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WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Discussion Thread - January 28, 2018 from Philadelphia, PA (#31)


I wanted to mention a huge missed opportunity in the Rumble.

I think Ziggler's absence and return was completely wasted. So what if he was #30? If he won then maybe it would have been worth it. I would have had Ziggler return on Smackdown as part of the US Title. And he even had his music playing again? (WTF?)
Having Ziggler at 30 was just baffling. Plus he wasn't even on SmackDown this week for any follow up! The Jordan thing would have been a lot better. I would have even liked to see Reigns at 30 just for the reaction it would have gotten from the fans.
I saw a few posts before the Royal Rumble hoping Ziggler would come out at 30 but to Daniel Bryan's music (continuing his gimmick of using other superstars music) - the crowd would have gone mental...until they saw Ziggler. I actually would have LOVED for them to do that :lol: