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TWOStars Presents: A Decade of Destruction: The Final Chapter NIGHT 2

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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland





“And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear”​

Pieces and ornaments covering TWOStars history from the Triple Crown title, to a photo of Arron Winter winning the grand slam are focused on. This moves towards a mask of Lord Bison. The camera carries on focusing on the same ring gear Famous used to win the Heavyweight title after cashing in on Angus McDonald.

“I travelled each and ev'ry highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way”​

Old posters of past Wrestlenova are show from the very first one to the 2014 incarnation. The camera then moves towards photos of Evil Gringo winning all of his titles.

“Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption”​

Matt Dentons Z.E.N championship is on display along with a bloody Samson backstage with a smile on his face. Angus McDonald eating haggis is next photo still backstage while a final photo sees Arron Winter as general manager smiling with all his staff.

“I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way”

Acid is on his knees looking at his hands and wondering how Gringo could have kicked out of his finisher. He stands and immediately Gringo is behind him, lifting him off the mat and dropping him with the Shock Therapy move.

Cole: Gringo with the cover...

Tazz: C'mon Acid, Kick out!
“Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew”​

A massive grin appears on The Total Package’s face. He drags Sickness to a vertical base, places his head between his thighs to MASSIVE boos from the crowd.

JR: Sickness escaped before can he do it again?????

The Total Package lifts Sickness so he is upside down, he hooks both his arms and his legs offering him no protection, he then drops to his ass, spiking the head of Sickness into the canvas.


JR: This time CVD scored!!!!!!!

PH: This MUST be it!!!!

The Package climbs on top of Sickness, hooking the leg and going for a cover.


JR: KICK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ding! Ding! Ding!


TC: Here is your winner and your NEW Money In The Bank holder, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!
“But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way”


Cage staggers from side to side, but his eye to eye contact with Rockefeller never once breaks.


Slowly, staring into Cage’s blood soaked eyes, Rockefeller’s grin begins to slip. Soon enough, there’s no grin at all, and, in it’s place, a look of subtle, yet clear… fear.


With blood now literally dripping from his face, barely able to stand, Cage raises his right hand and, slowly but surely, drags his thumb across his throat. Rockefeller’s face looks like he’d literally murdered Cage, and yet he just walked into his house. It’s a mixture of fear and disbelief. Draven’s face is barely visible at all, but, from what you can see, it’s emotionless. It’s almost zombie-like.

PH: I don’t understand! How… how is he even alive!?

Staring into Johnny’s eyes, Cage opens his mouth, spinning blood forward as he does so.


Rockefeller lowers his leg, like a smoking gun. He stares down at the now completely motionless Draven Cage, almost as if he’s expected him to pop back up again.

JR: A third Deal Breaker! And Draven Cage goes down!

After a short pause, Johnny drops down for a pine.



I've loved, I've laughed and cried
I've had my fill, my share of losing
And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing​

Boyo…TAPS OUT TO THE SHARPSHOOTER! The crowd ERUPT into booing as the bell rings and “Boys, Grab Your Guns” by My American Heart kicks in.


Chimmo: The winner of this match, and the winner of the “Career vs. Career” Best of Five Series, winning 3 matches to 2...Johnny RRRRRRRRRRRRRRockefellAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!


Styles: He did it, Paul E! Johnny Rockefeller made Boyo tap out!

Heyman: Is that it now? Is it all over for Boyo?

Rocky lets go of the Sharpshooter as the referee raises his hand. The crowd boo very, very loudly, but some applaud the in-ring showing by the Billionaire Boy-Wonder. The ring-crew open the cell door and J-Rock stumbles out, where he is met by Charlotte Hoffman.

Styles: Rockefeller can thank that scheming jezebel later if he wants! If it wasn’t for her supplying him with perfume samples and a cigarette, he’d never have put Boyo through a flaming table!

Heyman: Oh, I’m sure he’ll thank her, Joey!

Rockefeller and Hoffman hug, and he puts his arm around her and she supports his weight as they make their way up the aisle. A camera shot, which is projected on to the Titan-tron shows that Boyo is slowly, slowly getting to his feet. Rocky can see this.


Styles: So that’s it then, I cannot believe this great career is now over! A career that you helped shape, too, Paul E!
To think I did all that
And may I say, not in a shy way,
"Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way"​


Van Dam crumples to the mat, as Jones crashes down from throwing his all into that last kick. All is still in the ring for a second, as the crowd continue to cheer rabidly.

JR: All Jones has to do is cover him!! We could have a new champion!!

Lucian desperately rolls over onto his front, and starts to drag himself over to where the champion is lying...

PH: Don’t you dare, Jones!! Don’t you dare do it!!

After what must seem like an eternity to him, the Duke of Jonestown finally reaches his downed opponent, slumping on top of him, weakly trying to hook a leg.


JR: Is it...

PH: Kick out Craig!


PH: Come on champ!!


The leg of Van Dam twitches slightly, but it’s no use. The referee gestures to Ken Watanabe who clangs the bell three times...





For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught


PH: I can’t believe what I’m seeing…. HE’S BACK!

Deadman now looks directly into the camera with a sly but evil look on his face, pausing for a moment before finally speaking…


Deadman begins to laugh evilly as the TWOTron fades out to black, the lights in the arena come back on to reveal Gower, CVD and Iagan already taking it to Gilmore, Bell, Angus, Gringo & Roko with the help of the SCW which causes the Detroit crowd to once again erupt into a massive chorus of boos!

JR: What the hell is this??!!

PH: I think it’s becoming obvious JR!

In the ring, Gilmore and Bell are trying to fight back along with the trio of Angus, Gringo & Roko but they are soon over whelmed by the combined efforts of the eight members of SCW & The trio of Iagan, CVD & Gower.

JR: This isn’t called for damnit, why are they turning their backs on TWOStars? What the hell did Deadman mean?

The five members of TWOStars are now down on the mat and are continuously being stomped on. J Rock pushes everyone aside and grabs hold of Bell by the head and yanks him up to his feet before delivering the Diamond in the Rough directly in the centre of the ring to another chorus of boos.

PH: Diamond in the Rough!

Not to be out done Gower grabs hold of Roko pulls him up to his feet and drives him into the mat with the….

PH: Burning Hammer!

JR: This is ridiculous! Just what the hell is going on here? What did Deadman mean?

Evil Gringo tries to get back up to his feet but he is met with a quick kick to the chest and chin by his arch nemesis CVD. CVD grabs hold of the Iron man by the head and begins to pull him up to his feet but Gringo, in a last ditch effort to get free fires two shots to the gut of CVD stunning him slightly but Craig shuts Pingu down with an elbow directly to the back of his head, dropping him to his knees which gives Van Dam enough time to hook both of Gringo’s arms and raise him up into the air.

JR: Oh come on, not the damned Package Pile Driver!! Hasn’t he gone through enough already?!

PH: Obviously not JR, El. Gringo is about to feel PAIN!

Craig Van Dam walks around the ring slowly with him still holding the Mexican Sensation in the air before he plants him with a sick thud into the mat as the crowd continue to show their disapproval and now begin to throw trash into the ring.

JR: These fans are letting CVD and the rest of these thugs know exactly what they think of them.

PH: Whatever JR, the trash in the ring just sums up this city but what you see in that ring is beautiful Ross, Just Beautiful. The destruction of TWOStars is well and truly upon us.

JR: In your opinion Paul.

PH: Well my opinion is the only what that counts JR.

Matt Denton has now re-entered the ring where he walks over to Gower, CVD & Iagan and begins to smile and nod at the trio as they remove their tops to reveal a t-shit bearing logo which hasn’t been seen for three years.

PH: Well, I think we’ve got out answer JR…. ….The Extreme Revolution is back!

JR: Mah Gawd Paul, what the hell does this mean? Are the SCW and Extreme Revolution working together? Is this what Deadman went when he said “Consider your Revolution Extreme”?
“To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!!”​

JS: OH MY GOD!!!!! Diamond Dust from the top of the cage!!! He took Winter down 20 feet to mat with a Diamond Dust from the cage!!

Crowd: Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!

PH: How much did Sickness have left in the tank though? He had to take that fall as well! Can he even capitalise on what has happened?

The shot cuts quickly to Becki Moss and Lavinia, the latter is nearly in tears after watching Arron crash to the ground. Moss is having to stop the young girl from running down to ring side and getting herself in danger. The shot cuts back to the ring where we see that Arron is one side of the ring and the sheer momentum has caused Sickness to roll to the other side. Unsurprisingly there is no movement from Winter, he’s crumpled in a heap face down on the mat. Sickness however is slowly raising his bloodied face from the floor, looking around to see what has happened. He spots Winter and achingly slowly commando crawls across the ring on his elbows.

Finally after what seems like hours he reaches the body of Winter, pushes him over onto his back and drapes an arm over his chest before collapsing himself. A referee tentatively puts his arm through the cage and begins his count.




JS: He did it!! He did it, that god-damn son of a bitch did it! He beat Winter! He’s won everything!! Everything!!

PH: I’m speechless, if I hadn’t witnessed it I wouldn’t believe it. Sickness, the Triple crown, United States, Television and Tag Team Champion. He’ll need a forklift just to get his bags to the airport!
But instead of crawling into a pin, Twiggz turns his back to the Hammered superstar… and folds EG's legs up, before trapping them behind the troubadour's right leg. Twiggie falls back into a bridge, and jerks Gringo's head back. Without any showboating, the Dreadlocked Wrestla rams his spiking thumb into the Manc's neck!

Styles: Spike Driver Blues! Spike Driver Blues!!


Seeing as how Gringo's unconscious, he can't respond to the ref's queries. Gringo's hand is raised, and dropped. The fans keep track, so the ref don't have to.

Crowd: ONE!

Heyman: NONONO! C'mon Barry, wake up!

Barry rolls over in the corner, his face is smeared with blood, but his eyes are half-closed. He clearly doesn't know where he is, or what's going on. Gringo's hand is brought up again, and dropped once more.

Crowd: TWO!

The crowd buzzes with anticipation. Barry shakes his head out, tossing blood around the immediate area from the wound that was opened by that steel turnbuckle. He looks up, and sees Gringo's hand falling for the third time. He dives forward. Drilling Twiggie's bridged stomach with an axe-handle smash.

Crowd: THREE! YAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

But he's too late! He nails Twiggie, but the match is over! Gower immediately buries his head in shame. Twiggie rolls away, holding his stomach and coughing roughly, the left side of his face smeared in his own blood.


Styles: He did it! He did it!

Heyman: I don't believe it! Well… He may have won the match… but Evil Gringo had been put away by Barry Gower, that dirty hippie just swooped in for the win.

Styles: But Twiggie was the one who took Barry Gower out, and was able to take the win.

The crowd continues to blow the roof. They're so loud that ring announcer Tony Chimmel's official declaration can barely be made out.

Chimmel: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the match, the new and first-ever Undisputed TWO Unified Triple Crown Champion…. Twiggie!!!!!

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW TWOStars Triple Crown Champion, Angus McDonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaald!


JR: Bah Gawd, this train has left the station and has picked up steam!

Pyrotechnics explode in the area and ticker tape flutters down from the ceiling as Angus is handed the three belts of The TWOStars Triple Crown. The Tartan Spartan raises the belts in the air as the fans cheer him on (a few die hards try to boo, but they are drowned out with ease).

PH: Sickness is getting to his feet, how angry is he? What will he do?

McDonald turns around just as The Sick One gets up, and the two men stare at each other for a second. Angus lowers the belts, his eyes still fixed on Sickness. The now former champ takes a step forwards…

…and extends his hand to Angus, a sudden grin on his face, and the crowd cheers escalate even further!

PH: Ahhh crap.

JR: A great show of sportsmanship from the former champ, he’s not bitter at all!

PH: Like the Murpheys?

JR: Whut?

PH: Oh you’re less fun than Styles.

Angus hands the belts back to the referee before grasping the offered hand and shaking. Sickness raises the hand of McDonald to the crowd, passing the torch from the old guard to the new. The two men embrace in the centre of the ring, two friends who have


JR: Bah Gawd! It’s Famous!

The A Lister has emerged through the crowd and used his Money in the Bank briefcase to knock the two men to the mat. As the crowd starts to boo The Tinseltown Titan crouches in the corner, signalling for either Angus or Sickness to get up.

PH: Hahahaha. Is he going to cash in his Money in the Bank, or is this just a statement?

Sickness slowly manages to get to his feet, though he is in obvious pain. Famous launches himself at The Sick One and charges shoulder first into his abdomen.

JR: Walk of Fame! Walk of Fame! And the impact has sent Sickness onto the outside and to the ground. Ladies and gentlemen Sickness is laid on the ground in front of the announce table and he seems to be hurt badly.

Famous saunters over to the shocked looking referee and hands over the briefcase he won earlier in the night, pointing at Angus while doing so. The ref signals for the bell to be rung…


Famous drags Angus up to a vertical base so the two men are face to face. The Sellout throws the right arm of Angus around his neck and lifts him high into the air, stopping when the feet of McDonald are pointing straight up.

PH: Its Angus’ 3 Seconds Of Fame!

As Famous has The Tartan Spartan in the stalling suplex he begins to count out loud




And on the three Famous drops down in an almost DDT manoeuvre, crashing the skull of Angus McDonald off of the canvas! The smirking Famous covers the unmoving body of Angus, not even bothering to hook the leg as the referee counts the pinfall.





TC: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW TWOStars Triple Crown Champions, Famouuuuuuuuuuuus!

The crowd boo as the cocky Californian celebrates his win, though unlike Angus he gets no ticker tape!

PH: YESSSS! Famous did it, he won two matches in one night to become the new champ. I knew he had the fortitude for it.

Heyman: Super-kick from Cari-Dee!!!

As the champ stumbles backwards, the pretty blonde quickly takes advantage and grabs Gringo around the neck, dragging him to the corner.

JR: Come on Cari!!!

Heyman: We're supposed to be neutral!!

JR: That never stops you...

Running up the turnbuckle, Cari flips over and hits the Carisel perfectly, crashing Gringo into the mat. She quickly drags the champ away from the ropes before hooknig his leg.





JR: She did it she did it, my god she did it!

Cari jumps off the downed Gringo, leaping into the air. She dives over the top rope into the arms of Lucian, who wraps her in a massive hug, spinning the new champ around.

Chimel: Your winner, and NEW TWOstars Television Champion... CARI-DEE!!!

The crowd go utterly bonkers as Cari is engulfed by her friends. Angel hangs back but applauds the blonde who is being completely squished. Lucian lifts her back onto the ring apron and she rolls into the ring, getting quickly to her feet as the referee raises her hand then hands her the title belt. With a giggle, she clips it around her waist and starts to leap and jump around the ring as her music starts playing. Gringo just lies on the mat, unmoving, blinking up at the ceiling of the arena, unable to believe what just happened.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new TV Champion!!


Denton throws the chair down. Sickness is unconscious as the roster and staff look on at Denton. He grabs the microphone.

“**** this shit right now! I am invoking my world heavyweight title shot RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!”

EVIL-“Oh god no! He can’t do that!”

BP-“It stated anytime any place!”

JB-“Sickness can’t defend himself!”

The crowds cheers become anxieties, as Famous spears Denton to attack him! Matt manages to escape outside the ring!

“You’re a ****ing deadman denton! You’re a ****ing dead man!”

MD-“Get those dick heads out of my ring and get me a god damn referee Paul, You said the winner of Battle Royale can get his shot any time and any place!”

Paul can’t believe it. He puts his hands on his head as the rest of the locker room appeal not to do it.

PG-“Sickness…I’m so sorry…..But legally the winner has that right. Get a referee!

Gray walks away as the roster have to leave. The referee runs down and as in the ring, still full of confetti, balloons and weapons!

(reluctantly) “Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Denton is invoking his World Heavyweight title shot, therefore the following match is for the TWOStars world heavyweight championship!”

JB-“Don’t do this Matt!”


Denton goes for Sickness immediately!









Denton punches the ring mat as the emotions get to him. The referee raises his arm and hands over the belt.

“Here is your winner….And NEW TWOStars World Heavyweight Champion….Matt Denton!”

There are small tears on Denton’s face, but he doesn’t let the roster show it. Famous is foaming at the mouth, Denton took away Sickness’ moment.

EVIL-“You ****ing bastard Denton!”

JB-“This was an onslaught…”

BP-“Denton has finally done it. He is world champion.”

Matt gives the middle finger to the roster as they watch on as Denton’s era as World Champion becomes the last thing to see as the credits go up. Matt Denton, world champion

“Yes, it was my way”​

For our Brother Barry Gower. We wish you were here.

"The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and story lines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects."​







The pyro surrounds the arena as Night 1 of the last shows commences. Fireworks glisten the night sky on top of the Olympic Stadium. More fireworks shoot off the from the stage down the ramp to the ring as all four ringposts shoot out bright pyro that blinds the audience. More pyro comes from the side of the tron before a shower of white and gold sparkles down the stage and the middle of the ring. Jr and Paul Heyman get the go ahead as the final ever show commences!

JR-"For the final time, we say welcome everybody to TWOStars. I am JR and by my side, for the very last time, is Paul Heyman."

Heyman is visibly choked up but he carries on as a professional.

PH-"Tonight we will see how TWOStars will end. Will it be under the last hope Lucian Jones...Or Will Matt Denton do what he intends to do. Kill it off with him as last ever TWOStars World Heavyweight champion!"

JR-"Last night we saw some phenomenal matches, tonight you are gonna see a hell of a lot more!"

PH-"And what are we waiting for, let's get stuck in!"

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

At ringside, “I got Money” is just fading out as Brice Perrino is stood at ringside, microphone in hand, while looking at the steel cage that is set up at ringside.

BP: Ladies and Bros. I, Brice Perrino, have been given the honour of being the special guest ring announcer for this following match.




BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

BP: Making his way to the ring first. My bro and yours. Hailing once again from Doncaster, England. Weighting in at 235lbs. He is Mr Money in the Bank! Christopher Ryan Eagles!!!!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

With his damaged briefcase in hand, the former Cockney Rebel steps out from behind the curtain ready for battle against his former team mate.

JR: The longer this match goes, the more it has to favour Eagles.

PH: The fact Van Dam hasn’t been in the ring for four years will play into this match. But Chris will want to finish this early if he’s planning on payback later tonight.

Ignoring the ringside fans, the Cancer of TWOstars makes his way towards the door of the cage, where Perrino is waiting to shake his hand. To which Eagles does and both men share a joke.

JR: This match is over four years in the making, during the run of Team Million, the egos would’ve driven them apart had Craig still been around.

PH: Van Dam is a quitter, he knew Chris Eagles was the man to replace him and he couldn’t take it.

JR: Did it happen that way though?

PH: Shut up Ross.

Entering the ring, Eagles holds is briefcase above his head as “Ugly” cuts out.

BP: And his opponent!



BP: Making his way towards the ring! Hailing from Durham, England! Weighting in at 235lbs! The Total Package! CRAIG VAN DAM!!!!
The crowd ERUPT as the theme of the Total Package plays for the first time in four years.

JR: Bet Craig wasn’t expecting this reaction.

PH: I bet he expects it with his huge ego.

The Total Package steps out to an even bigger cheer from the crowd. The fans chant the CVD chant as Van Dam points to his shoulders with his thumbs three times.


The former World Champion slaps hands with a few fans as he walks towards the ring, upon reaching it, Perrino offers his hand to which Craig once more does his C.V.D trademark. Brice looks annoyed.


The cage door closes and we are underway!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

JR : There is the bell and this match is under way!

At the sound of the bell both wrestlers circle around the ring. Van Dam throws a kick but Eagles moves out the way.

PH: That is one thing Eagles must watch out for. CVD's feet.

Van Dan changes tactics and goes for a tie up with Eagles. The two guys wrestle around the ring and Eagles is able back The Total Package into the corner.

JR: A clean break here?

Eagles appears to be going for a clean break but lulls CVD in a false sense of security and drives his elbow into Craig's nose.

PH: Ha! I love it.

The MITB holder takes control of Craig's left arm and Irish Whips Van Dam into the corner. Eagles charges towards Van Dam at full speed, the former Triple Crown Champion is able to raise his right boot into the jaw of Eagles. CVD quickly climbs to the second turnbuckle, he comes off and connects with a big kick to Eagles which knocks him to the canvas.

JR: Van Dam early on, showing signs the old CVD magic is still there.

PH: Lets not jump the gun JR, it's very early days.

Christopher Eagles returns to his feet where CVD attempts another big kick, this time Eagles is able to grab a hold of Craig's foot. He gives Van Dam a cocky smile knowing he has him under control. Eagles then shoves Van Dam back into the canvas. And begins stomping on him.

JR: Eagles had that kick well scouted.

Eagles picks Craig up from the mat, he then throws Craig into the steel bars


PH: Van Dam is the first man to taste that steel, those bars are solid steel.

JR: You can see Craig writing in pain.

PH: Van Dam only has himself to blame, he could have stayed retired, but he insisted on facing Eagles in this cage match.

Van Dam is in pain but gets himself to his feet. Eagles grabs hold of the back of Van Dam's head and attempts to throw him into the cage. The Total Package is able to put his hands up to grab the bars, which avoids him getting his bead smashed into it. Craig retaliates with a back elbow to the jaw of Eagles. He springboards back off the ropes and knocks Eagles down with a cross body.

JR: Nice counter by Craig. Normally he could go for a pin but not in this match.

Van Dam is up first, he starts to climb the bars but doesn't get far as Eagles quickly grabs the back of his singlet and pulls him back landing on the canvas.

PH: Van Dam been a pussy and running away from Eagles!

JR: Come on Paul, don't be stupid! He's trying to win the match.

PH: He's trying to get away from Eagles.

The MITB contract holder begins to scale the bars. Like Eagles moments ago Van Dam is able to quickly catch Eagles and pulls him down.

JR: Oh Paul is Eagles trying to run away from CVD now?

PH: Don't be stupid JR! He's trying to win the match

JR: You are such a hypocrite.

The Total Package picks Eagles off the mat. He hooks Eagles up for a vertical suplex. Lifting him up in the air and falling back into the canvas.

PH: Van Dam with a nice vertical suplex.

The former Triple Crown Champion comes off the ropes.
JR: Rolllllllllllllllllling Thunnnnnnnnnnnn......................

Christopher Eagles raises his knees up, driving them into Craig's back.

PH: No! Eagles had to well scouted

JR: So far Eagles has done a good job of countering CVD's moves.

Van Dam crawls into the bottom corner of the ring, which is a mistake is Eagles is stood tall over him and begins stomping in his chest.

CRE: Come on quitter! You're a quitter Craig!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

JR: Damn it that Eagles is one cocky son of a bitch!

Eagles allows Van Dam to return to his feet, he throws a left punch to the jaw of Van Dam. Craig retaliates with an elbow smash of his own which rocks Eagles. He throws three forearms to the face of the MITB holder. Van Dam bounces off the ropes but Eagles lifts Craig by his legs, he turns around and drives Craig's spine into the canvas.
PH: What a spine buster from Christopher Eagles!

JR: I don't like the guy but that was executed well.

Eagles motions for the cage door to be opened, which the referee obliges

JR: Just to remind everyone, you can escape either over the top or out the door.

Eagles walks towards the now open door but Van Dam is behind on his trail. Eagles steps through the second rope but CVD is able to grab hold of Eagles' left ankle.

PH: Van Dam is not down yet, I think both guys are going to have to do a lot more to each other before attempting an escape.

Van Dam drags Eagles backwards and through the ropes. He gets CRE in a mount position and lays in punches to him. He has the advantage for a few seconds, only for Eagles the reverse the momentum so he is laying into punches

JR: What a reversal by Chris Eagles, you can see how badly these guys want to hurt each other.

To get out of this predicament Craig reverts back to some of his old cheating ways by raking Eagles in the eyes.

PH: A leopard never changes its spots JR! CVD goes to the eyes

JR: Well Paul, this is no disqualification and sometimes a man has got to do what a man has got to do.
Both men return to their vertical bases where Van Dam throws a round house kick at Eagles which stuns the MITB holder. He then hoists Eagle onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position

PH: CVD Driver coming up!!!!!

Craig's mistake is Eagles is so close the cage, he holds onto the bars and avoids the move.

JR: What a great move by Eagles, holding onto the cage.

CRE shifts his momentum so he comes off Craig's shoulders and lands on his feet. In a swift moment, he raises his foot and plants it into the jaw of Craig, immediately
knocking him to the canvas.

PH: THE BITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JR: That is one of Chris Eagles' biggest moves! He nailed that with perfection.
Eagles raises his hands which means he wants the ref to opener the door which he does.

PH: With CVD out of it, Eagles is sure to win the match right now!

Eagles crawls towards the door, the crowd are booing him as he does so. Eagles is able to pop his head through the ropes but CVD is able to grab the back of his legs.
JR: But Van Dam able to stop Eagles.

Van Dam pulls Eagles back away from the cage door, he punches Eagles in the mouth before attempting an escape himself.

JR: Can Van Dam make it out?

Eagles is fairly quick at stopping his opponent, he drags Craig back in centre of the ring by the back of his singlet. He then drags The Total Package back to his feet, he then takes him and throws him face first into the steel bars.


PH: Van Dam going face first into the steel bars there.

Eagles can't resist taunting his opponent.

CRE: You should have stayed away, stay down while you can.

Van Dam is back on his knees but is met by a vicious kick to the face. He again smashes Craig's face into the bars.

JR: You get the sense Paul that Eagles is starting to take control of this match.

PH: I agree JR.

Blood can be seen pouring out the fore head of The Total Package.

JR: Van Dam busted wide open here people.

CRE walks over to the cage and begins climbing the bars. The crowd boo the MITB holder. Eagles is about half way to the top when CVD gets to his knees.

PH: Can Van Dam stop Eagles here?

The former Triple Crown Champion grabs hold of Eagles right boot. Eagles however with his right foot kicks Van Dam in the head, momentarily stopping him. Van Dam changes his plans and begins shaking the bars.

JR: CVD shaking the bars here!!!!

Eagles tries to hang on but falls off the cage. In an incredible move Van Dam jumps up in the air. Holding onto the back of Eagles' head, on the way down he drives his knees into Eagles chest.

JR: WHAT A MOVE BY CVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PH: Christopher Eagles just fell of the Cage and Van Dam hit a Code Breaker in mid air!

JR: CVD may have hurt himself to take Eagles out.

After a few seconds Van Dam crawls towards the bars.

PH: This could be the opening Van Dam needed to escape

The Total Package begins climbing the bars to the cheers of the crowd. He gets close the top as Eagles begins to stir.

JR: Eagles better be quick cause Craig is almost there.

Eagles raises to his feet just as CVD reaches the top of the cage. He steps over, as he is scaling down Eagles from the outside of the bars, puts his hands through and grabs hold of both ankles of Craig and places them through the bars, causing CVD to get stuck.

PH: What a clever move by Eagles. Craig can't move right now!

Eagles begins climbing from the side that’s outside the cage. He reaches the top, he grabs hold of the top of Craig's head and is able to slowly lift him back up.

JR: Chris Eagles with all his strength trying to get Craig back over the cage and into the ring.

As Eagles gets Craig close to the top, he hooks CVD up.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

PH: NO WAY!!!!!

Eagles lifts CVD over the cage, he drops back to both men crash into the canvas.


PH: This could be it right here JR!!!!!

JR: Is this match really worth this guys?

Both men laying on the mat, so close together it looks like the McDonalds logo as
they both arch their backs trying to get rid of the pain.

The mat is covered in Van Dams blood as he rests his head, trying to find the strength to get back up. The Cancer has made it to the ropes, and is up to his knees, chest leaning on the middle rope as he slowly makes it back to a standing position.

JR: Eagles trying to shake out the cobwebs.

PH: Look at VAN DAM.

Crawling from the pool of his own blood, the Total Package waves to the ref to open the cage door.


JR: He’s gonna do it, Eagles hasn’t noticed yet.

PH: Chris watch out.

Craig Van Dam has both hands on the ring apron and is dragging himself out, from the floor view, we can see CVD has his head out… Suddenly the cage door swings towards Van Dam, and with a sickening thud, the steel connects to the head of Van Dam.

PH: Great move by Eagles.

JR: Did you hear the thud???

A replay shows a different angle, and as Van Dam was about to escape, the Cancer stood on his back to stop him, and slammed the cage door onto his head.

CVD!!! CVD!!! CVD!!! CVD!!!

By this time, the blood is flowing down the already blooded face of the Total Package. Gloating to the crowd, the former MDM takes time out of his attack, which in turns allows Craig a few seconds rest.

JR: Cockiness has always cost Eagles in the past.

PH: But never against someone who hasn’t laced up his boots for four years Ross.

JR: What is Eagles doing?

The Cancer is shouting something to Perrino, who is still at ringside.

CRE: Pass me my case Bro.

The Prince of Bro grabs the case and tries to push it through the bars, but the case is slightly to fat to go through.

PH: Looks like Brice is having trouble putting it in.

JR: That’s what she said.

PH: …(Heyman actually speechless for once)

Van Dam begins to pull himself up, while Eagles is unaware. The Cancer points at Perrino and then up the cage, and throws arm over head as if to let Brice know how to do it. Perrino slips the handle over his wrist and slowly manages it onto the first part of the bar, a good few second pass before he makes it to the second row, which means he should be in a good position to get it over… With a deep breathe, the former manager of both men swings the case over head and it clears the top of the cage and into the hands of the waiting Cancer of TWOstars.

JR: Oh no, what has he done?

PH: As you say, business is about to pick up, Ross.

Out of nowhere, CVD flies through the air, landing a well connected dropkick to the side of the steel cage, the impact sends Brice Perrino flying off the cage, and with a mighty smash, as the announce table explodes under the weight of the falling Perrino.



PH: He’s out, but unlikely dead, Ross.

The Total Package does his trademark thumb pointing with the biggest grin you’ll see tonight (maybe). The former MDM is shocked at what took place just seconds ago. The distraction is enough as by the time Eagles attempts to nail Van Dam, he jumps and hit his foot into the case, which hits Eagles full in the face, causing him to drop it as he hits the mat.
JR: Van Damanator using the briefcase again Eagles.

PH: Where’s the ref.

JR: It was Eagles’ idea, Paul.

As the camera shows the pain on the Cancers face, you can see that the shot as opened up a cut on the forehead of the former four-time TV Champion. With the amount of blood loss, Craig Van Dam takes a moment leaning against the ropes, still the blood drips down his nose, but slower than before.

JR: Both men leaving everything out there tonight, neither will be the same after this.

PH: Chris has been in cage matches, but never this style of cage. And Van Dam wanted this match as he’s never been inside a steel cage one on one before.

The Total Package runs against the ropes, bounces back, rolls over and flips through the fly, landing across of the chest of Chris Eagles’

JR: Another big move by CVD, this time Rolling Thunder, he’s looking to put Eagles away.

PH: Why is he putting Chris in the corner? Ross? What’s he planning?
JR: I have an idea.

Before JR can continue, CVD grabbing the briefcase and positioning into resting against the head of the downed former Cockney Rebel.


Van Dam climbs the turnbuckle on the opposite side, he does his thumbs taunt again.
Thumbs to shoulders


And again.


And one final time.


The former Triple Crown Champion leaps from his corner, driving both feet into the case, and of course the face of Chris Eagles.


JR: Van terminator!!! All Craig has to do is climb up, or walk out.
PH: And like a fool, he picks the harder one. He’s lost too much blood to climb up before Eagles comes too.

In the corner, Eagles now with his face full of blood, looks out of it. Craig on the other hand is about halfway up the cage. Reaching the top, CVD has a look down to see where Eagles is and he spots him stirring. But even in his wobbly state, Eagles throws his case at the Total Package just as he was swinging his second leg over, this buys the Cancer a few seconds to start his climb.

JR: Craig has his second leg over.

PH: Lucky for Chris that he’s got Van Dam by the hair.

Van Dam is now sat on the top of the cage, with a leg either side, Eagles is on the in-ring side of the cage trying to pull his former running buddy off. The Total Package lands a kick straight to the open wound on Eagles head that causes the Cancer of fall to the mat below.

JR: Surely Craig Van Dam is moments away from winning.

PH: This is Craig Van Dam, his ego won’t be happy that he’s not hit a show stealing move, he’ll not finish like this.

The Total Package seems to be delaying finishing the match much like Heyman pointed out. Van Dam begins looking out towards the crowd and down at Eagles, he actually does this a couple of times before getting that look in his eyes… His big moment.

JR: You could be right, Paul.

PH: As always, Ross.

Using both hands, Van Dam holds on while positioning in feet on the top of the cage, slowly he stands up… Having got his balance, the classic CVD taunt once more.

JR: He hits this, Eagles will NOT be cashing in tonight, he’ll been in the local hospital.

PH: Van Dam gets enough height as it is, this will end both men’s careers right now.

The hang time is amazing as the Total Package leaps from the top…


PH: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!


A loud thud as flesh meets flesh, neither man as moved since the landing.
A replay from above shows Van Dam hitting his high risk move, a second replay shows is from the view of the crowd showing the actual move and the crowd erupting!

JR: Both men are ended it all. How can we get a winner now.

PH: I’m getting word from the back to watch this next replay very closely.

Once again, a replay begins, this time from the ringside, showing the mat and Eagles head.

As Van Dam came down, the Cancer grabs the briefcase and slightly lifts it up and as the Total Package hit the five star, the face hit the case full on.


JR: Explains the reason Craig hasn’t moved.

PH: How smart is Eagles, he knew Van Dam couldn’t just win, so he thought he’s hurting, let him hit the move, but take Van Dam out too.

A few Referees and road agents run down to the ring to check on both men, the medics are already at ringside awaiting the ref to open the cage door, which he does. Slowly they roll the Total Package off Chris Eagles and one kicks the now dented and blooded briefcase out the way.

JR: Does this mean we have no winner, Paul?

PH: I’d hate to say it, but I do believe this match is over, as is the career of Christopher Ryan Eagles.

JR: What about Craig Van Dam?

PH: He’d retired anyway, the quitter.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

The crowd jeer as the referees talk between each other while a team of medics check on both men.

As quick as the blood is being wiped off both men, their faces are soon crimson messes again as both are bleeding and out of it. The medics begin to use smelling salt to try and bring them around to see where the pain is. A good sign for the crowd as the Total Package lifts his arm up as if looking for the rope to help him up. But instead he rolls onto his stomach.

JR: That’s a good sign Paul.

PH: I respect him for trying it, so yes it is Ross.


The camera moves to Eagles, who has, with help, managed to sit up on his own, but still looking like he’s no idea where he is. A couple of refs are explaining to the two men what’s happened. Van Dam seems to slightly nod, and pushes himself up to his knees, and hands still on the mat.

The Cancer meanwhile has managed to move to the corner, where he too, is now kneeling. Once again, the medics put the smelling salt under their noses, just to make sure both men at least know where they are.

JR: At least Eagles is up, even if he’s being helped to stand. Hopefully Craig will be up next and we can get them to the back.

PH: A shame for the match to end like this.

JR: Just two men giving their all for the fans.

As Eagles is being walked towards the door, he sees Van Dam being checked on and pushes one of the refs away. The second ref beings to ask what’s going on and Eagles shoves him too.

PH: Chris doesn’t see this as finished.

JR: This isn’t right.

With an evil glint in his eyes, he slowly and wobbly moves back to the corner, screaming at everyone to move away.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

JR: He’s looking to kick his Damned head off.

PH: I love it.

Fearing for their own safety, everyone clears out of the cage, leaving both men in… The Cancer charges!


JR: In both terms of the move and this match.

Eagles swings his leg!.



At the last second, Van Dam lifted his head out of harms way.

JR: Spinning roundhouse kick by the kneeling Van Dam, he really can land a kick out of nowhere.

PH: Get up Chris.

Once more both men are down, just not from a huge impact move like before. Bravely, the two man use the ropes to pull themselves up and both begin climbing ignoring the other.

JR: It’s a straight race to the top now Paul.

PH: I’d hate to admit, but I think Van Dam has the advantage in speed.

About halfway up, their each notice the other and Van Dam is first to try and strike, but the Cancer avoids the kick, using the time the Total Package used to try and kick Eagles, the former MDM has managed to sneak ahead and manages to get one leg over the top.

PH: He’s going to do it.

JR: CVD has his other leg though.

The MitB holder kicks his leg free and quickly swings that one over the top, reaching through the bars, Van Dam grabs the ears of Chris Eagles, hoping he can pull him back in!


PH: You can’t say that.

The reason for JR being so pissed is given away by the mist in the air and the Total Package releasing Eagles before dropping to the mat holding his eyes.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

The replay shows with one hand, Eagles reaches into his trunks and pulls out his infamous mace stray can and strays the contents in the face of Craig Van Dam.

JR: Eagles is going to steal it.

PH: No DQ inside a steel cage, Ross.

The Cancer slowly climbs down the cage, jumping the last foot to the area floor.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

“Ugly” begins to play as the official raises the hand of the winner, and the second official enters the cage to help wash out the eyes of Craig Van Dam.

Chimel: The winner of the Steel Cage match! Christopher Ryan Eagles!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

The crowd erupt into jeers and boos as only just under his own power and once again with briefcase in hand, the Cancer leaves the ringside area and makes his way to the back.

Once he has disappeared, “Ugly” fades out and the crowd begin a CVD chant.

C.V.D!!! C.V.D!!!! Soon followed by THANK YOU CRAIG!!! THANK YOU CRAIG!!!

The Total Package, even though looking down about his loss, manages a smile and claps at the fans cheering his name as “Miseria Cantare” begins to play and gives the Total Package time to exit the ring and with the help of the barriers, slap hands with the fans for maybe the last time ever.

A couple of minutes pass and Van Dam has made it the whole way around the ring and back to the entranceway, slowly he makes his way to the back, only to stop at the top of the ramp and give one final C.V.D taunt, to which the crowd join in.





The Total Package disappears from view as we cut too…

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We cut to the front of the arena where a large staging area proclaims that the world famous magician Logan Saint will be performing LIVE after the show. Techies are running about setting up the lighting and staging whilst the eponymous star of the show is shouting dog’s abuse at them about every minor detail she can think of.

LS: What the f**k are you doing, you greasy wetback? Be f**cking careful with that prop, it cost more than all your families fake green cards put together! You, get me a half fat latte right now and if it’s one of those disgusting machine drinks I’ll use you test out the Water Torture illusion and make sure it goes wrong!

As the various technicians run scurrying for cover the imposing bulk of Belinda “Lindy” Rose waddles onto the stage. She is momentarly diverted by the Kraft services table but eventually remembers her purpose and makes her way over to Logan who is busy pouring her coffee on the floor.

LR: Logan! Hey, Cari asked me to come and ask you if you were going to make it to the party tonight. We know you’ve got the big show to do after the show but we should be partying for a good while and we’d love to see you there.

Logan turns round with a look of pure disgust on her face and looks Lindy up and down dismissively.

LS: Lindy... Well, well, well. I guess time can heal old wounds but can’t stop you from getting to the cream cakes. Cari couldn't be bothered to come and ask me herself, eh?

LR: Errr, no that’s not it at all. She’s just tied up with organising the...

Logan rears up and slaps Lindy hard across the face with the surprise of the blow causing the big girl to stumble backwards onto her arse.

LR: You tell that bottle blonde tramp that I wouldn’t seen dead at any party she was at. As for you, you disgusting Jabba the Hut look-a-like how DARE you think you can come onto MY stage and presume to invite me to that cowards party. Since Cari obviously doesn’t have the bottle to face me then I guess I’ll have to go talk to the TWOstars management and get a match with you and perhaps once I’m done with the greatest magic trick of all time in making you have a great match and leave you a bloody mess in the middle of the ring I’ll go visit Cari-Cheap and do the same to her!

Saint turns on her heels and storms off stage towards the arena as several stage guys help Lindy back to her feet...

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We fade in to a shot of the ground. Yes, you read that right – the ground. We can see a pair of scuffed old shoes, probably belonging to the cameraman who is currently not doing his job very well. Suddenly, we hear two distinct voices whispering and the crowd can be heard cheering from the arena.

UnknownButProbablyKnownVoice#1: Right, we aw’ kehn whit the deal is here, we aw’ signed oan fur’ the joab and dangit we’re gawnae see it through!!

UnknownButProbablyKnownVoice#2: Aye! M’hearties, the end is nigh for these scallywags! They will walk the plank! We’ll keelhaul them till’ they’re nae mare!

UBPKV#1: Well said m’pal!! Noo we aw’ kehn’ the plan aye? We don’t need tae run through it again dae we?

UBPKV#2: The last time we ran through it ye’ changed it completely! Now can a pirate have a drink before he sails into battle against the deadliest foe to sail the seven...corridors?

UBPKV#1: ...whit? Aye, whitever, just be ready tae roll, run, sail, swim...whitever!

The sound of a good ol’ hearty swig of rum can be heard as the camera catches an odd shadow of a man downing a flask of rum, we still can’t figure out who it is though...well...not by sight anyway...

UBPKV#1: Noo, if this plan is going tae even huv’ a chance ae’ success, we’re gonnae’ need tae’ come up wae’ codenames! Cause we cannae exactly be geeing ourselves away here, we need tae be inconspict- ...inconspicut...

The first unknown man seems to be having trouble saying inconspicuous, a sigh of frustration can be heard.

UBPKV#1: We need tae be sneaky!! We’ve awready come up wae’ brilliant, masterful disguises, but we jist need tae’ add oan’ a wee extra layer of security! Right, so you!

The shadow can clear see one man, shorter than the other, pointing at the one who drank from the flask.

UBPKV#1: You’ll be Davey Jones! An’ me...all be Chug-Life! Cause there ain’t no other life than Chug-Life!!

