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XTV 1:19 Austin, TX Closing date 1st March


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JR: Welcome to Austin, Texas... Home for this weeks TWOstars XTV. I'm Good 'ld JR Jim Ross, along side me is Paul Heyman.

PH: What a show we have instore tonight.




JR: Looks like this weeks show is going to begin with the man, who just two weeks ago won the right to be the last man in this years Rumble match.

PH: And the man who last week on announced that if anyone is going to drive Arron Winter out of office, it’ll be him, along with The Craft. Not this group that Fox and Gray are putting together.

Clip of internet interview.

TG: Mr Eagles… As the Cancer of TWOstars, will you be joining the Rebellium?

An evil grin appears across the face of the Cancer.

CRE: Todd! I AM TWOstars, if anyone is going to bring it down to its knees, it’ll be me. Not some punk ass manager slash agent, pissed off at Arron Winter. So to answer the question… No! Re-Evolution is NOT joining that New Blood wannabes.

The clip ends.
Having seen the clip, some of the boos actually change into cheers for the former TV Champion.

PH: Team TWOstars is looking the stronger side when you think about whom Fox and Gray have annoyed so far.

JR: Did you hear that Paul? Rebellium have demanded a match tonight and told Winter to send in three of his best.

PH: I have, I can’t believe the three names.

While the duo continues to talk, Eagles has grabbed a mic and is heading into the ring.

JR: Arron has selected Donald Erics, along side him is Lucian L Jones and…. CHRISTOPHER RYAN EAGLES!!!.

PH: Can Chris get along with either of them two?

JR: We will find out tonight.

CRE: To start things off, I am NOT here to talk about Rebellium. I am here to talk about something much more important to me right now. Two weeks ago, I walked into San Antonio with the same chance as everyone else, but I left there with a greater chance of winning the Rumble, as I’m the last man in the match.

JR: Can he do it though Paul?

PH: Eagles has never main evented Wrestlenova, that’ll surely push him to his best.

CRE: Whoever is the World Champion at Nova, be ready, the Cancer is spreading, and it’s ready to take over. 2013 is the year of the Eagle… Christopher Ryan Eagles that is.

Chris Eagles drops the mic, awaiting his music to kick back in, but instead a strange war type of music begins to play…


Suddenly from behind Eagles, two men dressed in camo, and masks jump him. The pair lay into the fallen Eagles driving hard blows to the shoulder and neck area, seemingly trying to hurt him ahead of the big debut for the group later on.

JR: Even Eagles isn’t safe from them.

PH: And Marc and Drew haven’t arrived at the arena yet from what I’ve heard, and Eagles doesn’t have many friends.

For at least two whole minutes, the Cancer is beaten upon when suddenly…



PH: These two men are huge, but are they bigger then the Craft?

Meanwhile the duo in the ring crosses the top and middle ropes, trapping Eagles within.

The Rebellium members stand, waiting for the Craft to appear. In between looking at the crowd and entranceway, the pair appear to have words before…



JR: That’s my line.

The masked men are in fact Drew and Marc Wilkinson. Unsure if Eagles has noticed, Marc slaps him around the face to bring him round. He finally notices and the look of shock, followed by angry appears across his face.

JR: Chaos Dragon face them later tonight in a handicapped match, I thought it had Eagles all over it, but looks like Gray has used his ownership of Dragon’s contract to force it through.

Drew Wilkinson releases Eagles from his trap following a stiff right-handed shot to the jaw, before placing the head of Eagles between his legs…



Suddenly from the back, the biggest rival Eagles has had here sprints out to help. Seeing this the Craft exit the ring just as the King of Bling gets in.

Jones stares a hole through the now former Re-Evolution members as the hurt Eagles calls for a mic.

CRE: You two ungrateful bastards. You want to side with them? Fine, how about this… At Battle Royale, you two jackasses face the most likely team in TWOstars history… Christopher Ryan Eagles and… LUCIAN L JONES BITCHES!!!

The Austin crowd erupt at this. Heyman, Ross and even Lucian himself looks shocked…

Suddenly Paul Gray comes out to meet his newest recruits.

PG: You two are on.


JR: Huge match announced for Pay Per View Paul.

PH: Surely Eagles shouldn’t be going into battle before his biggest chance at being in Main Event.

The screen fades with Gray in between the Wilkinson Brothers…
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Heyman: I think I know whats next...

JR: Thats right! TWOStars newest member is debuting tonight!

Heyman: This man has a lot of potential, but people don't say nice things about his attitude.

Kid Turbo is on his to the ring with a mic. Hi ring gear is bright green shorts, and bright green boots with kickpads. He has a sleeveless shirt that reads 'Make Money' on the front and on the back says 'Take Money' On the way the ring, he gives a fan a hug, but goes into the fans pocket and takes his wallet.

JR: What the hell was that for???!!!

Heyman: I'm loving this!

JR: Thats because you are a terrible person, Paul.

Turbo walks to the ring and begins to talk.

KT: You people, are watching, the debut of the one and only, Kid Turbo. Go ahead, boo me! That man doesn't need any more money! I can tell you for a fact that man has a home, and a family, and can hold a job!

The crowd boos and Turbo gives them the finger.

KT: All of my life, people have pushed me around, and I am defenceless! I am defenceless, because I do not have the most important thing on this planet. Money! Money can get you anything!!! You people probably have money in your pockets, in your bank account, at your house. And all I have is this damn wallet!!! What has the human race come to?

The fans takes money out of their wallets, and wave it in the air, chanting; "We have money! We have money! We have money!"

KT: Ah shut up!!!

Heyman: Show some respect for a rookie!

The fans chant louder.

KT: I used to roam the city of Philadelphia, begging for money, looking for hope, and all I would recieve was dirty looks. I am sick of people who don't care!!! I am more important then you!!! You have everything!!!

The fans continue to chant, so Turbo spits into the crowd, then taunts the fan he took the wallet from by holding it in the air an pointing at him.

KT: I actually once cared about other people. Until I realized nobody cared about me. Thats why I took that fan's wallet!!! He doesn't care about me, so why should I care about him? Sure, you've got your charities, but that money doesn't come to me. That money goes other places. Why? Because you people DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT YOURSELFS!!! You spend money on pointless items, such as drugs, when I could be eating for the first time in weeks with that money! You are selfish!!!!

