS-“I’m the new announcer.”

DF-“Damn even Josh Matthews was better than you. What are you doing here?”

AS-“Emm I had to give you this?”


Smeadley gives a box to Fox, who immediately opens it to reveal a letter



Fireworks suddenly go off in the technical maulers locker room, smoking and blackening everything inside it. Dan rips the box in half before grabbing the new announcer by the shirt and bringing him up close.

DF-“You tell Randy Roko that I am coming for him before he even gets to the ring tonight!!!”
Fox shakes his head in anger as he looks on and the crowd laugh at him falling right into Randy's hands.

Fox: Oh, you all think that's pretty funny do you? Well I think it's just pretty pathetic! A grown man, a supposedly respected man in this company, someone who was supposed to have done some pretty great things and had some pretty decent matches in his career and THIS is how he resorts to getting to me? By pranks!? And that's not even the worst of it!

Fox again turns to the screen as more footage rolls.

The camera cuts to Dan Fox, who is still looking around for Randy Roko after destroying his locker room earlier. He demands answers from staff but they can’t give what he is looking for. He checks corners and rooms but no avail.

“Can anyone tell me where Randy Roko is?”

They all say no until he sees a figure similar to size and built of Randy.


Fox storms after him, but the person runs too going through staff, carts and hall ways to try and run off from Dan. He gets in this room and makes a noise that sounds like he has locked the door. Fox stops, gets a breather and has a grin on his face.

“Big mistake old man.”

Fox opens the door.


A paint falls on top of Fox from the door he opened, smearing and soaking him in pink paint! The crowd can’t stop laughing as Fox is humiliated by Randy!


Fox takes heavy breathes before losing it! He smashes holes in the walls and destroys tables and chairs inside the room, buckling them in the process. He screams out loud as he thinks at loud to himself.

“Damn Randy! You want me at End of Days! I’ll give you an answer before I walk into the ring tonight!”

Fox: You know it's actually pretty laughable. Laughable that you people judge on who you like not based on their wrestling skill or their technical ability, but on how they can do shenanigans like that to stoop to the lowest of the low to score points and make themselves look like a threat, but Randy you aren't a threat, you aren't even a blip on my radar!

Fox runs his hand through his hair in anger and continues ranting.


The crowd erupt in laughter as Fox's voice has been technically manipulated to be raised to a highly pitched squeal rather than his normal voice.

Perrino: What the hell!?

Gringo: Hahaha! Good one, esé!

Blakeslee: Randy Roko must be in the production booth!

The only one not amused by this is Dan Fox himself.


Again, the crowd erupt into even more laughter as midway through his sentence, Fox's voice goes from his highly pitched squeal to a low, baritone voice. Gringo, the crowd, and even Blakeslee a little bit, are all erupting in laughter.


Fox goes to leave the ring, but then Randy Roko himself appears on the tron with a completely serious face.

Randy: You know, you're right Fox. Oh, don't worry, you can speak normally now. But first you are going to listen to me.

Randy leans in a little bit closer to the screen as he talks, as a fire seems to grow in his eyes.

Randy: I've had my fun, I'm done playing games, I'm done playing pranks. If that's what it took for you to take notice of me then that's what I had to do. And now that I've got your attention, I can prove to you that I am not some old has-been who's past his prime. Hell, I can prove to the world that I'm still in my prime and if that means I have to walk over you to do that then so be it, Fox.

Randy leans back a little and cracks his knuckles.

Randy: And you're so eager for a fight tonight Fox...then why don't I give you one? I swear, I will find you before the night is over. I will find you and I will beat you down in-front of everyone here and everyone watching at home if only to give you a slight taste of what it will be like for you at End of Days. So BE READY!

With that Randy's feed cuts out and Fox gets out of the ring and heads up the ramp, storming off to find Roko.

Blakeslee: What an interesting start to tonight! Just goes to show that you never know what to expect here at TWOStars!

Perrino: He should be fired! He should be suspended! He should be fined!

Gringo: He should be awarded, esé!

With that, we fade out.


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second segment in randy/fox

We quickly cut backstage to see Fox scouring the backstage area, opening doors to peek into rooms ans checking corridors before entering them, trying to find Roko. Crew members scatter out of his way as he haunts the halls.

Gringo: This is going to be one powder-keg if these two find each other!

Blakeslee: Gringo, I've just been told that Roko is getting closer!

The camera now cuts to Randy scouring through the halls, doing the same as Fox is doing and getting ready for a fight.

Perrino: Those two are slowly but surely making their way towards each other, we're gonna have a fight on our hands bro!

Gringo: I just hope our camera's are there to catch it esé!

We fade out to...


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We are backstage where Baptiste Oliver is standing by.

BO: Tonight, I have managed to do what no one else has, I will in just a second be talking to the newest member of the roster… Please welcome Markos Andronikos.

The Greek superstar appears next to Baptiste.

BO: Thank you for joining me, and welcome to TWOstars.

MA: Den Katalabaino! (I don't understand)

BO: Umm…

Oliver quickly grabs his phone out and a few taps of a buttons later he grins.

BO: ***Coughs*** Milas Agglika? Do you speak English?

MA: Ohee! (No!)

BO: Umm… You don’t.

Just as it looks like this interview is going nowhere, a smart dressed man appears.

Man: Don’t worry, I got this.

BO: And you are?

Man: My name is Spencer Blackworth, I’m the manager, talker, business partner of the Greek God. He’s slowly learning English and knows a bit, but from now on. I do the talking.

Oliver looks a bit put out, but carries on.

BO: So Mr Blackworth, why TWOstars? And what goals do the pair of you have.

SB: I’m glad you asked. This man has had no challenges yet, and the indies weren’t good enough to better him. Here you have the likes of Dan Fox, Frankie Thompson, to name a couple. Markos wants to be Champion. And believe it or not, we choose here in Japan to make a mark. It was here in Japan where in 1964, Greece sent over it’s best wrestlers and not one of the won a medal. So Markos wanted to come over here, and show why Greece missed out then he was injured.