UBPKV#2: Hang oan’ a minute...we cannae be leavin’ our fellow sailor without a codename! They’ll hang him from the gallows if they know who he is – never leave a man behind!!

UBPKV#1: Aye! Never leave a man behind!! So, you...

The shorter shadow points at a third shadow, evidently the cameraman.

UBPKV#1: can be...ehh....well...uhm...Cameraman! Naebody will ever guess who ye ur wi’ tha’ codename!!

The camera then pans up finally to to describe it. It is clearly Angus McDonald and Randy Roko...but for one thing – they’re carrying numerous, numerous water balloons. For another...their ‘perfect disguises’ are the worst disguises known to man.

Randy is wearing his usual pirate get up, his usual red cloak and his shirt which was exposed to reveal his chest with his white trousers and pirate boots. The only thing that is different is that he is wearing a balaclava...and even then he’s wearing an eye-patch over said balaclava and has his sword sheathed at his side!

Angus on the other hand...well...what can you say...he, like Randy is wearing his usual get up with the only difference being he was wearing THIS (see below) over his mask – moustache and all!

Angus: Cameraman, how’s oor disguises? Guid aye?

The cameraman shakes the camera and Angus tuts as Randy takes another swig of rum.

Angus: Ach whit d’you know!! Awright c’mere...

The pair very slowly walk down the corridor, hiding behind every crate they come to before getting to the corner which Randy peeks around, then turns back to whisper at us.

Randy: Avast! The scallywags are in the rat's nest!

Angus: Speak a language a kin’ understaun’ Randy!

Randy: The rats we’re plannin’ oan’ peltin’ wae’ these arrrrrre sittin’ waitin’ fur us, yapping away! They're aboot as clueless as a blonde!

Angus: Perfec- HIY! Yer future wife’s a blonde ya dafty!!

Randy: Shhhhh!!! Disguises!! A could be anyone under here ya sea-slug!

Angus: Aw right, aw right, dinnae jump doon ma’ throat...okay...wan...two...go!!

Randy and Angus both charge around the corner and the camera pans around to reveal 5 members of Matt Denton’s private army! They are clearly off duty and aren’t suited up in their riot gear but they look like they could do enough damage without it!


The 5 security men are utterly PELTED with water balloons, taken so much by surprise that they stumble back and some fall over onto their arses. Angus throws a balloon and it catches one of them directly in the face, knocking him off his seat to the floor.

Randy: Nice-one Chug-Life!

Angus: Cheers Randy!

Randy: Codenames, Angus!!! Codenames!!

You’d be surprised at how quickly you run out of water balloons. Soon all 5 men are picking themselves up off the floor and growling at Angus and Randy.

Angus: Whit’s the next part ae’ the plan again?

Randy: Run as fast as ye’ can, full sail ahead...Jist get out of here!!

Angus: Running! A like this part ae the plan!

Angus, Randy & Cameraman do the only thing they can do – they haul ass! We see the camera shake from side to side as poor Cameraman takes up the rear as Randy & Angus run through, from corridor to corridor.

Randy: Y’know, we never really thought this through matey!

Angus: When dae we EVER think things through!?

Randy: Good point!

Suddenly we come up to a T corridor and as we approach, our pranksters debate which way to turn.

Randy: Right?

Angus: Aye!

As they approach the T junction Angus makes a sharp left and Randy careens into the wall as he tries to adjust his direction.

Randy: Ye’ said right ya’ scallywag ye’!!

Angus: Sorry, a thought we were just asking if a was aw’right!

Randy sighs as he picks up the pace and just narrowly avoids getting caught by the security men (codename cameraman had kept running and turned the camera to watch them).


We all come to a careening stop (all that’s missing is the sound of screeching tires) as the cameraman turns and finds that we are at a dead end.

Randy: A did say tae go right!

Angus: Ach, Mr.Know-it-all over there!

All three men turn, completely cornered and Randy takes a swig from his rum flask before carefully laying it on the ground (it is rum, after all) and drawing his sword.

Randy: Avast ye scurvy dogs! Ye’ come any closer and ye’ will feel the steel of my blade and ye’ll meet Davey Jones! ...The OTHER Davey Jones!!

Angus just shakes his head.

Angus: Randy, ye remember when security took yer REAL sword aff ye when ye came intae the arena tonight? How it wis’ a health hazard? And they gave ye a PLASTIC one instead?

Randy looks at his sword, which is indeed plastic, and gulps.

Randy: Well, that’s alright, a wis jist’ jokin’ lads! An CODENAMES, CHUG-LIFE!!

The 5 men are not buying it.

Nameless Security Guard: Time to send a message to what happens when you disrespect Matt Denton...

The 5 men chuckle evilly and crack their knuckles.

Randy: Chug-Life, it was an honour pranking with ye’!

Angus: Aye, let’s go oot wae’ a bang!

Things are about to go down before a loud whistle interrupts them all. The 5 men look puzzled and then turn around to reveal...

Cari-Dee! Cari-Dee is standing at the opposite end of the hallway, her ‘disguise’ being whiskers drawn on to make her a cat.

Cari-Dee: How about this bang, fellas?

The 5 men have about 5 seconds to notice the giant cannon that Cari is standing behind as she lights the fuse and smiles. We quickly cut to another camera standing behind Cari so we can see the shot as Angus pulls an umbrella out from no-where and covers the two pranksters and their cameraman side-kick

Nameless Security Guard: Uh-oh.




From the cannon out shoots a weird substance that is strangely glittery, it catches all 5 men and completely envelopes them and makes them fall to the floor. It’s glittery PVA glue! The men try hard to get up but they are utterly covered in it and can’t get up without slipping. Angus pulls down the umbrella and all three walk past them, switching back to codename cameraman POV as the other cameraman disappears. Angus whirls the umbrella, splattering the 5 men with even more PVA glittery glue as Randy walks past and tips some rum on them.

Angus: Oh how a love this cannon...

Randy: Not as much as a love this woman!

Cari-Dee giggles and comes forward hugging Randy and kissing him on the cheek.

Cari-Dee: Do you think the glitter was too much?

Randy: Honey, when there’s a cannon involved it’s already gone past that point of ‘too much’ yar har!

Angus meanwhile has taken to lecturing the security men.

Angus: ...An’ whits up wae all ae you!? It’s the last show of TWOStars ever! Ye’s should be partyin’ the night away ya bunch a pillocks! Aye, yoo there Boab! And yoo Stevie! An YOU Frank, am especially disgusted in you, a thought ye’d be the life of the party...

We lock on to Angus lecturing the downed and beaten security men and Randy hugging Cari swigging his rum as we fade out to...

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
JR: Good evening folks and welcome to TWOStars Decade of Destruction if you’re just joining us it’s myself and Paul Heyman who will be calling this next match. Say hello Paul.

PH: Hello Paul.

JR: Once a smartass always a smartass.

PH: Well of course.

JR: Paul up next we have Jason Jaycey Baby LaRouque and The Wold Boy Keith Jaxx. A match a number of fans have been calling for over the years and finally tonight it’s going to happen. But early tonight fans had their hearts crushed when they found out that Keith Jaxx has been nothing but a phoney all these years.

PH: There’s a famous quote JR and it’s The Greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.

JR: I am sure this is not exactly the situation fans were hoping for when the heard this match was announced.

PH: Every great story needs a great bad guy and every bad guy needs a great women and Keith Jaxx is heading to the hotel after this to meet up with Clare Lynch!

JR: I’m still in shock.

PH: You and the TWOStars Galaxy.


TC: The following contest is schedule for one fall....

TC: Making his way to the ring from Detroit, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds.... JAASSSOOONNN JJJAYYCEYYY BAAABBBYYY LLLAAAARRRROOOQQUUUUEE!

As the heavenly synths of Felix Da Housecat's 'Money Success Fame Glamour' kick in, Jaycey lifts a Jimmy Hart-style megaphone to his mouth and begins squealing along to the hedonistic manifesto in the lyrics.

We are living
In the age
In which the pursuit of all values
Other than
Money, Success, Fame, Glamour
Have either been discredited...

... Or destroyed!!

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour
For we are living in the age of the thing!

The Queen of Extreme flamboyantly bounces his way down towards the squared circle carrying his beloved megaphone.

The Crowd pops big for one of TWOStars all time favourites.

Jaycey: Helllllooooooooooo LONDON!


PH: Oh no. Are we seriously going to have to listen to this muppet?

JR: Lighten up Paul.

PH: The only think I would like to light up is that ridiculous hair of Jason LaRoque’s.

JR: Always with the Extreme, Paul.

PH: Well I was the owner of E C DUB!

JR: Oh yeah! How’d that work out for you?

PH: Watch it Jim.

TC: And his opponent now residing in Cleveland, Ohio. He is “The Wild Boy” Keith Jaxx.

[youtube] [/youtube]

Crowd: Boooooo!!

Jaxx casual struts down the aisle looking rather pleased with himself and the new crowd reaction for the one time fan favourite.

JR: This London crowd not impressed with the actions of Keith Jaxx earlier tonight, that’s for sure.

PH: It will live in one of Televisions greatest ever moments.

JR: You realise this is Pay Per View ,right?

PH: $9.99?

JR: Careful Paul we don’t want another lawsuit.

Jaycey: Can I get a holla!

Crowd: Holla

PH: My poor ears!

Jaycey: Can I get woot woot!

Crowd: Woot Woot!

PH: This is ridiculous!

JR: Oh come on, Paul. The Guy is just having fun.

PH: I hope Keith Jaxx tares him a new one. Although in thinking about it that sick freak would probably like that.

Jaycey: Can I get a ........

Just before the Queen of Detroit can finish his sentence he his hair grabbed by The Wild Boy.


JR: I already don’t like this new Keith Jaxx.

PH: Really I think he’s brilliant! It’s almost a shame he’s as straight as an arrow, cause right now I could marry the guy.

JR: I don’t recall you being such a fan before.

PH: Yes but didn’t he fool you guys something shocking!

JR: Cause you sure solved the masterplan.

Jaycey: C’mon man!

Jaxx knocks the megaphone out of the hand of LaRouque and yanks his hair causing him to fall hard to the ground to the displeasure of the crowd.


Jaxx raises up his arms and draws in the reaction from the crowd.

JR: C’mon that’s a little rough.

PH: Dare I say. The way Jaycey likes it?


Just as the referee calls for the bell The Queen of Detroit drops to his side and rolls to the outside of the squared circle.

PH: Jason LaRouque is running scared, JR.

JR: I don’t think so Paul.

The camera pans to Jason LaRouque who has lifted up his Megaphone.

Jaycey: Who want’s to see me spank this idiots ass right there in the ring?


The Scene Queen turns back towards the squared circle and his meet by the oncoming Keith Jaxx who baseball slides towards the outside and grabs Jaycey around the head and plants him in to the ground with a DDT.

PH: K-DOWN! What a beautifully executed move to shut The Queen of Detroit City right up!

JR: That’s going to leave even the best of them need two aspirin after this contest.

PH: You better believe it, JR.

The Wild Boy gets to his feet and raises his arms up to booing from the crowd.

PH: Who can these people boo such a flawless move?

JR: It’s the person they are booing, Paul. The move was fantastically executed there’s no doubting that.

Jaxx leans down and grabs Jaycey by his flamboyant hairdo and rolls him back in to the ring before rolling back in himself and going for an early pinfall:

LaRoque gets his shoulder back up of the canvas and the former Uphill Gardner gets back to his feet complaining to referee Charles Robinson about a slow count.

PH: Referee with a slow count if you ask me.

JR: Anyone would think you and Keith Jaxx are a couple now, Paul.

PH: Are you insane?

JR: I am just saying, you are quite hung up on him.

PH: The boys a talent JR, something you would know nothing about.

Jaxx leans down and once again grabs LaRoque by the hair. Here Jaycey Baby ends up on his knees and still being groggy is leaning towards the crotch area of The Wild Boy.

JR: Perhaps not as straight as he let’s on.

Jaxx notices the rather precarious position Jaycey is in and he let’s go of him and take a step back to ohhhs from the crowd.

PH: Here, JR. What’s the difference between a gay and a microwave?

JR: I dreed to think.

PH: A microwave wont brown your sausage.

JR: God Lord man! Be Professional.

As Jaycey looks to get back to his feet Jaxx swing a karate like kick at him but LaRoque ducks underneath the attempted kick and rolls The Wild boy up with a schoolboy.

JR: A schoolboy won him the United States Championship back in 2007!!!!
Thr......, Jaxx kick out ad both men quickly get back to their feet.

JR: My Gawd he almost had him.

PH: He wishes he had him.
The Wild Boy swings a right hand at the Detroit Scene Queen but he ducks underneath it and locks his arms around the waste of the former Sausage Jockey and pushes him towards the ropes to the left hand side of the TV view.

JR: Quick thinking from Jaycey Baby avoids the fist to the jaw.

Jaxx grabs on to the top rope but Jaycey Baby continues to push and shove at the back of The Wild One.

PH: Jesus ref stop that madness.

JR: Paul are you Homophobic?

PH: I'm not homophobic, in the same way that I'm not arachnaphobic. I'm not scared of gays; I'm not scared of spiders. But if I were to walk in and find one in my bed, I'd be a little worried.

JR: Good God man will you stop? Next you will be doing Light Bulb jokes

PH: How many gays does it take to screw in a light bulb? - One, but it takes a whole emergency room to screw it back out!

JR: Jesus Man will you be professional?

The Wild Boy hits LaRouque with a couple of elbow to finally brake things up and turns around hitting him with a standing dropkick which knocks him to the ground.

PH: Picture perfect, JR.

JR: Why thank you.

PH: The move you idiot.

The Wild boy moves quickly towards the grounded LaRoque and grabs him by the legs and moves his arms up towards The Detroit Queens hip area.

PH: Perhaps going for the wheelbarrow suplex here??

Jaycey Baby starts to wiggle about and uses his arms to walk around the ring.


Keith Jaxx realises what’s happening and releases LaRoque who gets back to his feet and shows Keith Jaxx a small gap between his finger and thumb.

JR: I think LaRaqoue is suggesting Keith Jaxx has a small package.

PH: Now who is being unprofessional?

Jaxx immediately takes exception and runs and Jaycey Baby, grabs a hold of his hair and aggressively starts smashing his face in to the far right hand corner turnbuckle causing The Scence Queen to drop to his backside and into the corner of the turnbuckles.

JR: I don’t think Jaxx liked that, that’s for sure.

Keith gets to his feet and takes one look at the grounded Jason LaRoque before running at him and hitting him with a .....

JR: Bronco Busta!!!!

PH: Jaycey Baby looks like he’s enjoying that.

JR: I think you’re right, he’s smiling.

The Wild Boy gets to his feet and leaves the ring and looks underneath it.

PH: Jaxx is angry JR.

JR: Ever the observant one you Paul.

Jaxx comes back from under the ring and has in his hand pink fluffy handcuffs.


The Wild Boy throws these off to the side and again looks for a weapon only to find another mic dildo.

PH: What’s that doing under there?

JR: How should I know?

Again Keith Jaxx throws the item he finds away and goes back to looking for a weapon.

JR: Jaxx better look out here!!!

LaRouque comes flying over the top rope and hits The Wild Boy flying as he connects with a flying elbow knocking Jaxx to the ground.

JR: What a shot! Jaxx could be out cold.

The Detroit Queen takes this opportunity to himself look under the ring apron and see if there is anything he can find.

PH: I tread to think what else is under that ring.

After a few moments pass we can see Keith Jaxx slowly getting back to his feet as LaRouque comes back from looking underneath the ring and would appear to have a tube of baby oil in his hand.

PH: It’s Randy Orton’s favourite bottle.

JR: And mine is JR’s BBQ Sauce.

PH: You cheap bastard!

Jaycey Baby turns around and is meet with a kick to the mid-section by Keith Jaxx in turn causing him to squirt some baby oil right in to the eyes of Keith Jaxx.

PH: Disqualify that son of a bitch.

JR: It was unintentional!

PH: Yeah right.

Holding his gut LaRouque moves towards Keith Jaxx and grabs a hold of him ramming him off the ring apron before following it up with an elbow to the side of the face.

JR: Jaycey in control now.

PH: I bet he likes that.

Jaxx tries to fight back but his swinging punches miss and he embarrassingly falls to his knees and LaRouque hits him with a ....

JR: Famasser!

Jason picks Jaxx back up off of the floor and rolls him back in to the ring before pointing at the top rope and motioning for a high flying move.

JR: What’s he got in mind here?

PH: I don’t know and the thought of thinking like LaRoque is a very scary thought.

LaRouque ascends to the top turnbuckle and stands in an elevated position, jumps, flips forward and lands his leg on the head of the grounded Keith Jaxx.

JR: Jaxx 3000!

PH: That’s The Wild Boys move.

Jaycey rolls over and hooks the leg of The Wild Boy and the crowd count a long.

PH: Come on Jaxx!!!


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match via pinfall, JASON “Jaycey BAAAAABBBBYYY2” LaROQUE!!!!!!!


Jason LaRouque quickly rolls out of the ring and stumbles to the floor. As he quickly gets back to his feet he lifts up the megaphone and retreats off as we see The Wild Boy still holding his face, looking very aggrieved in the ring.

Jaycey: You still suck, you still suck, you still suck!

Crowd and Jaycey: You still suck, you still suck, you still suck!

JR: Jason LaRoque telling Jaxx exactly what he thinks.

PH: He should be happy with his victory and make like a tree.

The camera pans in at the angry looking Keith Jaxx as we fade too....

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We're backstage and greeted by an (almost) long forgotten sight. Looking older, and fatter, but still wearing that same dirty suit (come on, surely even a dry clean must've been in order?), the sneaky, nasty, judgemental face of Lucas Thorp welcomes everyone.

A forced smile stretches across his face as his little beady eyes gleam with delight at whatever he's got to tell us. He stands with his hands clasped, rubbing like a cartoon villain close to his chest.

Lucas Thorp: Sirs, and madams, you may not know who I am, but I certainly know all of you. Many years ago now I came to TWOstars with pure intentions, the hope of stamping out corruption and villainy. I return today, the first time in four years, and I am welcomed by a dying beast. What was once mighty and full of potential now chokes on its own shortcomings and is beyond saving. So I stand as The Lord Justice, a man driven out by people afraid to face the truth, full of pride and self-satisfaction.

Lucas sniffs, his chest swelling and his cheeks glowing a peachy colour of red.

LT: I don't normally allow myself such indulgences, but tonight, this night, I think exceptions are to be made.

He grunts greedily before rubbing under his nose.

LT: And that brings me to why I am here. I am not a man who looks to the past, no. I judge, I punish and I forgive. I am not prone to personal quibbles and I cannot stand those who hold on to grudges. But tonight... well tonight is an exception.

Lucas gestures to the breast of his dirty suit jacket and pats it gently.

LT: I, along with my Executioner, controlled TWOstars. Even though people were ungrateful and blinkered by my vision, I always knew we were a necessary evil. And so tonight I return with one final name, one final crime and one final judgement to be carried out.

The stretched smile returns as Lucas' eyes appear more serious this time.

LT: And tonight I am proud to welcome the return of carnage incarnate. A man, nay, a monster who ran roughshod over everyone who has ever stood in his way. Wearing a mask to release himself from the chains of humanity, I have watched him with pride and envy leave destruction in his wake. Uncaring, unmotivated in his hate, he was a creature cut from the same cloth as I.

Lucas gestures off camera.

LT: Welcome back to TWOstars... Lord... Bison...

Onto screen stalks a mountain. Bulking, hulking and massive in all three dimensions and one or two more for good measure the towering inferno of the former bounty hunter comes to a stop next to Lucas.

The Lord Justice eyes up the brute almost lustfully. His hands are curled as he gestures towards the 6'8” man.

LT: This... this is someone who I can see great potential in. Someone who has all the tools and with just the tiniest of pushes could become unstoppable. Like I was, he was cut down before his pr...

Lord Bison holds a huge hand up to Thorp's face to quieten the Lord Justice. The stunned, confused look on the Worm's face says more than any words ever could.

Lord Bison: You speak too much and say too little.

Lucas, even after being told to quieten down, moves his mouth open and close wordlessly.

LB: It became apparent early on in my time with TWOstars that I was too great a force for this company, and that competition was going to be sparse. Eventually the then General Manager saw fit to remove me because my boredom had bred into destruction too great for him to handle. I didn't take it personally, I understood that I was too powerful and that there was nothing left for me to do here.

Lord Bison's booming voice echoes from behind the Bane-esque mask wrapped around his face. His cold eyes stare out as he continues talking casually, matter-of-factly.

LB: When this man here, this outcast, approached me...

Bison turns slightly to Lucas who acknowledges him shakily.

LB: … he did so with an offer.

LT: I knew that Bison...

LB: Lord Bison.

LT: That Loooooord Bison was unsatisfied by his time in the company. I knew he wanted to fight the best the company had to offer but made himself known too late to indulge as he so deserved. So I saw what I wanted, and saw what he wanted and thought we could help each other.

LB: I will fight tonight, return to the ring in top form, in the name of competition.

LT: Tonight the man who betrayed me, who let me get hurt and who abandoned me is going to come face to face with the reaper.

LB: My intrigue was appealed to through the comparisons which weighed down on me during my time competing. Just because I wear a mask does not make me an Executioner. Just because I am ruthless does not make me a soldier. Just because I have partnered with this man does not make me a follower... and tonight I show that everyone who wished to liken me to Edward Samson sold me short and underestimated exactly what I was capable of.

LT: You hear that Edward? You dumb mutt, I invited you here tonight for a public crucifixion at the hands of your better. I was always the real strength behind us, and this man embodies you stood for, evolved.

LB: Darwinism suggests that those who evolve and adapt to their environment will thrive and survive, while those who don't will find themselves quickly extinct. Tonight, Edward Samson, consider yourself an endangered species.

Lucas Thorp sniggers like a nasty little child and offers a hand out to The Mask of Infamy. The much larger man continues to just stare into the camera before turning and walking away, leaving the Worm hanging. He looks frankly abashed and tries to recover by wiping the hand on his jacket.

LT: Tonight Samson, London will burn to the ground around you.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Darkness is the first thing we notice as the camera moves downwards through the arena. We stop at a door, much the same as any other door though this one is slightly ajar so we can just pop our proverbial heads in and see what’s going on

Even as our eyes adjust to the gloom we can see we’re in a little used dressing room we can spot the messy and somewhat dishevelled blonde hair of a woman bent over the table top with the traditional bare lightbulbs around it. The woman’s head pops up and we can see it’s Johnny Rockafeller’s previous manager slash on off fling Charlotte De Mingotta.

As we peer into the room we can hear that Charlotte appears to be talking to someone, as bleary eyed as she looks to be it does appear to have some semblance of coherency.

“No way! I’m too f**king important to be kept as some kind of side show! I’m not just a pretty face you know, I can fight if I want to....”

If a little unsteadily Charlotte gets to her feet and turns around to address whoever it is we can’t see.

“So what if I wasn’t “professionally trained” or “wrestled a match” before. I’m Charlotte De Mingotta. I mean, I watched Johnny wrestle plenty of times, that’s got to count for something.

A small trickle of something seems to dribble from the blonde’s nose which she quickly wipes away on her wrist. She look back towards the bench in front of the mirror.

Charlotte seems to come to some kind of conclusion, though perhaps it took a little while to fire through her frayed neurons. She clears some space on the table and hops onto it so she is now sitting with her back to the mirror and is looking across the room to where we can’t see.

“Uptight bitches better not try and get in my way. Just cause I like to party and have fun. I deserve my screen time. This show will suck balls without me on it, they need me don’t they? This show needs me... Right, let’s go and get this sorted”

Now the jittery blonde jumps down from the table, wobbles a bit on her heels but manages to regain her balance. She checks herself in the mirror once more and seemingly happy with what she sees she bundles out of the room knocking into the cameraman and nearly sending him flying.

The camera shot steadies and then peeks into the room.... which is totally empty and then quickly turns around to try and catch where Charlotte has gone but we only catch her backside turning a corner but can clearly see three distinct white lines across the back of her black jeans.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The arena is still bustling from the night’s previous events; the crowd seems tense the anticipation over the expected chaos due to come.

PH: Well JR, this is a match I have been looking forward to ALL week! Lethal Eloquence Lord Bison with his fellow Lord, Lord Justice Lucas Thorp here to seal that brain dead buffoon Edward Samson! I cannot wait

JR: Come on Paul, Eddie has been gone a long LONG time, can you not just forgive and forget and enjoy these two Titans going at it for the sport of it? How after all these years and all the things we’ve seen; can you still have so much disdain for a man who was clearly led astray?

PH: Led astray? The man had purpose when he was with the Lord Justice! That man’s guidance led him to great things and he just cast him aside as if he was nothing!

SH: Ladies aaaaand Gentlemen, the following contest is a London’s Brawling Street Fight! Introducing first from Salem Massachusetts EDWAAARD SAAMSOOON!!



Black and white strobe lighting accompanies the music

JR: Ladies and gentlemen for here comes a man who was once the most feared man on the face of the planet!

Edward’s eyes are focused on the ring he methodically ventures towards the place he once saw as home



PH: There is one thing you will never find in a wrestling fan JR and that is obviously integrity! These are the same people who years ago wanted that man gone and listen to them cheering him like the all conquering hero!

Edward reaches the foot of the steel steps, stops for a few seconds then slowly ascends and climbs over the top rope and into the centre of the ring slowly turning to face the ramp.

JR: After all this time I Edward hasn’t seemed to have lost any of his focus, his cold stare just goes through people, I do not envy Bison or Lucas Thorp here tonight.

The lighting effect comes to a stop and the arenas usual lighting returns


Lucas Thorp walks out onto the top of the stage with a mic in his right hand, his suit showing the effects of time, he stops and looks down toward his former instrument of destruction.

LT: Edward… You have been informed of your crimes you have betrayed me, your mentor, your friend, your FAMILY. Your Treason cannot be forgiven and now is the time of your judgement. After all I have given you, you have become this, this is a mercy Edward, one you do not deserve

Thorp moves to stage side and stares at Salvitore Hier causing him to put down his mic and neglect his introduction as the arena lights go darken


The back of Bison’s bald head is shown on the tron as he slowly pulls on his mask he turns into the camera before disappearing from the tron and seconds later he appears on stage in an eerily similarity to Samson, Bison methodically makes his way to the ring never once taking his fixed gaze off Samson, with Lucas Thorp in tow.


PH: Look at Bison, It’s almost like looking at the finished article, Edward was the prototype for what Lord Bison IS.

Bison walks the perimeter of the ring adjusting his finger less gloves then suddenly scales the apron and climbs over the ropes and into the ring and directly opposite Samson, both men looking through one another yet still completely focused. The lights return to normal

JR: This is going to be one hell of a match Paul I can feel it, whatever you may feel about Edward Samoson there is no denying he is one tough, nasty son of a gun and Bison has never faced an opponent like him before

PH: Neither has Samson JR……

The two men stand still observing each other the crowds cheers and chants can be heard throughout, their various signs depicting the two competitors are seen by all the viewers at home, the bell rings


PH: Here we go JR!!

The two men pause a second before Samson takes two steps forward which Bison immediately responds to by doing the same leaving barely a foot between them

JR: Look at the size of those two men! They are monsters

Bison has a visible height advantage over Samson but they are extremely close in build, they stare into each others eyes seeing if either will crack, when it becomes evident neither will the festivities begin with Bison delivering a sharp right uppercut causing Samson to step back

JR: Bison with a stiff right hand there but Edward stands his ground and comes back out swinging

Bison is met with Samsons retaliation, a right hook followed by a stiff head butt stagger him

PH: Look at that a cheap shot from Samson, some things never change!

Bison quickly readjusts himself as Samson lurches forward and reaches up to the back of Bisons neck

JR: Bison looks slow to adjust here as Samson attempts a stiff forearm but oh wait, Bisons blocked it

Bison catches Edwards forearm with both hands and swiftly delivers a knee to the kidneys of Samson causing Edward to release his grip, Bison lunges forward and attempts a double leg takedown

JR: Bison attempts a double leg but Samsons stuffs it and applies a front face lock. We haven’t seen this tactic from Bison before maybe Samsons power has given him other ideas

Bison attempts to force Samson into the corner but the power struggle is evident as neither man budges far

PH: Bisons just fighting smart a thing that Samson has no experience in JR

Samson lands a clubbing blow to the back of Bisons neck, releasing the front face lock whilst doing so, Bison goes weak legged but steadies himself before being mowed down by a powerful clothesline from Samson


JR: He didn’t look to smart there Paul, the crowd are liking what they see, we have never seen lord Bison man handled like this before!

Lucas Thorp berates Edward from the outside buying Bison a couple of seconds recovery as Edward stares blankly at his former master

PH: He was off balance JR could happen to anyone

Samson returns his attention to Bison who is still laid on his back, Samson grabs Bisons legs and lifts them
JR: Is he looking for the cloverleaf already?

Bison quickly kicks Edwards face knocking him back, Bison then quickly get to his feet but Samson stumbles forward again


JR: SPEAR! Bison has just hit Samson with that spear! He’s put away a lot of guys with tat manoeuvre but he didn’t get all of it, he was off balance

PH: Yes! It’s over already JR! Ha ha!

Bison stands up again and shakes his head clearing away the cobwebs and looking down on the prone Samson then delivers a stiff boot to Samsons ribs and a viscous stomp to the head before turning and running to the opposite ropes

JR: Looks like Bison is building up a head of steam here

Bison drops a leg across the back of the head of Samson the impact causing Edward to writhe in pain and clutch his it

PH: Now we watch the master go to work

Lucas Thorp can be seen smiling awkwardly on the outside looking a little more worried than he should be given the circumstances

Bison grabs Samson by the back of his neck and pulls him to his feet before delivering a stiff knee to the mid section he then proceeds to grip Samsons waist and lift

JR: Gut wrench suplex, Bison just suplexed Samson like he was nothing! That man’s strength is unbelievable!

Samson lets out a loud groan of pain and holds his lower back before slowly getting to his feet as Bison looks on, Samson steadies himself and lurches forward again and throws a haymaker with his right hand which Bison blocks with his left and responds with a sharp right hook to the ribs then another immediately after making Samson wince one again

PH: Bison is just too good for Edward, It’s fantastic JR!

JR: It’s a little early for that Paul! Samson still has a lot of fight left in him, he’s a multiple worlds champion and he’s been in there with the best in history, there’s plenty more to come!

Samson charges at Bison again but Bison quickly switches position and grabs Samson

JR: A thundering belly to belly suplex there by Bison!

Bison stands over Edwards and show boats to the crowd



PH: Yeah keep cheering you daft idiots! The mans wiping the floor with that big dummy!

Bison looks over to Lucas Thorp who gives an almost begrudged thumbs up; Bison seems to recognize the shift in attitude from his new charge his gaze lingering on the Lord justice a little longer,

JR: Samson is back to his feet, there seems to be some sort of issue with Bison and Thorp but what?

Thorp gestures for Bison to look over to Edward again

PH: I don’t know JR but he needs to keep his head in the damn game!

Edward charges Bison again and clubs the back of his head sending him into the ropes and feet from Thorp

JR: The Incapacitator! That just levelled the playing field! Bison doesn’t look like he knows where he is!

Edward pulls Bison toward him and hooks Bisons right leg and clutches round the back of his neck and head



PH: What the hell Bison?!

JR: Looks like It’s not just Bison with an extra dose of power Paul, Samson just dumped him on his head like he was nothing!

Edward gets back to his feet once again and walks toward Bison who has rolled on to his stomach and steps over his back


JR: Looks to me like old Bison is heading into The Stocks Paul!

Samson sets down and pulls his right arm over his knee then attempts to grab the other but Bison turns his body and hits a right hook which stuns Edward who quickly begins a barrage of hammer fists to Bison who covers up

JR: Looks like Edward had receipt for Bison right there, he’s back to him feet and……. A big knee to the head of Bison! That’ll take a few hours out of your day!

Edward quickly applies The Stocks onto Bison who groans in pain as Samson wrenches back

PH: Come on Bison! You can’t let this guy beat you!

Thorp begins banging on the side of the ring to motivate Bison

JR: It’s not looking great here for Bison, that’s a lot of weight on his lower back a man that size can take too much damage in that area!

Samson continues to pull down on Bison slowly rocking back to gain more leverage


Bisons groans are growing louder, he attempts to get to his knees…

JR: We have never seen Bison in this sort of predicament before he is in some real trouble here

Bison manages to raise himself to his knees but Samson clubs him with a arm across the face and drops his weight down on Bisons back with his rear end sending Bison to one knee

The referee who has been very good and being inconspicuous during the match come to check whether Bison wants to continue, his response makes the referee quickly retreat from sight.

JR: There doesn’t seem to be any quit in Bison Paul but this cannot be good for him!

PH: No I can’t imagine it is, having a 300lb idiot on your back is never fun!

Samson quickly stands and steps away from Bison and looks down into his own gloved hand which we eventually see is now dripping with blood

PH: Well that is one way to get out of there… I just hope he’s up to date with his shots!

Bison gets to his feet tentatively whilst Samson inspects his lacerated fingers, he regroups enough to turn again to Thorp who looks at him slightly worried

Samson again runs toward Bison clotheslines him sending him over the top rope and down beside the steel steps

JR: The action’s spilled onto the outside, Bison has been on the receiving end of some real old school offense today!

Samson steps over the top rope and looks left toward Lucas Thorp who briskly walks to the other side of the ring Bison is now on one knee his head beside the ring steps Samson sees his opportunity and delivers a ‘running’ boot to the side of Bisons head sending it into the steps and knocking the loose and onto the floor

JR: Samson with a stiff boot to the Bison’s head there

**Instant replay begins slowing to show Bison’s head hit the steps and send them tumbling**

JR: That ladies and gentlemen was the sound of skull on steel!

Samson descends upon Bison again delivering a stomp to the abdomen then lifts him to his face via the back of his head then drives his head into the ring post then throws him into the barricade corner Bison slumps into the corner with his arms holding him up

PH: What is that idiot doing now?

Samson walks over to the commentary area and grabs the ring bell and raises it above his head


Samson heads toward Bison and swing the bell at his head but Bison quickly moves as Samson hits thin air Bison then lunges forward to hit a spear but Samson manages to bring the bell down onto Bisons head

JR: Bison just had his bell rung……… literally! He looks out of it

Samson steps over Bison and pins him


JR: Bison kicks out strongly sending big Eddie reeling

PH: Time to be smart Bison, that’s a lunatic with a dangerous weapon!

Bison stirs and rolls onto his stomach as Big Ed storms toward and pulls back his right leg

JR: Samson with another shot to the head of Bison!

Samson raises Bison up who is now bent double and lands a swift forearm to the back of his head and throws him back into the barricade corner he then grabs Bison as if to irish whip him into the corner and ring post but yanks him back into the corner

JR: It’s now the Gallows for Bison, the man is being punished to full extent of Edwards power here!

After repeating the irish whip feint once more he sends Bison head first into the ring post causing him to spin 360 degrees and meet a big clothesline sending Bison back to the mat then again raises him to his feet and quickly raises him in the back drop motion….

JR: RET-RI-BUU-TIOOONN!!! This could be it Paul, that move has put out many an opponent for dear old Edward!


Edward gets to his feet after a few moments holding his coccyx area after the impact with the mat and then looks over to Lucas Thorp who looks at his former charge blankly.. Edward makes the cover

PH: I can’t watch this, this is too much for me!!




JR: Bison kicks out at too and the match continues folks!

Edward looks shocked at the resiliency of Lethal Eloquence kneeling over Bison for a second or two before heading to the announce booth and collecting a chair, Bison is now onto his knees as Samson arrives with the chair hoisted over his head, Bison delivers a powerful uppercut to the unmentionables causing Edward to drop the chair and double over!

PH: YES!! That’s my guy! That is smart JR anything goes remember!

JR: That’s disgusting Paul there is still such a thing as sportsmanship ya know

A small portion of the crowd are cheering Bison’s resilience but are not as audible as the thousands behind Edward Samson

Bison! Clap! Clap! Clap! BiiiSon! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Bison stands and quickly grips Edwards head and neck under his arm and clamps down

JR: Bison has Edward caught in The Heretic Fork! This isn’t a good place for anyone!

Bison shakes Edward from left to right his biceps bulging from the extreme pressure applied in the hold, after around a minute Edwards body begins to sag prompting Bison to turn his body and throw Samson to the barricade

PH: Look at how quickly his lordship can change the game! This one is going to be over soon!

The Bison supporters are now growing in number and can be faintly heard between the gasps of the Samson fans

JR: Bison is setting Samson up in the suplex position here… is he going to?

Samson in laid with his top half hanging over the ring side mats and his lower half in the crowd who have left semi circle of space.. Bison raises Samson into the muscle buster position and steps over the barricade tentatively as Edward starts to try and shake loose Bison quickly acts dropping backwards

JR: BAH GAWD! Bison has just dropped Samson on his head onto the barricade!

PH: The Scavengers Daughter JR! Samson isn’t the only one with a penchant for medieval torture!

Bison and Samson have both ended up on the concrete floor in the crowd with Samson on his stomach and Bison Slowly getting to his feet


Bison stands over the executioner and grabs his leg and begins to lift it over his shoulder

JR: OH NO! Bison his going for the Breaking Wheel!

Bison pulls Samsons leg over his head and beings to wrench down, Samson groans in pain


Thorp makes his way over the barricade and goes toward the crowd who are now coming a little closer to the action

LT: GET BACK YOU ANIMALS! You can all pay for your crimes later!

Thorp pushes a fan who falls awkwardly and into Bison who releases his grip and angrily approaches the fan before security finally make there way in and block his path and push the crowd back

JR: What was Thorp thinking there Paul? He just caused Bison to loosen his death grip on Samson!

PH: We should all just be happy that security got there in time to save that young idiots life!

Bison stares at the fan who scurries further back into the crowd, he then turns his attention to Edward and goes for another Breaking Wheel but Edward turns and pushes Bison back with his free foot

JR: No luck that time for the Beast!

Bison lunges at Samson who is on his feet but still slightly off balance hits a superman punch which knocks Edward back into Barricade, Bison begins to run toward Samson once again



Bothe men lay prone back beside the ring with Bison clutching his head and Samson apparently out cold

PH: PIN HIM! Pin him Bison! Get this over and done with!

Bison slowly stirs and begins to crawl over to Samson and makes the pin the referee finds himself room in the debris and starts count





JR: Well I think the crowd was with you on that one Paul, they thought this one was over too!

Bison raises himself to his feet again, and grabs Samson by his mask and begins to drag him toward the ramp, Samson comes round again though and breaks Bisons grip and gets to his feet dodging a right hand from Bison and responding with a throat thrust sending Bison back a few feet

JR: Looks like Samson has plenty of fight left!

Bison attempts to kick Samson but his leg caught, Samson then pulls Bison toward him via his shirt and delivers a headbutt quickly followed with a suplex…


JR: DEATH PENALTY! This could be the match

The referee reacts after a seconds delay and beings the pin




JR: That was a close one there Paul that match was 9 tenths of a second from over

Edwards looks to be becoming angry now and grabs Bison and lifts him from the floor roughly and slams him onto the steel ramp making a loud Clank and shingle with Bison shouting in agony!


JR: Bison just went back first onto that unforgiving steel ramp!

Samson hits a running elbow drop onto Bison’s chest before setting him up for a piledriver onto the ramp……..

JR: Samson going for a Piledriver onto the ramp! He means business here, this could not only end the match but Bison’s career!

but Bison begins to battle causing Edward to lose leverage and Bison raises Edward over the top of his head and back body drops Edward onto the ramp causing a shock of pain up his spine and a scream


Bison walks toward the ring and lifts the apron and pulls out a wooden table, a chair and a hammer presumably used for putting together the ring

PH: Looks like Bison has found the goodies he needs for this match!

Bison throws the table onto the ramp over Samson causing it to slight quite near the stage he hooks the hammer into the back of his combat vest and heads towards Samson with chair in hand, slowly opening it

JR: Bison has a whole lot of bad intentions and if Edward doesn’t do something soon, he’ll see exactly what they are

Edward has managed to get to his feet and head toward the table and take it to the top of the ramp

PH: What is that big dummy doing? Bison has a hammer and a steel chair so Samson puts up a table?

Samson turns toward the on coming Bison and gestures him forward, he gestures again daring Bison to drop the hammer and the chair Bison stares at before restarting his ascent and swings the chair at Samson who steps back to avoid the blow then another swing and another but Edward avoids them, Bison snaps shut the open chair to make it more aero dynamic but misjudges Samsons position and is met with a Big Boot into the side of the head loosening his grip on the chair to one hand

JR: Big Boot there by Samson has rocked Bison, The executioner is on the attack

Samson gets Bison set up for a second Kaibosh! Pulling the chair into Bisons head the rattle ringing in his ears he then sets about going backwards

JR: KAIBOSH!! A HUGE KAIBOSH through the table onto the steel stage! These men are broken in half!!


Bison rolls to the side and falls from the stage to the concrete flooring below no longer moving, Samson Is also laid flat on his back breathing heavily and looking into the ceiling

PH: I can’t believe it JR I can’t believe what I am seeing, this is a travesty! Bison, Bison could be dead.

The crowd are stunned and exited Edwards is starting to stir slightly as Lucas Thorp makes his way down the side of the ramp to check on Bison who still has not moved

PH: Help him Lucas! Help him!

Lucas has a hold on Bisons right arm lifting it and appears to be speaking to him but there doesn’t seem to be a response

JR: We need some medical assistance down here; one of these men could be seriously injured!

