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What do you think of these people...

Evil Gringo

Not really Evil, but I like Burritos
Right it has been a while but it's time to voice your opinions on the top 40 rep'd posters on TWO...

What do you think of them?

Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark)
Brett Banner
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316)
Evil Gringo
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta)
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY)
Jimmy Redman
Draven Cage
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser)
The Maxx
Brock Strongo
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE)
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva)

Go on then.... I'll do mine in a minute...


Well-Known Member
Inno - What i have seen of him i think hes a sound bloke
Russ - The boss man of chat
Trash - funny bloke, Nice to have met him
wyndorf - Funny bloke and loves HHH
Christof - Cool bloke, And doing a good job at TWOstars, Nice to have met him
A.C. - EUGENE, Nice to have met him
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - Knows his stuff
Miss.T - Good chatroom Mod from what i have been told
Jack - i really know him sorry
Darkstar - Who lol, Oh him cant stand him lol, No really top man and also doing good job with Efed
Colin - Top bloke, Love his TWOstars finisher
Chris2K - Top mod
Brett Banner - Top bloke nice to have met him
Fletch - dont really know Fletch to much only from TWOstars seemed nice though
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - should know when to say thing
Evil Gringo - Nice to have met him, Good forum leader, And good former TWOstars champion
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - Dont really know him
Simon - Loves gays
Anime_Otaku - Change your name back
Ravenmark - Nice bloke, Shame i didnt meet him at 1PW, And he never showed at the meet up
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY)- Dont know
Jimmy Redman - Doing well at TWOstars, And beat me at battle raping :(
MrFill - Very good in TWOstars, Nice bloke to match, And just for him nice 2 no u lol
Draven Cage - gone missing
Telf - Top bloke, Loves HHH, Good TV champion at TWOstars
Y2James - Who lol oh bad jokes man
Nicole - Should forget about Boyo now its in the past
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) - seems ok
sunflower - Dont really know her
BRM - Seems ok
The Maxx - Twisted
dave7g - Ok poster
Brock Strongo - Whos he ?
Saracen - Knows his stuff about wrestling, Nice to have met him for a little bit
Taki - Met her to, Was nice enough
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - seens ok
Alan - Top bloke in sport
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - How did he get higher then me :(
Popsi - Seems ok
Spiritchaser - dont know him much


New Member
Inno yey
Russ yey
Trash yey
wyndorf yey
Christof yey
A.C. yey
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) yey
Miss.T yey
Jack yey
Darkstar yey
Colin yey
Chris2K yey
Brett Banner yey
Fletch yey
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) yey
Evil Gringo yey
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) yey
Simon yey
Anime_Otaku yey
Ravenmark yey
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) yey
Jimmy Redman yey
MrFill yey
Draven Cage yey
Telf yey
Y2James yey
Nicole yey
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) yey
sunflower s yey
BRM yey
The Maxx yey
dave7g yey
Brock Strongo yey
Saracen yey
Taki yey
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) yey
Alan yey
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva)yey
Popsi yey
Spiritchaser yey


Well-Known Member
Inno - Rules all. Likes Irish (TEH BEST BONGO~!) Guiness and hates Cullum.
Russ - Nice fella. Funny as hell.
Trash - Got a lot of time for this fella even though he often snubs me.
wyndorf - Funny guy. HHH mark.
Christof - My favourite southerner.
A.C. - Funny guy. Graphics king.
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - Very Knowledgable and opinionated.
Miss.T - Fit and a nice girl.
Jack - Good poster, knows his stuff.
Darkstar - Nice fella, glad I've met him.
Colin - Funny guy - likes to laugh at fat kids.
Chris2K - Don't speak to Chris at all anymore. Does a good job as Mod.
Brett Banner - Genuine Guy, who's obsessed with Hulk.
Fletch - Don't really know him. But apparently he's NOT a legend.
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - Reps me for no apparent reason.
Evil Gringo - Nice Lad - Rochdale is a lovely place.
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - Knows his stuff.
Simon - Hates Gays.
Anime_Otaku - Loves Gays.
Ravenmark - Misunderstood.
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY)- Don't know him/her
Jimmy Redman - Mature beyond her years.
MrFill - Nice fella, great writer.
Draven Cage - ECDUB!
Telf - Good guy.
Y2James - Don't really know him.
Nicole - Don't speak to her.
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) - Ditto.
sunflower - Wannabe MILF Nympho.
BRM - Nice chap.
The Maxx - TWISTED~!
dave7g - Don't really know him.
Brock Strongo - Who?
Saracen - Nice guy, really easy to talk to, dead genuine.
Taki - Lovely girl, who always tells it how it is.
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - Likes Corino. Thats cool with me.
Alan - Nice guy and is an nfl god.
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - Tries too hard to be liked.
Popsi - Seems like a nice girl.
Spiritchaser - Odd