BO: So, Markos Andronikos is making his in ring debut tonight?

The well dressed manager nods.

SB: You bet. So right now I’m issuing an open challenge to anyone to go one on one with the Ultimate Titan… Tonight.

The pair walk off as we cut to break.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4

The amateur video camera feed returns as the golden southern heat makes liquid pools on the roads. The camera pans around showing the incredible sight of dry land blending in with the sunlight. They men after the beast of the southern wild arrive to their location by showing their sign of St McNicol embalmed in black ink on the hard wooden sign. The men walk up towards a caravan home where they speak to one of the locals, a middle aged woman petting her dog out during the heatwave.

“What do Y’all want with him?”

C “Our employers want to find him.”

“OOOOOOHHHH WEEEEE! I hope you guys know what they’re in for. He’s not human, hell he ain’t even a snake. They don’t call anything a beast around here unless they have no heart and no soul. Those mountain lions over those hills there have souls…He doesn’t”

C “Where can we find him?”

“You should be more concerned with the question of what will he do to you. This beast hurts people, this beast only cares for himself and he don’t care who he hurts or kills….So you better have your battle gear up to date and be ready because beasts are only here on this earth to do one thing….Mayhem.”
The camera cuts to signal to the men being watched over by the locals. Some shake their heads in disgusts while others tease at their bravery of trying to confront the beast of the southern wild. They try to enter a local store to get water but they are shunned away as they don’t want to be associated with them or be seen as to help them out.

C “Is this really happening?”

The camera cuts to a local police officer roaming the village of St McNicol to see their thoughts of the local authority. In his cream shirt with the badge glistening in the daylight heat, the officer with sunglasses on is more than happy to give his thoughts on this being.

“You name is sons, he’s done it.”

C “What like…kill?”

The officer laughs loudly as he spits out some tobacco spit on the sandy ground.

“OF COURSE HE HAS! This guy has killed to get what he wants! He’s violently assaulted, raped, molested, stolen, and I’m pretty sure he murdered a horse in between then. The officers including myself have gotten so close to catching him but he evades because he’s a big fast monster. The ones that get away with ease and planning are the ones that are hungrier for the blood. They attack, enjoy and then they have to consume again. They aren’t to be approached, only to be executed.”
C “So howcome no one knows where he is?”

The police takes his sunglasses off before looking at them straight in the eyes.

“Because no one wants to get close to the beast. Everyone he speaks to, disappears, or they don’t talk because he rips their tongues out! He’s smart enough to be off the grid and to only take what he needs until he decides to strike. If you want to go to him then you better have got a will on standby because you’re walking into suicide. You won’t be the same again.”

The men look at each other before going ahead with pursuing him.

C “Where was the last known sighting of him?”

“Down the mountains over there in the south. There was a reported sighting of him there taking a leak, without a care in the world. But he hides well. He beats all those Arabs and he’s one of us!”

C “How do we entice him out?”

The officer smirks before putting his sunglasses back on.

“Propose a business deal with him. After all he wants an empire in his company.”

C “His company?”

“Murdoch Enterprises Incorporated…..Trademark pending as he likes to say. Gentlemen.”

The officer starts his bike as he speeds off into the mid dark wilderness. The men look at each other again before talking about what they should do.

“Hey buddy, should we really do this? I mean this sounds like a head case!”

C “Well he’s signed a contract I guess so we need to take him in.”

“But this man….is a maniac. I don’t want to risk my life to get him in.”

C “Look it’s good money they’re paying us. All expenses paid and a couple of G’s just to give the guy his ticket and to come it’s easy! He won’t do anything to us.”

“Can you guarantee that?”

The camera man looks down before biting his lip.

C (reluctantly) “I can….”

“Okay…I guess we get some supplies and head for those mountains.”


The camera cuts back to the commentary team.

JB-“Murdoch Enterprises Incorporated?”

EVIL-“That looks like one messed up homes coming here.”

BP-“Another degenerate coming to TWOStars….Great.”

JB-“No doubt they’ll be more of those clips with the beast of the southern wild, who is coming to TWOStars very soon.”

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4

The crowd goes nuts and stand on their feet as the chaotic one’s music plays from the P.A system. After the events of earlier, they are hoping for the real deal. Their hopes turn to joy as Chaos Dragon comes out wearing a priest uniform, and holding a child via a leash.

BP-“There’s only one man dumb enough to do that.”

EVIL-“It’s the chaotic one!”

JB-“Still causing chaos as we can clearly see.”

After events earlier messing around with Archangel, Dragon walks down the ring with the child playing walkies while he high fives several of the fans. He ties the leash on the turnbuckle as he grabs a mic before heading into the ring. The crowd chant his name as he does his trademark head bang moving his around and his dreadlocks/quills flowing in a circular motion. The music cuts as Dragon gets ready to speak.


Dragon pauses as he embraces the crowd cheering him on, despite his controversial choice of attire.

CD-“I’m sweating like a priest in a playground here.”

OOHHHHH and HAHAHA’s echo around the arena.

CD-“So you all been enjoying what I’ve been doing to our little Christian friend?”


CD-“I can’t hear you!!”


CD-“This is why I am who I am because of your crazy motherf***ers right here!”


CD-“It brings joy to right here (pointing heart) and here (pointing at penis) because you guys have been in my corner for over a year now. And with these times I like to say thanks!”


CD-“You know I came here as a nobody and now I’m someone. I have a name in wrestling now. And I’d like to think it was because of me, myself and I. But I know recent times have kinda fuelled my name as well as kiddy f***er Archangel. I still to this day have never understood to why Winter became who he is now and took my title. They obviously see me as a threat because Kai isn’t facing me. Winter needed his bitches to take me out so I am kinda outnumbered here.”


CD-“People in my position would quit or concede. People in my position would conform. They would accept the system as it is. And I did debate it…Should Chaos Dragon take away the chaos?”


