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WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Discussion



I have to admit, the Royal Rumble has always been one of my favorite matches so I was looking forward to this.

Opener was OK, better than I expected but I'm still bored with this feud. I was thinking they'd do a 6 man match at Mania between Corbin/Ziggler/Roode vs The Usos and Reigns but I think that might be too far away to keep them dragging this on until then.

Women's Rumble was OK, Bianca looked great, kudos on them making her look so strong. I was hoping for a Baszler win although I'm not surprised with Charlotte winning. If she didn't win, they would have found a way of fitting her in one the marquee matches. Going back to Baszler, as she wasn't in so long and her eliminations were pretty quick, she didn't seem to stand out as much as Bianca to me. I hope we might see Baszler on Raw to let her anger out...on Charlotte :) I thought having Santina enter was a nice touch, got a good pop too.

Baley/Evans was alright although as I've said before, Evans hasn't impressed me in a single match yet. I was dreading they might give her the win with the added focus of her daughter at ringside.

Fiend/Bryan was OK but to be honest I'm finding The Fiend matches pretty boring. I'm SO HAPPY they got rid of the red lighting though!

Asuka/Lynch was OK - I thought both looked pretty strong, we all knew Becky was winning.

I enjoyed the Men's Rumble, some random thoughts:

- I thought they might try and go all the way with Brock, they really got me with the Rey/Big E and Kofi team, thought they would be the ones to get him out!

- Poor Shelton Benjamin

- LOVED Brock's reaction to Keith Lee, turning to Heyman 'Who's this MF' :p

- I heard rumblings about Edge a while back so it wasn't a major surprise but definitely a nice moment. It was heartbreaking to watch him retire so this was obviously an emotional moment for him. Great reaction from the crowd, many of whom looked totally shocked

- I noticed AJ was injured...then I saw going over to Edge to get him to eliminate him. I wonder if there was meant to be a bigger moment for the two - leading to a match at Mania? Oh and seeing Karl Anderson's reaction when AJ gets eliminated is funny, he's thinking WTF

- I thought it would have been better if Seth got AOP and Murphy in the ring and tried to get them to take everyone out but oh well

- With Drew eliminating Brock (great reaction from the crowd again) I thought he had a good chance of winning so again, it wasn't a major surprise but a nice moment again. He's worked so hard since they let him go previously, I'm happy he's getting his moment


Dust and Rust

I actually enjoy watching the women more than the men. The men seem to try too hard. Gone are the days of the women being used as a side story or placard holders. They need more women matches.

Zack T

Active Member

He was my favorite for so long. I cried when he was forced to retire. DBry too. NEVER EXPECTED he'd come back. I'd heard the rumors, but didn't believe them. Then it happened. Go watch the clip of his entrance, when he's about to pose and do pyro and the camera gets a great close up of his face.

Picture worth 1000 words right there. So much focus, intensity, happiness, excitement, and redemption all at once. Good grief that was powerful.

Rumble itself, I had been predicting Keith Lee would win but I was wrong. Drew was GREAT though.