Evil Gringo

Not really Evil, but I like Burritos
Inno - Comic genuis, like minded man and a fellow Pratchett lover...
Russ - Insane but fair Admin and another comic genuis...
Trash - Wish me spoke more nowadays.... good to see him and Fletch have patched things up.
wyndorf - Avatar legend in the wake of AC's internet demise...
Christof - Top bloke and a good chat on MSN...
A.C. - Original lord of the Subbers and Avatar jedi... oh brother where art thou?
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - One of the best debators on the site, has my respect...
Miss.T - Cool girl, for some reason finds me funny?
Jack - Most improved poster on here ever bar none in my time on the site... Great debator and poster now...
Darkstar - Evil overlord of most things and in a never ending power struggle with Chris2K... Despite that a great guy...
Colin - Warped, helpful and a true gent underneath it all...
Chris2K - Has my respect and is a great asset to this place... Long live the original megalomanic...
Brett Banner - The Brute is a good writer, an intresting poster and a top guy, shame I missed you at the meet up!
Fletch - Had nothing but good talks with the Fletchmeister... Glad to see his controversial days are by and large behind him...
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - Hmmm... How did he get this high?
Evil Gringo - Who's he?
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - Knowledge, humour and a great debator... Enjoy his posts...
Simon - Should post more. Yeah not everyone agrees with his views but at least he's honest...
Anime_Otaku - Taj is far better now he has stopped wanting to be a mod and remains a very thoughtful poster, always a good read...
Ravenmark - Loony and happy now I'm glad to hear... Good bloke...
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) - Hmmm, so high? Why?
Jimmy Redman - Come back!
MrFill - Great writer, great helper and I hope soon to be a good e-friend along with Baz...
Draven Cage - Get the net sorted DC! I love you!
Telf - Funny guy, good writer and poster and another top bloke...
Y2James - Gone all quiet on the Y2James front but I liked his posts and insane polls...
Nicole - Has found herself a soulmate and I'm glad for her....
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) - Gone and maybe forgotten already...
Sunflower - Ouch, hope those fingers are healing up well...
BRM - Great northern lad just like me... can talk about football over a pint one day with him...
The Maxx - My original tag partner, my original e-friend and someone I should speak to more often then I do know. Wants my bum...
dave7g - Always has something to say and loves Bret... but hates Hogan....
Brock Strongo - So high so fast... but yet your name rings no bells?
Saracen - The Chav is a sight unseen half the time... But I loved his posts and he brings alot to this site in many untalked about ways...
Taki - Where are you Taki? Miss our wierd convo's!
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - Top lad, improving all the time and loves the ladies!
Alan - The sports guru and now a fellow puro nut, great bloke...
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - Want news? See this guy... a day after lol...
Popsi - Charming and intelligent lady...
Spiritchaser - An enigma...

So there ya go... my views...

Anime Otaku

Well-Known Member
Inno = Nice guy when I see him about
Russ = Like Russ quite alot, good sense of humour
Trash = No sense of humour :p
wyndorf = Seems and OK guy
Christof = Like Christof good poster.
A.C. = Is keeping me waiting on an Avatar
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) = Many Hogan threads have proven him to be Master Debator
Miss.T = in the words of Charisma Carpenter 'There isn't enought yuck in the world'
Jack = Jack seems okay when we ain't talking about gays or religion
Darkstar = Darkstar is a top guy :thumbup2:
Colin = Barely see him about these days
Chris2K = good mod
Brett Banner = Like him seems quite smart
Fletch = oh dear oh dear. Nice enough, sometimes goes a bit mad though.
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) = Trolltastic
Evil Gringo = Nice guy, don't venture into the International forum much though
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) = Good guy, not seen about much but is a good poster when you do.
Simon = ummm... pass
Anime_Otaku = Never gonna change my name... until I get bored and we get a chance to do it from the mods. Resident lover of all things asian and TWO's favourite cripple(by default).
Ravenmark = Died... didn't he?
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) = don't really know him
Jimmy Redman = Member of the year, 'nuff said
MrFill = good mod so far, I think he deserved it and will do well.
Draven Cage = I miss this guy, still speak sometimes on MSN, Nice guy hopefully we will end up attending an event and meet.
Telf = don't know him too well.
Y2James =
Nicole = a bit uptight some times, but nice.
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) = not seen him in a while
sunflower = hope she gets better soon :)
BRM = Just recently started talking to him on MSN, Nice guy.
The Maxx = TWO's version of Big Boss Man and all round good guy
dave7g = dunno
Brock Strongo = who?
Saracen = nice guy should be further up IMO
Taki = where did she go? Always nice to me :)
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) = Gene rules even though he does get some stick from people.
Alan = Don't know him
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) = He's ok
Popsi = Again should be higher up the list.
Spiritchaser = nananaaana nananaaana hey hey hey GOODBYE!