EMT’s arrive around the corner and move Thorp aside and begin checking on Bison a stretcher is being brought round as Samson clambers to his feet and down the ramp slowly heading toward Bison

JR: Edward has just stopped and is looking on as the EMT’s appear to be getting Bison to his feet

Bison groggily raises his head and sees Samson staring at him and angrily pushes the EMT’s aside and heads toward Edward and reaches out to grab him by the throat but Edward knocks his arm aside and delivers a right hook to Bisons body then a back elbow sending Bison into the guard rail making him wince in pain. Samson sees a ladder near the ramps and heads toward it clearing away the EMT’s whomhave left the stretcher

PH: What is he doing now For God’s sake?

Bison stumbles after Samson who is bent double to pickup the ladder, Bison grabs Samson’s head and drills it onto the ladder then grips underneath his arms and applies a full nelson

JR: Bison looks to be setting up for a Judas Chair here………….Up goes Samson and…. Oh my God he landed right on his coccyx onto the steel ladder


Samson’s screams are accompanied by the collective groans from the crowd, Samson is writhing in pain clutching hic coccyx whilst laid on his side Bison lifts the ladder and strikes Edward in the face with it sending his head ricocheting off the concrete and leaving him glassy eyed

Bison drops the ladder on top of Edward and reaches onto the ramp to regain his hammer then heads back toward Edward who is on his knees now,


PH: He isn’t he is doing it to Samson! He’s barely a primate!

Bison Grabs the hammer top and attempts to shove it into Samson’s face but Samson grabs the hammer and shoves it back handle first into the face of Bison sending him reeling, he then strikes Bison with the handle again making him fall to one knee…

JR: What is Samson doing on that ladder? With a hammer?

PH: Not so defensive when your boys doing the attacking huh JR?

Samson waits for Bison to turn back around before leaping with the hammer in a double axe handle position toward Bison

PH: This is just……….. AWESOME!!!

Bison steps into the diving Samson and ducks the hammer catching Samson and causing the hammer to come loose from Samsons hand!


Bison slumps back due to the wear and tear of the match whilst Edward lie arched over the bent and warped stretcher/gurney.


PH: That’s it haha That’s it JR Bison has just put an end to Edward Samson, even His Lordship looks shocked!

Bison manages to get to his feet and picks up the hammer and gestures for Thorp to get into the ring dragging Samson along, He throws Samson into the ring Samson

JR: Looks like Thorp has some business of his own to attend to

Bison climbs inside the ring with Thorp in tow, He pulls Edward to his knees as Thorp grabs a hold of a Mic and takes the hammer from his hand and places the mic near his mouth

JR: Looks like Samson is about to receive his judgement

LT: This is where it allll ends, this is where the two paths become one again, there will be only one champion for justice and only one hand of the judge so for you I must deliver my final sentence and the killing blow……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. . LORD BISON

Thorp brings the hammer down onto Bison sending him through the ropes and onto the outside

Thorp aides Samson to his feet and sends him to get Bison from the outside Bisons mask is dripping with blood, he stirs and attempts to stand as Edward descends upon him and rams his face into the ring post before throwing him into the ring

Thorp delivers a few cheap shots onto Bison as Samson Grabs him from behind and makes him face Thorp

JR: Lucas Thorp is one sick and twisted son of a bitch, he has played all of us like a flute, we thought about poor old simple Edward being turned on by his mentor when it was just a plot to get the upper hand! Bison may be a monster but he takes care of business by himself and you at least know it’s coming!

PH: You have to say though JR it was genius

LT: Bison, I judge you on counts of plagiarism! I judge you for purgery! But most of all I judge you for being weak enough to allow the denizens of this place freedom!


LT: You fools, jeer all you wish, you are no more than sheep, cattle who do as they are bid, I have nothing but contempt for all of you, my disciple Edward is more than aware of your feeble loyalties he knows I am the only one he can trust, the only one who truly cares for him! Now Edward, show them what a REAL Monster can do!

Samson lifts Bison to his feet and flips him over his shoulder

LT: Bison prepare yourself for your last mile!

Thorp lays down a chair in the centre of the ring for the Last Mile

JR: Good God This could break Bisons neck!

Samson begins to move forward but Bison manages break loose and push Samson head first into the buckle

JR: Lord Bison has broke free…… He’s got Samson up for the Scolds Bridle…….


JR: Lucas Thorp with a low blow on Bison!

Samson quickly adjusts himself and delivers the second Retribution of the match

PH: Ouch that has to be the end right JR?

JR: Retribution onto a steel chair Paul, it doesn’t look very good whatever happens!

Bison convulses slightly after the initial impact before making the pin but Lucas tells him to get up and deliver a second ‘sentence’


Samson lifts Bison up and positions him for the Calcraft Noose but narrowly misses the chair

JR: My god this is sick, the mans already beaten just take the victory and leave!........Calcraft Noose! PIN HIM! JUST PIN HIM GOD DAMN IT!!

Lucas Thorp signals for Samson to apply The Cloverleaf which he does

Samson sits back on Bison putting pressure on his lower back the referee attempts to intervene but Thorp shoves him away hastily

JR: Come on ref, just call the damn match! It’s over Bison is out

PH: I hate saying this JR but I have to agree with you, Samson has had this match won three times but Thorp won’t let it end!


The crowd jeer as Samson maintains his grip on Bisons legs, Bison unfortunately begins to come too but only really to feel the pain applied by Samson Bison raises his hand slowly to tap but Thorp stands on putting his weight on his fingers

JR: Lucas Thorp is the real monster here just let the man lie! He’s done it’s over!

Jeers are heard from the crowd as Samson stands letting Bisons legs just flop onto the mat, Thorp signals the sign for hanging and steps onto the outside mic inhand

LT: Ladies and Gentlemen say your farewells to Mr Bison, this is his final execution!!

Samson takes Bison to the ropes and tightens the top and middle rope around his neck and throws him over the top rope pulling onto the ropes to apply pressure Bison’s feet barely touching the floor as Thorp smirks inches away from Bisons mask which is still dripping blood

JR: What they are doing here is torture that is a crime, this should be stopped ! Thisis disgraceful, I am sorry you people at home have to see this!

Bisons body goes limp so Samson stops shaking the ropes, Thorp turns to the crowd his arms open to them smiling at his triumph

PH: What a way to go out is there… is there anyone going to get out here?


The jeers of the crowd are almost deafening as their hatred for Lucas Thorp and what he stands for echoes across the arena

The camera cuts to Bison whose closed eyes suddenly and dramatically open, he grabs The top rope with both hands and begins to pull, his veins showing clearly from the effort and strain of doing it



Samson loses his balance and falls head first to the outside


Thorp turns to face a very angry Bison, Thorp looks toward Edward who Is unconscious on the outside, Thorp begins to beg

JR: Not so cocky now your lordship huh? Now you’re alone to face the beast!

Bison begins to slowly walk toward the Lord Justice who continues to beg off


Bison charges at Thorp…..

JR; SPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!! Lucas Thorp has just been cut in half but one hell of a spear!

Thorp is laid unconscious between the announce tables his tatty clothes strewn across him

PH: I think we better get his lordship some medical help!

JR: And a change of underwear with that smell

Bison walks over to Edward who is getting to his feet and ducks a lunging right hand and hits a kick to the mid section followed by….


Bisons knee crashes into Samsons face letting an almighty crunch out and sending Samson onto his back, he drops down to make the cover




PH: I thought that was it then JR, Bison can’t believe it either!

Bison stands again and picks up the still groggy Samson and with great effort lifts him for a second Scolds Bridle

JR: Another Scolds Bridle! It’s surely over this time! Wait…..

Bison doesn’t go the pin He lifts Samson once more and with what seems to be his final bit of energy throwing his knee high up to meet Samsons face



Bison sends Edwards backwards through the announce table, his weight more than the force causing the collapse, Bison drops onto the prone Samson

JR: A THIRD SCOLDS BRIDLE THROUGH A TABLE!! Will it be enough though Paul?!


Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!



JR:BISON HAS DONE IT! He has defied the odds after being turned on by Lucas Thorp through his sheer willto win, his tenacity has won over these fans! He is one tough nasty Son of A Gun but he has entertained us all during his time here in TWO!

PH:He was up against another monster and those two took lumps out of each other!

JR: They certainly did, there are not many men who can walk away from amatch with Edward Samson under their own power! That man is and always be a legend here in TWO!

Bison slowly makes his way out of the rubble and up the ramp when he reaches the top of the stage he turns to face the crowded arena all cheering him for the first time he nods and about turns but before leaving he removes his mask and leaves it lying bloodied and battered at the top of stage as he descends back into the darkness
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We cut backstage, the familiar bowls of the arena greet us. Concrete corridors with mysterious doors leading to who knows where, overhead pipes and vents and various backstage peons scurrying about doing whatever it is that backstage peons do to keep a show going.

Amongst the chaos stand a group of women, it’s been a while since we’ve seen them on television so perhaps we should spend some time reminding ourselves of who is who. Two of the females are dressed nearly identically in Cyber-Punk latex outfits, the simplest way to tall them apart is their differently coloured dreadlocked hair; one is shockingly pink and the other moodily purple.

The other two are perhaps the opposite of the twins, contrasting in every respect. One is a thin, athletic blonde attired in luminous pink and yellow shorts and sports top emblazoned with the word “Miss Sunny”. The other dressed in grey and blue Joshi style ring attire complementing the fact she is oriental. This duo go by the more aptly appropriate name of The Weathergirls.

None of these women however appear to look all that happy, well Miss Sunny still manages to look as peppy as ever but you get the picture.

Pink: Look girls, I know we should be happy we even got invited to this thing at all. After all it’s been a long time since me and Purple had anything to do with wrestling and I know you guys have been off in Japan doing your own thing.

Sunny jumps up and down clapping her hands together and squealing.

MS: Oh it was so cool guys! I love sushi... don’t you love sushi? And Anime.... and school girl uniforms... and all those nice guys who keep taking your underwear away to be cleaned even if they keep forgetting to return it!!

Pink and Purple give Stormcloud Chihiro a look which the Asian Sensation can only respond to with a knowing “Just don’t ask” shake of the head.

Purple: Sure but as Pink was saying we should be happy with being invited but it’s not really fair you know? We all wrestled for this company, put on great matches and just ‘cause we didn’t all get to be women’s champ doesn’t mean we should get to put on another great show once more.

SC: 私は同意する。私たちは経営に移動し、試合を要求する必要があります

Pink and Purple look at one another again and then over to Miss Sunny.

MS: Oh, she said “I agree. we should go to management and demand a match.”

Purple: Exactly, come on girls, lets get this sorted

All four women turn and stride off to find someone in charge. The scene is somewhat spoiled by the fact Miss Sunny turns in the opposite direction and then has to run back to keep up with the others as we then cut to another camera shot.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The steely gaze of a former pirate captain fills the screen, a lone eye that becomes more and more distant as the camera pans out, revealing an eye-patched, pirate-hatted Randy Roko, standing tall and proud with his arms crossed, a cutlas pointed to the ceiling from his hand. Before him kneels a plucky tartan clad first mate, Angus McDonald, operating what appears to be a cannon. The audience reaction becomes more and more erratic as each detail is drip-fed to them, eventually leading to a near explosion of whoops and cheers. Waiting for it to quieten down, The Eyelander, staring grimly ahead, barks out to his long-time ally.

Randy Roko: Coordinates?

Angus McDonald: Longitude: right in front of us. Latitude: right uhh... Right in front of us, aye.

RR: Mmm. Wind conditions?

AM: Non-existent, we're indoors.

RR: Very good! Target?

AM: Christopher Eagles' locker-room door.

RR: Cannon?

AM: Armed an' ready, mate!

RR: Say again?

AM: Armed an' ready, mate!

RR: Once more.

AM: Ya whit?

RR: Once more.

AM: Armed. And. READY.

RR: Ooof, does that just no give ya chills, Angus? Cannon. Armed and Ready. Mmm! Yum-yum.

AM: Y'know, if ye' werenae getting' hitched tae Cari, we'd be haein' a wee chat aboot yer affinity fer nautical weaponry, Randy.

RR: Yum-yum!

Randy swings his sword forward, pointing it at the door that stands literally yards away from them.

RR: Ready?

Angus nods frantically, his tongue slipping past his lips and an eye closing as the masked face tightens with immense concentration.

RR: Aim...

Angus, from off camera, pulls in a large, wooden torch, lowering it to the cannon's fuse. Before we can see the unholy union of fire meeting fuse, the camera cuts to inside the eternal TV Champion's locker-room, where Christopher Eagles sits upon a long bench, proudly polishing the face of his new championship belt.

Christopher Eagles: Aaaah... Mine again, you beautiful b*stard! Aah... Did ya miss me? Ah? Ahah, of course ya did.

He tips forward, planting a kiss atop the championship belt


It was a loud kiss.

The cancer of TWOstars blinks, his head perking upward like a startled meerkat, looking around his chambers, a sound having disturbed him.

CE: What the hell?

He stands up, taking a single step toward the door before he's interrupted by an excitable pirate.


Almost immediately, a cannon ball tears through the TV Champion's door, rushing past the man, embedding itself in the far wall. Eagle's jolts backward, balancing on one leg, arms spinning like a pair of distressed windmills, leg opposite bent upward to defend his torso from the sudden attack of shock. After a brief second to recover, he grumbles loudly.

CE: You Goddamn, dirty sons of a...

In a confused rampage, he storms forward, leaving behind his belt to inspect the damage of his door. In place of the solid slab of lumber that separates his domain from the rest of the backstage area, is a near perfect circle right in the centre of the once mighty door. He snarls and, with more anger than sense, pokes his head through the door.


AM: SURPRIIIII- I... Arse, that wis off, that wis... Stupid. Stupid.

The camera cuts back to the corridor, showing Eagle's near beetroot face protruding from the damaged entrance.

CE: What! The fu-

Before he can finish, he's assaulted from either side from off camera, Angus snapping a party-hat atop his temple, Randy swiftly introducing his face to a cream-pie before The Flying Scotsman slots a party horn into the distorted Champion's mouth. The camera pans out as The Highlanders sling each of their arms around Christopher's neck, flexing their free arms in a pose.

Cari-Dee: Say 'Cheeeeeeagles'.

RR: Cheeeeeeeeaaagles.

AM: Anguuuss.

Chris Eagles blows on his party-horn, unravelling it and unleashing a mighty 'toooot'.

A blinding flash comes from off screen as we continue zooming out, showing the Bangor Beauty snapping a camera to this beautiful moment among friends and foes. The cream that's caked on The Cancer of TWOstars' face dribbles off, perhaps melting from the volcanic temper that's being only made stronger by the scampish Scotsmen. Eagles retreats into his locker-room, only to kick the door open, staring death at the three. He drags his palm down his face, half-defeating the remnants of cream-pie.


RR: Look-look-look, here, m'hearty, listen! We knew that ye' couldn't make it tae the party-

AM: Ahah, aye! So we thought we'd bring it tae you! After all-

CD: It's the last show of TWOstars only once, Chrisy!

AM: Cari-Cari-Cari, get us another picture!

CD: Saaaaaayyy bubblegum!

RR: Bubbleguuuuu-

AM: Anguuuuus.

She takes another picture, much to the former champion's chagrin.

CE: I don't care about your stupid, ******** party, I don't care about you stupid three ********s and I don't care about your-


CD: Saaaay ********s!

RR: Arseho-

AM: Anguuuus.

The camera snaps again, this time resulting in Christpher Eagles stomping forward, snatching the device from the Welsh Wonder's mitts and tossing it on the ground, crushing it under a boot.

CE: No. No, I'm not doing this, d'you know why? Cause I have something you three will never have!

RR: Loneliness...?

AM: Body odour...?

CD: The sort of voice that provokes immense emotions of utter resentment, conjures horrific subconscious entities of unspeakable terror and unmentionable mor-

CE: NO! I have the TV Championship belt! It's mine, and it shall forever be mine. I am Christopher Ryan Eagles: The Cancer of TWOstars, and the last, and most important Champion this company shall ever know. And I. Don't. Have time for this.

CD: But d'ya have time for one more picture?

CE: I've taken your-

CD: Click-click!

Miming a camera in her hands, The Bubblgum Princess takes a pretend photograph with an imaginary camera. Eagles is not impressed.

CE: Give me that, yooou...

He swipes at the non-existent gadget and storms back into his room, slamming the door behind him.

CD: H-he... He stole my invisible camera

RR: He whit?! Nooobody plunders booty from ma cutie and gets away with it~!

Randy engulfs the door-handle in his piratey mitts, tugging wildly to little success.

RR: That scurvy mutt must've locked it!

AM: 'Ere, lemmie try an' uhh...

Angus reaches his arm through the previously made hole, masterfully tinkering with the apparent lock from the other side.

CD: Boys, boys, we don't have time for this! I can imagine more cameras later, it's fine! But we! Weeee still have work to do!

RR: Yar-haaarr, right ye' are, ma dainty seaflower!

AM: Cheery-bye-bye Eagles!

Angus sticks his head through the door-hole, bidding him farewell.

CE: Just leave me alone~!

AM: This is a NICE room you've got here. Is that... Is that bagels? Kick one over tae me, am rare famished!

CE: Get out, get out, GET OUT!

AM: Okay, half-a-bagel.

RR: No-no, don't go down Angus, we can split a whole one.

CD: What about me?

AM: Eagles! Whit aboot Cari?

Eagle's unleashes an explosive roar, hurtling an unseen item at the door, but enough to cause a considerable 'thud' against it. Angus straightens right up, joining his two pals.

AM: Ahah, aaaye, 'bout time we got goin', eh?

RR: Aye

CD: Aye-aye!

Angus and Cari both give a nautical salute before striding off, leaving Randy behind for a moment. He shakes his head dreamily, gazing into the distance with a broad smile.

RR: God, I don't know what I did before I met you.

Randy's head slowly turns, looking at the cannon. He gives it a loving rub on the side, an adoring stare lingering for one second too long before running off to join his crew.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
…we fade back in for a shot of the arena, panning round the crowd before cutting back to the announcing duo of Brice Perrino and Jaxson Blakeslee… Taking over for time being from JR and Heyman

JB: Welcome back one and all for what has proven to be the kind of sendoff that has been, well all we could hope for…

BP: ...and we've not even got to the best part... the part where Fox kicks the snot out of old Pingu...

JB: Well as my broadcasting colleague so nicely points out, it is time our broadcast partner for many years, The Evil Gringo to take on Dan Fox which is the reason why we are down from a trio to a duo...

BP: …which I for one am damn happy about, having to sit out here next to him every week, him acting all superior, thinking everyone loves him...

JB: He is a hall of famer Brice, won countless titles and accolades, some even consider him to be the face of TWOStars thanks to his more or less continued participation with the company in some form for neigh on ten years...

BP: But the ego of the man, I mean why couldn’t he just admit that Dan Fox is the best wrestler in the world and have done with it, why after retiring with a left leg made out of pins does he feel the need to make this all about him and drag his carcass back in that ring a final time?

JB: Because it’s what the fans want...

BP: Pah! So he can feed his ego more like...


The lights snap out all over the arena as the gentle opening guitar chords to ‘Welcome Home’ by Coheed and Cambria pick their way out of the speakers. In the complete darkness the fans are going crazy - lighters flash on, mobile phones light up, all like mini fan based search lights and all looking for one man...

BP: Speaking of the devil...

JB: …and here comes Mr. TWOStars himself – the Evil Gringo... and I for one know that after all the blood, sweat, tears and pain this man has gone through for this company tonight is a special occasion for him… after such a long absence he finally from the ring he gets to retire on his terms and say goodbye…

BP: That’s if he doesn’t embarrass himself…

JB: How do you mean Brice?

BP: Gringo is facing an opponent who is taller, bigger, stronger, healthier and just ALL round plain better then him… not to mention the fact that he is younger and doesn’t have a leg that is bust… there is no way Gringo is coming out of here with the win tonight… NO WAY!

JB: Having seen what Gringo can do time and time again how can you even doubt him like that…

BP: …because for all I have seen him do, I haven‘t seen him face anyone quite Dan Fox… that’s why…

As the cascading riff starts to pound through the speakers the building the lights turn on and Gringo is standing inside the ring, arms outstretched and as the fans continue to go a tiny bit past the other side of crazy...

JB: So you’re saying Gringo hasn’t studied Fox, watched his every move and call, having being blessed with sitting out here and seeing his emergence in the wrestling world?

BP: Huh, the only thing I’ve ever seen Pingu study was the back of a Dr. Pepper can… honestly, Gringo learning, what are the odds of that actually happening?


We don’t have time to ponder on that though as the lights shut out again and sparks begin to fly, literally, lighting up the stage in the gloom to the strains of the Pride FC theme

BP: …and here comes the true Greatest Wrestler in the World Today, forget CM Punk, forget Daniel Bryan and forget that fallen idol waiting for him in the ring…

JB: Huh, you’re kidding right?

BP: I never kid Jaxson… face it these men we see on a day to day basis are entertainers, none of them actually have the actual wrestling prowess of this man right here. Divisional and National wrestling championships in high school and college, training in MMA and Boxing, this man was due to be an Olympian god damn it…

As the first verse kicks in the sparks shut off, the smoke from them swirling and clearing as the lights come back up, revealing Fox standing there, hood up against the glares of his crowd, rolling his shoulders and fixing his opponent in the ring with a laser like stare.

JB: He certainly looks focused as usual I’ll give him that, the idea of facing a Hall of Famer and one of the most decorated guys in the business just doesn’t seem to be fazing him at all…

BP: Why would it? Everyday this man wakes up and goes through a training regime that would make Batman cry, do you really think he’s going to break out in a cold sweat over a has been who has sat on his ass for the past three years?

The Innovator of Suffering starts to move down the ramp, throwing the odd punch into the air as he goes, the crowd unsure as usual of the Scotsman some booing in support of Gringo others giving off the odd cheers, no doubt in respect of the man’s achievements and style…

BP: This is a man who left everything he ever knew, everything he ever loved to chase a dream, he went to Japan and fought the best there whilst he could and when his dream was taken away he did what a real man would do, he readdressed his goals, wanted to be the best wrestler in the world, came here and did just that…

JB: This is of course a true first on a night of lasts…

BP: …and if Fox gets his way it will be the last thing Gringo ever experiences…

JB: As good as Fox is, as impressive as his record in all forms of combat are I think we can safely say that he is going to find out the hard way there is no one quite the Gringo...

BP: You mean Cheech and Chong aren’t his uncles?!?!

Fox reaches the steel steps and stands to the side, giving plenty him plenty of room to throw one or two last minute warm up kicks before starting up them and making eye contact with Gringo. The ring-veteran doesn’t look the least bit intimidated about who his opponent is at all, in fact he seems to be relishing it as Fox steps into the ring, Gringo is at the other side of the ring and as the lights and music stop Salvatore Heir takes his position between the two men. With a cheer from the fans, he brings his mic to his lips…

SH: Introducing first, to my left…. he weighs in at two hundred and twenty five pounds… he is a former five time world champion, a former United States Champion and a former Television champion and a HALL OF FAMER… he is the EEEEVVVVILLLLLLLL GGRRRIIINNNNGGGGOOOOHHHHH!

The crowd go ape as the Sensational One lifts his left fist in the arm before saluting the huddled masses in Ohio’s Nationwide Arena…

SH: …and now to my right… weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds… a former European and British Heavyweight Freestyle Wrestling Champion….. he is THE TECHNICAL MAULER… DDDDDAAAANNNN FFFFOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXX!


The same masses that were delirious for the Mexicutioner now turn their bile on his younger foe with a few, oblivious of the boos, applaud the MMA specialist, who stands motionless in the ring, staring a hole right through the Gringo…

JB: There is certainly an intense feeling in the ring tonight…

BP: What do you expect, Gringo abuses his right to free speech, tells a bucketful lies in his farewell speech and as a result he is about to feel the wrath of a slighted man and that man is Dan Fox…

JB: Slighted? Correct me if I am wrong but who proclaimed Dan Fox to be the best wrestler in the world?

BP: Err? Me for a start, himself for second and thirdly anyone with a brain…. But Gringo? Oh all Gringo does is pick his dusty ass up out of his chair for the first time in eons and all of a sudden he is the second coming…

The referee, Nick Patrick, steps between both men as Salvatore moves out of the ring and the tension in air begins to rise…

JB: I wonder what the guys backstage are thinking right now, this being a highly emotional night after all… and knowing these two men I wouldn’t say this will be the friendliest of contests…

Patrick returns to the middle of the ring and looks over at both men, first Gringo and then Fox to check their readiness before taking a step back and calling for the bell…


JB: …and here we go! Fox, Gringo… what a match this could well be…

The two men charge into the middle of the ring and like two stags in the middle of mating season and launch into a tie-up to start…

JB: Waist lock by Fox here, quickly out of collar and elbow but Gringo backs him into the corner…. and elbows his way out of it….

Dan is not best pleased about having the point of someone else’s elbow jammed in his eye and comes right back with a clubbing blow, overhead, striking the turning Gringo right between the shoulder blades and takes him down to the mat….

BP: Hmmm… something tells me this won’t be a sweet scientific match we all expected it to be…

JB: I don’t know… for the aggression both men have, they do have plenty of technical ability, something which I expect to show through sooner or later…

BP: True… It is imprinted in their DNA but could the occasion and anger take over? That’s the question…

Fox attempts to show some of that prowess as applies a half-nelson briefly on the mat before going for the arm, but Gringo gets to the ropes and the Technical Mauler has to break the hold before it even gets going….

JB: Great ring presence there by the Sensation, despite being surprised by his foe and exposed on his back he manages to keep his cool and reach out…

BP: Huh, riddle me this Jaxson, if Gringo is such a great mat wrestler why didn’t he just wriggle out of the hold?

JB: Because he was conserving his energy for later on in the match when he will need it the most… I mean can you imagine even lifting someone for the A.E.S if you are tired not to mention the matter of ring rust…

The two men are back up and go into the tie up again without a moment’s hesitation from which the Gringo snaps into a side headlock straight away, only to find the Innovator of Suffering Irish whipping him out of it straight away…

JB: …Gringo comes back of the ropes… and Fox knocks him to the mat with a HARD European Uppercut!

Gringo bounces off the mat back first from the force of running into the brick wall that is Fox and rolls back into the corner where he stands… but that’s exactly where Dan is waiting…

BP: DAMN! Do you get the feeling Fox is a little fired up right now?

The MMA specialist hits a combination of clubbing blows, left then right then left again ad nausea until Gringo falls down to a seated position….

JB: Fox is ALL over Gringo right now like the proverbial rash…

BP: By the end of this, if he’s still alive, I bet Pingu will wish he never ran his mouth in Fox’s ring…

More punches by the Technical Mauler as he once more yanks Gringo to his feet so he can pummel on him some more whilst Nick Patrick demands he lets his stricken opponent out of the corner, a request to which the former British Freestyle Wrestling Champion acquiesces to…

JB: …Irish whip by Fox as he sends Gringo into the opposite corner… he follows Gringo in…. European Uppercut AGAIN!

The full weight of the Innovator of Suffering crashes into the Sensation who reels from the shock of the blow, wandering out of the corner in a winded daze leaving him open…

JB: Fox with the LARIAT! Cover!



JB: …but Gringo gets a hand on the ropes…. Well spotted there by Nick Patrick…

BP: Huh, don’t trust his eyesight that much… you know how many times he missed things whilst being in the nWo’s pocket back in WCW?

JB: No Brice, because like everyone else, when the nWo came on I switched over to ERE…

BP: Ha, what about the WWE?

JB: I just listened to Bischoff, after all he did tell me the results…. Besides they didn’t have Nicole did they?

The Innovator of Suffering picks up the Sensation as the crowd edge about in nervous and anxious way, scared of the current plight of their hero as the focused and dangerous foe prepares to launch his next assault…

JB: Fox has Gringo up and he backs him into the corner again and AGAIN he just punches him over and over in the corner…

BP: Pingu has to see that he is in the ring with someone who is like no one else he has ever faced before in his career…. All this man cares about is winning, nothing is too brutal, nothing is a step too far - if it ends in a win then it just is a means to an end…

Gringo, stunned as he is by the assault is flung across the ring again by Fox with an Irish whip which slams him into the buckles again where he stands, staggered and winded…

JB: Fox flows in once more…. but Gringo kicks him when he charges in! The youngster is rocked!

The element of surprise once more works in the favor of the Mexicutioner and he is quick to capitalise…







JB: Gringo now with a series of sledgehammer like kicks right to the chest of the Mauler….he runs over to the ropes…

Gringo looks to spring up to the second turnbuckle, but Fox, less affected then the Sensation would have hoped calmly follows on behind him and as the Gringo leaps onto the ropes the Technical Mauler forgets the technical part of his nickname and pushes him off so that Gringo falls down to the floor with a wet and sickening thud…



JB: What the hell is funny about that Jaxson? Gringo could have a broken rib, he could have punctured a lung….

BP: He crashed and burned Jaxson, same old, same old and it’s STILL funny hahahaha….

Dan eventually follows Gringo out, stalking him as Gringo, gasping for air, slowly staggers to his feet, but maybe he should have just stayed down as the Technical Mauler picks him up and manhandles the Sensation onto his shoulder…

JB: …and now Fox adding injury to injury as he drops Gringo chest first, RIGHT down onto the railing!

BP: It makes sense, it’s a true champion’s instinct, to use his surroundings, to zero in on a weakness both in the mind and in the body and taking their foes apart… no one personifies that more than the Fox himself….

JB: The Fox?

BP: Yes… you have a problem with that name?

Gringo is on the ringside mats, clutching at his chest and gasping for air as Dan looks down over him like a cat would spy a floundering fish before moving in for the kill…. something that the Innovator of Suffering knows how to do so well…

JB: The Technical Mauler here, as the crowd nearby looks on, hauls the Gringo from the floor… Nick Patrick wants them to return to the ring but it seems Fox has other plans to follow…

The former MMA star calls out, lifting his hands from his sides and into the air and back again, like a one man special needs Mexican Wave… although the more savvy in the crowd knows exactly what is on his mind…

JB: Fox puts Gringo’s head between his legs… no… he wouldn’t…


The Innovator of Suffering looks to live up to his moniker and even though the stunned Sensation is squirming Fox grits his teeth and hefts the Gringo up into the air….



BP: Hehehe, stick a fork in him Jaxson… cause that little chipolata is DONE!

The Iron Man looks less than his former invincible self as right now he spasms in pain and shock on the ringside mats, his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head… but something tells me that even that act of brutal disregard for the life of another is not enough for his violent foe…

JB: I thought Fox was getting back into the ring… what is he doing… Brice…

BP: Whatever he damn well likes… which right now is dismantling this old washed up has been in front of his adoring crowd!

Fox stands up on the apron and looks down on the squirming Gringo and with an evil glint in his eye he excitedly he sets himself….


Nick Patrick is going ape right about now, screaming at Fox to just leave the broken Mexicutioner alone and get his ass back into the ring, the Innovator of Suffering looking up at him with just a blankness of the face as Gringo coughs, hacks and rolls into the fetal position on the floor…

JB: Does he even have a god damn soul?!?!?

BP: Who cares Jaxson, this is about who is the man who is the best wrestler in the world and right now Dan Fox is proving once more that he is the man for that task… he is just dismantling Gringo right before our eyes…

Fox finally heed the words of the referee and so rolls back into the ring, leaving the bruised and battered carcass of the Sensational One at ringside as the crowd try and roar some life back into the downed Gringo…


BP: Listen to these fools… there is no way their words can help, their plaintive cries… Gringo has no place in the ring anymore, he shouldn’t even be out here… there is nothing that can save him now…

The Sensation painfully rolls onto his front, still gasping for air as Fox looks down on him from inside the ring, transfixed on his prey as it tries to hang on and survive, like a cobra watches the rat squirm after the bite…


JB: The referee here starting to count the Gringo down and even I have to admit that right now things are just not looking good for the Sensation…

BP: Your damn right Jaxson, I mean he has got in what… a whole of three kicks and a few elbows on Fox… I mean have you ever seen anyone take apart the Gringo like we are seeing right now?


JB: Well I’ve seen Gringo take a beating that’s for sure but there is no two ways about it… Dan Fox is putting an absolute hammering on him and could well be on the way to proving exactly what he set out to do…


Gringo has managed to get to his hands and knees and is trying to suck in air to escape his winded and beaten state, all the while Fox looks on as does the crowd at ringside, still trying to will the Hall of Famer to his feet…


BP: Look at Pingu trying to get up… has he no sense, does he not realise that if he does get up then all he is going to get is more of the same only harder, faster and more painful than before? STAY DOWN PINGU!

JB: He can’t Brice, he has too much heart, too much soul to let something keep him down, that’s the exact reason he has accomplished all he has in his career and the exact same reason why you cannot, even now, write him off….


BP: I’m not writing him off, I am looking at this plain and simple… Pingu has just been squashed like the bug he is and now can’t get his damn wetback ass off the floor….


The Mexicutioner, still breathing heavier then John Goodman after a 100 meter sprint gets to a knee as Fox looks stoically on, impassive as Patrick continues to count on…


BP: Three more seconds… that’s all… three more and this is down in the record books as a historic and defining moment… can you feel it Jaxson… are your hairs standing on their end as well?!?!


Gringo surges with a burst of energy pulled from somewhere to his feet as the arm of the referee comes down once more….



With a last desperate dive the Sensation throws himself forward, more with hope then aim and by some small miracle slides under the bottom rope to the whoops of delight from the fans….


JB: Gringo JUST beats the count… this match is still going… the dreams of the Gringoholic’s are still alive and well…

BP: Huh, not for long…

Fox picks up the fallen Gringo and hauls him to his feet before sending him across the ring with an Irish whip….

JB: Gringo now, off the ropes…and Dan Fox NAILS him with another HUGE lariat!

BP: Look at him though Jaxson, he isn’t finished… I truly think he wants to END Pingu right here tonight… I don’t just mean his career, I mean him!

JB: Why? What will doing something as terrible and horrifying to another human being prove to anyone?

BP: Are you kidding? Look, as much as I don’t see eye to eye with Pingu, what with being a Mexican midget and all, I do know that many people, from Darkstar, to Holt, to Gower all the way through to Draven Cage, Johnny Rockefeller, CVD and Deadman have all tried at certain points to be the man that ended his career and all of them failed… so think about it, to finally be the man to carry it out, to take the Gringo… what a statement that would be, Fox would truly be the Best in the World, just like he says he is…

Whilst Brice starts planning the press conference the Innovator of Suffering hauls the Iron Man off the canvas and lifts him to a vertical position and hooks him in the classic vertical suplex position, pausing a second before hefting the smaller man off the canvas with but a hint of effort…

BP: Look at the pure athletic strength! Look at him just hold Pingu up in the air like he was nothing….

As some members of the crowd clap and start to keep count loudly Fox just keeps on holding the Latino Demon upside down, the blood coursing straight down into the head of the Gringo turning his face a nice shade of crimson before taking a step forward and lifting his leg off the mat…

JB: BRANBUSTER! Fox has the cover!

BP: This is it…. This is over… night, night!




JB: NO! Gringo barely rolls the shoulder off the mat in time and somehow, someway he is still, if barely, in this match!

BP: Huh, It’s just a matter of time Jaxson… as certain as Lucian Jones will call someone a b*tch, Dan will keep that pesky Gringo down for good…

Fox looks blankly at the referee as Patrick shows both of him two fingers, symbolising how much he counted to, much to the disgust of the Technical Mauler…

JB: Listen to this capacity crowd rise to their feet, listen as they raise their voices… they know that somehow, someway Gringo needs to find something, some opening or else Fox’s next move could well be checkmate for the Mexicutioner and his dream goodbye…

BP: Forget that… the rate this is going it could well be Gringo kissing goodbye to his dream of walking for the rest of his life…

The Innovator of Suffering takes a step back and once more stalks the bedraggled zombie like Gringo, who rolls onto his front and crawls towards the ropes like the Hoff drunkenly eating a cheeseburger whilst the shark like figure of Fox stalks steadily behind stopping down as the Gringo finally reaches the ropes and drags him to his feet…

JB: Fox all over the Gringo like white on rice and he sends off the ropes once more with the Irish whip…. Laria…. NO! Gringo ducks a lariat…. Dropkick to the Knee! And another! And Another!

The Iron Man is firing wild on old instincts, trying to kick the legs of the Technical Mauler out from under him and get some respite…

JB: Gringo, trying to create some distance, some separation and I would, was Fox right to stay in the ring and try and have Gringo counted down?

BP: What because of a few dropkicks?

JB: From tiny acorns can grow mighty oaks….

BP: Huh, it’s gonna take more than the fertiliser that you spout to make Gringo grow into a mighty oak…

Gringo is back to his feet whilst the former European Freestyle Wrestling champion staggers slightly on his now charley horsed leg, seizing the moment the Sensation runs off the ropes as Fox staggers back under his weight to the opposite set…

JB: Running elbow smash by Gringo and Fox goes over the top rope down to the floor!

Gringo holds his chest and pants for a moment, the effects of his pummeling obviously still affecting him, but he knows there is no time to waste and he goes off the ropes the ropes once more and back towards the staggered Fox on the outside of the ring…

JB: …and now sails out onto Fox with a BEAUTIFUL elbow suicida!

BP: But look Jaxson, look at Gringo… look at the pain coursing through his body as he takes a risk, a stupid risk considering all he has gone through so far…

Both men are down, Gringo looking the worst for wear it has to be said as once more he pants and holds his chest in pain whilst Dan tries to rise to his feet, trying to shake off the effects of the Sensation’s missile like strike…

JB: Maybe that’s what he needs to do now, it’s quite clear that Fox has caused some damage to the ribs and back of the Gringo that won’t just go away… if he is going to win he knows he has to swing hard for the fences when the opening arrives…

The Technical Mauler rises to his feet, a little less steadily then before, as does the Sensation who cocks back that famous canon of a left peg and decides to do just that, swing for the fences…

JB: Spinning Thrust Kick to the head! Fox is down! At last Fox is down!

BP: Humph… it’ll never last… wait and see, like the true predator he is, he’ll spot the moment he needs…

Gringo screams in anger and frustration, finally releasing some out into the night before he leaps onto the apron…

JB: Where the hell is Gringo going?

BP: To do something stupid…. Duh! After all stupid is as stupid does and Pingu has done a whole lot of stupid things in his career…

The Sensation may have heard Jaxson’s speech before because up on the apron he decides once more to take flight and throw caution to the wind…

JB: Gringo with the Somersault Senton! All of his weight just DROPPED into the chest with that modified Spanish Fly and I wonder how Fox likes that role reversal!

It’s fair to say he hates it, coughing and rolling about as Nick Patrick remonstrates with the Mexicutioner to get back inside the ring as Gringo once more stands to the cheers of the crowd before finally getting back into the ring…

NP: Stay inside, keep it in the ring!

Gringo is having none of that and shoves Patrick out of the way before going back over to the ropes as Fox tries to stir himself on the floor….



The Iron Man and Dan both lay holding their ribs in agony from the latest insane assault from the Gringo as the crowd continues to go mental…

JB: There is high risk and then there is that right there… unbelievable!

BP: But look Jaxson, Gringo once more doesn’t think about his actions, he doesn’t think about what effect he might have on himself… you have a chest injury dumbass! You have a god damn glass leg!

If the Sensation wasn’t aware of that he is now, he slowly drags himself to his feet, coughing and wincing from the force of driving his torso from up high into the sturdy bulk of the Technical Mauler….

BP: …honestly, if Pingu’s brain was chocolate he wouldn’t even make a Smartie!

JB: He is still fighting though Brice, still in a position where he has a chance to fulfil his dream… to say good bye to the fans and prove he is the greatest of all time…

BP: Huh, and that’s all it is… a dream…

Gringo grabs a hold of the head of Fox and takes him off the ringside mats before sliding him into the ring and clambering back up onto the apron…

JB: Fox now getting to his feet… Gringo is poised, ready and waiting… he leaps… Springboard Missile dropkick!

The two educated feet of the Sensation collide with the just risen head of the Mauler, sending him down to the floor once more with the Ode to KENTA, but Gringo cares not for this as he quickly moves over to Fox, lifting his heavier bulk off the mat he slips in behind in a waist lock before clasping an arm of the champ and feeding it between Fox’s own legs…

JB: Gringo with the Pumphandle… and now the half Chickenwing… he pops his hips… Gringo-Plex MKIII! Bridged into the cover!




JB: …but he only gets a two count as Fox rolls his shoulder off the mat.

Gringo gets to his feet and brings the Innovator of Suffering with him, placing his stunned head between his legs he hooks both of Fox’s arms as he goes for the Tiger Driver….

JB: …but he can't get Dan up, his ribs are too sore… he releases him and hits a scoop slam instead! Now the Latino Demon heads towards the corner… he springs up to the second turnbuckle! Spinning leg drop!

The meaty leg of the Sensation smashes over the throat of the downed Mauler as Gringo moves over the top of Fox and drapes on arm over his chest…

JB: Cover!




JB: …but it gets a two count only AGAIN!

Kick to the face by the Iron Man and he goes off the ropes, but the Innovator of Suffering, who has risen groggily to his feet, ducks the incoming elbow from the Gringo and plants him with a KILLER release German suplex….

BP: DAMN! Bad ride… worse landing!

JB: All the effort, all the risk… all of it just gone in a second as Fox once more closes the door and denies the comeback of the Mexican Sensation…

Dan stalks the Gringo and approaches from behind, grasping his left leg like a vice with the dreaded…

JB: The S.O.S! Fox has Gringo trapped in the S.O.S!

