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TWOStars Presents: End of Days from the Tokyo Dome, Japan!

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Blood Feud

Hit me with your best shot!

Simon Davidson V Donald Erics
Winner: Simon Davidson
Going for the top

Interviewing the beast

Archangel V Chaos Dragon
Winner: Chaos Dragon
Preparing to let the animals caged

Obey has a voice

Interview with Erics

What does the Fox Say to the man known at Gray?

Randy Roko V Dan Fox
We fade into the arena where the fans are happily cheering in excitement as they realise they are back live and they hold up various signs.





Blakeslee: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and coming up next we have a highly anticipated match up!

Brice: My man Dan Fox is going to prove to the world that the oldie superstars don’t have a place in this business anymore!

Gringo: Woah woah woah hold up esé, you calling me an oldie?

Brice: Well...if you went up against Fox I sure know who I would bet on!

Blakeslee: Regardless of that, next up is Fox against Randy Roko.


The lights begin to flicker and smoke pours out onto the stage as the music builds up and up, and when it hits its peak Randy Roko rolls out onto the stage and backflips backwards, doing his Rolling Rok taunt. The fans go crazy with cheers as he reaches out behind him and pulls out a black flag with a pirate skull on it and two cutlasses, which he waves about at the top of the ramp.

Gringo: There is my good friend, Randy Roko. I talked to him backstage before the show and I have only seen Randy so incensed for a match a couple of times in the time I have known him.

Randy walks down the ramp waving the flag around with a determined look on his face.

Announcer: The following contest is set for one-fall, introducing first, hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland by way of Irvine, Scotland, he weighs in at 212lbs and stands at a height of 6ft 2, he is the ‘Nautical Warrior’...Randy...Roko!

Randy slides the flag into the ring and walks up the steps and across the apron, wiping his feet on it before entering the ring. He takes the flag and waves it around while standing on the turnbuckle before hopping down as his music cuts out.


The lights go out straight away as the music kicks in and sparks engulf the stage. This continues until the first proper verse of the song kicks in and the sparks cut off and reveal Dan Fox standing tall on the stage.

Brice: Now THERE is the future winner of this match!

Announcer: And introducing his opponent, also hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, he weighs in at 235 lbs and stands at a height of 6ft 2, he is the ‘Technical Mauler’...Dan...Fox!!

Gringo: You think they ever run into each other in Edinburgh? That would be awkward...

Fox makes his way down to the ring, warming up as he does so. He wastes no time in walking up the steps and into the ring before removing his hoodie and shaking his head at Randy Roko, mouthing “Let’s get this over with” as the bell rings and his music cuts out.


Fox and Roko stare down at each other from across the ring and slowly walk towards each other, the tension being felt all the way up in the cheap seats. They reach each other and begin sharing words, motioning to themselves as they put their heads together as the fans scream in excitement.

Gringo: I can’t wait for this match esé, Randy is always great to watch in the ring and I can’t wait to see him to teach Fox a lesson in respect!

Brice: Please bro, I can’t wait for bro-ski Fox to stomp a mudhole in his face!

The words in the ring become more and more heated before finally Fox shoves Randy, earning an ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH’ from the crowd. Randy walks up with fire in his eyes and shoves him an equal amount of steps backwards, with another ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH’ from the crowd and before you know it, they are in a total slug-fest with each!

Blakeslee: And here we go!


With Fox dazed and slightly stumbling, Randy jumps up and delivers a perfectly placed dropkick to the face of Fox, sending him flying back down to the canvas as the fans rise to their feet cheering ‘The Nautical Warrior’ as he returns to his feet and raises his arms to the crowd.

Blakeslee: Roko gets the upper-hand early on in the match up and these fans are fairly behind him!

Gringo: With the fans behind you esé, it feels like you can accomplish anything!

Fox scrambles back to his feet but is hit with a running dropkick from Roko. Both men scramble back up to their feet and this time, Randy hits out with a running clothesline which sends Fox flying back down to the canvas yet again. Roko drops down for a quick pin.




Randy returns to his feet and pulls Fox up with him, irish whipping him across the ring. On the rebound, Randy jumps up and grabs Fox in a DDT headlock before turning him around and smashing him into the canvas with resounding DDT!

Blakeslee: So far Randy has kept control of this match with his off the wall style!

Brice: Bro, Fox is just biding his time, letting Roko tire himself out before coming back and kicking the crap outta him!

Fox shakes his head to clear out the cobwebs as Roko rolls him over for another cover attempt.



Randy returns to his feet but Fox smashes his elbow into the side of Roko as he does so! Roko bends over in pain as Fox runs to the opposite ropes and rebounds off them...but Roko leapfrogs! Fox continues on and rebounds yet again only to be caught with a snap suplex from Roko who holds onto the hold as he turns Fox around, pulls him up and hits him with a second snap suplex! The crowd go wild as Roko holds on for a third time and pulls him up again to hit him with a third and final snap suplex!

Gringo: That’s my esé right there!

Blakeslee: Impressive consecutive snap suplexes there from Randy and by now Fox has got to have realised he may have underestimated Randy Roko!

Randy returns to his feet and roars out to the crowd, slapping his chest as he does so with the crowd roaring back at him. He turns around and returns to Fox but is caught with a school boy pin! Fox was playing possum!




Blakeslee: Fox caught Randy totally unprepared there! He almost had a three count!

Brice: What did I tell ya!?

Both men roll out of the school boy pin and return to their feet, charging at each other. Randy throws another clothesline but this time Fox has him scouted as he ducks underneath it and both men continue running to rebound back towards each other where Fox catches Randy with a belly to belly suplex!

Blakeslee: And Fox finally getting some offence into this match up here!

Both men again roll back up to their feet but this time Fox catches Randy with a quick but firm German suplex. Fox begins kicking in to ‘The Nautical Warrior’, bashing his side with his boots with repeated kicks causing the crowd to boo and jeer him.


Fox then drags Roko up to his feet in order to hit him with a Tiger Suplex! Fox follows this up by pulling him up and Irish whipping him into the turnbuckle. Following through, Fox smashes him with a crossbody and then follows through with his signature double foot stomp!

Blakeslee: Rabbit In The Lights! And now that Fox has control he is not letting up! He isn’t giving Randy a minute to breathe!

Fox drags him out to the centre of the ring and drops down for a quick cover, hooking the leg as he does so.




Fox wastes no time and turns Randy around and wraps his arms around Roko’s legs, gluing his head to his hand he locks in the Shin On Shin submission hold! Randy can be seen scrunching his face up in pain has he arcs his back and struggles to escape but Fox has it held in tight!

Blakeslee: Submission hold locked in! Will Roko be able to fight out of it!

Gringo: Of course esé, Randy is a fighter in his heart!

Brice: Psht, what is this, an episode of Glee?

The referee gets in position, asking Randy if he wants to quit but he gets a resounding no as an answer. Randy looks over to the ropes behind him and tries to wiggle over but Fox grounds him firmly with the submission hold!

Brice: Break his damn legs Fox!

The fans begin clapping to inspire Randy to get out of the hold and Randy begins to edge his way slowly towards the ropes despite the amount of pain doing this clearly has on him. The fans begin to get more and more excited as he gets closer and closer...

...and Fox drags him back into the centre of the ring!


Randy arcs his back and roars in pure frustration and pain as the referee asks him if he wants to give in yet and Randy responds again with a resounding no.


Again, the crowd begin to inspire Randy to fight out of this as he begins punching the back of Fox’s head which is vulnerable due to the position he is in. The fans scream in excitement as Fox’s grip on the hold slowly fades and eventually Randy manages to slip out! Fox crawls to the corner holding his head as Randy rolls to the opposite side of the ring, favouring his leg as he uses the ropes to pull himself up.

Blakeslee: Randy’s fought out of it!

Gringo: He doesn’t go down without a fight esé!

Fox returns to his feet but is caught with a running spinning enzuguri from Randy from out of nowhere!!


Blakeslee: WHIRLPOOL! But Fox wisely rolls out of the ring...


The Whirlpool clearly took a lot out of Randy since his legs were just targeted so viciously by Fox so he takes some time to recuperate as does Fox on the outside as the kick was pretty vicious in itself. The referee begins a count-out on Fox.


Blakeslee: How disappointing would it be if we had a count-out victory here tonight fellas?

Gringo: You think Randy came all this way just to win by count-out? Never esé!

Brice: Fox isn’t nearly done yet; you guys just wait and see!


Randy glares over at Fox as he bends his knee a couple of times to reassure himself it’s okay as Fox begins to pull himself up on the outside.


Randy pulls himself up using the ropes as Fox finally gets to his feet.

Blakeslee: Randy’s running to the ropes...!


Cross-body to the outside! Both men are laid out on the outside as the fans cheer with excitement.

Gringo: Its matches like this where you know you have to give it your all in order to win!

The referee now begins a double count-out as the fans at ringside slap the backs of Randy and Fox just to say they touched a wrestler as they recuperate on the outside.


Fox and Randy crawl to opposite ring posts on the same side of the ring as the fans cheer them on.


Randy is the first to his feet as he glares over at Fox who is still on the ground.


Randy raises his arms and motions to the crowd to make some noise as he motions for the Riptide!!


Blakeslee: If Randy hits this it could all be over!

Brice: No way bro! This is not happening!!


Fox grabs a hold of the ring post...


Fox pulls himself up to one knee...


Fox pulls himself up...


Fox turns...Randy runs...Fox charges out and Irish whips Randy into the opposite ring post!!



Fox quickly slides into the ring and back out again to break the count and force the referee to start over as Randy turns onto his back to reveal he has a small cut above his right eye from the nasty fall with the ring post!

Blakeslee: And Randy is busted open from that nasty collision! That has got to make this match be in the advantage of Fox now!

