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New Member
Wrestler's Name: Vixxen

Height: 5'6
Weight: 125lbs

Entrance Music:
Bad Tings- Jace Everett (true Blood theme)
Hometown:Toronto Ontario Canada

Wrestling Style: technical/submission

Brief Profile:
Born/raised Southern Ontario
Trained by Scott D'Amore,& Tyson Dux

Comfortable in the ring and out, submission,hardcore and technical
Tommy Dreamer,Raven,Terry Funk. Watching old tapes of original ECW gave Vixxen the wrestling bug, watching Francine and Beulah fight each other and men many times larger inspired her to be like them, sexy,talented,HARDCORE. If Francine can get her pelvic bone broken and still be intimidating so could she. Victoria showed you can be crazy and a champion. Chyna and Lita proved that anything a man could do so could a woman. She loved watching Tommy Dreamer,Raven & Terry Funk and would have loved to work with them.Was supposed to compete on NXT Season 3, Spent 8 months in Orlando doing dark matches with Impact Wrestling. Hears more voices than Randy Orton. Dating Suicidal Superstar Josh Gavin

Entrance(s):The lights in the arena dim and a red spotlight light up the stage, the strains of Jace Everett's "Bad Things" echo through the arena there are excited murmurings in the crowd from those that know who the music belongs to and what she can do in the ring. A woman with blood red hair steps through the curtain to the cheers of her fans she walks slowly to the ring. Climbing into the ring she takes her time flaunting her assets and laughing at the cat calls from the crowd

Signature Move(s) :European Uppercut

-Striking spear

-camel clutch bomb

Finishing Move(s) : (max 2: 1 power, 1 submission)
Shining wizard-Decapitator
pentagram choke-Beauties Kiss

Alignment: tween