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TWOStars Presents: End of Days from the Tokyo Dome, Japan! Deadline 10th November

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4
Deadline is this sunday at midnight (UK Time) we want a really good response and awesome bunch of rps after last show being so little. Let's give this another awesome ppv!

To those who are writing matches for this show can you PM Megz your matches when done and let us know as soon as possible.

Now go! go! go!

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4


“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.”

The lights go out as the arena in the iconic Tokyo Dome is only sparked by lights from the fans phone and cameras. The pause seems long but isn’t in reality as they anticipate the man, only known as the beast of the southern wild, could be coming. But the lights come back up to much disappointment as the commentating team reflect on what just happened.

But when they speak, they can’t be heard. They realise this after Jason speaks a couple of words. Nothing can be heard from commentary at all! When the announcer goes to speak on his microphone to test the sound on it, nothing can be heard! Even the PA guys are stumped into what is going on with their sound.
JB (Barely heard)-“We seem to have some sort of technical difficulties here. We’re sorry for this. I-“


Pyro goes off on the stage without plan as fire spews out underneath and on top, forcing several members of staff to jump so that they don’t get burned. Sounds of gargling some sort of juice along with sounds of spitting. Everyone inside doesn’t understand what is going on, including backstage and the commentary team.

“That film was f*****g classic in my neck of the woods because it was the first true film that showed rednecks can be more than just f*****g cousins and having a low IQ. Besides I have one of your guys
pissing his pants all over my plan…GET IN THE GOD DAMN BATHROOM AND STOP SINKING THE PLACE OUT!!!

“I’m sorry sir!”

To the crowds surprise, the voice isn’t just an agent….It’s Paul Gray!

“My daddy always told me that it’s not what you know….it’s who you know in this world. And by gawd how much I love that I know myself pretty f*****g well. Because it’s easy to lose yourself and become just a mere slave to the machine and to the powers that be….But they are that f*****g smart about it! It’s something that TWOStars has right now…..But that’s not going to happen much longer….”


“For you see you don’t get anywhere In life starting from the bottom. You have to attack from the top. Make your voice heard…..As you are hearing mines AND THEN you inject the fear with your face. Many people wonder why I, a man on the run and lives off the grid, is coming to a place like this where the system is in place. But I will reveal and explain all while drinking my moonshine and getting my d**k sucked off at the same time.”


“But now is not the time for that. No, no, no, no,no. The only time for tonight is my voice to be heard. So I used my power of getting others influenced in my favour. The lethal injection comes when you guys are in Russia. Oh was I not meant to say that? The machine can’t tell me what to do or dictate me how to live my life! But you f***ers are being exploited into a mini European tour which will conclude….”
The beast of the southern wild chuckles and can’t help but laugh

“Santa’s workshop in Lapland! Can you believe that? THOSE STUPID ASSHOLES THAT CONTROL YOUR LIFE ARE TELLING YOU TO FREEZE YOUR BALLS OFF WHILE SANTA GETS A HARD ON LOOKING AT THE CUTE CHICK INTERVIEWING US! WELL I’M NOT GOING TO LET MY BALLS FREEZE WITHOUT REWARDS! And whether that’s making Rudolph more red than normal or getting Mrs Clause to go down, I will get what I need and deserve AND NOT BE CONTROLLED!


“I’ll see you all in St Petersburg…PAUL WHERE’S MY F*****G MARTINI AND ASS RUB!

PG-“Coming Mr –“


JB-“Hello are we back on?”

EVIL-“Sounds like we are.”

BP-“What the hell just happened?”

JB-“So the beast of the southern wild just let slip that we’re going to Europe before our break?”

BP-“More importantly though, he’s coming to TWOStars on our next XTV show…Which appears now to be in St Petersburg, Russia.”

EVIL-“But he just let slip our last PPV is in Lapland….I mean that must not go down well with Arron Winter at all!”

JB-“We have now heard the beast….the beast is indeed coming next show in person. “

EVIL-“What will he do? That’s all I want to know.”


Well-Known Member
JB: ladies and Gentlemen welcome to TWO Stars'End Of Days!' I am Jaxon Blakeslee, I am joined by my fellow announcers The TWO Stars legend Evil Gringo


EG: Hola Amigos!

JB: A warm welcome right there! Last but not least 'The Million' Brice Perrino!


BP: Ah Whatever! I'm still excited about to days show guys even if I have to sit here surrounded by Asian idiots!

EG: Eyyy, Easy ese! These guys keep you in work!

BP: Whatever bro! I can work anywhere I feel like, I'll just buy the company I wanna work for!