Well-Known Member
Forum Leader
Inno- legend is word used far to often in wrestlin/wrestling forum, this man is a LEGEND, funny witty and has a fantastick knowlege of US wrestling even if his intrest has wained in recent months. Always comes up with a funny picture when one is needed.
Russ- I've knocked russ in the past for using other people material, well he might :) . But he is also vey very very witty. We have good football conversations from time to time and helps me out with my scottish football, so i have alot of time for Russ.
Trash- Why i have'nt had a warning over my antics with Trash i just don't know, it seems that we have a habit of getting into mischeif in the early hours with this lad. We also have some pretty messed up conversations with trash, someone who i seem to talk to alot.
wyndorf-Seems to be fairly funny and witty, unfortunatly much of it seems to be lost on me, seems to have a working relationship with Telf.
Christof- The founder of TWO meet ups, Responsible for bringing people together in many respects. he may come out with a odd post from time to time, IE flangehurder. but it's usually meant in good faith, we don't talk on msn much but it usually has a pint and is intresting.
A.C.- unfortunatly not around as often these days due to internet connection problems but he made me my avatar which i thank him for. Phizzle has along way to go in the avatar stakes before he can compete with this man.
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark)- Not really sure about Belty sometimes he makes some fantastic posts, but find he is far to stubborn sometimes. This is not always a good thing people may see him as a asshole. If he sometimes trys to look at things without his blinkered Hogan/warrior vision then i think it would make him an even better poster.
Miss.T- Miss T is funny, you can take the piss out of her and it's water off a ducks back, i spoke to her the other night whilst she was obviosly arse faced, it was very funny. She also likes Green dresses. I bet she has some seriosus moves on the dancefloor.
Jack- The transformation of jackbibby into simply Jack has been amazing. jack need to get a job as a wrestling collumist quickly, simply the best poster in the US forum in my opnion, hats off to you.
Darkstar- i had this annoying guy ringing me the other day wanting me to switch back from NTL to BT, for some reason i put the voice to the pictures i've seen of him and imagined it would be darksatr. But in all seiousness he puts loads of time and effort into TWO so credits when credits due. But if you read behind it all you really do gauge darkstar to be a big softie at heart.
Colin- I think Colins on one of his self impossed cool offs at the moment. Never really had much expereinces with him but i don't hold any grudges with him or anything
Chris2K- I like Chris if not for his posts but for his all round contribution to the whole of TWO, may appear to be a little up himself at times, but if i had arms like his i would be too.
Brett Banner Star wars fan, what more can i say than The force is strong with this one.
Fletch Said he was gone but has made a sort of limited comeback recently, never really had much doings with him, although i did say he looke like Mrs Spoon from button moon once.
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) Has along way to go before he can take A.Cs crown as best avatar maker, but he's getting better. needs to stop making baiting posts as he can be guilty of that from time to time and at 23 years of age he should know better.
Evil Gringo Probably one of the smartest posters around theses parts, has a good knowlwge of wrestling in general across all types. as well as having a fantastic knowlwge of the Great game of football, one of my favorite posters.
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta)- Needs to change his name back. I've not really seen much of his work recently, maybe it's just me or has he not been around as aoften, still has a great knowlege of wrestling and football, very much like Gringo in that sense.
Simon- Another one we seemed to of lost recently, but i think he's still around ;) Dislike homosexuals from what i can gather.
Anime_Otaku- When i'm with Trash i can be downright awfull to this guy, but he's not that bad. a tad naive from time to time maybe. but i don't think thats his fault. Showed me some lovely asian babes last night. :)
Ravenmark Seems to of gotten over the stigma of faking his own death, got married earler in the year which i'm sure was nice for him. I mean a wedding, lots of guests , gifts a cake honeymoon in Mexico. Must of been lovely.
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) Meh?
Jimmy Redman I have alot of time for Redman, never went out of her way to try and hide the fact that she was female, it was just many just assumed. She also does not try and hide the fact that shes a mark, something that keeps the wrestling world ticking, still flirts with Trash too much mind
MrFill And the winner of Mr anti txt speak 2005 goes to.................................................................................MrFILL, hardly a surprise is it.
Draven Cage Don't think he likes me that much, but TWO is poorer place without him
Telf Seems to be Wyndorfs other half changed very much as aposter over the last year, take with that what you want.
Y2James Rather his name was not James
NicoleOpniated, probably does not belong at a Wrestling forum anymore
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) Is he still about?
sunflower Still lurks i know that, but other than that, meh
BRM Has a bad back
The Maxx Don't really know about the fellow other than that he's a prison guard and comes from the steele city. seems popular enougth though.
dave7g One of the better US forum posters
Brock Strongo see dave7g
Saracen Pops up now and again, and from what i gather the only "wrestler" who uses TWO on a regular basis.
Taki- A few weeks ago i was down, really down. Taki offered me a place to go and get away from things for a few days, so i went and spent last weekend with Taki and her friends. I had a fantastic time and owe this girl alot for getting my head on the straight and narrow. She really is a diamond and is very under apprciated, my best friend from TWO.
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) I really rate Gene definatlty the most improved poster in the last year, shame he has that AXL rose name because this lad is simply Gene.
Alan TWOs resident NFL guru, which probably has no great impact on me as it's sport i've treid but never sucseeded to get into. He also helps run the football predition league, his blog is always a good read too.
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) Likes his news, can be a little immatue at times.
Popsi Knows somebody who works at the River Ilsand i'm not impressed with, but Popsi seems a really nice young lady. and again her blog was agood read but i can't find it anymore.
Spiritchaser Seems to of gone off the boil recently.