CD-“But then I found my passion with this quote.

Ephesians 4:26-27

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.


CD-“that same drive and adrenaline that got me through the best of five series and I see the light! I see the light and it told me to fight the f**k back……CHAOS STYLE!”


CD-“So I kept being who I am and decided they ain’t getting away with this. People like them get hungry again for more power and control so I stood my ground and flipped my finger at them! It all starts with Archangel….You religious cult ****. You seriously think I’m going to be easy, well I got another religious quote for you asshole. Exodus 21:24-25” Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.” And by all means I WILL GET MY REVENGE!”


CD-“O Lord, God of vengeance, O God of vengeance, shine forth! Because I am going to take these mother***kers out!!!! And Kai, get that title shining as when I get my hands on you I want that belt glistening when it’s around my waist!”


CD-“And as for your Winter…I trusted you with my life and you almost took it away from me! I have a special quote for you…It ain’t the bible but I think the effect is there.

“There will be killing till the score is paid.”


Archangels music plays as he immediately storms out on stage, demanding a quick cut to his music.

“How dare you quote the lord you sinner! How dare you!”


“You are the devil incarnate, the demon that dwells in its own sorrows! Your soul come End of Days with be purified and the demons will be exercised. And the Lord will make sure of that!”

CD-“Why don’t you stop preaching and start fighting you little kid f*****g bitch!”


“The lord has send my reward of striking you down with my fist!”

Archangel storms down to the ring!


JB-“What the hell!”

Archangel is trying to fight back but more dragon’s arrive! The crowd cheer as dozens of Dragon’s that the chaotic one has paid restrain the fallen angel! Dragon gets a carton of eggs and begins throwing them at Angel!

BP-“This isn’t right!”

The man is roaring out loud, quoting more bible quotes as yolk drips down his face. Dragon goes to throw the last one, but instead keeps it as he goes outside the ring to see Angel restrained as he gets the microphone.

CD-“You think you have seen chaos? This is just baby s**t. I am going to bring the worst chaos that you will ever witness at End of Days. The jokes are over….I get serious and prepare to pin you one….two….three. You will no longer be a saviour of the lord….You will be a mortar that dwindles out in the wind. And when I’m done with you, I’m going for the system….Amen mother****er!”

Dragon smashes the egg over the head of Archangel as he stares down at Angel. The music of the chaotic one plays as the fans cheer on.

JB-“This feud just stepped it up! The chaotic one is getting serious. But can he beat Archangel despite all the backup he has?”

BP-“I hope angel gives Dragon what he is due at End of Days!”

EVIL-“Now this is going to be interesting! Both men look game for it, but who will come out on top?”


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BANGGG! With a lightening flash, the pyrotechnics of TWOSTARS World Champion Frankie Thompson burst into the Sapparo Dome, closely followed by the bellowing opening chords of his familiar entrance music. The Japanese crowd roar, as the Leith born champ bounces out on the stage, the World Heavyweight title belt clutched in his left hand.


Raising the title into he air as the crowd cheer on, The Edinburgh Enigma is not dressd to compete, and is instead kitted it out smart casual attire, black jeans and blazer, complete with a black trilby hat. As he makes his way down the entrance ramp and towards the ring, he pauses only to remove the hat and pop it onto the head of a young fan, much to their delight. He climbs the steel steps at the side of the ring, and as he enters the squared circle, is handed a microphone.

The atmosphere all over Asia throughout this historic TWOSTARS tour has been electric, and the Japanese fans do not let themselves down, as noise bursts from every crevice of the Sapparo dome.


Despite not being his usualy, bouncing, high spirited self, a small smile appears at the edges of his mouth in response to the sheer volume around him.

Frankie: Hellooooo Japan!! Man it's great to be here! I know I say that almost everywhere we go, and that's because I do love being in most places, but tonight, I really, REALLY mean it!! If there's a handful of places in the world any pro-wrestler wants to work, then Japan would be right at the top!


Frankie: This great country has produced so much wrestling talent and developed its own unique style over the years, from Kenta Kobashi to Mitsuharu Misawa, it will forever be adored by wrestling fans all over the world!


Frankie: I was lucky enough to come here and wrestle when I was just 19 years old. I had only been wrestling around a year, and I managed to somehow blag myself onto a card headlined by some of the biggest names in Japanese Pro-Wrestling! To this day, it remains one of the best experiences of my life, and I probably learned more than a years worth of wrestling knowledge in that one trip alone.

Frankie pauses, a small smile on his face as he reminisses his younger days, before returning to the microphone.

Frankie: I could probably sit here all night, reminissing and discussing the Japanese glory days that I grew up watching. However, following last week's XTV, there is a shades wearing, ZEN sponsered elephant in the room that, as the TWOSTARS World Champion, I should address.

He chuckles slightly at his own joke, before continuing.

Frankie: Matthew Kennedy Denton. Oh, oh, ohhh... Where to begin with you. You come out here last week, sit your little backside down in this ring, and cry to these people that you've been held down, that you haven't been given the opportunities you deserve, talking about glass ceilings. Well do you not what I say to that Denton? I say bull sh*t!

Opportunities in the greatest wrestling organisation in the planet are not handed out like sweets a childrens party Denton! Oppourtunites are earned! Through hard work, dedication and competence, opportunites to fight for World Titles are earned! Look at the man I have just defeated. Hell, I hate the son of a bitch, but you can't argue Dan Fox didn't earn his spot. He defeated a TWOSTAR legend in Sickness at the biggest PPV of the year!

Last week you spouted off a list of things that you seem to think qualify you for a shot at the World Title. What was it again? Survining Lord Bison, helping end Lucian's title reign, blady blah. Sure, you might have done these things, but they only highlight one of the factors that make a Champion Denton! Competence! Sure you're competent at what you do. I won't even do you a disservice, you're above competent. In this ring, you're great. One of the best. Absolutely no denying that my friend.

