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Update/Postscript to story from TWO newsletter


New Member
Specifically, from the story in Newsletter#39 (When King Log Became King Stork: Jacques Rougeau Jr.) You can read it HERE! on the TWO site.

Since that article was written things have been hopping in Quebec.

Kevin Steen told Jacques Rougeau Jr. on November 22nd that he would be continuing to accept bookings from any indy fed that wanted to book him. (There is a short shoot promo of his decision on the IWS web-site - - shot backstage during an MWF event on Saturday, November 20th.)

Jacques Rougeau Jr. "fired" Kevin Steen, cancelled his booking at Lutte-Mania and most importantly cancelled his dark match try-out with the WWE. If Rougeau had deliberately planned to make himself the biggest heel in Quebec he couldn't have done a better job. Naturally, in the IWS, we are making a big deal out of it, as you can see HERE! on the TWO site.

In the process, virtually every wrestler involved in either the IWS or the MWF were removed from the Lutte-Mania card, in one of those moments where people start arguing wheteher they quit of their own free will or got fired before they could quit. This killed most of the undercard of Lutte-Mania including a three team scramble match featuring talent from the IWS and MWF. (Prompting some Quebec observers to wonder aloud whether anyone talented was going to be involved in Lutte-Mania)

Articles like this one and a few others nowhere near as polite put a lot of pressure on Eric Mastrocola and Sheik Tank Ali. Tank, Rougeau's Lutte Familiale champion, finally snapped under the pressure and showed up at the CWA show as he had originally committed to do. Because he had publically cancelled his booking, he wasn't used in exactly the same role, he attacked PCO to save Don Callis from a beating after PCO beat Kurt Lauderdale in just under five minutes.

Originally, Tank was supposed to defend his title at Lutte-Mania in the semi-main. Instead, that match happened on Friday. Tank jobbed away the title and was immediately informed by Paul Leduc that he was no longer being booked in the FLQ.

So, the semi-main of Lutte-Mania has also been cancelled. The main event, which was supposed to be Jacques Rougeau Jr. vs. Eric Mastrocola is also being changed as Jacques' health doesn't permit him wrestling in the main event so instead he and his brother Ray will wrestle as a tag team against Eric and a partner that hasn't been announced yet.

And just to make things that much more interesting, the OTHER trainer in Quebec, Marc le Grizzly has announced that he is putting on a family gala on January 4th, with all of the people who got fired or quit off of the Lutte-Mania show.
Details are here:

In short, in Quebec right now, we are living in VERY interesting times.