The fans now chant: "We're unselfish!"

JR: Tell 'him, TWO Universe!

Heyman: You're just as bad as all of them.

KT: You claim you are unselfish? Well you wear your lies like a noose around your neck.

Kid Turbo drops the mic and leaves, holding the wallet high above his head.

JR: That was an interesting debut.

Heyman: You said it. I wasn't expecting him to steal anything.

JR: I guess the rumors were true about his attitude.
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We're back at the arena, it's a strange night already with Kid Turbo stealing money from a fan and two masked men attacking Chris Eagles.The crowd are abuzz with anticipation for a night of great matchups.

JIM ROSS: We're all a little on edge here tonight, first it's those two masked men and now Kid Turbo is openly stealing from our beloved fans!

PAUL HEYMAN: Hey, is Kid Turbo's name Eric Bischoff?

JIM ROSS: That's not funny, Paul! This company is rife with criminal activity!

Suddenly, part of the crowd come alive with amazement, the hard cam zooms in on a figure making his way through the crowd, down an almost endless amount of stairs. Long hair, immaculate suit and an unmistakable grin. Not just any grin.

The Perma-Smirk™.

PAUL HEYMAN: Is that who I think it is?!

Jim Ross is speechless. More for the fact that he believes he'd get in trouble for acknowledging the man coming through the crowd, not that it's ever stopped him from saying anything before.

PAUL HEYMAN: Jim! It totally is!

Paul looks at Jim hand on chin with a sh*t-eating grin on his face.

PAUL HEYMAN: Speechless, Jim? Well, in that case…

As the man continues to stride down the steps with his room illuminating smirk, Paul becomes the one man hype machine we all know he is.

PAUL HEYMAN: Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re witnessing the return of the MAN. The MYTH. And dare I say the legendary nine time World Heavyweight Champion and former TWOStars Television Champion, the man who almost KILLED TWOStars on a whim… Matthew Kennedy Denton is… in… the… HOUSE!

JIM ROSS: I thought we saw the last of him 8 months ago! Bah Gawd, Paul! What the hell is he doing here?!

PAUL HEYMAN: I have no idea! But I’ll tell you what I do know! I’m so happy to see him back!

Finally, he reaches the actual arena floor. He barges through mobs of adoring TWOStars fans to get to the ringside barrier.

PAUL HEYMAN: I think he’s coming our way!

JIM ROSS: I want to know what the hell he’s doing here!

PAUL HEYMAN: The hottest free agent in the business can go where he wants! He doesn’t need your approval, Jim!

JIM ROSS: Hottest free agent? Really, Paul? He’s not been around the wrestling business at all in the past 8 months and he’s now magically the hottest free agent in the business?

PAUL HEYMAN: I have it on good authority that he’s turned away million dollar contracts every day since he disappeared from our screens eight months ago.

JIM ROSS: Disappeared? Need I remind you wha-

PAUL HEYMAN: Don’t you dare ruin this for me!

Matthew arrives to just behind the announce position. Paul swivels his chair around to greet Denton with a friendly handshake. Jim seems non-plussed about Denton’s return. Denton points to the spare headset on the desk, usually reserved for actual announce table guests. Paul hands it to him with glee.

PAUL HEYMAN: Welcome back, Matt! We’ve missed you!

Denton props himself on the barricade as security approaches. Health and safety mongers, plus they’re certain that Matt isn’t supposed to actually be a part of the show. Denton raises his hand, which is holding a ticket, mouthing back off as he does so. He slips the headset on with his other hand.

MATT DENTON: Yeah, back off compadres! Paul, it’s great to see you again. Jim… Yeah, no. I’m not happy to see you again. You still look like you haven’t cracked a smile since nineteen dickety two. When, as we all know, dickety was a number.

PAUL HEYMAN: Enough about him, what are you doing here?

MATT DENTON: Well, I’ll tell you what I’m not doing here… I’m not here to get in that ring. I’ve been eight months ring free. Aren’t you proud of me?

JIM ROSS: Can we get on with the show, please?

MATT DENTON: Woah, now Jim. I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled programming… There’s just a few things I want to say first…

On a dime, Matt’s Permasmirk™ disappears. He looks disgusted. He looks at Paul and then Jim.

MATT DENTON: Guys, do you smell that?

PAUL HEYMAN: Yeah… What is that?

JIM ROSS: I don’t smell anything.

MATT DENTON: Smells like Christopher Eagles just shat himself!

PAUL HEYMAN: Hahaha! What did he just take an armdrag or something?

MATT DENTON: I wouldn’t be surprised! Anyway, I just wanted to make my monthly venture into a TWOSTars arena and put the fear of God into Eagles. I’ll let you continue with whatever it is you do now. Take it easy, Paul. Later, TWOFace.

Matt whips the headset off and chucks it onto the table. He gives a knowing nod to Heyman upon departure. At the very least, Jim seems happier now that Matt is no longer badgering them at ringside. Instead, Matt saunters to his seat which happens to be dead center opposite the hard cam.

PAUL HEYMAN: It’s really good to see Matt again. I kinda wish he’d get back in the ring and wrestle!

JIM ROSS: Matt’s a hell of a talent, but some things never change…

PAUL HEYMAN: What’s that supposed to mean?

JIM ROSS: His attitude stinks!

PAUL HEYMAN: Jealousy, Jim. Pure jealousy…

Jim sighs as we cut to…

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The theme to Rebellium plays as the crowd anticipate the arrival of the newly formed stable. The crowd look all over to try and find the masked thugs with the help of the spot light. The TWO stars universe start to scream when they see one lone masked man in the middle of the crowd. The man with the skull balaclava and army trousers has his arms crossed before gradually walking down to the stairs.

JR-“Wow, just the one lone member? I wonder what this is all about.”

PH-“It’s all about making a statement. It may be from one to them all, they are here for change and they won’t stop until they get it!”

The lone masked Rebellium member gets to the security rail and jumps over it. He looks around the arena before making his way into the ring. He demands a microphone and snatches one off the announcer. He goes to the middle of the ring and demands that the lights are dimmed and the spotlight is the only source of light shining.