Well-Known Member
Inno - Legend. Don't speak much but when we do it's usually about old school rock 'n roll. Which isn't a bad thing. He also makes me laugh an awful lot.
Russ - I don't think we're really on the same level. Got no beef with the guy, I think he's doing a good job of senior mod.
Trash - Doesn't deserve to be this high up the prestigious rep table.
wyndorf - Is sometimes priceless. I'm a big fan. Posts a lot of random stuff but gets away with it because it's so damn funny.
Christof - Told me off for not contributing much to TWOstars. :thumbup2: But Chris is a decent guy. I'm glad to have met him, but not so glad that I wrecked his carpet.
A.C. - I miss having him around, can't wait for the highly awaited return of this man. Is a GIF making legend, comedy genius and all round nice guy. Gave me a cide at the 'Mania meet up.
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - I enjoy reading his sometimes rather heated arguements in the US scene, usually about Hogan or the Warrior. He needs more Kennedy though....................................KENNEDYYYY
Miss.T - Thinks I have a big ego, I'm vain, I have a lot to learn and have bad dress sense. She couldn't be more wrong. Apart from that, I still thinks she enjoys her drunken chats to me. I didn't mean it about when I said you wear the same minging green dress in every photo.
Jack - Puts forward some very good points both in this forum and in the US scene. I like Jack a lot, although he's blatantly a chav ;)
Darkstar - Is a brilliant host. I had a great weekend at 'Mania, he's a star - pardon the expression, funny and vewy niiice. He's also afraid of spiders.
Colin - Makes me cry laughing with "efedsthatsucks". I'm a big fan. I haven't seen him around much recently. Dunno why.
Chris2K - Has a dry sense of humour, which I like him for. We chat now and again on MSN, usually at the time one of us isn't in the best of moods. I'm glad to help him out sometimes though.
Brett Banner - Another person I'm a big fan of. Apparantly sells "FKO's" like a bitch. I'd like to see that. Other than that, he can be extremely funny.
Fletch - Met this guy a couple of weeks ago. Bought me a pint, so he can't be all bad. Nah, he's a good guy, we have a laugh and I enjoy hanging out with him. I've met him twice but boy do we have some stories to tell... Like "thieving" shopping trolleys (we really returned it) seeing Oli get thrown out of Toys 'R Us and our hilarious McDonalds Drive-In prank.
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - How on earth has he got so much rep? ;) He tends to hang out in the avatars thread these days. Must enjoy working on them. Seems pleassant enough.
Evil Gringo - Is like, NEVER on MSN! What's the deal? But he knows his wrestling, especially all his japanese stuff. I'm hopeless with it all, but Gringo seems like a genius. Is also the provider of half of my wrestling GIFs
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - Another guy that knows his wrestling. And from what I gather fromn his photos, is one cool lookin' dude.
Simon - Hates gays. Left this place I think, but I'm not sure why. But I enjoyed having a laugh with him on MSN. Haven't spoken in a while though.
Anime_Otaku - I've been a bit harsh on this guy in the past. He didn't deserve it, but I have to get my kicks some ways. He can expect plenty more nudges on MSN.
Ravenmark - Brilliant guy, I keeping meaning to go for a drink with him, but twice now plans got screwed. He's not a big fan of me in that case but is unbelievably funny on MSN. Is a guy I feel I can really chat to.
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) I don't think I know much about this guy. Likes his avatars I believe, I've probably repped him in the past for something or other.
Jimmy Redman - One of our best posters in my opinion, has the maturity of someone 10 years older than her (or him...) I usually chat to her in the morning on MSN when I have a hangover. A very cool girl.
MrFill - i like fill he iz wel kwl. i fink hes rly funy.
Draven Cage - Also isn't around very much these days.
Telf - Teh Telfinator! The way I see Telf is that he's "one of the boys", kinda. Which is a good thing! He's a great laugh on the forums.
Y2James - Thinks I'm funny, so I'm gonna say nice things about him. He's a lively memeber, can genuinely make me laugh at times. Good having him around.
Nicole -
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) I know there aren't many WS fans, but I like the guy. When he left, he had nothing but good words to say about me. And I'm a big fan of ass-kissing so he's good in my books. ;) No, I did like 'Scouser. Didn't enjoy seeing him go.
sunflower - I don't think I'd get away with posting my true opinion of sunflower. I'll be nice and say she was there when I needed someone to talk to, unfortunately didn't say the things I needed to hear.
BRM - One of my favourite TWO posters, and people to chat to. I can talk with this guy for hours. Whether we're winding Tajiri san up all night, fancy a good chat or if I need someone to talk to. Has said a couple, in particularly one daft thing in the past ;) but is only looking out for my own good. Spoke to him on the phone 2 weeks ago, has a common accent.
The Maxx - There's no other way of describing this man really without using "twisted" and this little devil smilie :deviltail: Always full of energy, and in a good mood. I'd very much like to meet his man.
dave7g - Don't see him around much because I'm in General most of the time. But from what I can remember, seems to be a valued poster in the US scene.
Brock Strongo - Not seen much of Brock either, recognise the name from the US scene. Must be a decent poster to have received this much rep.
Saracen - Sometimes the voice of reason in General. I also believe he's quite a smart guy. Is a respected member.
Taki - Nothing but good words to say about this girl. Yes we have a history, and if you didn't know that then you mustn't have been a memeber here for very long. Our relationship, although meant the world to me was very public on here, which I hated. I'll miss Taki a lot, and at the risk of sounding soppy, I love her to bits.
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - Was a punchline for many of my jokes when he first arrived. Now though I think he's a good lad. Had a rocky start but seems to be on track now.
Alan - I respect Alan a lot. Made a whole lot of sense over on DraVen's boards recently. Even though he probably thought I was being a right idiot.
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - Is above Popsi? Right, ok then. Can be so random at times it makes me laugh out loud. With him, not at him of course. Also has a habit on getting himself into trouble at times. You woulda thought he'd have learned by now.
Popsi - Is lovely. I enjoy having her as a member over at PLUG! Yeah, she's a nice girl, I like her.
Spiritchaser - I'm not sure what the deal is with this guy at the moment. He seemed to come back to post some garbage about psychobabble. I didn't have any beef with the guy, I understand he's not the most popular around here anymore. I don't think he's all bad.