Gringo: I don’t know esé, sometimes the sight of your own blood is enough to win you the match! Just ask Jack Eastwood...

Blakeslee: Who?

Brice: Exactly!

Fox smiles sadistically as he calls out for the Foxtrot!!


Randy looks out of it momentarily as Fox grabs him and forces him up to his feet, shoving his head in-between his legs and grabbing his arms he shouts out that Randy was never on his level before pulling him up...

...but Randy wraps his legs around Dan’s head!! He pulls himself upwards out of Dan’s hold and smashes him down to the canvas with a DDT!!



Both men are left laid out in the middle of the ring but they somehow find it within them to pull themselves to the other ropes and pull themselves up. Charging at each other, Fox throws a massive clothesline which Randy ducks to avoid and wraps his arms around Fox to stop him in his tracks. He swiftly moves around to behind Fox and jumps up for a backstabber!!

Blakeslee: L.O.A.R! L.O.A.R!!

Gringo: Cover him esé!!

Randy covers him for the pin!




Blakeslee: And Randy almost had him there!!

Both men crawl to their feet and charge at each other but out of nowhere Fox lifts Roko up and slams him down with a Burning Hammer DDT!!!


Blakeslee: Rabid!! Fox hit the Rabid!! Cover!





Both men roll out of the cover and struggle to get to their feet, the match clearly having exhausted them, and charge at each other, taking each other out with a double clothesline!! Both men are laid out!!

The referee begins to make the count as they both try to get up on their feet. The ref is almost at a nine count but both men make it to their feet! Roko goes for the attack, but Fox locks him in!














Announcer: Here is your winner! RANDY RO-"




The bell rings constantly as the ref tries to break the submisssion hold! Road Agents and other referees come in to try break the snapped Fox out of the hold. Dan is screaming the words "YOU DIDN'T BEAT ME!" as he tries to break his neck! It takes a few talent to force Dan off Randy with this feud showing no signs of dying!
Inferno Cage Match
Lord Bison V Lucian Jones

We’re back from an ad to let us know when to expect our next TWOStars PPV, and presented with a view of the Tokyo Dome in all its evening glory:

JB:We want to thank you tonight folks for joining us for TWOStars End of Days, coming to you live from the beautiful Tokyo Dome, right here in Tokyo, Japan!

The camera pans across the crowd, giving us a good look at the mammoth turnout from the Asian contingency of the TWOStars faithful…

…before the camera comes to a rest on the announce position for the evening.

JB: I’m Jaxon Blakeslee, joined tonight on commentary by TWOStars legend The Evil Gringo, and former General Manager, Brice Perrino…

BP: So I don’t count as a TWOStars legend?

EG: Easy ese, it’s not so easy to earn that kind of title, comprende?

JB: Well it’s been one hell of a night so far for our 55,000 plus fans in here, but I’ve feeling things are about to “heat up” even more, if you catch my drift?

A graphic appears on the TWOTron, a focused looking Sultan of Swagga on the left, the huge form of the Mask of Infamy taking up the right of the screen, with both competitors backed with a wall of flames. Just the image on the screen elicits an excitable response from the crowd…


JB: That’s right folks, up next Lucian Jones battles the frankly terrifying Lord Bison in the first ever Inferno Cage match!

BP: I can’t wait for this match, it’s Bropocalypse Now for Lucian Jones! Why would anyone want to be locked in a small area with Lord Bison? Let alone with the walls on fire?!

JB: Well Gringo, you’ve been in all kinds of memorable matches here in TWOStars but have you ever seen anything like this?

EG: Homes, I’ve been through hell and high water in that ring, but I can honestly say I’ve never been in a situation where fire has been used to keep me in the ring! Usually a cage is used to keep outside interference out, not to lock two men in!

JB: It’s no secret that Jones and Bison have a deep vein of hate for each other, but after tonight one man be left standing tall…who will that man be? Let’s take you over to SalvatorHier for the introductions.

The production crew does that voodoo that they do so well, and the shot transfers to the suavely suited and booted Latin Lothario, SalvatorHier in the centre of the ring.

SH: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall, and is the FIRST EVER INFERNO CAGE MATCH!!


Spotlight’s illuminate the form of the cage hanging in the rafters, as it starts to descend towards the ring.

BP: Wow, look at the size of that thing!

The cage lowers into place, cordoning off the ring and a small portion of the ringside area, as a hush draws over the crowd who stand in awe of this monstrous structure.

JB: This truly is a sight to behold, as well as one hell of a feat of engineering. This cage stands 20ft high, weighs in at over 5 tons and took over 3 months to complete…

EG: And I’m still not sure it’s enough to contain both these loco vatos!

The ringside crew make a few last minute checks, as the arena lights fade to black.


The now equally familiar and terrifying music of Lord Bison hits the Tokyo Dome’s sound system, immediately drawing a negative reaction from the 55,000+ in attendance.


The darkness is penetrated by a single spotlight shining down onto the stage, revealing the form of the Lord of War standing tall in the centre.

BP: And here he is!! The Mask of Infamy himself! Look at him! Bison is immense!

The Masked Menace starts to slowly pace down to the ring, his focus entirely consumed by the domineering steel structure before him. Bison doesn’t even acknowledge the booing masses as he continues his path to the squared circle.

JB: Well if Bison is at all intimidated by the prospect of this match, he isn’t showing it. The Bringer of Destruction looks cool, calm, and collected on his way to this monumental first time match!

EG: Any normal hombre should be getting the flutter of butterflies in their estomago at this point, but Bison is not what I’d call a normal person!

Lord Bison makes his way down to the cage, not pausing for a second, striding purposefully around the steel structure before entering through the door and climbing into the ring. His Lordship looks around at the steel cage surrounding him, a look of almost delight in his eyes.

JB: Well it would appear that the behemoth Bison is pleased with his new surroundings?!

BP: He loves to cause pain and injury Jaxon, so this whole structure essentially just became Bison’s playground. If I were Jones, I’d turn tail and run!

JB: Well I haven’t been here long, but I’m fairly certain that is not going to happen.

EG: Yeah, I’ve been in the ring with Jones and let me tell you, that kid just doesn’t quit. Whether or not it’s a good idea for him to take part in this match is a different matter altogether. Mark my words, Jones will be here, I don’t doubt that for a second.

Almost on cue, the Tokyo Dome is once more plunged into darkness until a shower of golden sparks cascades down from the rafters onto the entrance stage.


From the awed hush of Bison’s entrance, the crowd now once more find their voice…






Gold, blue and white pyrotechnics explode from EVERYWHERE, as Lucian roars out onto the centre of the stage, planting his feet and raising both hands high in the air.


Jones beats his chest with his fist, screaming for Tokyo to…


…as yet more pyro ignites on the ramp behind him. For anyone paying attention to the ring, Bison is unimpressed and simply stands stoic in the ring awaiting his opponent.


JB: The King of Bling has arrived, and boy does he look fired up tonight!

EG: Why wouldn’t he be? The last time he walked into this arena on PPV he came away with the TWOStars Triple Crown Championship!

JB: Gringo is of course referring to Jones’ historic win at WrestleNova VI over Craig Van Dam in this very building. And what a night that was! I’d like to bet you had more than a passing interest in that match, Gringo?

EG: Wellese, Van Dam took that title from me and went on an undefeated 8 month run, only for it to be ended by Jones right there in the centre of that ring. Say what you will about the kid, but in my eyes he earned his stripes that night!

Jones has started to walk down the entrance ramp, in much more subdued fashion than we used to. Sure there’s still a little slapping hands and bumping knuckles, but not once does Jones take his eyes off his opponent awaiting him.

BP: That’s all well and good, but those warm fuzzy memories are going to be obliterated tonight. When Jones thinks of the Tokyo Dome he won’t remember his “epic” title win, he’ll only remember the night Lord Bison broke him!

Lucian approaches the cage tentatively, lifting his shades to get a good look at the towering structure before him. Standing in the doorway, Jones scans the walls of the cage, before his gaze finally rests on the awaiting Lord Bison.

JB: This is what it boils down to people! These two men have left a path of destruction in their wake for months, and finally tonight we settle this once and for all!

EG: Are you excited? I’m getting excited, homes!

Lucian pauses in the doorway for a moment, as the cheers of the crowd spur him on.

BP: This is your last chance bro. Think about whether you want to do this…

Composing himself, His Highness of Flyness steps through the door of the cage much to the delight of the capacity audience.


The referee does his best to back Bison up into a corner, as Jones climbs the ringside steps. The King of Bling enters the ring, taking a seat on the top turnbuckle as SalvatorHier raises the microphone to his lips.

SH: Introducing first, standing 6 feet and 8 inches tall, and weighing in tonight at 302 pounds…

Bison flexes his powerful physique, the burning eyes behind the Mask of Infamy carving into the very soul of Lucian Jones.

SH: He hails from Parts Unknown…he is the Mask of Infamy, the Bringer of Destruction, the Master of Massacre…he is LOOOOOORRRRD BIIIIISSSOOOOOOOOON!!


Bison extends his arms, welcoming the booing of the Tokyo Dome fans, in fact encouraging them to boo even louder. The imposing figure of Bison stands unmoving in the centre of the ring, looking in no way affected by the jeering and catcalls of the crowd.

BP: Just look at this man! He welcomes the hostility of the crowd, because he’s about to make believers of each and every last one of them!

EG: It’s hard to argue about that, ese. I wouldn’t want to meet Bison in a dark alley in Tiajuana…

The noise of the crowd dies down slightly as the camera picks out Lucian Jones, who hasn’t moved from his seat atop the turnbuckles. The hood of His Highness of Flyness obscures his eyes, and Jones looks to be deep in pre-match preparation as Salvator continues the introductions.

