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wZw results (Shildon, 17th Nov)


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The murky Heavyweight Championship situation is no clearer after Final Countdown, despite wZw’s best efforts to address the situation. When wZw management named the qualifying matches for Final Countdown, it was to ensure there were two clear challengers for the vacant Heavyweight Championship but things didn’t go according to plan. First of all, the bad blood between Lance Thunder and Iceman spilled over to the outside as they brawled outside of the ring. The referee tried in vein to get both men back in the ring but neither answered his ten count and the referee declared the match a draw with both men counted out. wZw Commissioner Carl Turner said both men could progress to the steel cage match at Hartlepool on Saturday 18th November but there still may be only one of them making it into the ring at Belle Vue Sports Centre. Thunder, enraged at the double count out, laid out Iceman with several shots using the ring bell and the European Hardcore Icon looked uncharacteristically vulnerable as he had to be helped backstage by wZw officials. Speaking to Carl Turner after the show, he confirmed Iceman is a doubt for the Championship cage match. “It’s only fair that we give Iceman as much time as possible to prove his fitness for the cage match but needless to say we’re expecting it to be a 3 Way Dance now as I doubt Iceman will be able to compete.”

The reason why the cage match would host three or four competitors at Belle Vue is due to a time limit draw between Anthony McIntyre and Spitfire. In fairness to Mr. Saturday Afternoon, he looked to have the match wrapped up but the 20 minute time limit expired as the referee’s hand was coming down for the count of three. McIntyre would argue, quite rightly, that Spitfire’s advantage came only after interference from fellow North East Bulldog, Lance Thunder. McIntyre played an ace after the match, causing dissension between North East Bulldogs, Spitfire and Thunder. McIntyre, presumably sharing the doubts of many fans in attendance regarding Iceman’s fitness and not wanting to face a double teaming by the Bulldogs, questioned the ambitions of each Bulldog who both clearly want the Heavyweight Championship for themselves. Spitfire admitted he wanted the title but tried to shrug it off and offered his hand to Thunder but Thunder refused and left the arena without his long time tag team partner. Judging from the Bulldogs’ apparent implosion, it clearly will be every man for themselves in the steel cage, whether it be three men or four, depending on the fitness of three time Heavyweight Champion, Iceman.

In other action, Los Pervitos & Darkside fell to the team of Collosal Powers & Liam Thompson. Thompson and the Powers isolated Darkside and then Mojo Pervito early on until Tim Pervito was tagged in and cleaned house. Their dominance was only a false hope however, as the Powers and Thompson controversially gained the victory.

Chris Whitton beat Iain Robinson with a roll up in a classic encounter in a match that could certainly have gone either way. Whitton showed true grit in doing what very few have ever done when he kicked out of Iain Robinson’s top rope moonsault. The fans at Shildon saw a mixture of hard hitting and high flying action in this one as both men left it all in the ring.

In the main event, Max Heat retained his wZw Cruiser Division Championship and overcame all odds as Micky L and Little Dragon formed an unexpected alliance during the 3 Way Dance. Three of the best high fliers around went up top more times than I can remember and the highlights of the match included a 450 splash by Micky L and a 619 by Max Heat.

Heavyweight Championship Qualifier: Lance Thunder and Iceman brawled to a double count out. Both men progressed to the steel cage match in Hartlepool
Chris Whitton beat Iain Robinson
Collosal Powers & Liam Thompson beat Los Pervitos & Darkside in a 6 man tag team match
Heavyweight Championship Qualifier: Spitfire and Anthony McIntyre wrestled to a time limit draw. Both men progress to the steel cage match in Hartlepool
Max Heat retained the wZw Cruiser Division Championship in a 3 Way Dance against Micky L and Little Dragon