New Member
I'm still pretty new here. So I'll only do those that I sort of know.

Captain ChrisMa - Not a bad guy, but he gets into too many arguments over Hogan.

Darkstar - Good guy. Not only is he dedicated to the forums, but he's a good booker too.

Brett Banner - He's a good writer, and a creative guy.

Gringo - His knowledge abounds. Without a doubt my favorite member of the boards.

Jungta - also knows his stuff.

I know that was short, but it was sweet too, right?


Well-Known Member
Inno: I dont really know Inno but from what i've read he really can put his foot down. (Literally :thumbup2: )

Russ: seems like a really busy man with very little time to spare.

Trash: funny guy, has a cool pair of Ozzy style glasses (unless he was borrowing them)

wyndorf: :worship: all hail Wyndorf :worship:

Christof: can be helpful if you have a problem

A.C.: makes really cool avatar :thumbup2: (look at mine, sweeeet)

Captain ChrisMa: he breaks up peoples posts and reply's to them bit by bit which i really like because it helps me understand it better.

Miss.T: deserves alot more respect than i give her, its just me being an arrogant jerk.

Jack: dont know him enough to explain him.

Darkstar: Darkstar is wicked!

Colin: Combined my explaination of Christof & Darkstar, then you have Colin.

Chris2K: *see above* then you have Chris

Brett Banner: really cool, really funny, :lol:

Fletch: meh, i dont like him & he dont like me, simple really

PHIZZLE: ma nizzle wizzle bizzle, yeh, praises Roy Keane bit to much, but i cant talk.

Evil Gringo: knows his Japanesse wrestling stuff. (what do i call it? Puro?)

The Great Jungta: seems really intelligent

Simon: makes me laugh.

Anime_Otaku: Pokémon

Ravenmark: very Understandable, has a long fuse.

Carlito C. Cool: used to make cool avatars, A.C's job now :lol:

Jimmy Redman: havent seen her in awhile, loves cena.

MrFill: hates Text Talk, and can be funny, when he's not editing my posts, which he hasnt done for ages.

Draven Cage: hmmmm.....dont know him...cant explain him

Telf: rabid HHH fan

Y2James: cant book to save his life, on EWR he pushed Earthquake as a world champion :p

Nicole: nice girl.

Kakarot: ......

Sunflower: who?

BRM: seems like a funny guy

The Maxx: Maxx is the man! :lol:

dave7g: we disagree alot

Brock Strongo: he's in the 40 most repped, wow

Saracen: dont know him

Taki: where is she?

Axl Rose: i dont like him, he dont like me, its all good.

Alan: dont know him well enough to explain him.

WWE: jerk

Popsi: nice girl, funny thread about Bush :lol:

Spiritchaser: dont know him enough.

:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :worship: :worship: :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
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New Member
Inno - the guy is a LEGEND, plain and simple.
Russ - Doesn't post enough, but when he does you sit up and read.
Trash - Shouldn't he be in the efed? :p
wyndorf - He's worth it just for his Introduction thread posts. Genius. :D
Christof - Holt is a great guy - Works hard in the efed.
A.C. - Comedy Genius. Pity he's having internet problems.
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - Captain Belty really knows his stuff about Hogan and Warrior, but a little too opinionated at times.
Miss.T - Don't know T very well, but apparently she has a green dress. :D
Jack - Posts are always intelligent, although I don't always agree with his opinions.
Darkstar - Darkie is a great guy, I can't say enough good things about him.
Colin - Incredibly funny guy in the efed. Not sure I've seen him post much elsewhere.
Chris2K - Who? :D My "leader" for the US bits - needs to get his head more into the game though.
Brett Banner - Scary looking guy, but seems to be a good bloke though.
Fletch - He's here, then he's not, then he's here again.
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - Works hard on the avatars, not seen him much elsewhere recently.
Evil Gringo - Pingu is very cool - REALLY knows his wrestling - only started talking to him on MSN today - and yes, I find it funny calling him "Pingu". :D
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - Really knows his wrestling - I respect Jung's opinions on a lot of stuff.
Simon - Very opinionated about homosexuality. His choice though.
Anime_Otaku - Taj is a cool guy - he likes Japanese women, that's good enough for me. :D
Ravenmark - my tag partner in the efed - a funny guy.
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) - How often does he post to be this high? He RARELY posts.
Jimmy Redman - COMEDY GOD~! She needs to post more.
MrFill - who?
Draven Cage - DC needs to get his Internet sorted out and posting more.
Telf - One of the more insane members of TWO. Damn funny guy though.
Y2James - Funny guy, not seen many of his posts recently though.
Nicole - cool chick - doesn't she have a boyfriend or something? ;)
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) - Vanished when pushed in the efed - seems to like DBZ though.
sunflower - SF really needs to post more - even though she has a busted finger.
BRM - Seems like a nice guy from his posts.
The Maxx - TWISTED~! Enough said?
dave7g - complained because I picked him up on one post, seems cool now though. :D
Brock Strongo - How the hell did he get in the top 40? Another one like The Body.
Saracen - Saz is a really cool guy - too busy at the moment with his personal life, but that's cool.
Taki - Not seen much of Taki recently, she appears and then vanishes - went insane apparently (when she was seeing Trash :D).
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - Gene has some growing up to do, but he's a LOT better than he was when JK was here.
Alan - Don't really know him.
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - very up and down - sometimes great, sometimes horrible.
Popsi - cool chick - although she needs to post more.
Spiritchaser - Strange guy - he went then returned, but ot's always entertaining to read his posts.


