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WrestleMania 27 Caption Contest *Win £10!*

Discussion in 'Wrestling Forum' started by Kam, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Kam

    Kam Administrator Administrator

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    £ 1,304
    Thank you for all of you who took part / voted, here are the winners!

    IMAGE #1


    Warrior "My psychiatrist says I need to manage my anger, so come on lets hug it out. I said LETS HUG IT OUT!" - MadMutant

    IMAGE #2


    And the winner of best fancy dress...John Cena, as Psycho Sid Vicious - ScottyB

    IMAGE #3


    Meanwhile, in Johnny Ace's casting office... - John Hancock

    IMAGE #4


    Who knew both Booker and Sharmell didn't like the anal sex? - Matt Denton

    IMAGE #5


    Musical chairs at the hardy household was a sight to behold - MadMutant

    Winners please PM me your info to receive your prize :thumbup2:

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