The camera pans around the arena showing the excited smiling fans anticipating the beginning of one of TWO Stars biggest shows

JB: There's some huge matches here tonight, the culmination of many heated feuds should be here tonight, none bigger than the most terrifying match in the history of TWO Stars The Flaming Cage match up between 'The Sultan of Swagga' Lucian L Jones and 'Lethal Eloquence' Lord Bison!

EG: Aaah Jaxon, the mere thought of this match makes me a little queasy! I've been through some tough matches in my time and I love a challenge but homes, this just fills me with bad feelings!

BP: I can't wait bro's, I finally get to see someone shut up Jones' big mouth once and for all

EG: I hate to agree with you Brice but I don't think Lucians gonna have a good time tonight but I know he is tough, as tough as they come and Bison he's gonna have his huge hands full!

JB: Well Ladies and Gentlemen let's take a look at the path that these men have had on their way to this hellish structure!


The video begins with stills of Lucian making his way to his Wrestlenova match against the still missing (presumed dead) Christopher Ryan Eagles then footage of him landing the huge splash from the cage whipping Eagles with the spiked belt and finally delivering the barbed wired chair shot and then having his hand raised whilst holding the chair then him climbing the cage

The Video play then switches to the crowds screams as Bison enters the video (the music is at 1.21)

We then see Lucian turning to receive a viscous spear through the cage then the video turns silent, black and white and slows down showing Lucian coughing blood and Bison slowly heading towards him before the heavy audio returns as Bison delivers the scolds bridle...

The video then cuts to the following nights XTV where Bison has destroyed Tony young and is awaiting Jones only to be met with a surprise attack by Jones who uses his entrance music as a decoy only to be met with another viscous attack, the video begins to distort and darken and the mask of Bison flashes on and off for every few seconds before stopping


Footage of Bison making his statements to and about Lucian are shown along with various attacks

I Will Break Lucian L Jones

Your Hero Will Fall

I warned you Lucian!

The footage reaches the aftermath of the MSND match end with Bison watching Jones be carried off as the previous music ends we then see the acts of Bison with the audio of the events too,
LLJ: Now I know what Aaron Winter said and I understand his point of view but it ain't worth a damn what he thinks cuz I'm here to fight, I'll fight until there isn't any of me left to fight! Which sure as hell ain't gonna happen any time soon!


PH: Are we sure this is a good idea?


Lucian is still clearly in extreme pain as he stares up at the ramp

JR: Please Lucian don't be foolish, if that monster comes out it could be catastrophic!


A loud crackling sound can be heard and the tron screen becomes static, Lucian raises one crutch awkwardly and eyes the stage, the lights cut out as we see a dark dimly lit room, there is a body laid face down in shot with a pool of blood round the head.

LB: Is this what you yurn for? Is this the future you so desperately want Lucian? An end. Because that is all that awaits you now you have stepped into my path.

Bison walks into shot and lifts and drags the limp body close to the camera showing the bloodied and bruised face of Kyle Gilmore, a collective gasp is heard from the crowd!

Lucian looks enraged and horrified at the sight of his best friend

LLJ: Get your ass out here and fight me Bison!

LB: Listen to yourself, you can barely breathe, you couldn't stop me when you had your health, what makes you believe you can now? NO. I will not stain my hands with your blood tonight. I am however going to show you something that may make you think before you speak

The screen blurrs and static is heard again after a couple of seconds we see a security camera video of Kyle Gilmore sneaking into the arena, looking somewhat worse for where but with a focused look about him he makes it to a doorway and slowly backs into it but suddenly his body flies out of the door way into the wall opposite, soon after Bison follows

LB: This Lucian is because of your actions, because of you and your demeanour!

The video now shows Bison repeatedly ramming Gilmores face into the wall then slowly taking lifting him above his head and delivering a scolds bridle then Bison slowly looks into the camera and drags Gilmore away by the leg

LB: Now Lucian you help yourself and your friend and leave the ring or.... well I expect you know the alternative.

The tron again blurrs and the static is heard as the video streams Bison still holding Gilmores lifeless body

JR: Oh my God what has that animal done? Poor Kyle Gilmore, what's Lucian gonna do?

PH: If he's smart and not selfish, he will get out of that ring

LB: Well.....??

LLJ: You're gonna pay for this Bison!

He begins to hobble towards the ring steps and leave but not before turning to the crowd

LLJ: I'm sorry guys but that's my best friend right there

the crowd lightly clap as Lucian slowly walks up the ramp, as he gets half way

PH: That's the smartest thing I've ever seen Lucian do!

JR: Well that's a mark of true friendship right there Paul

Bison steps over Gilmores body Gilmores legs strewn in front of Bisons own

LB: An admirable act Lucian, I applaud it, so now, you are not to blame for what happens next

Bison quickly grabs Gilmores leg and viscously applies The Breaking Wheel submission to Gilmore the pain casing him to regain consciousness



The crowd share a scream of horror at the sight of Bison tearing at Gilmores leg!