“Forgive me for I have sinned…I have let corruption and mistreatment go in this cesspool of a company.”

The crowd boo loudly when the words spoken reveal to be that from Dan Fox. Fox takes the balaclava off his face to reveal himself to the public and the TWO stars universe.

DF-“As you forgive me, I will forgive you all for not seeing the light so sooner! I will forgive you for your minds being brain washed by this organisation that emphasises everything wrong with pro wrestling. You have been led by a fiend in disguise. You have been directed by a man who is unfit to serve. You have been hypnotised into thinking this company is good, this company should be great….but it’s not.”

The crowd boo loudly to Fox’s claims.

DF-“You see this s**t has been going on for long enough. Last week Rebellium showed the world that we are the real. We are here to stay and that we are going to take over. Later on you will see one general manager make the right choice and resign! Later on you will see Arron Winter shake in his over sized feet. We have already made impacts and shocked you all tonight by managing to make the craft. A loyal tag team to a so-called title contender saw the mistreatment they were getting and joined our cause. For that we welcome the craft with open arms and call them our brothers. And for the record, you will see the craft exert their full potential when they defeat Chris Eagles and Lucian Jones as Battle Royale.”

The crowd chant “You suck. You Suck. You Suck!” at Fox.

DF-“Winter has tried to stop us by setting up this six man tag match tonight, a match will I will direct my brothers in. You will not stop us, you will not harm us, but by all means we will harm you. Let tonight’s 6 man tag team match be an example of why you cannot stop us. Let this be an metaphor of the dying general that just can’t accept defeat. I’m sure you will give your orders of attack but it will mean mere nothing, because when I tell the hungry dogs who are dying to sink their teeth into our opponents that there is fresh meat on the table, they are going to maul and maim! They are going to get us our pound of flesh that we have solely deserved to rip off from the bodies of everyone that treated us badly! Now it’s time that Rebellium shows how deadly we are in attack, with no mercy and no regret.”


DF-“And then there’s the rumble. A match I apparently shouldn’t have been a part of but I am anyway because no general manager can book s**t. Bryan Dammage thinks he is the saviour with white wings to this company. Bryan Dammage thinks with one swipe of his fist that he can end this “Invasion” of the company. Bryan Dammage is not the same man I saw when I first came into this company. He has realised the incredible mentality I have along with my brothers at Rebellium. He saw that I never give up when I have a cause in front of me….You should have just gave me my respect that I earned when we fought in the cell. And now look at you, YOU’RE NOT EVEN BOOKED FOR THIS SHOW!! YOU CAN’T EVEN WIN AGAINST THE LIKES OF CHRIS EAGLES.! YOU ARE AN F*****G HAS BEEN! And I did it all by myself when I became your death and ended every opportunity you were handed. When you kissed Winter’s ass I made sure that seal to his foul rear was worthless! I along with Rebellium have attacked you and what have you shown for it? You cower away and wait til the pay per view, you don’t come out and make a stand, you are now in fear….of me! And it will be an honour to end this once of for all at Battle Royale when I end your hopes of a easy rumble win by pinning you 1, 2, 3. I will end you when I eliminate you from the rumble and end your title hopes. Audience, let’s this be an example here. This is a man you cheer to save the day, but where is he? This is a man who should show you what you should do in wrestling, earning title shots and providing epic matches. But he hasn’t. I’ve exploited him as the piece of dirt he is, and I will kill his legacy at Battle Royale. So Bryan, wherever you are. Enjoy these last moments you have reigning TWO stars as a king, because by the time I’m done with you, you were be a mere pauper that is forgotten by the masses!”

Fox smirks as the crowd boo loud with the chants of “DAMMAGE!” echoing around the arena, hoping that the legend will make an appearance. The P.A system guys get ready for someone popping up…but its general manager Winter’s music much to the crowd’s delight as the Estonian appears on the stage. He immediately demands his music is cut as he gets’ his microphone ready to confront Fox.

JR-“Here we go!”

PH-“Now this is about to get interesting!”

AW-“You son of a bitch. You come in here walking like you own the place and claiming these fans are being misled? You and your group are the ones that are misleading our fans by bullying them and my roster into thinking that change is needed by force? I will never give you, Gray or anyone the opportunity to take this company over for your own personal gains. That’s what really is ironic, you want change and if you get it, you’ll do it for you own goods, you won’t give everyone the same treatment, I know is taking from Eagles book but you aren’t the saviours of TWO Stars…you’re the cancer of TWO stars. You’re a little tumour that needs to be eradicated. And believe me in this war Fox…you will be eradicated.”

Winter gets in the ring to a big cheer, which gets the crowd to go “WINTER! WINTER! WINTER!” Fox smirks as he ignores the crowd and gets right into Arrons personal space.

Fox-“Bullys? Bias? You assume the absolute worst of me and I’m not surprised by it. You will call us, the ones imaged by you as the bad guys and associate us with the negatives. But who was the bully when they screwed me around with referees and decisions? Who was the bully when they challenged Paul Gray, who isn’t a wrestler, to a match? Who was the biased one when they granted title shots left right and centre to people that didn’t deserve it? Oh Gilmore was a success wasn’t he? You are worse than me and I pray for the day to come soon when you are on your knees begging for forgiveness. Hell even the one little thing I’ve only ever asked you for and you still don’t acknowledge or grant it despite everything I’ve done for this company!”

AW-“Oh what’s that then?”

DF-“You don’t know?!”

AW-“No tell me, Dan, what was it you’re after!”

DF-“You want me to scream it in your face?!”

AW-“Why don’t you then huh!”

DF-“GIVE ME THE RESPECT!!! GIVE ME MY DAMN RESPECT! I have never….EVER asked for a easy ride in this company. I have never asked for title shots, I have always given you my energy in the matches I create. You don’t see me asking for title shots, but you see me stick with my plans and goals! Winter, you’ll see that tonight! In fact, why don’t we see it right now huh?”

Fox drops the mic as he warms his arms up.

AW-“I’ll respect you when you earn it by being the better man.”

Fox pushes Winter, trying to instigate a fight between the two. Winter brushes off his suit and shakes his head.