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Inno - Really Funny guy,love his Bunny/Pancakes pics :lol:
Russ - Cool Admin
Trash - Gayness at its best.But a really funny and cool guy.
wyndorf - The gif. avatar master and HHH lover.
Christof - One of the main mans in TWO stars.
A.C. - Can't say much about him,as I've never gotten the chance to talk to him.
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - I sometimes think it's really Hogan posting when I see Beltys post.Sometimes I agree with him sometimes I don't, but nonetheless great poster
Miss.T - N/A
Jack - Fellow HHH lover and good poster.
Darkstar - A spider lover :lol:,funny guy and love reading hes posts.
Colin - Loves Spiritchaser,I KID I KID :lol:
Chris2K - Great Mod and is doing really good the 2nd half of the TWO Prediction league :)
Brett Banner - Hulk Fan (Not the Orange one,the green one :D)
Fletch - Big JJ fan, sorry Fletch but he sucks :p and TNA fan.Now were cliclking with TNA :)
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - n/a
Evil Gringo - Boy does Gringo love he's MMA and Puro wrestling and he can back it up with his knowledge about it.Dare to say Kobashi sucks and he'll eat you alive :p
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - One of the best posters on TWO.I tend to agree with his posts 95% of the time as he hits every little point without being biased at all.
Simon - Leader of the GAY PRIDE j/k. Cool guy.
Anime_Otaku - Even though I hate the name and hate anime ,cool guy.
Ravenmark - Really good poster and rocks when having the Raven or Samoa Joe avatar :D
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) - Got robbed on the rhyme battle, he should have won against Tajiri_San ^_^
Jimmy Redman - Like Gringo said comeback Jimmy, I miss you'r Cena Move count :(
MrFill - Really funny guy, I enjoy all of his posts. Dare I say that Fill absolutely loves text talk ? LOL, im kidding.
Draven Cage - Really cool guy ,ECW lover and made really good posts but dissapeared.
Telf - Funny guy, good writer and again like Jack and Wyndorf a HHH lover.
Y2James - The man with Abby on his avatar, just for that he deserves some kind of medal :).
Nicole - j/k.
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) - Like I said to him on hes leaving thread.
''Dont let the door hit ya,were the good lord split ya'' :lol:
Sunflower - n/a
BRM - Good poster and Vader lover.
The Maxx - Awsome guy,knows about really HAWT woman *cough*VIDA GUERRA*cough* :p,Bossmans evil twin and a bad ass prison guard ^_^
dave7g -Loves Brett ,hates the Orange Goblin :lol:.
Brock Strongo - N.A
Saracen - N/A
Taki - N/A
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - I thought I've never would say this, but GENE has really improved as a poster. In the past I really didn't like the guy,mainly because he's grammar was like a 4th year old and he was a spammer.But he's grammar has improved and so have the quality of his posts.
Alan - The Sports Mod, seems like a cool guy.
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - Don't like the guy.
Popsi - N/A
Spiritchaser - Tries to imitate Ultimate Warrior with his posts,because just like Warriors promos , after them everyone is wondering What The Fu*k did he just said :lol:
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Inno - Great bloke as everyone has already said
Russ - Despite the both of us being around TWO for years I've never really spoken to him much.
Trash - Another one I haven't really spoken too much,but his posts often make me laugh.
wyndorf - Again,dont really know him but can be funny
Christof - same as the two above
A.C. - One of my best friends both on and off the boards.Is the one person who never allowed me to get too down when I was going through a horrible time in my life.Hopefully he will come to visit me soon and the legendary drinking sessions can continue. :thumbup2:
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - His blind faith in Hogan is amusing.
Miss.T - Can be over-sensitive at times and similarly can be very judgemental where other people are concerned but I like her even if she is a snob ;)
Jack - Was he really jackbibby? surely not. Improved his posting 1000%
Darkstar - Seems pretty sound.
Colin - Top bloke and my main poker buddy.
Chris2K - Used to hate me,probably doesn't anymore,dont really know. Despite what he thinks I never hated him.
Brett Banner - Funny Hulk obsessed guy.
Fletch - Way too oversensitive to what people on the internet think about him.
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - Dont really know him except he runs the fantasy football.
Evil Gringo - Another one I dont really speak too,but does a good job from what I see
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - Used to speak to him a lot but havent spoken to him properly for a long long time now.
Simon - Ah Simon! A good bloke in a lot of ways even if some of his narrow minded views make my blood boil, but nobodys perfect
Anime_Otaku - Another I dont really speak too.
Ravenmark - Same as above
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) - No idea who this is, Sorry ! :help:
Jimmy Redman - Great poster that I've never spoken too.
MrFill -Fill sucks! :thumbup2:
Draven Cage - Another I dont speak too
Telf - as above
Y2James - above again
Nicole - Ahhhhh ickle Nicole! Cant say enough good things about her, despite our 10+ years age difference shes a great friend, which considering she used to hate me is quite remarkable. Glad shes found a bloke that makes her happy (even if he does need a haircut and a wash ;) )
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) - Didn't he quit the site and act like a dick about it in the process? Shame
sunflower - A lot of people seem to have a wide ranging views on her but I never spoke to her that I can recall so I have no opinion.
BRM - I really should speak to BRM more
The Maxx - I know hes in the State like me and works in a Prison but thats about it.
dave7g - Dont know him
Brock Strongo - Or him
Saracen - Funny poster, when hes around
Taki - Great friend who I talked to alot before she moved house and dissapeared:(
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - Improved a lot, not quite on the jackbibby level,but not far from it.
Alan - Knows his sports but writes way too much about them.
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - Another improver but till has a way to go.
Popsi - We used to be close, but now we're not, which is a shame :(
Spiritchaser - Seems to like being cryptic for the sake of it.


