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TWOStars: The Roster

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If your character changes, or is wrong here, please PM MYSELF and I will edit it. Thanks.

Sickness : Edward Norton

Matthew Kennedy Denton: Christian Bale

Angus McDonald: Delirious

Draven Cage: Bully Ray

Randy Roko: Jimmy Jacobs

Cari Dee: Kristen Bell

Barry Gower: Brock Lesnar

Johnny Rockefeller: Chris Jericho

Logan Saint:

Evil Gringo: AJ Styles

Craig Van Dam: Rob Van Dam

Lindy Rose: Klondyke Kate

Lucian L Jones: Consequences Creed

Edward Samson: Abyss

Deadman: The Undertaker

Darkstar: Eric Bischoff

Tiny Davies: Fat Bloke

Lil Mike: Lil T

Kelly Scott: Cassandro

Tom Liver: Dave Kidney

Ashley Bronze: Gillberg

La Hija de la Estrellas

Jenny McKellen:

The Chav: A Chav

Brice Perrino: Tom Cruise

Angel: Bianca Beauchamp
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