AW-“My fighting days are over, you won’t get what you want off me!”

Dan slaps hard Winter’s face, which brings about “Oh’s!” from the crowd Winter’s face turns red with anger and despite his restraints, he takes his jacket off and his tie, much to the crowd’s delight. The two square off with each other as they look like they are about to go….But Bryan Dammage’s music hit’s and he appears on the stage to storm down to the ring.

JR-“Oh come on not again!”

PH-“The new identified members are here to make a statement, Gray & Fox will always be one step ahead.”

He gets to the bottom outside the ring but it met with an attack from the newly revealed members of Rebellium the craft! The giants attack the veteran and drag him across to the top of the stage, much to Fox’s delight. He laughs and points at the act to Winter to show he is one step ahead as the Craft continue the beat down. They get to the steel stage as Drew powerslams him on the hard stage, causing Bryan to retract his arms in pain. The gigantic tag team roar out loud to remind the crowd of his dominance as the pair grab Dammage by the throat.

JR-“Oh no…”

The pair smile with each other as they chokeslam Dammage through the stage! The Craft shout at the crowd as they retreat back to avoid the faces coming down for a attack. The emt’s arrive immediately to check on the main eventer, but the crowd cheers as from behind Kyle Gilmore attacks Fox from behind! The crowd goes nuts as Gilmore hits punch after punch on the technical mauler. Fox pushes Kyle off as he tries to get up, but Gilmore immediately smashes Dan’s jaw with the Klap!


Kyle goes outside to grab a steel chair as Winter leaves to check on Dammage. He shouts at Fox to get back up, who eventually does, Kyle dents Fox’s skull with the chair shot! Gilmore beats his chest before quickly dropping the chair to go into the crowd as Rebellium storms down for the save. Fox gets back on his feet, busted open and bleeding from the head as a result of that chair shot. Gilmore high fives the crowd shouting “Who’s the nobody now?” and smirking as his music gets played. Fox looks down and smiles, acknowledging Kyle got the upper hand this round, but that he has the back up and the brains to beat him. Rebellium disperse back into the crowd. Winter nods at Gilmore while he’s on the stage, but turns his attentions back to Dammage, who is still being seen to by the EMT’s.


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We cut to backstage, more specifically the office of Co-GM Arron Winter, the dour faced Estonian deep in conversation with someone, but right now the camera isn’t letting us see who…

AW: …I know you’re upset, and I understand that you want to get a measure of payback, but I’m not about to let you stomp around unchecked! Let’s not forget your little outburst about putting me out of a job on the last show.

The camera pulls back to reveal a disgruntled looking Christopher Ryan Eagles, the Cancer of TWOStars sat across the desk from Winter, arms folded, a scowl on his face.

AW: Pout all you like, I’ve given you the match you wanted at the PPV, so you should be grateful…


The door to Winter’s office flings open, Lucian jones immediately storming through and jabbing an accusatory finger in Eagles’ direction.



Immediately Eagles begins to rise from his chair, only to find Jones glaring him down…

LLJ: Sit yo’ a*s down befo’ I knock yo’ a*s out!


Eagles may not be happy about it, but he obliges and retakes his seat on Winter’s plush office furniture. Jones turns his attention to Winter now, leaning on the boss’ desk, looking Winter dead in the eye.

LLJ: No! This…

Lucian gestures between himself and Eagles.

LLJ: …Ain’t happenin’ son! Team with this douchebag? Are y’all outta yo’ tiny mind? Have y’all forgotten what this skidstain has done over the years? Bitch, you gotta be at least 51 varieties of crazy if you think I’m teamin’ up with Fugly McBackstabber over here! And don’t even get me started on that a*shat Denton showing his face! The hell is wrong with this damn place?!

CRE: Hey!!

Lucian’s head whips in Eagles direction, an unamused eyebrow shooting skywards.

LLJ: I said SHUT. UP. Y’all are fugly, and a backstabber, and a douchebag, and there ain’t no way on God’s green Earth that I’m teaming with y’all. The only reason I came to the ring earlier was to get me a piece of those Rebellium a-holes!


LLJ: Hell, they could stomp yo’ a*s flat and I wouldn’t care less!

It looks like Eagles has finally had enough and rises from his seat, getting all up in Lucian’s grill (as I believe the youth say).

CRE: Is that so?

LLJ: Believe it b*tch!

Winter also stands gesturing for both men to back off.

AW: Look, I know it’s not perfect but Gray’s a very real threat to this company. He’s got his troops all in line, whereas I’m trying to deal with a bunch of squabbling and infighting!! I need all hands on deck to deal with this…

Lucian breaks into a laugh, causing Winter to stop mid-sentence.

AW: Something amusing you, Jones?

LLJ: I knew it! I knew it from the second I walked back in here! What did I tell y’all when I first came back? I ain’t getting’ involved in yo’ power struggle. But Gray, Fox, and the rest of those balaclava b*tches? They made this personal, so they gonna get theirs.


LLJ: Y’all seriously think I’m gonna forget about you puttin’ me in a gauntlet match to try and punish me? Y’all expect me to just come runnin’ at yo’ beck and call ev’ry time you get yo’ stupid a*s into trouble? Nuh-uh. The best thing y’all can do is stay the hell outta my way.

Eagles snorts derisively, scoffing at the bravado of the King of Bling.

CRE: You seriously think you can take on the whole Rebellium by yourself?

LLJ: Or die tryin’.

CRE: Here’s hoping.

Again Jones and Eagles bristle, causing Winter to roll his eyes in desperation.

AW: You pair need to knock it off and get on the same page ahead of this PPV match. That’s why I’m putting you in a 6 man tag tonight. You will learn to work together if it kills you both!

Lucian throws his hands in the air (almost as if he just don’t care), making his way towards the office door.

LLJ: Whatever, I’ll be in the ring later, let’s see if y’all can keep up.

Lucian moves to exit the room, only to find the figure of Donald Erics making his way in.

DE: Oh, Mr Jones! I’ve got to say, I’m very excited about getting chance to tag with y…

Lucian holds up a hand, instantly silencing the rookie. His Highness of Flyness slowly looks Erics up and down, the youngster nervously smiling in the King of Bling’s direction.