But unfortunately for you, you're forgetting the two other things I mentioned. Hard work and Dedication! You need all three to become a champion Matty. Champions are people who suck it up during the bad times, who power through and get the job done, even when its at its hardest. People who are dedicated to the sport every single day of the year and twice on Sundays!

Champions are not people, who, for example, sit on that stage and cry and bitch and moan when things don't go there way! Champions are not people who spend more time with their accountant than in in the ring or gym! Champions are not people who quit an organisation as soon as the going gets tough! Do any of these things sound familair with you Mr Denton? Instead of blaming imaginary glass ceilings and other people on your own shortcomings througout your career, perhaps you should look closer to home? You might find some interesting answers!

And at End of Days, I hope you bring the fire you should last week. I hope that you've listened to what I've had to say and taken it on board, because when we go one on one for this prestigious World Title that I am so proud to hold, I want the very best Matt Denton can bring! I want a competent, hard working AND dedicated Matt Denton! It'll make it all the more sweeter when I beat you!

Frankie's music burst back into life as we drops the mic and rolls out of the ring. However, he has only taken a couple of steps when BANG! From knowhere, the Champion is blindside and taken out with a viscious closeline to the floor. The camera pans around to reveal, who else, but Matt Denton! A sneak ambush attack from the crowd! Denton gives Frankie another several hard boots to the ribs and face, and although isn't mic'd up, can audibly be heard screaming to Frankie.

Denton: You want dedicated?! I'll show you dedicatation you son of a bitch!

He lifts Frankie back up from the floor and plants a deliciously crisp ATM on the World Champion, who crashes with a sickening thud into the barely protected concrete floor!



TWOSTARS EMT's and officials are sooon rushing down the ramp to check on the stricken champion, as Denton, perma-smirk etched widely all over his face watches on. He slinks back towards the guard rail which he orignally hopped, and is over it and away in flash before anyone can challenge him. The EMTS and officials surround and treat Frankie as we cut away.
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The camera cuts to Chaos Dragon and Donald Erics, who are ready to enter for their tag team match. Dragon warms up his arms while Erics goes to speak to him.

DE-"You ready brother?"

CD-"I can't wait to murder these mother f***ers!"

DE-"Great! Because i have a surprise for you!"


DE-"Yeah, since this is the debut of Wrestling Chaos. I figured we needed a theme tune."

CD-"You got us a tag team theme tune! AWESOME!"

DE-"It was the least I could do."

CD-"Thanks man!"

Chaos and Erics hug while they get clearance to enter the stage.


The pair leave as commentary round it off before break.

JB-"Wrestling Chaos makes their debut as a tag team against Winter's own Archangel and Kai, who will come out on top! Be break soon fight fans!"


Archangel and Kai are in the ring waiting for their opponents as the fans anticipate their arrival.

"And there opponents!"


Fans cheer on as Donald Eric's jumps out getting the crowd cheered, while Chaos Dragon walks looking up at the tron.

CD-"What the f**k is this!"

Dragon pushes Eric's for an answer, who tries to justify his selection of theme as they look at their opponents.

Announcer (trying not to laugh)-"Please welcome...WRESTLING CHAOS!"

BP-"Who the hell has the safety dance as a theme tune!"

EVIL-"Well...it's different."

JB (Laughing)-"I'm in stitches!"

The pair look before giving a fist pump and storming down to the ring to attack Kai and Archangel to start off this match!


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Simon Davidson is seen standing outside the arena cigarette in hand his left leg swept across his right his body propped against the wall, he absent mindedly opens and closes his lighter seemingly lost in thought.

???: Everything okay there Mr Davidson?

SD: Erm, Who sai.... Ah Donald, how are you? I'm just out here trying to calm my nerves you know

Erics nods and flashes a half smile at Simon, who theatrically waves his cigarette in the air as he continues the conversation!

SD: Oh don't leave yet Donald, we haven't spoken since last week and well, well I just feel absolutely awful about the whole thing!

Don stops and stares at Simon for a few seconds to put together his reply

DE: Well Mr Davidson, I er, I just... I mean to say, erm..... It's not a problem really

SD: Call me Simon! Geez Donald we're friends right? Phew, I'm so happy theres no hard feelings! There was no real malice just a good old fashioned match up!

Simon puts out his cigarette and exhales absent mindedly into Don's face before noticing Don looking little troubled

SD: Is there something wrong Donald? You seem a little troubled..

Erics wafts away the smoke wincing and coughing as he does

DE: * COUGHH!! * Erm, you really shouldn't smoke Mr Simon! Ugh.. It's just... It's just you.. you man handled the referee and that's unsportsmanlike, I know in my heart of hearts that you didn't mean to cheat but you kinda did!

Simon looks at Erics with a raised eyebrow seemingly curious as to whether Don hasn't seen through his ruse before recomposing himself

SD: Oh Donald! My dear friend, I am telling you now that I had no intention of acting so nefariously I was dazed and tried to pull myself up which caused me to move the official, you know how flimsy they are Donald, I really am sorry if you feel cheated though!

Don returns to his smiling face again and places his hands on hips hips,

DE: Well I sure am relieved to hear that Mr Simon! That had me a little worried for a while! Oh and Mr Simon would you like me to come down to the ring and show my support tonight? Randy Roko is one tough cookie!

SD: Why thank you for the offer Donald but won't you be rather busy tonight with your tag match with Chaos Dragon? I mean I am grateful for the offer but please do take care of yourself

DE: How about coming down and watching me and Dragon at ringside too? We could watch each others backs?

Simon becomes a tad panicked and at this and quickly puts together a lie to escape this request

SD: Well Donald I'd LOVE that clearly but there's no way I can make it as I'm pretty busy for the next few hours an old friend is coming to drop some things off and they've come a long way, so I'm really sorry but I can't, but it'd be great to have you nearby!