Lucian stops in his tracks and stares up in horror at the screen, Gilmores screams are heard throughout the arena!


Jones in a fit of rage throws a crutch at the tron screem

LB: What? Lucian don't fret this is his own doing, he entered where he does not belong so I delivered my justice!

Bison drops Gilmore and stands and walks to the screen

LB: But you Lucian you will endure punishment which is much more severe. I will break your soul then Your body will follow, good evening Mr Jones!

The Tron cuts out as the lights return Jones is seething yet horrified at the plight of his friend, he makes his way to the back as quickly as he can muster
Security quickly enter and surround Bison as EMT's help out Dyas and matthews as King Gordon cries in a ball in the corner of the stage, a member of security attempts to usher Bison out but is met with a right hand sending him to the ground Bison lunches for another member of the team who is sporting a baseball cap and shades but is met with a sharp short elbow followed by numerous uppercuts!

The hat and shades fall off revealing a large afro...... IT'S LUCIAN L JONES!!!

Jones attempts a quick DDT to Bison who lifts the Sultan of Swagger and throws him over his head and onto the couch but Jones is quickly back to his feet and spears Bison to the ground!

Jones mounts Bison and delivers punch after punch but Bison throws him off and quickly stands and attempts a spear of his own only to be met with a skull rattling knee! Bison appears stunned the security guards attempt to subdue him but Jones tells them to move and attempts a Ghetto Blaster!!

Bison dodges and lifts Jones into the air and begins to charge forward and throws Jones into the large TV screen Jones hits the floor with a thud but attempts to stand immediately but is blocked by the extra security that is filtering onto the stage, Bison and Jones now have a sea of people keeping them aprt!

LB: I knew you were here Lucian, I know your every move, I see everything!

Jones is led out by security but not before delivering a parting verbal blow


The music begins as Lucian stands and is led away by security it then cuts to Bison and Jones' various brawls throughout the feud, showing the two being struck by each other and put to the floor and each time them raising to there feet again

The footage from the end of last weeks show is also shown;


The loud crack is heard throughout the arena and is quickly followed by bison stumbling off screen with the Sultan of Swagga standing where Bison had previously holding a now dinted Baseball bat and in the other an oversized bag

EG: Hey Homies, looks like Lucian has the drop on the monster!

Jones quickly moves off screen in the direction another loud crack is heard and Bison stumbles back into view holding his lower back, Lucian quickly steps back on screen pulling the bag over the Beasts head and rams Bison head first into the wall

JB: Looks like Jones is finally giving Bison a taste of his own medicine!

BP: Typical Jones can't beat Bison fair so has to take it out of him now!

Jones begins a barrage of rights and lefts to the head and body of Bison sending him reeling back into a door

EG: Brice, sometimes I just think you need to wear something other than those rose tinted Glasses when here, it's unprofessional homes!

Jones looks all fired up

Jones takes a few steps back and sprints toward Bison delivering a modified version of the Jonestown Express sending them both THROUGH the door in an explosion of splinters

EG: Oh sweet Jesus that was viscous, Jones is sending Bison a clear message here, don't mess with my familia!

Bison is stirring on the ground appearing to be trying to remove the bag Jones who had been propped against the wall for a few seconds quickly re starts his attack laying into bion with stomps before picking him up and again ramming his head into the wall

JB: I've never seen Jones like this, this sure has changed my view on this Sundays big match!

BP: Jones is a thug jumping out on a guy while he's trying to make a point, its distgusting!

A few seconds silence is heard and the implied facepalm by the rest of the announce team is obvious

EG: Jones is looking to make sure Bison NEVER brings his family into his business again here!

Jones is routinely slamming Bison into walls head first and striking him to the body and he moves him to the end of the corridor and throws him through the doors he turns to collect a steel chair near the entrance and re opens the doors he had thrown Bison through

JB: Where's Bison gone?

Jones sees the bag on the floor but Bison appears to have vanished

EG: There in the parking lot homes, tonnes and tonnes of metal in there, not the dafest place for those two

Jones begins scouring the car park for the beast but can't see him,


Suddenly Jones is encompassed by the lights of a car he shields himself at best he can

EG: Oh my God Bison is trying to run down Jones!

BP: He's just fighting like jones


It suddenly becomes clear that it is not in fact lord Bison in the vehicle Jones relaxes when he realises its just a member of the ring crew

JB: Thank God for that!

LLJ: Hey sorry dude ge........


Bison as if from no where delivers a thundering spear to Jones nearly breaking him in half!

EG: Holy crap! He just levelled the playing field once again!

BP: Hey look at Jones he isn't moving, he did this to himself... Oh wait he just twitched, we're all good!