SH: And introducing his opponent…


SH: Standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighing in tonight at 235 pounds…he hails from Jonestown, Georgia…


SH: He is the King of Bling, the Sultan of Swagga, His Highness of Flyness…he is…

Pretty much the entirety of the Tokyo Dome (including a couple of the security guards on patrol at ringside) yell in chorus…


…as Jones leaps down from the corner and storms up to Bison, flicking back his hood and getting in the larger man’s face, joining the crowd in letting fly with a loud…



Immediately the referee steps in between the two men, trying desperately to stop this powder keg from igniting too soon.

EG: You can feel the animosity between these two vatos from here! This should be immense!

SalvatorHier scarpers from the ring while the getting is good, allowing the official on the outside to finally close and padlock the cage door. Jones removes his ring jacket, staring down the unmoving Bison.

BP: Just look at the body language in the ring. Bison looks calm and collected, while Jones looks more than a little nervous. Which one of these guys is supposed to be the rookie again?

JB: Well you can’t blame that young man for being apprehensive. Lucian Jones has thrown literally everything but the kitchen sink at Bison, and so far hasn’t been able to find a solution for the brute strength of the Mask of Infamy.

EG: I got confidence in my boy, if anyone can find a way to keep this big man down for the three count, it’s J-Dawg.

With the ringside crew now back to a safe distance, ThaksinMetharomsignals his final checks have been made and points to the engineer working the nearby control board. The camera gets a close up shot of the engineer turning a key on the panel, before pushing a big red button labelled “ignition”.


Straight away flames start to ignite across the walls of the cage, the ring area now surrounded by what amounts to a flaming net.


JB: The cage is lit!! It looks like we’re about ready to get this underway!!

EG: Dios mio! I can feel the heat from here!!

Lucian looks around nervously, as Bison continues to drill holes into the TWOStars stalwart with his gaze. The referee gestures to the timekeeper, and the bell is rung…



JB: Here we go…

As if the bell were a starter’s pistol, Bison charges immediately, bearing down on Jones and leaving His Highness of Flyness looking like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights. Bison unleashes a hellacious looking clothesline, as Jones finally remembers where he is and narrowly manages to duck the huge swinging arm. Jones continues towards the ropes, rebounding with increased momentum and thundering back towards Bison…

JB: Jones ducks the clothesline attempt from Bison and looks to return the favour here!!

Lucian crashes full speed into Bison, smashing the Lord of War across the chest with his outstretched arm…


Bison doesn’t move an inch. Not even a step back.

JB: How does this man take this kind of punishment?

BP: The man has spent his whole life dealing with pain, this is nothing to Bison!!

Lethal Eloquence stands tall in the centre of the ring, beckoning Jones in to try his luck again. Lucian looks around to the crowd, but can only focus on the flames licking their way up the sides of the cage. Shaking his head and bringing himself back to Earth, Jones steels himself and once again hits the ropes.

JB: Jones going to the well one more time…

Again Jones rebounds at full speed towards Bison…

JB: Will this work this time round?

…Only to find the deceptively quick Mask of Infamy stepping to the side and bringing his knee crashing up into the gut of the Sultan of Swagga.

JB: No! Bison with a big knee to the gut of Jones!

Lucian doubles over, wheezing from the force of the blow, as Bison reaches down and grips him by the hair.

EG: As much as I hate to say it, that was a rookie mistake from Jones. He telegraphed the move first time round, so of course Bison was gonna be ready for it a second time!

Bison grips the hair of Jones, pulling the King of Bling’s head back and staring him dead in the eye.

LB: Is this it?

Bison crashes another knee to the midsection of Jones, the King of Bling only being held up by the grip Bison has on his hair.


Another knee crashes into the gut of Jones, this time Bison releases the hair and allows Jones to crumple, wheezing, to all fours on the canvas.


JB: Just take a look at the brute strength of this man!

Bison spreads his arms, encouraging the crowd to increase the volume of their booing. Let’s just say the sold out Tokyo Dome doesn’t need much encouragement.


BP: What did I tell you, bro? Jones did better than I expected, it took more than one hit from Bison to drop him!

Lucian remains on all fours, sucking down gulps of air to replenish the wind that was just knocked out of him. Bison paces over to his prey, reaching down and dragging Jones back to his feet, before lifting him easily onto one shoulder and driving him back across the ring and back first into the turnbuckles.

EG: It’s scary how easily Bison just picked up a grown man! J-Dawgain’t a small guy!

The Bringer of Destruction takes a step back from the corner, before lurching forwards and burying his shoulder deep into the gut of Jones.


JB:Ooof! That can’t have felt good!

Again Bison steps back, before once again driving his shoulder deep into the midsection of the spluttering Sultan of Swagga.

EG: Jones needs to get out of there!

Again Bison drives his shoulder into Jones’ stomach. And again.And again. Each hit increasing in speed and frequency until Bison is relentlessly ramming his shoulder into the gut of Jones over and over again in rapid succession.


BP: And the best thing about this? It’s no disqualification! There’s not a damn thing the referee can do other than count the fall!

His Lordship finally decides he’s done enough damage for now and steps back from the corner, allowing the Duke of Jonestown to drop to the mat and instinctively curl up holding his stomach.

JB: I hate to say it, but that kind of assault could quite easily leave a man with internal injuries.

Bison starts to pace around the ring, not at all intimidated by the flames surrounding the ring on all sides. The Mask of Infamy grips the straps of his ring gear, looking very pleased with his performance thus far as he watches Lucian Jones attempting to pull himself up to his hands and knees. With wicked delight, Bison delivers a stiff boot to the side of the head of His Highness of Flyness, effectively shoving Jones back to the mat.


Lucian again exerts effort in dragging himself to all fours, only to once again find Bison stomping a boot to the side of his head.

BP:Hahaha! Bison’s just toying with his prey now! The end is nigh already, bro! Mark my words!

JB: Well a lot of people, myself included, expected Jones to come out here like a house on fire, if you’ll excuse the pun. Unfortunately that is not looking to be the case here!

Lucian is already in quite a bad way, coughing and spluttering on his knees as Bison stands tall before him. The Lord of War looks out to the crowd surrounding his fiery prison, before looking down at the crumpled form of His Highness of Flyness.


Slowly but surely, the shock of the crowd at the dissection of the King of Bling makes way to a steadily growing chant…

LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

The chant grows in both volume and urgency, as Bison looks around him at the 55,000 fans in the Tokyo Dome yelling for Lucian to get back into fight…

LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

JB: Listen to this crowd get behind Lucian Jones! It’s deafening in here!

BP: What did you say? I can’t hear you over all these idiots chanting?!

EG: Get up and fight ese!!

Lucian punches a fist into the mat, as he manages to drag himself up to a knee. His ribs are screaming out in pain and the heat from the nearby walls of flame is almost unbearable, but Jones grits his teeth and forces himself back up to a vertical base…


JB: And Jones is back to his feet!

…only to find Bison already advancing towards him, malicious intent etched in his eyes. Almost on instinct alone, Jones lashes out with his right hand, clocking Bison square on the jaw and stopping the big man in his tracks for just a moment.


EG: Stay on him, homes!!

Lucian unleashes another hard right hand to the face of Bison, this one forcing the beast back a step. Spurred on by his success, Jones fires of a flurry of blows before unleashing a guttural roar of rage.

JB: Jones has Bison staggered!!

BP: No!! No!! NO!!!

Lucian wraps both hands around the huge neck of Lord Bison and forces the bigger man back into the corner, before letting fly with a series of huge body shots.

EG: It ain’t pretty ese, but it’s getting the job done!!

JB: I don’t think anyone was expecting a wrestling clinic from this match, but Lucian Jones looks as though he’s fighting for his life!

Jones peels away to the opposite corner, his eyes locked onto the staggered Lord Bison. Lucian sprints across the ring…

JB: Could the King of Bling be looking for the Jonestown Express here?

I guess we’ll never find out, because as Lucian dashes across the ring, Bison charges out of the corner, catching Jones and wrapping his arms around the Duke of Jonestown. Bison pops his hips and throws Jones up and overhead, sending the Sultan of Swagga flying over the top rope, crashing off the apron and flopping nastily to the ringside mats.


Bison literally roars with rage, as Jones lies in a heap on the outside of the ring.

JB: Good Lord!! Did you just see that throw from Bison?

EG: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lucian Jones manhandled like this! This Bison is unabestiaabsoluta!

JB: That was not a good landing for Jones! Let’s take another look…

A replay shows Bison catch Jones before throwing him in an overhead belly to belly suplex. The Mask of Infamy must toss Jones at least 6 feet through the air to send His Highness of Flyness over the top rope. A different camera angle shows exactly how Jones bounces off the apron on the way down, before landing with a splat on the mats.

BP: Oh boy, that was something else!

Lucian starts to recover out at ringside, dragging himself up off the mats. It’s not until the heat hits him, that Jones looks up and remembers the cage of flames surrounding them.

BP: Looks like someone’s finally realised there is no escape from this match! Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, Jones!

The King of Bling backs away from the flames, standing against the ring apron, but not realising that Lord Bison is rapidly approaching.

EG: J-Dawg needs to get his head in the game or it’s gonna be game over real soon!

The Mask of Infamy reaches over the top rope, gripping Jones by his afro and dragging him up onto the apron. Out of desperation more than anything, Lucian wraps his hands behind the head of Bison and drops to the floor, hot-shotting the bigger man on the top rope.


Jones looks around at the fiery prison that contains both men, stealing his resolve, before sliding into the ring in pursuit of the dazed Bison.

JB: Well it looks like Lucian Jones finally understands the severity of the situation he finds himself in, but can he find a way to defeat the man mountain before him?

