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TWOStars Presents: A Decade of Destruction: The Final Chapter NIGHT 1

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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland




The camera cuts to the sold out Olympic Stadium as Ring announcer of latest generation Salvatore Hier emerges in the middle of the ring. The ring has the original ring mat from ten years ago along with the name of the shows in gold along with a black background on the ring banners. The stage is set up with massive tron in the middle with images from TWOStars history of ten years engraved in glass covering the stage and even engraved onto the steel stage and ramp.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for the national anthem of the United Kingdom!”

A female singer comes onto the glittering stage as she gets the nod to go ahead.

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,

God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,

Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,

God save the Queen!

The red Arrows dash over the stadium with the classic red, white and blue smoke blotting out from behind the planes as the crowd get psyched for the start of the last ever shows.


“And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear”​

Pieces and ornaments covering TWOStars history from the Triple Crown title, to a photo of Arron Winter winning the grand slam are focused on. This moves towards a mask of Lord Bison. The camera carries on focusing on the same ring gear Famous used to win the Heavyweight title after cashing in on Angus McDonald.

“I travelled each and ev'ry highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way”​

Old posters of past Wrestlenova are show from the very first one to the 2014 incarnation. The camera then moves towards photos of Evil Gringo winning all of his titles.

“Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption”​

Matt Dentons Z.E.N championship is on display along with a bloody Samson backstage with a smile on his face. Angus McDonald eating haggis is next photo still backstage while a final photo sees Arron Winter as general manager smiling with all his staff.

“I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way”

Acid is on his knees looking at his hands and wondering how Gringo could have kicked out of his finisher. He stands and immediately Gringo is behind him, lifting him off the mat and dropping him with the Shock Therapy move.

Cole: Gringo with the cover...

Tazz: C'mon Acid, Kick out!
“Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew”​

A massive grin appears on The Total Package’s face. He drags Sickness to a vertical base, places his head between his thighs to MASSIVE boos from the crowd.

JR: Sickness escaped before can he do it again?????

The Total Package lifts Sickness so he is upside down, he hooks both his arms and his legs offering him no protection, he then drops to his ass, spiking the head of Sickness into the canvas.


JR: This time CVD scored!!!!!!!

PH: This MUST be it!!!!

The Package climbs on top of Sickness, hooking the leg and going for a cover.


JR: KICK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ding! Ding! Ding!


TC: Here is your winner and your NEW Money In The Bank holder, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!
“But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way”


Cage staggers from side to side, but his eye to eye contact with Rockefeller never once breaks.


Slowly, staring into Cage’s blood soaked eyes, Rockefeller’s grin begins to slip. Soon enough, there’s no grin at all, and, in it’s place, a look of subtle, yet clear… fear.


With blood now literally dripping from his face, barely able to stand, Cage raises his right hand and, slowly but surely, drags his thumb across his throat. Rockefeller’s face looks like he’d literally murdered Cage, and yet he just walked into his house. It’s a mixture of fear and disbelief. Draven’s face is barely visible at all, but, from what you can see, it’s emotionless. It’s almost zombie-like.

PH: I don’t understand! How… how is he even alive!?

Staring into Johnny’s eyes, Cage opens his mouth, spinning blood forward as he does so.


Rockefeller lowers his leg, like a smoking gun. He stares down at the now completely motionless Draven Cage, almost as if he’s expected him to pop back up again.

JR: A third Deal Breaker! And Draven Cage goes down!

After a short pause, Johnny drops down for a pine.



I've loved, I've laughed and cried
I've had my fill, my share of losing
And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing​

Boyo…TAPS OUT TO THE SHARPSHOOTER! The crowd ERUPT into booing as the bell rings and “Boys, Grab Your Guns” by My American Heart kicks in.


Chimmo: The winner of this match, and the winner of the “Career vs. Career” Best of Five Series, winning 3 matches to 2...Johnny RRRRRRRRRRRRRRockefellAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!


Styles: He did it, Paul E! Johnny Rockefeller made Boyo tap out!

Heyman: Is that it now? Is it all over for Boyo?

Rocky lets go of the Sharpshooter as the referee raises his hand. The crowd boo very, very loudly, but some applaud the in-ring showing by the Billionaire Boy-Wonder. The ring-crew open the cell door and J-Rock stumbles out, where he is met by Charlotte Hoffman.

Styles: Rockefeller can thank that scheming jezebel later if he wants! If it wasn’t for her supplying him with perfume samples and a cigarette, he’d never have put Boyo through a flaming table!

Heyman: Oh, I’m sure he’ll thank her, Joey!

Rockefeller and Hoffman hug, and he puts his arm around her and she supports his weight as they make their way up the aisle. A camera shot, which is projected on to the Titan-tron shows that Boyo is slowly, slowly getting to his feet. Rocky can see this.


Styles: So that’s it then, I cannot believe this great career is now over! A career that you helped shape, too, Paul E!
To think I did all that
And may I say, not in a shy way,
"Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way"​


Van Dam crumples to the mat, as Jones crashes down from throwing his all into that last kick. All is still in the ring for a second, as the crowd continue to cheer rabidly.

JR: All Jones has to do is cover him!! We could have a new champion!!

Lucian desperately rolls over onto his front, and starts to drag himself over to where the champion is lying...

PH: Don’t you dare, Jones!! Don’t you dare do it!!

After what must seem like an eternity to him, the Duke of Jonestown finally reaches his downed opponent, slumping on top of him, weakly trying to hook a leg.


JR: Is it...

PH: Kick out Craig!


PH: Come on champ!!


The leg of Van Dam twitches slightly, but it’s no use. The referee gestures to Ken Watanabe who clangs the bell three times...





For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught


PH: I can’t believe what I’m seeing…. HE’S BACK!

Deadman now looks directly into the camera with a sly but evil look on his face, pausing for a moment before finally speaking…


Deadman begins to laugh evilly as the TWOTron fades out to black, the lights in the arena come back on to reveal Gower, CVD and Iagan already taking it to Gilmore, Bell, Angus, Gringo & Roko with the help of the SCW which causes the Detroit crowd to once again erupt into a massive chorus of boos!

JR: What the hell is this??!!

PH: I think it’s becoming obvious JR!

In the ring, Gilmore and Bell are trying to fight back along with the trio of Angus, Gringo & Roko but they are soon over whelmed by the combined efforts of the eight members of SCW & The trio of Iagan, CVD & Gower.

JR: This isn’t called for damnit, why are they turning their backs on TWOStars? What the hell did Deadman mean?

The five members of TWOStars are now down on the mat and are continuously being stomped on. J Rock pushes everyone aside and grabs hold of Bell by the head and yanks him up to his feet before delivering the Diamond in the Rough directly in the centre of the ring to another chorus of boos.

PH: Diamond in the Rough!

Not to be out done Gower grabs hold of Roko pulls him up to his feet and drives him into the mat with the….

PH: Burning Hammer!

JR: This is ridiculous! Just what the hell is going on here? What did Deadman mean?

Evil Gringo tries to get back up to his feet but he is met with a quick kick to the chest and chin by his arch nemesis CVD. CVD grabs hold of the Iron man by the head and begins to pull him up to his feet but Gringo, in a last ditch effort to get free fires two shots to the gut of CVD stunning him slightly but Craig shuts Pingu down with an elbow directly to the back of his head, dropping him to his knees which gives Van Dam enough time to hook both of Gringo’s arms and raise him up into the air.

JR: Oh come on, not the damned Package Pile Driver!! Hasn’t he gone through enough already?!

PH: Obviously not JR, El. Gringo is about to feel PAIN!

Craig Van Dam walks around the ring slowly with him still holding the Mexican Sensation in the air before he plants him with a sick thud into the mat as the crowd continue to show their disapproval and now begin to throw trash into the ring.

JR: These fans are letting CVD and the rest of these thugs know exactly what they think of them.

PH: Whatever JR, the trash in the ring just sums up this city but what you see in that ring is beautiful Ross, Just Beautiful. The destruction of TWOStars is well and truly upon us.

JR: In your opinion Paul.

PH: Well my opinion is the only what that counts JR.

Matt Denton has now re-entered the ring where he walks over to Gower, CVD & Iagan and begins to smile and nod at the trio as they remove their tops to reveal a t-shit bearing logo which hasn’t been seen for three years.

PH: Well, I think we’ve got out answer JR…. ….The Extreme Revolution is back!

JR: Mah Gawd Paul, what the hell does this mean? Are the SCW and Extreme Revolution working together? Is this what Deadman went when he said “Consider your Revolution Extreme”?
“To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!!”​

JS: OH MY GOD!!!!! Diamond Dust from the top of the cage!!! He took Winter down 20 feet to mat with a Diamond Dust from the cage!!

Crowd: Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!

PH: How much did Sickness have left in the tank though? He had to take that fall as well! Can he even capitalise on what has happened?

The shot cuts quickly to Becki Moss and Lavinia, the latter is nearly in tears after watching Arron crash to the ground. Moss is having to stop the young girl from running down to ring side and getting herself in danger. The shot cuts back to the ring where we see that Arron is one side of the ring and the sheer momentum has caused Sickness to roll to the other side. Unsurprisingly there is no movement from Winter, he’s crumpled in a heap face down on the mat. Sickness however is slowly raising his bloodied face from the floor, looking around to see what has happened. He spots Winter and achingly slowly commando crawls across the ring on his elbows.

Finally after what seems like hours he reaches the body of Winter, pushes him over onto his back and drapes an arm over his chest before collapsing himself. A referee tentatively puts his arm through the cage and begins his count.




JS: He did it!! He did it, that god-damn son of a bitch did it! He beat Winter! He’s won everything!! Everything!!

PH: I’m speechless, if I hadn’t witnessed it I wouldn’t believe it. Sickness, the Triple crown, United States, Television and Tag Team Champion. He’ll need a forklift just to get his bags to the airport!
But instead of crawling into a pin, Twiggz turns his back to the Hammered superstar… and folds EG's legs up, before trapping them behind the troubadour's right leg. Twiggie falls back into a bridge, and jerks Gringo's head back. Without any showboating, the Dreadlocked Wrestla rams his spiking thumb into the Manc's neck!

Styles: Spike Driver Blues! Spike Driver Blues!!


Seeing as how Gringo's unconscious, he can't respond to the ref's queries. Gringo's hand is raised, and dropped. The fans keep track, so the ref don't have to.

Crowd: ONE!

Heyman: NONONO! C'mon Barry, wake up!

Barry rolls over in the corner, his face is smeared with blood, but his eyes are half-closed. He clearly doesn't know where he is, or what's going on. Gringo's hand is brought up again, and dropped once more.

Crowd: TWO!

The crowd buzzes with anticipation. Barry shakes his head out, tossing blood around the immediate area from the wound that was opened by that steel turnbuckle. He looks up, and sees Gringo's hand falling for the third time. He dives forward. Drilling Twiggie's bridged stomach with an axe-handle smash.

Crowd: THREE! YAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

But he's too late! He nails Twiggie, but the match is over! Gower immediately buries his head in shame. Twiggie rolls away, holding his stomach and coughing roughly, the left side of his face smeared in his own blood.


Styles: He did it! He did it!

Heyman: I don't believe it! Well… He may have won the match… but Evil Gringo had been put away by Barry Gower, that dirty hippie just swooped in for the win.

Styles: But Twiggie was the one who took Barry Gower out, and was able to take the win.

The crowd continues to blow the roof. They're so loud that ring announcer Tony Chimmel's official declaration can barely be made out.

Chimmel: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the match, the new and first-ever Undisputed TWO Unified Triple Crown Champion…. Twiggie!!!!!

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW TWOStars Triple Crown Champion, Angus McDonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaald!


JR: Bah Gawd, this train has left the station and has picked up steam!

Pyrotechnics explode in the area and ticker tape flutters down from the ceiling as Angus is handed the three belts of The TWOStars Triple Crown. The Tartan Spartan raises the belts in the air as the fans cheer him on (a few die hards try to boo, but they are drowned out with ease).

PH: Sickness is getting to his feet, how angry is he? What will he do?

McDonald turns around just as The Sick One gets up, and the two men stare at each other for a second. Angus lowers the belts, his eyes still fixed on Sickness. The now former champ takes a step forwards…

…and extends his hand to Angus, a sudden grin on his face, and the crowd cheers escalate even further!

PH: Ahhh crap.

JR: A great show of sportsmanship from the former champ, he’s not bitter at all!

PH: Like the Murpheys?

JR: Whut?

PH: Oh you’re less fun than Styles.

Angus hands the belts back to the referee before grasping the offered hand and shaking. Sickness raises the hand of McDonald to the crowd, passing the torch from the old guard to the new. The two men embrace in the centre of the ring, two friends who have


JR: Bah Gawd! It’s Famous!

The A Lister has emerged through the crowd and used his Money in the Bank briefcase to knock the two men to the mat. As the crowd starts to boo The Tinseltown Titan crouches in the corner, signalling for either Angus or Sickness to get up.

PH: Hahahaha. Is he going to cash in his Money in the Bank, or is this just a statement?

Sickness slowly manages to get to his feet, though he is in obvious pain. Famous launches himself at The Sick One and charges shoulder first into his abdomen.

JR: Walk of Fame! Walk of Fame! And the impact has sent Sickness onto the outside and to the ground. Ladies and gentlemen Sickness is laid on the ground in front of the announce table and he seems to be hurt badly.

Famous saunters over to the shocked looking referee and hands over the briefcase he won earlier in the night, pointing at Angus while doing so. The ref signals for the bell to be rung…


Famous drags Angus up to a vertical base so the two men are face to face. The Sellout throws the right arm of Angus around his neck and lifts him high into the air, stopping when the feet of McDonald are pointing straight up.

PH: Its Angus’ 3 Seconds Of Fame!

As Famous has The Tartan Spartan in the stalling suplex he begins to count out loud




And on the three Famous drops down in an almost DDT manoeuvre, crashing the skull of Angus McDonald off of the canvas! The smirking Famous covers the unmoving body of Angus, not even bothering to hook the leg as the referee counts the pinfall.





TC: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW TWOStars Triple Crown Champions, Famouuuuuuuuuuuus!

The crowd boo as the cocky Californian celebrates his win, though unlike Angus he gets no ticker tape!

PH: YESSSS! Famous did it, he won two matches in one night to become the new champ. I knew he had the fortitude for it.

Heyman: Super-kick from Cari-Dee!!!

As the champ stumbles backwards, the pretty blonde quickly takes advantage and grabs Gringo around the neck, dragging him to the corner.

JR: Come on Cari!!!

Heyman: We're supposed to be neutral!!

JR: That never stops you...

Running up the turnbuckle, Cari flips over and hits the Carisel perfectly, crashing Gringo into the mat. She quickly drags the champ away from the ropes before hooknig his leg.





JR: She did it she did it, my god she did it!

Cari jumps off the downed Gringo, leaping into the air. She dives over the top rope into the arms of Lucian, who wraps her in a massive hug, spinning the new champ around.

Chimel: Your winner, and NEW TWOstars Television Champion... CARI-DEE!!!

The crowd go utterly bonkers as Cari is engulfed by her friends. Angel hangs back but applauds the blonde who is being completely squished. Lucian lifts her back onto the ring apron and she rolls into the ring, getting quickly to her feet as the referee raises her hand then hands her the title belt. With a giggle, she clips it around her waist and starts to leap and jump around the ring as her music starts playing. Gringo just lies on the mat, unmoving, blinking up at the ceiling of the arena, unable to believe what just happened.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new TV Champion!!


Denton throws the chair down. Sickness is unconscious as the roster and staff look on at Denton. He grabs the microphone.

“**** this shit right now! I am invoking my world heavyweight title shot RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!”

EVIL-“Oh god no! He can’t do that!”

BP-“It stated anytime any place!”

JB-“Sickness can’t defend himself!”

The crowds cheers become anxieties, as Famous spears Denton to attack him! Matt manages to escape outside the ring!

“You’re a ****ing deadman denton! You’re a ****ing dead man!”

MD-“Get those dick heads out of my ring and get me a god damn referee Paul, You said the winner of Battle Royale can get his shot any time and any place!”

Paul can’t believe it. He puts his hands on his head as the rest of the locker room appeal not to do it.

PG-“Sickness…I’m so sorry…..But legally the winner has that right. Get a referee!

Gray walks away as the roster have to leave. The referee runs down and as in the ring, still full of confetti, balloons and weapons!

(reluctantly) “Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Denton is invoking his World Heavyweight title shot, therefore the following match is for the TWOStars world heavyweight championship!”

JB-“Don’t do this Matt!”


Denton goes for Sickness immediately!









Denton punches the ring mat as the emotions get to him. The referee raises his arm and hands over the belt.

“Here is your winner….And NEW TWOStars World Heavyweight Champion….Matt Denton!”

There are small tears on Denton’s face, but he doesn’t let the roster show it. Famous is foaming at the mouth, Denton took away Sickness’ moment.

EVIL-“You ****ing bastard Denton!”

JB-“This was an onslaught…”

BP-“Denton has finally done it. He is world champion.”

Matt gives the middle finger to the roster as they watch on as Denton’s era as World Champion becomes the last thing to see as the credits go up. Matt Denton, world champion

“Yes, it was my way”​

For our Brother Barry Gower. We wish you were here.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
"The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and story lines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects."​






NIGHT 1!!!!

The pyro surrounds the arena as Night 1 of the last shows commences. Fireworks glisten the night sky on top of the Olympic Stadium. More fireworks shoot off the from the stage down the ramp to the ring as all four ringposts shoot out bright pyro that blinds the audience. More pyro comes from the side of the tron before a shower of white and gold sparkles down the stage and the middle of the ring.

JB-“Tonight we say happy ten years anniversary TWOStars along with saying goodbye. Welcome to night one of A Decade of Destruction: The Final Chapter. I am for this night your host Jaxson Blakesee.”

BP-“As the pyro is still going off here we are honoured and proud to be a part of the last two shows. I am Brice Perrino. Blakey? Can you believe it is finally here and we are almost finished?”

JB-“It’s not a funeral it’s a party! We are celebrating the ten awesome years we’ve had here. And we are going out with a bang!”

The pyro halts to reveal Darkstar in the middle of the ring much to the crowds delight! The announcer gets the go ahead to confirm his presence in the ring.


“Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to officially start the show…Former General Manager of TWOStars…DARKSTAR!


Darkstar tries not to get emotional but he has invested a lot personally and physically to this promotion. He takes off his sunglasses and looks around the London audience with a smile on his face.

DS-“Hello London England!”


DS-“Are you ready?”


DS-“No I need to hear you louder because this is the biggest party you and us will ever be a part so let me hear you louder ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!!”””



Darkstar smiles as the crowd get even louder.

DS-“That’s more like it! I always did love you lot!”


DS-“I would like to thank the powers that be as in the owner of course for letting me have this time with you lot. It’s incredible this little company I founded ten years ago has become a giant in world professional wrestling! With so many memories , so many five star matches and so many people that become legends and further more would become immortals. Some sadly are no longer with us, but some are with us right here tonight to be a part of this party!”

The fans clap Darkstar.

DS-“I am like a proud parent that watched their child grow into something beautiful. If you told me all of what happened in the last decade with this company when I started TWOStars up, I wouldn’t believe you. Being honest I wouldn’t. But it has been built up by fantastic individuals. Men, Women, teams and crews contributed to this company being alive and airing it’s first shows after forming on 17th February 2005. When Acid Christ became our first ever world champion! And the memories and history grew…”


“Like Twiggie who is hear tonight, unifying three divisions on 27th November 2007 and becoming our first ever triple crown winner! When Angus McDonald, who also is here tonight, won the big one at last at Wrestlenova 2009…Only for Famous to cash in and win the title. To Arron Winter, who sadly isn’t here tonight, becoming the first grand slam champion! To Matt Dentons attempted takeover years ago, to Evil Gringos incredible dominance. Matches made too like Battle Royale, money in the bank, the inferno cage….it’s been an incredible and lively empire.”


DS-“This business really become personal to me and a lot of others! But like all empires, they rise and they fall and we are at the end of this empire.”