LLJ: Yeah, we’ll see…

And with that Jones is gone and out of sight. Donald looks off in the direction Jones left in, before turning his attention back to the current occupants of the office. The rookie’s face looks somewhat worried.

DE: What did he mean by that?

AW: Don’t worry, he’ll come round, just worry about this match later and showing Gray if he wants this place he’s gonna have a hell of a fight on his hands! That goes for you too, Eagles. Now let’s talk about a gameplan…

The shot fades out as Donald Erics, Eagles, and Winter confer ready for later…


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The TWOSTARS logo flashes on screen as we rejoin from commercial. The camera pans around, showing the roaring Texas crowd eager for more action. Frankie Thompson signs appear to be the most popular and there are more than a few Lucian L. Jones tee. The camera cuts to the familiar commentary pairing of fan favourite Jim Ross and former ECW maestro Paul Heyman.

JR: Welcome back to this wonderfully exciting edition of XTV. We are having a blast, aren't we Paul?

PH: That's right we certainly are, a show made all the more exciting by the surprise return of one of my personal all time favourites, Matt Denton.

JR: Yeah, it sure looked liked you enjoyed that. You were like a kid in a candy store.

PH: So what? Just because I can recognise talent when I see it, Jim. You don't have to get all upset now.

Heyman smirks, and JR quickly moves on.

JR: If you say so Paul. Anyway, moving on swiftly. It appears that we can go live to our backstage interview area, as Josh Mathews is about to be joined at this time by none other than the number one contender for the TWOSTARS Heavyweight Championship, Frankie Thompson.

We cut to the backstage area in question, just as Paul Heyman can be heard muttering scornfully under his breath. Josh Mathews awaits with a microphone in his hand, a pleasant smile on his face.

JM: Thank you Jim. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is with great pleasure I introduce to you the man who will go one on on with Hayden Dyas at the next Pay-Per-View event for the World Heavyweight Title, Leith's own, Frankie Thompson!

The camera pans around slightly as Frankie Thompson walks into shot, standing in front in a massive TWOSTARS logo and dressed casually in his customary tight fitting denim jeans and merch tee. There's a small smile on his face, contrary to the dark mood that had previously been seen from him over much of the previous few weeks, and it would seem the opportunity to get his hands on the champion, and subsequently defeat him last week has done him the world of good.

JM: First of all Frankie, congratulations on an excellent victory last week. How does it feel to have finally gotten some redemption on Hayden Dyas last week?

FT: Thank you, once again Josh, for such a warm welcome. It is greatly appreciated. How did it feel getting my hands on Dyas last week? Well, without wanting to beat around the bush Josh, it felt absolute bloody brilliant. Hayden Dyas insulted me, insulted my family, insulted every one of these great fans who pay our wages, and even put my father in hospital. So you ask how it felt Josh, it felt like this: I have enjoyed nothing more since joining this company, than locking in the Final Hit on Hayden Dyas, planting his head into the canvas, and pinning him 1, 2, 3.

Ever since Dead End, my mind had been consumed by this constant, aching, never ending yearning for redemption. To get my hands on the man that had caused my family harm. And I'll be the first to step up and admit that it took me to places inside my own head that I'd never been before, and brought out a side of me that I wasn't sure even existed. It was like a deep, black abyss within my own consciousness, consumed with nothing but pure and utter longing for revenge. And last week, thank's to my good friend Arron Winter, I got to act upon these thoughts and feelings. I got exactly what I wanted. Hayden Dyas's head, on a plate.

As he recalls his recent feelings, the pure, raw emotion can be heard in Frankie's voice, almost Cactus-esque.

FT: And in doing so, it was like a being awoken from a deep sleep Josh. Like a long bad dream. I had awoken, in front of thousands of screaming fans chanting my name and the referee holding my arm in the air. It was almost beautiful.

And now? The consequences of last week's events are possibly even more pronounced than anyone would think to realise, because what it has done, is released me from my stupor. It has allowed light back into my mind and awoken me from the dark, rage consumed place that I had been for a month. But magic like that always leaves a trace Josh, it leaves a mark. Not a scar, or a wound. This is a mark that you can't see. It's the memory of what took me to that place.

At this point Frankie stares straight down the camera lens, pointing with his forefinger as if he was inches from the face of a rival.

FT: So yeah, I'm back! Fun time Frankie is back in business, but Hayden Dyas listen up and listen good, I have not forgotten, and I will not forget, what you have done over the past few months. All that has happened now is my mind is more focussed than ever, upon capturing that World Heavyweight Title. The flagrant rage has subsided, but it has been replaced with knowledgeable, calculated desire. I'm coming to take that TWOSTARS Championship, and I'll give you another, well desvered ass whooping to go with it. Get ready Dyas, we're gonna have some fun!

And with these final words, the emotional but focussed Frankie Thompson gives a final smile down the camera, before turning to Josh to shake his hand. He pats the interviewer on the back, and walks out of the set. Josh again addresses the camera.

JM: Well, all I can say after that is wow. I very telling insight into the current state of mind of Frankie Thompson, opening himself up for us all to see like never before. Back to you Jim.

We cut back to the commentary team.

JR: Thanks Josh, yes indeed very powerful words from the young Scotsman. Great to see that he's feeling so positive. I'm not sure Hayden Dyas will be sitting all that comfortably after hearing that.

These words result in a very noticeable scoff from his co-commentator Paul Heyman.

PH: Once again Jim, you prove how unknowledgeable about talent you really are. Hayden Dyas is the World Champion. He's a tremendous athlete, which he has on numerous occasions proven and I'm sure he's not at all worried about little Frankie Thompson.

JR: After the performance young Thompson put in last week, he sure is hell should be. Anyway moving on, next up tonight we have a huge six man tag match featuring the team of Chris Eagles, Lucian L. Jones and Donald Erics up against the group calling themselves Rebellium.
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We cut backstage to see Brice Perrino sulking on top of some packing crates. He's tapping away at an Ipad when we here his phone go off. Brice extricates the phone from his suit jacket and answers it.