Jones charges, firing off right hands to beat Bison back to the ropes. His Highness of Flyness grips the arm of Bison and shoots him off across the ring. As Bison rebounds, Jones drops to his front causing the Lord of War to jump up and over his opponent before hitting the strands again. As Bison returns this time, Jones leapfrogs up and over the bigger man nimbly, as Bison picks up speed. As soon as his feet hit the floor, Jones sets off for the ropes himself, both Bison and Jones on collision course in the centre of the ring…

BP: Don’t let this clown get into a rhythm!!

…Lucian throws his left boot up, catching Bison square on the jaw…


JB: A storming big boot from Jones…but it’s still not enough to take Bison off his feet!

Even Lucian looks on in amazement as Bison staggers, but will not fall. Jones hits the ropes again, rebounding towards Bison and swiftly ducking the wild swing thrown out by Lethal Eloquence.

JB: Bison misses with the clothesline, and Jones looks to be finding his form a little here.

As Jones ducks the line, he grips the other arm of Bison, once more firing the bigger man off towards the ropes. This time Jones sets off on a perpendicular tangent, both men rebounding and narrowly missing each other in the centre of the ring. Both men hit the strands again, once more heading towards a mid-ring collision.

JB: What is Jones thinking of now?

EG: I’ll tell you exactly what he’s thinking, ese…

Jones changes direction ever so slightly, dropping his shoulder and charging at full speed directly towards Bison…


As Jones looks to connect with the Pounce, Bison stands his ground,plowing straight through the pouncing King of Bling and sending Lucian crashing to the canvas!


BP: Wow, now that is impressive!

Lucian sits up immediately from the mat, shaking the cobwebs off and glaring up at the domineering form of Lord Bison.

JB: Jones tries the Pounce, but this Bison is just too powerful!

EG: Homes, I’ve seen a lot of guys get their clock cleaned by Jones and that move, but Bison just shrugged it off?! Jones is throwing everything AND the kitchen sink at this guy, what’s it going to take to beat this Bison?

BP: Are you kidding me, bro? Bison will not be beaten! He kinda makes me wish I was still offering my consultancy services. He’d be the perfect addition to Team Million! Hell, a guy like Bison would make us BILLIONS, not just millions!

Bison approaches the seated Jones, only to find Lucian quickly lashing out with his left foot and kicking Bison’s right knee. Finally the beast drops to a single knee, as Lucian spots an opportunity to capitalise.

EG: Well he’s not completely off his feet, but it’s a start kid! Now get to it!!

Jones quickly scrambles to his feet, charging towards the kneeling Bison. Using his full forward momentum, Jones locks on a front facelock and swings his legs through, dropping to his back and driving Bison face first to the canvas!


JB: Short DDT from Jones, and finally he has Bison down on the mat!!

Lucian wastes no time at all, quickly dropping on Bison and hooking a leg. ThaksinMetharom quickly gets down to make the count…


The referee’s hand doesn’t even hit the mat for a second time, before Bison powerfully throws Jones up into the air and out of the cover.

JB: A kickout at one by Bison, and with authority!!

EG: Stay on him J-Dawg! You’re gonna have to wear him down!

BP:Pfft. If he can.

Not to be deterred, Jones quickly gets back to his feet, only to find Bison already regaining a vertical base of his own. Not wanting to miss a beat, Lucian charges in once again, only to find himself snatched up into the air by Bison, span through 180 degrees and then driven spine first to the mat!


JB: A big time spinebuster from Bison!!

BP: Bro, did you hear the impact on that? That spine hit the pine HARD!!

Lucian lays spread-eagled for a moment in the ring, as Bison looks on, emotionless. Bison looks up from his opponent to the jeering masses on the other side of the flaming cage. After taking a moment to enjoy the path of destruction left in his wake, Bison heads for the ring ropes, dropping to the mat and rolling out beneath the bottom strand. Bison whips back the ring apron, obviously hunting for something.

EG: Ay no. I’ve got a feeling this is gonna go to a very bad place veeeery quickly.

It seems Bison has found what he was looking for, returning from beneath the ring with a table and chair in tow.


JB: Bison has furniture, and surely nothing good can come of this for Lucian Jones?!

The Mask of Infamy easily lifts the table overhead, throwing it in the ring next to where Jones is currently trying to regain his breath. The chair follows close behind before Bison slides in himself, picking up the table and quickly setting it standing. Happy with the position of the table, Bison now drags the woozy Duke of Jonestown to his feet, before shooting Jones off towards the ropes and awaiting his return.

JB: Any way you cut this, things are looking bad for Jones right here!

BP: The bro’s gonna put his spine through the pine one more time!!

Jones rebounds towards Bison, but at the very last minute he drops to the canvas, sliding not just between the legs of Bison, but under the table as well.


Making the most of the breathing space, Jones slides out of the ring and looks under the ring for a weapon of his own.

EG: This is what Jones has to do, we’ve seen that he can’t beat Bison with power alone, he has to use his speed to stay away from the bigger hombre!

Bison finally realises that he’s been duped, turning and flipping the table out of the way, before storming across the ring towards Jones. The Lord of War leans between the top and middle rope, reaching out to grasp Jones…


…only to find the kendo stick now wielded by Jones cracking him hard over the top of the head.


JB: Jones has the kendo stick, and he’s got to be hoping this is going to even the odds a little here!

Lucian slides into the ring, focussed entirely on the staggered Lord Bison. Jones tees up another swing…


…before once again smacking Bison in the head with the stick.


Again Lord Bison staggers, but he will not go down.

EG: Damn homes, what is this hombre made of?! He’s a máquina!

BP: Hey bro, you think you could maybe commentate in English from time to time?


Jones twirls the kendo stick expertly in his hands, before landing another blow to the back of Bison with a resounding…



Lucian crashes another shot home…



And another…



Before swinging for the fences and unleashing a barrage of kendo stick shots that finally drive Bison down to the mat…



EG: Uh-oh, looks like J-Dawg is losing it…

Jones continues to blast Bison with the kendo stick, a roar of rage emanating from deep within him. Shot after shot rains down, showing no sign of letting up.


JB: Lucian Jones appears to have lost it here with Bison, but can you blame him? Lord Bison has put this young man through hell for weeks now and it looks like it’s finally time for Jones to get a little retribution.

Finally Jones relents, stepping back and throwing the stick (which is now nothing more than a loosely wrapped bundle of splintered canes) to the canvas, breathing heavily.


Lucian looks over at his opponent, his jaw dropping in shock.

JB: I don’t believe I’m saying this after that assault by Jones, but Bison is already rising to his feet!


A snarl crosses the lips of Jones, as he picks up the table previously flipped by Bison and props it up in the corner. A look of determination etches itself onto Lucian’s face as he grips the mask of Lord Bison and drags the bigger man up to his feet. His Highness of Flyness fires the Mask of Infamy towards an empty corner with all the ferocity he can muster, Bison’s spine thumping into the turnbuckles with immense force. Not missing a beat, Lucian sets off across the ring, leaping into the air to cover the final third of the distance and crashing his full weight down on Bison.


JB: The Jonestown Express arrives exactly on time, and that HAD to rock Bison?

Lucian doesn’t hesitate in peeling away to the opposite corner again, before once more charging in and unleashing another splash onto Bison, trapping the bigger man in the corner.

JB: A second Jonestown Express hits home!!

BP: Get out of the corner!!

Bison moves to stagger forwards, only to find Jones shoving him back into the corner and giving him a right hander across the mask for his troubles. Lucian again peels away to the opposite corner, once more charging in and once more splashing the bigger man into the corner.


JB: And Jones completes the trifecta!! 3 Jonestown Express’ in a matter of moments, and Lucian is fired up!!

Jones backs away from the corner, allowing Bison to stagger out. The Mask of Infamy takes a couple of woozy steps, before dropping to a knee and shaking his head to try and clear the cobwebs.

EG: Finish the job, kid! You’ve got Bison rocked!!

Jones sets off towards his opponent once more…

JB: Jones has to be looking for the Ghetto Blaster here! If this hits could it be all she wrote for Bison?!

His Highness of Flyness sprints towards his opponent, stepping up of the outstretched knee of Bison and driving his left boot towards the literal Mask of Infamy…

JB: Ghetto Blast…no!! Bison moves!!

At the last second Bison leans out of the way, narrowly avoiding the speeding left foot of Jones, nimbly snatching his opponent up into a powerbomb position.

BP: Look at Bison! You can never count this man out!

Bison powers up to his feet, still holding Jones in the air in powerbomb position. Suddenly Lucian springs into action, peppering the Bringer of Destruction with left and right hands, trying to loosen the grip of the Masked Menace.

EG: Come on ese!! Fight!!

Jones continues to throw shots at the head and mask of Bison, but the Lord of War is having none of it. With surprising speed, Bison quickly crosses the ring, lifting Jones over his head and driving him with force through the table propped in the corner!!


EG: Dios mio!

JB: Good grief!!

BP:Hahahaha!! Awesome, bro!

Lucian lies crumpled in a heap, surrounded by the shattered shards of what was a table just a few seconds ago.


Bison rears up to full height, puffing out his chest and roaring loudly.


JB: Can anyone stop this man? Have you ever seen such a destructive force, Gringo?

EG: Homes, all I can say is I’m glad I’m not competing in the ring any more…

Bison reaches down, grabbing the foot of Jones and dragging his unmoving body out of the pile of debris. The Mask of Infamy doesn’t even make a full cover, choosing instead to simply plant a foot in the centre of Jones’ chest and raise an arm aloft in pre-emptive victory.




Some way, somehow, Jones draws on some unknown reserve of strength and manages to barely scrape a shoulder up off the canvas. The referee loudly lets the timekeeper know that Jones was only down for a two count and this match will continue.


Bison glares at the referee, before once again stomping a foot into the centre of Jones’ chest and demanding the referee count again.