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Inno - What else can be said, legend
Russ - legend to be
Trash - i like him a lot, and get fed up on his behalf with the gay stuff
wyndorf - sometimes me likes, other times not so much
Christof - I think i like him, he used to bug me a lot, but not so much anymore
A.C. - Such a shame hes not around as much, he makes me laugh out loud quite frequently
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) - He likes Hogan which is cool, but to a scary level at times!
Miss.T - a doll, lovely girl and gorgeous
Jack - i respect him a lot more, hes grown up as a poster loads
Darkstar - He is a top fella, and him and Gem are a lovely couple
Colin - funny, don't see him enough
Chris2K - top mod, quite serious i always think
Brett Banner - he's jsut so cool!
Fletch - Fletch can bug the hell out of me, then make me laugh
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) - Not really sure
Evil Gringo - top man, is lovely
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) - Sometimes too far up his own bottom, but very intelligent
Simon - its a shame he left, but when he was here he was an easy target. I don't agree with his views but he was provoked a lot
Anime_Otaku - leaves himself open to ridicule at times, but i think people can be quite harsh on him
Ravenmark - since the infamous incident he's turned into a quality poster
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) - pretty immature
Jimmy Redman - i love Jimmy, i think shes well cool
MrFill - The grandfather of TWO :p But i think hes great! Im glad hes around more now
Draven Cage - shame he doent post as much anymore, but im glad hes happy
Telf - come into his own recently
Y2James - sometimes irritating, other times ok
Nicole - top lass, can be a bit too serious at times tho
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) - he could be quite arrogant at times.
sunflower - i like her, but theres a lot of people here who could tell some stories...
BRM - He had the class and guts to go to swansea, much respect!
The Maxx - wouldnt mess with him, but i reckon hes a softy!
dave7g - hmmmm
Brock Strongo - sorry no comment to make
Saracen - Im not sure, i think i don't like him and i dont know why
Taki - i dont really know her to be hoenst
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) - bless him, he gets some gyp
Alan - he is a great guy, but we have issues currently which is a shame
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) - he does try god love him, but well fails mostly
Popsi - Simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone shes ever met
Spiritchaser - He's so far up his own arse at times hes blinded.
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Jimmy Redman

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First of all...
Evil Gringo said:
Jimmy Redman - Come back!
I am back, I just dont have much time to post lots at the moment. Speaking of which, mine will be done sometime soon, when I have the time :)


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Inno Cool, nice, smart guy...i likes him
Russ he's ok
Trash yay, go trash!
wyndorf his funny comments make me laugh
Christof he's a nice lad on here and in real life
A.C. he likes cider:D like me:D
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) likes hogan too much
Miss.T depends
Jack not really spoke to him
Darkstar lovely gorgeous and amazing- but a pain in the bum.
Colin cool
Chris2K Head Of Internet
Brett Banner Bretts my fave poster....he's lovely
Fletch My bestest internet fwend. he rocks muchly*hugs fletch*
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) got a cool name
Evil Gringo I didn't used to likey him as he had evil in his name, but he's a cool, funny guy.
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) hmmm.......
Simon He doesn't think I have a life, so he smells.
Anime_Otaku I prefer the name Tajiri-San
Ravenmark He's a cool lad, who was always smiley when we met him.
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) who's he?
Jimmy Redman Jimmy's ace, i'm happy she's back:D
MrFill lovely, and cracks down on all those txt talking idiots.
Telf I like Telf's posts.
Y2James He's getting better, less spam
Nicole don't talk to her much, but she's ok.
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) I liked his departing message-I think.
sunflower Don't talk to her much, but DS tells me she's ok.
BRM Brum, Brum, He's sweet. and makes sense on chat :eek
The Maxx he's cool, and lives 2 states away from my dad.
dave7g hmmm....arguaments in chat spring to mind
Brock Strongo who?
Saracen he's nice, and doesn't have a dodgy accent.
Taki I talk to her on MSN, she's cool.
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) I've always liked him, and more since his posts have become fuller.
Alan not spoke to much.
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) I don't like his posts, they bore me (sorry to offend, but they do)
Popsi Not, spoke to much, but i like popsi's posts.
Spiritchaser Not spoke to much