DS-“Don’t be made, I’m more upset. It’s a vicious circle of life. Everything comes to an end. One day we die, this is the same here. I am trying to hold in the tears but I know that won’t be easy. It’s horrendous to see your creation go, but we shouldn’t mourn that we are at the end, we should celebrate that we lived one hell of a party! That we lived and took part in one incredible journey together no matter what bickering and feuds took place!! We were part of something special that no one else will ever feel. The vibrates that came from this place, hell it still is on our last shows! , made this promotion one of a kind!!”


DS-“And with that I am here to say because you all made that happen. To the past talent like I’ve mentioned above, to the current talent, to those no longer with us like Barry Gower. To-“


Darkstar smirks as a tear begins to fall down his cheek.

DS-“To the various production crews and teams we’ve had in the last ten years….and lastly to you the fans, who made this possible by spreading the hype……..From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!”

The fans stand up and clap as Darkstar wipes away a tear. The fans cheer more as he bows to them. A TWOStars chant breaks out as he nods in approval, beating his chest with a clenched fist. Even the commentators get emotional and stand up applauding the former general manager.



JB-“Oh no….”

BP-“Not now…”

Darkstar turns to the stage as the World Heavyweight Champion and General Manager of TWOStars is about to make his presence. Denton arrives on the stage with the enforcer being dragged by him. With the Heavyweight title around his waist, he smirks as he taunts Darkstar by swinging the enforcer around. He walks down to a chorus of boos as the world champion rolls into the ring with a swagger to his walk. The music cuts as Denton is given a microphone.


Denton smiles as the men stare each other down.

MD-“…Who the f**k do you think you are?”


MD-“This isn’t your company anymore it’s mine. IM THE MAN NOW! I’m not only the world heavyweight champion but I’M THE GM of this company. IT’S MY SHOW, MY BELT, MY RULES MY RING AND MY TIME!!”


MD-“You know I’m glad I’m killing this company off once and for all. Because for all the pints of blood I’ve spilt, for all the bits of flesh I’ve had torn off my body and for all the f*****g hard work I put in, not one of you cared! When I wanted to be the man not one of you wanted to give me the main event level I deserved. When I went to take the company over to make it better none of you allowed me to do it, WHEN I WON THE HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE NOT ONE OF YOU GAVE A SINGLE FLYING F**K!!! I earned my way to being champion. I should have been world champion years ago!”

DS-“And you didn’t earn it for being a whiney little bitch!”


Denton gets mad and goes right into Darkstars face.

MD-“What are you gonna do huh?”

Denton waves the enforcer around in his face. A weapon that TWOStars hasn’t seen in almost 4 years. To refresh, it’s a solid aluminium baseball bat, with nine inch nails poking around the top.”

MD-“This little thing right here is designed to shut people up and remind them how vicious I am!”


MD-“You’re just a businessman that cares about money. I am however the perfect package. You DS are just a shadow while I am everything; past present and future! I am a businessman, an entrepreneur, a wrestler and finally…FINALLY became General Manager. I have completed everything I wanted to do in my life. I gave TWOStars the chance to show me some respect but none of you did. Why would I want to run men who don’t bow to their knees? So I’m killing this company, taking all the profits and going somewhere else that does care for me. I am killing the company tomorrow night once and for all when I become the last ever TWOStars Heavyweight Champion!”


MD-“Then I will burn it all! I will burn your history, burn your memories and piss on the ashes of TWOStars!”

Darkstar looks like he wants to hit Denton who immediately notices. Matt begins the laugh loudly as the crowd boo.

MD-“What? You wanna hit me? Don’t make any mistakes DS I am the best wrestler in this ring and the most powerful man in the company.”

Denton gets right into DS’s face and begins slapping his head.

MD-“You don’t wanna get on the wrong side of me!! But that little thought in the bac of your head to hit me….Well we can’t have that on my show!”

Denton knees the former GM in the stomach and shoves Darkstar to the ground as he stands over him. He drops the mic as he clenches both hands on the Enforcer as the crowd look on in anguish!

JB-“Wait wait don’t do this Denton!”

BP-“Come on Matt no!”

Denton lifts the Enforcer up over his head.


The crowd jump to their feet as Denton slowly turns his head to the stage.


BP-“Is it The Brute?!”

The crowd goes nuts as the former TWOStars legend returns on stage!


Banner sprints down the ramp and into the ring. He goes for Denton but Matt drops the Enforcer and rolls out of the ring. The crowd cheer and jump as Denton doesn’t know what to do.

BP-“Right timing!”

Banner checks on Darkstar before picking up Denton’s Enforcer weapon and swinging it about, gloating Matt to come and get it.

BB-“Come on Denton, fight me!”

Denton has a look of concern before that becomes a face of determination. He immediately puts his hand out and waves someone down from the stage.

JB-“Who is he waving for?”

But before Brice can reply a troop of guards all with riot gear on and with Matts initials on their uniform and shields storm down the ring. In a rage Banner drops the Enforcer and goes after them! He initially gets the upper but more men storm down to the point as many as 40 guards are present. Some surround the ring and put their shields up so no one can get in while a number block the entrance to the ring. The rest swarm in on Banner who is now helpless. The guards slam a shield into Banners throat that drops him to the ground.


Banner breathes heavy as Denton cockily walks back into the ring. He orders some of the guards to get Darkstar in the middle of the ring.


Brett tries to fight but he is held by the guards who beat him down even more. Denton orders them to raise Brett up so he can see Matt. Brett tries to break free but more guards get a hold of him forcing him to watch on and not being able to fight back. Matt spits in the face of Brett before slapping him which angers the brute, but he is helpless as Denton skips along to Darkstar. He gets the mic and points at Banner to watch.

MD-“THIS IS MY COMPANY, THIS IS MY RING, THIS MY POWER!! And I want everyone, but especially you Brett you little c**t to watch what I’m going to do to TWOStars. I’M GONNA KILL TWOSTARS OFF AND THERE’S NOT A DAMN THING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT!

And I’m gonna do it like this!

Denton drops the mic as guards stomp on Darkstar, he is out sprawled in the middle of the ring as Matt places both hands on the Enforcer.

JB-“Oh my god Matt no!”

BP-“Don’t do this Matt!”

Denton lifts the enforcer over his head in front of Darkstar!


Darkstar has a seizure and is coughing blood out while blood from the wound trickles down his head. The crowd are in shock with some crying as Denton looks on proud of his work, Banner is roaring out loud as Matt tells his guards to take him away and do what they want with em. Banner tries to stay and fight back but it forcibly lifted and taken away. Denton stares are the camera while a custom made banner falls from the catwalk that reads the following.

- MD”

As Denton looks down, Brice is disgusted with Denton at commentary. They are simply stunned along with the rest of ring staff at what he has done. Matt begins to leave with the guards protecting him with the shields. Fans toss their food, drinks and rubbish at the general manager as Evil Gringo, Angus McDonald, Twiggie, Lucian Jones storm from the crowd into the ring to see to Darkstar. Paramedics soon storm down the ring and immediately see to Darkstar, who is still seizing and spewing blood up. Jr and Heyman come down for cover as the other two signal they need to get air and deal with what happened.

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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Under the arena, lights shimmer into the parking lot as a bright pink Mini comes in. The crowd cheer, knowing full well the only person who could be driving such a subtle car. As it pulls into a parking spot, we see the licence plate BUBBLE1. Out of the drivers side jumps Cari-Dee and the cheering grows. Her now short, but still blonde, hair is pulled into two little pigtails. Her pale blue jeans are covered in rhinestone butterflies and a tight pink t shirt shows off her enviable curves. Glittery Converse finish off the not so subtle outfit as she skips to the back of her car.

Cari: I can't believe this is it! And that I'm back! It's been SOOOO long.

She unlocks the boot and reaches in with her left hand. As the crowd see this, they go crazy when the light catches the diamond and rainbow gem engagement ring on her finger.

Cari: I can't wait to see everybody.

A Scottish voice pipes up.

???: I'll get that, Gummi.

At the sound of the very familiar nickname, the crowd just totally lose the plot. The camera pulls back to show Randy Roko grabbing the bag from his... Well, from his fiance!

Cari: I'm perfectly capable of carrying a bag, Coco.

Roko: And what kind of fiance would I be if I let that happen?

Cari-Dee giggles.

Cari: I stilll love how that sounds. Fiance.

She giggles again and the former pirate laughs.

Roko: It's been four months!

Stretching on her tiptoes, the Bubblegum Princess plants a kiss on Roko's cheek.

Cari: Don't care. Still sounds awesome.

As she turns, the pretty blonde winces a little and her hand goes to her stomach. A frown crosses Roko's face.

Roko: You okay?

Cari: Of course I am! Now come on!

Throwing an arm across the shoulders of his fiance, Roko starts to walk with his girl to the doors, both their bags slung over his shoulder.

Roko: So, what's the plan?

Cari: We go straight to the ring!! We have an announcement to make, remember?

Roko: You mean, the ring? You wanna show it off?

Cari gives her fiance a small shove.

Cari: No, silly. Everyone who needs to know, knows. And while I told everyone at the Hall of Fame to keep it a secret, I doubt it still is. I mean the OTHER announcement.

At this, the pretty blonde rubs her stomach again and Roko laughs.

Roko: Okay, okay. Can we just enjoy the quiet for a second?

Cari grabs her mans hand and starts to pull him to the door.

Cari: When you proposed, did you really think your life would ever be quiet again?

Roko shakes his head and allows himself to be pulled to the door as we fade to a flashback of the first Midsummer Nights Dream.

We fade back to the arena with a panning shot of the amazing number of fans who have turned up to watch the final ever TWOStars show, fans all around the arena are on their feet enjoying every moment and we can see many, many home-made signs being shown around the arena.




With that panning shot we then switch to a shot of one of the two commentator tables – the one of Paul Heyman and Jim Ross who are exceptionally well dressed (with JR donning his most fashionable hat and Heyman donning his most...fashionable...hairstyle).

JR: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the first night of TWOStars very final show!

Heyman: I can’t believe it JR, I never thought I’d be commentating on what was to be the final night...

JR: You’re telling me Paul! The fans here are full of energy, excitement and...



JR: Bah gawd!! Speaking of energy and excitement – who better to symbolise those two things than Cari-Dee herself!

Heyman: Gah. She better not come to took me days to get the glitter out of my hair.

JR: What hair?

As the lead vocalist begins singing Cari-Dee bounces out onto the stage with the widest, cutest smile that anyone has ever seen as the fans literally go crazy for ‘The Bangor Beauty’. The fans at the front row cram themselves to the front hoping to get a hug from arguably the most popular female wrestler TWOStars has ever had.

‘CD’ bounces to one side of the stage looking ecstatic as she waves and blows kisses out to the adoring fans on that side, and then she skips over to the other side and blows them kisses with just as much adoration and love as the fans begin a Cari-Dee chant.


JR: No-one can deny the popularity of the former Women’s Champion Paul, her enthusiasm, her attitude and her effect on the mood of the fans and staff here in TWOStars has grounded itself in the history of this company.

Heyman: As much as I personally may not like her, I have to agree with you there JR!

Cari-Dee looks stunned at the chant that the crowd come up with and tears rim her eyes as she mouths thank you at them. Wiping her eyes, she turns her attention to the entrance as her music continues to blare out from the speakers and smoke shoots out to cover the immediate entrance. The fans excitement pick up as they recognise who is coming out now...

JR: The last time we saw these two in the ring together; Randy Roko turned on her and his best friend Angus in a jealous rage and hurt them. Now, they’re apparently back together, engaged and have a big announcement!

Heyman: She was rubbing her stomach don’t think...?

JR: Well, I certainly hope so!

Heyman: Speak for yourself. I don’t even want to imagine what kind of jumped-up pirate bubble-gum child that would be...

Cari-Dee beams as Randy Roko comes rolling out of the smoke, and once to his feet, does his trademark back-flip to complete his ‘Rolling Rok’. The fans go wild as the couple hug and share a kiss at the top of the ramp-way as they wave out to the crowd together.

Heyman: I think I may just hurl...


Cari-Dee and Randy beam at each other before jogging down the right-hand side of the ramp much to the happiness of the fans, Cari hugs as many of them as she can while Roko fist-bumps them. Cari pulls out glitter from her pocket and throws it over the crowd who jump up and down in glee.

Heyman: DAMNIT!

JR: Oh stop complaining, live a little!

Randy & Cari make their way around the ring, not missing out a single fan as ‘Up Here’ by Powder continues to blare out of the speakers, as many fans dance in time to it. Eventually they get to JR and Heyman. Randy shakes both men’s hands while Cari-Dee approaches, Heyman goes wide eyed.

Heyman: No glitter! This is an expensive su-ahhhh!

‘The Bangor Beauty’ giggles as she throws glitter over him anyway much to the enjoyment of the crowd and JR. The camera focuses on Heyman cursing and wiping himself down as Randy and Cari make their way around the ring, focusing on fans on the other side (although we do catch a slight smile from Heyman before cutting back to the engaged couple).

JR: Don’t lie, you love it really.

Heyman: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

When we cut back to the pair they are finished going around all the fans and as the chorus kicks in for the song, they both charge down the ramp and slide into the ring. Both Randy and Cari get up to their feet and go to opposing turnbuckles as Chimel stands ready to announce them with Todd Grisham standing beside him for some reason.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen of TWOStars, please welcome BACK to the ring, former Women’s Champion, ‘The Bangor Beauty’ – Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaari-Deeeeeee!


Chimel: And her fiancé...

Cat-calls go up from around the audience as a massive round of applause goes up as well, as Randy ‘searches’ the crowd and Cari blows out kisses and smiles from her end.

Chimel: ...returning back to the ring, he is the former Television Champion, ‘The Nautical Warrior’ – Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy Rokooooooooooooo!


Both Randy & Cari drop down from their turnbuckles and share words with Chimel and Todd (who steals glances at Cari-Dee from time-to-time, clearly still enamoured with her) as ‘Up Here’ fades out.

JR: I’m really excited for this Paul! I wonder what they’re big announcement could be!

Microphones are handed to Cari, Roko & Todd as Chimel exits the ring and sits down with Heyman and JR. Cari-Dee excitedly bounces on the spot and is first to speak into her microphone.

Cari-Dee: I’ve missed you all SO much!!

The crowd gives an immensely loud cheer in return as Cari wipes a happy tear from her eye and waves out at the crowd. Todd glares at Randy in complete envy as he puts arm around her and smiles out at the crowd.

Randy: Guys, I think it’s safe to say that this place was a LOT less cheerful without our resident bubble-gum princess...

She playfully punches him in the shoulder as the fans cheer in agreement and Todd looks like he wants to go one-on-one with Randy right now.

Todd: So, Randy...

His glare turns to something more like adoration as he turns to Cari.

Todd: ...Cari, you need to fill us in. What happened to bring you two back together?

Randy hangs his head in shame as the subject of what tore them apart in the first place comes up, but Cari doesn’t bat an eyelid as she teasingly smiles at Randy.

Cari-Dee: Well Todd, it’s a bit of a long story, so we’ll give you guys the short version...

Randy looks up as the crowd leans in, eager to hear what happened.

Randy: Well, after many, many months of me begging her to meet with me...

Cari-Dee: And many, many months of me flat-out ignoring him...

This is followed with a round of laughter from the audience and both Cari & Roko in the ring.

Randy: She finally agreed to meet with me, once, to explain everything. And I did, I explained why I did what I did, and everything related to that...

Cari-Dee: And I understood why he did what he did. And I found it in my heart to forgive him, even if my head said no...

Randy beams at her.

Randy: And now, we’re engaged!

A massive round of applause and cheers go up from the crowd as Cari-Dee beams at her fiancé. Todd is looking around the ring for anything he can throw at Roko.

Cari-Dee: I guess that the moral to the story is, even if your head is telling you no; sometimes you just need to follow your heart.

A collective awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww from the audience goes up as the couple in the ring beam at each other. Heyman makes retching sounds into his microphone as JR lightly smacks him on the head. Todd is sneaking up behind Roko, perhaps to apply some kind of chokehold with his tie.

JR: Some words of wisdom from Cari-Dee there!

Todd: So, I think the big question on everyone’s mind is your big announcement...

The audience get excited, leaning forward, cheers going up here and there as Randy motions to Cari in a ‘I’ll let you handle this one’ kind of gesture.

Cari-Dee: Well Todd, we have some very big news. News we’ve only told our closest friends...

The cheer goes up and Todd looks sullen as it looks like his worst fear is about to be confirmed.

Cari-Dee: News that we’ve been waiting to deliver to you guys since we heard it! Can you guess what it may be Todd?

The fans excitement rise as Todd slowly raises the microphone to his lips, asking as if the answer would be life and death for him.

Todd: Are you...pregnant?

Utter shock runs over both Cari-Dee and Randy, who both look abashed and then burst out into hilarious laughter. In-between breaths, Cari manages to answer.

Cari-Dee: No! You adorable thing you!

Grisham visibly sags with relief as Randy wipes tears of laughter from his eyes.

JR: Wait a minute, if she’s not pregnant then what is it?

Todd: But...earlier? You were rubbing your stomach?

Realization dawns on Cari-Dee as she shares a ‘this is so going on my blog later’ look with Roko.

Cari-Dee: Oh, no! I was just super hungry!

Laughter rings out from the crowd at the uncanny misunderstanding as Randy has to lean against the ropes to stop him-self doubling over.

Cari-Dee: Our news tonight is that right here and right now marks the beginning of the official on-going TWOStars Send-Off Party! Throughout both nights, TWOStars will be hosting an on-going party backstage where all wrestlers and staff are invited to!

Wooping goes up from the crowd as Randy manages to recover, yet Cari is still giggling away.

Cari-Dee: Pregnant...really! TWOStars staff will be available throughout the audience to hand out balloons, glitter, party poppers, refreshments, snacks, and all other kinds of things you need for a really good party!

The crowd goes wild, but Randy has now taken on a serious look on his face. Seeing his face, Cari’s smile falters ever so slightly and she nods at him as he approaches the centre of the ring.

Randy: Now Todd, if I can please ask you to leave the ring, I have something that’s been long awaited for me to do, and I’m going to do it right now.

Todd: As if you don’t already have everything...

Randy looks confused.

Randy: Huh?

Todd: Nothing! Nothing...jerk...

Todd leaves the ring as Cari comes over and gives Randy a hug for confidence, whispering some words in his ear as she walks over to the turnbuckle and pulls herself up on to it, waving out at the crowd before turning to watch Randy with concern in her eyes.

JR: Apparently, Randy has something he needs to do tonight, and he’s doing it now.

Heyman: He needs to go back in time and never join this company is what he needs to do.

Slowly, Randy looks out to the crowd, obviously finding this very difficult, as he addresses them.

Randy: You guys have stood behind me from the very beginning. From when I came into this company, I was green, I was young, I didn’t really know if I would be any good at this. You guys had faith, even when I didn’t.

Randy: The one time you didn’t stand behind me is the time in which I didn’t deserve your support. Tonight is the night I finally put my final demon behind me and answer for what I done.

Randy turns to the entrance with some difficulty.

Randy: Angus. I know you’re back there...please, come out and join me here. Let me explain. Let me apologize.

The crowd cheer loudly at the mention of Angus’s name as Cari worriedly watches on.

JR: Bah gawd! For those of you watching at home who aren’t aware, let’s go back and quickly show you all what happened...

We cut to a recap of the fateful turn as Randy awaits Angus to appear, if he does, as the tension builds...

Randy Roko slowly turns to look up the ramp, the microphone lowered to his side, he looks entirely straight-faced. The anticipation rises, and rises, until finally Angus McDonald comes bouncing out onto the stage, running from one end to the other in excitement.

JR: Oh boy! A possible Immortal Highlander reunion?



Randy slowly looks around at the masses chanting the names of his former team and former relationship as Angus stops in the centre of the stage, motioning to someone in the back to come out, when they do it turns out to the one and only, Cari-Dee. Although not bouncing around the stage like Angus, she is apprehensively staring out into the crowd and smiling at them, perhaps to avoid the awkwardness that is in the ring.

JR: And both of Randy’s friends come out here to welcome Randy back home.