Bison stands up and looks over at the driver from earlier who is open mouthed and staring at the two

LB: Leave Us

The crew member quickly flees leaving the two, Bison watches him leave before standing over Jones

JB: What is that animal going to do?

EG: I don't know if I wanna see?

BP: Shhh guys this is just getting good!

Bison lifts Jones from the ground by the throat and stares at his half aware face

LB: There is still fight in you Lucian, more than our friend Kyle that is for certain, Jones spits in Bisons face and is met with a forearm for his action and is hoisted into the air by the animal

JB: Bison has a sadistic look in his eye here

Bison walks toward the vehicle holding Jones in the over shoulder powerslam position

EG: Fight Lucian! FIGHT!

Lucian begins to wriggle in Bisons arms managing to free himself taking a step back from

EG: YES! Come on homes!

Bison who is mid turn as Jones delivers a stiff Boot to his head causing Bison to fall head first into the car door making it close but smashing the window!!

Bison rolls onto his stomach much slower that usual gripping the back of his head, Jones sees an opportunity and climbs to the roof of the car as Bison staggers to his feet

JB: What’s Lucian doing here?

EG: He's going for the element of surprise vato!!

As Bison turns to where Jones was Lucian himself runs and jumps toward Bison


BP: Ha! Only one guy was surprised there!

Jones his the ground awkwardly after being met with a stiff forearm mid flight

EG: Is it me or is Bison looking toward the trunk of that car?

Bison walks to the car and reaches through the broken window and pops the trunk then heads back toward Jones and scooping him up once again and heading toward the boot

JB: This is not looking good for Jones here! There can be no good coming from what Bison has planned!

Bison tosses Jones in the trunk and steps back for a few seconds before attempting to close the trunk door but Jones using all his strength is pushing it up with his feet

EG: You just can't ever count Jones out man he'll fight to the death!

Bison releases his hand from the door and and leans into the trunk to grab Jones but is met with a loud


As Jones bends a tire iron up the side of his head causing the already heavily brutalised head of Bisons to bust open and causing Bison to drop to one knee

BP: Someone needs to stop this man! This can't happen

Jones jumps from the trunk and delivers a kick to Bison's ribs before rolling him labouredly into the trunk and slamming it down!

JB What the hell is Jones doing now??

Jones gets in the car and restarts the engine, the door of the car still open and Jones leans his head out the door an evil grin flashes on his face

EG: This can't be good for Bison, oh man! I never saw Lucian like this ever before! He looks crazy man!

Jones begins reversing the car picking up a lot of speed before crashing it with some force boot first into the pillar causing Jones to fall from the car on impact!

JB: Oh my God! I think Jones just finished of Lord Bison and almost a week to early!

BP: He should be fined! He should be fired bro! He should be fined then fired!!

Gringo has been left speechless at what he saw, Jones staggers to his feet and looks to the almost folded trunk and exhales

LLJ: I told you!, I told you....

Jones' words barely audible are the only thinks he utters before slowly walking away as if in a trance!
As the song reaches it's end we see Bisons raised arm and finally the image of Bison and Jones standing face to face

EG: Oh man I that just reminds me of how much both these vato locos have put each other through tonights gonna be a blood bath!

BP: Bison tells me they're good for the skin ha ha!

JB: Well folks the anticipation is almost unbearable up next, Donald Erics VS Simon Davidson.


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AS: Hello and thank you Jaxon, I'm here today awaiting the arrival of the terrifying Lord Bison, opponent of the fan favourite Lucian L Jones, I am told he will be arriving here shortly to address last weeks actions and the upcoming inferno cage match he is to participate in

The lights begin to flicker before cutting completely off a high pitched screech is also heard causing the camera man to lower is camera which is showing the night vision images from the interview stage, the lights slowly return somewhat duller than previous, the camera man re asserts himself and shows the petrified face of Arlen as standing directly across from him is the walking mass of muscle that is Lord Bison.

AS: G..Good evening L..L..Lord Bison...

Bison narrows his eyes at Arlen who is visibly shaking at the presence of the Lord of War

LB: Good Evening Arlen.

Arlen seems a little more relaxed now he has the interview underway

AS: L.Lord Bi...

Bison raises his hand to halt Arlen's speech

LB: Arlen for our conversation to be a success I must insist that you retire your incessant stuttering and perform here in a professional manner

Arlen's eyes widen in fear at Bison's interjection

AR: Ssssorry your lordsshipp, I'm just a a little nervous

LB: Why?