Gringo squirms in the hold, kicking his free leg and looking to pull his way to the ropes but the added bulk of the Technical Mauler coupled with his immense knowledge of the hold make it harder and harder for the Sensation as the pressure of the hold tightens and tightens…



The Iron Man is stuck, smack bam in the middle of the ring with a two hundred and thirty five pound assassin trying to break his long battered and torn left leg… the crowd therefore sense he might just be in trouble and try and get behind him…


BP: When are these plebs ever going to learn… you can cheer for him all you want the simple fact is that it‘s not going to work… this ends here and now…

JB: Why shouldn’t they cheer, why shouldn’t they try and reach out to the man they adore and hope for him, pray for him, care for him…

BP: Because it makes them all jackasses, thats why…

JB: Oh and I forgot, you’re the all singing and all dancing great one aren’t you…

BP: That’s what it says on my card Jaxson, it’s what it says on my card…

Gringo’s eyes are wide open, looking and searching for the ropes… he can sense the crowd’s urgency, he can feel the anger and malice of the Mauler… but can he grab onto the life line that will save him?

JB: Gringo is slowly edging towards the ropes… but will he make it in time before the pain gets too much?

BP: C’mon on Pingu! Give it up!

Indeed he is, his eyes now lulling slightly as the Innovator of Suffering continues to apply pressure, leaning back and causing the crowd to go frantic again…


…which cause the Gringo to snap awake and make you frantic desperate crawl for the ropes once more…

JB: He’s almost there… he’s reaching out with his one free hand…

He’s just a few inches shy… he pulls himself forward a tiny bit more…

JB: He got it!


Fox stands up annoyed and grabs a hold of Patrick in frustration whilst the referee yells at him to calm down…

JB: Fox really thought he had the win there… most of the crowd did as well…

The Technical Mauler shoves the ref away and bends down, hauling the clearly hurting Gringo off the mat and back to a vertical footing… he ducks under and scoops the Iron Man onto his shoulders, forcing him to face the lights…


JB: NO! Gringo counters!

The Sensation slides down the back of the Mauler and in desperation tries to lock on a sleeper hold on Fox to buy some time to catch some breathe but Dan summons his long honed champion instincts and spins round behind, leaping as he does so and clasping at Gringo’s arms, which leads to…

JB: Cross Armed Backbreaker! Gringo‘s back just slammed right into cruel points of Fox’s knees!

BP: Ha… and Pingu thought he was sooooooo smart with his little counters…

JB: Cover!




JB: …and Gringo kicks out again!

BP: Look at Fox, he is PISSED!

Fox looks a hole right through the official but doesn’t bother berating Patrick nor questioning him and instead just hauls Gringo right back up to his feet and slips behind him once more…

JB: Fox has the Dragon Sleeper locked in… Gringo just has no answer for it!

BP: I don’t think that’s the end of his plan either!

Indeed it is not as The Innovator of Suffering wrenches the Iron Man up vertically and rocks back with hold still applied, popping his hips and swinging Gringo over…


BP: Reverse Suplex! Gringo just came down on those battered and bruised ribs HARD!

JB: Fox with the cover!




JB: He kicked out! He kicked out!

BP: We all know Gringo is tough, hell some people do call him the Iron Man but there is no way, NO WAY he can withstand much more of this barrage from the younger, faster and superior man, NO WAY…

Gringo manages to stagger to his feet using the ropes as a guide, he’s so disorientated from the trauma to his chest and the lack of oxygen that he is swinging his arms to try and keep some distance between him and the malice ridden Mauler…

BP: Gringo is out on his feet… Fox has this is the bag!

The Technical Mauler ducks a flailing chop from the Sensation and plants a boot right in the solar plexus of the former six time world champion…

JB: Fox now, locks Gringo in the front face lock…. He holds onto the leg…

BP: …you know what’s coming…

Gringo does, fearing the Rising Sun Suplex he swats at the ribs of the champion with his free hand, trying to cause some separation and at last, he winds the Mauler enough to make him stagger back a few paces…

JB: …Gringo escapes… he‘s fighting with every inch he has left right now!

The Sensational One is running on pure instinct as he swings elbow after elbow into the head of Fox before planting a HARD kick into the head of the Mauler…

JB: Fox is staggered here… he’s been caught completely off guard by Gringo’s sudden onslaught!

Gringo quickly sweeps the leg of Dan who sinks to his knee’s… but the Sensation isn’t done…






JB: A trificta of HARD shots to the head… and now we are seeing Gringo unleash off his frustration, all of his anger on the man who wants to take his crown as the best in the world…

BP: FACELOCK! Gringo with the Misawa facelock!

JB: We’ve seen use this technique before, both as a tribute to his fallen idol and as a darn effective way of wearing down his opponent….

Fox isn’t worn down enough though and squirms in the hold, stopping the Sensation from applying it fully so Gringo takes matters into hand and unleashes a bit more of his anger on the champ…

BP: Damn!

JB: Gringo just WAILING away with elbow after elbow AFTER elbow into the unprotected face of Dan Fox!

The anger and determination on Gringo’s face shines through as he plants the point of his arm over and over again into the face of the Innovator of Suffering until he feels that the man is sufficiently lifeless enough and had a big enough taste of his own medicine…

JB: Gringo uses the arm to wrap around his leg… La Magistral!




JB: Fox kicks out… despite all that he’s still too fresh!

BP: Of course he is… the man is a warrior, a champion, a god amongst mortals! He is the best wrestler in the world today!

Gringo grimaces and holds his chest a little, the onslaught and focused targeted aggression from the Technical Mauler (living up to his name) earlier still causing him great discomfort…

JB: Gringo now… he tucks the head between the legs… he hooks the arms… he’s going for the Tiger Driver!

…but Dan sees it coming and spins out in desperation… he keeps hold of the Gringo’s arm and somehow uses it for…

BP: Fox has Gringo in the Dragon Sleeper again!

The Innovator of Suffering slips his other arm round and drags Gringo quickly up his feet, the hold now a more traditional sleeper before he has a chance to realise he is trapped in the hold and can fight it…

JB: Sleeper by Fox!

BP: He isn’t done Brice!

Indeed the Mauler is not, holding onto the head of the Gringo he quickly push’s him away looking to hook the Sensation into a full nelson, lifting his arms above his head…

JB: …and the Dragon Supl… NO! Gringo counters!

The Sensation One breaks the lock and ducks round and down behind the champion, kicking him right in the ass with all his might… Fox staggers forward holding his tailbone and Gringo takes off on the ropes in a desperate attempt to get some of that stalled momentum back on his side…

JB: Fox see’s Gringo coming out of the corner of his eye!

Lord knows what the Iron Man was thinking but he has found himself up on the Technical Maulers shoulders in one enveloping and all-encompassing movement, which means…


JB: He has the cover!




JB: NOOOO! Gringo with the last gasp kick out!

BP: …and the crowd is going mental... They have seen Gringo go down before, they can see it happening here again, right in front of their eyes!

Fox slaps the mat before looking up and pointing… at the turnbuckles…

JB: What… Fox… where is he going…

The Mauler snarls at the downed Gringo before heading over and up the buckles… The crowd somehow rises even further in volume, trying to warn the Sensation of the oncoming danger as he rises to his feet but it’s too late… Fox is airborne!



With possibly the LAST ounce of strength in his bones he avoids the flying Fox from on high, before leaping and driving a pin point enzigieri to the back of the Mauler’s head, causing him to hit the mat at speed and curls into the fetal position for a second holding onto his head before glancing up, spying the groggy and staggered Sensation, still holding that rib area but vertical none the less…

BP: Fox, like the champion he is, pulls himself to his feet, a lesser man would still be down, crying, ruing what might have been, but no the Mauler is up and rearing to go!

But so is the Iron Man and channeling his anger and frustration like only he can he levels Fox with a HUGE spinning back kick to the gut that buys him some time.

JB: Hmmm maybe he wishes he’d stayed down after that….

BP: Minor setback… minor…

JB: Well minor’s soon change to majors Brice…

BP: Will you stop it with all that crap!

Gringo seeks to take advantage and seize the upper hand now, he well placed and educated feet of the Gringo helping turn the tide as the Sensation strikes…

JB: Gringo grabs the arm of Fox… he feeds it through the legs of the Mauler and clasps it tight…

The Iron Man clasps the other arm behind the back of the Innovator of Suffering and wraps it tight into a hammerlock, gripping it tight before rocking back and slinging Fox over…


BP: Gringo just dropped Fox RIGHT on his head!

Gringo gets to his feet, the strain of the match and the effort required to survive is showing on his features as he roars before heading over to the buckles above the downed Mauler…

JB: Gringo’s turn to head up top now… with his leg and ribs in the shape they are, is this the best decision?

BP: When is it ever? When does he ever make the right call but here he goes… probably looking for what my personal friend, Paul E. Heyman, once called the twenty third best Frog Splash in the business…

JB: Twenty third, Really?

BP: Well we’ve had… Art Barr’s, Eddie Guerrero’s, RVD’s, Christian’s, Misawa’s, Marufuji’s, D’Lo Brown’s and….

JB: Who else!?!

BP: Pat Patterson…

JB: What?!?!

The Sensation is up top now, clambering during the tirade from Brice at ringside and pauses for a second, slaps his pectorals and leaps, bringing his arms and legs into his body and stretching them back out, come down from above and crashing into the prone body of Fox below…

JB: FROGSPLASH! The Ode to Guerrero scores big time!

BP: Muh, CVD’s is waaaayyyy better….

JB: Gringo has the cover!




JB: …and now it’s Fox showing his resilience and kicks out before the three!

BP: He is nowhere near done yet Jaxson, he is a former national and European champion, a man made of steel and oak, he is the best wrestler alive today…. No way this Mexican Midget is taking him down, no way…

JB: Well you might wanna tell the crowd that Brice because right now they are singing the song that closes the show as it where…

The crowd indeed sense the end is neigh and begin to chant….


…which the Sensation feeds off and drags the fallen Fox off the mat, once more placing his head between his legs in the standing head scissors and hooking the arms as the crowd is going apoplectic at ringside, as Fox is powerless to escape from the hole he is in…





BP: He kicked out! I told you Jaxson!

JB: But how much longer can he go on Brice, because for all the hurt he put on Gringo, you have to realise that it took a lot of effort and strength out of Fox as well…

BP: Difference is Jaxson, Dan is an Ox, a steed, a worthy and truly magnificent figure head and not a washed up has been with a stolen repertoire

Gringo slaps the mat in frustration and stands up, before slapping his knee and raising his arm into the air and then reaching down to haul the two-thirty five mass of the Mauler off the mat…

JB: Left roundhouse…. then a right… and now slap after slap, four in all…

BP: You know what’s coming here…

JB: Spinning neck chop and Fox is out on his feet… Gringo off the ropes!

The Iron Man takes off at pace, rebounding back towards Innovator of Suffering off the far ropes and leaping into the air, his knee extending out as he flies right toward his target colliding with force…


The Mauler dodges at the last second, on pure instinct alone and in a blink of an eye he drops down and grabs at the tights of the Sensation and pulls him over…





BP: Did he get him! DID HE?

JB: NO! Gringo JUST kicks out at two and seven eighths!

Both men get to their feet, weary and drained, but the shock and anger at that near loss has kept the fire burning in the Gringo, something he uses to fuel him as Fox looks to take control once more and rushes the Iron Man…


Dan smacks into the mat, and Gringo rolls to his feet… he doesn’t know if he covers the Technical Mauler that it will be enough so before Fox has even a chance to think about what has happened and why he just hurtled through the air the Sensational one is upon him…

JB: Gringo now, he has Fox back on his feet… he has him in the front facelock… he hooks the leg… Question is, will it be the A.E.S or the Green Destiny?

BP: C’mon Dan… don’t let the immigrant win this!

The Sensation lifts the Mauler up in the air and looks to rotate him round, but Fox, the cold and calculating man that he is still has a trick up his sleeve…

BP: Yes! Now that’s a ring general!

JB: Proud my eye Brice, that was a sneaky rake of the eyes….

Fox uses the attack and its blinding effect on the Gringo to slip down and behind the Mexicutioner…

BP: It doesn’t matter Jaxson… because Fox is ready to deal the final blow and steal the show!

Indeed he does, doubling him over with a boot to the gut, hooking both arms as he does so and hefts him vertically up into the air and holding him there…


The Innovator of Suffering runs forward and to haul himself and the Sensation up into the air but Gringo has other plans…


…at the last second the Gringo kicks his legs and smashes Fox in the face, dazing the Mauler and allowing him to slip free, quickly flipping his legs back down to the matt and using his momentum to heft Fox onto his shoulders, quickly locking a flailing wrist as he does so before jumping sideways, plummeting Dan’s head into the mat below…

JB: The Skullburner Plus from nowhere! What a counter!

The shock of the reversal and the subsequent blow sends Fox upwards, dazed and almost out of it he takes a knee, something which the tired but still motoring Sensation looks to take advantage off…


JB: Shining Wizard! The Muto Who right to the jaw!

Gringo flops over and drapes an arm over the Mauler into the cover





JB: I thought Gringo had him for sure!

The frustration is beginning to mount now for the Sensational One, he is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Fox and had to weather an almighty storm but still the Innovator of Suffering will not lie down, still that final victory alludes his grasp…

JB: Where’s Gringo going now?

BP: I told you Jaxson… I told you Fox wouldn’t lie down, that he would frustrate Pingu and it looks like it has…

The Iron Man is scaling the buckles, facing out to the crowd but the energy and zest that once radiated from his at the start of this war has waned, the fatigue sapping him of his speed as he makes his way to the top…

JB: Gringo… finally he reaches the top… he looks back and down at Fox…

The Sensation looks out at the crowd in front of him and runs his thumb across his throat in a slicing manner…

BP: Tick, Tock Gringo….


That he does, flying up and backwards, bringing his legs over his head as if going for a moonsault but corkscrewing as he does so, turning himself into a rapidly spinning ball as he goes through the 180... the 360…



Gringo slams into the canvas at wince inducing speed, his ribs and knee’s slamming into the mat with the force of a freight train hitting a child and shaking the ring…. whilst the Mauler is safe and sound having rolled out of the way of oncoming speedball of death…

BP: This is it! Gringo get all pent up, all frustrated, he went for the big finish and look where it got him Jaxson! Where it always gets him, down and out and ripe for the picking…

The Innovator of Suffering claws up the ropes to a vertical base as Gringo rolls over, one arm still holding onto his ribs and his face a picture of winded agony…

BP: Finish him! Finish him!

The Technical Mauler staggers over to the flattened Sensation and hauls him off the mat, wasting no time he hooks him into a front face lock and locks the arm of the challenger across his chest before he hefts him into the air, holding Gringo vertical as he spins around…


The back of Gringo’s head and shoulders slams into the mat with a violent and juddering force, the Falcon Arrow like maneuver of the Mauler taking its toll… but still Fox hangs on…

JB: Dan isn’t done here!

BP: He has to be sure Jaxson, he has to make that stinking bean eater stay down for good!

Fox, a grim and effort strewn look on his face holds onto the arm and swings out and round on the mat and wrenches Gringo’s shoulder and elbow with a tight and agonising cross arm breaker…

BP: …and here it comes… GRINGO IS GOING TO TAP!

JB: The pressure, the pain, the contortion of the joint!

BP: This is a special of Dan Fox, this is a move he honed in training in the best dojo’s and camps in England and Japan, this isn’t just wrestling anymore! This is Ju-Jitsu!

Gringo screams in agony, the pain making him come alive as he trashes with his legs and searches to find purchase on the mat… fighting with all his might he stands up, stacking Fox on his back but the Mauler still has the Sensations arm locked…

BP: Give it up already! He’s going to rip you’re arm off Pingu!

JB: Gringo is hanging on… Fox’s shoulders are down!




Fox rolls his shoulder off the mat and for a second releases the arm of the Gringo, but the Sensation doesn’t have much respite, the Mauler using the momentum of his own kick out to swing his legs up, one behind the head of the Gringo, the other swinging round in front of his face and under his chin, the shin of the limb sticking in the throat of the Mexicutioner as he presses down on the back of Gringo’s head…

JB: Gringo’s in trouble!

BP: By the Fangs! Fox has it locked in! Gringo’s done for now!

JB: He’s stuck in the middle of the ring… how in the hell can he escape this!

BP: Spoiler alert Jaxson… he doesn’t!

Gringo is wide eyed and shocked, the disbelief in his body too much to even allow him to scream or shout in anguish as he begins to go a funny shade of red from the Gogoplata like hold of the Innovator of Suffering…

BP: Choke him out… CHOKE HIM OUT!

Gringo knows the trouble he is in, he can feel the air leaving from his lungs, his consciousness fading and decides there is only one thing for it…

JB: Good god! Gringo is lifting Fox into the air! He’s looking for a Powerbomb!

BP: No! No! NO!

Whilst Gringo lifts, straining every sinew in his body, The Mauler can sense his predicament and starts to rain elbows down onto the head of the Sensation, point first into the top of his skull, staggering the woozy Gringo even further and giving him the chance to…


BP: Just when you think you’ve seen it all!

The Innovator of Suffering used the breathing room provided by his elbows to swing his legs out of the Fangs and lock them around the head of Gringo, before rocking back in one swift and fluid motion, flipping him over and driving him down onto the back of his head…

BP: Just when Gringo thinks he knows the answers, Fox changes the questions… THAT Jaxson is how an elite athlete takes care of business…

Fox looks down at the Gringo who stirs slightly on the canvas but not by much… he looks a little of unsure of his next move, but dammit, he has a match to win…

JB: Fox, still driven, hauls Gringo, leaden limbed as he is, off the mat and drags his body over to the buckles…

BP: Patrick should just call this… I’m telling you if Pingu won’t lie down then Fox will quite happily end his career forever in this ring right here and right now….

JB: He wouldn’t do that….

BP: You hope…

The crowd, every single member of it, is standing, craning their heads, anxious and nervous energy exuding from their every pore as the Mauler hefts Gringo up onto the top buckle, climbing up there with him as he looks to score the final blow that will finally end this titanic war…

JB: Fox… he has the head hooked between his legs… he’s looking for the arms… MY GOD… he’s going for the Foxtrot from the TOP ROPE!

The crowd is going ape, screaming at Fox not to do it, not to drive the Hall of Famer down from above into the hard unforgiving mat below…

BP: Almost there… just gotta hook the other arm…

Fox reaches out and tries to grasp onto the final piece of the jigsaw, the left arm of the Sensation which he finds is holding on tight to the top strand and will not budge…

JB: Gringo, with everything he has left… with every sinew and every bit of energy in his shattered and battered body is holding and blocking the intentions of his enemy!

Indeed the Iron Man is and he manages to coax his other arm free of the intentions of the champion, slamming it again and again in the toughened steak like meat of Fox’s rib cage, every punch hopefully and possibly bringing him a bit closer to an escape…

BP: Fox’s not giving in though… headbutts!

The two men, fighting over the title of Best in the World are now perched up top, both of them flinging their heads, their arms, anything they can at one another…

JB: Gringo with the throat thrust! Fox is dazed!

The snake like strike to the windpipe pays off for the Sensation as Fox staggers back, grasping at his throat… as he steps back from the top, the ever opportune Gringo leaps…


The Sensation tucks his knees in and connects with Fox’s chest with both of them in midair, the Gringo riding him down to the mat like a skateboarder who hates his board and wants to see it snap and shatter…




The Sensation bounces off the chest of the now crushed Mauler who lies, gasping for air on the mat… the crowd surges, they too having to draw on energy reserves they did not know they had to try and spur on the Gringo as he climbs back to his feet like a baby deer taking its first steps…


JB: Could this be it, could this be the momentum shift to end them all…

BP: No… Jaxson it can’t be… Fox will rise again… he will…


Gringo after that scream moves over to the fallen Mauler and hauls him, hair first to his feet, dragging him up to a near vertical base he slaps on a front face lock… he hooks the leg… he bobs down and grimaces, lifting with all his might…














The Sensation CANNOT believe it, he slams the mat, he pulls his hair, his eyes drained but the crowd kick on and stamp their feet as the crowd have a near god damn heart attack at the side of the ring….


JB: What more can these two men do to one another, what is there else that can be done?!?! Only two men in history, Samson and Deadman have ever kicked out of that move, this is unbelievable!

Gringo leaps to his feet, shakes his head and heads to the buckles… he has one final nail to try and hammer and home…

JB: Gringo, he’s climbing… Fox is still lifeless below him, he knows though what he needs to deliver, that it needs to be big if he is going to keep this killer down…

The Sensation, weary, battered, war torn and drained reaches the top, looking down he sees the crowd, arms raised and cheering his unlikely comeback…


JB: Gringo is all set… he leaps…

The Sensation spins in the, leaping forward as though he was a Shooting Star he continues to spin on as he crashes down to earth…











Welcome Home slams over the PA system as the crowd go 100% bat*hit insane, hugging and jumping in the aisles as and screaming at the top of their lungs as their hero FINALLY wins on his first and last match in nearly three years…


In the ring the Sensation is wide eyed, his face a mixture of joy and sure stunned amazement as he kneels in the middle of the ring, the emotion of it all surrounding him as Patrick raises his hand in the air…


Gringo rolls over on his back looking over at the fallen Fox, the Mauler finally beginning to stir and clutching his ribs as the Sensation moves over to the ropes and uses them, slowly but surely, to get to his feet…

BP: I can’t believe it…. He had him in the Fangs… he dropped him on his head… he damn near broke his arm!

JB: There is no doubt about it that Fox put forth a hell of an effort, on any other night, against any other man it surely would be enough for him to be crowned the Best in the World, but tonight, tonight the stars were aligned in a different way…

We zoom out to see Gringo, limping over to his fallen enemy, the Mauler who has sat up with frustration and anguish in his eyes... undeterred the Sensation dips down and tucks his head under the arm of Fox and lifts him to his feet as the crowd applaud and show their appreciation…

JB: Look at this sportsmanship, even after all did to each other tonight, even after all the bile they threw at each other last night, both of their arms are raised in victory and in goodbye to these great fans in attendance…

We freeze on the triumphant Gringo standing at last, his arms raised along with that of Dan Fox, a smile on his face as Welcome Home continues to play and we fade out to black….
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The camera fades up on an interesting contrast. On one side of a conversation is all 5 foot 6 inches of The Candian Nightmare Portia Ferrara and on the other is all 6 foot 3 inches of Alexis Chang. The two seem to be animated in conversation about something.

PF: Look Chang, we may have had our differences in the past but both you and I know that out of all the women who have taken part in this division we're two of the most dominant, most complete athletes there has ever been. Yet we're being stuck on the sidelines to give out a few autographs and sit back and let the men steal the show?

Changs shrugs her giant shoulders.

AC: What can we do though?

PF: Something! Anything! Why don't we just go to whoever is running this flea circus and demand that we have a match. You and me, let's put on the last greatest women's match in TWOstars history.

AC: As long as you don't mind losing...

Portia's face screws up but she manages to retain something of her cool.

PF: Right then, come along King Kong let's get this match on the books and then we'll see who beatrs who...

The unlikely duo stalk their way through the corridors , shoving backstage crew out of their way. they turn a corner and Portia stops in her tracks causing Chang to nearly run her over in surprise.

PF: Well, well..

Portia suddenly darts over an intersection and we see she has spotted La Hija De Estrella sat atop a packing box playing with a necklace.

PF: You, La Hippo De Campus or whatever your name is. You want to be in a match tonight?

LHDE: Que?

PF: Do....You.... Want....To....Have....A....Match?

La Hija turns her head to one side.

LHDE: Que?

PF: Oh forget it.... Alexis, bring her along will you?

Chang shrugs again and goes over and picks the struggling Luchador-ess up and slings her over her shoulder.

LHDE: Hey! Fiquem longe de mim sua vaca gigante!

Chang stops for a moment.

AC: What did she call me?

PF: Would it matter if you knew?

Alexis again shrugs her shoulder, jolting her struggling package a little and the new threesome carry on their search for someone in charge.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We fade in to an empty room, a non-remarkable room really, a few tables stacked up against one side, a couple of chairs and a piñata just sitting in the corner – unused, alone and sad-looking. Suddenly the door to the room bursts open and in walks in the PTP! The two men are laughing and chatting as they walk into the room but all conversation is abruptly halted as they see the empty room.

Lucian: Uhhh, Kyle, y’all sure ya’ got the right room man?

Kyle: Yeah! This is it!

Kyle takes out a note from his pocket and begins reading out loud.

Kyle: “Free beers at room S212 to all TWOStars Wrestlers, on behalf of all TWOStars support staff as a thank you for all the awesome work you’ve contributed over the years.”

Lucian: Did they say anythin’ about a piñata?

Just as the PTP are about to give up and leave the room, another legendary tag team walks into the room...Dark Alliance! Sickness/Boyo & Lucian/Kyle all stare at each other, confused.

Boyo: Did you guys...?

Kyle: Free beers?

Lucian: Wha’ the hell is goin’ on!

Sickness: ...PINATA!

The two legendary teams have about 5 seconds to look at each other (apart from Sickness who only has eyes for the piñata) before a loud crash and the door bursts open and ANOTHER tag team joins the fray...

Randy: AVAST! Draw yer’ swords or walk the plank ya’ scurvy dogs – the crew of the Immortal Highlanders have boarded!

Angus: Aye!! We’re here tae dae whit we’ve been dreamin’ ae’ daein since day wan!!

Both the PTP and the DA look utterly confused as they stare at the Immortal Highlanders, who are on a complete roll.

Randy: For years, the Immortal Highlanders have been shipwrecked, left to starve on an island of isolation and misery!

Angus: But noo we’re back oan the rails an’ ready tae fly! We’re gonnae steamroll ooer anywan in oor path!

Randy draws his plastic (due to health concerns) sword and points at the DA and the PTP who are holding back the smirks and giggles.

Randy: An’ today, we challenge BOTH of you, ya scurvy terror of the high seas. What better way to make ourselves known as the’ best damn tag team to sail the seven seas than by sinking the Dark Alliance and the PTP!

Lucian holds up a hand, looking heavily amused.

Lucian: Hold up y’al-

Angus: An’ when we’ve derailed you two and taken’ oor place then we’ll steamroll ooer the next team in oor path! An’ the next!! An’ the next wan after them!! An’ the next!! An’ th-

Lucian: GUYS!

Angus and Randy completely halt in their track, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

Angus: Aye?

Lucian: We already did this. Like, last night.

Boyo: Bit late to the party fellas!

Angus stomps his feet like a little child throwing a tantrum as Randy disappointedly sheathes his sword.

Angus: Aw man!! Randy, a telt ye, TWOStars have spies everywhere! They’re always listening! I bet we willnae even get credit!

Randy: Those scurvy traitors! Saboteurs! Spies! What are we gonnae dae now!?

Angus clicks his fingers and hops up on the spot.

Angus: A have it!! If we cannae beat you in the ring, then we’ll beat ye’ in a contest of strength!

Sickness and Gilmore gasp in terror, as a more composed Lucian and somewhat uncaring Boyo watch on, eyebrows raised.

Angus: Aye! A gauntlet to decide the greatest duo in all of TWOstars history! A series of events, challenges! Aye, challenges, each more... CHALLENGING than the last.

Randy raises up his eyepatch, face stretched with foreboding horror.

Angus: It'll pit yer wits, yer instincts and yer very soul against one another as we step forth not to compete, but to survive. This is no game, lads and Sickness, this is a-

Sickness: What about charades?

Sickness is holding the piñata under an arm all of a sudden, looking a smidge simple as he makes the suggestion. The remaining five all look among each other, trying to gauge up the general opinion for the Sick one's idea. Everyone takes turns nodding and shrugging. The mini monster whispers to the paper donkey in his grasp.

Sickness: They liked my idea, Eduardo.

All teams convey to decide what they are going to play first as we fade out to a quick flashback of last night’s events.

When we come back in, Sickness is standing in the centre of the room, flapping his arms erratically, whereas everyone else is seated on foldable chairs. Eduardo has his own chair.

And a half-eaten bagel...

Everybody watches Sickness with total concentration as Kyle and Lucian drink a beer. Suddenly, Sickness slaps himself across the face.


Sickness then walks over to the wall and bashes his head off it as Lucian and Kyle look a little alarmed but Boyo just raises a hand in a ‘I’m sure he’ll be fine’ motion. Sickness stumbles away from the wall and flat out starts knocking himself around the room.

Kyle: Wait a minute!! I remember seeing something like a film one time...

Lucian: Awww yeah! What was it...

Boyo: Fight Club!!

Suddenly everyone just stops and looks at Boyo totally serious-like, who looks around sheepishly.

Lucian: Dude. First rule about Fight Club...

Angus: Ye dinnae talk aboot Fight Club!

Boyo: You ALL just talked about Fight Club!

Kyle: Does it count if we were telling you the first rule of Fight Club?

Angus: Ye’ jist talked aboot Fight Club again!! Shuddit!!

Randy: Wait...he has a point lads!

Angus: Wait whit!? Ma’ heeds hurtin’ noo! Let’s just get back tae the game!

They all turn their attention back to Sickness who is still punching himself and knocking himself silly, basically.

Randy: Aww who’s what’s the name of tha’ main guy in...that film...!?

Kyle: Tyler Durden?

Lucian: Nah man, that’s the OTHER guy...

Angus: Nae difference between them really!

Boyo: He doesn’t have a name...holy hell though I just realized how much Sickness looks like the actor!

Kyle: Edward Norton?

Randy: By the seven seas lads yer right! He’s the splittin’ image of him!

While they discuss among themselves, Sickness, between punches, holds a finger up to pursed lips, shushing Eduardo who remains motionless atop his chair. Eventually, after a few moments of the audience talking over each other, they take turns falling silent, noticing this strange behaviour, peculiar even by Sick One's standards.

Boyo: Sickness, are uhh... you okay bu-

Sickness: FINE! Fine, have it your way, Eduardo!

The mini monster rises to his feet and trundles forward to the piñata, irate as he accuses it.

Sickness: How're we supposed to play this game with YOU shouting out the answer non-stop.

He turns around, frustrated, eying up the spectators

Sickness: Yeah! That's right! It's piñata!

Angus: Wait, shuddup a second... Is it piñata?!

Sickness nods, a smile returning to his face, his acting skills without equal as he helps the highlanders score a point. The Flying Scotsman, clapping his hands in celebration, tilts ever so slightly over to the paper-donkey.

Angus: You uhh... Y'gonnae finish that bagel, lad...?

Sickness takes a seat next to his partner, satisfied.

Boyo: It's going to prove difficult to win if you keep giving answers away.

Kyle: I want that donkey on my team.

Roko: Too bad! Angus is wae me.

With that we quickly fade out to a very quick DTTAH advert before cutting back into the same room, with Angus now up on the floor.

We return to the small room where, currently, each man is sat in the semi-circle, aside from Randy who stands before them, exhausted but focused.

Roko: Alright... It's been a long... fifteen minutes. We've each... won three a piece.

The camera slowly pans around each team as Randy lists off their respective victories.

Roko: Angus an' meself won at pictionary, limbo and charades

Angus is seen with wide, almost cartoonishly big eyes, trembling ever so slightly, surrounded by balled up pieces of paper. In each hand is a pen, between his teeth, a nibbled marker, streaks of red, green and blue all across his exposed torso, including a game of hangman among other miscellaneous doodles.

Roko: The Prime-Time Players won Boggle, Laser tag and the-

We see Lucian, head reclined back ever so slightly, covered in head-to-toe in futuristic, but plastic, looking armour. On his head is a visor, a blinking light inside it sliding left and right repeatedly. He sits with one leg over the other, resting a ray-gun atop his thigh. As the camera keeps moving, we're treated to Kyle Gilmore, garbed in a skirt fashioned from straw and a bra made from coconuts, sitting in a near identical way to his tag team partner. A rollup hangs out of his mouth, a pair of thick sunglasses covering his eyes and hiding what little pride he has left in this outfit.

Roko: Hula competition. And finally The Dark Alliance won karaoke with Boyo's rousing rendition of Holding out for a Hero, chess with Sickness' unprecedented Glockenshmeck strategy and, of course, wound up victorious in theeee... lasso contest.

Boyo, strangely focused, sits beside his partner who, himself, is beside the piñata All three of these noble competitors wear cowboy hats, determination flashing in the Welshman's eyes, while Sickness appears to be more concerned about Eduardo.

Roko: Now I was ready for this! We. Were ready for this. In the case of a tie-breaker, a sacrifice must be made. Which is why I brought...

He thrusts an arm forward, pointing a slightly shaky arm at Eduardo

Roko: The piñata~!

Sickness, absolutely mortified, wraps his arms around the unsuspecting mule, hugging him in an embrace created by unending friendship.

Sickness: N-no. No, not Eduardo! Crack open another, Lucian or something, I dunno-

The camera cuts to Lucian for a moment, he turns to Sickness with a shrug, his emotions hard to read, but physical movements proclaiming a silent 'What the hell, ya jerk?!'.

Boyo: Ahaaah-hah, maybe we should-uhh... y'know. Come up with a different last round, huh?

Kyle: Huh?

Gilmore's body is present, but his mind is elsewhere. Angus stands up, raising his hands in compromise.

Angus: Right-right-right, 'ere, o'right, aye, fine. Fine, I... I understand, aye. And I think I hae just a solution tae all o' this.

The Scotsman suddenly charges forward with a blood-curdling battle-cry, tearing the piñata from Sickness' clutches and hurling it on the floor, confirming his foul play with a double-footed stomp to the fallen paper beast.

Angus: We win!

Randy cheers, Angus cheers and they both run out of the room, high-fiving before leaving the scene entirely.

Sickness looks defeated. Absolutely crushed. And in the distance, in a sing-song playground style, you can hear fading into the distance IMMORTAL HIGHLANDERS ARE THE BEEE-ESSST, IMMORTAL HIGHLANDERS ARE THE BEEE-EEEST.

Boyo: Well, Mr. Sickness. You've gotta admit-

He tilts his head forward, raising an eyebrow and flashing a toothy-grin, his collection of pearly-whites damn near glistening.

Boyo: They sure kicked your ass.

With a groan from the audience, Boyo leaves them with a wink before turning back to his tag-team partner, who's fallen to his knees. Wailing to the heavens, torn by this tragedy that has befallen him, The Mini Monster crawls to the remains.

Boyo: Would you rather have a minute?

With a mournful weep, Sickness sadly nods before turning and beginning to tuck into the recently deceased Eduardo's candy innards. Boyo raises a brow. Boyo stands up, mouth almost perfectly straight, not entirely sure what to make of this affection-turned-cannibalism. Without another word, he moves to the exit.

Kyle lifts up his shades, unfocused eyes gazing lustfully down at the veritable bounty of sweets that spill out of the mutilated piñata

Kyle: Hey Lucian. Candy.

Lucian: Kyle, c'mon man, I have got the most important match of my career later tonight, and you want me to fill up on snacks?!

Kyle: Naw man. Candy.

He descends to his hands and knees a shuffles beside the mini monster, offering him a compassionate pat on the back before joining him in the feast. Lucian stands up and turns his laser-gun on himself, aiming it squarely on the chest plate. With a pull of the trigger, he lights up and raises his hands up into the air, dropping the weapon to the bleeping-blooping sound of a game over.

Lucian: I'm out.

The former Triple Crown Champion strides out of the room, still fully garbed in a suit of tron-like armour.

Lucian: And I'm keepin' the damn visor~! Bitch!

Suddenly a fresh voice, furious and upset fills the scene. The camera turns to reveal the towering victim to all of the Highlander's best pranks.


The third Highlander stands with his hands on his head as the two gobbling grapplers ignore him before fading to black.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Sitting in the corner of the party, simply taking it all in, sits Cari-Dee. She twiddles her engagement ring and grins while watching Lindy attempt to dirty dance with Angus, who is enjoying it more than his verbal protests give off. She basks in the success of the party and sips on a very fancy looking drink. Roko shimmies over to her and she bursts into giggles.

Roko: Gonna dance wi yer man?

Cari: If you dance like that, possibly not!!

Roko: Gettin' in some practice for the wedding.

Holding his arms out either side of him, he shakes what his mama gave him and Cari chokes on her drink a little. He laughs before heading back out to the dance floor where he is pulled into a very tight embrace by Lindy. The Bangor Beauty smiles until she pots the Prettiest Poison leaning against a wall and watching her from across the room. With a sigh, she reluctantly gets up and heads over.

Cari: Look, Jenny. What's going on? I thought you and me were good? I thought we were friends?

Jenny: Friends? Were we ever REALLY friends?

Cari: Um. Yeah. Weren't we?

Miss McKellen stands upright, her arms crossed in front of her.

Jenny: Do you even know what a friend is? Someone who tells you things, who shares, who gives a sh*t about you.

Jenny grabs Cari's left hand.

Jenny: Someone who spills secrets.

Cari looks down at the sparkling ring on her finger and her eyes widen.

Cari: You think I hid this from you...

Jenny: Well, didn't you?

Cari: We didn't tell anybody! Even Lindy and Lucian didn't know until yesterday!!

Jenny glares at the pretty blonde.

Jenny: Yeah right. Whatever. You want to keep stuff from me? Fine.

She starts to walk away but Cari grabs her arm. The Prettiest Poison glares down at the hand so Miss Dee quickly lets go.

Cari: I swear, Jenny.

Jenny: Does any of it matter anyway? There's only one reason I'm here tonight and it's not for some sh*tty balloon filled, streamer laden, crappy food serving kiddies party.

The Bangor Beauty looks crestfallen as she glances around the room, which looks amazing and not remotely kid-party like. Jenny moves closer.

Jenny: A match. Tonight. You and me. Its the very least you can do for me after everything. So come on, let's go and see that damn General Manager and get him to make this crap right.

Cari is dragged from the room by Jenny, glancing at Roko who starts to follow until his fiance shakes her head. Cari allows herself to be dragged through the corridor to the GM's office, where Jenny just barges in. Sat behind the desk, his feet up, is Matt Denton.

Denton: What the ACTUAL f*ck do you want?

Jenny: lets go of Cari-Dee's arm.

Jenny:: A match. Tonight. With this bimbo here.

Denton looks the pair up and down.

Denton: I have spent all day with you women coming in and out of my damn office, demanding matches here and there. Sick of it. That Purple haired bint wasn't too bad though. Easy on the eye. I got her number...

The GM smirks.

Denton: So I'll tell you what. You've got your match.

Jenny smiles.

Denton: Wait a minute, woman.

Her smile drops.

Denton: You ALL have your matches. At the same time. Woman's Battle Royal.

Miss McKellen goes to protest but Denton holds up his hand.

Denton: Shut up, don't speak. What I say goes. So both of you, run along and tell the other bimbos what's happening. Close the door on the way out.

He leans back in his chair, hands behind his head as the pair leave. Watching them exit the room, he tilts his head a little.

Denton: Gotta love the tight clothes in this place.

We go to...
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The camera cuts to Paul Gray being in the middle of the ring. He gets the go ahead as he commences.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Arron Winter wasn’t comfortable being here tonight and Lucian Jones is in the main event scheduled for later on, so on behalf of TWOStars we would be honoured if you take the time to applaud as we say thank you to our TWOStar Hall of Famers!


PG-“Class of 2007!

The first three inductees have the spotlight shining on them for one last time.


Jones waves at the crowd as he steps forward.


Redman nods as the crowd claps and cheers Redmans name.

PG-“The first ever TWOStars Heavyweight Champion ACID CHRIST!

Acid, with a replica of the belt he won walks forward eaving.

PG-“CLASS OF 2008!

The next three have the spotlight shining on them as they get ready to walk.


Banner, bruised from last night, slowly walks up much to the crowds delight.


The legend steps forward as he waves with both arms.


Holt gets massive cheers as he steps forward to accept his recognition.

PG-“CLASS OF 2009!

The next three look at each other before getting the spotlight on them.


The crowd roars for Boyo, who was involved in one of the greatest matches in TWOStars history last night along with this man…


The second half of the tag team arrives. Still banged up but smiling never the less as he high fives his tag partner Boyo.

PG-“The first triple crown winner in TWOStars history TWIGGIE!

Another banged up man from last night, but he doesn’t care as Twiggie jumps to his spot to accept the applause.

PG-“CLASS OF 2010, Or should we say the man of 2010. One of the greatest of all time…ROBERT EVIL GRINGO HEARD!!

The crowd stamp their feet as Gringo, still sweaty from his excellent win over Fox earlier, raises his fist in the air.

PG-“CLASS OF 2014…On Behalf of the late Barry Gower, please welcome his family!”

Gowers family comes on the stage to accept the praise their man has made in TWOStars history.

PG-“Ladies and Gentlemen, your TWOStars hall of famers!”



PG-“And we are delighted to announce that we will be holding a special show after this event to showcase our final class to be inducted with these people in the hall of fame!”


PG-“Along with an awards show to mark our best ever moments in TWOStars history!”


PG-“We thank you for being here, and enjoy the show!”

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We return to the arena where the camera is sweeping across the crowd. Fans wave madly as they spot themselves on the screens that surround them, pointing to those who haven't noticed. The camera then switches to ringside where a few familiar faces sit.

Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, a huge welcome to the stars of the Veronica Mars movie, as funded by Kickstarter. Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring in attendance!

JR: And one of our lovely ladies wrestling tonight has a huge fan in Miss Bell, as we have noticed from their constant tweets back and forth.

Heyman: It's enough to make me feel sick.

JR: Friendship makes you feel sick?

Heyman: It does when that ditzy girl is involved.

JR: The same ditzy girl that reduced you to tears earlier?

Heyman: Shut up.

The commentary team, back for this special show, smile almost fondly at each other, enjoying the banter that they haven't shared in a long time. As they do this, Powder fills the arena.


JR: And speaking of that girl!