Don looks a little disappointed but keeps his smile, and nods

DE: I understand completely, It sure is a shame though Mr Simon, I leave you alone anyone bud as I'm sure your friend will be here real soon, G'Bye

Erics walks inside as Simon gives a mild chuckle to himself before lighting another cigarette


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The static begins to fade and the collection of TWO Stars on the stage fade into the darkness of the arena, Arron Winter, Lucian L Jones and The brave volunteer Kyle Gilmore are all standing facing the screen where the dimly lit frame of the bringer of destruction begins to march toward the camera showing only his mask his eyes pools of emptiness

EG: That gringo is one creepy mother, he just seems to be uno with the darkness

BP: The guy just has a gothic style, he's money bro

JB: There are not a lot of things that silence a crowd quite like the introduction of Lord Bison!

EG: His eyes just look empty homes, like there's nothing there

LB: I require your silence Sapporo, I have business that requires my attention

The crowd attempt to boo but the static returns at a deafening volume causing the attendees to cover there ears

EG: Man this vato is loco he's....

BP: Hey Bro I don't think he just means the fans, shh, I already have a headache after listening to you speak Mexican all evening! God!

LB: Good Evening Arron, It is a pleasure as always to be in your company.

Arron Winter nods curtly at Bison's greeting

AW: I would ask you to the ring but I feel that the separation of you and Mr Jones here is imperative to the success of your match at End of Days!

Lucian and Kyle are standing side by side both grinning both focused on what the Lord of War will offer as Gilmore's opposition

LB: A wise choice Arron, a very wise choice, I look forward to my master piece being completed only at End of Days

Jones and Gilmore appear to be having an intense discussion beside Arron Winter and fist bump as Lucian stops speaking.

LB: So Lucian, you choose your best friend? Former tag team champion, former World Champion and currently unemployed Kyle Gilmore to represent you?

Lucian nods along with Gilmore both mouthing 'that's right' showing a great deal of confidence

LB: And Arron, you accept this? The inclusion of a former employee as the obstacle to myself and my choice?

AW: You are very much correct Bison, he has the opportunity to earn back his job

Bison's eyes close on the tron as he contemplates the situation

LB: This truly is a great gift you lay upon Lucian here, I fear you do not have something so enticing for myself?

Winter looks slightly confused at Bisons comment but very intrigued

AW: What did you have in mind?

LB: The choice of matches you presented, there were many options, I feel that for me to acquiesce to this added stipulation you should be so gracious as to let me add one of my own? A match I would care to be used, would this be acceptable?

AW: Well I can't see why not, Lucian, would you be okay with that?

Jones steps forward and raises the mic to his lips

LLJ: That's cool with me, he ain't gonna get to pick his match anyway because my boy KG will be taking care of whoever he offers up!

AW: Very well Bison, agreed, now what will this match be?

LB: It will be AN INFERNO CAGE MATCH, I love the smell of burnt flesh in the evening

Bison inhales deeply, A gasp is heard from Wrestlers and fans a like

EG: Oh my God, I've heard some crazy things in my time but a Cage on Fire? Man that guys nuts!

BP: Look at the faces of Jones and Gilmore ha ha, not looking so smug now are you bro's?

JB: The sheer thought of having to be in a cage with than man is enough to give me nightmares but a cage and on fire? I hope for Lucian's sake that Kyle gets the job done tonight!

Arron Winter pauses for a second in shock but after a few seconds of contemplation he nods and seemingly sees the opportunity to make this very beneficial to the PPV

AW: Very well Bison, if your representative can best Kyle here, you can have your match!

Jones and Gilmore are again in conversation but Gilmore reassures Jones that he has got him covered

LB: Splendid. Now It is my opportunity to select my champion? So Mr Winter, I can choose any person from the roster to be my representative, correct?

Arron nods and gestures to the ramp and all tose present

LB: Anyone at all?

Arron again nods

LB: Then Arron I choose MYSELF!

A gasp is heard again from around the arena, Winter allows a little smile to creep on his face.

EG: Hey Bison can't do that can he Homes?

JB: I er I don't know Gringo!

BP: Ha! I love it, look in that ring those two are cracking me up!

Jones is pacing up and down asking Winter if that is allowed

LLJ: Oh HELL NO! Can he do that? Winter CAN HE DO THAT?!

AW: I'm afraid so Lucian, Bison is well within his rights to choose himself


Gilmore tries to calm Jones down and assure him its gonna be okay

AW: I'm sorry Lucian but you made your choice and you chose Kyle, so it will be Kyle Gilmore vs Lord Bison for the right to choose the match type at End of Days

LLJ: Oh hell no! HELL NO, You can change this?! C'mon Winter! C'mon, Kyle again calms down Lucian as he tries to get Winter to change his mind

BP: Jones should have read the fine print bro, Bison just outsmarted him!

LB: I shall see you shortly Mr Gilmore and you Lucian I never stop seeing

The tron cuts out as the lights return the wrestlers fans and the men in the ring are all in discussion over what they have just leaned

JB: Well ladies and Gentlemen there we have it, Lord Bison will be taking on Kyle Gilmore for the right to choose the match stipulation!

EG: Oh Man ese, Gilmore got all banged up by Bison before, I know he's one touch hombre but Bison is another kind of animal!

BP: Lord Broson is money, I can't wait to see Gilmore get whats coming to him... again!

The wrestlers all leave the ramp as Lucian, Gilmore and Winter follow suit
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Jones and Bison make their picks


We’re back from a PPV ad that nicely hypes the upcoming Jones vs. Bison clash, and we find ourselves inside the arena and presented with a view of the entire TWOStars roster filtering out onto the entrance stage as the XTV Theme Music plays over the stadium sound system.

JB: Welcome back to XTV folks where our Asian tour is coming to a close and we’re being hosted tonight in the beautiful Sapporo Dome here in Sapporo, Japan!

EG: And things are about to heat up, ese!! It looks like we’re about to find out who is gonna represent Team Jones tonight and who is stepping up for Team Bison!!

JB: Of course my colleague refers to the announcement by our General Manager that both jones and Bison will pick representatives to fight for the right to pick the stipulation in their upcoming PPV match!