Angus and Cari walk down to the ring side by side. Well, Angus more so hopping, bouncing, skipping, you name it, while Cari is the one doing all the walking. They finally reach the ring, and Angus is the first to slide in, bouncing up to his feet he gives Randy a manly hug of kinship with lots of patting on the back as Cari slowly enters in the ring, avoiding eye contact.

Heyman: Jeez, you could cut this tension with a knife.

As Angus and Randy break apart the audience becomes silent as Cari slowly walks up to Randy, and slowly diverts her eyes into his. For one, seemingly, long moment the two simply stare at each other; before Randy gives Cari a heart-warming hug.


Heyman: This is perfect. Just perfect. *sigh*

The three people in the ring look at each other, smiling.

Angus: Randy! A knew ye’d be back! Cannae keep yeh away fae here tae long noo can we! Haha!

Randy nods, chuckling slightly, however there is a slight look of annoyance around him.

Randy: Aye, ye can’t that. I’m sorry to sound a hassle guys, but i was kind of-

Angus: Awkt ave missed ye! Ma pal! Ma runnin’ buddy! Ma team mate! We’re a match made in guid’ ol’ heaven am sure!

Cari remains silent, just silently smiling at her ex boyfriend as Angus rambles on, while Randy is staring blank-faced at Angus himself.

Randy: Aye, haha... hey guys i’ll catch up with-

Angus: And luk aet ye noo! Back better thun ever mate! It willnae be long afore the Immortal Highlanders wull be runnin’ aboot again...

Randy: Aye, Angus-

Angus: Winnin’ titles, kickin’ arse an takin’ names as always ehhh! Why a remember the guid ol’ da-

Randy: ANGUS!!!

The sudden, angry, outburst shocks Angus, Cari, and everyone else. Silence falls upon the man who thinks he is a train as Randy’s eyes are angrily staring in Angus’s direction, a look of concern falls upon Cari’s face as she approaches him.

Cari: Coco? What’s wrong...

Randy turns, without hesitation, landing a very hard slap across the face of his ex girlfriend, causing her to fall harshly towards the canvas. Holding her face in her hands, she simply stares in shock at Randy.


JR: What in the blue name of hell!? Randy Roko just slapped Cari Dee! The nerve to hit a woman!

Heyman: Hey, I could like Randy after all...!

Incensed from the slap, all confusion gone, Angus walks right up into ‘The Nautical Warrior’s’ grill, stabbing his finger in his chest, yelling furiously into his face until Randy boots him clean in the stomach, grabbing Angus’s right arm he lifts his left leg over it, hooking it over Angus’s right shoulder and falls backwards to the canvas, drilling Angus’s head into the canvas with a leg assisted DDT.


JR: Oh no, oh no! This is horrible! Angus McDonald is down and out thanks to this dastardly attack from Randy! Damn him, why Randy, why!?

Heyman: It’s simple JR, Randy is sick of being second best to those around him... I’m sure he’ll explain that to you, eventually.

JR: Well, I’m at a loss for what to say folks, I really am.

Heyman: I’m not. HELL YEAH! Finally Randy has grown a pair!

As the crowd boo furiously at the returning superstar, Cari crawls with fear in her eyes towards Angus’s body, carefully watching Randy for anymore sudden outbursts of rage. However, he is simply staring down at the two people lying before him, with rage in his eyes.


JR: This is just shocking behaviour from Randy Roko. Inexcusable.

Heyman: I disagree JR, I think Randy has every right to do what he did.

Eventually, after scaring the living daylights out of Cari-Dee by furiously staring into her eyes for a few moments, he turns and exits the ring. Walking up the ramp, with fury in his stride, he doesn’t even look back as he walks away from Cari, Angus, and the fans who are now booing him without mercy.

JR: Well folks, we’ll have to wait and see what his explanations are for this...

We cut to Cari, crying in distress as she tried to rouse Angus from his unconsciousness as we fade to a DTTAH advert.

JR: Afterwards, Randy Roko lost the support of the crowd and turned on Angus and Cari-Dee. Him and Angus began a war that lasted all to WrestleNova, where Angus bested his once best-friend.

Heyman: And now, it looks like Randy finally wants to clear the air between them, once and for all.

Angus still hasn’t made an appearance. Randy begins to look a little bit desperate.

Randy: Please, Angus. If not for me, please, do it for Cari...

Cari-Dee nervously watches on, the tension builds, and just when it looks utterly hopeless and Randy turns to grudgingly walk back to Cari...


The fans go mental with happiness as Randy slowly turns back to look at the entrance in disbelief, while Cari-Dee smiles nervously. This could come to blows just as much as it could come to a resolution as ‘Sahti Waari’ by Turisas blasts out of the speakers much to the happiness of the crowd.

JR: And Angus is here! The last time we saw Angus I believe was when he was body-bagged by Deadman...

Heyman: And I haven’t missed him one bit.

Eventually, Angus McDonald bursts onto the stage, looking around wildly as a wide grin can be seen at his joy of being back. The fans go wild and an Angus chant shortly starts up.


Angus quickly runs from side to side of the stage, pointing out at the crowd and running around in joy before returning to the middle of the stage and shooting his arm up and down again twice in his trademark move as pyro blasts off behind him on the tron.


JR: These fans have clearly missed Angus very, very much Paul. They loved him back in the day and now that he’s back they love him just as much now as they did then.

Heyman: I still don’t get it. How can a Scottish man who thinks he’s a train become so popular?

Once his pyro calms down, Angus hops on the spot a couple of times as he uses his arms to make train motions before sprinting down the aisle. Randy clears out the way as his once best-friend, once enemy, Angus McDonald slides into the ring. Angus briefly looks at Randy and walks over to Cari-Dee who slides down from the turnbuckle and the two share a heart-warming hug and laughter before Angus walks past Randy to the turnbuckle, hopping on-top and blowing the whistle once more.


Heyman: Randy’s receiving a cold reception from McDonald tonight...

JR: Do you blame him?

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the ring, the former Triple Crown Champion, ‘The Flying Scotsman’ – Aaaaaaaaaaangus McDooooooooooooooooonald!


‘Sahti Waari’ fades out as Angus hops down from the turnbuckle and is handed a microphone. Cari-Dee resumes her position near the turnbuckle, watching anxiously, wringing her hands as Randy stands on her side and Angus the opposing side. Both men look at each other, their past experiences flooding them both with memories.

Angus: Fore’ a get tae you, Randy, lemme’ jist tell aw’ these people here tha’ this train has returned to station!!

A massive cheer goes up from the crowd, before Angus turns back to Randy looking cold and angry.

Angus: An’ now, after aw’ this time, you turn up in the ring with one of m’dearest pals an’ go oan aboot how ye have unfinished business and this that n’ the next hing...whit dae ye expect fae me Roko?

Randy looks down at the ground as Cari-Dee has tears in her eyes, looking at two people who used to be inseparable who now stood on opposing sides of the ring.

Angus: Ye’ want me tae come doon here and pretend tha’ none of it happened? Tha’ ye didny turn on me, slam ma’ face into this very mat aboot’ a hunner times while ye preached oan an’ oan aboot how ye’ were always the better wan, how ye were gonnae put me oot’ ae action? An’ as if turnin’ oan me wasny bad enough, but ye’ also broke HER heart!

At the emphasis on her, Angus points at Cari-Dee and Randy looks up, clearly having tears in his eyes as well by this point as he takes the rant from Angus patiently, as Angus begins pacing in-front of him.

Angus: An’ it wasny jus’ turned on Lucian, Willard, Gringo, Gilmore, Jason an’ even yer own brother as well! Ye’ teamed up with tha’ snake Eagles fur Christ sake! The very man who put ye through hell and back! Did ye forget the time he attacked ye’ in hospital? The time me an’ Lucian had tae break through a barricade to get ye’ seen tae by medics cause that snake kicked the livin’ daylights oot ye? Ye’ didny think ae any o’ tha’ when ye turned oan me, and NOW ye’ want to have it oot!?

Randy has nothing to say, or perhaps be waiting for Angus to run out of steam, as Angus goes on.

Angus: Ye’ hurt me, Randy. Me and you, we went through the academy together. We came into this company together. We teamed together, we were there fur’ each other, even when hings’ seemed impossible like when we got chucked in against AC/DC, or when you were facin’ Barry Gower - god rest his soul - for the Triple Croon Championship...wit about when ye’ were at yer lowest? Who was there fur ye!? And ye’ just threw aw’ that away in a few minutes ae yer time!

Each word seemed to be like a battering ram against Randy, as the fans watch the heated, emotional, with teary eyes themselves for some as Cari-Dee looks on, sombre, in the corner.

Angus: Ye’ lost yerself. Ye’ damn right nearly made me lose maself’ tae...

Angus’s voice cracks ever so slightly, but then he continues on.

Angus: An’ all fur whit? So ye’ could walk aboot and swear and curse and say ye’ were oot my shadow? Ye’ were never IN ma shadow ya’ clown! Ye’ might have convinced Cari to forgive ye’ Randy an’ I don’t know why she did but a’ respect her decision.

Angus walks right up to his once best-friend and goes face to face with him.

Angus: So, if ye’ want to have it oot’, if ye want t’fight, if ye want t’scream and shout at me about how a’ was in the wrong, then oan ye go! Just dinnae expect me to forgive ye’ jist cause ye’ say sorry!

The final words from Angus leave a cold sting in the air as the tension mounts. Randy rubs his eyes a little as Angus backs off and paces in-front of him. Slowly, Randy raises the microphone as he chooses his words carefully.

JR: This is an intense moment folks. Two best friends, torn asunder by the actions of one...

Heyman: If Angus knows what’s best he’ll turn and walk away. Roko is a loser.

Randy wipes his brow before launching into a speech that has clearly been building up since the day he turned on Angus.

Randy: Angus...I don’t expect you to forgive me. I don’t expect you to ever look at me the same ever again. Hell, I half expected you to not even show up when I asked you t-

Angus: An’ if it wasny for Cari I wouldny huv!

Randy: I know. I know man...Look; I can’t ever make up for what I did. Every single day when I wake up I thank whatever power there is up there that I even managed to convince Cari to give me another chance. I spend every day with her trying to make up for every minute she spent suffering because of me.

Randy: When you and I were running around here in this company, those were the happiest days of my life. Every week we did what everyone told us we wouldn’t be able to – keep our place here. When we joined, people told us we were jokes, they told us we would never amount to anything, they told us we’d be out within two weeks of show-time...and every week we proved them wrong, time and time again.

Angus rubs his head a little, remembering back to those times when the idea of a Scottish Train and a Scottish Pirate amounting to anything in TWOStars was a laughable idea.

Randy: We became successful. We started to win, we started to be seen as more than a novelty act, people backstage actually started treating us with respect, the people up top actually started putting us on those adverts, actually started giving us chances to prove ourselves in this company – and we delivered!

Randy: But, eventually, I started to get worried. It was always clear who was more the more popular, it was always clear who was the better wrestler...hell it wasn’t even a contest between me and you. Was I resentful? Was I jealous? Of course I was.

Angus stares at his once friend as he goes on, clearly having wanted to say this for years.

Randy: I was always a mid-carder, but you, you were going places. And I was damn happy for you, don’t get me wrong. When you got your place in the main event of WrestleNova, I knew you would headline that show and give people one of the best Nova’ main events they’d ever had, and I was right.

Randy: You were main event material. You sold the most merchandise. And sure, I was successful too, but I always had a nagging feeling in the back of my head...did you even ever need me?

Angus balks in surprise at the question.

Randy: What would have happened if you had joined here without me? What if there was no Randy Roko and just an Angus McDonald? I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was just dead weight to you, Angus. I was just holding you back, and damn that feeling drove me insane for years.

Randy: I know that I needed you more than you needed me, Angus. It frustrated me to no end, to know that I was so dependent on you. On the Immortal Highlanders, on the success we had together, to make my name. Time and time again I couldn’t shake the feeling that if I had joined here without you I WOULD have been out in two weeks or less.

Cari is watching her fiancé with tears brimming her eyes as Angus watches him, his face unreadable.

Randy: And then, when I...turned...on you, it broke me inside. I never hated you, man. I never truly thought I was better than you. It was just years of pent-up frustration at my dependency on you, on us...and within a week I regretted it so much, but by then everyone had turned on me for what I’d done and rightly so. I was stuck with my decision. I had no choice but to keep up the act.

Randy shakes his head in sadness, regret and disgust.

Randy: I had to embrace the act that I hated you and everyone because it was easier than admitting the truth, that I was wrong. And when you beat me at WrestleNova, I knew that the right man had won deep-down...but my pride would never have let me admit it. My pride would never have allowed me to embrace the real me, the side of me that depended on you and us, the side that accepted his place.

Randy: In the end, it wasn’t about which one of us was better. It wasn’t about which one of us was more popular. It wasn’t about who got given the bigger and better was about my stupid pride.

Randy looks up at his one-time best friend.

Randy: But I’m telling you now, Angus. I’m telling you now that if I could go back in time and reverse what I did I would in a heartbeat. If I could go back in time and just tell you how I felt, I would do it in a heartbeat, but I can’t. I can’t go back in time, I can only go forwards. So here I am, laying it all out in the open for you Angus. I’ve accepted who I am now; I’ve accepted my role in things.

Randy: I don’t expect you to forgive me. I don’t expect you to ever forgive me...but at least, I want you to understand why, and that I never ever hated you and that I’m...I’m sorry.

Silence. You could hear a pin-drop as the tension is unbelievable. Cari has tears running down her face as she looks between the two men, the moment of truth at hand...

The fans look between both men, waiting to see what happens as Randy drops his head, unable to even look at Angus for shame of what he’s done in the past...


Randy looks up, surprised, confused, as Cari also looks on. Angus stares at Randy dumb-founded.

Angus: Aw’ this this time ye’ had me thinkin’ ye hated me! Aw’ this time, ye’ had me thinkin’ that ye’ never really gave two toots aboot’ me or whit we’d’ this time...

Angus runs his hand over his head as he stares at his former best friend.

Angus: If ye’ had jist TELT me ya big numpty!! If ye had a would have told ye’ that AYE I needed ye’ just as ye’ needed me! A’ would’ve have never had the confidence to go oot there each an’ every week if a didny have you there backin’ me up!

Angus: We’re a team you an’ me an’ we always have been! There’d be no Angus without Randy, no Randy without Angus...A’ would never have got to the point a’ did if I didn’t have you there supportin’ me! If a had jist’ came in maself’ a’d have been a crazy ass Scottish trainman who people wudda laughed oot the door! But wi’ you, we made sumthin’ outta’ that!

Angus: Holy Flyin’ Scotsman Randy!! Ye’ shoulda’ jist told me!!

Randy looks at Angus, his mouth open in shock and his eyes looking...hopeful. Cari-Dee is crying tears of happiness now, her hands up to her face as she has a wide, ecstatic smile and the fans are all waiting, smiles on their faces, hands up to their faces, waiting...

Randy:’re not mad?

Angus smiles widely, walks over to his best friend, and hugs him (very manly hug of course) as the crowd ERUPT in cheers and Cari jumps up and down on the spot with complete and utter joy as Randy stands there in complete and utter shock before a wide smile full of relief erupts onto his face and he hugs his best friend (again, in a very manly way) as the fans around the arena are cheering, clapping, and some even crying from joy.

JR: Friends re-united! Bah gawd Paul, what a moment, I am so glad to be...wait, Paul, are you crying?

Heyman: No! No I certainly am not...


Angus and Roko break apart, both men grinning widely.

Angus: Of course no’ ya numpty! I forgive ye’ and yer silly pride!

Cari can’t take it anymore and she runs in and grabs both men in a hug which turns into a very emotional and happy group hug as the fans applaud, happy faces running rampant throughout the crowd.

JR: I am so proud and happy to witness this moment. The reunion of the Immortal Highlanders...

Heyman: This is certainly a touching moments for our fans and those involved.

The three friends break and tears are flowing all around; Randy and Angus hug once more before all three turn to the crowd. With Cari in the middle, she raises both men’s hands as the crowd roar in approval.


‘Your Spirit’s Alive’ by Dropkick Murphys, the Immortal Highlander theme music as Angus and Randy look up at their tron in utter joy to hear the music play out again.

Randy hugs Cari, and the two share words which leaves them laughing as Angus and Roko fist bump. Angus points to the turnbuckle and Randy, grinning nods his head as both men head to turnbuckles on opposing sides of the ring, Cari clears some space as she wipes her eyes and heads to a vacant turnbuckle.

Randy and Angus climb up on the turnbuckles and clap in the air, pointing out at the fans as they roar back in approval at both men. Both men turn and look at each other, giving each other a quick thumbs up as both men do a backflip off each of their turnbuckles, passing each other in mid-air and landing in the centre of the ring in their trademark move as the fans go wild in cheering.

JR: Best friends reunited, a tag team brought back to life, a couple brought back together and engaged...what a way to kick off the TWOStars Send-Off Party!

Heyman: I need a tissue. Where the hell is all the tissues!?

The camera focuses on the three friends in the ring, reunited as they once again hold up their hands, each of their faces brimming with happiness as we fade out to black slowly, the last thing we can hear is a chant.

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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The camera cuts back to the commentating team as they quickly gather their thoughts and and remind the latecomers of what has just happened.

JB-“Ladies and gentlemen if you have just arrived then you missed out on some insane stuff that transpired here. Darkstar, and the former general manager was saying his goodbyes, only for Matt Denton to confront him and then attack him in that ring.”

BP-“Denton furious that he wasn’t starting the show and took it out on the man who he believes is to blame. Was about to crack his skull with his weapon, the enforcer…Only for Brett Banner to save the day.

JB-“They would team up and our world champion would roll out.”

BP-“But then Dentons hired guard was destroy Banner and Darkstar and Matt Denton would then from out of nowhere hit the enforcer weapon over Darkstars head. Brett is ok and in the back but Darkstar has been rushed to hospital with a suspected cracked skull. His involvement in our last shows is over.”

JB-“What a smug piece of s**t. But let’s move on with the show.”


The opening guitar riff or Seein' Red plays gently as halfway through the opening verse of lyrics, Dammage walks out onto the stage slowly, he stands sideways looking down at the ring. He shrugs off any fans trying to get high fives off him as he keeps his pace walking down to the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring. From Memphis Tennessee….DAMMAGE!

Dammage enters the ring and nods at the announcer before shaking his wrists and following this up by slapping his face multiple times as he waits for former TWOStars Heavyweight champion to arrive.


Fireworks glisten the stage as the former heavyweight champion ands the a-lister Famous arrives on the set! He stops halfway down the ramp and throws his arms up, in remembrance to his former entrances of old before walking around the camera side of the ring. He hops up onto the ring apron as he smirks and gets into the ring through the ropes.

Famous then scales the nearest turnbuckle and again throws his arms out to gesture before he hops down and throws his shades to the ring announcer and takes off his heavy fur coat and passes it to the timekeeper on the outside.

“And his opponent, from Hollywood California……FAMOUS!

But Dammage wastes no time and immediately attacks the a-lister after the announcer is done. The bell rings as this match is underway. He rams him up against the turnbuckle and begins hitting punches to the jaw and head of Famous, following this up with slaps to the chest over and over and over! Bryan Dammage then hits a massive fishermans suplex for an early count




Kickout by Famous.

JB-“Dammage still believes that Famous cost him the title.”

Dammage picks Famous up to ram up against the opposite turnbuckle. The kinking sound from the hit gets fans into ooh chants before Dammage carries on with a massive power slam. Bryan then jumps in the air and hits a falling knee onto his head before making another quick cover.




Kick out by by Famous.

Dammage carries on the assault with a belly to belly suplex followed by a elbow drop. He then taunts the crowd as he applies a headlock onto Mr Hollywood. The crowd begin to clap their hands in unison and cheer Famous’ name on in hope he can pull through this and get to his feet.


Famous takes big breathes before shaking his fists and getting to his feet. Dammage tries to slam him back to the mat.



BP-“Great counter!”

The crowd as Famous begins to deliver clothesline after clothesline, followed by hammer shots. Dammage is dazed as Famous roars on! He gets a hold of him..





Kick out by Dammage!

