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WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 Discussion

The WWE has a long history of only announcing partial cards and having unannounced/unadvertised matches during PPVs. It's been criticised for ages, but I've never been that fussed about it because the events have usually been good. So no, a partial card didn't clue me in. I hadn't been reading any of the usual blogs that dissect pro wrestling or maybe I would've picked up on it. I thought HIAC would be excellent this year due to the heat from AEW. That's it basically.

Though I suppose it's ridiculous to fixate on one bad PPV match. At least SD was very good and redeemed Rollins/The Fiend quite bit. Although it was slightly odd that Reigns did nothing while his bro was drug under the ring.

Zack T

Active Member
Yea you're right about the card announcements, but I've been tracking WWE PPV's for well over 5 years because I've ran betting games each pay per view with friends on a different wrestling forum. That's why I know extremely well that having only 3 (or 4) matches announced was a bad sign. The only time they've gone in with 6 matches is for the Royal Rumble and that's obvious because the Rumble takes a little over an hour. Otherwise, they always announce 7 or more matches before the show.

Yea, that was hilarious, Reigns just disappeared. He didn't want any of the Fiend.