BP: Seriously bro? Who in their right mind is gonna join Jones and stand up to Lord Bison? They’d have to have some kind of deathwish to even consider it!

The camera continues to pan across the stage, allowing us to see some of the favourites as well as some of the most hated from the locker room, all waiting for the appearance of the TWOStars General Manager…



JB: Speaking of our General Manager, here’s the man himself, Arron Winter!

Winter strides through the crowd of bodies on the stage, fetching dressed in an ice white suit with a pale ice blue tie/waistcoat combo.

SH: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time the General Manager of TWOstars, Arron Winter!!

The Estonian Nightmare makes his way down the entrance ramp, shooting out the briefest of smiles at the group of nearby fans bowing in the “we’re not worthy gesture”.

JB: Well Winter said he wanted this all done above board, and he’s sick of Jones and Bison tearing through whichever arena we happen to be in, so this is an effort to put a stop to all of that. Both men will select a representative to fight in their place, which seems like somewhat of a brainwave from the boss!

BP: Pfft, The million could’ve thought of an idea like that standing on my head! Winter calls himself innovative? I said pfft before, and I’ll say it again. Pfft, bro, pfft!

By now Winter has collected a microphone from a ringside technician and made his way between the strands, standing proudly in the centre of the ring.

AW: How are we today Japan?!


AW: Good, good. Well as I’m sure you’re all aware, TWOStars End of Days Pay Per View is only a short ways away…


AW: And as we already know, Lord Bison and Lucian Jones will face off one on one, one…more…time!!


A rabid chant of:


…breaks out within the Sapporo Dome and you can virtually see the dollar signs “ker-ching” into Winter’s eyes.

AW: But what we don’t know is exactly what kind of match these two men will compete in. So why not make it interesting? I’ve allowed both Lord Bison and Lucian Jones to choose a representative for them to compete in a match tonight. And not just any match, the winner of this match will also win the right for the man he is representing to choose the stipulation for the End of Days match!!


AW: So, without further ado, let’s get our End of Days opponents out here and find out who they’ve selected to fight for them…



Lucian erupts out onto the stage in an extravagant explosion of blue, white and gold pyrotechnics, before confidently striding through the sea of humanity gathered on the entrance stage around him.

JB: Here comes Jones, I wonder who he’s got on side for tonight?

EG: J-Dawg’s gotta have something up his sleeve homes, this kid’s got a sharp mind that’s got to have been working overtime leading up to this.

BP: Please!! Who is likely to put themselves in harm’s way on behalf of this idiot?

As Lucian negotiates the entrance stage we notice him bumping knuckles with Randy Roko and Frankie Thomson, Funtime smiling as he adjusts the title belt slung over his shoulder. Jones takes a few more steps, and finds himself face to face with Matt Denton, the Affluent A*shole flaunting his Permasmirk before looking down at his gleaming Z.E.N. Championship (brought to you this show by Los Pollos Hermanos).

JB: It’s gotta be said that Jones has more than his fair share of enemies on that stage.

EG: Si, that is true. But J-Dawg’s got a few amigos up there too!

The Sultan of Swagga makes his way through the crowd, gesturing for Sapporo to:



A few knuckle bumps and high fives with crowd later, and Jones is nimbly bounding up the ring steps and hopping up over the top rope and into the ring. Jones casts a quick glance at the awaiting Arron Winter, before leaping up onto the turnbuckles eliciting yet more cheers from the fans in attendance.


JB: A rousing reception for the Duke of Jonestown here tonight, but I’m sure the fans are as excited as I am to find out just who Lucian L. Jones has selected to fight for him tonight!

Jones hops down from his perch on the turnbuckles, collecting a microphone for himself from a ringside tech, before bopping his way to the centre of the ring.

AW: Lucian, my boy!! Thanks for joining us tonight! Ladies and gentlemen, Lucian Legendary Jones!! Let’s hear you!



Jones smiles slightly as the Japanese crowd goes NUTS (well, as nuts as Japanese crowds do beyond polite applause).

AW: So…Lucian L. Jones…The King of Bling…His Highness of Flyness…looks like you finally got what you wanted. You’re going to be squaring off with Lord Bison LIVE!! only on Pay Per View.

Jones nods, mouthing…

LLJ: Tha’s right!

AW: But Lucian, what we all want to know right now is who have you selected to represent you tonight?

Winter steps back, gesturing for Jones to step forward and say his piece. Lucian rubs his chin thoughtfully, before finally raising the mic to his mouth.

LLJ: First things first…WHA’ GWON SAPPORO!!



Jones allows himself a little smirk at the obvious cheap pop, but the fans lap it up anyways.

BP: Pfft. Cheap.

Jones looks out to the crowd, allowing himself a brief moment to bask in the adulation before once again lifting the microphone.

LLJ: What can I say, this certainly ain’t been an easy decision, y’knowhumsayin’? I gots to choose one of you guys up there to represent me tonight, happily sending you out there to face who knows what on my behalf.

A few of the superstars on the stage look around at the others surrounding them, all looking for a sign or indication that one of them may be in on something.

LLJ: I mean, I could choose Randy Roko…


Lucian gestures out to his buddy Randy, who nods with a smile and puffs his chest out proudly.

LLJ: Me and Randy have seen some sights together in our time in TWOStars, and I know he’s a stand-up guy when it counts most.


Randy throws a thumbs up in Jones’ direction as His Highness of Flyness continues…

LLJ: But I know that Randy has his own business to be dealin’ with right now, and I don’t wanna distract him from that.

Roko nods in acknowledgement from the stage as a chant of…

RAN-DY RO-KO!! *clap**clap*clapclapclap*

…breaks out from the fans.

LLJ: Or how about I choose our very own TWOStars World Champion, Frankie Thompson!!



Thompson steps forwards with a smile and a wave to the capacity crowd currently chanting his name.