Famous hits elbow drop after elbow drop to try and slow Bryan down. He makes motions to the crowd who cheer him on as he goes to the top of the turnbuckle for a moonsault…But Dammage quickly regains his composure and gets to his feet and pushes the unknowing Famous off the turnbuckle and onto the concrete ground!

JB-“Ouch that had to hurt!!

BP-“Smart from Dammage.”

Bryan takes his time to get himself together as Famous holds his ribs. Dammage looks around the crowd before giving a ****er gesture which irate them. He smirks as he sees his chance and tells the referee to not bother counting him out. He goes to the top rope.



Dammage has the advantage as Famous struggles to breath. He doesn’t waste anymore time and picks up Famous to ram him against the steel turnbuckle. He continues to lift em up with ease as he rams him again against the steel turnbuckle. Bryan shows his strength by still being able to lift him up with on hand, taunting the crowd with the other. He goes for a third ram to the head.


But Famous fights out and smashes Dammages’ head off it! He then runs up to the steel steps and hits a flying clothesline of his own! Famous picks up his former brother and rams his head off the announce table over and over before Dammage begins to get legless. Famous beats his chest before throwing Dammage back into the ring.


Famous goes for a quick cover!



Kick out by Dammage.

Famous shouts for the Ox-Bow Incident as he tries to lock in the Texas Cloverleaf submission hold, but Bryan uses his power and pushes him away. Dammage gets to his feet as it is Famous’ turn to pick up Dammage and ram him into the turnbuckle. He rams his head into his stomach several times before hitting uppercuts to stun his opponent. He lifts him up on the ropes and Famous soon joins him. The crowd are keen to see what is going to happen as Famous reaches the highest rope while Dammage is sitting on the turnbuckle!

JB-“This doesn’t look good!”

BP-“Someone’s gonna hurt bad!”

Famous shouts for the Frankensteiner from the top rope as the crowd cheer him on! He gets himself positioned for maximum impact on Dammage!


The impact is so great that Famous rolls forward and bounces off the ropes. He uses the ropes to get back to his feet all sluggish…






NO! Famous barely kicks out!

BP-“What a match!”

Dammage can’t believe it as he appeals to the referee that it was a three count. But the ref says no and his decision is a 2 count. He punches the mat in anger as he says enough is enough. He picks up a groggy Famous who is still reeling from those two hits!

Dammage goes for can’t stop!

But Famous holds onto the ropes!


And lifts Dammage over the ropes and out of the ring!

Famous takes this time to regain his composure He goes to outside mayt of the ring and lines up a splash onto Bryan Dammage. He lifts his arms to get the crowd going again.



JB-“What a counter!!!”

BP-“My goodness!!”

With no one getting up as both lay on the floor, the referee has no option to start a ten count.



Both men still showing no signs of getting up





Both men star to move bit by bit as the referee continues the count.



The crowd cry on for Famous to make it back to the ring as both men are on their knees.




The crowd applaud as Dammage is the first man back to his feet and immediately goes for the Can’t stop again!

But Famous elbows him in the head and rams him on the turnbuckle post! Famous bounces off the opposite ropes as Dammage is dazed!







The music plays as Famous holds his hands in victory.

“Here is your winner….FAMOUS!

JB-“The former world champion gets his hand raised in victory!”

BP-“Good match by both guys.”

Famous says his thanks to the crowd one last time as he exits the ring. He high fives some fans and takes photos with them as he bids farewell to the fed and to everyone. He waves wiping away sweat off his head as the camera begins to fade.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We come back to the backstage area to find the very pretty Pink walking by herself. She has one hand twirling a piece of hair while the other clutches a phone. Muttering to herself as she goes, Pink almost walks into someone. She looks up and the crowd can be heard giving a small boo.

Purple: Umm. Hey.

Pink: Oh yeah, err. Hi. How've you been?

Purple looks down at her feet, shuffling them slightly.

Purple: Yeah, well, you know. Alright I guess. Been busy.

Pink's eyes try and catch those of her (former?) best friend.

Pink: I figured. I tried calling you. Every day. For three weeks... What the hell??

Purple glances up. She catches the eye of the infuriated looking girl.

Purple: I've been trying, I'm sorry. It's been really hard.

Pink: I know. I get it. But she abandoned us both. We swore we wouldn't let this affect our friendship when she left. We both swore it.

Purple: I know we did. I'm sorry. She just... After everything... And we just... Then she...

Pink holds out her hand and Purple takes it, giving it a squeeze.

Pink: I know, I understand. Look, she's bound to get in touch with tonight happening. Why don't we go and call her together. Oh and Lia?

Purple: Yes, Ella?

Pink: We're gonna be
The best friends smile at each other as they both grab their phones and begin furiously texting Angel. We cut to a DTTAH clip.



We cut to the inside of a darkened studio. The camera cuts every few beats, never fully showing the face of the man being interviewed, but, from a combination of the collection of images, the voice and the generally unpleasant tone, we recognise the presence of Johnny Rockefeller.

JR: “He who believes has eternal life, but he who does not obey will not see life, but the wrath which abides in him. You neglected the Rock who begot you, and forgot he who gave you birth.”

We cut to a close up of Rockefeller’s mouth, as a vague, unpleasant, back-wards sounding mumbling in the background starts to increase in volume. Is it a song being played backwards? It’s too faint to tell. Maybe it’s Rockefeller’s own words looped back over themselves. Every now and then, a vague, unrecognisable sound that, though unintelligible to the logical ear, spikes some primitive, ape sense of dread and unease, suggests that it may be something far worse.

JR: Rockephiles, as you look out upon the ocean of indignation and ignorance that you see before you, as you see the death of not just a federation, but an idea, an industry, don’t mourn. Don’t mourn the fate of the cow, which walks itself into the slaughterhouse.

Cut to a shot that shows half of Rockefeller’s face. It’s a perfect half, with the side of frame marking a perfect centre-line.

JR: For years, YEARS, the powers that be at that wretched company heard the truth and the word, my truth… my words, and the words of the millions, if not billions of Rockephiles around this Earth calling upon them to do the right thing, to recognise their one chance at rescue from the abyss.

Cut to the other half of Rockefeller’s face. Or is it the other half at all? Is it maybe the first half, simply mirrored?

JR: TWOStars, you had your chance. As you pinned your hollow, meaningless title on anyone who played the corporate game - your friends, your family, you signed your own death warrant, as the only man who could have saved you, the only man worthy of the praise and adulation you falsely put onto others, the one true saviour, Jonathan D.L. Rockefeller III, was left unappreciated and over-looked.

Cut back to a close-up of Rockefeller’s mouth, but this time, it’s clear that something’s wrong with the image. Instead of it being Rockefeller’s actual mouth, it’s one half of his mouth, mirrored and doubled, to look like a full mouth, which moves with an awkward, immediately inhuman symmetry.

JR: And now look where you are. Look where your lack of faith has gotten you. You had your chance, you had your opportunity, but, when times were good, when I ALLOWED times to be good, you spat in the face of your own personal saviour. When all I wanted was just a small token of appreciation, just a small token of recognition for my unprecedented sacrifices in the name of this company, I got nothing but excuses and insults and silence.

Cut back to the half-image of Rockefeller’s face only, now, we realise that the images are not live with the words because, as the words continue, Rockefeller’s mouth is now completely closed, as he simply stares, unblinking, ever so slightly grinning, directly into the camera.

JR: So know this TWOStars. As you lay on your death bed, your loved ones no where to be seen, and you think back on those good times, those good memories, and you yell to the heavens so loud that your God himself might hear you, “SAVE US J-ROCK”… your prayers will not be heard. Your God… is no longer listening.

Immediately, Rockefeller vanishes from the screen, to be replaced by the image of an empty throne, in an empty studio, in complete, total, black silence.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The camera cuts to a furious Eagles, who is pacing back and forth with some fans watching on in the background. He is still in the building despite his dreams being crushed. He points to his head as he asks the cameraman if they are ready to go which the cameraman says they are. He laughs as the cancer is seen again live on the show.

“You know for ten years ive been a laughing stock with this company. FOR TEN F*****G YEARS!!!!! Tonight was going to be the night where I ended that and earned the respect of my peers, earned the respect of the fans and finally be accepted in this place….But no! Denton and his legal Justice League squad take that away from me!”


“I was going to be the one that saved us all. And be a world champion. But people just don’t want me to be with that belt, despite my commitment to this company people don’t want me around main event. And that really infuriates me.”

BP-“Looks like Eagles is about to flip.”

“That pompous little dick then goes to tell me no more shenanigans? I got to be on my best behaviour because the new system wants me to be what they want? F**K THE SYSTEM!!”


“F**k the system, f**k Matt Denton, f**k the doubters….f**k them all!


Eagles then holds half of the cracked briefcase.

“You seriously think I need this case to get what I want? You seriously think I need a contract to get what I deserve? I will do what I want to get what I deserve!!!!!! I am going to get my reward because I have earned it! That’s night 1! And night 2 I will earn respect when I take Craig Van Dam to the edge of the cage and then show the roster I am deserving of respect and pride.”


“Mark my words, this is the last ever time you see me with the words “f**k up” associated with me. I’m done being a fool.”

Eagles walks away to fans cheering as he looks more determined and dedicated than ever.


BP-“Anything could happen here. Looks like he’s blown his fuse.”

JB-“Eagles looks like he’s going to kill someone!”
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

The arena goes dark as the fans anticipate the Beast of the Southern Wild!!

JB-“We know what that means!”

The cemetery eventually shows Murdoch drinking a beer and looking on at the mass graveyard.



The lights dimmer orange as the beast makes his way onto the stage. The same clothes he’s worn for months reek of stench but his hillbilly sidekick doesn’t seem to mind as they slowly walk down to the ring. The hillybilly has his face painted like a clown and looks to be carrying heavy items while the beast carries a 12 pack of canned Budweiser. They both enter the ring as Murdoch opens his arms wide to embrace the crowd. They both reveal a graveyard with TWOStars engraved onto the stone which they place in the middle of the ring. The hillbilly places a wreath next to it as they look around the Olympic Stadium. The music comes to an halt and the lights brighten back up for the crowd to see the beast smiling. Murdoch opens his first beer and gives one to the hillbilly. They share a toast and drink as production give Murdoch a microphone.

M-(singing)“Ding dong the witch is dead? Which old witch? The Wicked witch! Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!”

The hillbilly laughs on.



M-“TWOStars has fallen!”


M-“And as the visionary I am I foreseen this coming for quite some time. People with power are blind. They think they can play god and everything goes their way any time, all the time. But you see that is why empires past to present have died. They believe they are immortal. That is what happened here. Paul Gray thought he could make this company immortal and instead his blind actions and lack of intelligence led to someone else, who is pure capitalist taking over, and leading to this headstone being reality.”


Murdoch takes another drink and finishes the can. He crushes it with his own hand before opening up another one.

M-“It’s amazing when you think of death. You could live such a fulfilling life but in the end all you become when your time passes is a headstone. A piece of rock stolen from mother nature that has your name carved into it. You really become nothing but a piece of material. For those who live a s**t boring life, that’ll do them. It really is amazing. I’m here to celebrate that my work is done. I provoked a change in the machine that treats us like the slaves, and now it is unrepairable. Leaving all but this head stone left in its memory.”


M-“You’ll cry, you’ll be upset. But you’ll get over it. That’s the circle of life. What a crappy life we live…”

BP-“Is he drunk already?”

M-“You know what really annoys me about this death is the lack of true warriors here. I was the last of a dying breed. This place could have been resurrected but there is no pure warrior left in this life. You all have worries on bills, materials, expenses and your health. You no longer celebrate a great death itself but you fear it! What kind of company endorses that huh? I’ll tell you what…A company full of liars, cowards and idiots.”


M-“A company where everyone is beatable scared little children. Your history is full of fairytales. No one here can ever take the claim of true warrior except me! Do I care about clothes, health and bills? No!!! I care about being free and pure. And I did say this was gonna happen unless enlightenment and purity changed but it didn’t! TWOStars killed itself! And that’s a good thing!”


M-“Because life doesn’t need any more cowards and any more what if people. In fact you don’t deserve this (head stone) to be remembered!”

Murdoch takes the headstone and slams it outside the ring, breaking it in two. This infuriates the fans while even the cameraman has to bite his teeth. Murdoch grabs another beer and opens it up to drink.

M-“Don’t like that? It’s hard to face reality but TWOStars has and always been full of idiots! There are no fighters and pure warriors left but my kind! So good luck stopping me from being free to express my love to cave your skulls in! Free to piss on your grave and free to-“



JR: Good lord that’s Hayden Dyas! We haven’t seen him since he was assaulted by Lord Bison months and months ago!

PH: I thought he was done! I really didn’t think we would see The Personification of Perfection in our ring tonight!

Dyas walks onto the stage dressed in a grey suit with a white shirt, he gets to the top of the ramp and looks down into the ring at Murdoch and his acquaintance

The music cuts out and Dyas begins to speak

HD: Well, well, well!


Dyas smiles and looks from left to right taking in the positive response from the attendees

JR: I wonder what Hayden is doing here? He’s been gone a long time he must have a lot to say!

Dyas returns to using his mic

HD: I’ve been missing quite some time! To think when I left here you were all booing me outta the arenas I can honestly say that the support you have all sent me whilst I have been missing has been an absolute eye opener!

H-D! H-D! H-D! H-D!

HD: Thank you all! I was in a bad place but I just want you all to know that it was down to all of YOU for me getting back here!

Mu: Can I help you son? It just seems you have a lot to say but you’re cutting into My time

Dyas looks down at Murdoch whose grin is slightly disturbing

HD: Did anyone understand a word that just came out of that things mouth? Jesus Christ pal, you look like you’ve woke up in a dung heap!

Mu: Wh……

HD: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Either close your mouth or face the other bloody well! Your breath is like a skunks back side!


Dyas takes a couple of steps forward

PH: Doesn’t look like Haydens tongue has lost any sharpness in it’s time away

JR: It certainly hasn’t but those two in the ring are not the most savoury of people, he could get himself in trouble here!

HD: Now I came here for three reasons, the first one was to thank all these people for what they have done for me, two was to stop you from prattling on and oonnn and oooooooonnnnnn!! All damn night because these guys deserve better than to have the visual of you and your brother?

Murdoch looks to his odd acquaintance and shakes his head slowly as the hillbilly picks his nose and eats it

HD: Lover? I don’t know, maybe you’re both, anyway the last reason I’m here is because that weird fat guy controlling things said that I could get back in the ring for one last time with an opponent of his choosing, unfortunately the best he could do was you.

Murdochs gets a smile across his face after hearing the news

PH: Is that true JR?

JR: I have no idea Paul..

Dyas makes his way into the ring and stands across from the two


Murdoch wastes no time in storming towards Dyas, who rolls out of way and begins to kick at the legs of the beast, who bends and buckles as the former world heavyweight champion wastes no time into showing he isn’t afraid. He carries this one with massive punches to the head of Murdoch who waves his arms about dazed. Hayden attempts a flying clothesline but the beast doesn’t budge. He tries from another angle to get him down with a jumping clothesline but again Murdoch doesn’t fall. Dyas shouts as he goes for it again.



The beast laughs erratically as he takes advantage by slamming his elbow onto Dyas’ head. He has a hold of Dyas’ jaw and tries to rip it into two. Murodch uses his power and at one point it looks like Hayden has been in a car wreck with the pressure being applied, but Dyas kicks Murdochs head multiple times and forces him to let go. Hayden dodges another clothesline before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a massive elbow strike that knocks the beast down! The former world heavyweight champion hits a flurry of stomps and kicks to the face that get the crowd adrenaline rush going. He picks up Murdoch for a quick neckbreaker! Cover!



Kick out by Murdoch.

Hayden goes to the top rope as the beast gets back to his feet and delivers a thunderous missile dropkick that sends Murdoch crashing to the mat. Dyas starts to get more confident by the minute as he attempts a sleeper hold on the beast. The crowd cheers as Murdoch waves his arms before trying to break the hold by tearing apart Haydens arms. But the beast lifts himself up along with Dyas and slams him against the corner, forcing Dyas to let go of the hold. Murdoch hits a massive right hook to the former champions jaw which sends him flying through the ropes and out of the ring.

Murdoch complains to the refree about the lack of beer available which allows his hillbilly sidekick to ram Dyas through the steel steps.


The hillbilly throws a can of beer to the beast, who quickly downs it and crushes the can over his head. He roars out loud and heads for the top rope. He jumps off the top rope but Dyas dodges again! Murdoch lands on his feet and quickly turns around. But Hayden storms towards the beast and both men go over the barricade!


A few fans pat Hayden on the back as the men take the fight inside the crowd as both men trade blows with each other. Murdoch goes for an attack but Dyas flips him over crashing onto a fans chair. He gets a beer and downs it before delivering a beer mist to the face of the beast. Murdoch licks his face as he delivers his own beer mist to Dyas! Hayden goes for an attack but Murdoch counters with a massive spinebuster to the steel chairs! Dyas is rolling in pain as the beast asks for more beer.


Murdoch grabs Dyas by the had and throws him out of the barricade and onto the floor. The throw causes some of the fans to get hit but the beast just doesn’t care. He walks over barricade and hits a massive kick to the face of Hayden that stuns him. Blood can be seen dripping down the beasts face as he throws Dyas back in the ring for the cover.





Kick out by Dyas.

Murdoch picks him up as he gets ready for the Skullf**k innovated powerbomb. He lifts him u.





Kick out by Murdoch!

Both men get up as Dyas dodghes a clothesline!



Hayden shouts for the visionary bulldog! He sees his chance.


No!! Murdoch goes for a sidewalk slam!






Kick out by the beast!

But Dyas carries on with the AYEW dragon clutch submission!


Hayden hears the fans roars as he locks in the submission hold. They sense the end is near as they carry on The hillbilly is near tears as he shouts on the beast to get up. The hold lasts for nearly two minutes as Murdoch shakes his hands vigorously.

JB-“Can he do it?!?!”

BP-“Dyas is so close!”

Murdoch however starts to move around and gets to his knees and remarkably lists himself up with Dyas.

Murdoch gets Dyas into the tombstone position!

But Dyas gets off!



He wipes away blood from his mouth as his hillbilly sidekick gives him a can odf beer to devour. The beasts acts like Popeye to spinach as he looks hungrier for the former world champion.







Dyas gets the shoulder up!

Murdoch is furious as gets to his feet and finishes off that can of beer. He picks up Dyas and with ease throws him to the corner of the ring. He goes to the opposite turnbuckle as he smacks his foot hard to get ready for that kick…





JB-“He did it!”

BP-“Cover him!”

But the hillbilly gets in the ring and goes to protect him! Hayden laughs as the crowd cheer on Dyas to knock the hillbillys brains out once and for all.


He gets hold of the hillbilly!


He sees Murdoch starting to get to his feet as he rolls the hillbilly out of the ring. He shouts on the crowd as he gets set for one last 1080i!


















The referee rings the bell much to Murdochs annoyance!

BP-"What the hell? He cost him the match!"

JB-"He must have thought it was Murdoch!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match by disqualification....HAYDEN DYAS!"



The crowd chant as Dyas theme music hits the P.A amps. His arm is raised in victory but it wasn't an easy match. He leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. High fiving everyone for the last as Murdoch begins to recover. He immediately realises what has happened and slowly turns his head towards the hillbilly. He pleads for forgiveness but the beast won't stand for it..



Murdoch spits blood out as he goes to get a beer. He leaves his companion unconscious in the middle of the ring as the camera fades away.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We cut to backstage where Lindy and Cari-Dee are walking and carrying a huge pile of bags. Cari is definitely loaded up with more yet Lindy is the one puffing and panting.

Cari: Oh come ON Lindy, please!! I don't want people getting to the hall and there being nothing there!

Taking a puff of her inhaler, Lindy grunts and nods before attempting to hurry behind her best friend.

Lindy: Yep. Yep. Coming.

Cari skips to the doors of the hall and reverses into the room, dropping the pile of bags on the floor. The Weathergirls are already in the room, hanging streamers up while music plays.

Cari: Food, there. Drinks, there.

The Bangor Beauty waves her hands about, gesturing for help. A few anonymous helpers appear and one very familiar one.

