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What's the name?


Active Member
I can't remember the game's name and it's driving me crazy. I never actually played it, so most of my information comes from my weak memory of seeing a show about it on MTV's True Life. It was like living in a fantasy world. Kind of like Sims, but there were more options and I think the people acted it all out. Like virtual reality before it was cool. Players could become whatever they wanted. A child, a witch, a vampire, an average human, whatever. Sometimes bands played. People could create virtual things and sell them. Shoes, clothing, and property were popular things to sell. I think you could only play it on the PC, but I might be wrong. What's the name?
I suspect you're talking about Second Life. I assumed it would be defunct by now, but no, it's still a thing. I never bothered with that virtual world either, but I absolutely lived for MTV's True Life series. Those were the documentaries of our time. I remember the episode you're talking about too. Freaky!