AS: This is your first, your first interview with one of us... I don't m mean to offend

LB: Let me calm your nerves Mr Smedley, I will never strike oe as weak as you without true provocation or disrespect, now please. Continue this interview

Arlen seems much more relaxed after being reassured by the towering monster

AS: Aaaah, Well Lord Bison, First of all thank you for attending the interview here today, I am truly flattered that you have

Bison's eyes relax also a little of the irritation seemingly subsided, he nods in response to the thanks

AS: Ahem, Well your lordship as we have all just seen you and Lucian L Jones have battled for weeks now neither of you backing up but as tonight you both enter in a match of your choosing the inferno cage match, what thoughts do you have on yourself and Lucian's upcoming battle from within the hellish structure?

Bison begins to chuckle to himself still holding the straps of his combat vest

LB: My thoughts are that the structure will be the canvas that I create my greatest masterpiece to date upon, the blood of Lucian L Jones will be painted across the ring and his charred remains will be used as a warning to any and all comers that I am the ultimate, I am the bringer of pain, I am the harbinger of hatred and I shall be given the proper respect that a man of my talents deserves. Lucian will surely speak out, he shall thrash and scream and shout but he himself knows that I cannot be stopped and that when I am done with him his true purpose here in this company has been fulfilled, he is here to save others from the same fate.

Arlen is a little taken aback by the sheer horror of Bisons comments

LB: Do you doubt me Arlen? Do you look at me and ponder whether or not I shall deliver my justice to this Idol of the people? Did you expect mercy?

AS: I... er I... I am just a little... Sorry, Lord Bison, may I continue?

Bison again nods his demeanour emotionless his voice lacking any glimmer of feeling anger fear or otherwise

AS: This past week on XTV, Lucian laid a pretty hefty atack on you and for the first time since you arrived here we saw you in very real danger, going into this match on the back of that, are you still confident that Lucian has no chance?

Bison chuckles once again dourly

LB: Arlen did you see the assault brought upon me?

Arlen nods at Bison

LB: Then you saw that Lucian used all his energy all his weaponry he used tons of steel against me and yet I still stand before you the same man whom last week destroyed Kyle Gilmore...again. Arlen mythology dictates that a phoenix, a bird born of fire -Rises from the ashes and you all will see here at the aptly named 'End of Days' the END of Lucian L Jones and the Rise of Bison

Bison barges past Arlen sending him onto his behind as the camera turns to see where the beast has gone it becomes apparent there is no sign of the monster among men.


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BP: What the hell, who the hell is this?

JB: I er, I don't kn....

As if on cue Donald Erics walks out looking much more intense than usual but still smiing and waving at the crowd

EG: It's Don! He's here and he got himself some new funky music look at him he's loving it!

Erics begins his walk to the ring taking his time to slap hands with the fans down the ramp and all around the ring beaming throughout!

BP: What a chump this guy is! Ha!

Don jogs up the ring steps after politely asking for a microphone from Salvatore Hier

DE: Aha! Good Evening Tokyo!


Don smiles broadly at the crowd who are jubliant at his arrival

DE: Thank you all for the warm welcome!! I'm sure you are all ecited about tonight, I know I sure am!


DE: Now I know we are all excited to see Frankie Thomson once again!



Erics nods and claps along with the crowd

DE: Or are we all excited to see Randy Roko and Lucian L Jones kick some behind here tonight?!!

Woooooooo Yeeeeeaaaaahh!! RAN-DEE RAN-DEE, LU-CI-AN, RAN-DEEE RAN-DEE LU-CI-AN!!

DE: Me too guys me too! But you know who I wanna see most here tonight?!....... I wanna see Simon Davidson.

The crowd hush as erics playfulness seems to have subsided

DE: I wanna see that no good low down dirty lying cheating piece of garbage in this very ring here tonight so that I can take my size ten shoe and use it to kick him right in his butt!!


EG: Wow Don is all fired up, I haven't seen him like this in a long long time!

BP: So what? So he got played get over it man this is wrestling not the care bears!

EG: What are you talking about Brice, you know nothing of friendship! Don reached out to Simon and tried to be good to him and Simon just took his money and beat up on him!

DE: So Simon, how about coming out here and having this match you're so excited to have against me....


The crowd scream as Simon slides in the ring behind Erics and begins to charge at him

JB: Looks like Erics is about to get what he wanted

EG: Look out Don!!

BP: Ha ha!


The crowd cheer as erics drop ste holds Simon flat onto his face causing him to retreat from the ring!

DE: Aha! Not so smart today huh Simon?! Now come face me one one one

Erics throws the mic from the ring and beckons Simon into the ring


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BG: Hi ladies and gentlemen Bambi Green here with a very hapy and excited Donald Erics after his big win today against Simon Davidson!

Erics is in the locker room with various faces from the TWO Stars roster smiling and laughing taking a drink from his soda pop and laughing at a comment from one of the guys

BG: Well Don that was quite the showing out there you must be feeling really good about yourself now....