Cari: Hello stranger!!

WEB: Hello Cari!

The pretty blonde envelops the much loved work experience boy in a hug.

Cari: Long time no see! What are you doing with yourself now?

WEB: Well, actually, I'm married.

WEB waves over an absolutely gorgeous 6 foot tall, extremely attractive man who plants a kiss on the blushing boy's cheek.

Lindy: Hot damn...

WEB: I know, isn't he gorgeous? His name is Fletcher.

Lindy: Hot DAMN!!

Cari: Girl... Calm down.

They all giggle as Fletcher wanders to the bags Cari and Lindy have dropped and picks them all up in one hand. He turns to walk off and Cari, Lindy and WEB all tilt their heads to check out his ridiculously tight backside as he goes.

Cari: Nicely done... Nicely done indeed.

WEB: And I hear congratulations are in order for you too!! Lemme see.

Cari-Dee blushes and holds out her left hand, showing her ring to both WEB and Lindy, who grin widely at it.

Lindy: Oh Cari, it really is ever so beautiful. I'm so happy for you. Have you set a date?

Cari: No, that's a way down the line. For now, we're just happy being together. We have kind of spoken about what kind of wedding we want though, We had to reach a compromise. So a beach wedding with kilts it is!

WEB shakes his head and laughs before wandering off, leaving the best fiends to talk.

Lindy: That's going to be one toasty set of gentlemen.

Cari : Lucky they don't wear anything under their kilts then!

Lindy's eyes open widely.

Lindy: I better get an invite to THAT.

Cari: Silly, you're my maid of honour. Here, I have a gift for you to commemorate it.

Cari-Dee hands over a small silver box with a pink bow on top. Miss Rose opens it up and the most glittery inhaler you have ever seen sits on top of a bed of tissue paper.

Lindy: Oh my GOD I love it! It's fantastic!

She takes it out, takes a puff of it before tucking it into her cleavage.

Lindy: And I'd love to be your Maid of Honour. Means I get to sleep with the best man.

Cari: That's a rule now is it?

Lindy: It is when I'M maid of honour!

The Bubblegum Princess laughs loudly.

Cari: You can do anything you want to. I'm far too happy to argue!! Now, would someone turn up that music???

Fletcher cranks up the sound as the gang lay out food and hand decorations as people begin to filter in.

Cari: It's time to say goodbye, Cari-style.

We go to an advert.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We fade out from a ‘Looking Back On...’ clip as we fade back in to the arena, scanning throughout the crowd making them rise to their feet to try and get noticed for their few minutes of TV fame. The camera pans throughout the crowd zooming up to individual faces before...



JR: Welcome back folks and it looks like you’ve re-joined us just in time as ‘The Nautical Warrior’ Randy Roko appears to be making his way out to the ring!

Heyman: What does that jackass want now? He’s already been out here and already had his time – get him away so we can see more important people!

The lights dim down to a dark black and they slightly brighten and dim in time to the music. Smoke blares out from directly in-front of the tron, masking the entranceway perfectly. As the music rises in tempo the audience gets more and more excited and the lights begin flickering, until the music properly kicks in and Randy Roko comes rolling out of the smoke and backflipping upon returning to his feet much to the crowd’s joy.

JR: I never get tired of seeing Randy roll out through that smoke, Paul!

Heyman: Yeah? Well speak for yourself! What kind of name is ‘The Rolling Rok’ anyway?

Randy beams out at the crowd and beats his chest before raising his arms in the air, running over to one side of the stage and pointing out at them and then doing the same on the opposing side. He starts walking down the aisle, bro-fisting fans. He reaches the ring and hops up the stairs, walking along the apron pointing out at the fans before ‘Searching’ them, sweeping his feet on the apron and climbing into the ring.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the ring, the former Television and Unified World Champion...Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy Rooooooooookooooooo!

The fans applaud him and cheer him as ‘Diary of Jane’ by Breaking Benjamin fades out and Chimel and Randy share words and a friendly hug as Chimel passes him his microphone – as has been done countless times before.

JR: I can’t believe that it’s all coming to an end, Paul. I really can’t.

Heyman: You’re telling me! I’ve been here much longer than you!

Randy stands in the middle of the ring, looking out at all the fans, some of whom have brought along signs specific for Randy which he points at and nods in gratitude.


Randy beams at the fans, looking very touched at the heart-warming chant. He raises the microphone to his lips.

Randy: Thank Yo-

The lights cut out. The fans scream.

JR: What the hell?

Heyman: Did someone hit the wrong button backstage?

Slowly, the lights begin to flicker back into life as an all-too familiar theme tune begins playing, much to the dismay and anger of the crowd.



The opening chords of ‘Ugly’ by Exies are all that’s needed to incite the crowd into anger. The lights begin flickering more as Eagles slowly walks out as the lead vocalist sings with the guitar chords in the background. A spotlight illuminates Randy Roko in the ring looking irritated at being interrupted by his long-time arch-nemesis.

JR: And it appears that Christopher Eagles has something to say to Randy!

Heyman: Randy and Eagles go way back, they’ve been at each other’s throats since day one JR – back when Eagles was in The Chosen and Randy was a pirate.

Eagles stands at the top of the aisle as the music properly kicks in and the lights return to normal, the crowd angry at his appearance and booing him with as much booing as they can muster. In response, he sneers at them and flips them off slowly, looking into each fan’s face as he does so.


Eagles then shrugs his shoulders and sneers before turning his attention back to Randy. He slowly stalks down the aisle, never breaking eye-contact with Randy who stares him down just the same. Chimel procures another microphone from where he’s sat at ringside.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring also, former FOUR time Television Champion...’The Cancer’...Christooooooooopher Ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagles!

JR: These two will most likely come to blows before they come to words Paul!

Heyman: You got that right JR, they worked together one time under Brice Perrino (who shoots them a bro-smirk from his commentary table) but that was long ago now...

Eagles slowly climbs up the steps as the fans continue to jeer and reign down hatred on him as he slowly walks along the apron, pausing outside as he and Randy stare each other down. Slowly, he climbs into the ring and walks up to Randy as his music fades out – the two men stand face to face.

JR: This is a tense situation...

Eagles and Randy stand nose-to-nose as the fans cheer for blood, you can see that both men are remembering the hell that each of them has put the other one through over the years, the countless battles, countless beat-downs, countless interferences, teaming together, falling apart...all of it running through their minds as they stand there in the middle of the ring, not saying a word, just staring at each other as the fans chant for blood.


Both men break their eye contact to look out at the fans slowly, and then they turn back to stare at each other...Eagles smirks...

...And steps away from him!

Heyman: What!?

JR: Apparently ‘The Cancer’ isn’t out here for Randy’s blood, Paul!

Randy looks equally confused but doesn’t ease up (as he had tensed up increasingly more and more as Eagles approaches) and just stares at Eagles. Then, Eagles does something that no-one ever expected him to – he sticks out his hand for a hand-shake.


JR: What!? Is it possible than, with TWOStars coming to an end, Eagles wants to make amends with his sworn enemy!?

Heyman: Never! It’s a must’s got to be!

Randy looks to be in shock, he just can’t seem to comprehend that the two of them haven’t come to blows. He looks out at the crowd, then down at Eagles, staring into his eyes, and then he slowly turns his eyes down to the outstretched – patiently waiting – hand that has hit him so many times.

And he takes it.

JR: By god, it looks like they will make amends! Did you ever think you would see this, Paul; Eagles and Roko shaking hands off their own backs?

Randy breaks out into a wide grin as does Eagles as the two men shake hands (which a lot of people take a picture of – it’s a rare moment after all) and they share what could possibly be the first friendly words they have ever shared. The fans are applauding them, and Eagles (fickle fans – one minute booing the next cheering!). Both men turn to the crowd and raise the others hands in the air – a show of respect as microphones are brought to both men.

JR: Now THIS is what this show is all about! The respect between two competitors, especially these two who have had a very long competitive streak between them, coming to a head!

Heyman: I still don’t believe it. Eagles! Stop associating yourself with losers!

Both men separate and they part as the crowd quietens down. Eagles is the first to speak.

Eagles: I bet you didn’t see that one coming...

Randy laughs as does a good majority of the crowd.

Eagles: Y’know, Randy, me and you have been at each other’s throats since the first time we saw each other. Back then, in those days, you were running around with McDonald in a pirate get up and a terrible pirate accent. You were a were a joke to me back then.

Eagles: And then when we had our first ever PPV match at End of Days, it started a rivalry that has defined a good portion of both our careers, and I’ve been here for a hell of a long time. I’m not even going to try and suger-coat it – I seriously disliked you. Hell, I STILL seriously dislike you. It’s taking all my willpower and restraint to NOT kick your head in right now.

Eagles smirks as Randy smirks also, clearly also feeling similar feelings.

Eagles: And ever since then we’ve hindered each other whenever we got the chance, we’ve always attacked each other verbally and physically. Anyone who’s anyone in this company knows that if they put me and you in a room – one of us wouldn’t be walking out but be carried out.

Eagles: You’ve got one over me numerous times – but I’ve also gotten one over you plenty too. You could say that we’re evenly matched in that regard. Remember that time I came back and stalked you for weeks? Beating you up backstage, kicking your head in with the punt? What about that time you were in hospital and I beat the crap out of you despite having Darkstar in this very ring threatening me not to do it. What about that time we kicked each other’s asses in our match for the TV title, where we went through a pub, an ice rink, a swimming pool then had a ridiculous sword fight?

Eagles: That was how much I despised you and everything you stood for. I was willing to go to any lengths to take you out of the picture yet each and every time you stayed in the picture no-matter what I did. People always say I’m the itch of this company that never goes away, but that’s how I view you, Randy. An irritating itch, that even when scratched never leaves.

Eagles: But even though I despise you, I can’t deny how much I respect you as a wrestler, as a colleague – as a competitor. We’ve put each other through hell and back and you can’t go through that with someone without coming out of it respecting them, so here I am Roko, out here one last time in this ring for the last time with you – saying I respect you.

The fans cheer and applaud as Eagles lowers his microphone. Randy looks utterly gobsmacked, but pleased.

What a show of respect from Eagles. This final show is really bringing everyone together regardless of their past.

Heyman: I can’t believe what I’m hearing!? He respects that loser?

JR: Are you telling me you don’t?

Heyman: Hell no!

Randy brings the microphone to his mouth as the crowd quieten down to hear his response.

Randy: I got to give you credit Eagles, that was the last thing I expected to happen. In-fact no that’s an understatement – I never expected that to happen. Yeah, you’re right. We have had a hell of a ride together. You’ve done some things to me that a lot of people would say was unethical, I’ve done some things to you that people would equally say was questionable. You could say we’re as bad as each other, our pride not letting us give way to the other.

Randy: I’ve faced you at WrestleNova for the Television Championship. Me and you...that Championship was what we both wanted. I was the first TWOStars superstar to hold the belt three times, and then you beat me by being the first TWOStars superstar to hold it four times. I always wanted to beat that record...but that’ll never happen now.

Randy smirks as does Eagles.

Randy: I don’t regret a thing, Eagles. When we had our WrestleNova match, I could have chosen Drake Rush instead. But you were right when you told me that you knew I would pick you. It would have been safer to fight Rush, but you knew I couldn’t walk away from another fight with you. You KNEW I would have to fight you...and that’s still true to this day. I’ll never walk away from a fight from you Eagles, just like I know you would never walk away from a fight with me.

Randy: And I guess the reason why I respect you is because you, in-part, are responsible for how I’ve grown in my time here at TWOStars. The beat-downs, the mockery, the insults...all of it inspired me to grow and become a better person, a better wrestler – so I could best you.

Randy: So I am saying to you Eagles, on this final show, that I may not like you either, and I may despise you too, but I respect the hell out of you just the same.

The crowd cheer and applaud as both men shake hands in the middle of the ring and break apart, heading to turnbuckles to go on them and clap their hands in the air and point at each other.

JR: I have to say how proud I am of both men! Putting their rivalry aside like that to lay out their respect for each other – what sportsmanship.

Heyman: Bah. I think I may puke.

Eagles and Randy drop down and meet again in the centre of the ring, they shake hands once again and share friendly words and raise their arms in the air. The fans applaud, cheer and smile as they look down upon two people who openly despise each other but ultimately respect each other raising each other’s arms.

JR: What a great mom- WHAT IN DARNED HELL!??

Heyman: YES!!!

As Randy was busy looking at the crowd, Eagles yanks him to face him, boots him in the stomach to double him over as the crowd go FURIOUS on him as they realize what’s going on. Eagles throws Randy’s head in-between his legs, secures his arms and flattens him out with Eagles Wings!


JR: I KNEW IT!! I knew that darned Eagles would never show true sportsmanship like that!!

Heyman: Hahahaha! That’s my man Eagles! You had me going there for a while!

In the ring, Eagles looks down on the fallen body of Randy Roko as trash gets thrown in the ring at Eagles, he sneers as Randy grabs his head in pain.

Eagles: Yeah, Randy. I may respect you. But I will always be one over you -always be one step ahead. Thanks for the good times, chump.

And with that Eagles drops the microphone on Randy’s head making a loud smack as ‘Ugly’ by Exies hits the speakers yet again as Eagles climbs out the ring, ignoring all the choice curse words thrown at him from the fans as we zoom in on Randy glaring at Eagles from the canvas as we fade out to a ‘Look Back On...’ segment.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We jump to one of the backstage areas within the Olympic Stadium, more specifically a corridor where we find the longest reigning tag team champions in TWOStars HISTORY…well this is awkward. I thought that might work seeing as this is such a special occasion, but it looks like this narrator still can’t nail a catchphrase like Lucian can.

Speaking of the King of Bling, we find Lucian lazily leaning (alliteration win!) against a wall, chewing the fat with his tag partner and bestest of best buddies, The Stray Cat Kyle Gilmore…






The audience erupt for the merest sight of the Primetime Playas, as we seem to finding them mid-conversation.

KG: …and then I turned around and someone had left the door open, and I see a goddamn llama poking it’s head into the room. A llama!! I sh*t you not dude!

Jones laughs, while shaking his head in disbelief.

LLJ: No way. No frickin’ way. Y’all’re tryin’ t’tell me that’s what happened when y’all said you were heading to the hotel early to rest up?

Kyle tips back his trademark hat sheepishly, a goofy grin crossing his face.

KG: Dude, I got…distracted. You know how it goes.

Jones casts an eyebrow skyward, still chuckling as Christy Hemme sneaks into shot, a microphone in hand.

CH: Uh…hey guys!

Both Kyle and Lucian wheel around, both holding out their arms wide and chorusing…



LLJ: Damn girl, it’s been waaaay too long! How’s every little thing?

CH: Things are going good, and it’s great to be back here for TWOStars tonight! I’m just wondering if you guys would like to do one last interview…for old times sake?

Kyle and Lucian look at each other, before looking back at the redhead. The smile and wink from the Duke of Jonestown seems to suggest that both members of the PTP would indeed like to do an interview for old times sake.

LLJ: Well hell, how can we resist an offer from such a cutie? Go ahead, hit us with your best ques…

???: Guys!!

Before the interview has even strictly began, it’s already interrupted by Todd Grisham strolling into shot.



There’s a whole lot of manly fist bumping between Todd and the PTP boys, while Christy stands by, looking understandably put out by the whole thing.

TG: So guys, I’m back in TWOStars for the night, and I thought what better way to get back in the swing than to interview the longest reigning tag team champions in TWOStars his…

???: GUYS!!

Kyle and Lucian swivel again, only to find Louden Noxious striding into shot, also with a microphone in hand. Jones & Gilmore exchange a little glance that is at least 90% “WTF is going on here”, but still give their old interviewing buddy a warm reception.



Mr. Noxious turns to face the camera, addressing the audience directly.

LN: That’s right folks, XTV’s Number One…

Louden holds his index finger up to the camera.

LN: …interviewer is back in business, and right now I’m gonna bring you an exclusive interview with the Primetime Playas!! So guys how does it fee…

???: GUYS!!

Now who is it? The growing throng of interviewers is joined by Baptiste Olivier, who also holds a microphone in his hand (who’d have thunk it). Kyle and Lucian quickly huddle together and whisper…

KG: Dude, who is this guy?

LLJ: Come on man, not cool. You know this dude, he was the new interviewer. His name’s…ummmm…his name is…errrrrr…

The PTP break their little huddle, both turning to face Baptiste, spreading their arms and smiling broadly.



Baptiste adjusts his tie, seeming a little agitated that the PTP appear to have forgotten his name. He doesn’t have time for such thoughts though, as Christy barges her way to the front of the shot, turning to face her fellow interviewers.

CH: I think you’ll find I was here so first, so this is MY interview!

TG: Hey, you can’t call dibs on an interview!

LN: Well only one of us here is XTV’s number one…

Louden again holds his finger up towards the camera, only to be rudely interrupted by Baptiste Olivier.

BO: I’ve got an idea about what you can do with that finger!

Louden scowls at Baptiste, and all 4 interviewers explode into squabbling. You can’t even make out what’s being said, it just a lot of loud noise as the 4 people try to determine just who is going to interview the patiently waiting Primetime Playas. Kyle takes off his cowboy hat and dusts it down, as Lucian looks at his imaginary watch. But no matter how patiently the PTP wait, the squabbling doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon. Lucian nudges Kyle with his elbow, whispering to his buddy (although I doubt they’re being heard over the sound of arguing anyways).

LLJ: Dude, let’s just get out of here.

KG: Amen to that. Just back away slowly…

Kyle and Lucian slowly start to step backwards out of shot, unbeknownst to Christy, Todd, Louden, or Baptiste.

KG: Slowly…

The PTP sloooooowly back out of shot, with goes completely unnoticed by the 4 arguing interviewers. With no one to interview and all our interviewers present otherwise disposed, it’s probably best if we cut to:
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We cut to the backstage area of the arena and join the Cari Dee Hosted party. Here we see Jason LaRouuque aka Jaycey Baby sitting in the centre of a 3 piece seat with Boyo and The Great Ken sitting either side of him.

Jaycey: Man it's good to be back in TWOStars. I have missed you guys.

The Great Ken: This place is Hardcore!

Jaycey gives Ken a wink as he says: Hardcore you say?

The Great Ken: Watch it Jason.

Jaycey: Perhaps you need a drink?

Boyo: Behave Jaycey Baby.

Jaycey: Someone call me baby?

The place momentarily quitens as the camera pans around and see Michael Cole arriving alongside The Wild Boy Keith Jaxx

Jason springs out of his seat quicker than Usian Bolt on speed running 10 metres towards The Wild Boy.

Jaycey: How good to finally meet you.

LaRouque kisses Jaxx on both cheeks before moving over to Michael Cole.

Jaycey: And you Michael, you're looking well.

MC: Thanks Jason and you.

As Jaycey hugs Michael Cole he notcies something.

Jaycey: Michael is that a Dildo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Michael Cole goes to his pocket and reveals the Didlo Mic.

MC: Well actually it's a Dildo.

Jaycey: Well Keith you looking forward to mixing it up in the ring with Jaycey Baby and getting all sweety sweaty?

Jaxx: I sure am darling.

Jaycey: Well come join the party.

Jaxx: I actually have a prior engagment darling.

Jaycey: Ok see you soon honey.

Jason kisses Jaxx on both cheeeks and does the same to Michael Cole before they part ways and we cut too....



We cut back to Johnny Rockefeller in his studio. Rockefeller himself, however, is no longer on screen, we just see the image he left us with last time; an empty throne in the middle of a studio. The studio is complete darkness, other than a spotlight, which shines directly down onto the throne. Despite him not being on camera, we can hear Rockefeller’s voice over. The camera remains perfectly still, locked onto the throne the entire time.

JR: You see, me, I heard you. I heard your chants, your calls, your prayers. I know that in those dark days, these past dark days, how you longed for my presence. I heard you ask, “J-Rock, why have you abandoned us to this world of misery and boredom and Matt Denton?”, and I say, Rockephiles, I never abandoned you. I never left your side. When you stopped ordering TWOStars pay-per-views, I was with you. When you stopped watching TWOStars television, I was with you. When you stopped buying TWOStars merchandise, I was with you. You see, Rockephiles, this was never about you, J-Rock still loves you, just as much as you love me. This, all of this, is the fault of those bookers, those ring agents, those corporate guys who said “Not today J-Rock”, “Not right now J-Rock”, “Have another US title”, “Have another semi-main event”. They’d say to me “You don’t need the title”.