Jones again pulls a shoulder up off the canvas, much to the delight of the crowd, and apparently the surprise of His Lordship.


JB: Lucian Jones will not stay down! What a match!!

BP: I don’t understand what keeps him fighting! The only way this match is gonna end is when one of these guys dies!!

Lord Bison does not look amused. Not at all. The Mask of Infamy again drags Jones to his feet, running towards the ropes and tossing the King of Bling over the top rope and down to the floor below.


JB: Bison looks like he has evil intentions in mind here, what does he have planned for Jones?

Lucian pulls himself up to all fours, crawling away from the flames that lick up the sides of the cage, the searing heat causing Jones to wince and shield his face from the flames. Jones reaches the ring post and uses this to pull himself gingerly to his feet, only to find Bison exiting the ring and moving towards him.

EG: This could get bad in a hurry. Jones needs to get away from those flames before they give Bison ideas!

As Lethal Eloquence approaches his prey, Jones gestures for the big man to bring it on.

BP: I’ll give the kid props, he won’t back down! It’s a shame that he’s probably never gonna wrestle again by the time Bison is done with him.

Not wanting to keep his opponent waiting, Bison charges towards Jones, only for the Sultan of Swagga to drop down at the last minute, tying Bison’s legs up with his own…



JB: A drop toe hold from Jones, and did you hear Lord Bison’s head bounce off the steel ringsteps?!

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to capitalise, Lucian grabs the mask of Bison, pulling his head back, before once again driving it into the steel steps with a…


Not satisfied with just once, Jones rams the head of Bison into the steps over and over, teetering dangerous close to going off the deep end.


JB: I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of aggression from the King of Bling!

EG: What do you expect, homes? J-Dawg is doing what needs to be done to take Bison out of his gameplan. I don’t think he expected Jones to fight fire with fire!

Lucian finally relents, staggering back across the ringside area, before dropping back onto his butt, breathing heavily. His Highness of Flyness wipes the sweat from his brow, looking out at the flames surrounding him, before slowly pulling himself back to his feet.

EG: You’ve got to stay on the attack, ese! Don’t let up now!

For the second time this match, Jones goes hunting beneath he ring and returns with another kendo stick. Once more expertly twirling the stick in his hand, the King of Bling approaches the unmoving Lord Bison.


JB: Looks like it’s Jones’ turn to play the part of the hunter now!

As Lucian advances, Bison comes back to life. Slowly, much like a monster straight from a horror movie, Bison rises from the ringsteps, staring at Jones with emotionless eyes from behind the mask. The Duke of Jonestown doesn’t hesitate, immediately swinging the kendo stick towards the head of Bison…

JB: Jones is looking to hit a home run here…but Bison ducks!!

Jones thwacks the kendo stick against the cage, lodging the tip of the stick into the mesh of the flaming cage.

JB: And it looks like that kendo stick is caught in the cage…look out!!

Lucian’s too busy trying to pry the kendo stick free to notice His Lordship approaching from behind. Suddenly the penny drops, and Lucian releases his grip on the Kendo stick just in time to catch the full force of Bison’s swinging arm to the back of the head.


JB: Good grief, what a clubbing blow to the back of Jones’ head!! Bison may have knocked him out with that hit!

His Lordship is once again standing tall, cricking his neck slightly, but not showing any real sign of the war he’s currently involved in.

BP: This guy is inhuman!! He’s like…like…the Terminator!! Every time you think you’ve got the upper hand on Bison, he’ll be back!!

LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

JB: Just listen to this capacity crowd trying to get Jones back into this thing!

EG: Wow!! It’s LOUD in here tonight, homes!

Again Bison drags Jones up to his feet, but there’s little more than instinct holding the Duke of Jonestown up at this point. Holding Jones by the hair with one hand, the Mask of Infamy points towards the flaming wall of the cage, leaving the crowd in no doubt about his attentions.

JB: He’s going to throw Jones into the flaming wall!! Somebody has to stop this before one of these men gets seriously hurt!

BP: You mean “before Jones gets hurt”? Bison’s very much large and in charge, bro!

Bison charges across the ringside area, building up steam, his hand still gripping a handful of Jones’ hair, dragging the Duke of Jonestown along with him.

EG: I can’t watch…

…but the fighting instincts of Jones kick in at the last minute, the King of Bling twisting in the grip of Bison, grabbing the arm of Bison and effectively armdragging the big man directly into the ringpost!


JB: Jones manages to escape, but did you hear the thud of Bison’s flesh meeting that steel post?! How either of these men are still standing is beyond me!

Jones thumps his fists on the apron in rage, an evil glare appearing in his eyes. Bison is kneeling against the ringpost shaking his head and trying to clear the cobwebs.

JB: For the first time in this match, His Lordship actually looks hurt!

EG: Come on J-Dawg, you got this, ese!!

Jones paces towards the kneeling Bison, before noticing the kendo stick still jutting out of the side of the cage. With a heave, Jones tugs the kendo stick free from the cage, only to find at least half of the stick is now on fire.


With a somewhat psychotic grin plastered across his face, Jones looks over at the woozy Mask of Infamy, swinging the burning stick as he stalks his prey.

EG: Okay, this may be a little much…

Jones winds back the stick, cracking the flaming end across the shoulder blades of Bison, causing His Lordship to arch his back in pain and shuffle away on his knees.


Jones is in hot pursuit though, again whipping the flaming kendo stick across the back of Bison, causing huge red welts to appear almost instantaneously.

JB: I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it, but it’s right there for all to see folks. Lucian Jones is laying a beating on Lord Bison with a flaming kendo stick!! This is weeks of pent up aggression finally working its way out!

BP: And the referee is just gonna stand by and let this happen?! This wouldn’t have happened when I was GM!

EG: You mean “co-GM”, homes?

BP: Shut up.

Lucian again cracks the charred cane over the back of Bison, driving the big man down to all fours, before following up with yet more shots from the burning stick.


Jones turns to the crowd holding his flaming weapon high overhead, much to the delight of the crowd.


EG: Don’t take your eye off the prize, ese!! You’ve got that monstruo where you want him!

Lucian throws the burnt out kendo stick to the ground, before turning to find Lord Bison already charging towards him.

EG: How does he keep getting up?! Am I gonna have to fetch the tank?!

BP: Bro, like a tank would work against His Lordship!

Bison drops his shoulder, spearing Jones on the ringside mats, folding the Duke of Jonestown up like it’s laundry day.


Bison stands from his prey, looking down at Jones who has curled up into a ball holding his ribs.

BP: Holy cr*p bro!! Bison nearly speared Jones clean out of his boots!!

His Lordship again drags the woozy form of Jones up from the mats, having little to no trouble swiftly locking Jones up in a full nelson and swinging his opponent around wildly.

JB: This is bad! Bison could well be looking for the Judas Chair here!

Lucian desperately tries to fight off the iron grip of Bison, but is having no luck. Bison continues to wrench down on the Full Nelson, rapidly sapping what little strength Jones has left.

EG: Jones has gotta fight out of this hold! If Bison hits this on the outside then I don’t think even J-Dawg could kick out!

The Bringer of Destruction moves to lift Jones for the completion of the Judas Chair, but again Lucian’s survival instincts kick in. With nothing else in the near vicinity to aide him, Jones has to use his left boot on the flaming cage to propel not only himself across the ringside area, but also Lord Bison back first into the ring apron.


Bison’s hold loosens ever so slightly for a second, before Lethal Eloquence again tightens his grip on the Full Nelson.

JB: Bison looks to be attempting to push the face of Jones into the flames! Surely the referee can’t allow this to happen?!

Bison maintains his grip and slowly but surely continues to shove Jones towards the flames.

LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

The crowd continue to try to fire up Jones, but the vice like grip of Bison is like nothing Lucian has ever felt before.

EG: Come on J-Dawg!! You can do this!

Gritting his teeth and desperately trying to push back, Jones again has no option other than to stomp his left boot against the flames and propel both men back into the ring apron again.

JB: Jones avoids the immediate danger, but can he get loose…wait, is Jones’ boot on fire?

Sure enough the sole and edges of Jones left boot appear to be aflame. Lucian thrashes and twists against the grip of Bison, finally dropping to the mats and managing to slip both arms out of the hold. Jones lashes out with his right foot, kicking the bent over Bison square in the mask and staggering the big man to a knee.


Not wasting a second, Jones fires up to his feet, dashing across the ring side mats, before stepping up off the outstretched knee of Bison and driving his flaming left boot into the mask of His Lordship!



EG: Correction homes, a FLAMING Ghetto Blaster!!


Jones immediately starts to slap and pat his left boot in an attempt to extinguish the flames, as Bison rolls around on the ringside mats. As the camera gets a good view of Bison everyone in the arena is made aware that…

JB: Lord Bison’s mask is burning!! The Mask of Infamy is on fire!!

Bison stands, thrashing wildly, desperately trying to put out the flames on his mask as Lucian looks on.

THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

BP: Stop the match! Surely they can’t allow this.

Thankfully the referee is prepared for this and retrieves a fire extinguisher stashed under the ring apron. The referee has no option other than to unleash the extinguisher into the face of Bison.


BP: And now the referee is blinding Bison!

JB: What other option did he have?

Taking full advantage of the smokescreen created by the referee, Jones snatches the extinguisher from Thaksin’s hands and drives it into the skull of Bison with a resounding…


…before rolling the woozy Mask of Infamy into the ring under the bottom rope.


BP: Oh come on!! That can’t be legal!!

EG: All’s fair in love, war and flaming inferno cage matches, homes!

Lucian quickly drops to cover Bison, hooking the leg of the behemoth and praying he’s done enough to keep the Masked Menace down.




JB: Somehow Lord Bison kicks out!!