DE: Oh Gosh Ms Green, I am ecstatic! It feels so good to get out there without the weight of friendship weighing on me so I can just go for it, I feel like I finally showed everyone that I am not just a dumb guy you can push around and make look silly! Simon took a lot from me physically emotionally and even financially but he never took away any of my fighting spirit!

BG: This is the happiest I have ever seen you Don and it's great to see do you have anything to say to our fans?

Don beams widely at the screen

DE: I sure do! Guys WE DID IT TOGETHER!! I love everyone of our great fans and they've never given up and me and I'll never give up on them, they keep me going and once I'm done here I'm gonna head out for a soda pop with all these great people in Japan!

BG: If Dragon get's through tonight what do you think the future holds for the both of you?

Erics becomes a lot less excitable upon hearing the question

DE: Well Ms Green as I'm sure you are well aware, I will be rooting for my good buddy Dragon tonight, he's asked me to stay backstage as he wants to sort this out for himself, he truly is a great guy and I just want him to get back what is rightfully his without him being hurt along the way, gee I think only one think could make me happier than all us guys Me, Frankie, Randy Lucian and Dragon getting a win tonight

BG: And what's that Don?

Don blushes at the question but sucks up the courage to ask

DE: Why a kiss from a beautiful lady such as yourself Ms Green

Bambi giggles and kisses Don on the cheek as the interview ends Don continues to blush and politely thanks Bambi fro her time and of course the kiss

we cut to


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JB: Well foks we have Baptiste Oliver standing by with a very upset Donald Erics

EG: I really feel for Don he doesn't deserve to lose

Donald Erics is standing by with Baptiste Oliver after his loss against Simon Davidson

BO: Well Ladies and Gents I am standing along side Donald Erics who quite unfortunately for him lost his match up today with the nefarious Simon Davidson

Don is shown hanging his head his eyes red from crying he doesn't focus properly on the camera as Baptiste soldiers on with the interviewed

BO: Don, I know it's been a rough few weeks and tonight has been especially distressing but would it be possible for you t o give your thoughts on tonight’s match and your opponent?

DE: sniff, I er I just want to er, congratulate Simon on his win, I know he wasn't exactly fair but uh, this is pro wrestling and we don't all share the same ideals, he was te better man tonight, the smarter man at least..

BO: Donald, you have been through some tough times of late and I understand that it must be difficult for you but is there anything you would like to say to your fans and friends watching tonight?

Don looks over at Baptiste still looking sullen and distraught

DE: Yes, I would just like to say sorry to everyone for letting them down and for failing them again, I as ever appreciate there full support and I will try my best to get back to winning

Baptiste looks at Don with pity and places and hand on his shoulder

DE: I really do appreciate the concern Mr Oliver but I don't think I can continue the interview, if you could excuse me

Erics stands and quickly leaves Baptiste standing mic in hand and a sad look on his face

BO: Back to you announce team

JB: Oh my goodness the loss seems to have hit Don harder than expected,

EG: Poor guy just wanted to get some retribution

BP: Bro's, you are kidding right? The guys crying because he lost the opener on a a pay per view, he really needs a new profession if thats how he's gonna react everytime he loses!

EG: You're a sick man Brice you know that?


We cut to


Am disappoint, son
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Backstage at the Tokyo Dome and we’re with a group of hired security who are looking awfully nervous. As they round the corner, it’s apparent to see why. The imposing figure of Lord Bison stands before them, glaring down at the polo shirted security team. All is still for a moment, until a member of security audibly gulps. Bison extends his arms, his demeanour calming.


LB: Gentlemen! To what do I owe this pleasure?

The huddle of security parts and a member steps forwards, approaching Bison hesitantly.

SG: Umm…Mr. Winter has sent us to escort you to the curtain, Mr. Bison. We’ve got strict orders to keep you and Lucian Jones apart until you are both locked inside the cage.

Bison looks down at the guard, almost amused at the mass of black shirted humanity before him.

LB: Excellent! It would be most improper for the festivities to begin early, wouldn’t you say? I shall of course abide by the ruling of our General Manager, so lead on sir.

The guard looks a little taken back by Bison’s response, but speaks into his radio nonetheless.

SG: Team one reporting, His Lordship is secured and we’re moving, over.

Radio: *kzzt* That’s all clear and received, over.

The team moves through the backstage corridors with Bison in it’s midst, His Lordship towering above the swarm of security around him.

LB: Let the anticipation begin! Drink it in, we’re going hunting!!

As Bison walks through the backstage area we can hear the commentary team voiceover.

BP: Security?! Damn bro, Winter’s going to all lengths to make sure these guys keep it in the ring tonight!