Well, at least they got one thing right; I don’t NEED anything. Not from you, not from anyone. I don’t need things, I WANT things. Power, praise, appreciation. How can you buy off a man like me? How can you impress a man like me? No, all there is to do is grovel. All there is to do is what all this Rockephiles have done and get on your knees and cry out “THANK YOU J-ROCK!”.

You had your chance, but you were too proud. Too proud to kiss the ring of the one man who could have saved you. And now, in the name of self-destructive pride, you will watch your company die.

The camera hovers on the image of the empty throne for a second before cutting to black.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland



Ladders are placed by the production team all around the ring and onto the ramp where the men will walk down to.

JB-“This is going to be awesome!”

BP-“Can’t wait for this!”


The crowd mark out as Drake Rush emerges from the stage. He nods his head and can be seen saying wow as the crowd. He nods his head again before walking down to the ramp.

“From San Juan Puerto Rico, the former TWOStars United States, Television and World Heavyweight Champion! DRAKE RUSH!

Rush slaps a ladder before entering into the ring and staring up at the Television title.

JB-“A former winner of that belt two times. Infamously remembered for handing the belt over to Arron Winter to end his near 6 month reign when he first won the belt.”

BP-He’s in great shape. Must’ve been really training hard for this.”


The older crowd get up as the big guy makes his return for one last time!

“From Tampa Florida…..APOLLO CHAMBERS!

Chambers high fives the crowd before running into the ring. He nods at Rush before he too looks up at the belt.

JB-“Another former champion. He was the winner of the most improved wrestler in 2007. Chambers had almost returned earlier but injury mean’t it wasn’t meant to be.”

BP-“His size and athleticism will be an advantage.”

Suddenly the arena is sent into an eerie silence as the lights change into a dark, blood red colour that light the arena dimly. Heavy smoke fills the arena as “Danse Macabre” begins to play.


he plays throughout the arena, as the crowds wait for the Vampire. He takes his time before appearing, 40 seconds to be exact – the reason being for the music to build up. Eventually Joseph Helms appears from behind the curtain in his Gothic Victorian “Jack the Ripper” style coat and his head bowed down. As he steps towards the ramp, he lifts his arms into a crucifix, as both side of the ramp suddenly catch fire, making a trail down to the ring as the crowd boo’s. He slowly walks down towards the ring, a smile on his face, as his music sends an eerie, yet somewhat beautiful, chill down the spine.

“And on his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, from London, England... JOSEPH HEEEEELLMS!

Joseph gets to the bottom of the ramp, with his stare fixated on the middle of the ring. He turns left, making his way to the steel steps. He climbs them before walking along the aprons edge, stopping in the middle. He throws his arms into a crucifix, and stares up at the ceiling, spitting out a thick red mist into the air as flame pyro's shoot up from the turnbuckles. He steps into the ring, a close up shows a small trickle of the red liquid formerly concealed within his mouth running down his chin. It looks almost like he's treated himself to a ‘meal’ before the match.

JB-“One of the very few undefeated in Ultimate X. A man who knows about high risk spots. Some say one of the favourites in this match.”

BP-“And some entrance as well!!”


Jason comes out clad in his long ring trunks which are black and have s blue and green DNA pattern down the side. On the rear of the trunks is a green and blue Phonix image. As he come out on the stage he pauses and waits for green and blue pyro to explode behind him, then in walks down the rampway slapping as many hands as he can. Once down the bottom he goes around the ring slapping more and more fans before hopping ip on to the apron, he then enters the ring and waits for his opponent.

“From Southampton…JASON BELL!

JB-“Former two time champion of the belt. A bad ass who holds the nickname the submission master.”

BP-“You have to wonder how his technical expertise will help him out here. Some say he’s one of the outcasts in this match.”

Bell looks at his other opponents as the last man is about to make his entrance.


When Angus' music starts up, he waits a brief moment before coming out onto the stage and stopping. He observes the crowd, moving his head both left and right, before suddenly shooting his arm upwards. Pulling it down twice pyro is shot out a fair distance from either side of him and the sound of a train's whistle blasts out from the titantron, sounding over his music.

Once the pyro has settled down Angus hops up and down excitedly and then runs on the spot, doing train movements with his arms. Bursting into a sprint, he dashes down to the ring and rushes round it once and goes on to run up the ringside steps and jump atop the turnbuckle. Once again while perched upon the turnbuckle he performs his 'Blow the Whistle' taunt which is, again, accompanied by the sound of a trains whistle being blown. Finally entering the ring Angus performs a few brief stretches before either laying down his bonnets in the corner and throwing it out to the audience.

“Lastly from Edinburgh Scotland, ANGUS MCDONALD!!

JB-“Former triple crown winner and 2009 battle royale winner. The flying Scotsman is back for one more time!”

BP-“And the crowd are happy to see him back.”

All five men look at each other, staring up at the prize of being the last ever Television champion..



JB-“Wait a minute!”

The crowd are on their feet as they anticipate one of the most chaotic men in TWOStars history. Chaos Dragon arrives riding his pet camel Tinkerbell. Pyro goes off from top and sides of the stage as the chaotic one has the Jr heavyweight belt around his waist. He asks for his music to be cut as he has a microphone and is abvout to speak his mind.


“Before I make my case WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON LONDON!!


“Looks like this the last hurrah. And this match has been getting quite a bit of attentuion because of how it could pan out, but this match is lacking something. Yes it is I mean you got a couple high flyers, Mr serious Jason Bell and Mr blobby Apollo Chambers…Ha I’m just kidding buddy. But many people have asked me “Chaos why aren’t you on the last shows. I mean you won 3 titles here and are a popular guy!”…..Well you can thank Matt Denton for that.”


“He said it would be for the best interests of the company that I didn’t turn up…But the Smeagol acid taking look a like virgin can go f**k himself!”


“I have never listened to Em before and don’t plan to today so I kindly reject that Horse Anus face’s request not to be here. Which brings me to my first statement of what this match is lacking.”


“What they said…A taste of chaos. So I am formally asking you five to let me take part in this ladder match, and to sweeten the deal (takes off belt) Why don’t I put this on the line and we have 2 titles for grabs?”


Some of the men like the idea while others are not bothered, saying let him join for some fun. After reaching a general agreement is made. Angus gets the mic.

AM-“Then join the party Chaos!”


Dragon storms into the ring and gives the Jr Heavyweight belt to the referee, who shouts on production to lower the belt so he can add the second title to the clip. As he does this all six men get warmed up for the match. The belts are raised over their heads to the highest level as the referee is happy to start this match.


All six men exit the ring so they can grab their ladders and throw them into the ring. Chambers and Bell get chairs and throw them in the ring while Helms sees a table and chucks it in. Dragon gets a kitchen sink and McDonald sees a garbage can with a kendo stick inside it. The fans get hyped as all six men return to the ring with weapons in their hands. They look around as they mull over who makes the first move. Bell makes the first move.

But Chambers smashes him with the ladder!

All six men start to brawl with each other with bodies and weapons flying all cover the place. Angus gets a hold of the kendo stick and proceeds to beat it over Helms’ legs while Dragon and Rush brawl with kicks and punches. But Chambers uses his size advantage and pummels Dragon and Rush with the ladder. He then smashes the ladder over the back of Helms, leaving Angus all alone. He goes for the Flying Scotsman, but he ducks Chambers and then trips him to the ground causing the Apollo’s throat to connect hard with the ladder. The fans appreciate the early efforts and Angus says thanks, but that is short lived when Bell grabs Angus!



Bell goes for the ladder but is met with Helms who immediately hits a spinning back kicks to knock Bell out of the ring. Helms places the ladders end on top of the ropes whichs gets the crowd hyped. He dashes to the ropes and storms down to the jump on the ladder!


Both Helms and Bell are now out of the ring dazed as Chaos Dragon sees his chance. He slowly positions himself on the end of the ladder on top of the ropes as Helms & Bell get back to their feet!


The three men are on the crowd as Drake tightly holds a ladder and goes to the top rope.


Chambers is still holding his throat as Angus Sees his chance. He rus and jumps to the top rope.


All that leaves is Chambers. Apollo takes the ladder off the ropes and stands it up next to the ropes. He begins his ascent to the top and makes it all the way to the top. The fans stand in excitement and roar out loud as Chambers smiles.

JB-“What’s Apollo doing?”

BP-“Em Apollo what the fu-“


JB-“Dear god!”

All six men are down as the fans applaud.


The men start to get to their feet with cuts and bruises visibly seen on all men. Drake holds on to the barricade as he gets up. Angus and Dragon use each other to get up while Helms holds on to the ring. Apollo takes a couple of breaths as the men get ready to battle again.


BP-“Holy s**t!”

And Dragon flips a ladder that crashes into Apollo! Jason does the same thing as both men crash ladders into Apollo over and over before Angus jumps on the barricade and delivers a thunderous tornado DDT to Apollo on top of the ladder! Helms takes advantage and slides a ladder into the ring and begins to stand it on its legs. He quickly jumps on it and makes his way to the top. Angus sees this and grabs a chair from the ring and goes to the top of the turnbuckle. Jason Bell hits MMA elbow strikes on Chaos but Dragon counters with a ducking and crashing Bell into the steel post.

Helms has almost grip of the belts!



Angus manages to get a hold of the ladder and gets his feet onto the steps. But Chaos Dragon goes under the ring and brings out a mini trampoline! He takes a few steps back before jumping, bouncing off the trampoline and managing jump over the ropes and landing on the ladder! Both men are at the top as they trade blows that hit their masks as they try to get the upper hand on one another. Dragon slips but then hits another shot which slips Angus. Jason Bell gets back into the ring and roars out loud as he pushes the ladder to make both masked men fall to the ground! Bell takes a quick breath as Apollo returns to the ring and hits Bell with a discus lariat! He continues the assault with finishing off Bell with a high angle belly to belly suplex!

Apollo goes out of the ring and begins at three sides of the ring placing a ladder flat between the ring and the barricade, with one between ring and the announce table. He then walks to the side of the ramp much to the curiosity of the fans and commentating team. But the fans Oh’s can be visibly heard when Chambers is revealed by the camera to be pulling out on wheels ten tables bound together!

He pulls this all the way to ringside and makes sure its right next to the ring without any spaces. But oblivious to Chambers, Drake is back on his feet and takes a steel chair to his back! Rush gets his won back by hammering the steel chair over and over to the point chambers is down on his knees. Rush throws the chair along with Apollo in the ring. He picks up a ladder and continues slamming it down on the heavyweight over and over to the point that the ladder buckles. He throws it away and stands up the other ladder in the ring. Helms is back on his feet and trades kicks with Rush who delivers his own back. Helms picks up the advantage and hits with a massive enzuguri to the head of Drake!


He then signals for a shooting star press! Angus tries to get to his feet but Helms kicks him off the ring mat and into the ground again! Helms sees his chance as he smiles.



JB-“What a counter!”

Drake gets to his feet as Chaos Dragon jumps for a splash!


Jason Bell attacks Rush and gets the upper hand. He hits a takedown that sends Rush into the corner. He lifts him up with uppercuts to Drakes head. Bell rams his head into his stomach as he takes steps back! Flying corner dropkick! But Drake dodges it and rolls off!





Apollo Chambers attacks from behind as he grabs him in the air



JB-“Snapshot from outta nowhere!”

Angus flips back into the ring and goes for the stomach!




The crowd applaud as Drake Rush knocks out all men with his finisher. Hew gets to the ladder and begins climbing to the top. He has the advantage as he is almost at the very top. He is touching distance of the betls, but Chaos Dragon recovers and is starting to climb up the ladder. He tries to get as fast as he can as Drake goes to grab for the belts Dragon makes to the top and trade blows with each other. Rush tries to slam Chaos head on top of the ladder but the chaotic one uses his strength to hold on. He manages to get a hold of Drakes head and move his arms away from the ladder.



Both men are out as Joseph Helms regains composure to go to the top of the ladder he quickly does it and goes for the very top! But Jason Bell sees what Helms is doing and tries to pull the ladder to get him off, but Helms doesn’t budge. Bell decides to climb up on the same side Helms is on. He gets to the feet of Helms, who tries to kick him off. But Bell holds on and gets further up and manages to grab the Helms by the waist! He gets into position.





Apollo Chambers and Angus McDonald look at the carnage as both men are out. They trade blows as Chambers uses his size to get the upper hand. He pushes him off the ropes!




Angus is the only one left and sees his chance. He gets the ladder on its feet again and begins his ascent up towards the titles. The crowd cheer him on as he gets ever so closer towards being a double champion. Out of nowhere the crowd cheer in a section of the stadium as a mysterious man jumps over the barricade!

BP-“What the hell?”

The man gets into the ring with his face hooded up and grabs a steel chair!


The chair buckles and Angus falls to the ground while the mystery man drops the chair and climbs up the ladder!




The man jumps off the ladder and makes his way into the crowd as Denton’s personal guard dash to try finding him. The man emerges thanks to the spot light amongst the crowd.



The announcer talks with the referee as what to announce.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as there are no rules signed to this match saying outside competitors cannot take the belt or be prohibited to interfere, referee has indicated the following outcome..”


Eagles smirks as he hides in the crowd to escape from Denton and his men.

BP-“Eagles just won the Television title for a fifth time!”

JB-“The world really is going insane!”

That leaves the Jr Heavyweight belt up for grabs and Chambers is furious. He takes his anger out on everyone with the kendo stick, burning the skin of his opponents. Apollo grabs the kitchen sink and slams it over the head of Dragon. Paramedics meanwhile take Helms out on a stretcher, his participation in the match is now at an end, leaving five men left. Apollo gets a hold of Angus!


He chucks him out of the ring and soon joins him. He slams Angus off the barricade before taking several steps back up. The crowd anticipate carnage as Apollo wants to put another victim through the barricade!


He dashes towards Angus!


Rush carries on the assault with kicks to the stomach and head of Chambers, but the larger man grabs Rush by the throat!


Dragons on his back to try and get him down!


Jason Bell is barely up before he is knocked down with a vicious lariat by Apollo. Angus gets to his feet and jumps onto the ring mat to deliver a hurricanrana onto Apollo! Angus goes for the Edinburgh from hell!!


Apollo jumps back into the ring and gets the ladder arranged for the middle of the ring. He stands it up and gets ready to climb up the ladder. His dominance has been felt today as he gets closer. Drake and Chaos see this and nod that they need to work together to take him out once and for all. They dash into the ring and grab the ladder from the bottom, shuffling it with Chambers on top next to the ropes so he can’t grab the belt. Rush and Dragon jump on the ropes and get to the ladder and climb up. They both punch his head at the same time to stun him, with the intention to throw Apollo out of the ring. He starts to daze as one legged kicks are traded by the two men onto Chambers. But Apollo ducks a shot and Dragon accidentally hits Drake. Apollo then clashes them together and hits head butt after head butt on both men. He punches Chaos right in the jaw which causes him to fall and land right where the sun doesn’t shine on top of the ropes. He grabs Drake by the throat again.



BP-“Nice seeing you Rush!”

Drake is out cold as the announce team are on the ground. Apollo comes off the ladder to place it in the middle of the ring again. Just as he is about top climb, Angus McDonald is in the ring and climbs over Apollo to get to the ladder! Chambers follows and tries to get his feet, but Angus jumps to the opposite side. Both men reach the top as they try to get the Jr Heavyweight title. They trade blows with each other as they both almost fall off but manage to hold on. But the crowd stand up when Jason Bell returns to the ring.






BP-“You know my mother is gonna kill me for saying this live…BUT HOLY S**T!

Road agents go to the aid of Angus and Apollo as Bell sorts a table out and stands it up in case he needs it. He gets the ladder and places it up and makes his climb. The crowd see Dragon recovering and shout on him to get back up. The chaotic one does and climbs up the other side! Bell touches the belt but can’t reach it as the holder manages to get to the top. The two trade blows as Bell bounces Dragons head off the ladder which nearly gets him to fall off. Dragon gets back up and hits Bell in the stomach which bends the man over. Dragon tries to throw him off but Bell hold on for dear life.


Bell hits a strike to Dragons throat.

Followed by a headbutt!


Bell sees his chance and stretches up to get the title!









BP-“What an ending to an incredible match!”

JB-“What a way to go out!”

Dragon sits down on top of the ladder as his music plays. He beats his chest before lifting the belt over his head for the final time.


JB-“Dragon can say he has beaten some of the best we’ve had in this division. What a historical victory for the chaotic one!”

BP-“And don’t forget Eagles coming and taking the TV title to become a 5 time champion.”

The camera begins to fade with Dragon headbanging from the top of the ladder celebrating his victory!!​
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We once again cut backstage to see the party in full flow.

Jaycey:: Guy I am going to go see if I can find Keith, he should of been back by now.

Randy: Ok Buddy.

The camera follows Jaycey Baby leaving the party as he prowls through the empty corridors. Eventually he spots something in the distance.

Jaycey: OH MY!!!!

The camera zooms in at the grounded body of Michael Cole who has been busted open by what would appear to be the dildo mic as it is also laying blooded on the floor.

Jaycey: Somebody help!

JR: Poor Michael.

PH: What's going on there. This looks sick!

We here some rustling in a near by room and Jaycey runs to the slightly ajar door.

Jaycey: Help!

Jaycey opens the door and we spot Keith Jaxx with the lips firmly on........

JR: Oh my god, is that Clare Lynch?

PH: What's happening here JR?

JR: Your guess is as good as mine.

Jaycey: Keith?

KJ: Beat it Jaycey.

Jaycey: Keith it's Michael.

Jaxx moves away from Clare Lynch ad goes over to Jason LaRoque hitting him a wallop of a slap across the face before grabbing the hand of Clare Lynch and heading out of the room, spitting down at the grounded body of Michael Cole.

JR: What the hell has just happened here?

PH: I don't know but it was great

Cut to.....
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The scene fades in and the camera is on a grandfather clock, focused primarily on it’s pendulum as swings from side to side, the only sound in the room being the gentle tick, tock, tick, tock.

??: It’s soothing isn’t it?  Just listen to it, the tick, the tock, each one symbolising a second passing, time passing by. The sound of time running out. The sound of TWOStars time finally running out.

The camera slowly begins to pan out, slowly bringing into focus a familiar figure, Deadman. The sight of the former TWOStars Triple Crown Champion earns a massive chorus of boos from the capacity crowd inside the Olympic Stadium.

Deadman:  You guys remember me right? I’m the guy who hates this place, I’m the guy who when the doors close tomorrow night will LOVE every moment of it.

Deadman pauses for a moment listening as the crowd continues to boo him, smiling as they do so.

Deadman: Oh how I miss that reaction, and I’m going to love it even more when I beat that dirty, dreadlocked hippy they call Twiggie.

The crowd cheers massively at the mention of the TWOStars legend and Hall of Famer as Deadman shakes his head.

Deadman: It’s funny though, I signed up tonight for a triple threat match. Deadman versus Twiggie versus Draven Cage.

The crowd once again cheers, this time at the mention of Draven Cage’s name.

Deadman: But it seems that Draven Cage in his retirement has developed a yellow streak right up his back.

Deadman begins to chuckle to himself as the London crowd once again boos.

Deadman: Draven Cage, you say you’ve retired, you say you’ve moved on from wrestling, you’re now a family man…. what I’m hearing Draven Cage is that you’ve turned into one giant pussy.

The crowd is aghast with shock before a massive chorus of boos rings around the Olympic Stadium.

Deadman: Draven Cage, I dare you to show up later on. I double dare you. I was promised a triple threat match and I want a triple threat match!

The camera slowly zooms in on Deadman’s evil face as he continues…

Deadman: I want to finish my career by beating two of TWOStars biggest superstars, and then I’m going to sit back and watch as TWOStars finally comes to an end.

