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WWE Night of Champions 2009 Discussion Thread (#3)


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No. Why should we get over the WORST MATCH OF THE LAST GOD KNOWS HOW MANY YEARS when it only happened about 9 days ago?

More importantly, it was a comparison point for the match I was discussing. But by your logic, and bare in mind it's your logic and therefore I'm calling it logic out of politeness rather than merit, we shouldn't be allowed to compare anything to anything else anymore - like when you used to compare the attitude era to the new era of wrestling. Hey, it's one era - get over it.

So no, I won't. And you really should think before you post.
but it isn't a fair comparison as it didn't rub anything in TNA, sharmal/jenny are not really in the women's division, it was an valet match. Love/Tara would be a fair comparision of the match in question, but i guess that would be far too easy and destory the point you were trying so hard to make (and failing)


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Yes, it is a fair comparison. TNA put on a women's match and it not only sucked a giant dick but was the worst match of the last 5/6 years. A week later, WWE put on two womens matches and not only were both better than the aformentioned TNA tripe, but one of them (the one I referenced in my initial post) was one of the best WWE womens matches in a long time, and probably my favourite womens match since one of the Kong/Kim matches.

Love/Tara would be a fair comparison, except a) I bet most people forgot that match even happened due to how bad Jenna/Sharmell was, b) Love/Tara wasn't as good as McCool/Melina match, and c) again, I point out that you started on this site with a "age of mediocrity" gimmick, constantly comparing today's wrestling to that of the attitude era, despite the huge differences that make it unfair to compare them. But you didn't think of that.

And also the fact that you're just butt-hurt because I insulted a women's match in TNA. And because you're desperate to get one over me. So really, whatever dude.


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