JB: It’s a shrewd move from our General Manager, we’ve all seen how volatile this whole situation between Jones and Bison has been. It’s not outside the realms of possibility for this fight to get started before either man makes it to the cage!

EG: It’s gonna be wild homes! Both these vatos locked in a flaming cage? That’s something else, my man!!

The shot cuts to what we can assume is the second security team knocking on a locker room door. The door swings back to reveal His Highness of Flyness, Lucian L. Jones, ready for battle, hood up, sunglasses on. The Duke of Jonestown is still wrapping tape around the fist of his left hand as he stares down the second siege of black shirts in front of him.


LLJ: ‘Sup?

SG: Mr. Winter has asked us to escort you to the curtain. We’ve been told to make sure you and Bison save it all for the ring, if you catch my drift?

LLJ: A’ight. Let’s go.

SG: Team two reporting, The Sultan is secured and we’re moving, over.

Radio: *kzzt* That’s all clear and received, over.

Jones walks as he continues to wrap tape around his fist and wrist, The Duke of Jonestown looking VERY focused as he mentally prepares for the war ahead.

???: Hey, Jones!! Wait up, man!!

Frankie Thompson jogs into shot, the TWO Championship hanging splendidly and shinily over his shoulder.


LLJ: Y’all’re gonna have to walk and talk Frankie, I kinda got somethin’ to do.

FT: Sure thing man, I just wanted to wish you luck tonight, y’know! First ever Inferno Cage and all that? That’s a big deal, my man!

Lucian looks pretty nonplussed, his primary focus right now is Bison and a burning cage.

LLJ: Yeah, yeah man.

Frankie remains undeterred.

FT: So…good luck.

Frankie holds out a hand for Jones to shake, only for Lucian to screech to halt, security also halting and suddenly looking veeeery nervous. Jones wraps the final piece of tape around his fist, tearing the tape and tossing the remaining roll on a nearby storage crate.

LLJ: Luck? Nah son, luck is for losers, and I ain’t losing tonight. What y’all should be doin’ is concentratin’ on yo’ own match tonight. Take it from someone who knows, you don’t ever underestimate Matt Denton, and you don’t even take yo’ eye offa nobody when you got that strap. Get yo’ head straight befo’ y’all go dishing out the luck, a’ight? You never know, y’all may need a little fo’ yo’self tonight?

Jones moves to walk away, before remembering just one more thing.

LLJ: Oh, and while y’all are in the thinkin’ mood, think on this. When I win tonight…well, then it’s only a matter of time befo’ I come lookin’ for that right there.

Jones points at the shimmering golden belt adorning the shoulder of Thompson, which the champion clutches defensively.

LLJ: So good luck yo’self…champ.

Jones slaps Thompson on the shoulder, before turning and continuing on his way to the ring with his security escort.

JB: Maybe a little harsh from Jones there?

BP: For once, and I’m shocked as anyone else that I’m saying this, Jones was speaking some sense!

EG: Well J-Dawg’s all focused on business tonight, and Frankie Thompson should be too. Maybe mi amigo Jones is just trying to light a fire under Frankie tonight? Or it could be right what he says, he could score a win tonight and that would have to put him right up there as a potential challenger for Thompson’s title. There’s a helluva lot riding on tonight homes, for all involved!!

JB: You can say that again Gringo, so without further ado let’s get you back to the action, Jones and Bison inside a flaming inferno cage is next!!

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
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The crowd cheer loudly as the Japanese flag is draped backstage, this is followed by Chaos Dragon, wearing full army gear and helmet. Dragon glistens his fake medals up while he adjusts his new army camouflage mask as he stares down at the camera.


“Even in the face of death, we relate as despite everything going against us, we refuse to die. The Japanese were merciless in the past, and they still are. I know that because one of them stole my wallet earlier. But it’s ok because everything in it was fake. Tonight we begin war! War against the enemy starts on this very day on this very sacred land! Tonight the war against the fa**ots begin! But this isn’t just every fa**ot, since I do like Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris, but against a tiny little blob that just won’t go away.”


“There is doing what’s right for the business. There is making sacrifices for the better, and then there is selling your soul for what you think is right for business through tainted rose glasses. Midsummers night destruction should have been the greatest night of my life. I finally became a champion against all the odds! But it was taken away from my by Arron Winter. And then his little group decided to do his dirty work like the little bitches they are.”


“Well gentlemen, your time has come to feel the wrath of Chaos. I could have just accepted Winter’s visions but no. You f***ers went too far this time. You took my pride, my respect and MY belt. You dictate but you don’t have the balls to back it up. Winter’s coming Arron, but you’re not going to last the storm by the time I’m done with you and your group you Mordecai wannabe mother-f**ker!”


Dragon rolls his fingers down his whip equipped with him as he begins to nod his head.