As the smoke clears we can see that the mask of Bison has been badly damaged, leaving a hole exposed in the side which reveals a huge scar curving its way from Bison’s ear to his mouth.

JB: Good grief…

EG: No wonder that gigante wears a mask!!

Bison brings a hand to his face, realising that his protective covering has been partially removed.

EG: Uh-oh, looks like someone realised something’s not quite right…

His Lordship looks p*ssed. Very, very, very p*ssed.

BP: I honestly don’t think Bison expected Jones to put up this much of a fight, but it looks like the time for fun and games has passed.

Punching the mat in frustration, Bison moves to get to his feet, only to find Jones bearing down on him and driving a boot to the side of his head.


This doesn’t hurt Bison, more just enrages him further, as once again he attempts to rise to his feet only to find Jones delivering a pinpointed boot to his temple.


Bison snarls with rage as he once more attempts to rise.

JB: Jones throws another kick, but this time Bison is ready and catches the boot of His Highness of Flyness!

Bison finally gets to his feet, still holding the leg of Jones as he hops on the spot. Through the hole in the mask we can see…

BP: Look, Bison’s smiling!!

Sure enough, the scarred face of (semi) Masked Marauder is contorted into an evil grin, as Lucian desperately swings fists at Bison but can’t quite reach. The grin of Bison breaks out into a low, growling, and sinister laugh.

JB: How can Lord Bison take this much punishment? He’s eaten a Ghetto Blaster already, been hit with burning kendo sticks, his mask has set on fire, and still he laughs in the face of Jones!

BP: Bro, this Bison is a beast in the truest sense of the word!

Bison continues to laugh in the face of Jones, well until Lucian powers off his standing foot, lashing it into the head of Bison, striking Lethal Eloquence just above the ear and knocking him sideways.


JB:Enziguiri from the Sultan of Swagga, and he’s free from the grasp of Bison!!

The Mask of Infamy staggers across the ring, as Jones punches the mat in fury, rising to his feet with a look of rage in his eyes. As Jones moves forward with vicious intent, Bison turns directly into a solid left handed jab. A jab that causes the crowd in the arena to rise as one, yelling in unison…


A second left-handed jab cracks home, keeping Bison off balance…


JB: Jones is starting to find his rhythm again here, we could be about to see the Bitchslap in action!

More jabs fire home as Jones channels Muhammed Ali, bouncing on his toes and using his educated hands to their fullest…





With a…


…from the crowd, Jones plants his feet, windmilling his right hand as he and 55,000 screaming TWOStars fans yell…


The Duke of Jonestown unleashes the right hand, driving his fist towards Bison’s scarred face with all the force he can muster…


EG: Jones missed!! And look at the world of hurt J-Dawg’s about to find himself in!!

Bison ducks the swinging right fist of Jones, quick as a flash The Mask of Infamy circles behind Jones, hooking in the full nelson, popping his hips and lifting Jones high into the air…

JB: Bison counters the Bitchslap from Jones!!

…before sitting out in a Bubba Bomb fashion, driving the base of the spine of Jones into the mat, the force of impact bouncing Jones roughly 2 feet back up into the air, before the King of Bling finally crashes prone to the canvas.


BP: Judas Chair from Bison!! That’s all she wrote, bro!!

Bison has no time for theatrics, immediately covering Jones, the hook of the leg showing Bison means business.


JB: Is this it?!


EG: Kick out J-Dawg!!


Jones scarcely pulls a shoulder up from the canvas, but it’s enough to break the official’s count.


JB: Some way, somehow, Lucian L. Jones stays in this thing!! Have you ever seen such a war?!

Jones lies motionless on the mat, as this time it’s Bison’s turn to sit in shock on the canvas, staring out at the licking flames surrounding him on all sides.

EG: This monstro has thrown his best shots at Jones in this match, but it’s still not keeping Lucian down! Even Bison has to be wondering what he has to do to keep this loco bruja down!!

Lucian is already struggling about the business of picking his damaged form up from the canvas, as Bison glares at Jones, leaping to his feet and stalking the Duke of Jonestown as he tries to find his feet.

BP: Bison’s gotta be looking to end it once and for all here! One more big move should put this upstart away!!

As Lucian woozily rocks up to a vertical base, Bison charges…

JB: This could be bad for Jones…wait!!

As Bison charges in, Jones drops a shoulder, deftly using Bison’s own momentum to sweep the big man up off his feet, and onto the shoulder of the King of Bling. Lucian grits his teeth, staggering the couple of steps to the turnbuckle, before putting all his effort into launching Bison face-first off the turnbuckle in a Snake Eyes fashion.

JB: I know how much you’ve been wanting to call this move Gringo, so I’ll leave this one to you!

Lucian is already ricocheting off the opposite ring ropes, as the woozy Lord of War staggers back towards the centre of the ring…

EG: Coming all the way from downtown Jonestown…

Lucian throws his left boot up, lurching forwards and driving the big boot home into the scorched Mask of Infamy…



Bison drops to the canvas, as Lucian drapes himself over the fallen behemoth.

JB: And Jones down for the cover!! Can he keep Bison down this time?



The referee’s hand doesn’t even get near to making the threecount.


JB: Bison with a powerful kick out, how does he keep coming back like this?

EG: I was joking about the tank earlier, but ese, Jones may need to call in the National Guard to bring this monster down!

BP:Haha! He’s like Bro-zilla!! I love it!!

LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

Bison is already rising from the canvas for the umpteenth time this match, as Lucian sits in the centre of the ring pulling at his hair in frustration.

EG: Come on J-Dawg, keep your calm, you got this!

Jones punches the mat, starting up to his feet, as Bison is still on all fours attempting to shake the cobwebs out of his head.

LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

The Sultan of Swagga peels away to a corner directly opposite the rising Bison, gesturing for the big man to…


JB: Jones stalking his prey here…

Lucian waits impatiently in the corner, as Bison woozily rocks up onto a single knee.

JB: …he could be looking for the Ghetto Blaster again, but will he connect this time?

Lucian sets off across the ring, stepping off the bended knee of Bison and flinging his left boot towards the singed Mask of Infamy…


Bison has once again managed to duck the flying left boot of Jones, this time catching the flailing limb and bending it behind his head, forcing Lucian onto his front and applying an immense amount of torque.

BP: Look at how he’s bending the leg!! Legs don’t bend that way, bro!!

Bison applies even more force, as Lucian screams out in pain before biting down on his taped fist. Straight away the referee is down and asking Jones if he wants to continue.

TM: What do you say Jones?!


Bison twists even further, bending the leg behind his neck into a grotesque angle.


BP: Give it up, Jones!! It’s done!! It’s over!!

JB: From what I can tell, there is no way in hell Lucian Jones would be willing to quit this match!

The referee continues to ask Jones, as Lucian continues to grit his teeth through the pain. The hole in the mask of Infamy reveals yet another twisted grin on the scarred face of His Lordship, obviously taking immense pleasure in the screams of his opponent.

BP: Come on bro, he can’t even use the ropes. Even if he could get there, this is a no disqualification situation, the referee can’t break the hold!!

Bison continues to apply pressure to the leg and back of the downed Duke of Jonestown, as Lucian’s outstretched hand hovers perilously over the mat…


EG: Fight ese!! You can do it!!

BP: He’s thinking about tapping! Do it Jones, just tap! It can all end right now!!

Jones’ hand hovers above the mat, until out of the corner of his eye the Sultan of Swagga notices what may be the answer to his prayers. The chair that Bison threw into the ring earlier is lying just a few short feet away from his grasp. Lucian scrapes, and claws, and scratches at the mat, slowly dragging himself and the domineering form of His Lordship towards the chair.

JB: Jones has a plan in mind, but can he make it?

Under immense strain, Jones heaves his pain-wracked frame towards the chair, his fingertips brushing against it, the weapon aaallllmoooost in his reach…

JB: But Bison says no!!

Almost as if he was just teasing Jones, Bison easily stands and drags Jones away from the chair, before once again applying the pressure to the Breaking Wheel hold, once again unleashing a scream of pain from deep within His Highness of Flyness.


Again Jones has to contemplate whether it would be better to tap, his hand hovering over the mat.


JB: It may seem like a hopeless situation for the King of Bling, but that doesn’t stop this crowd from getting behind their hero!!

With the sound of the crowd deafening out the roar of the surrounding flames, the outstretched hand of Jones slowly balls into a fist, which punches down into the mat in a determined fashion. Jones starts to writhe and wriggle, trying to create a gap, an opening, a little separation, ANYTHING that might help him escape His Lordship’s nefarious clutches…

JB: Jones has managed to wriggle his way back between the legs of Bison, but the Mask of Infamy refuses to release that leg!!

Lucian has now found his way onto his back, his left leg still being bent horribly around the neck of Lord Bison. Jones takes a deep breath to steel his resolve, lining up his right boot and driving it hard into the grinning face of Bison.


EG:Oof!! That’s one way to escape!!

Again Jones drives the heel of his right boot into the face of Bison, this one releasing the behemoth’s grip ever so slightly. Spurred on by this, Jones starts to lay in a rapid succession of boot after boot, each shot drilling Bison in the face.


JB: We keep saying it, but Lucian Jones really is fighting for his life out here tonight!!

EG: Ese kicks like a mule, I can tell you that from experience!

Jones puts all his force into one final kick that finally gets Bison to release the hold…

JB: Jones is free!!

BP: But at what cost?! You take away that leg of Jones and you take away one of his main weapons!!

EG:Perrino’s right, Bison’s survived one and ducked out of two Ghetto Blasters so far, and now it looks like he’s trying to remove that move from J-Dawg’s arsenal altogether! You can’t fault the tactics here, JB!