The Bubblegum Princess, Cari-Dee skips onto stage, one hand behind her back. Dressed in a pink crop top and matching shorts, she skips from one side of the stage to another, waving at her fans.

Heyman: She did all this before, can't she skip it this time. And what is she... Oh god no.

From behind her back, Cari pulls a glitter gun. Not the glue kind. This one shoots glitter all over the crowd as she skips down the ramp, firing at will. As she reaches the ring, she runs around to the announce table and stand in front of it. Over her music, we hear the pretty blonde shout.

Cari: Are you ready?

JR laughs and nods while Heyman cringes before shrugging.

Heyman: Just get it over with.

The glitter gun pointed in the air, Cari-Dee laughs and fires glitter above both commentators, clapping a hand to her mouth in glee when it covers them. JR, and to his own shock Heyman, both laugh at the glitter that now covers them both. Cari squeals in delight at Heyman's reaction.

JR: Knew you liked this.

Heyman: It's the last time it's going to happen to me, may as well enjoy it!!

Grabbing a microphone and a small box off the table, the Bangor Beauty slides under the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring., shushing her music. In the corner of the ring stands Charles Robinson, the ref for this last ever TWOstars Women's match. Cari-Dee grabs his hand and pulls him into the middle of the ring.

Cari: Ladies and gentlemen!!! HI!!

The entire arena simultaneously respond.

Crowd: HI CARI!!!

The Bangor Beauty giggles.

Cari: Aw guys! You're all awesome!!

The crowd cheer again.

Cari: So, here we are. The final ever Women's match in TWOstars. And what a crazy ride it's been!! And you know what, one of my favourite people has been along side us ladies the whole time. CHRISTOPHER ROBIN!

The crowd laugh and cheer at Cari's nickname for the now blushing ref who gets a fierce hug from Cari. She hands him the box in her hand and he opens it, his face lighting up.

Cari: Well, show everyone!

The ref pulls out a cupcake, a very fancy one with glitter and a small flag saying “thank you!” coming out of it. He smiles widely before popping it back into the box and handing it down to another ref outside the ring.

Cari: Thank you, Charles.

At the sound of his real name, the ref's eyes widen and he grabs Cari into a tight hug, surprising the pretty blonde, before stepping back into the corner.

Cari: Well, goodness! That's enough of that. Are you guys ready for the match?

The crowd whoop and cheer.

Cari: Alrighty then! And I get to tell you how this works. This match is an All Women's battle royal!!! The way to win is to not get thrown over the top rope. If you DO get thrown out, and both feet touch the floor, you are OUTTA HERE! The last person left in the ring will be the final ever female match winner for TWOstars.

Cari catches her breath at the sound of this, looking at her feet briefly, before staring right into the camera, her beautiful eyes twinkling.

Cari: And I want that.

With a grin, Cari tosses the mic to the ref before jumping up onto the turn-buckle as her music briefly plays.

JR: Well, I think Cari has made it very clear that she intends to be the final female winner in TWOstars.

Heyman: What a stupid thing to say. Don't you think every woman coming out tonight is going to be feeling the same and aiming for the same goal?

JR: I didn't say that did I? Anyway, since Cari is the only one out here, she's the only one who has had an opinion yet.

Powder ends and is replaced by Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have fun and the crowd cheer as Lindy Rose steps onto the stage.


Her new glittery inhaler in her hand, Lindy takes a quick puff of it before she starts to skip down the ramp. About half way down, she takes another huge puff.

JR: I think Lindy has lost some weight.

Heyman: And how the hell can you tell? Does she have one less roll?

JR: She made it half way down the ring before needing to use her inhaler. That's an improvement.

Heyman: Cari probably put something in the glitter that's done something to her. Maybe we need to get Lindy drug tested.

Lindy Rose reaches the ring and Cari sits on the middle rope to help her friend in. With a struggle, and a third use of her inhaler, she gets into the ring before heading immediately for the turn-buckle and leaning on it. She takes a final puff of her inhaler before tucking it in her cleavage.

Heyman: Eww!

JR: Its HER inhaler, going into HER cleavage. It's not like she's tucked a sandwich down there to share with everyone later.

Heyman: Thanks so much for that image. I think I'm going to be sick.

As Cyndi Lauper fades away, a new song fills the arena.


Onto the stage wander Pink and Purple, wearing matching clothing of extremely short skirts and tight tops, but in their own colours.

Heyman: First we find out their names and now they have their own music? It seems Pink and Purple-

JR: Ella and Lia.

Heyman: They will always be Pink and Purple to me. As I was saying, first they reveal their real names to us after all these years and now they have their own music? These ladies really have stepped away from Angel.

JR: Who is yet to make an appearance at Decade of Destruction. Perhaps due to the presence of her ex husband, Draven Cage.

The girls take a moment at the top of the ramp and look at each other. The crowd are very undecided with half cheering them wildly and the other booing the aides of the nasty former champion. They link hands and start to walk down the ramp, their eyes firmly fixed on Cari and Lindy who wait in the ring.

Heyman: No love lost between P&P and Cari-Dee.

JR: With the history Cari and Angel have, that's no surprise.

Pink shouts up to Cari-Dee, telling her she's watching her. The pretty blonde laughs and turns her back, infuriating Pink and causing Purple to hold her back.

JR: Pink not happy being snubbed by Cari.

Heyman: And to think they were almost friendly at that ridiculous party.

JR: The key word being almost. And you're only saying ridiculous because you weren't invited.

Heyman: Was too. I chose not to go.

JR: And now you're sulking about it.

Paul Heyman glares at his co-announcer before turning back to the ring.

Heyman: Back to the match.

Much to the upset of the crowd, a familiar video appears on the tron.


Heyman: She's here! ANGEL IS HERE!

Pink and Purple look at each other confused and start talking and arguing, arms waving, and pointing towards the entrance. Cari's head drops a little and she shuffles her feet, a small smile on her face.

JR: Her music is playing but Angel isn't coming out.

The music fades and the video is replaced by the smirking face off the Ravishing Redhead.

Angel: Oh come on, you honestly thought I would lower myself to be there tonight?

The crowd boo loudly.

JR: Angel not making any new friends.

Heyman: She doesn't need any.

Angel: TWOstars didn't mean anything to me when it was actually successful, why the hell would I be there to watch it burn? I've got far more important things to do.

The video on the redheads face starts to slowly pull back. We see she is stood in a garden and can vaguely see her three children running around behind her, jumping in and out of a very large swimming pool. The video stops as it shows her still ridiculously sized breasts.

Angel: I considered it, I have to say. The thought of turning up, beating the crap out of all you pathetic women and leaving did give me a smile. But then my husband, Draven Cage...

At this announcement, the crowd make a lot of noise.

Heyman: I thought they were divorced??

JR: Apparently not any more!!!

Angel: As I was saying, my husband suggested it wouldn't be the best idea in my condition.

The camera pulls back again and reveals a frankly rather MASSIVE bump.

Angel: Two new wrestlers on their way to enhance the Cage name. So run along, end this stupid promotion. It was never any good any way. Pink and Purple? You're both fired. If you hadn't worked that out already – you have tried calling me for the past 6 months...

The redhead starts to turn away as her 3 children run towards the camera.

Angel: Oh and Cari-Dee?

The Bangor Beauty looks up.

Angel: Give 'em hell.

The video goes off as the crowd let out a roar of approval.

JR: Angel giving her former rival the seal of approval!

Heyman: And Cari doesn't look at all surprised.

Lindy goes over to her best friend and seems to be questioning her over Angel's news and change of heart but the pretty blonde just shrugs.

JR: Impending motherhood must have mellowed her.

Heyman: And did you see how much bigger her boobs got?

JR: No. No I didn't.

The mood of the crowds stays upbeat as the cheesiness of B*Witched fill the arena.


Onto the stage skip the Weathergirls, revelling in the enthusiastic,but not overly loud, cheers of the crowd. Holding hands they skip down the ramp, reaching across each side to high five a few fans and laughing when a little girl hands one of them a little water pistol each.

Heyman: Oh come on. First glitter now water?

JR: Well they are weathery.

Heyman: WEATHERY? That's not even a real word.

JR: Better a water pistol than a wind machine...

The pair spray the water pistols at a handful of people in the crowd before reaching the ring. Pink and Purple step back a little when the Weathergirls walk over to them, water pistols held out in front.

Heyman: I wouldn't suggest that ladies.

'Stalking' their prey, the girls suddenly turn and spray the remaining water at each other, laughing and leaving both Pink and Purple sighing in relief. The Weathergirls then hop up onto the apron and flip into the ring, immediately jumping onto the ropes and waving at the crowd.


Before the hop down, Tamacun fills the arena and the pretty young La Hija bounces onto the stage as yellow lights spot lights move across the arena.

Heyman: Why are they all so peppy?

JR: Because every lady here tonight knows this is their last chance to shine in TWOstars.

Heyman: And they want their lasting memories to be of them looking like sugared up five year olds?

La Hija kisses the simple star necklace around her neck before running to the ring. As she runs down, Cari and one of the Weathergirls quickly slide out of the ring and crouch down a little with their hands cupped and La Hija jumps onto them without slowing down.

JR: Looks like these ladies have been speaking back stage.

With a small push upwards from her friends, La Hija does a forward flip over the top rope and lands in the ring, much to the glee of the crowd who cheer the acrobatics wildly.

Heyman: That was just showing off, that's what that was.

All the girls outside the ring slide in under the bottom rope, with P&P staying as far away from the other ladies as possible. La Hija takes off her necklace and hands it to Charles Robinson who nods and puts it into his back pocket.

Heyman: Why both wearing something you're just going to take off?

As he says this, he glances at JR's hat.

Heyman: Or something you SHOULD take off...

JR: Leave my hat alone.

The mood of the crowd shifts as the lights dim. Silence has descended as a silhouette appears on the stage before Rammstein fills the arena.


Green pyro blasts from the stage, causing La Hija in the ring to jump backwards and fall on her backside which sets Pink and Purple into fits of giggles until they spot Alexis Chang storming her way to the ring.

Heyman: She still gets me, this massive woman. She's a little terrifying.

JR; By the look of the women in the ring, I'd say they agree.

Chang reaches the ring and pointedly stares at Pink and Purple, who are busily fixing each others hair.

JR: Alexis can't stand women who put so much sway on their looks.

Heyman: I don't think Pink and Purple are too bothered about her opinion.

Chang slides under the bottom rope, more pyro exploding as she stands up. La Hija, still on her backside from the first explosion, moves as far away as she can from Alexis without actually leaving the ring.

Heyman: That little nut needs to grow a set.

JR: You jumped like a kid when that pyro went off and you're not right next to it so leave little La Hija de la Estrellas alone!

Rammstein fades away and the crowd boo Alexis Chang as she stomps around the ring, glaring at each of the women individually. Coloured smoke fills the arena, shifting through a variety of shades of blue and Purple.


Logan Saint appears through the smoke and walks slowly to the ring, ignoring the booing that accompanies her.

Heyman: Scary but sexy. Just how I like my women.

His co-announcer rolls his eyes as Miss Saint reaches the ring and with a wave of her hand, causes the smoke to disappear. Cari and the Weathergirls applaud the magic, but quickly stop when they are glared at by the Mistress of Darkness who slides into the ring before resting against the turn-buckle

Heyman: Oh yes.

JR: That's enough, Paul.

Godsmack is quickly replaced by the entrance music for Johnny Rockefeller as Charlotte Hoffman ambles onto stage.


JR: After the state we saw Miss Hoffman in at one of the party segments earlier, I'm astonished she's made it out tonight.

Heyman: I'm not entirely sure she knows she's here.

Twiddling her hair, Charlotte slowly walks to the stage, all the while having a very heated conversation, with herself. The crowd are undecided on the woman, as a mumble of mild concern ripples across the arena.

JR: She should probably go home.

Heyman: She probably thinks she's there already!

Even Pink and Purple look a little concerned as Charlotte reaches the ring and sits on the bottom step, tapping one hand on the metal sides while the other starts to pull at her hair a little. J Rock's music fades and is replaced by

Portia swaggers onto the stage and starts to walk towards the ring. Before she gets even half way down the ramp, Jenny McKellen appears behind her and slaps her hard across the side of the head, making Portia stumble a little.

JR: I think Jenny is sick of waiting for all the women to get to the ring. She's ready to start this now!

With a handful of the Canadian Nightmare's hair, the Prettiest Poison drags her to the ring and throws her under the bottom rope. Portia gets to her feet quickly as Jenny jumps onto the apron and punches her in the face, knocking Miss McKellen to the floor.

Heyman: The match is yet to start, as all the women are not in the ring, so that doesn't count.

Stirred by the noise, Charlotte stands up and lazily climbs into the ring as Jenny does the same. Noting everyone is in, Charles Robinson calls for the bell and hops out of the ring.


As soon as the bell goes, Pink and Purple launch themselves at the Weathergirls who both duck out of the way, leaving Angel's former henchwomen to bounce off the top rope. They turn and are both floored by duel clotheslines from the stormy women.

JR: Lovely tandem move there from the Weathergirls!

Pink and Purple grab the ankles of the Weathergirls and pull them to the mat where they start to reign punches down on the girls who return as many as they can before rolling across the mat towards the ropes. Pink reaches out and grabs the bottom rope, pulling herself to her feet.

JR: I don't think Ella and Lia were expecting the Weathergirls to fight back!

Heyman: Which is stupid. Did they think PINK AND Purple, which I will continue to call them out of respect for Angel.

JR: respect? She just fired them!

Heyman: Completely not the point.

Wandering aimlessly from one corner to the other is Charlotte Hoffman, a look of confused dazedness on her face. She looks up at the turn-buckle in front of her and is knocked to the floor.

JR: Diving headbutt from Logan Saint to Charlotte!

Heyman: She didn't even see it coming!

Picking the downed girl up, Logan hooks her arm around the back of the girls head, driving her down in a very painful sounding bulldog. The crowd groan in sympathetic pain before booing when The Cajun Conjurer delivers a swift kick to the backside of a very dazed Miss Hoffman.

JR: Oh that was unnecessary!

Walking away from the downed girl, Logan turns her attention to Jenny McKellen, who barely ducked a clothesline from Portia.

JR: Has Logan forgotten the point of this match? Leaving Charlotte on the mat seems a waste of effort.

Heyman: I don't think Miss Hoffman is much competition.

Logan and Jenny briefly stand in front of each other and Jenny lets a small smile cross her face. Logan tilts her head in slight surprise before grabbing the shoulders of the Prettiest Poison and headbutting her.

JR: Good god!!

Heyman: What a woman!!

Jenny clutches her face as Logan grabs her wrist, whipping her into the ropes and follows it with a clothesline as Miss McKellen bounces back. Saint picks the downed girl up and tosses her over the top rope.

Heyman: Jenny eliminated!

JR: No! She grabbed the ropes.

Her left foot hanging, Jenny clutched tightly onto the top rope before pulling herself back up and climbing back into the ring. She heads straight for Logan who has turned her back and pounces on her. As the two roll over onto each other on the mat, Cari and Lindy find themselves pinned against the ropes by Pink and Purple.

Heyman: The blonde bimbo and the heifer being pummelled by the beautiful duo of Pink and Purple.

The two girls grab the heads of Cari and Miss Rose and bang their heads together, making them crumple to the floor before turning their backs and spotting Charlotte Hoffman who has crawled to the turn-buckle and is sitting in the corner, talking to herself. Pink and Purple grin at each other.

JR: I'm not sure I trust them...

Pink and Purple walk over to Charlotte and help her to her feet. The hook her arms around their shoulders and guide her to the ropes. With a small nod to each other, Angel's former aides scoop Miss Hoffman up and sit her on the to rope, facing out.

Heyman: I think we're about to have our first elimination!

With a hard shove, Pink and Purple push Charlotte off the ropes.

JR: And not a very kind one at that.

Heyman: KIND??? There's a king way to eliminate someone?

JR: I suppose not. I'm not sure Charlotte Hoffman was in any state to be in this match to begin with.

Heyman: We agree on something there at least.

With a small yelp, Charlotte tumbles to the floor, landing on all fours and hitting her face on the outside.

Announcer: Charlotte Hoffman has been ELIMINATED!

JR: Charlotte smacking her face off the floor.

Heyman: Ha, you said smacking... Seems appropriate with the drug addled state Miss Hoffman is in!

Jim Ross rolls his eyes and the focus shifts back to the ring. Pink and Purple lean over the top rope and laugh at the downed girl before turning into hard clotheslines that send them bouncing to the mat.

JR: Clotheslines from the best friend duo of Cari and Lindy!

Smiling at her best friend, Cari supports Lindy a little as she takes a puff from her sparkly inhaler which she then shoves back down into her cleavage.

Heyman: That really makes me cringe.

JR: She's all woman!

Heyman: She ATE all the women more like...

Across from the ring, the Weathergirls are being badly beaten by Portia and Logan Saint. As Portia is about to scoop Stormcloud up, La Hija springs off the opposite turn-buckle, almost flying across the ring and with both feet, kicks Portia in the stomach.

JR: A beautiful move by the Tiny Triumph!

Portia bounces into the ropes and back to her feet, bent over clutching her stomach as La Hija hops onto the middle rope, jumping up and landing a double foot stomp to the nasty loud-mouthed Portia.

JR: La Estrelle Fugaz!!

Heyman: Quit it, we speak American here.

JR: We're in England!

Heyman: That wasn't English either!

JR: Portia looks to be in agony, but the Weathergirls and La Hija are ignoring her to try and get Logan Saint out of the ring!

Heyman: That doesn't seem fair. Three against one.

With the tiny La Hija and the not much bigger Weathergirls, Saint doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Portia gets to her feet and turns to get her revenge on The Pride and Joy of Mexico when the Bangor Beauty delivers a swift kick to her backside, much to the amusement of the crowd who laugh loudly as Portia stumbles forward a little. She turns to find the pretty blonde with her hands on her hips, head tilted.

JR: A lot of history between these two, in particular involving Jason Bell and Randy Roko.

Heyman: Why can't women let their men fight their own battles?

JR: Because behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.

Almost as if they heard, the two women pounce towards each other and deliver a hard kick to each other, making both women stumble back a little. Cari recovers quicker and leaps towards Portia, knocking her to the mat. Hands gripping her hair, the Bangor Beauty slams Portia's head into the mat repeatedly. The mic's surrounding the ring pick her words up.

Cari: You think I'd forgotten? You...


Cari: Killed...


Cari: PETEY!!!


JR: That girl can hold a grudge!

Heyman: Sometimes the pretty ones are just plain crazy.

With the last slam, Portia curls into a ball but Cari-Dee gets to her feet and pulls the groaning girl to her feet. Gripping her wrist tightly, she whips Portia across the ring, where she crashes into the back of Alexis Chang, who was taking a breather after having scoop slammed a now heavy breathing Lindy Rose onto the mat. Alexis bends forwards over the rope which Cari notices.

Heyman: Cari rushing at Alexis now!

The pretty blonde takes advantage of Chang being off balance to push her hard out of the ring. Lindy climbs to her feet beside her best friend, puffing on her inhaler before grabbing Alexis's legs and helps Cari to throw The Governess over the top ropes.

JR: Alexis Chang is out!

Heyman: Just wait a minute, she's stood on the apron, she might ju...

Before the commentator has a chance to finish his sentence, Cari-Dee delivers a superkick to the back of Big Bang Chang, sending her to the floor below.

Announcer: Alexis Chang has been ELIMINATED!

Cari and Lindy smile down at the infuriated woman before turning to each other. They smile and proceed to pull back a fist each. The crowd gasp a little.

Heyman: See, friendship doesn't make a difference when a win is on the line.

JR: Surely they wouldn't.

Both women swing forward with their fists but rather than connecting with faces, they go either side of their best friends heads and tumble forward into a tight hug.

Crowd: Aww.

Heyman: I'm going to vomit.

The best friend giggle as they pull apart, turning their backs to each other as Cari steps towards Jenny McKellen and Lindy heads off towards Logan Saint. More than a match in height, but nowhere near the match in strength and speed, Lindy Rose stands toe-to-toe with massive Miss Saint. The crowd goes a little hushed as they stand unmoving for a short while.

Heyman: This is actually a little tense!

JR: Both these women are large, although Logan does have stamina in her corner.

Heyman: And speed and the fact she doesn't eat to feel less lonely.

As he says this, Lindy slides her inhaler out of her cleavage, and Paul Heyman can be seen shuddering a little. She takes two large, slow puffs before stepping back and throwing it at Logan, bouncing it off her head. The crowd laugh but Logan Saint doesn't move an inch.

Heyman: She's actually creeping me out a little bit..

Frustrated at the lack of reaction, Lindy swings for Logan who almost Matrix-like dodges it by bending backwards, her hands touching the mat as she lifts a leg up, kicks Lindy in the side of the head and flips over to return to a standing position.

Heyman: I can't even... What did she just do.

Lindy staggers backwards into the ropes, elbowing La Hija who stumbles into Portia. The Latina Lucha quickly cartwheels away and wraps her legs around Portia's neck.

JR: Lovely headscissors by La Hija, using the momentum to throw Portia into the ropes.

Back on her feet, the Shining Star attempts to scoop Portia up and over the top rope but the parrot killer knees La Hija in the face, sending her flying backwards and into the mat. She springs back up straight away, hopping onto the turnbuckle and giving her jaw a rub. She leaps towards Portia who simply steps to one side and laughs as La Hija crashes to the mat again.

Heyman: I don't know why more people don't do that. Just step aside.

JR: Because they don't see their opponent leaping?

Heyman: Sometimes they do.

Across the ring, Pink and Purple are locked in a nasty looking brawl with the Weathergirls.

JR: Lia...

Heyman: Purple!

JR: Purple looks about ready to throttle Stormcloud.

Heyman: And Pink looks like she's is having her arse handed to her by...the other one.

JR: Don't you remember her name?

Heyman: Do you??

JR, conspicuous by his silence, returns his attention to the ring. By now, both the Weathergirls appear to have the upper hand and have Pink and Purple pushed up against the ropes. Angel's former aides reach for each other and link hands, yanking hard which pulls the girls towards each other and away from the Weathergirls.

Heyman: Smooth moves.

JR: We may have seen them having a little spat backstage earlier during the party but they are still obviously on the same page.

Their hands still locked together, the pair simultaneously lean back against the ropes for a little momentum before delivering kicks to the chests of their two foes.

JR: Perfectly in tune.

The Weathergirls stumble backwards a little and as they return to standing, Pink and Purple rush at them.

JR: Double clothesline!

Heyman: Beautifully done as well.

The Weathergirls crash to the mat and P&P, still holding hands, step over them and spin around, swapping hands before jumping and stomping the backs of the two downed ladies.

Heyman: Wow, these two have been really training!

JR: Some time ago, both women did receive some training from the ladies here at TWOstars so it looks like not only did it pay off, but they may well have continued the work they started here.

Letting go of each others hands, Pink and Purple choose a Weathergirl each and the crowd boos as Angel's former henchwomen drag the immobile ladies to the ropes. Picking them up with ease, they toss the girls over the top rope.

Heyman: Pink and Purple about to eliminate fluffy cloud and hooja wotsit.

JR: Those are NOT their names.

Heyman: Oh my god, who CARES?!?

The pair manage to steady themselves on the ring apron until Pink and Purple lock hands again and, at the exact same time, jump up.

JR: Dual dropkicks from Pink and Purple!

Heyman: And the Weathergirls are out!!!

The pair crash to the mat, landing in a heap on top of each other.

Announcer: The Weathergirls have been ELIMINATED!

Pink leans over the ring rope and mocks both girls, gesturing rudely with her hand before Purple attempts to pull her back. From the other side of the ring comes Lindy, who crashes into Pink sending her tumbling over the rope.

Heyman: Pink is out!

The pretty haired girl grabs the rope with one hand, her legs dangling.

JR: No, no she isn't.

With the help of her best friend and partner in crime, Pink steadies herself on the apron and starts to slide back in when the Weathergirls grab her legs and pull hard.

Heyman: They've been eliminated! That's not fair!!

Purple steps out from between the ropes and jumps, crashing down onto the Weathergirls.

JR: Has Purple just eliminated HERSELF?

Heyman: Not likely. Just watch.

Using the down wrestlers almost as a carpet, Purple steps back to the ring, giving each Weathergirl a not so gentle kick in the head as she goes and climbs in at the same time as Pink.

Heyman: I told you!

JR: P&P showing their patented disdain for anyone who isn't them.

Heyman: Or Angel.

The have a brief, and very angry, verbal exchange before turning and running at Lindy, sending the huge woman splatting to the ground.

JR: A sign of true friendship – no matter the problem, they always seem to come together against a common enemy.

Heyman: Also, it takes two of them to knock Lindy down, she's that huge.

While P&P proceed to deliver punches and kicks to the downed Miss Rose, who shouts for Cari-Dee to come to her rescue, Portia and Jenny are in the process of attempting to get Logan Saint over the top rope. La Hija is a crumpled heap by the feet of Miss McKellen. Logan hooks her arms around the necks of the two women and grips tightly, causing them to stop their attempts to throw her out.

JR: Smart move by Logan Saint. Portia and Jenny know that if they throw her out now, they will go with her.

Stepping forwards, her arms still hooked tightly, she brings herself down to the mat, pulling both women with her.

JR: A double DDT from the Patron Saint of Macabre!!!

Almost as instinct, Logan moves to roll Portia to her back and bends her leg, before shoving her away. Her focus shifts to Jenny who is rolling away to the ropes. As the Prettiest Poison reaches the ropes, Logan kicks her hard and she rolls out of the ring.

JR: Remember, wrestlers must go over the TOP rope to be eliminated so Jenny is still in this match.

Jenny quickly slides back under the bottom rope but before the gets back in the ring properly, Logan again kicks her hard and sends her back down to the floor. Jenny screams in frustration and bangs her fists on the ring apron before walking away and to the other side of the ring. She sits on the steps with her back to the ring.

Heyman: Is she sulking?

JR: It looks like it!

Before Jenny gets much chance to rest, Portia leans over the top rope and grabs a tight handful of Miss McKellen's hair and pulls hard.

JR: Portia doesn't want Jenny staying out too long!

The former champ drags Jenny over the top rope and into the ring. Still with a tight hold of her hair, she keeps the Prettiest Poison on her feet. With a snap, she slams Jenny's head down and onto the mat, before twisting the groaning woman onto her back.

JR: Portia finally letting go off Jenny's hair.

Heyman: And locking on a figure-four leg lock!

The hold is broken up before Portia causes Jenny too much pain, by La Hija who hits Portia with a flying knee to the face from seemingly nowhere. Jenny rolls away to recover as La Hija takes up a fighting stance, waiting for Portia to get to her feet.

JR: David and Goliath.

Heyman: Except Goliath is scrappier and pretty. And David is short, irritating and a pain in the...

JR: Language.

Heyman: I was going to say head. Because that's where La Hija hit Portia.

JR: No, you weren't.

Heyman: Don't tell me what I was going to do!

As the commentators have a small spat, in the ring Portia and La Hija have their arms locked as each tries to get the other towards the ropes. Portia uses her height advantage to force the Shining Star to the turnbuckle but the Tiny Triumph turns this in her favour by backing up onto the ropes until she is on the top turnbuckle.

JR: La Hija really needs to be careful here! This could go very wrong for her.

Jumping forward onto her opponent, La Hija catches Portia off balance and crashes her to the mat. The crowd cheer as the little Brazil nut jumps to her feet and takes a tiny, mocking bow. She then pulls a dazed and slightly confused Portia to her feet and pushes her backwards over the top rope. Cari-Dee skips over to give a small helping hand as they both throw Portia over the rope and onto the turnbuckle.

JR: I don't fancy Portia's chances here.

Cari holds her hand out to La Hija, and gestures to Portia.

Heyman: No way, La Hija is tiny. There's no way she can eliminate Portia herself.

JR: That's very polite of Cari-Dee, giving La Hija the chance to knock Portia out.

Still a little dazed, Portia turns to face the ring just as La Hija jumps up and kicks her hard in the chest, sending her crashing into the barricade.

Announcer: Portia has been ELIMINATED!

Heyman: Inconceivable!!!

JR: I do not think that word means what you think it means.

With a loud scream, Portia gets to her feet and starts to climb back into the ring. Two referees hurry over and pull her away. In the ring, La Hija, Cari and Lindy all look down and laugh as Portia is carried up the ramp kicking and screaming.

Heyman: That's one very angry woman.

The mic picks up Portia's screeches as she leaves.

Portia: La Hija!!! You have to be SH*TTING ME!!! it should have been YOU Cari!! It should have been YOU!!!

JR: She is less than pleased that the Tiny Triumph was the one to eliminate her, and not the Bangor Beauty.

Heyman: I can see her point. Portia and Cari have their history, yet Cari handed the 'win' over to someone else.

In the ring, we see Cari-Dee mouthe “she wasn't worth it” to Lindy Rose before they turn around and get knocked to the mat by clotheslines from Pink and Purple.

JR: No time to enjoy Portia being out of this match.

La Hija shifts her attention to Jenny McKellen, who has left Logan Saint in a crumpled heap on the floor. La Hija does a cartwheel towards the Prettiest Poison who catches her leg and tosses the Tiny Triumph towards the turnbuckle. She bounces off it and the crowd groan in sympathetic pain.

JR: La Hija is so little, she flies with ease.

Heyman: No stupid comment about a flying trapeze?

JR: She's not a daring young man...

La Hija gets to her feet and does a quick roly-poly, hopping to her feet in front of Miss McKellen. Jenny grabs La Hija's hair and yanks her backwards, bending the little Brazil nut in half. La Hija brings her arms up behind her, placing them onto the mat and flipping her legs over her head so that she is able to force her way back to her feet.

Heyman: Fancy.

As she does this, Lindy Rose accidentally crashes into the pair, sending both La Hija and Jenny tumbling to the mat. Lindy mutters a sorry as she braces herself for another hit from Pink. The bright haired girl has a wide grin on her face as she rushes Lindy again, knocking the large woman closer to the ropes.

JR: It seems like Pink is adopting a tried and tested method of shoving Miss Rose gradually.

Heyman: How is that a tried and tested method?

JR: She's trying it. She's testing it.

Heyman: That's not what that means!

JR: It's working isn't it?

As they reach the ropes, Pink hops up, her feet landing on the middle rope and pinning Lindy down. She punches Miss Rose repeatedly in the head, grinning widely as the crowd boo her. Lindy shakes her head a little as Pink asks her if she wants to give up.

JR: It's not like Lindy giving up would make any difference.

Heyman: Not in the grand scheme of the match but it would give Pink a bit of satisfaction.

Pink laughs down at Lindy but doesn't notice as Miss Rose hooks her arms under the legs of Angel's former aide and lifts her up. Pinks face turns from smug satisfaction to shock and panic as Lindy turns around to face the ropes.

Heyman: WATCH OUT!!!

Pink shakes her head and calls out to Purple who is in a headlock from Cari-Dee and doesn't hear her friend.

Heyman: Purple!!

JR: Calm down!!

Lindy unceremoniously drops Pink over the top rope and she lands with a painful splat on the mat as the crowd cheer.

Announcer: Pink has been ELIMINATED!

At the sound of the referee's voice, Purple give Cari a hard shove and rushes over to the side of the ring. Holding onto the top rope, she looks down at her best friend and shakes her head. Pink apologises and Purple tells her it's okay.

Purple: I'm sorry. I love you.

Turning in anger, she delivers a super-kick to Lindy Rose which staggers the large woman. With all the strength she can muster, Purple grabs Lindy's wrist and whips her into the ropes. As she hits them, Pink hops up onto the ring apron and grabs two handfuls of Lindy's hair.

Heyman: Smart move by Pink, helping her best friend.

JR: But she's been eliminated!

Heyman: So?

JR: Well, you didn't like it when the Weathergirls got involved earlier after they had been eliminated.

Heyman: That's completely different.

JR: And why??

Heyman: Because I don't like the Weathergirls...

With a sharp glare at his commentary partner, Jim Ross turns back to the ring and looks in surprise as Pink and Purple get Lindy Rose over the top rope. Still with a tight hold of Lindy's hair, Pink yanks as Purple shoves the large woman onto the ring apron. Purple takes a run up, bouncing off the opposite ropes and knocks Lindy to the floor outside the ring with a baseball slide.

Announcer: Lindy Rose has been ELIMINATED!

Cari rushes over to the ropes and looks down at her BFF with a frown. She turns to Purple and slaps her hard across the face. Purple just laughs in response until Cari chops her across the chest, hard enough to instantly leave a mark. As Cari continues to chop the surprised girl, Pink stands up and bangs her hands on the apron, trying to encourage her best friend.

JR: Pink should be forced to leave the arena.

Heyman: Lindy is still there!

JR: Lindy has barely got to her feet.

Miss Rose staggers to standing, and moves to the announce desk where she leans down and grabs a spare inhaler from by Heyman's legs.

Heyman: Get away from me!

Lindy takes a short puff before resting her head on her arms on the desk. In the ring, Jenny McKellen has La Hija across her shoulders, with one hand entangled in the hair of the Tiny Triumph. She moves to the ropes and tosses La Hija outside the ring.

Heyman: La Hija has been eliminated!

JR: No, wait!!

Landing on one foot, the Pride and Joy of Mexico cartwheels towards the announce desk. For the full length of the ring she does this, with both feet not touching the ground at the same time. As she reaches it, she springs from a handstand to sit on the back of a very shocked Lindy Rose. Before Lindy gets a chance to stand upright, La Hija hops to her feet, balancing on the back of Miss Rose and springs back into the ring, somersaulting over the top rope. The crowd go absolutely bonkers at the acrobatics.

Heyman: What the hell was that about?

JR: It was fantastic!

Heyman: You know what, it was. I'll give the girl that. It reminded me of someone... I can't place who though. A male wrestler in some other, lesser known company.

JR: I think I know who you mean. Although speaking about that company has been forbidden.

La Hija rests in the corner of the ring as Jenny's focus has shifted to Logan Saint. The dark queen of macabre knees jenny in the stomach, making her bend double. She then grabs the back of her head and slams Miss McKellens face down into her knee, laughing a little as Jenny clutches her face.

JR: Jenny can be a little precious about her looks, especially after the tragic incident which resulted in her wearing a mask for so long.

Heyman: A mask which she used as part of her entrance get up for a bit. A mask which creped me out a little.

JR: You and me both.

With her hand still to her face, Jenny kicks out at Logan who grabs her foot and sins her around. Wrapping both arms around Jenny's waist, the Cajun Conjurer throws herself backwards, tossing Miss McKellen with ease across the ring.

JR: A beautiful move from Logan Saint.

Jenny grabs the rope to pull herself to standing just as Logan swings an arm at her. Dodging the punch, the Prettiest Poison does a quick forward roll before hopping back to her feet behind a surprised Miss Saint.

Heyman: Sneaky...

Jenny sweeps Logan's legs from beneath her, quickly going to her knees and jumping on the back of Miss Magic drops to her front. Grabbing two fist fulls of hair, Jenny bends backwards, shouting out as Logan screams.

JR: Jenny can really be a nasty piece of work!

As she pulls harder and harder, Logan starts to bang her hand on the mat, attempting to tap out.

Heyman: That won't work tonight.

As the Prettiest Poison causes the Cajun Conjurer a mass amount of pain, possibly tearing her hair out in the process, Cari-Dee and Purple continue their battle with Pink encouraging her best friend from outside the ring. Cari and Purple step back from each other a little and, with perfect timing, lift up their legs to deliver super-kicks to each other.

JR: These two ladies are very evenly matched.

Heyman: Except for in the looks department.

JR: I'd say they're both hotties.

Heyman: Did you just use the word hotties??

JR: Shut up.

Grabbing Purple's wrist, Cari whips Angel's former aide into the turnbuckle and jumps up onto the middle rope.

JR: This didn't end well for Pink.

Heyman: Hopefully it will end the same way for the blonde bimbo.

Purple hooks her arms under Cari's legs and lifts her, in the same way Lindy did to Pink. Instead of throwing her over the top rope, Purple stumbles a little and drops Cari to the mat. The Bangor Beauty rolls away a little and gets to her feet before super kicking Purple AGAIN.

JR: She's going to break her in half!

Purple stumbles backwards and Cari rushes at the girl, clotheslining her out of the ring.

Announcer: Purple has been ELIMINATED!

Angel's former aides walk up to each other outside the ring and embrace tightly. The crowd give a little 'aww' at the sight of the two best friends. Holding hands, they walk up the ramp with Cari-Dee watching them from the ring. They turn to look out at the crowd and both take a dramatic bow, emitting a few whoops and claps from the crowd, before leaving. Just before they disappear out of sight, the two turn back to the ring and simultaneously stick their middle fingers up at Cari before bursting into giggles and leaving quickly.

Heyman: Well that was sweet. I'm going to miss those two.

JR: Even Cari is laughing at their very unladylike gesture as they left the arena.

Distracted by the pair leaving, Cari doesn't notice as Logan Saint appears behind her. As the Bangor Beauty turns, she is met with a hard kick to her stomach. Cari clutches her middle as Logan turns her back, hooking Cari's arms.

JR: Logan Saint is going for the Damballah Drop!!!

Flying from the corner comes La Hija, breaking the hold and allowing Cari-Dee to roll to safety. The Tiny Triumph doesn't stay too close, and backs away as both Cari and Jenny come over to Logan. Working as a weirdly functional team, Cari and Jenny punch Logan until she reaches the ropes. The Cajun Conjurer looks over to La Hija.

Logan: This is your fault.

The little Brazil nut looks more than a little terrified and continues to back away until she is tucked in the corner. Cari grabs Logans wrist and whips her across the ring where she bounces off the ropes. As she comes back, Jenny and Cari hold out an arm each.

JR: Double clothesline from McKellen and Dee!

Heyman: Why are they working together?

JR: Common enemy perhaps?

Heyman: It;s just weird. I don't like it. I really don't like it.

The girls pull Miss Saint to her feet and repeat the whipping action, this time with Jenny taking the lead. As Logan springs off the ropes, the girls raise their legs and kick her in the stomach.

JR: Beautiful team work. Jenny and Cari-Dee do have some history, and a very mixed up one at that. Cari has always tried to be friendly with everyone she came across but this was always a problem for Jenny, who struggled to make friends.

In the ring, the girls continue to work together, hooking Logan's arms around their shoulders and lifting her up onto the top rope. Still in pain from the kicks to her stomach, the Cajun Conjurer struggles to keep steady as Jenny and Cari push her out of the ring.

Heyman: I have a feeling this is going to have consequences.

Jenny steps back and lets Cari complete the elimination as the Cajun Conjurer crashes to the floor.

Announcer: Logan Saint has been ELIMINATED!

Miss Magic gets to her feet and places her hands on the ring apron. She stares up at Cari.

Logan: Just you wait.

The pretty blonde backs away in mild fear as Miss Saints eyes shift towards La Hija who is standing between Cari and Jenny.

Logan: You...

Miss Saint raises her hands a little and with a flick of her wrists, the entire arena plunges into darkness.

Heyman: What the hell...

JR: Logan using her Cajun tricks...

The crowd make a lot of unhappy and unsettled noise. Within seconds the lights flash back on and the camera is on the two women in the ring.

Heyman: Wait a minute, where's La Hija?

The camera view changes to Logan Saint who has La Hija in front of her, arms wrapped around her waist. The feet of the Pride and Joy of Mexico dangle, not touching the floor. Cari shouts out No!, as Logan smiles nastily and drops La Hija to the ground.

Announcer: La Hija De La Estrellas has been ELIMINATED!

La Hija scurries away up the ramp and Logan looks into the ring, a smug smile of satisfaction on her face.

JR: That's not remotely fair! Disgusting!

Heyman: Well, there's nothing in the rules that says you can't use magic.

JR: We didn't see her go over the top ropes!

Heyman: I think by La Hija's reaction to it all, she definitely went over the top rope.

The camera shifts to the ring. Jenny and Cari-Dee turn to face each other in the centre as the crowd noise becomes deafening.

JR: Years of rivalry and friendship. The history of the women's division in TWOstars. A shining example of how women's wrestling can be done in the wrestling business. Skilled wrestlers, beautiful ladies, who have made the effort to stand apart...

Heyman: Oh do shut up...

Jenny steps closer to the Bangor Beauty and tilts her head. Cari raises one hand up to her lips and blow a kiss to the Prettiest Poison. Miss McKellen lets a small smile cross her face before swinging a fist at Cari's face. The pretty blonde ducks before punching Jenny in the stomach.

JR: Quick reactions saving Cari there.

Hooking her arm around the neck of the bent-double Miss McKellen, Cari slams down onto her back.

Heyman: DDT to Jenny!

The Prettiest Poison rolls onto her back and Cari straddles her.

Heyman: Kinky...

JR: Grow up, Paul.

Heyman: Never.

Jenny's hands instinctively move up to protect her face but Cari goes for her legs anyway, bending backwards and hooking them in the crook of her elbow. With a quick movement, Cari rolls them both over so that she is under Jenny. Placing her feet at the base of Jenny's head, and moving her arms so that she is bending Jenny's legs together, gripping tightly, she pushes up as hard as she can, causing Jenny's back to arch.

JR: A beautiful move by Cari-Dee!! That looks really painful. I'm not sure how Jenny will get out of it!

Heyman: Well Cari's back is arched almost as much as Jenny.

JR: Cari-Dee has always been more flexible though.

Releasing the very bendy move, the Bangor Beauty pushes Jenny off and gets to her feet. With a huge smile on her face, she adopts a fighting stance.

Cari: Come at me, bro!!

Jenny stands and turns to the Bubblegum Princess with a small frown.

Jenny: I am no bro.