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Inno Used to think he was wise, now I see hes jusy siwwy.
Russ Scottish
Trash Me and Tom get on really well and have a really good laugh offline. Dont talk to him half as much as I should online these days though. Sorry
wyndorf Funny Lad. Rougeau Mark
Christof Infuriating on Birthdays. No JJ? Bah to you sir
A.C. Eugenius
Captain ChrisMa (Formerly WWFBeltMark) Doing it the Con-Way (The Wrong Way But Faster)
Miss.T Miss PoTato Head :thumbsup Im immensley jealous of her goatee
Jack RoH Mark. Loveable but infuriating
Darkstar Bald, likes ECW too much, but then you all do. Shouts abuse about Sylvains Sexuality on the phone. No Sir, hes not gay, hes Metrosexual
Colin Scottish
Chris2K Dont get on with him really but hes been hurt by someone and since I know a bit about it I feel for him
Brett Banner How many times must I slam his face into canvas. Sorry about kneeing you in the jaw *lie*. Like Brett online and offline :)
Fletch Legend. Quite simply the greatest, most egotistical, legend Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. More catchphrases and quips than um...Roy Walker? Its a good answer, but its not right
PHIZZLE (Formerly Fagan316) Stole Fred?
Evil Gringo Used to talk to Gringo a fair bit, knows his puro, helped my inquizitive natures on TNA Imports
The Great Jungta (Formerly jungmuta) I imagine hes a lovely bloke, just seems a bit overopinionated
Simon Homophobe. Likes White Buttons.
Anime_Otaku Never sent me a Disney Dwarf ? :(
Ravenmark Needs Fletchercohol. His words not mine
Carlito C. Cool (Formerly THE BODY) who?
Jimmy Redman Not Hulk Hogan. I repeat, she is not Hulk Hogan.
MrFill Seems a nice bloke :)
Draven Cage:Not on My Christmas Card List
Telf Looks good in a speedo yum
Y2James Head my fanclub
Nicole Like her away from the forums, different on forums.
Kakarot (Formerly WelshScouser) Bless him
sunflower Has nice boobs, total physco tho
BRM Used to talk to him in Chat. Didnt turn up for FCW, and as such must be destroyed.
The Maxx Whos Going Chicken Huntin? Maxx is goin Chicken Huntin. Apparently, nice chap from Steele City
dave7g Do Not Know Of Mr G
Brock Strongo who?
Saracen Opionated, seems nice
Taki Welsh.
Axl Rose (Formerly GENE) Changes his mind like the weather. Chav
Alan Fellow cKy fan. big up the Deron
WWE (Formerly wwe4eva) Not Funny.
Popsi Not spoke to her much. Seems like shes nice
Spiritchaser Cracking chap, like him :thumbsup

One more just so she doesnt kick me
Darkie's Gem Dont like her, she smells of poop and is really nasty...Ouch, Dont kick me...ok Gems wuvvly and my bestest online friend
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Jeez, I feel like I just did this a few weeks ago. Let me check...

Yes, it was July. And yes, I did actually check. I typed in advanced search "efriend" because that's all I remember from that thread, Colin and his efriends. Anyway, last time I did it I said something like "Ah, this'll take me 5 minutes to say a few nice things" but ended up tying for a ridiculously long period of time when I couldn't stop rambling. If you want to read my thoughts, which haven't really changed over the course of the past 12 weeks, have a look here:

I'm not gonna do another big circle jerk post because the link above does it for me. All I'll say is this, and it's sort of connected to the "Do you hate anyone" thread. I don't hate anyone over the internet.

There's about three categories which everyone at TWO falls into. The way I see it, I'm at a pub and I hear at the table behind me "I post at an internet wrestling forum called TWO and my username is...". Judging by the name they give, I would repond in one of three ways.

1. I go over, introduce myself and we shake hands/hug/sneaky wee peck on the cheek depending on gender, then we end up telling stories, having a good laugh all night and probably plan to do it again some time.

2. I go over, introduce myself, shake hands/hug/sneaky wee peck on the cheek depending on gender, then we buy each other a few drinks, say that it was nice to meet each other and go our seperate ways.

3. I hear the name from my table, laugh quitely to myself and think "Why did it have to be this person?". Maybe on the way out I say hello if I'm recognised, but I'm not desperate to talk to them.

From a quick look through the list, I counted 10 people in category 1, 24 people in category 2 and only 5 from category 3. For a second I thought I was missing someone, then I realised I didn't count myself. Whoops.

Fun could be had trying to work out who comes under each category, so I'll leave you all to play that game. It might be easy to work out if you compare what I said about people in the previous thread I linked to above, because there's no one on that list who I hold secret resentment for. If I'm not keen on you, you already know. :)


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What you should do is talk about the people at the bottom of the rep list. Man, zarbon789 and zypoot are so friggin' awesome, I think I want to marry them.