Immediately, Jones grips at the left knee that has just taken one hell of a twisting at the hands of His Lordship, as Bison staggers away to once again shake off the fairies fluttering around his head. Lucian struggles his way to the ropes and uses them to assist him to his feet, but it’s obvious that whatever speed advantage he may have had is now gone.

BP: Jones is hurt and ripe for the picking!!

Lucian leans in the corner, breathing heavily, as Bison once more fixes his gaze on his opponent, rolling his neck before locking on to his target. His Lordship sets off across the ring, no doubt looking to crush the Sultan of Swagga against the turnbuckles…

JB: Bison building up a head of steam here…JONES MOVES!!


Bison collides chest first with the turnbuckle pads, staggering backwards out of the corner, only to find Jones waiting behind, quickly wrapping Bison’s arm around his own throat, before tying it up with his own and pulling back with all he has.



EG: J-Dawg has that move locked in tight! Jones has to be in a tight spot to pull this little beauty out of the locker!!

Lucian wrenches in his version of the Cobra Clutch, as Bison starts to flail in an attempt to throw Jones off him.

JB: The Duke of Jonestown will not relent!!

BP: Come on Bison!!

Over the next few moments The Mask of Infamy’s protests start to slow, as His Lordship starts to succumb to the sweet embrace of the constrictor.


JB: It’s working!! Bison is fading!!

Lucian seems almost shocked that he’s making some headway with taking the big man down, allowing a small grin of satisfaction as Bison starts to sink matwards…

BP: He’s not done yet!!

Exerting his reserves of strength, Bison powers back up to a vertical base before reaching behind his head with his free hand and gripping Jones by his errant afro.


Lethal Eloquence flicks forwards, throwing Jones over his shoulder and splatting onto the mat below, the air being driven from the lungs of His Highness of Flyness.

JB: And again Bison displays that extraordinary power he possesses!

In one swift movement, Bison has reached down, pulled Jones to his feet and hooked the King of Bling into suplex position. With a heave Bison powers Jones up onto his shoulders upside down, holding the spread legs of Lucian in place…


Bison sits out, the force of the drop sending shockwaves through the body of Jones who drops limply to the mat.

BP: SCAVENGER’S DAUGHTER!! That has to be it!!


The Masked Marauder stands, but doesn’t go for the pin. Instead His Lordship takes a second to laugh at the disdain shown to him by the crowd packed into the Tokyo Dome. The view of the Lord of War standing amidst a wall of flame makes him look even more of a demon than usual, as the hole in the side of his mask shows the scarred face of Bison distorted into a smile.


BP: I don’t think he’s done guys…

As the booing of the crowd becomes deafening, Bison drags Jones up again, once more hooking him in suplex position, and once more lifting Lucian up onto his shoulders.

JB: Another Scavenger’s Daughter? This is too much!!

The sadistic Bison doesn’t drop Jones straight away, choosing instead to parade Lucian around the ring, displaying his “kill” for all to see.

BP: Look at his face! Bison is loving this!! He’s built for this!!



What His Lordship doesn’t count on is the survival instincts of Jones kicking in, His Highness of Flyness writhing against grip of Bison with everything he has left.

JB: How is Jones still going?!

BP: The kid needs to give it up, this is just getting silly now! GIVE UP, BRO!!

Jones continues to kick and wriggle, refusing to go quietly into that good night.

LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
LET’S GO LU-CIAN!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

EG: Let’s go homes, show that sangano who’s boss!!

Lucian manages to wriggle himself free, dropping down the back of Bison…

JB: Jones is free!! And Bison may be vulnerable here!!

With a roar of rage, Lucian again quickly ties up the huge arm of Bison around His Lordship’s neck, before locking in the Booyah Constrictor for a second time.


JB: Jones going back to the well a second time, will he be able to keep the big man down?

Lucian is cranking back with all his might on the submission move, making sure this time to stay out of the way of the grasping free hand of Bison.

JB: And Bison is fading again!!

EG: Bison could be going nighty night!!

As Bison starts to slow and sink towards the mat, Jones steps forwards, forcing Bison onto his front, and sitting back, modifying the Constrictor into some weird variation of a Camel Clutch.


JB: I’ve never seen this before from Jones?

EG: Oh that’s clever, ese! J-Dawg is increasing the pressure on the hold by putting all of his own weight on Bison!

Lucian continues to pull back on the hold, as the flailing hand of Bison slowly droops further and further, until it appears to be hanging lifelessly.

JB: Is that it? Is Bison out?

BP: No?!? He can’t have done it!

EG: I don’t think Lucian’s hanging around to find out!!

Jones releases the hold, quickly dashing for the ropes (well, as quickly as his knee can now carry him), as the referee leans in and checks on the kneeling Bison in the centre of the ring. As Lucian returns from the strands, he steps up onto the back of the crouched referee, before driving his left boot into the dazed face of Lord Bison!


JB: Jones takes advantage of the situation to hit yet another Ghetto Blaster, but it looks like it may have done damage to Jones himself!!

Sure enough Bison is down, but Jones is also rolling on the mat in pain, grabbing at the left knee that was earlier subject to that devastating Breaking Wheel.

EG: Forget the pain, ese, cover him!! Pain is temporary, but this win would stay with you forever!

Lucian drags himself over to Bison, covering the big man and hooking a leg.





JB: Bison kicks out!! He eats a Ghetto Blaster from Jones and still kicks out!!

BP: He’s Bro-zilla, I swear to God!!

EG: J-Dawg can’t believe it!! What will it take to keep Bison down?!

Lucian drags himself to his feet once more, again gesturing for Lord Bison to rise up from the mat.


It takes a little longer this time, but Bison does indeed rise up to one knee. This is all the provocation Jones needs to pounce again, charging as fast as his bum left knee can carry him, Jones steps up off the knee of Bison and drives his left boot home again.


JB: A second Ghetto Blaster in as many minutes!! But Jones is not doing his knee any favours at all!!

Lucian lies on the mat again gripping his knee, before sitting up and looking over his shoulder to find Bison rolling onto his front and attempting to rise again.


Jones uses the ropes to drag himself to his feet in the corner again, watching the big man struggling to pull himself up to all fours.

BP: Wow, you could hit this bro with a 10 ton truck and I think he’d still get back up.

The second Ghetto Blaster has done a job on Bison, who is trying to get back to a vertical base, but his legs don’t seem to be communicating correctly with his brain. With a look of rage in his eyes, Jones lines up a run-up for yet another patented Shining Black kick…before noticing the steel chair lying in the ring beside him. A wicked grin spreads across the face of the Sultan of Swagga as he reaches down and picks up the steel chair.

JB: What is Jones thinking here?

EG: I’ll tell you what he’s thinking…

Lucian sets off across the ring, half running, half stumbling towards where Bison awaits.

EG: He’s thinking he’s gonna kick Bison’s head off!

Jones steps up off the knee of His Lordship, planting his left boot against the chair in his hand and driving it into the face of Bison with a sickening thud!

JB: Good grief!! Jones just drove that steel chair clean into the face of Bison!

Finally Bison falls, the Mask of Infamy laying spread-eagled in the centre of the ring. This time Lucian grits his teeth and ignores the pain in his left knee, as he crawls across the ring towards Bison’s prone form.

JB: These men have torn each other apart for more than half an hour here, all within the confines of that flaming cage!! I don’t think either man has any more to give!!

Bison hasn’t moved, as Jones literally falls onto him, hooking both legs as tight as possible. The referee drops to count…







“Slam” kicks in with both Bison and Jones lay in the same positions they ended the match in, as the ringside technicians quickly set about extinguishing the flames of the cage.

JB: Can you believe the war we have just seen between these two men?!

BP: I can’t believe Bison lost?! How?!

EG: Damn, I knew J-Dawg was tough, but this was something else! Remind me never to get on Lucian’s bad side!

Lucian finally manages to sum up the energy to pull himself to somewhere near vertical, immediately staggering back but thankfully finding the ring ropes to help keep him on his feet.

EG: It looks like even Lucian can’t believe he’s won this one!

Jones looks genuinely shocked as he looks down at the slowly rousing figure of Lord Bison, and at the hole in the Mask of Infamy he was responsible for. The referee raises Lucian’s hand in victory as the cage is finally extinguished and lifted from the ring, but Jones still looks in shock more than ecstatic over this victory.

JB: This match was just…I can’t put it into words right now without exploding into hyperbole!

Now the cage has been safely lifted the medical team flood the ring, checking on the condition of both Jones and Lord Bison. Lucian staggers back, trying to tell the medics he’s fine but not fooling anyone for a second.

THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*
THAT WAS AWE-SOME!! *clap**clap**clapclapclap*

Suddenly, from within the mass of medics, Bison erupts to his feet, rage personified.

EG: What the hell!?!

Immediately medics are slung aside by the powerful arm of Bison, as he makes a beeline straight for the Sultan of Swagga (who is currently trying to tell a paramedic that there’s nothing wrong with him).

JB: Bison’s back to his feet and heading straight for Jones, but the Duke of Jonestown is none the wiser!

With a sneer clearly visible through his mask, Bison snatches Jones up onto his shoulder, before flicking His Highness of Flyness down into the crushing knee that His Lordship brings rising up to meet him.


JB: SCOLD’S BRIDLE!! Bison nails Jones with the Scold’s Bridle, even though this match is already over!!

Lucian lies face down and unconscious in the centre of the ring, as boos and jeers echo in from all sides of the arena. Medics and road agents attempt to get into the ring to help Jones, only to find themselves backed down by the intimidating figure of Bison. His Lordship stands tall over the fallen Jones, before dusting his hands off and calmly making his way out of the ring.


The music of Bison hits the sound system, as the Masked Menace slowly backs up the entrance ramp, not once taking his eyes off the devastation in the ring.

