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WWE SummerSlam 2019 Discussion


I was so happy to see that the run time was about 3hrs 20 - I was expecting it to be nearer the 5hr mark.

I quite liked the opener, prior to the match I was sure Becky would retain, but they had me thinking Natalya might win it a few times. I wasn't sure what the crowd reaction to Becky would be. It seemed strange to put her in a position where she could have easily been booed by most of the crowd when she's still trying to build/regain that momentum she had at the start of the year.

The Goldberg match was pretty much what I expected it to be.

Ricochet/AJ was good but I had higher expectations. I thought the new attire by Ricochet looked cool but I kept thinking he must be hot in it :p

The Baley/Moon match never seemed to get the crowd interested, there wasn't any real emotion from either of them at any point. It didn't help to have a lackluster build to the match.

Owens/McMahon was better than I thought it would be. I hope that's the end of the feud for now, I'm sick of seeing Shane go after Reigns/Owens etc.

Charlotte/Trish surpassed expectations, great match. I thought Trish would struggle in such a high profile singles match (considering the amount of time she has been away) but her and Charlotte both looked great here.

Kingston/Orton had an awesome promo - great way to use their history to actually get the fans interested. Shame about the way the match ended, would have preferred a clean finish with Kofi getting the win. If they wanted to do a rematch they could have always got Orton to attack Kofi after the match.

The Fiend's entrance looked great, I could imagine quite a few kids have nightmares over that! Thought it was a good introduction to the character, lets hope WWE can build on this.

I was surprised to see Rollins take the title. With the beatdowns he's had, then coming out with the taped up ribs, I thought it was pretty obvious he'd lose unless there was some kind of swerve. Nice to be proved wrong, I wonder what plans they have for Seth next on Raw...

Zack T

Active Member
I didn't watch most of the show, I just wasn't interested in most of it. I do need to go and watch Charlotte/Trish. Otherwise, I watched Goldberg/Dolph, Bray/Finn, and Seth/Brock.

I agree with you on those points. Seth/Brock was quite good, but it was just impossible for me to believe Seth was physically capable of doing it after the brutal beatdowns Brock put on him the last couple of weeks. But if I pretend those didn't happen, it was fine.

I just wish WWE didn't get so heavy handed when they pull out the "overcoming adversity" story. They ran it too hard in Kofi's build up to Mania, and they've done it again here with Seth.

Speaking of Kofi, I agree that the finish was stupid. I can understand they may want to continue Randy/Kofi and that's fine, but a loss hasn't stopped people from continuing to challenge for a title before (See - Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe as recent examples). So I dunno why they felt they needed to go a double count out, especially if they were gonna end with Kofi standing tall anyway. Just seemed unnecessary.