BP: Brice Perrino S'up..... Really? Both of them?..... Brotacular! What was the offer?...... And the other one?......... awesome. Well keep 'em guessing Bro and we'll clean up.

Brice hangs up the call, places the phone in his pocket and saunters off down the corridor smiling to himself. A nearby cleaner spots that Brice has left his Ipad on the crate and shouts down the hall after him waving the expensive tech in the air.

Cleaner: Mr Perrino! You left this behind!

Perrino turns round and smiles his megawatt grin.

BP: Bro, it's all yours....

And with that Brice wanders off around a corner leaving a very surprised but happy cleaner with a brand new Ipad.

The Fury

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Josh Matthews is styling his hair, making sure it is ok as he gets ready for the latest interview. He gets the thumbs up from the camera man in the back as he looks straight at the camera get ready for the interview.

JM-“Ladies and gentlemen with me right now…Chaos Dragon.”

The crowd cheers loudly as the chaotic one emerges from the back, he looks up and down at Josh Matthews in disgust.

CD-“You have to be the gayest person that’s ever interviewed me.”

The crowd laugh loudly as Matthews tries to put on a brave face despite Dragons cheeky shot at him.

JM-“Moving on..”

CD-“Oh don’t do you s**t now dude. Let’s actually get to the point which everyone at TWO stars want to know…Are you infact a f****t?”

JM-“What? No! I have a wife!”

CD-“Really, good cover!”

The crowd’s laughter gets even louder as Matthews sulks his head down as the barrage continues. But Josh does what he can to move on as soon from the topic as possible, but the chaotic one doesn’t.

CD-“It’s ok, we all now know that really you want to feel up Paul Gray.”

JM-“What are you talking about! He’s not the type I’d go for I-“

Matthews realises that he has misspoken his words that implicate a huge laugh from Chaos Dragon. He then makes the hand signs of a finger going into a finger hole which gets Josh red faced. The camera shakes as the cameraman struggles to contain his laughter. Chaos Dragon then opens his hand to physically hint to Josh Matthews to hand over the microphone. Josh reluctantly hands the microphone over despite the embarrassment of being humiliated in public in front of thousands of fans and his fellow peers. He looks straight at the camera followed by a quick whistle. He seems puzzled before trying to whistling again for someone, possibly Fluffy or Tinkerbell. He waves his arms away and proceeds to carry on with his own personal interview.

CD-“Ladies and gentlemen, last week the chaotic one left with a cliff hanger about possibly being forced to join Rebellium. I am here to say that joining that gay orgy gang would be the last thing that big sexy himself would ever do!”

The crowd cheers loudly.

CD-“Watch what I speak universe, I am here in SUPPORT of the Estonian nightmare! I am here to fight to save the good from being raped by the evil, the Kobe Bryant way that is! I am here to stop the venom spreading to engulf the good guys of TWO stars. I fight for the good guys!”


CD-“So Paul Gray, you little fat tumour that eats too much big macs and s**ts out houses! I will NEVER be a part of Rebellium, I refuse to fight my friends, I refuse to work with the most retarded men I’ve ever seen in my life, hell even Forrest Gump is more appealing to hang out with than Christopher Ryan Eagles….I’m sure that guy f**ks his sister.”

The crowd laugh followed by DRAGON! DRAGON! DRAGON!

CD-“So Arron and I will get my contract sorted out and I will as free as a bird baby! With no obligations and complications to fight the good guys. I will help to end Rebelliums little invasion as fast as how quick the XFL died!”

Coughing can be heard which distracts dragon, who looks over and pauses. His body language immediately shows to the crowd that he’s in. The camera gradually moves to the left hand side to reveal Paul Gray, with a sinister grin on his face as he sarcastically pats Chaos Dragons back.

CD-“What’s up paedo Paul, looking for a big mac or a under age girl?”

PG-“For the last time don’t call me paedo Paul!”

CD-“I’ll believe when you next try go after a blonde girl!”

PG-“She told me she was eighteen!…Enough of this crap dragon.”

CD-“Or else what douchebag? You going to send your s****y super retarded bad guy squad on me?”

PG-“Those good men are only after change, a change better for each and every one of us. Why can’t you understand that?”

CD-“Because you really are only in it to make yourselves better, not the real guys that put their hard work into making this company great!”

The crowd cheers loudly as Dragon supports TWO stars. Gray shakes his head and sarcastically claps his hands.

PG-“I don’t think you understand your position. You are under MY jurisdiction. Your are a part of PG entertainment…Making you MY PROPERTY! And under this contract, to which you agreed and signed without outside interference, means you will do what I will advise you to do. Which is your match with Christopher Ryan Eagles has been changed…..To a handicap match against the craft.”

The crowd boo the decision.

CD-“Why the hell would you do that?”

PG-“They craft revealed themselves to be proudly a part of Rebellium, they ripped off their balaclavas and put a dent into Christopher Ryan Eagles’ little positive run he’s had. They deserve a reward and quite frankly I have fed them you.”

CD-“I hope you get aids in your anus.”

PG-“Funny…Very funny! Brice has approved everything in what may be his final act as general manager of TWO Stars. This beating Dragon will make you remember how much power I have now. I’m not the same man you saw me as before, I have become a force. And with my advice and through the voices of others, I will be the face of an invasion. Tonight Dragon you are sacrificed for rewards to our brothers, but next week you will be part of something truly spectacular! You will reap the benefits of a empire…Commanded, conquered and rejuvenated…by us!”

CD-“You probably get rejuvenated by donkey penis…”

The crowd laugh loud as Gray sarcastically smiles back at Dragon.

PG-“Try all you want you ungrateful little p***k…but you can’t get out of this contract with me unless I sign! Infact I think next show you’ll be apologising to the craft in the middle of that ring, for all that you did to them.”

Dragon looks at Gray weirdly.

CD-“Are you on crack?”

PG-“Sober as a judge, your going to apologise and tell Winter where to shove it!”
CD-“I’m not going to do that; you must be out of your mind dude.”

PG-“You’re my property, you’ll do what I tell you!”

CD-“I’M NO ONES PROPERTY YOU FAT SON OF A BITCH! The only people that I care about are the fans! As long as they chant my name, I’ll keep fighting for the RIGHT cause. So take your little contract and shove it your fat ass along with the hamsters you shove up there!”