Cari lets out a roar of laughter before the two women fly across the ring towards each other. A flurry of punches ensues before Jenny grabs Cari;s wrist and whips her into the ropes. The future Mrs Roko bounces off them and ducks a clothesline.

JR: Cari-Dee too fast for Jenny McKellen.

The pretty blonde bounces off the opposite ropes and leaps onto Jenny, knocking her to the mat. Quick as a flash, Cari heads to the turnbuckle and hops up onto it. Jumping towards Jenny as she gets to her feet, Cari is caught and tossed across the ring.

Heyman: Nice comeback from Miss McKellen!

Jenny turns to the downed blonde and places a foot on the back of her neck, slamming downwards.

JR: Curb-stomp to Cari-Dee!

Heyman: Nicely done.

JR: For someone so concerned about how she looks, you'd think she would have more care for other people.

Cari gets to her knees and wipes a hand across her mouth, a small smear of blood on her lip.

JR: Cari's bleeding!

Miss Dee looks at her hand and shrugs when she sees the blood. Looking a little surprised at what she did, Jenny frowns.

Heyman: Okay, Jenny looks like she actually feels bad about it.

JR: Good!

Standing straight in front of Jenny, Cari lets the blood drip a tiny bit, grins and gives Jenny a wink. She then kicks the Prettiest Poison in the stomach.

Heyman: I always knew she was a little bit crazy.

JR: All the best people are.

Turning her back to Jenny and hooking her head in the crook of her elbow, Cari pulls Miss McKellen to the turnbuckle, where she quickly climbs up it.

JR: We all know this move! CARISEL TO JENNY!!

Flipping over the top of her opponent, the Bangor Beauty slams Jenny down to the mat. With little hesitation, she gets to her feet and scoops Jenny up, throwing her onto the top rope. Gripping her arms, Cari starts to push Jenny out of the ring.

JR: I think we're about to have a winner!

As she loses her balance, Jenny catches the eye of the pretty blonde who suddenly looks about to change her mind. She attempts to regain balance but Jenny just mouthes no. Cari smiles and nods and lets go of the Prettiest Poison and watches as she crashes to the mat below.

Announcer: Jenny McKellen has been ELIMINATED!

The crowd go bonkers as Cari-Dee steps backwards into the centre of the ring as her music plays.

Announcer: And your winner, and the final female winner of a TWOstars match, CARI-DEE!!!

A huge grin crosses her face as Cari raises her hands in the centre of the ring. Before she celebrates too much, she catches Jenny's eye and heads to the ropes. Encouraging the woman to come back into the ring, she sits on the middle rope as the Prettiest Poison gets back in.

Heyman: Don't trust her, Jenny!!!

JR: This is Cari-Dee you're talking about! There couldn't be a more trustworthy woman in TWOstars.

Jenny gets into the ring and the pair move to the middle. Reluctantly, Jenny holds out her hand to shake that of the winner. Cari looks at it and shakes her head no, before wrapping Miss McKellen in a huge hug. Hesitant at first, Jenny returns the hug eventually and squeezes tightly.

Heyman: That's actually kind of sweet...

JR: It really is.

Pulling out of the hug, Cari-Dee grabs the hand of her opponent and raises it in the air. Jenny looks a little confused at first, but then utter shock crosses her face as the crowd begin to clap. It builds until an obvious cheer can be heard, along with an audible “thank you Jenny” chant.

JR: Jenny getting the friendship and recognition she has wanted for so long.

With a fond look at Cari-Dee, jenny leaves the ring and heads up the ramp, applauding as she goes. She reaches the stage and turns to Cari, blowing her a kiss before disappearing backstage. Cari hops up onto the turnbuckle as her music continues to play and waves madly at the crowd. Skipping from one corner to the other, she does the same, until all four sides of the arena have been waved at and has kisses blown.

Heyman: Well, congratulations to her.

JR: I can't think of a more worthy winner.

Heyman: Okay well that's pushing it a little...

Cari's music starts to fade but the crowd continue to cheer. Suddenly the lights go out again.

Heyman: Dammit, what now??

As they come back on, Logan Saint is back in the ring. She has one hand gripped tightly around the throat of the pretty blonde. The crowd boo loudly.

JR: What is she doing back in the ring?

Lifting the Bubblegum Princess up by her throat, Logan tosses her across the ring where she crashes into the turnbuckle. Cari looks up at Miss Saint, shocked, and tries to get to her feet. A hard kick to the stomach stops that, before Logan lifts the groaning girl onto her shoulders. Swinging her around, she throws the barely moving girl back down again.

Logan: Someone wants to speak to you.

Attempting to get to her feet, Cari makes it to all fours before Logan places one foot on her back, stopping her from moving any more. The lights dim as the Cajun Conjurer raises her arms. The lights flicker in the arena and a few children can be heard shouting out in fear as a black canvas bag appears in the centre of the ring.

JR: Oh my god, no. It can't be.

Heyman: It's a bag... It can't be THAT bag... Can it?

A look of sheer terror crosses the face of the pretty blonde as Logan goes over to the bag and slowly unzips it. Cari shuffles back to the corner and gasps as the Mistress of Macabre tosses a book onto the canvas.

Heyman: Well that was unexpected. Cari still looks terrified. What book is it?

JR: I think I can guess.

With her hands shaking, Cari picks up the slightly tattered book. The camera focuses on the cover.

JR: My god. It's the Zombie Survival Guide!!!

Heyman: The book Cari-Dee used to murder Damon Kori!!!

JR: She didn't kill him! She knocked him out!!

Heyman: She thought she killed him and she tried to hide the body!! That's exactly the same as murder.

JR: That is NOT exactly the same as murder!!! The only thing that's the same as murder is murder.

Cari throws the book out of the ring and gets to her feet. The lights flicker again and Cari shrieks as a hand clutches her ankle. She looks down as Kori climbs from under the ring and slides under the bottom rope.



The Bangor Beauty backs away until she hits Logan Saint. The Cajun Conjurer grips Cari's upper arms tightly as Kori steps closer. He stops as he reaches the pretty blonde and bends over so his face is close to hers. Cari whispers.

Cari: Don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me.

Kori laughs.

Kori: I'm not going to hurt you. She is.

With a nod up to Logan Saint, Kori steps back and watches as the Mistress of Macabre lifts Cari up onto her shoulders, hooking her legs and heading and bending her body almost in two.

JR: She's going to break her in half!!!

Cari cries out in pain before she is thrown out of the ring. Kori and Miss Saint slowly slide out of the ring and both pick Cari-Dee up. Her lip is bleeding again and a large welt has appeared on her temple.

Heyman: Okay, even I think they're going a bit far.

Together, the pair whip the Bubblegum Princess into the ring steps and she crashes over them, landing in an unmoving heap on the floor.



Heyman: What took him so long? His fiancé was having the hell beaten out of her!!

Roko sprints to the ring and crashes into Damon Kori, slamming him backwards into the apron. With a glance at Cari and the battle that is ensuing, Logan flicks her wrists and a puff of smoke envelops her as she disappears.

JR: Smart move by Logan Saint. I'm thinking Damon Kori is probably wishing he did the same.

Roko brings down a flurry of hard punches to Damon's face, who attempts to block them but fails impressively as one punch connects square with his nose, busting it apart.

Heyman: Do zombies bleed like that?

JR: He's not a zombie!!!

Cari's fiancé headbutts Damon then throws him to the ground before moving over to the pretty blonde. Roko helps the pretty blonde into the ring where they embrace tightly, much to the glee of the crowd. The former pirate strokes the bump on Cari-Dee's head and she shrugs it away. They turn to where Damon Kori is staggering to his feet.

JR: It looks like Kori has given up.

Heyman: Which is both smart for him and lucky for Cari-Dee.

A handful of people move a little as the bleeding Kori climbs over the barricade and disappears into the crowd. Roko smiles at his fiancé and wraps his arms around her.

The lights drop.

Everyone, including the crowd goes deathly silent in anticipation of what could be coming next. In the ring you can make out the forms of Randy Roko and Cari moving even closer to each other as an ominous sound begins playing from the PA system...


JR: What is is what's going on?!

Just as the music ends another, more familiar theme echoes throughout the arena...


Red lights flood the area as a dark shape clad all in black steps onto the stage. The Man in Black, the Living Shadow slowly lifts his hand and points towards the ring, his head still lowered and a microphone in his other hand.


JR: BAH GAWD! We haven't seen The Maxx since Roko beat him to a bloody pulp years ago! What's he doing here? What does this sick son of a bitch want? He's gonna ruin this precious reunion!

Randy's jaw drops as his hands fly to the side of his head, totally unable to hide his shock. Cari grabs him by the waist and turns into him shaking her head side to side.

JR: Cari is terrified, Paul! This sick in the head individual stalked her for months and even covered her dressing room with some sort of viscous fluid that very well could have been blood. Maybe from some sort of deranged ritual sacrifice.

Heyman: While all that's true, JR, you also gotta remember that The Maxx was TWOStars Television Champion for the better part of a year. No one on the roster could put this man down. He may be a psychotic but he as skilled in the ring as he is brutal.

The Twisted Enigma makes his way down the ramp pausing only to snarl at a child, sending the boy running for his parents with tears streaming down his face. The Maxx stops at the apron, throwing his head back to howl in manic laughter before casually rolling into the ring and quickly hoping to his feet. He looks at Cari and smiles and licks his lips. Randy steps in between them, a look of rage on his face and his fists raised. Maxx lift the microphone...

Maxx: Well, well, well, what do we have here? The cute little couple back together after all this time and OUT OF NOWHERE comes the boogie man. Are you scared, Randy? Well, don't worry, boy. I'm not here for you. I'm here for her...

The Maxx points right at Cari as all the blood rushes from her face leaving her looking very pale and frightened for her life. Randy moves his love behind her and calls out for a microphone of his own. Charles Robinson hands it up to Cari who passes it around to her fiance.

Roko: No way, you psycho! If you remember it was me who stopped you once and I swear to god, Maxx, you take one more step towards her and I WILL put you in the ground!

Maxx: Is that a fact... BOY? You got very luck last time, it won't happen again. I've come for Cari and "No Man" is gonna stop me!

Roko: I'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe from you!

Maxx: Would you risk your life for her? Are you willing to DIE for her? C'mon, Randy, after everything you've done to her would you be willing to go that far? You broke her heart Randy... and you all say I'm the villain?

Roko: After everything you've done, don't you dare throw that in my face, you bastard! I would give my life for her if that's what it takes!

Maxx: Well then, so be it. Because you're gonna have to kill me to keep me from my prize and I'll never stop. You understand me? I WILL NEVER STOP! If you're willing to put everything on the line, then lets do this right here and now. You and me, one last time, no disqualifications, anything goes. But I'm warning you, if I win... and you, you frightened little boy, know I'll win, I will take Cari away and NO ONE will EVER see her ALIVE again!

Roko: You... you're insane! You want a match? A MATCH?! That's what all this is about? You just can't get over the fact that it was me who finally stopped you and if I did it once. I can do it again! Whatever it takes to get rid of you once and for all. I know it may not mean much, but I want your word. You promise me, if I win this, if I END you, you leave us alone. Forever. No one ever sees you again!

Maxx: You have my word, Roko. Not that it will matter because only one of us is walking out of here. Now kiss your little girlfriend goodbye and face your final nightmare!

Cari pleads with Randy but does his best to assure her it'll be fine. To trust him. He needs to do this now or this maniac will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Cari nods reluctantly and kisses Randy on the lips before exiting the ring.

Heyman: The Maxx is gonna kill him! Randy Roko just signed his own death warrant!

JR: Well it looks like we have an impromptu no DQ match, ladies and gentlemen.

Both men retreat to their corners as the referee calls for the bell...

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

JR: And here we go Paul with this impromptu match...I can’t believe what we’re seeing here!

Heyman: One thing’s for certain JR – we’re going to see the very best from both men tonight!

In the ring Randy looks utterly furious. Maxx glares at him from across the ring, staring down into his soul with an evil look that only Maxx can give as Cari hobbles to sit down next to the commentary team, still clearly in a lot of pain from the Battle Royale and the consequent beat-down she received afterwards. Her eyes are full of fear and terror as she stares up at the match that will decide her ultimate fate...

JR: I believe what we’re going to see will be more similar to a street-fight than a No Disqualification Paul!

Heyman: You’re damned right there JR!

Maxx and Randy walk up into the middle of the ring and exchange words, but it’s not long before Randy shoves the Maxx. Maxx retaliates by throwing a punch, but Randy ducks and rugby tackles Maxx into the corner against the turnbuckle before laying into his gut with furious right and left hooks as the fans cheer him on.


JR: If one thing I’ve ever learned about The Maxx in my time here Paul is that you cannot underestimate him!

Maxx looks momentarily stunned in the corner but slams up with a right hook, connecting with Randy’s jaw and sending him back a few steps. Maxx then runs out for an attempted clothesline but Randy ducks and both men turn to face each other, Randy then jumps up and lands an Enzuguri which resonates through the stadium!

JR: And Randy is on the offensive early on in this match – he’s got to be! He needs to put everything on the line here tonight or else Cari is gone!

Cari jumps up clapping Randy on but quickly sits back down again, holding her head in some pain. Randy gets back to his feet and roars out at the crowd, pulling off his t-shirt and throwing it out and the crowd respond to him, cheering back and raising their hands.

JR: Don’t turn your back on The Devil’s Son!

The Maxx is quickly to his feet rubbing his jaw and charges at Randy, turning him around and slamming him with a right-hook before Irish-whipping him across the ring. Randy goes to duck but Maxx sprints at him and slams his shoulder into his face, slamming him down to the mat with force. The Maxx then proceeds to mount over the downed ‘Nautical Warrior’, slamming left and right hooks into his face as Randy tries his best to cover it up.


The Maxx finishes up his assault with a nasty looking head-butt and leans back, laughing manically with his arms out to the side as he glares at the crowd with a look that tells you he should be in an insane asylum. Cari-Dee is burying her face in her hands, watching Maxx from between her fingers with a look of utter fear.

JR: The last time Maxx and Randy met was in Season’s Beating’s of 2008 where they fought each other to the last breath in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match for the Television Championship, Randy walked away the victor and new champion.

Heyman: There’s more at stake here tonight than just a Championship JR – a man’s fiancé is at stake! That’s got to encourage him to bring his A-Game.

The Maxx climbs off Randy and drags him to his feet; dragging him over to the turnbuckle and slamming his face down on the padded turnbuckle numerous times before Irish-whipping him across the ring and into the opposing turnbuckle. Maxx follows up by charging into the opposing turnbuckle and slamming into him with a clothesline which dazes Randy into stepping out into the middle of the ring where Maxx follows up with a bulldog, slamming Randy’s face into the mat.

JR: The Maxx is beginning to get the advantage here, but we all know how resilient The Nautical Warrior is and that could change at any moment!

Heyman: I’m just wondering how long it will be before we see our first weapon? Either one of these guys would just love to brutalize the other...

The Maxx walks over to Randy and grabs his hair forcefully, lifting him up to his fee- but no! Randy launches back with a counter-attack, slamming numerous punches into the face of Maxx before attacking his legs with kicks as The Maxx is slowly pushed back into the centre of the ring! The Maxx attempts to throw a punch in retaliation as the crowd cheer Roko on but he ducks and kicks him in the stomach, irish-whipping him across the ring. Maxx goes for a clotheslines but Randy ducks, stops, turns and jumps up and grabs both of Maxx’s shoulders and brings his knees up to his chest against Maxx’s back and pulls him down onto his knees!

JR: LOAR! LOAR! Just like that, in an instant, Randy stops Maxx in his tracks with an exclamation point!


Randy then pushes himself over to Maxx and quickly covers him!


TW- Kickout!

JR: And the first pinfall attempt goes to Randy Roko!

Heyman: It doesn’t matter how many pinfall attempts you have – it only takes one pinfall to win the match.

Randy wastes no time in getting back up to his feet and dragging Maxx up with him. Randy kicks him in the stomach and then catches him with a quick neckbreaker, but Randy keeps the hold and gets back up to his feet with Maxx still in the neckbreaker hold. Once back up to his feet Randy slams him down again with another, before pulling him up to his feet once more, still holding the hold, and slamming him down once more for a final, thundering neck-breaker.

On the outside Cari-Dee is looking on intently, her hands up to her face but beaming as her man takes the fight to Maxx, she’s on the edge of her seat watching every minute detail.

JR: Randy needs to keep up the pressure, Maxx only needs one second to take the advantage and then he’s all over you!

Heyman: The Maxx is a devious SOB JR, he’ll do anything it takes to win and there are no boundaries for him...

Randy wastes no time, knowing how quickly Maxx can regain the advantage. Randy lifts Maxx up to his feet again and irish-whips him into the opposing ropes, on the rebound Randy jumps up and catches Maxx with an enzuguri yet again! Maxx drops down to the mat like a tonne of bricks and Roko scrambles on-top of him yet again as Cari jumps out of her seat in excitement...



Cari sits back down, looking disappointed but encouraged as Randy gets back up to his feet again and slams into Maxx with a European uppercut which staggers him backwards. Randy then grabs his arm and Irish-whips him into the turnbuckle and follows through, charging in and roaring with frustration at Maxx as he reigns terror down on Cari-Dee once again...but no, Maxx pulls his foot up and it collides into Randy’s jaw with force!

JR: Oh no! This could be the turning point Maxx needs!

Randy staggers out to the middle of the ring and Maxx follows, breathing maniacally as Cari covers her face in her hands. Maxx boots Randy in the stomach with force, doubling him over, and then grabs him and lifts him up into a fireman’s carry, before dropping backwards while throwing Randy off his shoulder, driving him into the mat with a Death Valley Driver!

JR: Oh gawd no! Spiccoli Driver!!

Heyman: That move is devastating! But wait...what’s Maxx doing?

Instead of going for the pin Maxx slowly straightens, with his eyes widened up in an insane look of glee, he slowly, sloooooooooowly turns to look at Cari-Dee who jumps up out of her seat and backs away to the side of the commentators, tears streaming down her face as Randy tries to shake the cobwebs out on the mat.

JR: What’s he doing!? He’s not won the match yet!?

Heyman: He looks like he isn’t waiting until the match is finished to take Cari!

Maxx slowly walks to the ropes, staring down into Cari’s eyes as she slowly pleads and backs away in utter terror as boo’s reign down upon Maxx and the occasional piece of trash is thrown at him from the bystander trying to slow him down. Slowly, Maxx climbs out through the ropes and drops down to in-front of the commentators as Cari backs away, crying, around to the bottom side of the ring, with her hands up in-front of her trying to put any kind of barrier she can between her and her tormentor.

JR: This is despicable! That poor woman’s been through enough, leave her alone!

Heyman: He has no intention of listening to anyone apart from that voice inside his head, JR...

Slowly, almost teasingly, Maxx walks around the side of the ring, his eyes widened as far as they could go and his breathing heavy, the fans are throwing empty cups at him, trying to slow him down as Cari-Dee backs away as far as she can so that she is at the steel steps on the bottom side of the ring before her legs collapse from sheer terror and her injuries from the Battle Royale and the beat-down afterwards. Maxx smiles...

JR: Oh gawd, he isn’t waiting until the match is over, he-


Just as Maxx is about to reach Cari, Randy Roko flies out from the ring, through the ring-ropes, and clashes into Maxx – sending them both flying into the barricade which collapses from the sheer collision!

JR: Bah gawd!!

Heyman: Randy needs to make sure that Maxx is too beaten up to go after Cari, if Maxx can take her he will!

Cari crawls over to check on Randy as he rolls away from Maxx and the carnage that once was a section of the barricade as Maxx rolls over to the opposing side. Randy nods to Cari as she kisses him on the forehead and backs away. The fans are going crazy as they witness the two men as this match really begins to kick in to high –gear now.

JR: It looks like Randy’s finally realized that this match is do all or lose all!

Randy pushes himself up to his feet, and glares down at Maxx who is beginning to stir on the floor as the referee quickly checks on his condition. Randy walks over to the apron and reaches under it to pull out a steel-chair much to the audience’s approval!

JR: And the first weapon of the match is out!

Randy strides over to Maxx who is just getting to his knees and slams the chair down on his back, causing him to groan out in pain and scuttle forward. Randy slams the chair down again across his back before dropping it and grabbing Maxx’s hair, pulling him across over to the steel steps (away from Cari who is keeping as far away as she can), Randy slam’s Maxx’s face dow- NO! Maxx elbows Randy in the side, throwing him off and grabs his hair and slams it down onto the steel steps as Randy crumples to the ground!


Blood spurts from Randy’s nose, clearly broken as he cups his hand over his nose and stares up at the lights in pain as Maxx recuperates on the barricade. Cari stares helplessly as she leans against the barricade, not knowing what to do at all.

JR: And Randy is busted open, first blood has been spilled...

Heyman: The first of much more JR!

Maxx walks over to the apron next to the commentators, his back still in agony from the earlier chair shots as Randy dazedly gets checked up on by the referee. Maxx reaches down under and laughs manically as he pulls out a table!

JR: Oh gawd no! These men are going to put each other through hell and back!

But Maxx isn’t done there. He pauses, looking directly into the camera as he shouts “LET’S GET TWIIIIIIISTED!” and pulls out...barbed wire!! The crowd boo furiously as Cari drops to her knees in fear of what Maxx plans to do. Randy is beginning to get to his feet, so in order to keep him down Maxx kicks the steel-steps into him, connecting with the side of his head and knocking him back down to the ground.

JR: This is brutal! What is he going to do with that barbed wire!? Why do we even have barbed wire under there!?

Heyman: Maxx isn’t holding anything back, he knows what he wants to do and he’s going to do it!

Maxx walks over to the table which is now set up directly in-front of the commentators; he begins wrapping the barbed wire around the table so soon we have a barbed-wire-table on our hands! The fans can’t help but feel excited as they wonder what is going to happen. Maxx throws his head back and runs his hands through hair and his shirt as he laughs maniacally and walks over to Randy, dragging him up to his feet and pulling him over to in-front of the table...


JR: He’s going to suplex him through that barbed wire covered table!!

Heyman: No way! He’s not got a shirt on! He’ll get torn to shreds!!

Maxx locks in the suplex hold and laughs before going to lift Randy up...but Randy stands firm! The crowd cheer as Maxx’s face changes from confidence to annoyance and tries to lift him again, but again, Randy stays on the ground. Instead, Randy quickly snap-suplexes Maxx onto the concrete floor!


JR: He’s back! He’s back! Randy halted the Maxx’s plans!

Heyman: He needs to stay on him if he wants to keep his advantage though; The Maxx is never stunned for too long!

Randy hobbles back up to his feet and drags the Maxx up to his own feet. Staring at the table, in a determined fashion he walks over and places The Maxx directly in-front of the table, he kicks him in the stomach then throws his head in-between his legs, calling out for a powe- NO!



Heyman: Oh god!


Just when it looks like Randy is going to lift up Maxx for a powerbomb through the table, Maxx powers up and flips him over his back, flipping him in mid-air so that he lands back-first onto the barbed wire covered table! Cari-Dee cries out in utter shock and dismay as Randy’s back is visibly torn up with scrapes and cuts across the entirety of his back as he rolls out of the carnage to lie stomach first on the concrete, giving the camera a good shot of his torn up, bleeding, back as Maxx lies beside the broken table, himself recuperating from being suplexed onto the concrete floor.

JR: Being put through a table is hard enough, but being put through a table that’s covered in barbed wire is something else entirely!

Heyman: Things are not looking good for Cari-Dee right now!


The crowd desperately try to get Randy back in the game as Cari does her best to raise the crowd’s spirits despite looking intensely worried about the condition of Randy. Maxx sits up and grins manically, Roko’s blood splattered across his shirt as he turns and grabs Randy’s hair, dragging him up to his feet and into the ring, he slides in and covers Randy, hooking the leg.

JR: Oh please no!

Heyman: This could be it!





JR: NO! Randy Roko will NOT be beaten tonight, he will not let Maxx take Cari-Dee!

Maxx looks up at the referee and growls at him as the crowd cheer Randy on from all around the ring. Maxx returns to his feet and drags Randy up with him before slamming him back down to the canvas with a clothesline and then going back down for another cover.




Frustrated, Maxx slams the canvas. He brings himself up to his feet once again and drags Randy up to his own two feet before slamming him with a right hook, grinning maniacally. Randy holds his ground, but sways, as Maxx lands another right hook, mocking Randy by now.

JR: Maxx is just playing with Randy right now, but that’s a mistake!

Randy looks dazed but his gaze focuses on Cari-Dee on the outside of the ring and seeing her horror-struck face and tears seems to bring him out of it, he swings a massive right hook which catches Maxx, then a left, then a right then a left!


JR: And Randy is fired back up!

Randy kicks Maxx in the stomach, doubling him over, then he runs past him and jumps up onto the ropes as Maxx begins turning around. Randy then jumps backwards and flips over, catching Maxx with a Moonsault DDT! The crowd go wild as Randy brings his legs up to his chest and kips up Shawn Michaels style as the crowd go wild!

JR: He may be beaten and bloodied but he’s still in this fight!

Heyman: If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Randy Roko it’s that once he’s motivated and once he’s fired up he’ll go through almost anyone!

JR: But is The Maxx just anyone, Paul?

Randy bends down and watches Maxx get back up to his feet slowly, the tension rises and rises and as Maxx finally gets back up to his feet, Randy shuffles forward and superkick’s him right in the jaw! Maxx collapses and Randy falls into the pinfall as the crowd go wild!

JR: Shades of his old finisher the R’NR there with the Superkick and Moonsault combination!




Cari-Dee grasps her hair in despair as The Maxx kicks out once again and she slowly makes her way back to the announcers table where she slowly paces. Randy looks down at Maxx, who is recuperating, before getting to his feet and motioning to Cari-Dee for a weapon, quickly the Bangor Beauty rushes to the apron and searches for a second as Randy boots Maxx to keep him down.

JR: That’s something that The Maxx doesn’t have – friends to help him!

Cari pulls out a Singapore Cane! The crowd cheer her as she throws it into the ring and Randy catches it just as Maxx gets up to his knees. As he does so, Randy them slams the cane down across his back, then his chest, then his back, chest, back, chest, back and finally once more across his face which sends Maxx flying back down to the canvas as the Cane breaks!

JR: Two can use weapons in this match Paul!

Heyman: I have a feeling we’ve only just begun JR...

Randy pulls Maxx around onto his back to reveal he’s been busted open himself with that final cane shot, a gash opened up on the side of his face as blood begins to spill on the canvas. Randy drops down and covers him, feeling no sympathy whatsoever.




JR: And STILL it’s not enough, it looks like both of these men are in for the long haul!

Randy rolls off Maxx and closes his eyes in pain, his back still bleeding from being put through the barbed wire covered table earlier. He motions again to Cari who once again searches under the ring frantically before throwing in an aluminium trash can which Randy grabs. Maxx grabs the ropes and begins pulling himself up as Randy waits on the opposite side of the ring with the trash-can. As Maxx returns to his feet, Randy charges at him with the trash-can- but no! Maxx drops down and scoops Randy up and over the ring! Randy lands on top of the trash-can outside the ring!


JR: Bah gawd!! That had to hurt!!

Randy rolls around grasping his stomach in pain as Cari-Dee runs her hands through her hair frantically as she runs to his side. Maxx, in the ring, stumbles across to the turnbuckle and massages his temple, staring at the blood that’s been drawn as he glares at Randy on the outside.

Heyman: Both men are out for the others blood and neither one will stop until the other is COMPLETELY incapacitated!

Maxx then growls and storms over to the other side of the ring, climbing out as Cari quickly backs away in terror, looking desperately at Randy who is still clutching his stomach, Maxx reaches down and grabs Randy’s hair, yanking him up to his feet and irish-whipping him towards the ste-NO! Randy reverses the irish-whip and instead sends Maxx careening into the steel steps – the crash thundering around the stadium as Randy staggers and grasps onto the barricade for support.


Maxx crawls away from the now overturned steel steps and grabs onto the barricade, pulling himself up with it. As he pulls himself up Randy charges forward roaring as he does and clotheslines both Maxx and himself over the barricade and into the crowd!

Heyman: The crowd are always so active, now they get to see the action up close and personal!

JR: I just hope they stay clear of Maxx – I wouldn’t put it past him to attack them for getting in his way!

Randy and Maxx both roll onto their sides and use the seats to pull themselves up before they begin slugging it out in the crowd, the fans all around them cheering them on. Maxx gets the upper-hand however after a particularly vicious right hook which catches Randy on his already broken nose and then Maxx uses the opportunity lock in a cobra clutch!

JR: Cobra clutch!! Maxx is the master of this hold! Wait...

Maxx isn’t content to just do the submission hold though as he positions himself infront of a row of now vacated chairs and cobra clutch suplexes Randy onto the chairs!

JR: BAH GAWD!! The Cobra-Plex!!


Both men lay sprawled out amongst the chaos within the crowd as they try to begin a ‘holy shit’ chant. Cari looks across at them helplessly, grasping her hair and pacing from her position in-front of the commentators.

Heyman: Neither man is holding back tonight JR - they’re both giving it their all!

JR: If this keeps up neither men will be in any shape to continue the match!

Maxx stirs quickly as he wasn’t the one to be Cobra-Plexed onto steel chairs. He sits up and grabs Randy’s hair and pulls him to his feet as Maxx stands up himself. Randys face is one of pain, and his nose is bleeding again as is his wounds on his back thanks to that suplex. Maxx walks over to the barricade and roughly throws Roko over the top to land on the concrete as he calmly follows over.

Heyman: Roko needs to do something big to get back into the game, he can’t let Maxx dominate him like this!

JR: ‘The Nautical Warrior’ is known for pulling off game-changing moves when it’s least expected Paul, don’t count him out yet!

Randy rolls over to his side and attempts to get up but is stopped short as Maxx stomps his boot across his face. Reaching down he grabs him and irish-whips him into the steel steps that are on their side near them (the ones used earlier) as Randy cries out in pain. Maxx then stalks over to him, blood still slightly pouring out of the gash in his own head, and lifts him up and throws him roughly into the ring.

JR: Things are looking bad for Randy Roko right now, this very physical match will be really taking its toll on both men by this point!

Maxx slides into the ring and glares down at the form of Randy, his eyes wide as he looks down at his own blood on his hands. Maxx throws his head back and laughs maniacally as drags Randy to his feet and locks in a facelock, he lifts him up as if going for a suplex but halts halfway, before turning in a 360 degree spin and then falls back for a brainbuster!

JR: A Clockwork Orange! My god the punishment Maxx is putting on Randy is hard to watch!

Randy collapses on his back in the middle of the ring as Cari drops down to her knees next to the commentators, her hands up to her face as she looks on as her fate is decided...Maxx grins maniacally then makes the cover!





JR: Randy is STILL in this!!


On the outside Cari puts her hands behind her head and lets her head drop backwards, in relief. Maxx looks infuriated but determined and rises to his feet once more, this time sneaking out the ring to reach under the apron and pull out a steel chair before sliding back in.

JR: My god...just what does the Maxx have planned here?

Heyman: Whatever it is JR – expect it to hurt.

Maxx drops the steel chair on the canvas and sets it out so it’s in the middle of the ring then staggers over to Randy, leaning down- NO!

JR: Randy was playing possum!




Cari cries out in exasperation on the outside as does everyone in the audience, so close but so far. Maxx jumps up to his feet and boots in to Roko who was attempting to get to his own feet. Randy eventually manages to fight his way to his feet but is caught with a boot to the stomach. Maxx then irish-whips him into the opposing turnbuckle and readjusts the steel chair so it’s close to the turnbuckle.

JR: Oh god, I think I may know what Maxx is going for here!

Heyman: If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then Roko is in for a world of hurt...

Maxx then walks over to Randy in the corner but Randy fights back! He lashes out with a big boot that catches Maxx square in the jaw, dazing him!


Cari runs to the apron and starts slamming on the apron to get support for Randy going, which the whole arena then begins following as Randy staggers out of the corner and begins laying into Maxx with right hooks, catching him on the jaw and the side of his face.

JR: Randy’s still got fight in him! He needs to avoid that Avalanche DDT – it looks like he remembered Maxx’s tricks from the last time they fought!

Heyman: It seems Randy has plans of his own with that turnbuckle!

Indeed, Randy switches sides so that Maxx is now the one leaning against the turnbuckle. He boots into his gut and then forces Maxx up onto the turnbuckle, as the fans cheer and the tension rises.

JR: This is high risk, if this doesn’t pay off then Randy will be in a seriously compromised position...

Randy follows up, slowly climbing up onto the turnbuckle facing Maxx as he sporadically lashes down with elbow shots. Once he is in position he secures his arms around Maxx, going for a superplex!

JR: This could be a ga- NO!!


Out of nowhere, Maxx reverses the hold and jumps forward, forcing Randy out and lands an Avalanche DDT onto the steel chair!! Cari visibly drops down on her knees in despair as the fans boo and throw trash, obviously dismayed as well.

JR: Damn it! In trying to go for the big risk he set himself up for Maxx’s trademark Avalanche DDT!

Heyman: Shit! Randy’s now busted open pretty badly!

Randy rolls over to reveal a really nasty gash on his forehead from that avalanche DDT, blood pouring down his face as he dazedly looks up at the lights.

JR: He’s now donning the proverbial crimson mask Paul! Things are not looking good!

Heyman: Maxx is determined to walk away the winner here tonight!

Doing that move took a lot of Maxx though after everything he’s been through tonight, so he takes a second to recuperate before dragging himself over Randy as Cari grasps her hair tightly.




Cari can literally be seen sitting on her hands and knees in utter shock and relief as her future was nearly whisked away in those three seconds, the crowd rallies behind Randy and cheers him on, encouraging him.

JR: I can’t believe Randy’s still in this thing Paul!

Heyman: He’s reaching deep down JR, deep down for that part of him that acts on instinct and instinct alone...

Maxx slams down on the canvas in utter frustration, glaring down at Roko with hate and contempt in his eyes. Then a look of cold hard steely determination comes over him...

JR: Oh god, I’ve seen that look before...

Heyman: Maxx intends to finish this right here, right now!

Maxx reaches down and slowly pulls Roko to his feet and with Cari-Dee looking on in despair, Maxx locks his left arm around Randy’s left arm and around to the back of his neck while using his right arm to circle around to join up and lock in his deadly finisher submission hold...


Heyman: Oh god JR...There is NO escaping this submission hold!

Cari verbally cries out as Randy struggles to fight off the hold as the circulation begins to be restricted as Maxx throws his head back maniacally and shouts out for the world to hear “COME IN TO THE DARK, RANDY!” and begins laughing as he keeps the deadly hold locked in...


Cari-Dee has tears flowing down her cheeks, she knows just how bad the situation is right now, Randy doesn’t have to tap to lose – he just needs to pass out which is more than possible!

JR: We may be witnessing the unthinkable here ladies and gentlemen – The Maxx may WIN Cari-Dee here!

Heyman: It’s looking that way JR – I don’t see how Roko can come back from this!

Randy’s head begins to lull from side to side as his body slackens, Maxx grins sadistically then sweeps Randy’s feet from under him and slams him down to the canvas and transition the hold into the STO version of his move – intending to do some serious damage!

JR: This is terrible, this is hard to watch folks, we’re see-

Heyman: Look at Cari-Dee!

The crowd give an ASTOUNDING cheer as Cari-Dee runs to the side of the ring where Maxx and Randy are both facing as they lie on the canvas (the south side of the ring) and, despite her immense fear of Maxx as he glares right at her, she walks up to the apron and begins pounding on it, trying to keep Randy in this thing.

Cari-Dee: Come on Coco – don’t you dare give up on me now!

The fans come alive as Cari faces her fear (as she generally tends to not go within 5 feet of Maxx if she can avoid it) and they begin stamping their feet and clapping their hands. Maxx glares at Cari but it doesn’t stop her.

Cari-Dee: Coco, as your future wife, I am telling you; you are NOT losing this match!!


JR: This is incredible, Cari-Dee is willing the entire arena to get behind Randy – listen to this atmosphere!!

The fans from all around the arena are on their feet and stamping their feet, clapping, cheering, chanting – everything! And all thanks to Cari-Dee. The sound resonates throughout the arena as we start to see Randy’s leg shake and fight against the hold, which infuriates the Maxx who strengthens the hold as much as he can.

Cari continues to slap on the canvas and shout encouraging words as miraculously, Randy manages to roll over! Randy is now lying on-top of Maxx with his stomach facing the ceiling as the entire arena cheers and their stamping feet thunders around the arena. Somehow, Randy manages to sit up with Maxx still desperately trying to keep the hold locked in somehow!

JR: He’s breaking through the Dark!! He’s breaking the hold!

Heyman: I can’t believe it!!

Slowly, but surely, Randy stands up with the Maxx still on his back. Quickly Maxx releases the hold realizing that it’s useless by now but Randy turns and catches him with a right hook, stunning him. Randy, with the entire crowd behind him, then irish-whips him across the ring, and screams out to the arena lifting his hands in the air before jumping forward as Maxx rebounds and flipping in a front-flip – catching Maxx with his boot!


Heyman: Randy just needs to cover him!


Cari-Dee is jumping up and down on the outside, utterly convinced that Randy has it. Both men collapse on the ground, the exhaustion catching up to both of them as the physical toll of this match really begins to take proper hold.

JR: Cover him Randy!! You can do it!!

Heyman: I don’t think he has the energy too JR!

Slowly, painfully, Randy crawls over and drapes an arm over Maxx, still really feeling the effects of The Dark from earlier...





JR: DANGIT! He was too slow, he was still woozy from that submission hold!

Cari sags on the outside, this match being a real emotional torment for her but stays where she is on the side of the ring knowing she could be needed at any moment. Randy rolls over onto his back and both men lie there, catching their breath as blood stains the canvas.

Heyman: We’re going to need to clean up the ring after this match no matter who wins!

Randy sits up, blood dried into his face as he motions to Cari-Dee for another weapon. The crowd go ballistic with cheers as Cari immediately drops down and searches the apron before carefully removing more barbed wire and sliding it in to the ring, a determined look in her eyes.

JR: Cari-Dee knows it’s going to take a lot to put The Maxx down, and drastic measures must be used!

Randy grabs the barbed wire and with more energy as the effects of The Dark wear off, he shuffles over to Maxx and flips him over onto his back and then sits on-top of him...

JR: Oh god!! You don’t think...

Randy folds Maxx’s legs onto his back and then sits on them, locking them in place. He then wraps the barbed wire around his hands (which are thankfully covered and protected with cloth) and then reaches down, securing both his hands across the face of Maxx who immediately struggles against it, groaning in pain as the barbed wire cuts into his flesh.


JR: My god Paul...The Rocky Ride with barbed wire!!

Heyman: Submission finisher for Submission finisher...tit for tat...

JR: This is an unusually dark side to Randy Roko that we haven’t seen in a really long time!

Heyman: When everything you have is on the line – ethics go out the window...

Randy roars as he pulls back on the hold, specifically targeting Maxx’s forehead area. Blood begins to pour down Maxx’s faces before he quickly smashes his head backwards into Randy’s face, catching him right in the nose and pushing him directly off him as he stumbles back holding his bloodied face. Maxx rolls away holding his face in pain.

JR: And now both men have donned the crimson mask! When will this bloodbath end?

Heyman: When one man literally can’t walk, JR.

Randy feels victory, he hops up to his feet and roars at the crowd raising his arms. He quickly slides out of the ring and reaches down under the apron...

JR: Randy’s looking to finish this hear and now! What is he - ...oh my...

Heyman: This is going to be one hell of a finish!

Randy firstly pulls out another table and slides it into the ring as Maxx recuperates in the corner, blood still pouring down his face from the barbed wire Rocky Ride as Randy then pulls out a...ladder!


JR: Randy Roko knows he’s got to put it all on the line if he wants to win this match – and he’s putting it all on the line!!

Cari has her hand over her mouth as she stares at the ladder and leans against the barricade as Randy slides it into the ring before following suite.

JR: This could be a serious mistake if he has what I think he has in mind...

Heyman: Or, it could be the thing that wins him the match...

Maxx pulls himself up to his feet but Roko charges over and catches him with a big boot that puts him back down to the canvas. Randy then picks up the table as Cari begins pacing very anxiously on the outside of the ring as Randy sets the table up on the left hand side of the ring.

JR: I hope Randy knows what he’s doing, this is a very serious gamble he’s taking...

Randy then drags Maxx up to the table and punches him in the face to keep him dazed and then proceeds to throw him on the table, lying him down so he is lying across the table perfectly. Maxx is dazed and unsure of where he is. Randy then backs away and then slowly, painfully begins climbing the ladder, his bloodied face showing pain with every step he climbs...


JR: This entire arena is here behind Randy Roko right here and now Paul!

Heyman: It’s quite the sight, from a pirate comedic character to having an entire audience standing on their feet supporting’s quite remarkable how far he’s come!

Randy reaches the top of the ladder and Cari-Dee looks up at him before her hands cover her face, she can’t watch. He stands at the top of the ladder and looks down around the arena and he brings his hand up to his face, he ‘searches’ the crowd as hundreds of flashbulbs go off around the arena...

JR: This is it...!

He takes a deep breath, roars, and then leaps off the ladder!





Heyman: That’s two tables Randy’s went through tonight!!

Randy had attempted a Swanton Bomb, one of his old finishers, but Maxx recuperated just enough to realize what was going on and he rolls off the table as Roko is midflight. Randy crashes through the table with nothing to break his fall, and he now lies in the middle of carnage as he is barely moving. Cari is on her knees, looking on in despair as the high-risk move didn’t pay off...


Maxx rolls over into the ladder and he rubs his forehead as both men lay on the canvas. The referee quickly pulls the pieces of the broken table out and throws them outside the ring as neither men make an effort to get up from the canvas.