BP: Jones may have won the battle here, but Lord Bison wins wars!!

EG: That just looks like the actions of a sore loser to me!

Once sure that His Lordship has retreated to a safe distance, the medical team quickly slide into the ring and urgently attend to the unmoving King of Bling.

JB: Well this will go down in the W column for Jones…

BP: I bet he’s not feeling like a winner right about now!

JB: Don’t go anywhere folks, we’ve got more action coming up after these short messages!

We leave the devastation in the ring to cut to a DTTAH featuring Randy Roko…
Denton craving for the gold

Main Event-TWOStars Heavyweight Championship!
Frankie Thompson V Matt Denton
“Ladies and Gentlemen…This is your main event for the evening….And it is a title for title match, with the Z.E.N World television championship and for the TWO Stars Heavyweight championship!!”


“Introducing to my right, he is from Miami Florida! And he weighed in this morning at 240 pounds. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the reigning Zenith Entertainment Network World Television champion!!! Sponsored by Fujitsu Inc….The Cardinal of Controversy….MATT DENTON!”

Denton raises his arms as the crowd boo loudly.

“And his opponent…to my left! He is fighting out of Leith Scotland. He weighed in this morning 220 pounds…The reigning TWO Stars Heavyweight champion of the world! FRANKIE THOMPSON!!!”


Frankie kisses his title as he gives it to the referee. The man in the middle of the ring lifts both belts up as the bell is rung to begin the main event!

JR-“History ladies and gentlemen will be re-written regardless of the outcomes tonight. So much on the line besides the belts! If Denton wins he becomes the first grand slam winner of this generation and joins the grand slam list of Twiggie, Sickness, Randy Roko, Arron Winter, Craig Van Dam & Barry Gower. But he would be the second fastest grand slam champion behind Twiggies incredible achievement in just one month. Matt would achieve it in four and a half months!”

PH-“If he does it’s an incredible achievement.”

JR-“If Frankie wins he will be the first ever wrestler in TWO Stars history to compete for the belt in a full calendar year with a win guaranteeing him a defence at our last pay per view special, December to dismember. But more importantly, a win here tonight Paul means Frankie breaks Lucians three and a half year record as being the longest reigning champion in TWO Stars history.”

PH-“Like you said JR, So much on the line!”

The pair square each other off as Denton tries to get under Frankie’s skin. Words are spoken before Matt slaps Frankie in the face! This does the trick as Frankie takes Matt down and begins a bombardment of punches and strikes! The crowd go nuts for it as Frankie continues the assault! He rams Denton against the turnbuckle and hits a huge enzugiri! Matt does down as Frankie carries on with ramming the stomach! But the affluent asshole is well experienced and shows it by jumping over Frankie and countering with a vicious dropkick! He counters this with a running high knee before hitting a big bulldog for the cover!



Kick out by Frankie!

Matt Denton continues the advantage by smashing down on top of Frankie’s hands! He continues by locking in a head lock Matt carries on before delivering huge knees to the ribs of the champion. He controls his neck as he slams Frankie’s face down to the mat! Denton goes to the top rope as he hits a quick knee drop to the head to make another cover!



Kick out by Frankie!

Matt continues to dominate as lifts him up over his shoulders. But Frankie grabs the ropes with his feet! Matt tries to pull him off but Frankie won’t budge. So instead Matt pushes Frankie off him in air!


Matt quickly hits a powerslam for another cover



Kick out again by Frankie!

Denton tries not to get frustrated as he hangs Frankie from the top rope. Matt wipes away some spit as he goes to the top rope. But the champ ain’t done yet as he rises back up and hits Denton in the stomach! Frankie gets his feet unhooked as he sets his footing onto the turnbuckles. Matt tries to counter but Frankie Irish Whips to slam him to the mat! Frankie turns around as he points to the air!






Frankie makes the cover!



Kick out by Matt!

Frankie throws Denton as he gets back to his feet. Frankie mocks Denton with a middle finger salute. Matt Denton goes nuts as he storms for the attack, but Frankie ducks down and sends Matt over the ropes and out of the ring!

Frankie goes to the top rope!


Frankie high fives some of the crowd as he grabs a chair from one of the Japanese fans and sits it down against the barricade. He drags Denton over and sits him down on the chair. He gets some cheers as he claps his hands as he dashes to the opposite corner. Frankies name gets chanted as he runs towards Matt…



Thompson takes a breather as he quickly rolls in and out of the ring to make sure both men are not counted out. He sees Denton in the distance as he asks the crowd If he should give Matt a further message? The crowd egg Frankie on as he prepares to make the jump!

He jumps over the barricade!

But Denton counters and Frankie drops to the ground!

The referee and the fans view was blocked as Frankie blocked the camera.


He throws the hammer to the ground as he regains hope by picking up the fallen Frankie. The referee is oblivious to Denton’s cheating as Frankie is bleeding from the shot! He grabs Frankie and suplexes him off the top of the barricade! Frankie is holding his back in pain as Matt continues to take advantage. He adds further insult to injury by slamming Frankie against the steel steps! Matt rolls him into the ring and makes the cover



Kick out by Frankie!

Matt smiles as he is surprised by the world champions resilience. He double checks with the referee if it was three, to which the ref confirms. Denton can’t believe as Frankie surprises everyone with the roll up!



Kick out by Denton!

Frankie picks him up as he hits a quick snapmare suplex! But Matt immediately comes back up with vicious strikes to the body of Frankie! He throws him against the corner…


Matt goes for the cover but Frankie converts it and tries to go for the armbar! Matt holds his hands as he puts his legs on the ropes. The referee immediately demands to let go. Frankie gets up and hits a vicious super man punch before twisting Matt’s head



Frankie is screaming in pain after Matt locks in the crossface submission hold! He drags him to the middle of the ring! He can’t reach the ropes as Frankie struggles to hold on! But the champion won’t give up without a fight. He grits his teeth and roars out loud as he starts to get to his knees.





Frankie struggles to keep the grip on as Denton this time is the one that struggles to keep in this match! He crawls and scratches as he struggles to hold on. The referee asks if he is ok and Matt says yes He flips onto his head.

Grabs Frankie’s feet!



Matt has a face that could kill, he’s determined to snap off the ankle as Frankie tries to kick his face off! He’s in a lot of pain as he desperately tries to get to the ropes. They look a mile away as Denton intensifies the pressure!

PH-“Can he do it?”

JR-“He has to if he wants to remain champion!”

He gets ever so closer.


Denton goes for the attack after Frankie grabs for the ropes but the world champion fights back! He hits punch after punch as the crowd get on his side. But Matt dodges to the side as he grabs the arm to go for the Vault Massacre again! But Frankie throws Matt over the ropes as he lands on the mat outside. Frankie hits a fast turning kick!



Frankie gets back up to the mat as he awaits to see Denton to get back up. The affluent asshole struggles to his feet after that swinging DDT


PH-“He’s kicking ass!”

Frankie grabs Denton as he carries him and slams Matt through the steel steps! He immediately takes him into the ring and places him against the corner.

JR-“Uh oh, down the docks!”

Frankie smiles to the crowd as he goes to the opposite turnbuckle. He hears the fans as he makes a cut throat sign to Denton

He makes the jump!



JR-“Damn it!”

PH-“What a genius move!”

Frankie goes to see the referee as Denton tries to get some time to recover. As soon as Frankie’s back is exposed, Matt goes for the attack!

Matt goes for the money makes the world go round!

NO! Frankie counters into a fishermans suplex position!

NO! Matt lands on his feet and tries to lock in A.T.M!








JR-“Oh no!!!”

Matt makes the cover as he shouts as the referee to begin counting. But the ref doesn’t move! He has to slap the ref so he can regain consciousness. He barely moves but it’s enough for Matt to make the cover!

PH-“Matt’s going to steal it!

JR-“Kick out Frankie! Kick out!”



JR-“Kick out Frankie!”



The crowd goes insane as Frankie defies the odds! Matt’s eyes are wide open as his plan of cheating to win has failed. He makes the cover again!



Kick out again by Frankie!

Matt kicks at the referee for being slow! Raged that the ref’s slowness as regaining health has cost him the title


Frankie is furious with Matt and let’s his passion get to him! He continues the onslaught of battering Matt with the briefcase! The referee still hasn’t recovered, He picks him up and runs him against the ropes for running knee into the stomach! Causing Denton to flip over and crash to the ground. Thompson roars out loud as picks up Denton and slams his head against the turnbuckle!


But Frankie isn’t done yet. He picks up Matt as he tries to fight back, but misses the champions’ body. Frankie has a smile on his face…


Thompson shouts on the referee to get back up, but rubs his back and makes sure he is ok. He looks down at Denton and smiles. He wants to do one final hit on Denton to seal the deal!


He locks him in it as he drags Denton to the middle of the ring. The Tokyo crowd shout out loud as the champion looks around taking in the atmosphere inside the iconic Tokyo dome.




PH-“He countered!!”

Denton makes the cover as he roars at the referee to drag his body over to make the cover!

Jr-“Not this way! Come on Frankie!”

The referee slowly makes his way to make the cover







Matt can’t believe it, he was this close to fulfilling his dream of being champion. He pushes the referee, complaining that he was too slow. However the referee insists it was a two count. Matt immediately does the running knee to keep Frankie down to the ground. He wipes away the sweat as he gets ready to do one final A.T.M. He picks Frankie up and smirks at him.
MD-“Stay down!”

Matt gets him locked into A.T.M position!












The crowd can’t believe as Frankie holds his head in disbelief. One mistake almost ended his incredible run, but Matt made the mistake as he becomes the longest reigning champion in TWO Stars history!






Matt foams at the mouth, refusing to believe he has lost. He takes both belts and makes his exit. Holding the titles hostage as Frankie lays out cold on the floor!
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