PG-“THEN WHY DON’T YOU TRY GET OUT OF THEN! Huh? You can’t dragon. I signed you under the legal conditions and unless you can find some sort of miracle loop hole in my contract. So get your lawyers off Winter and spent your pennies as much as you want because at the end of the day the court will PAUL GRAY in favour. And then you will give me the respect that I have earned along with the brothers of Rebellium! So less of your tongue and more appreciation! You’re going to get washed up, you’re going to take your sacrifice, and next show…I think I’ll order you some new wrestling gear to wear. That look is so…Indie-rrific. What do you think about that?”

CD-“I feel like shoving that camera down your throat and killing you…”

PG-“Oh very funny!”

CD-“Who said I was joking…”

The crowd laugh at Dragon’s response. Gray has a big grin on his face. Dragon licks his fingers as he continues to stare down Paul Gray.

CD-“You won’t get away with this doctor dick head. I will get out of this and then be the first to rip your god damn head off. I think my pets will get in on it too!”

PG-“You can try, but you know it’ll never happen. Good luck….You’ll need it.”

Gray purposely laughs out loud as he walks away in the distance. He brushes his jacket off before walking, with the camera revealing that he is meeting the craft. The tag team smile as they high five Paul. Drew Wilkinson makes the cut throat sign as they walk off in the distance. Dragon punches a wall in anger, the first he’s visibly been since his arrival at TWO stars.

Tinkerbell arrives making the call for her master. He pets the camel as Dragon looks back at the trio walking away. He smiles and gets on Tinkerbell. He signals the camel to charge as it speeds towards the trio of Gray and The Craft. Tinkerbell the camel makes a noise as it dashes, making the trio look back and drastically dash out of the way of the camel, causing them to jolt to the sides.


Dragon storms off with his pet camel as he goes further out of scope. The craft are wanting to chase after him, but Paul Gray intervenes and insists they save their energy for later on with the match against Dragon tonight.


The first apple tree.
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We cut to the backstage area where number one contender for the TWOSTARS's World Heavyweight Title, Frankie Thompson is seen dressed in casual clothing exiting his locker room. He looks to be in a cheerful mood, and indeed positively smiles when he rounds the corridor corner and walks straight into TWOSTARS Co-GM, and personal friend of Thompson, Arron Winter.

Winter looks grateful to see Frankie.

AW: Frankie, m'boy. Just the man I was coming to see, just the man.

Still smiling, Frankie repsonds.

FT: Well, ya found me! What can I do for you captain?

AW: Well I'm here to let you know that you're in the main event tonight.

FT: Excellent! Excellent. Who am I up against? Ohh, I'd love another crack at the d*ck Dyas before the Pay-Per-View.

With these words, the smile on Winter's face falters ever so slightly, and there is a definite hint of caution in his next words.

AW: You know if it was up to me, you'd have that chance. But you see, er, the thing is, I didn't make this match. The Anonymous GM has really put his foot down about it. I think he sees it as only fair, giving that you got exactly what you wanted last week.

It is the turn of Frankie's cheerful expression to falter, but only for a split second before he continues on.

FT: Huh, I see. Well, never mind! I'm sure I'm more than capable of going up against whoever that damn GM has cooked up for me. Give me the worst Arron.

AW: Ok. Tonight you're going up against a newcomer. His name is Lord Bison.

FT: Lord Bison?

The Leith man repeats the name, a curious expression developing on his face as he strains his memory in an attempt to recall any information he may possess on his opponent for this evening.

FT: I don't think I've ever heard of him. Who's Lord Bison?

The words are barely out of his mouth when, just behind the left shoulder of Frankie Thompson, a door opens and then subsequently slams shut, as the monstrous 6'8'' frame of a human being walks into the corridor. Deep, heavy breathing and grunting can be heard, and slowly Frankie turns his head around over his shoulder, and finds himself face to face with a 300lb, masked behemoth of a man.

The man takes a step forward, and in deep, low, rumbling voice, slowly utters three simple words.

LB: I'm. Lord. Bison.

And with that, he leaves the scene, walking away from the two men, who watch Lord Bison's giant frame and back slowly disappear down the corridor, before it vanishes completely around a corner.

Frankie is a left with a mixed looked on his face, somehow combining both surprise and impressed. He slowly nods his head appreciatively, his bottom lipped curved outward before saying;

FT: So. That's Lord Bison. Well, it certainly looks like I have a match on my hands. Tell the Anon-Gm thanks a bunch Arron! I better go prepare, I think I'm gonna need it!

Winter bids his number one contender farewell as Frankie turns on his heel and heads in the opposite direction.
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America Bang is playing loudly throughout the arena as Frankie Thomson makes his entrance

JR: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, It's time for our main event, Frankie is looking more like his old self today that wide smiles back on his face and the fans seem as happy as me to see it!

PH: we'll see how happy he is in about 5 minutes, have you had a look at this Lord Bison guy? He's a walking block of solid muscle!

JR: I've seen vid.....

American bang cuts out as Frankie climbs into the ring, the lights cut out

PH: What the hell is going on?

JR: The power seems to have cut out Paul

As if on cue the tron turns on to show the masked face of Lord Bison, who breathes deeply before beginning to speak

LB: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it would appear that you are All very excited to see our fun loving friend Frankie Thomson. I have to say Mr Thomson, that it is refreshing to see a man such as you, so much joy taken and given in fair measure with this collection of people.

The crowd and Frankie seem to puzzled as to what is happening

JR: I..

JR's mic cuts out as he attempts to speak, his voice can be heard faintly explaining to Heyman that his mic has been cut off

LB: I would prefer It James, if you could keep your commentary silent for the following few moments. Thank you. Well Frankie, I have to say I have been very impressed by what I have seen from you, your skills are of a very high standard, and your confidence is admirable.... But mistaken.

Frankie's expression changes from puzzled to a confident grin

LB: It is a terrible shame that you have been selected as my opening opponent as I was enjoying your progression, the fire in your eyes as you tore apart Hayden Dyas was pure intensity unadulterated and unwavering. I admire a man who can channel his emotion, but my admiration will not save you.

