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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - October 8, 2018 from Chicago, IL (#1324)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, October 8 (Columbus Day), at 8/7c on the USA Network
United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, October 9, at 1AM on Sky Sports Action & Sky Sports Arena

Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL

Confirmed Matches/Events

WWE Super Show-Down Fallout


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I thought that was a pretty good Raw.

- Great crowd throughout the night.

- I skipped most of the Triple H/HBK promo, was a little surprised to see DX back, especially considering it's for a match in Saudi Arabia. I guess they'll need to tone it down over there.

- Glad Lashley finally turned, I was expecting it when they teamed him up with Rush, now he just needs to stop talking and let Rush do that for him :)

- We also got to see The Bellas turn on Rousey with a nice beatdown!

- Having Kurt surprise Baron in the Battle Royal was fun, at first I thought it was Heath until the suplexes came out.

- AOP looked good once again, hope they can build their momentum, although I'd like to see AOP/Ascension/Roode & Cable have a decent feud first. It feels like they want to slowly build Ascension up again (or maybe just Konnor?), I hope they do.

- I guess we should expect Dean to turn soon...I thought they might want to try to drag that out so we can have a WrestleMania match out of it.


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Dx segment did nothing, should have made a bigger deal of Shawn coming out of retirement. Turning Lashley heel probably won't make much difference, those create-a-wrestler were something, huh, should have had the conquister win by fluke then reveal himself instead of having him do Angle's moves and give his identity away. Sasha, Bayley, Asuka, and Ember moon don't have matches at Evolution, but the female brock lesnar and the reality t.v star are the main event, good move making a tag match with Lita &Trish vs Mickie & Alexa, then Bliss can stand on the apron and do nothing for the majority of the match, then have her steal the win without being physical or taking any bumps. AOP being wasted, Roode/Gable vs Ascension six weeks in a row, Dean will turn heel but since it expected it won't be special when it happens. Another phoned in Raw.