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US Title Situation

Next US Champion

  • Bobby Roode

  • Baron Corbin

  • Tye Dillinger

  • Sami Zayn

  • Jinder Mahal

  • Rusev

  • Randy Orton

  • Luke Harper

  • Aiden English

  • Mike Kanelis

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So right now So Styles is doing the Cena thing with the US Title to keep him out the world title picture for a bit however who will take over made a few point for the guys I put in the poll so please read then vote.

Bobby Roode - I'm imagining at a big ppv the phenomenal one versus the glorious one for the US Title as I think WWE have a world title plan for this year's mania and Roode isn't involved.

Baron Corbin - Okay let's be honest Corbins career is going up shot street, he's been constantly humiliated for his heat backstage and I think a dominant run with the US Title is the only thing that can save him from a slippery slope.

Tye Dillinger - If this happens I'd wait till the rumble a kinda 1 year in the making thing the underrated underdog beats the phenomenal one in a baby baby title match I can see AJ winning the rumble this year so doing the honours for The in the opener could be on the cards.

Sami Zayn - Okay so Sami on Smackdown has been meh he's over but WWE dont capitalise on it I think a Zack Ryder like US Title run could be the launching pad for bigger and better things.

Jinder Mahal - I swear to fuck if Jinder beats Nakamura again I am royally going to kick off so hopefully when he drops the title he will need something to do so the US Title for an anti American is a WWE classic.

Rusev - He's doing nothing really and deserves better so to re build him for the first time give him another amazing run with US gold.

Randy Orton - AJ vs Orton is a money match and would really boost the prestige of the US Title plus a story going into this could be Randy going for the grand slam because as far as I know he hasn't won the US Title yet.

Luke Harper - Harper is meant to be repackaged to a gimmick showcasing his talents and to be honest I love Luke Harper.

Aiden English - Jinder won the WWE title.

Mike Kanilis - Even tho WWE aren't high on him and its clear to see why HERE'S TO THE GREATEST LOVE IVE EVER KNOOOOOWN AND BURNING UP IN YOUR LOVE


Love your reasoning for Aiden :lol:

I could see Jinder having a nice run with the US title once he drops the WWE title, will fit in with his gimmick as you said.

I was expecting Owens to have a long run with his whole 'face of America' gimmick but that didn't seem to last long.

I can't see English, Corbin or Dillinger having a title run anytime soon, Orton bores me...Roode/Kanellis I find kinda meh too.

Out of those listed, I'd be happy with Rusev or Harper :lovesign:

The Icon

Well-Known Member
Luke Harper - Harper is meant to be repackaged to a gimmick showcasing his talents and to be honest I love Luke Harper

Hope his talents include driving farm vehicles, Harper was last seen on house shows with an 18 wheeler trucker look and gimmick.

(Side note Rowan is currently doing a gimmick on the house circuit where he comes out talking to a red balloon on a string.)