LLJ: Ol’ Funtime Frankie is one hell of a wrestler, and one heel of a champion…trust me, it takes one to know one, y’knowhumsayin’…


LLJ: But yo’ boy Lucian ain’t gonna expect the champ to do my dirty work.

Winter steps in, interrupting Lucian’s explanation.

AW: If you don’t mind Mr. Jones, rather than telling us who you aren’t picking, would you instead please tell us who you are picking?

LLJ: A’ight, a’ight. See this is the thing, there isn’t anybody up there that I can lay this kind of a deal on.


LLJ: Nah, nah man. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I’m jus’ sayin’ this is a lot for anybody to take on, y’get me? I ain’t gonna offload my obligations onto anyo…



BP: What in the hell?

EG: Oh-ho-ho-boy!! This should be good!

Even Lucian looks shocked as ”Clap Your Hands” hits the sound system. The Sapporo crowd meanwhile are going absolutely crazy, threatening to blow the roof off the entire building as The Stray Cat himself struts out onto the entrance stage, microphone in hand.

BP: I thought this goof was fired?!

Gilmore stands front and centre on the stage, his cheeky smirk gleaming from beneath his trademark black cowboy hat.

KG: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!! Hold your horses there good buddy!


KYLE GIL-MORE!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
KYLE GIL-MORE!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

Gilmore tips his cowboy hat back, looking down at his best buddy and former Tag Team partner in the ring.

KG: You mean to tell me that my boy Lucian L. finds himself in a spot of bother and he doesn’t put in a call to his best friend and other half of the longest reigning tag team champions in TWOStars history!!

Gilmore looks around for a second, but there’s booming echo. Damnit, how does Lucian do that?

KG: Oh. Hell. No. My buddy needs someone to step up, so I’m stepping up!


LLJ: Dude…whoa. Jus’ hold up a moment there. I don’ wanna burst yo’ bubble or nothin’ but err…dude…you kinda don’t work here anymo’?


Jones throws his hands up in defense, as Gilmore just smiles his Stray Cat smile from the stage.

LLJ: Yo, don’t boo me, I’m just sayin’ what this guy did.

Jones gestures towards Winter.

LLJ: I can only pick an active member of the TWOStars roster, so as much as I’d like to dude, I can’t…

AW: Now, now, Jones. I’m sure something can be worked out. How about we make this even more interesting?

Now both Kyle and Lucian look confused as Winter gives out a knowing smile.

AW: Let’s sweeten the deal. Not only will I allow you to pick Gilmore to represent you, but if Kyle does win for you tonight I’ll even give him back his job!


Now this news brings a huge smile to the face of the Back Alley Lothario.

KG: Dude, you HAVE to let me do this. I’ve got this man!!

Lucian thinks it through as Gilmore waits for an answer at the top of the stage.

JB: this is huge news! Lucian can pick his former tag partner to represent him, and if Gilmore wins he regains his contract with TWOStars!

BP: That’s flagrant favouritism! CORRUPTION!! The Millions calls corruption on this whole thing!!

Kyle looks at the Jones, his eyes pleading, begging his friend to give him this chance.

KG: Come on dude!! You know I’ve got this!!

Jones looks at Winter and slowly nods.

KG: is that a yes?

Jones’ face tells us everything we need to know. He’s made his decision and there’s no going back now.

LLJ: Yes. Yes, you can fight for me tonight.


Gilmore is ecstatic, as is the Sapporo audience.

KG: Dude, THANK YOU!! You will not regret this!!

Gilmore makes his way down the ramp excitedly, joining his buddy in the ring and leaving us with the Prime Time Playas together in the ring for the first time in a long time.

AW: Well I guess now we’ve gotten that little reunion out of the way all we need is to find out who our surprise entrant will be facing tonight. Would Lord Bison please do us the pleasure of coming out to the ring please?

Suddenly the arena is plunged into darkness, as the TWOtron bursts into hissing black and white static.

EG: Ayy!! My ears!! What the hell, man!!

The static fades slightly and the hissing thankfully subsides, allowing us to see the shadowy figure of Lord Bison looming into (a somewhat distorted) view.
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**** This will go before Frankie's in ring segment, but after Frankie and Winter's conversation. ****

We cut backstage to new TWOSTARS interview man Baptiste Oliver, who stands in a brand new, nicely fitting suit, holding a microphone in his hand and wearing a confident look on his face. A nearby door opens, and out steps TWOSTARS World Champion Frankie Thompson, casually dressed and carrying the shinny World Title Belt across his left shoulder. Not one to shy away from a mark, Baptiste pounces on his prey, quick as a flash and offers out his hand to the champion.

Baptiste: Frankie! Frankie! Baptiste Oliver, I don't believe we have been formally introduced yet! I was wondering if I could have a few words?

Frankie looks slightly taken aback, but not overly so and soon quickly recovers his composure, accepting the handshake and nodding his head.

Frankie: Erm.. er.. Sure. Sure, why not, Baptiste. Fire ahead.

Clearly delighted, Baptiste has a wide smile on his face.

Baptiste: Excellent! Thank you, Frankie. Well, given the circumstances under which I was brought into this company, I guess I wanted to get your thoughts on the recent strategic changes Arron Winter has been implementing in TWOSTARS?

An interesting expression appears on Frankie's face as he ponders his answer. It seems he is finding it difficult to explain his position how he would like to.

Frankie: Hmm.. Great question, Baptiste. I must admit to being a little bit, shall we say, curious, with the direction in which Winter is leading the company. For example, I am yet to be convinced that someone in a position of management should be having such a direct influence over title holders, as in the case of Chaos Dragon.

The Japanese fans, watching the interview from the arena on the big screen, cheer at the mention of the name of the popular Chaos Dragon.

Frankie: However, having said that, Arron Winter is a personal friend of mine. He is the man who personally sought to bring me to TWOSTARS and the man that has had so much faith in me since I joined this company. Without him, I would probably not be your champion here today. I am not saying a could not have done it on my own, I have 100% faith in my own ability and I think I've proved since I became champion that I can back that up. However, a man like myself, coming from the working class background that I do, it can be difficult to break through the glass ceiling and get your chance to prove yourself at the highest level. Arron Winter gave me that opportunity, and for that I will always owe him.