The crowd once again boos as the camera pans back to the clock and the pendulum swinging from side to side.

Deadman: TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK. TWOStars, you’re time is up.

Deadman begins to laugh maniacally, the crowd booing like mad as we fade out to black.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We once again jump to the backstage area of the Olympic Stadium, where we once again find the Primetime Players shooting the breeze in one of the many corridors.


As the former tag champs chat idly, Christy Hemme once again appears, this time a little more bedraggled than she looked last time we saw her, and her mood a little less light and cheery. As the fiery redhead approaches, Kyle and Lucian notice, their conversation coming to an early end.

LLJ: Hey Christy, what’s happened to you girl?

CH: I’m fine, you should see the state I left the other three in.

Both Kyle and Lucian recoil in shock exaggeratedly, as Christy smoothes out her dress and adjusts her hair slightly. Having smartened herself up a little, the petite interviewer raises her microphone.

CH: So, are we doing this interview?

KG: Damn, after all you’ve been through I guess it’s the least we could do!

CH: Great! So it’s been a while since the PTP had a match here in TWOStars, but now you’re back and facing off against The Dark Alliance for the title of TWOStars greatest ever tag team. That’s got to be a big deal for you guys?

Kyle leans in to the microphone, flicking the brim of his cowboy hat back.

KG: Christy, honey, take a look back over the long and illustrious career of the PTP. We’ve been put in all kinds of crazy situations, competed in lord knows how many different kinds of crazy matches, and yet through it all we’ve come out on top. You know why that is? Because we are the greatest tag team this company, or any other for that matter, has known!


LLJ: Don’t get us wrong, Christy. We got mad respect for Boyo and Sickness and everythin’ they done for this company, but that don’ mean we gonna jus’ sit back and let them go around sayin’ they the greatest tag team ever! I like Boyo, and I like Sicky, but likin’ them ain’t gonna stop me from puttin’ my boot across both their faces t’night!


CH: So you guys are feeling confident about this match?

KG: It’s like we always said, TWOStars lines ‘em up and the PTP knocks ‘em down!




Kyle pauses for a second, letting the chanting of the crowd ring out around the stadium.




KG: Dark Alliance, we don’t have any beef with you. In fact we’d like to sit down with you guys and grab a beer or five when this is all said and done, but up until that final bell rings tonight…well, you’re a*s is grass aaaaaaaaaand…

Jones and Gilmore both cup their hands to their ears, which is all the encouragement the capacity crowd needs to chime in with…



Kyle steps back, a confident grin on his face, as now it’s Lucian’s turn to speak.

LLJ: Christy, The Dark Alliance has done many great things, against many great teams, and they like to remind us every now and then that we’ve never beaten them. Well we’re gonna take this opportunity to remind Boyo and Sickness that they ain’t never beat us either. They may be a great tag team, but me and my boy Kyle? We’re the…

Lucian clears his throat before belting out…



The crowd pop for yet another old catchphrase, as Christy looks around for whatever it is that helps Lucian get the extra gravitas in his voice.

LLJ: It’s all in the diaphragm, y’knowhumsayin’? Strap yo’self in Christy, because t’night is gonna be a battle fo’ the ages!

CH: Well guys, do you feel like you may be at a disadvantage with this being a submission elimination match? We all know exactly how tough Boyo and Sickness especially can be.

KG: Sickness is a crazy sonuvabitch, but the PTP don’t sweat bitches Christy, regardless of whichever variety that bitch may come in! We’re gonna do what the PTP does best, and that is be the team left standing tall with our hands raised at the end of the night.

Lucian leans over and whispers something inaudible in Kyle’s ear, bringing a small chuckle to the face of the Stray Cat.

KG: Alright, my good buddy here reminds me that that is in fact what we do second best, but what we do best can’t be repeated on a family show, if you catch my drift?


KG: But there’s plenty of time for that later. London, England, strap yourself in and get ready, the PTP are in town for one night only, but it’s gonna be a night you’re never gonna forget!




And on that promise, Kyle and Lucian stride confidently out of shot leaving Christy behind.

CH: Ladies and gentlemen, the Primetime Playas! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Grisham!!

Christy continues to smooth out her outfit, as we cut to:
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We fade into a almost empty locker room as we see former United States Champion Apollo Chambers who has now changed into his normal out of ring attire is packing his things up together, standing next to him is his manager and friend Bobby Banks. Chambers with an obvious look of disappointment painted on his face packs away his wrestling gloves. Banks looking as slick as ever in an expensive suit.

Banks: So What are we going to do now?

Chambers: Bobby, that's it man. We had a good run but that's all it was, a run. We never cemented a legacy, nobody is going to remember us in 10 years. We've been all over the world and what have we got to show for it? Who are we?

Banks: AC don't be like that. We can come back from this. We can go to Japan, Mexico. We can get out heads back in the game!

Chambers: Game? You think this is a game? Look at my face Banks, you tell me if I'm playing a game!

Bobby Banks puts his hands up in a defensive position as he sees The Former Two Time United States Champion's face turn.

Chambers: I would love to tell you that it's all going to be okay, comfort you, make you feel better, so you can ride my coat tails all the way to the bank but the money train stops here. We are never going to be world champion like we crave, like we desire. Whatever the reason may be, my poor attitude, work rate. It is over. I thought I was a superstar who could come here and do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Eight years ago I was the work horse but now I've turned into a pony.

Banks facial expression drops.

Chambers: When TWOstars was at it's peak, I had the chance to break that glass celling and I punked out. I dropped the ball. So it's got me thinking, I am going getting any younger. I have won everything that TWOstars has to offer expect the World Heavyweight championship, I have done everything I wanted to do and I did it being a punk. I don't deserve any more Banks. Before my match I was thinking I could just walk out there and phone it in, collect a pay slip and move on. Get my name out there and spend the rest of my life phoning it in, cashing in, getting my retirement. Then I went out there and I gave the fans a match, I heard the cheers and felt something inside of me switch on.

Banks: AC I don't understand, what are you saying?

Chambers: I am saying that I am going to take the memories of when we first started doing this eight years ago. When me and Draven Cage destroyed everyone in our way. The Tag Team Champion win, the Television and United States Championship wins. I am going to take it all and live of that. There comes a time in a man's life where he looks at himself and questions it all. Any regrets? Look at me Banks! I could have had it all. These people would have called me Legend. Now look at me, I chucked it all away because of a bad attitude. What I am trying to say is that's it, I am retiring as of tonight. No more wrestling.

The Second City Judge collects his bag and walks out on Bobby Banks who looks shocked at the news but knows he can't talk Apollo out of it refusing to stop him from walking away. We stay with Banks for a couple of seconds before slowly fading out.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The strains of “Girls just wanna have fun” blares out and there’s a massive banner hung across the room which reads in huge pink letters “TWOStars Women’s Division Reunion”. Three trestle tables are groaning under enough food to feed a small army and there’s several buckets of ice with various drinks chilling in them. In each corner are four scantily clad but incredibly muscled “waiters” holding trays of champagne. In the middle of it all are two of the fondest favourites of the TWOStars fandom; Cari-Dee and Lindy Rose.

Cari is dressed, as usual, in a stunning pink number showing off her shapely form but not in a cheap way. Lindy would be dressed in the same thing, if they did one in her size, so instead she’s squeezed herself into something indescribable. Lindy also appears to be surreptitiously eating things from the table everytime Cari is distracted by something else she has to organise.

CD: Oh Lindy, is it awesome! I can’t believe we’re going to have all the girls back again! Did I say it was going to be awesome... It’s going to be awesome.

Lindy quickly swallows an entire vol-au-vent before replying

LR: Sure will, is everyone coming?

CD: I think so, I managed to get an address for everyone I could think of.

LR: I’m sure they will turn up, it’s the last show for the company. It’s not going to happen ever again.

CD: Exactly, now let me just run through my list again and make sure I’ve got everything...

Just as Cari looks down to her list a figure rushes in and catches her with a shoulder tackle that sends Cari slamming back first into the wall. As the camera manages to focus in we can see the purple attire and athletic form of Jenny McKellen who is leaning her forearm up against the neck of the Bangor Beauty. Jenny’s signature shining metal mask obscures her face and we can barely see her eyes in the shadows the steel mask creates.

The camera dares to zoom in closer and is able to pick up the conversation being had as Lindy Rose struggles to find her inhaler.

JM: What is this? A party?

Cari struggles free enough of Jenny’s forearm to catch her breath

CD: ...‘es. me.

JM: I didn’t come here for a kids party Cari. I came here for you. Ever since the Women’s division closed and we all went our separate way all I hear is how you were the Women’s division. I get asked about your matches, I get asked about your title reign. I was twice the wrestler you ever were, I’ve been a champion wherever I’ve gone and I’ve beaten everyone who’s been put in front of me but somehow I’m still getting compared to you. Do you understand how that feels?

Lindy finally manages to catch her breath and manages to use her bulk to pry Jenny away from Cari and then prevent her from getting her claws back into the Bubblegum Princess.

JM: Every match you had with me made you into a better competitor instead of some stupid blonde bimbo. How dare you overshadow my legacy! How dare you flounce around here like you were the face of this division. I’m not going to let you deny my place in history. Tonight, you and me one more time and this time I’m going to prove to everyone once and for all that Jenny McKellen is THE greatest thing ever to happened to Women’s wrestling and this piece of sh*t company.

Jenny finally backs off and exits the room allowing Lindy to turn around and attend to her friend. Cari is still rubbing her neck and looks thoroughly upset that her party has been well and truly crashed.

LR: Don’t worry Cari, we’ll make sure that nutcase doesn’t ruin the evening for everyone else tonight.

CD: I don’t understand, I thought Jenny and I were friends still?

LR: I wouldn’t try and work out what the hell is going on in that screwed up head of hers. You remember what she was like when she first turned up? Or that messed up family of hers?

The Bangor Beauty seems to calm herself a little and nods.

LR: Exactly, now lets get back on with planning this awesome party ok? I think we need to test each of the cakes in case they aren’t quite perfect..

Cari giggles which makes Lindy laugh and soon the two are smiling and hugging as we cut away to....
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The camera pans around the Olympic Stadium showing the capacity crowd in London cheering like mad before moving down to ringside where a smartly dressed Jim Ross and Paul Heyman look down the camera, taking over duties from Blakesee and Perrino

JR: What an amazing night so far folks, and bah gawd Paul this next match should be a sloberknocker.

Heyman: Oh no doubt about it JR, it was originally meant to be a triple threat match but as we heard earlier on this evening before our preshow went on air, Draven Cage has retired and will not be competing here tonight.

JR: and that’s a massive downer Ladies and Gentlemen, Draven Cage is one of the most decorated superstars here in TWOStars and for him not to compete here on the final two shows just doesn’t sit right.

Heyman: I concur Ross, but let’s not give up hope yet because Deadman has dared Draven Cage to show up here tonight and you just never know when it comes to The Hangman.

JR: Well I don’t know Paul, if Draven Cage says he’s done, then I believe he’s done and with that said Paul, whether The Hangman shows up or not we’re going to have one hell of a fight just moments from now between Deadman and Twiggie.

Heyman: Oh no doubt about it JR….

The time keeper hits the bell three times and the crowd cheers.

Heyman:.... and surprisingly JR, Deadman and Twiggie have very little history as far as in ring action goes.




The crowd cheers as the camera pans away from Paul and JR to Salvatore Heir….

Salvatore Heir:  The following contest is scheduled for one falll…...

The lights in the Olympic Stadium completely fade down leaving it in darkness with the crowd cheering at first but then booing as loud as ever.

JR: You’re right Paul, we’re in relatively uncharted waters, and the lights dropping like this can only mean one thing folks….

Heyman: you damn right it does JR…. the Deadman cometh.


The crowds booing only seems to intensify as another loud…


….echoes around the Olympic Stadium

The darkness is soon broken as the trons around the Olympic Stadium light up...


As The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage kicks in, the stadium is lit up by masses of red and white strobe lighting, the crowd still booing loudly.

Heyman: These londoners have no class Ross!

JR: I don’t know about that Paul, I think they have good taste.

The cameras are now locked in on the entrance way as Deadman makes his way out into the Olympic Stadium, where he pauses for a moment taking in the impressive sight of the eighty thousand plus.

Salvatore Heir: Introducing first, from Burnley, England, weighing in at two hundred and fifty eight pounds……..DEEEEEEEAADDDDDDDDDDDDMMMAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNN

Heyman: and there he is JR, these people may not like him but you have to respect what he has done for this industry.

JR: That much is for sure Paul, we have worked for him on numerous occasions through the good times and the bad and tonight we’re going to witness what potentially is going to be his last match.

Heyman: No doubt about it JR and you could probably say that for most of the older athletes competing over the next couple of nights. This for them is the final hurrah in this industry and what better place to do this than here in the United Kingdom where this journey all began.

Deadman having now taken in the incredible site of the stadium begins to make his way down the ramp way towards the squareD circle, stopping from time to time to stare down the crowd at ringside who continue to boo him.

JR: and that goes for both the Extreme Revolution and TWOStars folks, both companies started here in the UK and became global entities attracting fans from all over the world, with many of those countries in presence here tonight.

Heyman: You’re right JR, there are fans from all over Europe here tonight, the United States, Canada, Japan, China. Make no doubt about it ladies and gentlemen, this is a global event. The world is watching the United Kingdom here tonight.

Deadman now down at ringside places his hand on the ring curtain as he surveys what will become his last battle ground. Moments later he heads Left and begins to walk up the ring steps onto the ring apron, before stepping through the top and middle rope into the squared circle.

Deadman, with that evil smirk on his face, slowly makes his way to each side of the squared circle where he raises both arms into the air, which gets the crowd going even more as they boo even louder.

JR: There’s a big match feel about this one Paul, you can feel it in the air.

Heyman: That you can Ross and let me go on record with this JR, August 4th 2012 this Stadium witnessed what the UK press called “Super Saturday” well tonight here in London, this is TWOStars very own Super Saturday.

Deadman having now made his way round all sides of the squared circle heads to the corner of the ring and demands a microphone from the timekeeper which he quickly receives. Microphone in hand, Deadman heads to the centre of the ring and looks directly down the barrel of the hard cams focused on the ring,

Deadman: Cut the music….

The End of Heartache fades down leaving only the boos from crowd, but now there are a few audible cheers.

JR: You might want to send the women and children out of the room folks, you never can tell what this man is going to say when he has a live microphone in hand.

Heyman: and I love that unpredictability Ross.

Deadman looks across the stadium and shakes his head as he slowly raises the microphone to his mouth.

Deadman: Earlier this evening, I told everyone I came here tonight for a Triple Threat Match. I came here to see this place close down…..

The crowd boos louder than ever at that last comments causing Deadman to stop and smile for a moment.

Deadman: …. and to beat two of it’s greatest hero’s in the process, Twiggie and Draven Cage.

The crowd cheers at the mention of both those names leading Deadman to shake his head.

Deadman: However, as we saw earlier tonight Draven Cage has retired and will not compete here tonight.

A massive chorus of boos echoes around the Olympic Stadium.

Deadman: I know, I know, he’s a damned pussy.


Deadman: You would have thought being from Scotland, that if he was that scared of facing me one more time he’d just have to neck a few more whisky’s for some dutch courage, but no, he would rather hide behind some chicken shit excuse of being a family man.

Deadman begins to move around the ring, microphone still raised to his mouth.

Deadman: I didn’t buy it earlier on, and I don’t buy it now. So Draven Cage, I dare you to come out here and do this match. Do this match and take the ass whoopin you’ve got coming to you…. come on you Chicken Shit.

The crowd once again gasps as Deadman heads towards the side of the ring facing the entrance ramp, where Deadman rests his forearms on the top rope leaning into it.

JR: I don’t even think Draven Cage is here Paul.

Heyman: I don’t think he is either JR, but you never know he’s from Scotland and that’s still part of the UK you know.

Deadman moves away from the ropes shaking his head, the crowd booing him as he does so.

Deadman: Oh I know, I feel your disappointment but it seems your hero has abandoned you. Draven Cage, has deserted TWOStars…….

The crowd boos even louder, but those boos suddenly turn to cheers as……


…. hits the trons and PA system of the Olympic Stadium.

JR: BAH GAWD! Could it be??

Heyman: No WAY!

Deadman is looking back at the entrance ramp in complete shock, obviously not expecting Draven Cage to show up.

The crowd are going nuts as the camera focuses in on the entrance way but those cheers soon turn into boos….

JR: Oh for crying out loud!

Heyman: Man, The Hangman really has let himself go!

JR: You know damn well that isn’t The Hangman, Paul. That’s Retromark!

Heyman: You could have fooled me Ross!

DC Mark makes his way down the ramp way stopping every now tensing his muscles up and generally mocking the crowd as he goes.

JR: This is shocking folks, absolutely shocking.

DC Mark now at ringside rolls under the bottom rope and quickly gets up to his feet only to be met with a gigantic boot to the face courtesy of Deadman to quite a few cheers from the London crowd.

JR: OHHHH What a boot!

Heyman: Damn, Draven Cage really has let himself go!

JR: That’s not the Hangman, Paul! They have nothing in common.

Heyman: I think you’ll find they’re both former Tag Team Champions, Ross!

JR: Well erm, I’ll give you that Paul, but that right there is not Draven Cage!

Deadman looks down at DC Mark who is laying motionless on the mat, before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Deadman: Well, that was easier than I thought it would be.

Deadman laughs to himself as the crowd boos massively.

Deadman: It really looks like family life has suited you DC, just look at that gut!


JR: Oh please, Paul.

Deadman boots DC Mark in the stomach causing him to double up in pain.

Deadman: Quite frankly Cage, I’m done with you. If you’re not going to put up a fight, I’m going to end this right now so I can destroy the other TWOStars legend, Twiggie!

JR: This is getting beyond absurd folks and I bet Draven Cage is destroying his living room right now at this mockery of his character.

Deadman: You….

Deadman points at the timekeeper….

Deadman: Bring itto me.

The timekeeper gets up from his seat and quickly brings a black looking object to the squared circle.

JR: Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.

Heyman: Is that?

Deadman picks up the black looking bag and begins to unfold it.

Heyman: It is! Deadman has a body bag! He’s going to Body Bag Draven Cage!

JR: Oh man!

The crowd are booing loudly now as Deadman lays the body bag along side the prone body of DC Mark. Deadman smiles as he gets back up to his feet lifting DC Mark up with him.

JR: This isn’t going to be pretty ladies and gentlemen.

Deadman lays another swift boot to DC Mark’s gut before positioning DC Marks head between his legs, quickly following up by crossing up both of DC Mark’s arm’s across his body.

Heyman: We’re going to see it JR….. the Body Bag is coming up…..

Deadman using all the power in his body, raises DC Mark high up into the air before dropping down to the canvas sitdown powerbomb style.

JR: Bah Gawd he did it! He drove Retromark straight down to hell!

Heyman: You mean Draven Cage….

JR: Oh come on Paul.

Deadman pushes DC Mark’s legs aside so he can get up to his knees from which he slowly begins to roll DC Mark towards the body bag and begins to stuff him inside it. All this happening as the crowd boos.

Heyman: How symbolic JR, Deadman body bagging a TWOStars legend here tonight, on TWOStars final hurrah.

JR: and could you imagine what Twiggie is thinking about watching this backstage Paul.

Heyman: He better be worried that he isn’t next Ross. You know Deadman would love to do it.

JR: Well I’m sure Twiggie is going to put up more of a fight than Retromark, Paul.

With DC Mark now inside the body bag, Deadman slowly  begins to zip it up, all the way to the top, smiling evilly as he does so.

With DC Mark fully bagged up Deadman gets back up to his feet, picking up the microphone again.

Deadman: Draven Cage is history, just like TWOStars and now when this piece of crap gets out of my ring, I’m going to put an end to Twiggie and put him in a body bag as well!

The crowd boos massively as Deadman tosses the microphone out of the ring and begins to push the body bag out of the ring….


The crowd instantly begins to cheer like mad, as Deadman looks up at the trons and entrance ramp in utter confusion.

Heyman: That’s not Twiggie’s music!

JR: No sir it’s not!

Heyman: What the hell is going on here? Deadman is as confused as we are!