“Archangel will be blessed with my fists and he will be with his lord sooner than he thinks tonight. Then I am coming for you Kai, because you are doing something very naughty. For you see you are not the real TWOStars television champion.”

Dragon slowly raises to the view of the camera a custom made belt titled “the TWOStars television champion” the belt is gold with a skull with dreads on the front with a kamikaze flag design background! The crowd cheers as Dragon reveals the new belt.

“I am.”


“And let me serious with what I conclude before I go out- Angel, you will be blessed with a taste of chaos! Hell is coming to kick your ass and don’t you have your little f**k buddies to save you!”


“Kai, you’re next after this. And Arron Winter….”






Chaos Dragon walks away as the Japanese flag waves in the background.


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No interview sets, no interviewers, just a camera and the number one contender to the TWOStars World Championship walking down the long corridor towards the entrance way. He's dressed to compete.

Matt Denton: You just don't f*cking get it. None of you do. While you're pointing the finger at me and my futile attempts to get the truth into your thick heads, you've missed the point entirely. I've told you how I was overlooked by the "powers that be" for flakes and nobodies, and you mistook that as sour f*cking grapes...

Open your God damned f*cking eyes people! OPEN THEM. Who is your TV Champion? Is it someone who earned the right? Or is it a man elected by a corrupt dictatorship? If you chose the former, grab yourself a gun and go the way of Josh Gavin, you're better off that way.

I'm done trying to use words to open your eyes when you obviously won't listen. I'm done trying to beat some sense into you. I'm done. I AM DONE.

I'm going out there right now, and I'm taking that belt. I'm taking it away from Frankie. I'm taking it from the corrupt dictatorship and I'm taking it for me and me alone. None of you mindless sheep believed me when I showed you the truth, so now I'm taking what should have been mine since day one. Or I'll die trying.

Matt heads to the Gorilla to make his way to the ring for the main event match.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
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Dan Fox is walking through backstage, with his training gear on as he warms up for his match against Randy Roko. He has his headphones in as he lets the heavy music fill his adrenaline up before suddenly he is dragged off into a corner.

“What the f**k do you think you’re doing….”

But when the camera turns around the person that dragged Fox is none other than Paul Gray!

DF- “Paul?”

PG-“Danny boy! It’s great to see you!”

Dan takes his headphones off as he pauses his music.

DF-“What the hell are you doing here?”

PG-“Please Dan take me back! You got to help me!”

Dan notices that Paul is sporting a black eye.

DF-“What the hell happened to you?”

PG-“Look, take me back! I hate it! Ever since that punk Winter broke my jaw I’ve been miserable. I mean I’ve been battered, bruised and bloodied by this man, hell he’s not even man he’s a f*****g monster!”

DF-“Then get the hell out of there then.”

PG-“That is why I need you to save my ass! Please just do me this one favour, I’m desperate!

Dan looks confused and still doesn’t purposefully get close to Paul.


PG-“Oh I knew that you would save me!”

DF-“Hey wait there one second. I didn’t agree to anything. You f***ed off with your broken jaw and left me without any contact and now you expect me to save your ass?”

Paul is silent and doesn’t try to make a reply.

DF-“You didn’t give me advice; you didn’t try to see how I was. You did f**k all. So no I won’t save you from your domestic abuser or whoever’s doing that because maybe you need it to realise how you should treat your clients a lot better.”


DF-“Infact why on earth did I need you in the first place? I took care of everyone and anyone that was in my path. I didn’t need your legal advice, hell I didn’t even need Rebellium. And I’ll show everyone that tonight when I defeat Randy Roko. Roko is already on my list of people to tap out, and tonight I will add the icing in the cake when I make another has-been add to the retirement.

Paul looks lost as Fox brushes him off.

DF-“So Paul…Best of luck in your future endeavours, because as manager for me…YOU’RE FIRED!”


Gray is shocked as Fox walks away. His hands are in his head as his only hope is gone.

But masked men wearing the southern American flag come in and surround Paul. Gray dashes around but soon realises he is greatly outnumbered.

“Mr Gray. You need to come with me now.”

Paul nods as he is on the brink of tears. He nods in agreement and is escorted off by the masked men.

JB-“What the hell?”

EVIL-“No more Gray and Fox I guess.”

BP-“That poor bastard.”

The camera cuts to Dan Fox again who stops to stare at a poster of Randy Roko. Dan nods his head as he grits his teeth hard.

DF-“Happy retirement you over rated piece of s**t”

Fox rips the poster off the wall and sets it on fire with a lighter. He watches as the picture crusts and bubbles into ash as he drops it on the ground.

Fox murmurs again to himself “The end comes inside the Dome” as he walks away to warm up with his match with Roko.