So for now I say this, in the past Winter has led this company from the brink back to the greatness where it belongs. I trust his ability and judgement in the management of this company, a company which I will always be loyal too. So to answer your question, Baptiste, for now, I am behind him.

He finishes with a small smile, before walking out of shot as we cut away.


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TWO Stars APP Exclusive **

AS: Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Arlen Smedley and we have for you today a very special treat for those of you possessing the TWO Stars APP! Here we have the longest reigning Tag champions in the history of the company! 'The Sultan of Swagga' Lucian L Jones and 'The Stray Cat' Kyle Gilmore!

The camera turns to face the pairing as they appear to be watching some footage of Lord Bison's previous matches

AS: Erm.. Guys?!

Jones beckons Arlen over with a hand gesture

LLJ: Hey camera man, I know ya'll just getting yo close up trying to see which sides ma good side but let me help you out, BOTH sides are my good sides!

Gilmore laughs at Jones' jesting but keeps concentrating on the footage, Arlen shuffles awkwardly waiting to ask questions, Jones playfully shoves Gilmore

LLJ: Why you laughing KG, you know it's true!

KG: Ha ha, if you say so dude, hey camera dude, get in close at that screen

The camera is now encompassing the whole screen as the video begins showing Lord Bison in previous outings,

LLJ: Now as you can see this guy sometimes has a lil trouble when he ain't sneaking up on a brother! Even punk ass Matt Denton backed his big ass up!

AS: But the security team separated them before it could escalate

LLJ: You know it's rude to interrupt a a guy right? Maybe a trip back to interview school buddy?

The uncharacteristic shortness by Lucian hints at the fact that he may not be as comfortable as he once seemed

KG: Hey Buddy! Come on, he's just doing his job... he's new.. give him a break

The camera cuts back to them both and after a couple of seconds Jones Jones leans shows a wide grin and playfully jabs Arlens arm, whom quickly rubs it in pain

LLJ: He knows I'm just playing with him, right son?

Kyle gestures for the camera to get back on screen

KG: Hey now take a look as this. Bison doing what he does best sneaking up behind a guy, but look how slow he is, that's something I can take advantage of loosh

LLJ: He might be slow bro, but at least he's stupid to match and I'll bet damn ugly which is why he wearing that mask.. Stay out of his face though because his breath will put you out quicker that his big ass!

Gilmore and Jones share a laugh, before suddenly the TV begins to go static, the camera backs up showing the screen and the Two friends as Bison's face can be faintly seen on the fuzzy black and white screen

LB: Well hello there Lucian, Kyle, It truly is a great pleasure to see the both of you together again. Brothers In Arms! A united front! Admirable, very admirable. But Lucian we both know what happened the last time I met Mr Gilmore do we not? A very unfortunate event indeed, For you two.

Lucian looks furious as he looks on at the screen standing and looking around the room, Kyle quickly follows suit

LB: Have no fear, I am not within the vicinity of the two of you, rest easy, however Mr Jones, I have a question. How do you intend to help protect Kyle when you can't even protect your closest loved ones?

Jones face shows a flash of worry

LLJ: What you talking bout? WHAT DID YOU DO?!!

Bison's face fades from the screen as a laugh is heard from Bison, The screen begins to show home video footage of a hotel, there is a young child playing but the face isn't shown then we see a woman calling for the child, the camera pans to lucian who is standing open mouthed before quickly returning to the TV screen,

LB: Such a beautiful woman and child Lucian, such innocence, so fragile so perishable, oh how happy they are

The video now Lucian walking over to the pair and calling for the child who runs over to him he lifts them and hugs both of the girls, before looking over to where the camera is before going inside

LB: You look but you do not see lucian, I stared straight into your soul and you saw nothing but the happiness that family can bring, happiness that can be so quickly taken away.

Jones face becomes a mask of utter fury his face reddening and veins showing on him,

The video now shows a bar it appears to be footage from the CCTV, the audio slightly distorted but clear enough to understand

A large set man walks into the bar wearing a hooded jacket and scarf, he sits next to a patron who appears to be waiting for a friend, the hood goes back and a bald head is seen

[B[??[/B]: Hello there Mr Jones

the patron turns and looks puzzled at the man beside him the voice makes it clear that the bald man is Lord Bison

MJ: H..Hello? I'm sorry, do I know you?

LB: No, I am a friend of your brothers, we've become quite close, I recognised you immediately, you have the same glint in your eye

Jones Junior shuffles uncomfortably trying not to stare at Bison

JJ: Oh um, that's great, what brings you out here?

LB: You do

Bison quickly stands towering over Junior before turning and walking away the clear messgae to Jones that he COULD have hurt his brother

LB:A pleasant young man, does not share the same arrogance as you I fear Lucian, he SHOULD live a long and happy life, now onto your mother and father, I anticipate our meeting a great deal it will be....

Lucian has had enough and lifts his chair and smashes the screen and grabs a hold of the camera lens

LLJ: Now you listen here Bison. You can come up gimme yo biggest and best, you can throw me and slam me and spear the hell outta me and yeah ima get mad and YEAH i'ma come fo sho ass both Guns blazing but you do this shit THIS sick twisted crap and now you gon and stepped beyond pissing me off beyond me coming both barrells, NOW I'M GONNA TO PUT YO ASS DOWN, I'MA FORGET BOTH BARRELLS YOU GETTING THE WHOLE ARSENAL AND WHEN IM OUTTA AMMO YOU GONNA GET MY SIZE 14 BOOT RIGHT UP SIDE YO CLOCK! I'M COMING FOR YOU BISON, I'M COMIN!!!!!!

Jones throws the camera down to the floor and it catches him marching from the locker room with Gilmore in hot pursuit