JR: This has been one intense match. Both men have taken the other to their limit, both men have put the other through hell, both men are broken, both men are beaten, both men are bloodied and both men are bruised...but both men are STILL in this match!

The referee has no choice. Neither men are stirring. He carefully slides the ladder out of the ring (possibly to discourage further carnage by either man) and then begins the double count-out count...

JR: Question, what happens if neither man wins?

Heyman: ...I hadn’t even thought of that...


Cari is on the apron again, slamming down on the canvas trying to rally support for Randy again which she gets but Randy is physically unable to get up right now.


Heyman: I suppose...I don’t know!

JR: I sure as hell don’t want to chance it!


Maxx stirs on the canvas, his hands starting to try to push himself up as Randy remains motionless on his side.


Cari begins desperately banging on the canvas trying to rally Randy to his senses as Maxx rolls over to his side and glares at Randy...


JR: It could end up a double-count out folks! Neither men have much left in the tank!

Heyman: I don’t think so JR, neither man want to leave this one undecided!


Maxx begins crawling over to Randy’s body, which has started to move, his legs are starting to shuffle and he is starting to attempt to roll over onto his back where we can see his wounds from being put through the first table have been re-opened.


Maxx leaps across and covers a big amount of the distance between them, Cari has tears running down her face with sheer terror as he gets closer and closer to Randy...

JR: It looks like Maxx is going to make it for the pinfall!!

Heyman: I honestly don’t know if Randy has enough left in him to kick out of one JR...


Maxx leaps forward once again and drapes his arm across Randy’s chest and the referee immediately drops down for the count as the entire arena hold their breath.





The entire arena ERUPTS in cheers as Randy manages to lift a shoulder and break the count somehow, that double count-out giving him just enough time to recuperate enough to break the count. Maxx rolls over and shakes his head as he sits up, but he can almost taste the end of this match...

JR: YES!! Somehow, Randy Roko is STILL FIGHTING!

Heyman: I wouldn’t get too happy JR, Maxx smells blood and he’s closing in for the kill.

Cari is looking on with tears streaming down her face as she watches Maxx stagger to his feet and grab the almost lifeless form of Randy Roko to his feet. Both men are wearing the crimson mask and both men are bloodied, battered and damn-near broken

Maxx turns to the camera and through his blood covered face, a maniacal grin can be seen as he screams out...


The entire crowd boo and furiously stamp their feet trying to rouse Randy as Maxx hauls him up to his shoulders in a fireman’s carry...

JR: The Twist of Cain! He’s setting up the Twist of Cain!!

Cari-Dee sobs on the outside as she looks on what may be her final moments as a free woman as The Maxx laughs with an insane, terrifying, gleeful laugh that sends chills down every man, woman & child’s spine...

...and spikes the back of Roko's head off the canvas with a sickening thud.

JR:TWIST OF CAIN! TWIST OF CAIN! That's gotta be it! No one has ever kicked out of that devastating maneuver! This is a tragedy folks!

Roko appears totally unconscious. Maxx is on all fours, blood pouring from his head and soaking the canvas beneath him. He laughs silently.

Heyman: I... I don't understand. What is this?

JR: Just pin him and get it over with, dammit! Dammit!

Cari slaps at the apron utterly grief stricken and panicked. Maxx rolls out of the ring, grabs a chair, re enters and drops the chair at his feet. He reaches down and grabs Roko by the hair and begins lifting him up again.


Heyman: Is he doing what I THINK he's doing?!

The blood soaked former Steel City Saint rises to his full height, blood pouring from his wounds, and slaps the kneeling Randy Roko across the face. And again. Before hoisting him back onto his shoulders into the Fireman's Carry position yet again. A sick smile flashes across the face of the mad man.

Heyman: He's gonna do it again, JR! We've never seen that. No one get's up from The Twist. He may literally be trying to kill Randy Roko!

JR: He's a sick man, Paul! He said he wanted to finish this once and for all and it looks like... WAIT! What on god's green earth is she doing!

Cari-Dee frantically turns, grabs a microphone, and rolls into the ring. The crowd gasps in unison.

JR: CARI NO! Somebody stop this, dammit!

Heyman: She's gonna get herself killed. The Maxx is in the middle of a blood lust bezerker frenzy!


Maxx(his voice audible through Cari's microphone): Why should I? Is it because you love him? IS IT?!

Cari: No... Well, yes, but it's not just that!

The Maxx turns his head to one side looking at Cari with an expression of pure curiosity.

Cari: After everything you've done tonight, after everything I've witnessed, everything you've ever done, I KNOW there's still good in you!

The Maxx drops Roko from his shoulders and his limp body slumps to the canvas. He steps towards Cari and says...

Maxx: What do you know about anything? You don't know anything about me, princess! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! I WILL BATHE THIS ENTIRE ARENA IN YOUR LOVER BOY'S BLOOD!

Cari, with tears in her her eyes full of tears looks to the prone body of her true love before looking back at the Twisted Enigma. She takes a deep breath and steadies herself. Seemingly conjuring immeasurable courage from thin air.

Cari: Maxx... Maxximus... you weren't ALWAYS like this. I know that. A lot of us know that. You do this terrible horrible things to try and make everyone forget who you used to be. We all know about your past and your start in Extreme Revolution. You used to be one of the good guys. You cared about people. You still care about people. Your people. You used to do what you did in the ring to inspire people. To be a role model for the kids in your hometown. To give them something to strive for. Something to look up to. Jesus, Maxx, they used to call you the Steel City Saint. They loved you and despite this decent into madness, they probably still love you. Don't you see. It's not too late! Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever. Sometimes, we all need a little help.

Cari steps forward and reaches out her hand. Maxx stands if front of her stunned. For the first time he has no idea what to do. The Blonde Bombshell strokes Maxx's face and smiles at him.

Cari: It's never too late. Somewhere inside of you there is a light that never goes out. You've just forgotten where to look for it. I want you to stop this madness but not for me, not for Randy. Do it for yourself. Do it for the people who once loved you and looked up to you and who still do. They believe in you, Maxx. Why can't you believe in yourself?

Behind them Randy Roko starts to sluggishly rise to his feet. Maxx drops his head and closes his eyes.

Maxx: Thank you, but it's too late for me. The things I've done... I can never come back from that. It's over...

The Maxx snatches the microphone out of Cari's hand.

Maxx: Now leave and let me finish this. Cari... walk out now while you still can. I'll only say this once.

Cari drops her head defeated. She looks back at Randy who is almost back to his feet. All the courage she could muster to face the mad man is gone. She puts her face into her hands and exits the ring. The Maxx turns back towards Roko.

Maxx: Now, boy... we finish this...

The Maxx drops the microphone and lifts the chair and tosses it at Randy's feet. He stands facing Roko, places his hands behind his back and shouts...


JR: What the hell is he doing. This is crazy?! I've never seen anything like that in my life!

Heyman: JR, I think she just did what no one has had the courage to do. To stand up to the mad man and make him... well, make him see the light. I guess?

Randy sluggishly picks up the chair and looks at The Maxx with utter confusion. Maxx just nods his head and silently mouths the words "Do it, Randy. I'm sorry." Help me...." Randy nods back to Maxximus before rushing him with everything he's got and blasts him him across the face and head with the chair. Both men crash down to the canvas, Randy landing on top of the Steel City Saint. Charles Robinson dives into position...





Ring Announcer: The winner of the match... RANDY ROKO!!!

The crowd loses their goddamn minds! The cheers easily rival anything else seen this evening.

Cari-Dee rushes into the ring and helps Randy to his feet where they embrace in the cutest hug anyone has ever seen. She kisses Randy and slowly and lovingly helps him to the ropes where he can regain his balance. She turns once again, for the last time, at the prone body of The Maxx. She kneels next to him, brushes the hair from his face, and leans down and kisses his forehead and mouths the words "Thank you" to him before returning to Roko and helping out of the ring and up the ramp. The worlds cutest couple stops at the stage. They turn to face the crowd. Randy raises Cari's hand to a massive pop from the crowd then turns, pulls Cari into him and kisses her deeply. Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

The couple exits behind the curtain and once again the lights drop. For a few moments the arena is filled with deafening silence. One single spotlight breaks through the darkness and shines into the ring. The body of The Maxx is gone and it it's place lays a single black canvas bag...

Cut to...

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We cut to backstage once at the Olympic Stadium, where we find Todd Grisham stood ready, resplendent in his fanciest suit (seriously, Grish looks gooooood). The Toddster raises the microphone and utters a single sentence that immediately sends screams, whoops, yells and cheers echoing throughout the entire of London, not just the stadium itself.

TG: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time…His Highness of Flyness, Lucian L. Jones!!


The crowd go absolutely bananas…B-A-N-A-N-A-S as Lucian swaggers into shot, dressed ready for yet more action (no doubt of whichever variety presents itself first) after Night One’s exertions.





LLJ: Whaddup Todd! Excuse me jus’ one second…

Lucian turns to face the camera, getting in nice and close.

LLJ: A’ight people, we doin’ this one las’ time, so I wanna hear y’all in fine voice! And I ain’t jus’ talkin’ ‘bout the good people sat here in this stadium. I know y’all are out there watching at home, or with a bunch of yo’ friends, or in some bar somewhere with a big ol’ crowd of people, and I’m talkin’ to each an’ every one of you guys and gals too. Las’ night was about the PTP puttin’ the band back together one last time…






The chanting is louder than ever, which brings a genuine warm smile to the face of Jones for a second, before he continues to speak.

LLJ: That’s right people, officially the GREATEST TAG TEAM IN TWOSTARS HISTORY!! HISTORY!! HISTORY!!


LLJ: Las’ night was ‘bout the PTP for me, but t’night? Tonight is about business. Tonight is about doin’ this how we do one last time. T’night is about celebratin’ TWOStars in the one way I know best, by stickin’ it to Matt Denton one last time!


LLJ: So bearin’ alla that in mind, I say to you London…no, the world…WHA GWON PEOPLE!!






With a grin, Lucian takes a couple of paces back, standing back next to the also smiling Todd Grisham.

TG: I’ve missed that.

LLJ: Me too buddy, me too.

TG: So Lucian, after the epic match you went through just 24 hours ago, are you in shape for your match with Denton?

Lucian adjusts his BRAND NEW sunglasses, shooting a confident grin in Todd’s direction.

LLJ: Come on Todd, what kind of question is that? When has your boy ever backed down from a fight, especially with a douchebag like Denton?


LLJ: Look man, Boyo and Sickness put me through the grinder las’ night, sure. But I had a ton worse done to me and still fought on. Remember Samson?

Both men shudder at the mention of the Unstoppable Murder Machine.

LLJ: See, t’night ain’t just about Lucian L Jones challenging Matt Denton for the title. T’night is all about standing tall for TWOStars one last time against a man who jus’ wants to watch the world burn. Matt Denton wants to ruin everythin’ this company has done for the last 10 years, and when Matt Denton steps outta line, y’all can be sure that Lucian L. Jones is there slap him right back into order!


TG: But do you feel any added pressure with this being the final show of TWOStars?

LLJ: Todd, I’d be lyin’ if I said there was no pressure here. But I thrive on that, Todd. I know these people out here have some high expectations, and I fully intend on goin’ out there and livin’ up to what is expected of me. I’m not fightin’ for Lucian L. Jones tonight, I’m representin’ each and every person that has ever been a fan of this company. I’m fightin’ to send this place out in the way it deserves, and that ain’t with a douchebag like Matt Denton tryin’ t’shut the place down!!


The crowd break out in chanting, almost as if giving Matt Denton (wherever he may be right now) some kind of ominous warning…




LLJ: I love this company. Where else would a guy like me be able to get away with half the junk I’ve done? Indiana Jones homages? Swordfights with pirates? Trashing a $5 million automobile? Hell not just me, we’ve had cannons fired…


LLJ: Parrots murdered!!


LLJ: Goddamn Zombie Damon Kori!!


LLJ: A wee Scotsman who thinks he’s a train was champion of this whole damn company!!


We cut to the crowd and can see several of them “blowing the whistle” with a loud:


LLJ: People have been thrown down wells, through tables, off stages, off cages, hell, even off of a damn roof in Germany!!


LLJ: We’ve had vampires, voodoo queens, wasabi warriors from future Tokyo, pirates, hippies, whatever Jaycey Baby was, young guys, old guys (Hi Tom Liver, howyadoin’), big guys, small guys (waddup lil Mike), we’ve had ups, downs, ins, outs, back and forths, and we’ve been round and around and around this big ol’ world.


LLJ: And y’know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.


LLJ: So I’ma go out there t’night an’ do what I always do. Entertain these good people, put bitches like Matt freakin’ Denton in stitches, and make sure that TWOStars isn’t remembered for the ending Matt Denton wants to bring to this company, but rather the good times and great memories from the last 10 years!


LLJ: I’m goin’ out there t’night to make sure this company gets the ending that both it, and all these great fans that have followed us over the years deserve. And do you know why, Todd?

TG: I’m pretty certain I do, but I think for one last time I’d like to hear you and the crowd tell us all why.

Lucian stifles a small giggle at what obviously wasn’t the pre-planned answer Todd was supposed to give. Caving in from his character for just a second, Jones turns to Todd and says…

LLJ: Man, I’ve missed yo’ goofy a*s so much.

…before snapping back to the camera and addressing the audience both in the stadium, and around the world.

LLJ: Whaddya say we do this loud and proud one more time, huh? Because…

The next sound you hear is truly cacophonic as literally every person in the stadium, and no doubt a few of those sat watching in their various locations around the world, yell in unison…



Lucian grabs Todd in a manly hug, before putting the interviewer back down, grinning widely at the camera, and positively bouncing out of shot.

Cut to:

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
For the final time, possibly ever, we return to a TWOstars arena and the camera pans around the crowd taking in the people who made the past decade possible. After two nights and, in total, what feels like 15 hours of wrestling, the audience are still cheering, enthusiastic and eager to get to the main event.

Jim Ross: We're moments away from the final main event TWOstars is ever going to host, Paul.

Paul Heyman: I can't believe that after all this time we're finally here. I've been through one closure in my career and I always promised myself I'd never go through another.

JR: Well, and don't push me to say it again, we're glad you came back for this.

PH: Now don't go getting soppy on me Jim. If we're going to have to watch TWOstars go out, I want it to burn spectacularly.

JR: Well Matt Denton – the current General Manager – made it pretty clear that these shows were going to be the exclamation point to TWOstars' Decade of Destruction.

PH: Denton has repeatedly, over nearly half of the time this company has existed, been trying to put the final nail in the coffin and has always come short. Now, tonight, I just can't see how anyone can stop him.

JR: He's the World Heavyweight champion, he holds all the decision making power, and, honestly, win, lose or draw, the company is gone when the fat lady sings.

PH: These nights have been about closure for Denton – he's cleaning out all his skeletons and has a fresh frame waiting in Zenith Towers to hang the retired belt in.

JR: We saw it at the start of last night's show when it appeared the GM had given the founder of TWOstars a chance to come out and spill his heart out to the audience who brought him to the dancefloor.

PH: Darkstar, in his old age, has clearly become a sentimental fool. That's why he's no longer in power, because he got eclipsed.

JR: Whatever you think about Darkstar you cannot ignore the important role he played in the company, and the flagrant disrespect Matt Denton paid to him.

PH: “Disrespect”, that's awfully polite of you. Darkstar was massacred last night and left potentially ruined for life.

JR: A man who put his blood and sweat into this company...

PH: … was carted out leaving the ring covered with it.

JR: Now come on Heyman.

PH: Ross, I'm only going to say this once before this main event gets underway, but Denton is everything.

JR: I somehow suspect this isn't going to be the last time you say it.

Before the two men can argue anymore the arena lights drop down and anticipation ripples around the room. The silence hangs and the ripples begin to pick up momentum. When finally the initial drums kick in the cheers are deafening.


PH: So far we haven't even mentioned the challenger.

JR: I was just getting to it – Matt Denton wants to write his perfect happy ending, and who else is the final monster to conquer except this man.

PH: Lucian L. Jones – one of the most phenomenal talents this company has ever had the pleasure of hosting.

JR: You're surprisingly complimentary.

PH: There is no match I would rather be preparing to watch just now than this one. And no ending I want to see more than Denton slaying the dragon.

The drums and cymbals have looped, going on longer than it normally would. It's teasing the audience, getting them ready for the eventual arrival of the man who's been placed in the position of saving TWOstars.

JR: Jones walks into this match with the heaviest of burdens – it is on his shoulders to stop Denton and redeem TWOstars in its final moments.

PH: Matt could have refused to defend the belt, he's got the power to refuse to compete. But he didn't do that. No, instead our General Manager saw an opportunity to make a point.

JR: He's also a businessman and, whatever you might think of Denton, that man knows how to make money.

PH: And how to hold a grudge.

The cymbals are being smashed and crashed when a suddenly... a pause... everyone freezes. It's time, it's now.

Around the TWOtron fireworks erupt and gold confetti flutters down from the sky as the lights come up. As Rivers of Blood kicks in the camera sits on the stage and Lucian L. Jones appears from behind the curtain. Walking to the centre of the stage, his fists taped, his hood up and his face down the only acknowledgment is a gentle head bob to the music that accompanies him.

JR: Look at Lucian – that's not the man we're used to seeing.

PH: Jones made a career out of being a loveable rogue. But tonight that won't do.

Banging his fists against the sides of his head, Lucian throws his hood back and roars out at the crowd.


The crowd cheer in reply as he takes big heavy steps down towards the ring. With a flare in his eyes, he slaps fans hands as a gesture of goodwill rather than for fun. Children can be seen screaming good luck and a particularly weighty middle aged man audibly demands that he “F*CK DENTON UP!”

JR: He's one-half of the longest reigning TWOstars Tag Team champions, held the Triple Crown championship longer than anyone else and was, more than any other wrestler, the guy who led to the downfall of The Consortium.

PH: Jones has battled evil before, and he's come out the losing side before – fighting Edward Samson, Chris Eagles, Lord Bison and more – but this isn't a fight he can just bounce back from.

JR: That's why, I'd imagine, he isn't planning on losing.

PH: You say that like he has a choice.

Lucian reaches the bottom of the ramp and the steel steps, looking up into the ring and pauses. Although he's seemed serious since he came out, for the first time there's almost a moment of reconsideration. Once he's in that ring he knows that it's finally real.

JR: We saw Jones compete last night with his longtime partner and best friend Kyle Gilmore.

PH: They squared off against another legendary team in The Dark Alliance and that was an incredible battle.

JR: Really it says enough about Jones that he is main eventing both nights – it shows exactly how much he means to this company.

He shakes his head slightly, it's not the time for doubt and moves up the steps and along the apron. Cleaning his boots – if it's good enough for Regal then Jones isn't going to argue – and steps over the middle rope.

PH: He's in, there's no turning back now. He's set his end in stone. He's voluntarily walked into his public slaughter.

JR: Lucian knows what he's up against tonight and has come in prepared.

PH: I don't know about that, Gilmore hasn't even bothered to accompany him.

JR: I imagine they've spent all of today arguing over whether that'll be necessary or not.

Lucian walks over to the far turnbuckle, reaching out a supportive hand to pat the referee for the evening – Lil' Naitch of course – on the back. Climbing up to the middle rope, Lucian stares out into the thousands in attendance. They cheer him on, trying to rally the subdued superstar.

PH: You ever heard that the battle's already lost if you enter it halfhearted.

JR: Have you ever seen Lucian Jones enter anything at less than 100%?

PH: I remember his arm getting messed up pretty badly...

Fists clenched at his sides, his arms slowly lift and his entire being begins to shake with rage as Lucian finds himself filled by the spirit of every TWOstars fan in the room. Their support, their love and their gosh darned dedication to this company is what he has lived for and it's what he's going to fight for. He slams his chest twice before jumping down and banging his fists off the top buckle. As his music dies down it's replaced by a loud, confident cheer.


JR: The crowd have picked their man for the match.

PH: They wouldn't even have a TWOstars if it wasn't for Matt Denton.

JR: WHAT? He's putting the company out of business. It's exactly because of him they won't have it.

PH: Look JR, I'm worried that in this climate you're maybe becoming a bit delusional.

Pulling off his hoody, Lucian reveals a fresh t-shirt for two nights only:


Dropping it over the side of the ring, Jones stretches on the ropes as he prepares for one of his greatest nemesis to come on down.


Metallica's King Nothing begins to play and during the intro guitar, from the back, Denton's security troupe begin marching out in their droves.

JR: What on Earth is this?

Like Noah's animals, two by two, a stream of riot gear clad drones head towards the ring. Inside it, The Sultan of Swagga's face is suddenly one of caution.

PH: Denton just wants to guarantee things go smoothly.

JR: As General Manager I'm sure a simple banning from ringside would have sufficied.

PH: Sometimes you lead with the carrot, sometimes you lead with the forty man strong elite security force.

As the two lines reach the bottom of the ramp the part and begin circling their respective side of the ring. Lucian darts back and forth, trying to keep an eye on every one of them but it's impossible. Fortunately they don't seem to be interested or plotting, they're functional furniture just now – props to use for mind games and to harass people in the front couple of rows.

The two separate lines meet again and come to a halt, each man behind following suit and turning to face towards the ring. With James Hetfield roaring over the PA, a gap is left between the ramp and ring, room for the emerging Matthew Kennedy Denton to walk through.

JR: Denton's cheerleaders have Lucian trapped. What we thought was going to be a difficult match has become nearly impossible.

PH: You've given up on Lucian pretty quickly.

JR: This is a case of pure maths... although I've not counted completely there's at least twenty – maybe more – men out there.

Standing at the top of the ramp, dressed in the most expensive wrestling gear you're ever likely to see, the General Manager of TWOstars stands centre stage with The Enforcer slung over his shoulder.

PH: Still covered in the dried blood of Darkstar.

JR: Covered in the blood of many men from over the years.

PH: That barbed wire wrapped baseball bat has been the last thing many men ever see.

JR: Used throughout his career, Denton has begun signing all his blood pacts with it.

Looking down at Lucian, the cruel evil Permasmirk stretches across Denton's face. Like a Grinch it devours the good around him. Revelling in the boos and the screams and the swearing, Matt begins down towards the ring. The World Heavyweight championship sits round his waist with a bloody handprint across the front plate.

PH: People accuse Denton of having no respect but he's a man who has had to fight for everything he's got. He has never been a charity case and holds everyone to the same standard.

JR: He's a maniac who has, in recent weeks, assaulted Board of Director members, held shareholders to ransom and sent ex-GM Paul Gray packing forever.

PH: I love a guy who sets high goals.

Halfway down the ramp, Denton points out to Jones before bringing the bat down from his shoulder and taking a hard, fast practise swing. People in the audience flinch back in fear it'll connect with them. Laughing loudly, purposefully obnoxiously, Denton follows the imaginary ball – Jones' head? - way into the bleachers.

JR: Jones isn't even twitching.

Instead Lucian pulls his t-shirt off, while Denton comes out dressed up, the Duke is stripping to his bare minimum. As Denton reaches the bottom of the ramp he pauses once more and raises his arms into the air, bat pointing upwards like a mighty sword.

PH: He is King, armed with his Excalibur he is ridding the world of evil.

JR: Lucian isn't evil.

PH: No, the evil that is TWOstars.

JR: It's like you've been hypnotised.

Lucian charges and throws his t-shirt. The item lands straight in Denton's face, interrupting his moment and causing him to stumble backwards. The Enforcer drops and he tears at his face. Dumped to the ground, the smirk is gone and Matt climbs straight up to the apron and begins into the ring.

PH: Lucian? What're you doing Lucian?

JR: Jones can play mind games too.

Denton is nose-to-nose with Lucian and the two men are shoving each other's chests before the referee forces himself between them for the introductions. Standing either side of the ring, security now closing the one gap that existed, the main event is set. Tony Chim-chiminy-chim-chiminy-chim-chim-chiree steps up for honour.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is your MAAAAAAAAAAIN EVEEEEEEEEENT of the evening, and the last match EVER to take place in TWOOOOOOOOOOOstars. It is a two out of three falls match – where the winner of any fall decides the rules to the next round until a majority are won by either of the competitors – and is for the TWOstars Wooooooooorld Heaaaaaaaaavyweight chaaaaaaaaampionship.

As Tony pauses from this lengthy intro a loud chant breaks out among the crowd.

THANK-YOU-TWOstars ***clap*clap*clapclapclap*** THANK-YOU-TWOstars ***clap*clap*clapclapclap*** THANK-YOU-TWOstars ***clap*clap*clapclapclap*** THANK-YOU-TWOstars ***clap*clap*clapclapclap*** THANK-YOU-TWOstars ***clap*clap*clapclapclap***​

TC: Introducing first, the challenger; hailing from Jonestown, Geeeeeeeorgia, weighing in at 237lbs, he is the longest reigning TWOstars Triple Crown champion, one-half of the longest reigning TWOstars Tag Team champions, and a member of the TWOstars Hall of Fame. He is The Sultan of Swagger, The Duke of Jonestown, The King of Bling... Luuuuuuuuuuuucian.... LEGENDARY.... Jonnnnnnnnnnnes.


The chant has stopped and instead the crowd cheers loudly, backing their man and finishing the introduction properly. The man of the people. The man of these people. Lucian points, shaking his finger at Chimmel, before stretching his arms in windmill motions.

TC: And second, the champion; hailing from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 240lbs, he is the owner of Zenith Entertainment Network, the former owner of Sin City Wrestling, the current General Manager of TWOstars and the TWOstars World Heavyweight chaaaaaampion, he is The Cardinal of Controversy, the Affluent A-hole... Maaaaaaaaaaaaathew... KEEEEEEEENNEEEEEDY... Dentttttttton.

As much as the crowd loved Lucian, boy, they sure seem to hate Denton a little bit more. Screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs, it would leave a lesser man's spirit completely broken. But MKD isn't a lesser man – he is the man.

JR: We're moments away from the match being underway Heyman.

PH: It's really happening, for the final time ever Lucian L. Jones and Matthew K. Denton are going toe-to-toe in the middle of the squared circle.

JR: We're rarely aware of when we're witnessing history but, Paul, I think we're about to be part of something that will last forever.

Lil' Naitch lifts the title belt up for the crowd to see and moves to hand it out to ringside (which is a struggle thanks to those bleedin' guards). When it's done though and he looks to both men for acknowledgment that they're ready... with that...

*** DING! DING! DING! ***

A cheer from the crowd as the two men run straight at each other.

PH: This first round is a straight singles match, am I right?

JR: Completely, but it's crucial to take that first fall because the winner gets to name the stipulation for the next round.

PH: That's twisted. After winning a round you then get the chance to completely upset the balance of the match in your favour.

JR: And I worry that's exactly what Denton's going to do.

PH: Lucian better win that first round then.

An elbow and collar tie up but neither man wrestles for position. Instead they're using the proximity to bring punches down into each other's head. Naitch can't watch this complete disregard for no closed fists and so again splits them up.

JR: Two times already and the match has just started that the referee has had to split them up.

Jones goes after Denton with a clothesline only to have it ducked. He spins quickly but is met by a big slap to the face. The impact stuns the arena into a brief moment of silence as the Sultan's face snaps to the side.

PH: Matt reminding Lucian about the food chain.

JR: He is showing complete disregard for the challenger.

Throwing a middle finger up at Lucian's still turned face, Denton turns and heads to the ropes. The crowd rumble as Jones straightens, runs and catches the champ as he hits the ropes. This clothesline connects and sends Matt over the top rope and to the outside where he lands on a sprawl of security members.

PH: They're already paying off.

JR: When you described them as a safety net I didn't think you meant literally.

PH:They're professionals. They know what's involved in this line of work.

Forcing himself up, fighting out of a mixture of body parts and kevlar, Denton smacks the ring apron impatiently before climbing back up. Lucian meets him and throws a knee to the gut before hooking an arm.

JR: Lucian is controlling the pace of this match. The slap seems to have knocked any wariness out of him and he's ready to go.

Over and onto their backs, the suplex to the inside connects. Lucian quickly climbs to his feet and goes to the ropes to mouth off some of the officers.

PH: Jones is getting cocky way too early in the game.

JR: Denton is already getting up, Lucian pay attention.

Ross had no reason to worry because Lucian was on it. After a quick zinger, he's back on the champion and has him round the head. Dropping quickly, Jones connects with a classic DDT. Back up to his feet, Lucian stands looking down at the reeling Denton. As the GM tries to sit up on one arm Lucian places a boot squarely on his face and shoves him onto his back.

PH: Come on Jones, that's no way to treat anyone.

The crowd cheer in approval as Jones repeats the motion, forcing Denton to stay on his back before slowly placing the bottom of his boot on the cheek of his downed opponent. Looking out at the audience, Lucian nods knowingly before spinning on the boot, grinding the treads deeply into Matt's cheek.

JR: Lucian showing he's willing to play dirty. If Denton wants to get into a gritty brawl then the challenger will meet him in the gutter.

PH: He's trying to ruin that trademark Denton smile. Those dental bills will be docked from your final payday Jones.

Rolling around in agony, holding his face, Denton makes it up to his knees before climbing up to a vertical base.

JR: Even ignoring everything that this match stands for, these two men have a long history.

PH: Our champion led The Consortium back in 2010, he reached out and received the help of Ex-Rev mastermind Deadman, he brought TWOstars to their knees... he stopped Lucian Jones' own mother from being evicted.

JR: Well, technically yes.

PH: Jones was given a very fair contract by Denton to represent SCW and he did nothing but throw it back in the boss' face.

JR: Lucian was put in a very difficult predicament and signed a temporary deal with the devil.

PH: The only snake in The Consortium was Jones.

JR: I don't know, Christopher Eagles was fighting on their side even though he was still under contract to TWOstars...

PH: And look at him now.

Lucian whips Matt across the ring. The Sultan of Swagger bends double as Matt hits the ropes but is left empty handed. The General Manager has grabbed onto the ropes, stopping his momentum and takes advantage of Lucian's prone position. Charging forward, he leaps into the air and brings a high boot down towards the back of Lucian's head.

JR: A curb stomp attempt there!

Lucian swings round, the ring general that he is avoiding the impact, and is up and straightens in time to deliver an European uppercut. The move, connecting with an unstable Denton, knocks him flat out and Lucian goes for the first pin of the match.


PH: That looked nasty, the momentum of the missed shot used against the champion.

JR: If it connected correctly that could have knocked Matt flat out.


PH: But by the looks of it he's okay.

JR: A strong kick out shows that Denton is still in this.

PH: He's just warming up.

JR: So far it's been almost all Jones.

PH: And how many falls has he secured yet?

Up on his feet, Lucian is keeping things simple and effective and drops an elbow across the chest of the champion.

JR: A great move – winding your opponent and leaving them gasping can never be overrated as a strategy. All you need is three seconds.

PH: Well, in this match, six.

JR: Certainly Paul...

Up, this time dragging Denton with him, and Lucian is feeling pretty great. He whips Matt towards a turnbuckle and backs to the opposite side of the ring. Filled with rage, he charges for his nemesis but connects with knees.

PH: Good job Matt.

JR: Denton protecting himself. He didn't have many options right there.

PH: Winding him – just like you said, a great, great strategy.

Lucian stumbles back, and Matt uses the opportunity to dive forward and grab the thick hair of his opponent. Although shorter than it used to be way back at his debut, it's long enough now that two big clumps can be forcedly pulled at. Dragging his opponent into the turnbuckle, Matt keeps a hold of the hair as he throws a knee into gut.

JR: Come on referee – why aren't you stopping this?

PH: Stopping the biggest match in TWOstars history?

JR: Stopping this flagrant cheating.

Denton throws another knee as Lucian does his best to push the a*shole off. A third knee puts all efforts to a stop and finally Matt lets go of the hair just as the referee tries to have a say.

Turning his attention to the official, Matt in no uncertain manner tells Robsinson exactly where to go.

PH: Yes, good, remind him, remind everyone, who's boss!

JR: If you let him bully the referees, how long is it until he's out here starting with us?

PH: We've got his security between us and them.

JR: Strangely that doesn't make me feel safer.

Grabbing at Lucian's left arm, Denton wraps it round the top rope and, placing a leg on the middle rope for momentum, pulls hard to stretch it – as if trying to rip it from it's socket.

PH: Now this is strategy.

JR: Jones' arm that Lord Bison ruined, Denton knows the goings on in his company and knows the weaknesses he could exploit.

PH: Take out an arm and you take out everything. You can't win if you can't lift the leg for the pin.

Jones screams out loud as the pressure is put on his arm. The nervous referee hesitates approaching the illegal manoeuvre.

JR: Damn it Charles, get in there and break this up.

Lucian's free arm is gripping the top rope tightly as he does everything in his power to stop from passing out. Swinging a fist, the blow is wide and loose and bounces off of Denton's shoulder. In return Matt gives a sharp pull.

PH: Could we see the first fall here? A submission? Just do it Jones.

JR: He can't submit because he's caught up in the ropes. But there doesn't appear to be any way out right now.

Another smack and although this one seems to do more damage, with Matt losing the position of his leg on the rope, he snaps onto his back and pulls the arm down as he goes.

PH: Sacrificing his own body in the name of longterm benefits.

JR: Jones is in agony, you can just see it. We thought he was completely healed but maybe something happened last night that brought out some old pains.

Lucian is leaning into the turnbuckle hugging the stretched arm close to his chest as Matt gets up. A punch is thrown and Matt dodges back, quickly stepping forward in retaliation and connecting with a high kick to the side of the head.

PH: It's something you forget about with Denton, that he's got real nasty strikes behind him.

JR: A real jack of all trades.

PH: And a master of all – just like in all aspects of his life.

Lucian has crumpled to the mat and is lying with his head half hanging over the bottom rope. Matt bends down and points an accusing finger at Jones before straightening and delivering a stop to the hurt arm.

JR: Denton has found a weakness and he's warming up to exploit it.

Lucian attempts to roll over the rope but seems to give up when he sees the faceless goons lined up outside. As he tries to compose himself, Denton grabs the one armed fighter by the leg and begins dragging him into the middle of the ring. Delivering a stern kick to the inner thigh, Matt drops the leg and moves round to the hurt arm. With Lucian holding it close, trying to shield it from more damage, he struggles to stop Matt from outstretching it.

PH: I'm not sure what Matt's got planned.

JR: He's lay the arm on the mat, and now... he's placing a foot right on it.

PH: He's going to cripple Jones.

Looking down at Lucian, the smile appears across Denton's face as he wipes the sweat from his face. The Sultan of Swagga tries to sit up but the trapped arm makes it impossible and his attempt to fight back only makes the champion angry. Lifting his foot into the air, with a fast and nasty thud the boot comes down straight down and the crowd boo furiously.

JR: Matt Denton can't do this. He's not a businessman – he's a psychopath.

PH: Well that madness has led him to be the most successful wrestler in the world.

Lucian, again, screams in agony and rolls onto his front adding another layer of protective shield. Hands on his knees, bending forward and lip pouted he struggles to keep a straight face. Looking round at the crowd, he decides to try get a chant started.


JR: He's just antagonising the audience now.

PH: Matt is giving the crowd what they want.

JR: He's a cheerleader squad of one.

PH: Well you've got to love yourself if you expect anyone else to.

The audience are furious but Matt doesn't seem to mind. It's almost like he's enjoying it. Back on Jones and he rolls the Prime Time Playa' onto his back again, bends down to get at that hurt arm and...



Robinson leaps into action and gets down onto the matt.



JR: Out of nowhere, with one arm, Jones has turned the tides.

PH: What a piece of scum – playing possum, does he have no honour?


JR: It's a two out of three falls match where the winner picks the next stipulation... getting that first fall is crucial.


The two interwound bodies spring apart and the crowd echo the twooooooooooooo in frustration. The pin has provided some hope though and as Denton roars to his feet, Lucian gets up to one knee and gives a knowing smile to his opponent. With his good arm, he motions that he was this close to the pin and Denton starts running.

PH: What cheek, what contempt.

JR: Lucian could have used that space to get to his feet, I think he might've made a mistake.

PH: Angering the Corporate Identity of TWOstars? 'Mistake' is putting it lightly.

Denton's nearly on top of Jones when he is able to fall to his side and trap Denton is a drop toe hold. Unprepared, the fall is nasty and sees Matt catch himself face first.

JR: Lucian played Denton like a half-filled moonshine jug.

PH: It looked more like he collapsed and happened to trip Matt up.

JR: Well either way it's Lucian who's starting to get up.

Using his two feet and the one arm, Lucian gets to his feet, runs to the ropes and returns to drop an elbow across the back of Matt's head.

PH: That could cause a concussion.

JR: Maybe we should deliver one to TWOstars so we can forget all about the Matt Denton regime.

Lucian grabs Matt round the head and begins pulling him up. As they both reach a vertical base Lucian gives his sore arm a shake before throwing a short righthand jab.


PH: Oh come on Jones...

JR: Having to use his right hand because that left arm is completely useless, this is vintage Jones.

A second hand is thrown straight to Denton's puss and Robinson decides to allow it.


The crowd are joining in, screaming the catch phrase at the top of their lungs. The third punch connects


The fourth punch and Denton's whole body sways to the side slightly.


Jones pauses, breaking pattern from his usual and points round at the crowd while staring straight at Matt and shouts:


Stretching his right arm across his body, winding up for the biggest damned backhand he's ever had to punk an opponent with, the audience are cheering.

PH: Your crowd pleasing will get you nowhere.



Lucian swings the backslap and it connects with nothing as Matt ducks. The momentum spins Lucian so he's facing away from the champion. Arm round the shoulder and Matt lifts his opponent up for a backdrop.

PH: Lucian flips... they're not done yet.

Jones rolls over Matt's shoulder, down behind the mogul, and onto his feet.

JR: He's got him – he's got him – he's got him!

Lucian locked Matt's head into a reverse facelock.

PH: No, this can't be it.

The audience are going wild, they can't believe it. Lucian prepares to launch himself forward and connect with the K.T.F.O but Matt is able to manoeuvre his terrifying lanky frame round to switch the reverse into a front face lock. Although still trapped, this is a far safer position to be in.

JR: Denton moments away from a near fall.

PH: He's always calculating, always working out what's going to happen.

From the front face lock, Denton is able to lift Jones up and dump him over in an sort-of-semi-improvised overhead back drop. Jones arches his back on impact, the victory slipping from his fingers like the air from his lungs.

JR: MKD didn't become the champion by getting lucky. He's proving that he isn't the same wrestler he was the last time these two men met.

PH: The complete antithesis of each other – Jones putting loyalty and family before everything, priding himself on honour and doing the right thing no matter the means.

JR: While Denton is a scoundrel who uses, wrings out and then disposes of people with no consideration for their well being.

PH: He's the face of TWOstars.

JR: This company shares nothing with him.

PH: On it's tombstone it will read 'killed by Matthew Kennedy Denton'.

JR: You're so sure that this evil is going to be victorious.

PH: Because the good is all gone, there's no one left to stop it.

Lucian has rolled onto his front and began pushing himself up. Unfortunately that left arm give up on him and he falls to the mat with an exasperated thud. The second time he tries Matt is there to help. The champion drags him up by the head and locks him in a front face headlock.

JR: Denton's looking for revenge.

Matt hooks the both arms and drops to the ground.

PH: Just when we thought we were on an economic upswing in comes the Credit Crunch DDT!

With ease Matt rolls Jones onto his back and hooks the leg.

JR: Look at Matt, leaning on the left shoulder there – after that devastating move he's putting pressure on the sore arm making it even more difficult to break out.


PH: This is it, Denton has secured the first win. I can't wait to see what humiliating idea he's got in store for Lucian.

JR: That DDT has handed Matt many wins over the years.


PH: It can't be overstated what losing that first fall does to a wrestler. It completely throws your confidence, upsets the entire game plan and ups the pressure to an unprecedented extent.

JR: It also means that, whatever you want to say about it, you have lost. In the match there's been that three seconds or that pain that you needed to accept the fate and that eats away at you.

PH: I have always believed that the two out of three falls match is the real measurement of a wrestler.


Jone is able to slip his shoulder out and throw that throbbing left arm up into the air. His leg kicks out and he breaks out of the pin.

JR: LUCIAN ESCAPES! He broke out of the pin. I can't believe it – we'd written him off.

PH: But that must've taken a lot out of the challenger. Can he mount a comeback? I'm not so sure.

Denton appears surprisingly calm about the situation as he picks himself and his opponent up. Grabbing the left arm as they straighten, Matt wrenches it before pulling it over his shoulder and turning away. Using his hips, Matt drops to one knee and flips Lucian over and down onto his back.

JR: A different strategy just now – a judo throw?

PH: He just threw Lucian by nothing but his twisted and stretched arm – just think on that.

JR: But he's done the damage, he now needs to focus on sealing the deal.

PH: Matt's always got a plan.

Dropping a knee down across the left shoulder of Lucian, he bends the arm at the elbow and interlocks fingers. Twisting the wrist, Denton applies pressure right up the arm.

JR: I'm not sure if he's looking for a submission here, but he's certainly hoping to leave Lucian's arm in tatters.

The referee asks Lucian is he wants to quit and the Duke of Jonestown refuses. With a clenched fist he reaches out, his fingers stretch, the free arm crawling up Denton's face. Before the champion can realise what's happening, his hair has been grabbed and Jones yanks hard.

PH: What is this kind of behaviour?

JR: Denton did it earlier, or have you already forgotten?

PH: That was desperation, this is just malicious.

Relieving the pressure from his elbow, Lucian spins onto his front and pushes onto his knees where Matt is currently also.

JR: The Bad Boy Billionaire doesn't like his perfect hair being played with.