Bison bows his head for a second before returning to stare down at Frankie via the tron

LB: This is not personal Frankie, it is purely business, I am sorry It must be so soon and at such a time as this, so close to your title match, the injured champion seeking redemption for his past sins, versus the young determined upstart desperate to be validated as the best and present his fallen father with the belt and say, Father this is for you all the pain, all the sorrow worth it as we've done it.

The crowd cheer at the thought of Frankie being the Champion

LB: Yes ladies and gentlemen what a sight that would be. Unfortunately Mr Thomson, I must also be unwavering, not in anger but in my task, my employer demands I take no prisoner, I give no quarter I will make this as swift as possible, but alas I can not promise a painless experience. Pain is my only promise. And after I have delivered this, then

I Will Break You.

The tron cuts off leaving the arena pitch black the commentary teams mics are live again however

JR: well that was... Odd, what an intense individual

The lights flash back on, the crowd share a panicked yell

PH: Oh my God, look at the size of that man!

JR: He's right behind Frankie and he has no idea he's there!!!


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Donald Erics is whistling happily as he walks down the corridor, he see's his friend Chaos Dragon storming down opposite

DE: Mr Dragon!

Don puts his hand out to shake with his wide grin showing, Dragon stops stares up at Don whose beaming grin appears to be permanent, after a few awkward moments he finally cracks and positions Dons hand for a high five and slaps it

CD: Sup dude?

DE: Everything okay Mr Dragon, you don't seem too happy, are you looking for your pets because I saw Mr Tinkerbell outside and there was a Yak in Eagles' locker room I heard him shouting at it.

CD: Really? Ha ha, what a douche. I gotta go dude, catch you later?

DE: Okay, I'll see you later

Dragon sets off walking again apparently deep in thought,

DE: Dang! I almost forgot, Mr Dragon, MrDragon!

CD: Whats up Dude?

DE: Today for your match, would you like me to come down with ya? Cheer ya on? I mean I can't help with the rules n'all but I'll sure as heck make sure they don't cheat either!

Dragon nods at don after a seconds pause

CD: Sure dude, That'd be cool, you can keep those tubby tards away from Tinkerbell too! See ya out there.

DE: Sure thing Mr Dragon

They both go there separate ways as Don makes his way up the corridor


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PH: He doesn't appear to be listening Jim!

JR: Frankie made the ropes Paul, he made the damn ropes! Bison isn't here to win he's here to hurt people!

PH: He never said he was Jim, he promised pain and he's delivering it!

JR: It ain't right damn it!

Bison is wrenching down and the screaming Frankie Thomsons leg as he clutches the bottom rope, the ref is trying to pry his hands from Frankie

PH: Get in there in help Jim, if your so worried! Buy you're on your own if you do.

More referees have joined the attempt at freeing Frankie, joined also by Tony Young and Disco D causing Bison to break his grip and throw various referees out of thering

JR: Thank the lord for that! Looks like Frankies friends are looking to get them some of Lord Nison

Disco D lunges to tackle Bison but is gripped viscously with a standing guillotine and shook violently

PH: Holy crap, Disco D is being handled like an insect here Jim

Tony Young jumps on the back of Bison as Frankie is pulled from the ring by EMT's and referees,

JR: He has just tossed a 250 pound man out of the ring like a rag doll, GET OUT OF THERE TONY!

Bison reaches behind his head to grip the back of his head and deliver a backpack jaw breaker

PH: This does not look good for Tony young JR

JR: Oh my goodness whats he doing now?

Bison lifts Tony young onto his shoulder and delivers a thundering Scolds Bridle leaving Young a still heap on the ground

JR: Is he still alive? That man is a wild animal Paul, he should not be allowed around human beings!!

Bison stands in thecentre of the ring holding the straps of his vest gazing up onto the tron as the remaining TWO Staff get Tony Young out of harms way

PH: look at the carnage JR, He looks to be laughing at the chaos he's caused

Bison's shoulders are jumping slightly as he leaves the ring without looking behind at the wreckage he's caused

The TWO Logo shows on screen as the show ends


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We see footage from a home video showing a young Donald Erics wrestling somewhat in eagerly with his young friends. the footage is shown as Donald Erics speaks over it

DE: Ever since I was a young boy I always loved to wrestle, I wrestled everyone I could whenever I could, not many of my friends were too keen but boy did I have fun haha.

The video now shows Erics in high school competing against much larger guys with the faintest hint of a moustache showing above his lip

DE: High School was a whole new ball game for me, I loved professional wrestling from day one, so I took up wrestling thinking It would be like on TV but boy was I wrong, wrestling's just about the hardest, funnest thing a young man can do, sure was tough on me but I just always did ma best and got where I wanted

Erics is now shown lifting his NCAA medal now sporting a thick bush on his top lip

DE: winning that championship meant just about as much to me as anything in my whole life! There was some great tough guys competing but I just trained hard and I guess I got lucky, ha ha

We now see Erics on his debut match climbing the top rope and picking up the win with the Dons away big splash

DE: Wow, now this was surreal seeing myself here in T W O. On TV where all my heroes have been competing and doing there thing, was a real blast, one of my happiest times. But boy do I look goofy! But it sure is fun being here

It now shows footage of Erics pinning Eagles followed by his and Dragons Tag win and a small montage of he and Dragons interactions

DE: Wow, Beating Mr Eagles was one lucky and great experience but boy oh boy, was he ever mad, he kicked me right in the face! But I don't mind too much he must've been real embarrassed, Mr Dragon? Boy is he odd, so many different things he likes to do, I don't understand or enjoy em Maself but he's having fun and I know he's just trying to be successful and have fun, he's a good person at heart.

It now shows Lucian L Jones pinning various greats leading to a pic of he jones and Eagles opposite Rebellium,

DE: Boy oh boy am I excited about this,little old me in there teaming with Mr Eagles, 3time TV champ and then my personal favourite Mr L Jones!!! Longest reigning champion ever don't ya know! I'm giddy just thinking of it,
My thoughts on Rebellium? Well I don't know what it means, they just wanna do what they feels right and so do I, may the best team win!

The Video shows Erics leaving his chair shaking hands with camera man and leaving.