They stare at each other for a moment with nothing but hatred filling the gap. Matt starts up to his feet, racing his opponent. Lucian, with a deep breath pushes himself off the ground, slides his feet out and beats the champ.

PH: What trickery was that?

JR: Incredible athleticism from Lucian as he leaps straight up. And Denton is already charging.

A misguided UFC tackle attempt by Denton is met with a frustrated, angry backhand to the face that causes Matt to spiral wildly around the ring before falling to the ground.


The audience scream out the punchline they didn't get earlier as Lucian stops his onslaught to pay attention to his arm. It's hanging, useless and limp. Grabbing under the elbow, he stretches it and lets out an unhappy groan.

PH: This is why Denton focused on the arm. Even when Lucian gets a moment, the agony that he's in is too much for him to secure a win.

JR: The plan seems to have paid off. Lucian's arm has been tender ever since he warred with Lord Bison and this match could end up restarting that long and painful road of rehabilitation.

Matt, in the middle of the ring, pushes himself up onto his hands and knees and begins to sit back. He's fuzzy, confused about where he's situated but Lucian sees an opportunity. The challenger charges towards the ropes, past Denton and into his eyesight. Off the ropes, Denton has climbed to one knee...

PH: No...

JR: Lucian going for it...

The crowd cheer excitedly as Lucian kicks off the raised knee and brings the other boot down.


JR: These two men know each other so well.

PH: Ghetto-utofhere Jones! You're leaving empty handed.

The Ghetto Blaster attempt comes up empty handed and Jones lands heavily. Before he can find his placing he falls backwards and is rolled into a schoolboy.


JR: Jones missed that massive opportunity.

PH: He needed to connect there but the arm slowed him down.

JR: Denton... Denton's got the tights!

The camera catches Matt with a tight grip of Lucian's trunks and pulling them to create more momentum for the pin.


PH: You've got to do what you've got to do.

JR: This isn't right – it can't happen like this.

Lucian's legs are kicking but he can't break free. The referee brings his hand down for the third time.


The audience start booing furiously as Matt lets go and quickly scarpers backwards, not bothering to even stand up, across the ring to celebrate his victory.

*** DING! DING! ***

Lucian looks possessed, furious. He shouts at Charles Robinson, the incompetent referee who messed up the decision. Lil' Naitch can only shrug and waggle three fingers about, as if that's any sort of compensation.

PH: Denton has done it! The first fall is his! We are halfway through this match now and TWOstars is being led to the gallows.

JR: Jones cannot be held accountable for that loss – fighting with one arm, worn out and then his tights held onto... this isn't a match, this is a disgusting ego stroke that holds no credibility.

PH: It sounds like you're being a real sore loser there Ross.

Lucian stays lying, wiping his face in frustration as Tony Chimel takes over. Denton begins to move in to attack more but the referee steps between them – maybe he did mess up, but he'll make up for it by guaranteeing the break between rounds.

TC: The first fall, by pinfall, goes to Maaaaaaaaaaatt Dennnnnnnton making it 1-0.

The boos fill the arena and Matt, now composed again holds one finger into the air with one hand, making a zero shape with the other.

TC: For the second round, by Matt Denton's demands, the match will continue under Roshambo rules.

JR: A what match?!

PH: You clearly didn't have many friends at school Ross.

JR: I have no idea what Chimel's going on about.

TC: The rules of Roshambo see the competitors taking turns delivering blows to the opponent's gonads. The first man to fall is declared the loser.

The audience have started booing angrily as Lucian stares up at the sky with a look of complete bafflement on his face. He can't believe what he's hearing.

PH: Matt wants to strip Jones of all his masculinity.

JR: This is disgusting – the last ever match in TWOstars history being contested in a grapefruit pounding bout?! What was Denton thinking?

PH: He wants to embarrass and humiliate. He's beaten Jones so this second round is just to rub salt into the open wounds.

JR: He didn't beat him fairly though... and this... THIS result proves nothing.

Lucian has been told to get up by the referee as the crowd continue to boo. He's shaking his head as Matt gestures that he has, in hand, Lucian's testicles. With a dramatic clench, he pops those imaginary baby makers and begins laughing ecstatically.

TC: And as Matt Denton won the last fall, he shall go first.

PH: Denton has played this out perfectly.

JR: I wonder what stipulation Lucian had asked for...

PH: Probably something entirely unprofessional.

The two men stand across the ring from each other. The referee looks as muddled as many of the audience. He ushers both men nearer each other and as they close in Lucian is seen breathing slowly, rubbing that left arm which is still aching.

JR: Lucian Jones has just been cheated out of a fall and now needs to stand and take a kick to his nads?

PH: I know, I know, I know, I know, it's beautiful.

The referee asks Lucian to take the power stance, to prepare himself for what he is about to receive. Hands run through his head, Jones turns away and shakes his head. He can't do it. This isn't worth it. It's insane.

JR: I can't blame Jones for being unwilling to do this.

PH: Because you're a coward too?

As the referee tries to talk Lucian round, Denton starts shouting. He's pointing wildly at himself and then makes the 1-0 motions again.

With a heavy sigh, Lucian steps back to the centre of the ring. Parting his legs, he plants his weight and stares straight into Denton's eyes. His fists are clasped and he's as prepared as he could possibly be.

JR: Has there ever been a braver gesture from a superstar in TWOstars? Jones puts his legacy on the line for TWOstars'.

PH: There's no way he gets past one. Look at those boots that Denton has on. They're going to deflate that ego of Jones for sure.

Matt is like a child at a candy store. Short of jumping up and down in pure joy, he rubs his hands before backing away a step – to allow for optimum swing. Robinson moves back as well to give appropriate room and to make sure there's no... cheating...(?)


The slow build up of the chant spreads to every corner of the arena as the crowd show their support of the man who they want to be champion.

JR: I don't think I can watch.

PH: The crowd are gonna drown out the impact.

Matt swings his leg. Lucian braces himself, his eyes closing and his face tensing. The foot connects. The crowd cuts dead silent at the point of contact and screams of horror can even be made out. Jaws hit the floor, mouths are clasped, hands on heads and eyes well-and-truly popped.

JR: What the hell?

PH: Jones... how did he?!

Denton stares completely baffled as Jones slowly opens his eyes and lets out a quiet sigh.

JR: I... Jones is just standing.

Matt begins screaming at the referee, begins trying to attack Lucian but he's kept in position by Robinson.

PH: There has to be witchcraft... something...

JR: Lucian L. Jones just took a swift kick to his man bits and didn't even flinch...

PH: Is there something he's not been telling us?

Lucian lets, for the first time in a long chunk of the match, a little smile creep onto his face. Matt is screaming and shouting, grabbing at the ropes, the referee's shirt, parading around his half of the ring and trying to make sense of what just happened.

JR: Everyone is stunned. Nobody can believe it. Whether it was meditation or some clever trick, Lucian L. Jones is still standing.

PH: This is, quite possibly, the most shocking thing I've ever seen in my twenty plus years in this business.


JR: Well, the crowd in attendance certainly have a theory.

Lucian gives a very gentle shrug of the shoulders as Matt finally circles back to pay attention to his opponent. Closing in, he's ready to do some really topnotch chest poking but instead receives a big kick to the balls.


Matt, mid-step, crumbles to the crowd in agony. Gripping between his legs he rolls, screaming all sorts of un-PG obscenities as Lucian stands successfully above him. The crowd are going wild, over the moon that Lucian, somehow, someway has balanced the books.

JR: Lucian L. Jones just took his turn and boy what a shot it was. He had one go and made it count.

*** DING! DING! ***​

Reaching into his trunks, the same trunks which Matt had used to screw him out of the first fall, Lucian travels down under and retrieves a metal cup. Holding it high into the air the crowd get even louder as Chimel announces the result of the second fall.

TC: The second fall, by TKO, goes to Luuuuuuuuucian L. Jooooooones making it 1-1.

PH: That's how he did it, that's illegal...

JR: Lucian was prepared for the inevitable cheating. I bet he's got a couple more tricks up his sleeve.

PH: He was wearing bullet proof armour.

JR: He was protecting himself from the ridiculous demands of a maniac.

PH: He cheated.

JR: He won!

PH: And now what? What does Jones have in store?

Lucian throws the cup down onto the still motionless body of the champion before moving over to the ropes at the hardcam, climbing to the middle rope and holding up two fingers – one on each hand – to show off the score.

JR: The fans thought it was going to be a whitewash but Lucian has pulled it back. There's still hope because the Sultan of Swagger won't go down without a fight.

PH: He is a sick, cruel monster. How could he do that to another human being?

Lucian moves over towards the commentary side of the ring, encouraging Chimel to make the next announcement. Waving his arm and cupping his ear, Lucian can't wait to get his say.

TC: For the third – and final - round, by Lucian Jones' demands, the match will continue under JONESTOWN STREEEEEEEEEEEEET FIIIIIGHT rules.

The crowd go wild. Primal, mad, overcome with the return of the iconic no-rules, no-limits, all-the-marbles brawl.

JR: Lucian L. Jones has named the last part of this match in his favour! The final fall, for all of TWOstars, for its memory and what its lasting legacy will be, is being fought on the turf of the longest reigning Triple Crown and Tag champion this company has ever had.

PH: It's bias, it's unfair, it's going to completely unsettle the champion.

JR: Lucian L. Jones went off the top of an arena to win the first ever Jonestown Street Fight – he put his body on the line and by naming this his stipulation he's saying to all of the TWOstars Universe that he is in this to the death.

PH: It's time to get Matt out of there. This isn't a match anymore. This isn't anything any more.

JR: Sorry Paul, but that wasn't the case over the past two rounds was it?

At the announcement it's almost as if Lucian has been possessed. He's raring to get going and every struggled step Matt takes to get back to his feet only fills him with more rage.

PH: The Jonestown Street Fight says anything goes – the only way to win is pinfall or submission but that can take place anywhere.

JR: Literally anywhere. The match can spill anywhere and anything is a potential weapon.

As Matt reaches his feet, he stumbles backwards into a corner and half bends over breathing deeply and still clearly winded by the blow to his bawsack. His face is red and it looks like tears have ran down his face.

PH: That's no way for the General Manager to look.

JR: Whether you're the mightiest king or the lowliest peasant, everyone crumbles to a kick in the nadgers.

Shaking his left arm, Lucian seems to be making a point that he too has suffered in this match.

The referee checks with both men, that they're up and, well, able to compete if not ready and makes the motion to go.

PH: The champ clearly isn't ready.

JR: The match needs to get started, and he's had more than adequate recovery time.

Lucian starts across the ring, swaying his shoulders from left to right. As he closes in on the cornered Denton suddenly The Enforcer swings into action, just missing Lucian's nose.

PH: Wow! Denton came prepared!

JR: Did... did one of those security men hand that to him? They must have?

Cornered, Denton got his barbed wire baseball bat handed up and waited until the last moment in the hope of taking Lucian's head straight off. Unfortunately his depth perception is a bit bleary just now and so the challenger is still standing.

Stunned though, certainly.

Denton takes another swing though, a terrifying attempt to literally murder his opponent. The move is desperate, his eyes are crazy and there's no way anyone's going to talk him down. Lucian backs off, suddenly all confidence melted away. Matt goes again and it's another miss but The Sultan of Swagger is quickly finding himself backed into a corner.

PH: I'm worried for Lucian's wellbeing.

JR: Finally something we can agree on.

PH: Matt seems to have completely snapped.

JR: He's a sick monster – like we've always said.

PH: Desperate men will go to desperate lengths.

JR: Denton will not stop until he's the one writing the history books and he intends to write them in Lucian's blood.

PH: Just take the loss, just lie down and let Denton win. No matter what comes next, this isn't worth a life being ruined.

JR: Denton sees losing this match as just that – his life, his word, everything he's built up... it'll mean nothing.

PH: Jones named the stipulation and it was so short sighted.

With the turnbuckle post trapping his opponent, Denton changes approach and instead goes to bring the bat down overhead like a sword, like an axe, like a gavel that seals Lucian's fate.


The impact of the shot causes Denton to lose grip of the bat. It falls to outside the ring and he nearly spills out after it. It's the distraction Lucian needs. Grabbing Denton, he yanks the champion round so they're face to face.

PH: Look out, the security are getting involved again...

JR: They're feeding weapons in. They want chaos.

From wherever, steel chairs are now starting to line the apron of the ring and Lucian's completely unaware. Focused on the task at hand, instead Jones throws a big slap to Denton's face and follows it up with a speedy backhand. Denton spits into Lucian's face in retaliation.

PH: These two men are trapped – locked in a battle larger than anything any one person should have to carry.

JR: Everything that has happened over the past decade has come to this. We are one fall each and there are no rules to limit what happens to decide the third.

PH: After two nights of celebration, of returns and reuniting, where old feuds were buried and competition was in the name of fun we come down to this – a battle of hate, of anger, a blood feud that decides everything.

JR: It's perfect really, TWOstars has always been about the top competition in the world, about the best wrestlers being able to come out, air their differences and decide who's really best by competing in the ring.

PH: But what will that be worth if Denton closes the doors of the company as champion?

JR: No matter what, this match will get to live on, these shows will live on and the memories of what the wrestlers give will always exist in the hearts of these fans.

PH: That's sweet – but it will be memories tainted by failure.

JR: The fat lady hasn't sang yet.

Lucian loses it. He starts throwing lefts and rights, face, chest, arms, stomach, it doesn't matter at the moment. He's just got to unload all the pent up frustration and anger and pressure and everything. The pain in his arm is numb because the adrenaline is flowing. Between the jabs, chops connect, another slap, an elbow or two and finally he winds and delivers a stiff European uppercut. Before Denton can fall though, the champion is whipped across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle.

PH: Jones running...

JR: Watch out for the steel chairs.

Leaping into the air, from almost the halfway point of the ring (well, okay, maybe I'm exaggerating – it was pretty impressive though), Jones flies and connects with a huge Stinger splash. Keeping Denton up, Lucian whips him back to the original corner and grabs at a steel chair. Holding it close to his chest, Lucian follows the stunned ZEN CEO and throws himself again. A second splash, this time with added steel, connects with a big cheer from the crowd.

PH: Jones is on fire.

JR: He's taking advantage of the weapons that the guards slid in.

Letting Matt fall to the ground, Lucian turns towards the ropes and launches the chair – Sabu-style- straight at the head of one of the guards. Connecting with a loud clatter, the guard falls to the ground.

PH: Hey Jones, they've not done anything.

JR: They're getting more involved as the match goes on and Lucian doesn't like it.

Picking up one of the other chairs Lucian delivers reigns another blow down to another nearby guard. There seems to be a general rumbling among the men, unimpressed by Lucian's assault of them.

PH: Why anger them?

JR: They're at Denton's beck and call.

PH: So why anger them?

JR: Jones realises the end is nigh and anything can happen.

PH: Anything will happen.

JR: He's going for another chair.

A third chair is throwing over the ropes down at the cards and this one wildly bounces into the air on impact. Fans scream, cowering and trying to catch it at the same time.

PH: Someone get The Enforcer back to Denton, he needs backup.

Tired of abusing the outside entourage, Lucian drags two of the remaining chairs towards the middle of the ring. Lying them side by side he goes to pick up the champion. Matt has started to his feet. Well, he's grabbed the bottom rope loosely with one hand. Well, his arm is draped slightly over the bottom rope. He seems pretty out of it.

Lucian grabs Matt and starts pulling him up. When he's on one foot, the dragging begins towards the two chairs.

JR: It looks like Lucian has a plan.

PH: This Jonestown Street Fight should be outlawed.

JR: He's going for the final fall and will win at any length.

Matt sags again down to his hands and knees by the chairs. The champion appears exhausted – his usual smart demeanour completely gone and instead a stripped down beggar lies naked at the centre of this chaos.

As Lucian pulls him up, Matt's arm flies out and slips between the challenger's legs.


JR: We had the ridiculous Rosamba round already... what is this?!

PH: Roshambo, Ross, and that doesn't mean the technique isn't still effective.

Lucian is standing doubled over, his unprotected groinal area taking one well of a clobbering and the kneeling Matt leans into the side of his opponent's head. Grabbing at the hair, almost caressing it, the GM whispers something into Lucian's ear before starting to his feet.

JR: Matt Denton again proving that when you're at a complete loss feel free to cheat.

PH: Jones named the stipulation, too bad if he can't play by the rules.

The fans are booing angrily as Matt places Lucian in a standing head scissor. His head rolling almost as if out of his control, the ZEN behemoth bends forward and lifts Lucian upside down.

JR: No...

PH: How will Lucian kick out when his neck is broken.

JR: He can't do this.

PH: Oh I think he can.

With one wild step, Matt is standing over the two lying steel chairs with Lucian's head dangling inches above them. With the step he hooked one of Jones' arms and he quickly hooks another.

JR: Oh dear Lord.

The fans are screaming, the security looking on with a sinister approval. Breathing in the moment Matt lets the PermaSmirk crawl across his face for the final time. And drops to his knees.

PH: A! T! M!

Lucian's head slams into the steel chair and his body collapses. Remaining on his knees, Matt begins laughing as he rolls his opponent over.

JR: I think Lucian might be completely gone.

PH: Bring out the emergency services, and tell them to bring a fork because this is done.

JR: The devastating finisher of Matt Denton, named after the money making machine that brings him so much joy.

PH: Jones put up a long, desperate fight but this is it. How do you come back? Why do you come back?

JR: Denton meant it when he said he wanted to kill TWOstars. He's always been jealous of Lucian and now has been able to bury him in front of all his doubters.

PH: It's the perfect happy ending.

Picking up one leg, Matt stares up forwards the ramp and towards the banner which is still hanging from the show start of Night 1.


Charles Robinson hesitates. He can't do it. He can't be the one who brings about the end of everything. Although it's Denton, he'd be an accomplice. Before the match, it felt like just anything else... but now... but now...


JR: He really did it, when nobody could bring themselves to believe it.

PH: Denton's spent his life proving people wrong. Nobody likes to admit when they're wrong but time will help heal those wounds.

JR: It won't heal TWOstars though. No, the company and it's memories will be in Denton's hands... it's hopeless.


Charles Robinson's hand stays in the air a moment longer than it should. He's willing some other outcome. He's maybe even considering attacking Denton himself. The crowd are praying for any other result. This can't be it.

PH: It's the only way he could fully ever step away, to know that he'd beaten Jones.

JR: Matt Denton has possibly left the man unable to walk.

PH: Crowning himself the mayor of Jonestown on the way.

The hand comes down. The fans scream no. Hands go up. Eyes get covered. Matt's head dips out of exhaustion.


Lucian's shoulder goes up.

Wembley Arena rise to their feet. Row upon row just up, and there isn't even a cheer of support. The shock runs right through as Charles Robinson is the first to realise. Still on the ground, he throws two fingers up and screams a defiant TWOOOOOOOOO.

JR: In all my day, somehow, some way, Lucian L. Jones has broken out of the pin. This man is not the hero we deserve but as Gawd as my witness he is the man who we need.

The cheers begin now, people are banging their feet against the ground as Matt rolls onto his back in almost confusion. He doesn't understand. He's a businessman, he deals with numbers, he made a calculation and it came back with a 99.9% success rate... so why the hell is the match continuing?!

PH: The only answer is Jones isn't human. He's something else. He must be... there was no way he could break out.

JR: What's next? What can they do? Is it possible this match simply can't end?

Lucian, his body lying over a chair and a half, hasn't moved since the briefest, slightest, kick out. His chest is sinking and puffing slowly as Matt lies out like a starfish nearby. The two men are staring at the sky above, at the vast universe and every strange tiny incident which has led them to this point.

The fans are becoming so ravenous that suddenly security members are turning outwards. Suddenly something which never occurred as arisen... what if the fans themselves rise up? Robinson, in the middle of the ring, can do nothing except check on Lucian to see if he's still alive.

PH: The match can't end on count out – it's a street fight. Only pins and submissions.

JR: This may be a case of the unmovable object against the unstoppable force – two titans unable to ever stop being in conflict with one another.

PH: You've become very philosophical over this match Ross.

JR: I can only call the action as I see it.

PH: Well what I see is that Denton just needs one more move, hell, he probably only needs to cover Jones again to pick up the win. Lucian has used up the emergency escape. He's out of chances, out of lives and out of luck.

JR: Are you going to get in there and carry Matt yourself?

PH: Maybe not... but I'll be the first there with a congratulatory glass of champagne after the bell rings.

The one man army known as Matthew Kennedy Denton has finally got to his feet. Over the shock, over the horror, and now no longer smiling, he shoves Lil' Naitch out of the way.

JR: Again Denton putting his hands on an official.

PH: He's got a match to win and a title to retain.

JR: Robinson is checking on the wellbeing of Lucian.

PH: Is he seriously going to question the man who signs his paycheques?

JR: And the man who's making him unemployed...

PH: I'm sure Denton's guaranteed a nice redundancy package.

Matt pulls at Lucian. Lucian doesn't come. Dragged into a seating position, his body folds forward into two. The challenger, neck potentially shattered, is completely gone. Matt tries again but Lucian falls flat onto his back. This is annoying the champion and so he seems to change tact.

JR: He's dragging the chair out from under Lucian... and now what's he doing?

PH: Just pin Jones dammit, finish this.

JR: He's... he's wrapping the chair round that damaged arm.

PH: Jones is completely unaware of what's going on.

Putting up no fight, Lucian's left arm is wrapped in the steel chair. He lies in the middle of the ring, arm outstretched as Matt turns towards the nearest corner.

JR: Does Matt just want to break every bone in this man's body?

PH: He's going to make it as difficult as possible for Jones to break out of the next attempt.

Reaching the corner, Denton grabs the ropes and pulls himself up with a heavy heave onto the bottom buckle. Up to the second and one foot slips.

Behind him... suddenly Lucian seems to stir.

Each movement seems to be taking an eternity for both men. The crowd, however, don't notice. The cheers are riotous and Matt is now up to the middle rope completely. Lucian, climbing to his feet, keeps the chair wrapped round his arm. Like a sleeve, or a battle gauntlet, with a stagger and a sway he grips the very end of it and turns his weakness into a potential strength.

Matt has turned, and nearly topples backwards in horror of the sight that awaits him. Lucian stands, bent slightly but defiant and armed. Holding the ropes, Matt screams loudly at him to just f*cking stay down and jumps across the ring.




Jumping forward himself, Lucian swings the chair arm overhead and catches falling Matt straight over the head. He basically superman punched his opponent out of the air. But instead of a fist it was a metal chair. Denton takes it pretty badly.

PH: Jones is in agony though.

JR: Was it worth it? His sore armed took as much of that impact as Denton's skull.

PH: I don't know about that.

Lucian lets the chair drop on impact and immediately grabs at his arm in pain.

JR: Don't lose the momentum.

The fans are chanting a certain expletive (which I'll let you work out) very loudly as Jones starts to pick Denton up.

PH: He should've tried for the pin.

JR: Lucian has a plan.

PH: To break his own arm?

JR: To turn Denton's offence on himself.

Jones grabs Matt in a reverse facelock. With no flash, no fun, no build up, he throws himself forward over Denton's head and brings the champion face first straight into the mat.

PH: This can't be...

JR: I'm sorry to say but Denton just got K.T.F.O'd.

As Jones sits up from the impact, slightly sorer than he'd planned as he caught himself on the edge of one of the two chairs in the centre of the ring, a really f*cking annoying sight welcomes him.

PH: Finally!

The security team have decided to finally make a move.

JR: No... this can't happen... why now?

PH: They're sick of Lucian picking on them.

JR: Absolute bull... they're under direct command to avert Denton's losing.

PH: Until the bell rings there isn't a winner or loser.

JR: This isn't right – Lucian had this match won.

Unlike traditional goons, the security force climb up as a collective. So even with Lucian trying to get to his feet, there was no way he'd be able to stop them all. Pushing up on his arms was the first mistake, as he straightens the left arm screams in agony and the advantage he has is weakened. Guards start stepping under the bottom rope and so he simply charges at those in front and shoves. A few fall, another couple are taken for the ride, one thinks it's a game... but the other three sides of the ring are a different matter. With Matt Denton lying face down in the middle of the ring, his body is completely eclipsed by the black uniforms who surround the one armed challenger.

PH: Lucian, you should've just taken the fall.

JR: Matt Denton had no right to bring the security out with him.

An arm appears from the centre of the mass before being dragged down into a pit of brutality and institutional nastiness. From somewhere deep inside, suddenly Denton appears near the ropes and rolls out under them.

The boos get louder as the champion and General Manager appears unharmed, escaped and free from justice.

PH: This match has come to an end. Thank you TWOstars, it's been great.

JR: I'm disgusted... he's really going to let this happen? He can't beat Jones? He can't overcome his demons? He can't be a man.

PH: He doesn't need any of that – he's rich, he's a success, and he's a champion.

Lucian Jones is nowhere to be seen. He's certainly on the ground and he's certainly in pretty bad shape. On the outside Matt Denton is using this as a chance to catch a breather and fix himself appropriately. Wiping his hair back, for the first time since his entrance it looks like the A*shole is back.

JR: This isn't his company, he can't just throw it into the gutter like this. The fans deserve more.

PH: The fans, and Jones, were given a chance. They proved themselves unworthy. Get over it Ross.

Matt Denton has the half smiling, half shocked expression of a child who just almost, almost fell off a bike. It’s the thinnest of tightropes between complete joy and indescribable fear, like finding the passport you thought you’d lost at the airport.

JR: No! Not the last night! This was supposed to be special! This was supposed to be the grand send-off!

PH: It is special! This is Matt Denton’s night, and Lucian L. Jones had the temerity to try to take it from him, the thief.

JR: This is a damn mugging, this is a damn crime! These fans have been deprived of the send-off they deserved, the moment they deserved!

The security swarm over Jones like hyenas on a dying elephant. It’s hard to see if there’s even any punches or kicks being thrown, it’s just a pile of people with Jones, presumably, at the bottom, and Matt Denton, now finally comfortable with the situation, is evidently loving every minute of it, rounds the ring, yelling instructions so loudly that, even though he’s mic-less, every word is audible.

Matt Denton: Get him outta here! Get him outta my ring!

The guards remove themselves from their own pile. Half leave the ring and begin dragging Jones’ limp body out under the bottom rope, whilst the other half remains in the ring to shove and kick him out.

MD: Give me a mic! Someone get me a mic!

Denton, now filled with the infallible confidence of a bully’s best friend, rounds to the commentary table and grabs a microphone from one of the helpless, terrified ring hands. Moving to the steel steps he climbs them and enters back into the ring, noticeably not acknowledging the security who just saved his title. HIS title. HIS ring. HIS microphone. HIS ending.

JR: Someone get out here, someone stop this… wait!

The crowd notices before the camera does, but, soon enough, the frame swings around to reveal Kyle Gilmore, charging out from the backstage area with the crazed, unreasonable bravery of a kamikaze pilot.

JR: Gilmore! Kyle Gilmore’s here to save his tag team partner!

Faced with such odds, Gilmore takes the only shot he has and literally hurls his own body into the crowd of security in front of the ring. Some of the guards collapse under his momentum, but, soon, the numbers game comes back to haunt him, and, like his old friend, Gilmore is dragged to the ground by the visibly shaken security. In the ring, Denton, now clearly less confident than before, has cancelled his quest for a microphone, and is attempting to organise the defence of his ring.

MD: Get out there, get out and help!

Denton shoves the security remaining in the ring into action. They pour through the ropes like sand through fingers as, contrary to his own instructions, Denton backs away from the action to the safe side of the ring.

PH: Gilmore has no business here! This is Matt Denton’s great moment, his great finale, and Kyle Gilmore is here to ruin it! Thank God for the top security team we have here at TWOStars.

The crowd, having just lost their initial cheer, seeing Gilmore vanish under the security team, explode back into action. Again, the camera has been upstaged by the eyes of the audience.

JR: The Dark Alliance! The Dark Alliance! Boyo and Sickness! Boyo and Sickness!

The words “hurls his own body” were wasted on Gilmore. Sickness joins the brawl using the same movie that a salmon might use to attempt to poke out a bear’s eye with it’s fin. It’s the dive of a drunken stage diver. There’s no stage, mind you, but, still, Sickness manages to somehow get himself to the same height. The guards collapse, probably as much by fear as by physical force.

PH: AAAH! Cheats! Cheats everywhere!

Boyo surveys the devastation with a certain degree of disappointment over the fact that there doesn’t seem like there’s much left to do. He shrugs in resignation before settling on the much more reserved strategy of punching the last security guard standing in the face.

PH: Interference! Interference! Ring the bell!

In the ring, Denton is clearly, depressively, hunting for an escape route, but, with a ramp filled with bodies and a crowd filled with angry fans, a safe path isn’t immediately evident.

PH: More security! I told you we needed more security with these hooligans on the roster!

The security guards clamber to their feet ready to re-impose their numerical advantage, but the advantage is already lost. The first security guard to stand up is cut down as the Evil Gringo comes diving into frame off of the security barrier with a flying clothesline. Matt Denton is absolutely beside himself.

MD: Do something you idiots! Someone do something!

JR: And here come the cavalry! McDonald, Roko, Samson!

It’s like black Friday at the babyface store, and the door’s just opened for business.

JR: Twiggie, Eagles, Jacey Baby!

PH: Jacey Baby!? What’s he got to do with this!?

JR: Hayden Dyas, Famous, Chaos Dragon, Dan Fox!

The wrestlers are now, finally, outnumbering the security guards, and, in a one on one fight, it starts to go how you’d expect a fair fight to go between a gang of professional combat athletes and a gang of fat men in polo shirts.

JR: Even the girls are in on the action! Cari-Dee leading the charge, followed by Lindy Rose, The Weather Girls, La Hija de la Estrellas and there’s Jenny McKellon!

The girls pile in. It’s now just a massacre. There’s no room for any moves as such, just brawling punches, kicks, and, in Sickness’s case at least, repeated, seemingly completely pointless uppercuts to the groin. At least it’s good to see Sickness amusing himself.

PH: Someone save us! Someone save Matt Denton!

Soon, the dust has settled, the evil-doers are vanquished, and a lot of very, very angry wrestlers, as one terrifying hive mind, make direct eye contact with poor Matt Denton.

MD: Wait… wait… listen… I…

Unfortunately, we’re deprived of hearing what would have probably been the worst attempt at talking your way out of a beating in human history as Dammage, Jason Bell, Lord Bison and Murdoch steam into the back of the distracted babyfaces.

PH: Yes! A fair fight! Finally!

Our heroes turn to face their new foe and, with the numbers still in their favor, they quickly have the advantage. Never one to miss the opportunity to attack someone from behind and possibly punch some groins, Sickness wonders out behind the heels. This is a mistake.


Gore indeed. With a speed completely inappropriate for a man his size, Draven Cage charges into the fray with a force that threatens to slam Sickness clean through the floor.

PH: Heroes! Heroes everyone of them! An upstanding man like Draven Cage won’t sit back and let these thugs bully poor Matt Denton!

Cage is followed, in rapid succession, by Keith Jaxx, Craig van Dam and Jack Eastwood, the later of whom battering-rams his way into the babyfaces, causing about half the brawl to collapse in on itself like a dying star.

PH: Helms and Chambers!

With the heroes now distracted by the menaces pouring out from back stage, they forget about the security guards who slowly begin to clamber to their feet.

PH: Portia Bell, Pink & Purple, Logan Saint, Alexia Chung, we good guys have got girls too!

As the girls, conveniently, find each other in the brawl to avoid any awkward conversations with sponsors, the security guards finally make it back to their senses and close in, surrounding their opponents, attacking from all angles.

JR: There’s got to be at least 100 people out here!

PH: Yeah, and most of them are here to support Matt Denton! Who says bad guys always prosper?

Physically drained, unable to properly move, the babyfaces begin to drop. Unable to even swing their arms effectively in such close quarters, boxed in from all sides, one by one, each head begins to drown in a sea of villainy. In the ring, Matt Denton finally has his microphone.

MD: That’s right! That’s right! All of you, all of you watch!

With not a decent man (or woman) left standing, the security guards slip back into the ring to form a protective circle around their master as the odd missile begins to make it’s way out of the audience.

MD: What did you expect? What did any of you honestly expect was going to happen?

On the outside, the heels are left to indulge their wicked ways, seeking out rivals amongst the broken bodies that litter the stage for spiteful stomps, settling grudges that go back near decades.

MD: TWOStars, the last night ever, the last show ever. Did you think that was going to change anything? Did you think that just the mere quirks of a federation’s life cycle were going to make some magic fairytale ending for you?

The baby faces drag themselves up to the top of the ramp. Their bloodlust sated, the heels allow them to. Having broken them physically, they’re now equally entertained in watching their new leader break them mentally with his cruel words.

MD: You don’t get a fairytale ending. And you know why? BECAUSE LIFE ISN’T A FAIRYTALE!

Lucian L. Jones makes his way to the front of the pack that has now formed on the stage. The heartbreak in his eyes is palpable.

MD: Life isn’t about entertaining people, it’s not about doing the right thing. It’s about money, and power, and taking what you want. You know what the legacy of this company will be? ME. The epitaph of this pathetic company will be my name, Matt Denton, CHAMPION.

You can see in Jones eyes that, every second, he’s considering charging back in. With security, it’s at least two to one in Denton’s favor. Cari-Dee silently places her hand on his shoulder. They both know it’s pointless.

MD: And why am I champion? Is it because I trained? Is it because I worked? Is it because I took my vitamins and said my prayers? Nope. It’s because I SURVIVED. Because all you idiots standing there, with your heroics, with your values, with your friendships, with your respect for this audience of idiots, you gave yourself too much. You think I ever gave a damn about entertaining people? You think I ever gave a damn about making people happy? My entire career, I’ve been here for one reason; myself. No distractions, no limits, no rules, and that’s why it ends like this, that’s why it ends with me, in this ring, and you, you, Lucian L. Jones…

We cut to Jones. He’s too tough and too angry to cry, especially camera, but, you know. If he wasn’t. Cari-Dee is tough and angry too, but, you know.

MD: You’re standing there, with nothing. What do you have? “Your friends”? “Your fans”? What did they get you? A dead company. And let that be a lesson to you Jones, to you Cari-Dee, to all of you. This is life. This is everything in life. People like me, we win, because we survive, and we survive because we. Don’t. CARE. The charge of the Light Brigade was heroic, and, like all heroes, THEY DIED, JONES, THEY DIED.

The dream of one last death-charge flashes through Jones’ eyes. And then it fades. This is how it ends.

MD: So you can thank me later Jones, you can thank me later for this lesson in life; there are no happy endings, there are no heroes, there is… no… SAVIOR!



PH: W…WHAT!? I… It’s J-Rock!

Like Moses through the waves (if the waves particularly hated Moses), out steps Johnny Rockefeller. He slowly swaggers through the horde of former enemies who initially part for him simply out of shock, but, as soon as that split second of surprise wears of, they become a gallery of different expressions which, although all unique, simply say “What the f*ck is he doing here?”

PH: He’s… he’s back to support Matt Denton! Hit him! Hit that traitorous Lucian L. Jones!

Rockefeller stops directly, awkwardly in-between Cari-Dee and Jones. He is evidently indescribably excited by how many people he’s annoying in one go.

MD: Wha.. erm… what do you want J-Rock?

Rockefeller gives Cari-Dee the slimiest, most uncomfortable, date-rapey wink of all time before turning his attention to the ring.

MD: Come on, let’s… let’s talk this through.

Johnny holds out his hands in front of him, palms facing up, arms out straight. The entire time, he makes eye contact with Jones, with the most awful closed-mouth grin imaginable, like a spoilt child who’s about to show off a particularly obnoxious magic trick.

MD: Let’s not do anything hasty…

Rockefeller opens his arms wide into a Christ-like pose. As he does so, still maintaining creepy levels of eye contact with Jones, his closed mouth opens into something so removed from what could be reasonably described as a smile that it might as well be classified as an entirely new expression.

PH: Wait, what’s happening!?

JR: You’re supposed to be the Rockephile here Paul, don’t you remember; never underestimate the influence of Johnny Rockefeller!

Almost reluctantly, like there are imaginary guns to the back of each of their heads, the security guards leave the ring. Nothing fancy, nothing panicky, they simply, slowly, leave the ring.

MD: Wait.. wait! Come back!

Never making eye contact with either Denton or Rockefeller, the security guards slowly vanish, over the railing, into the crowd, leaving Denton in the ring, completely alone. The heels, guarding the bottom of the ramp begin looking around like meerkats, trying to figure out exactly what just happened.

JR: Never underestimate exactly how many people Johnny Rockefeller has in his back pocket!

PH: Some help Denton! Someone… but wait… J-Rock’s… but Denton’s… I don’t know who the good guy is anymore!

The world’s unlikeliest threesome of Cari-Dee, Lucian L. Jones and Rockefeller exchange glances. Cari-Dee; mistrust, Jones; the sudden, all-encompassing realisation of what was about to happen, Rockefeller; the child-like glee of an anarchist who just found a petrol bomb and an unguarded police car.

MD: …guys…

CHAAAAAAAARGE! No one says “charge”. No one needs to. But if you were playing this moment back to a friend who’d never seen it before, and you were the kind of person to make stupid comments over things you’d already seen, you’d yell “CHAAAAAAAAAARGE!”.

JR: And here we go ladies and gentlemen!

If this were a scripted show, this stage direction would simply read, “pandemonium” as, lead by Jones, Dee and Rockefeller, the Babyface Alliance sprint forward like a herd of particularly offended rhinos. The sense of relief is almost visible, the sense that, with the scales adjusted, with the numbers now completely even, something can finally be done, for everything Denton said, for everything he did. No one has to take it anyone.

JR: This is chaos! This is complete chaos!

Through the sea of bodies, Rockefeller and Jones pounce into the ring.

MD: Wait! WAIT! J-Rock, Johnny, pal, don’t you… don’t you want to say something to the fans… to… to your fans?

Rockefeller grins in appreciation as Denton hands him the microphone. Jones looks distraught. For the first time in his career, he trusted Johnny Rockefeller for about a minute, and it’s already come back to haunt him. J-Rock puts the microphone to his lips and opens his mouth…

JR: Deal Breaker! The Deal Breaker superkick on Matt Denton!

Johnny Rockefeller is, as ever, a complicated man. Satisfied with a days work, he silently drops the microphone on Denton’s chest and turns to a stunned Lucian L. Jones before smiling, shrugging, and leaving the ring.

PH: Will someone just tell me what is happening!?

Jones watches in stunned silence as, like a ghost, Rockefeller casually strolls through the chaos taking place outside (taking a brief respite from pretending he’s invisible to superkick Famous for genuinely no immediately discernable reason) before hopping over the barrier and, like the security guards before him, disappearing into the crowd.

JRock (off-mic): I saved you! Remember this always, J-Rock saved you all!

His crowd.

PH: Wait, don’t we still have a match going?

In the ring, two men stir, Denton, from the understandable shocking of getting kicked in the head, Jones from the more subtle, existential confusion that comes from watching two snakes eating each other. As Matt Denton pulls himself up to one knee, Jones finally snaps back to reality and strikes.

JR: Ghetto Blaster! Ghetto Blaster on Mett Denton, and now the cover!

Robinson, somehow is still standing and gladly leaps down to make the count.




JR: He did it! He did it… WE did it! TWOStars did it!

*** DING! DING! DING! ***


Their enemies unconscious of having simply fled on the outside, the babyfaces enter the ring and swarm around Jones in congratulations. Lucian picks up the microphone, trying to catch his breath, as Cari-Dee kicks Denton’s limp body out under the bottom rope.

Lucian L Jones: No… no… I’m not the champion… we’re the champion… all of us who are in this ring… all of us who have ever been in the this ring. This isn’t about me, this is about all those things Denton said, all those things he said about us, about this, about you… every word of it was bullshit… every word… the great thing about TWOStars… the great thing about of this… is we actually did something. We created something. We created something that entertained people, that cheered people up, that made people happy. Whilst people like Matt Denton are just happy to take, just happy to feed themselves, we did something for each other. We made friendships, and relationships, and moments we’ll talk about for years to come… memories… memories we’ll hold with us the rest of our lives, memories of great moments, not great because of what we achieved, not great because of the titles we won, or the matches we won, but great because we all, all of us, everyone in this ring and outside, we all walked through that front door with nothing but an idea, and a ton of hard work.

Jones is interrupted as Cari-Dee passes the title belt to him.

LLJ: We all came here, and we created something magical, and, even though it ends today, we should be proud of what had, together, proud of what we did, together, because we did something that, I hope you’ll excuse me kids, was f*cking extraordinary.

Jones lays the belt on the mat in front of him.

LLJ: So this is to you. Everyone who ever tried, everyone who ever worked hard, everyone who ever made something they proud of, not because of what it got them, but because they could say “Hey, I made this, I made this for other people, to entertain people, to make people laugh, to make people cry, to make them angry, and excited, and, most importantly, to let them escape.” Maybe for minutes, maybe for days, to escape from jobs and from loneliness and from boredom, and come here, to this ring, to this company, and for those few precious moments experience something emotional, and something exciting, and something pure. Ladies and gentlemen of TWOStars, this was all for you, but, most importantly, it was all from you too. And we’ll never forget you for that. Thank you, and goodnight!

Jones steps back from the belt as the babyfaces in the ring hugs and laugh and wave to the crowd. Cari-Dee’s crying, as well she him be. The Evil Gringo is perched on a turnbuckle, taking one last, satisfied look over his crowd. Sickness has somehow ended up on Boyo shoulders, attempting to provoke a crowd chant.



The camera zooms in, every so slowly, through the crowd, toward that heavyweight title belt. Owned by no one. Owned by everyone.





Fade to black.
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