Deadman is now up on his feet, his face still looking completely confused as the crowd start cheering D! C! over and over.

Heyman: It can’t be!

A few more seconds pass before Draven Cage comes marching out from the back, his arm outstretched pointing at Deadman, with a very angry look across his face.

JR: BAH GAWD! BAH GAWD! Draven Cage is here and Deadman looks like he’s seen a ghost!

The camera pans away from Draven Cage who is marching down the entrance ramp, still looking extremely pissed off and onto Deadman who looks shocked as hell at the man marching towards him.

Heyman: This is going to be a war JR!

Seeing what is coming towards him, Deadman quickly rolls under the bottom rope and grabs the nearest steel chair before sliding back into the ring.

JR: Deadman has a chair! This could get ugly, very quick!

Heyman: and look Draven Cage is scared!

Draven Cage now at ringside has come to a halt as he looks on at Deadman who has the chair in hand ready to swing.

JR: Oh I don’t know about that Paul, The Hangman is tactician and he’s just weighing up the odds.

Heyman: There are no odds JR, the only thing that’s going to happen here is… if DC gets in the ring he’s going to get whacked by that steel chair!

Draven Cage paces back and forth for a few moments before quickly sliding under the bottom rope as the crowd goes mental.

Heyman: Here we go!

Draven Cage gets staight up to his feet as Deadman swings the chair…..

JR: The Hangman ducks it!!!

Deadman spins around in shock and is met with a massive boot to the stomach followed by a swift forearm shot right besides the head causing him to drop the steel chair.

The Hangman quickly follows up with a second and then a third forearm shot backing Deadman into the corner where Cage lays in another big time boot to Deadman’s mid section.

JR: So much for your odds Paul, Draven Cage is kicking ass!

The crowd are still going mad as Draven grabs Deadman by the head and rams it hard into the top turnbuckle pad, before heading over to the steel chair himself and picks it up to even more approval from the London crowd!

JR: The Hangman with the chair now!

Heyman: The no good cheat!

The Hangman chair in hand walks towards Deadman but seeing this the Extreme Revolution owner drops to his stomach and quickly rolls out of the ring to a massive chorus of boos.

JR: Now who’s chicken Paul?!

Heyman: No JR, that’s not being chicken, that’s being smart.

Draven Cage heads towards the ropes and is about to step through them when Deadman grabs his feet from under the bottom rope dropping him to the mat.

Heyman: See! Deadman is a genius!

Still hold of Cage’s feet, Deadman begins to pull him out of the ring but DC has other things in mind as he pulls back before catapulting Deadman backwards towards the announce table which the Extreme Revolution owner smacks into hard.

JR: Bah Gawd, did you see that Paul?

Heyman: See it? I heard it Ross and Deadman looks to be in a world of hurt.

Draven Cage rolls under the bottom rope and heads towards Deadman who is clutching his chest as he kneels on one knee in front of the announce table.

JR: I don’t like this folks, I don’t like it one bit….

Cage grabs Deadman by the head and smashes is hard into the top of the announce table to the cheers from the fans at ringside.

JR: Oh what a sickening sound!

Heyman and JR have both got up to their fearing the worst as Draven pulls Deadman up away from the announce table, grabs him by the wrist and whips him across the ringside area straight into the ringsteps which Deadman smacks into shoulder first separating the steps on impact.

Heyman: This is getting out of hand from the get go JR!

JR: and this match hasn’t even officially started yet Paul!

Draven Cage looks out across the Olympic Stadium and raises his arms into the air which receives a massive cheer, and those cheers only get louder as….


…. hits the TWOTron’s and PA System!

Draven Cage looks up the rampway with a grimace as Twiggie heads out onto the stage to more cheers from the capacity crowd.

JR: and now this is where it gets interesting folks because Twiggie and Draven Cage, they certainly don’t like each other!

Heyman: No sir they don’t!

The Olympic Stadium is bathed in a yellow-based blue and green light show as Twiggie continues to make his way down the rampway, high fiving the crowd as he goes.

The Hangman has since made his way into the squared circle, where an official is now waiting and pushes the steel chair dropped earlier on into the corner under the bottom rope.

JR: The Hangman is ready, this crowd is ready and bah gawd from the looks of it Twiggie is ready!

The Dire Wolf now at ringside eyes up his long time rival before taking a few steps back and then jogs towards the ring, slides under the bottom rope and in one motion begins to roll forward as he then handsprings up off the mat onto his feet to massive approval from the crowd.

JR: It looks like he hasn’t missed a beat folks!

The crowd continue to go wild as the Peta Punisher looks across the ring at Draven Cage and begins to walk towards him where they go face to face.

Heyman: Can you feel it JR?! I told you it was going to be a Super Saturday here tonight in London!

The referee tries to separate the two superstars but he is pushed aside as the two rivals continue to talk trash to each other. The referee just shrugs his shoulders and calls for the bell….




… as the crowd goes wild.

JR: and now we’re officially underway!

Heyman: But what about Deadman?! He’s down here at ringside clutching his shoulder JR!

JR: and he deserved every bit of Paul, he’s forced Cage’s hand here, pulled him out of retirement and he’s paying the price for it.

Twiggie takes a few steps back from Cage and the two rivals begin to circle each other before quickly coming together in a collar and elbow tie up as the crowd cheers them on.

JR: Both men jockeying for position here folks…

However it doesn’t take long for Cage to show his power as he shoves Twiggie backwards hard.

Heyman: and look at that Ross, Draven Cage showing Twiggie as he has done in the past that he is the stronger of the two.

Twiggie smiles and shakes his head as he moves straight back towards Cage where the two once again begin to circle each other.

JR: and it looks like they’re going for it again….

Draven Cage begins to move towards Twiggie looking to go for a second collar and elbow tie up but this time Twiggie lands a dropkick square to the knee of Draven Cage dropping him face first into the canvas.

Heyman: Now that’s Smart JR!

JR: You’re telling me! Twiggie using his quickness here to take away Cage’s strength advantage.
Draven Cage holding his face gets up to his knees only to be met with a kick in the stomach from Twiggie, which the Peta Punisher follows up with by grabbing Cage’s head and driving him face first into the canvas with a hard DDT.

JR: and Twiggie not even letting Cage back up to his feet here.

Twiggie having planted Cage into the canvas quickly rolls him onto his back and goes for the cover….


JR: Twiggie with the first cover in this match up folks!


Heyman: not even a two count Ross.

JR: and you have to believe that was always going to be the case Paul, so early in this thing.

Both men quickly get up to their but it is Twiggie who strikes first as he smacks Cage hard across the chest with a stinging knife edge chop as a massive “WOOOOOOOOO” goes up and around the Olympic Stadium.

Heyman: That’s going to leave a mark.

Cage clutches onto his chest but Twiggie pulls Cage’s arms aways before pulling back and firing another hard knife edge chop across Cage’s exposed chest.

JR: You’re right about that Paul and these two don’t appear to have let bygones be bygones.

Heyman: no sir they don’t, they simply do not like each other.

Twiggie backs Cage into a corner where he grabs Cage by the head before smashing his own face into Cage’s with a hard headbutt as the crowd cheers him on.

JR: there’s a head butt from Twiggie and you’re right Paul, this animosity between these two goes all the back to late two thousand seven, early two thousand eight where these two battled over the Triple Crown Championship.

Twiggie grabs a stunned Draven Cage by the wrists and whips him across the squared circle where Cage smacks into the turnbuckle pads on the opposite side of the ring hard. The impact of which causes The Hangman to stagger forward straight into a hard clothesline from The Dire Wolf, Twiggie.

Heyman: Big time clothesline there from Twiggie, whom by the way was the first Triple Crown Champion.

JR: That he was Paul, and here’s another little factoid for you, the man who beat Twiggie for the Triple Crown Championship…..

Heyman: Draven Cage!

Twiggie with Cage on the ground mounts him and begins to punch him over and over in the face.

JR: Indeed it was Paul and if my memory serves me right it was Battle Royale 2007.

Heyman: and what a battle it was Ross with the Hangman pinning Twiggie with one second to spare in the sixty minute time limit.

Twiggie having finished with his punches gets up to his feet and applauds the crowd who cheer him on.

JR: and it looks like Twiggie thinks he’s got this one sorted Paul.

Heyman: and we both know that this is not a smart move JR, you don’t give The Hangman one second to catch his breath, not one second.

Twiggie even though he is working the crowd, has his eyes still on Draven Cage who is getting up to his feet looking stunned. Twiggie rebounds off the ropes and comes running straight towards Draven Cage but The Hangman comes flying towards the Direwolf with a stiff clothesline that sends Twiggie spinning in the air.

Heyman: What did I tell you JR? WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!!!

JR: Bah Gawd he turned him inside out!

The crowd are cheering like mad as DC drops to his knees, pulls Twiggie onto his back and covers him…



Twiggie kicks out just after the two count to cheers from the London crowd.

Heyman: Just a two JR, but what power behind that clothesline!

JR: I hear you Paul and that clothesline damn near took Twiggie’s head off.

Heyman: No doubt about it JR, that’s pure strength and power from Draven Cage who on paper has a 40lb weight advantage over Twiggie but he knows exactly how to use it to his advantage.

Draven yanks Twiggie up to his feet by his dreadlocks and quickly smashes his head, face first into the nearest top turnbuckle pad. The impact sends Twiggie spinning so his back is resting on the pads. Cage doesn’t stop his offence however a he drives the back of his elbow right upside the head of the Peta Punisher.

JR: and once again Cage using that explosive power of his striking with that reverse elbow folks, and now a second!

Heyman: and you can see with every strike JR, that Twiggie’s eyes get more and more glazed over!

The camera is directly in on Cage’s face as he plants a third reverse elbow strike right into the side of Twiggie face. Cage looks into the camera and gives out a little smirk before he grabs Twiggie by the wrist and whips across the ring sending him crashing chest first into the turnbuckles opposite as the crowd gasps.

JR: Bah Gawd, Twiggie Sternum first into the turnbuckles!

The referee is on Twiggie in a shot as he clutches his chest and stomps his feet against the canvas.

Heyman: That could easily have broken Twiggie’s clavicle Ross.

JR: No doubt he’s in a whole world of hurt Paul.

The referee is still checking on Twiggie as DC’s comes bounding towards them and goes for a cover on Twiggie hooking his legs as he goes….


Heyman: This has got to be it Ross…..



…… the crowd boos like mad as the camera pans out to see Deadman standing over both Draven Cage and Twiggie chair in hand, having just smashed the chair across the spine of The Hangman.

Heyman: That’s one way to break the fall up!

Deadman not wasting any time lays a boot into the chest of Twiggie and then into the chest of Draven Cage who rolls onto his stomach and begins to push up, trying to get up to his knees. This is a wasted effort however as Deadman brings the chair down once again across the spine of DC!

JR: and this is turning a little hardcore already folks.

Heyman: No JR, this is turning EXTREME and I love it!

JR: Well you would Paul and for all you wondering at home, this is a triple threat match and by the nature of the rules, Deadman can’t be disqualified for the use of that steel chair.

Heyman: and that’s why he should bash Cage’s brains in!

JR: Come on now Paul!

Deadman throws the chair to the canvas as he watches The Hangman slowly make his way back up to his feet, arching his back in pain as he does so.

JR: and you can see the pain etched across DC’s face folks, those steel chair shots take it out of you.

Heyman: Oh no doubt about it JR, the human body was not built to withstand shots like that.

JR: Indeed it wasn’t Paul and Deadman now stalking Draven Cage.

The crowd are clapping their hands and stomping their feet trying to get behind Cage who is on his feet albeit a bit groggy. Deadman quickly moves in, spins the Hangman around and smacks him right under the jaw with a hard european style uppercut that sends the man from Scotland backwards towards the ropes.

JR: and oh what an uppercut.

Heyman: European in style JR and Deadman hits a second. Just look at the impact as Deadman strikes with Cage’s head snapping back.

JR: Every part of Deadman’s offence is designed to hurt you and he is showing you that here tonight.

Deadman strikes Cage with a third european uppercut this one however sends Cage crashing to the canvas to a massive chorus of boos from the crowd inside the Olympic Stadium.

Heyman: Well these fans may not like JR, but Deadman is showing his dominance here tonight.

JR: That he is Paul, and what has surprised me so far in this match is how much passion all three men have here tonight, all three men want to win.

Heyman: Oh no doubt about it JR, they all want the bragging rights. All three are former Triple Crown Champions, but tonight isn’t about Championships. Tonight is about respect.

Deadman has his arms in the air mocking the crowd as CRACK Twiggie smashes the steel chair across his back to a massive pop from crowd.

JR: Oh man!

The chair shot stuns Deadman but doesn’t but him down, the Extreme Revolution owner his back arched with pain turns around only for….. CRACK Twiggie launches another chair shot, this time straight across the cranium sending Deadman crashing to the canvas as the crowd goes mental.

JR : Oh, what a Hellacious chair shot!

Heyman: He’s going to have a concussion after that Ross!

JR: He’ll definitely being seeing stars folks and this crowd here in London, love it!

The Hangman is now using the ropes to get up to his feet, seeing this The Peta Punishes makes a beeline for him, pulls him away from the ropes (still holding the chair) picks Cage, with the chair position behind DC’s back and slams him down hard into the canvas, the impact of which sends Cage convulsing on the canvas.

Heyman: Scoop Slam with a chair! Twiggie is getting into the grove JR!

JR: Twiggie was the first TWOStars Hardcore champion folks, don’t let his appearance fool you, he can be as hardcore as anyone else inside that squared circle.

Heyman: and he’s proving it here tonight!

Twiggie pulls the chair from underneath the Hangman and heads towards the motionless Deadman, a trickle of blood now coming from his forehead, relentless Twiggie pulls Deadman up to his feet and positions the chair into the same place behind Deadman’s back as he just did with Draven Cage.

JR: Looks like Twiggie is going to repeat that scoop slam folks….

and indeed Twiggie does as he picks Deadman up off his feet and slams him hard down into the canvas with the same result as moments ago as Deadman writhes around the ring in agony.

Heyman: and now Deadman feeling the pain from that scoop slam onto the chair.

JR: and Twiggie seems to be loving this.

Twiggie not wasting much time quickly dives on Deadman looking for the cover, hooking the Extreme Revolution Owner’s leg as he goes so……


JR: Here we go with the cover folks…



Deadman kicks out to a massive chorus of boos as Twiggie questions the official about the count.

Heyman: One second away, Deadman was one second away from losing this match.

JR: and now Twiggie is questioning the official Paul and if you ask me that count looked fine from where I’m sitting.

Heyman: and on this occasion you would be right JR.

Twiggie gets up to his feet and looks across the ring where Draven Cage is back on his feet and comes running towards the Peta Punisher looking for another clothesline.

JR: Twiggie ducks the clothesline, Cage turns around oh man, what a forearm from The Direwolf.

Heyman: Twiggie is building momentum here JR…

Twiggie fires a second forearm to the side of Cage’s face stunning him into the corner, where the Dire Wolf fires in another stinging hard knife edge chop across the chest of the Hangman.

JR: Just look at Cage’s chest folks, it’s instantly turning a beet red.

Twiggie fires in a second knife edge chop causing Cage to once again clutch his chest in agony, to which Twiggie follows up with, just like earlier on a hard headbut to the forehead of Draven Cage stuning him.

JR: another hard headbutt folks,

Heyman: and it’s not just the headbutt Ross, it’s the weight of those dreadlocks adding extra force.

With Cage stunned, Twiggie pulls the Hangman out of the corner and with all his strength lifts him upside down and begins to tie him up in the corner using his feet.

JR: Tree of Woe! Twiggie has Draven Cage in the Tree of Woe.

Heyman: and just what the hell is he going to do JR?

Twiggie plants a boot into the stomach of Cage before stumbling away from the Hangman and heads towards Deadman where he gives him a swift kick as he then removes the chair from under the Extreme Revolution’s owner.

Heyman: And now with the chair, and these people are loving it Ross.

JR: Twiggie heading back to DC here folks and what the hell is he going to do here?

Those questions are answered quickly however as Twiggie first lays another boot into DC’s gut and then begins to place the steel chair directly in front of the face of the tied up Hangman.

JR: Oh you’ve got to be kidding me….

Twiggie quickly jogs across the ring, steps through the ropes and begins to ascend to the top as the crowd goes wild.

Heyman: This can only mean one thing JR….

Twiggie gains his balance on the top rope, take a few short deep breaths before launching himself from the turnbuckle pad across the ring and dropkicks the chair hard into the face of Draven Cage, the impact of which sends the Hangman convulsing in the corner, his feet coming loose as he falls to the canvas.

Heyman: Throwing Stones and Twiggie just annihilated Draven Cage!

JR: Oh man, talk about a concussion maker.

Heyman: and I’m loving this action JR, they’re giving us their all here tonight.

JR: now if only Twiggie can cover him folks, you’ve got to believe this would be over….

Twiggie  also slightly hurt from the impact of the move, gets back to his feet and begins to drag Cage away from the ropes before dropping down onto him going for the cover.

Heyman: and he might have just heard you Ross….



THRE……. Deadman breaks up the fall.

JR: Well Twiggie was smart to pull DC away from the ropes there folks but it was Deadman who saved this match for the Hangman.

Heyman: No doubt about it Ross, this match was definitely over…

Deadman gets straight back up to his feet, his face now covered in blood as Twiggie also gets up to his feet.

JR: and that’s not a pretty sight folks, Deadman cut open earlier on thanks to that vile chair shot to the cranium from Twiggie.

Heyman: but this isn’t Deadman’s first rodeo Ross, he’s had to fight busted open in the past and he’s going to have to do it again tonight.

JR: It might not be the first time Paul, but it’s more than likely going to be his last time.

Twiggie throws a right hand towards Deadman, but the Extreme Revolution Owner blocks it and smashes a right hand of his own straight into the cranium of the Peta Punisher, sending him down to one knee as the crowd boos.

JR: oh what a shot, those huge soup bowl fists of Deadman making their mark.

Heyman: and you saw the impact as Deadman’s fist collided with the skull of Twiggie, his leg buckled.

JR: There’s some power in those shots folks, we've always known that but the question is, how many more shots like that can Twiggie take.

Heyman: I would suggest, not to many more Ross!

With Twiggie stunned, Deadman pulls the Peta Punisher up and in one motion tosses him up onto his shoulder and runs directly into the corner where he launches Twiggie into the top turnbuckle pad.

JR: Snake eyes!

The impact of which sends Twiggie stumbling out of the corner, as this is happening Deadman runs to the ropes opposite and comes running straight back towards Twiggie where he smashes him straight into the face with a hard boot as the crowd boos heavily.

Heyman: and the big boot combination Ross.

JR: and now Twiggie is down and out!

Deadman drops to his knees and instantly goes for the cover, with Deadman shoving his forearm across the face of Twiggie as he does so.


Heyman: and here we go…….


THRE…. Twiggie fires his shoulder of the canvas to the massive delight of the London crowd.

JR: He kicked out! Twiggie kicked out!

Heyman: How in the hell did he do that?

JR: I’m not sure Paul but this match is going to continue.

Deadman is on his knees and looks really pissed off, so much so that he punches the Peta Punisher hard in the face before getting back up to a vertical base and beings looking around the ring.

JR: Deadman now back up on his feet folks and looking for something.

That something is the steel chair which is beginning to look mangled and is led besides Draven Cage. Deadman walks towards Cage, grabs the chair and begins to walk away from the Hangman but stops in his tracks, turns around and lays in a hard boot to the guy of the downed Cage.

JR: that was uncalled for!

Heyman: I disagree Ross…

JR: Well there’s a surprise.

Heyman: Oh please JR, Deadman has that chair in hand and he gave Cage a boot for good measure, it’s all fair in love and war.

Deadman marches across the squared circle to the corner and begins to squeeze the ring chair between the top and middle rope as the crowd cheers.

JR: and what the hell is that about?

Heyman: It looks like he’s got plans for that chair Ross and I for one wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of it.

Twiggie is now back up on one knee as Deadman matches towards him, Twiggie quickly fires in with several shots to the stomach of Deadman stunning him slightly and pushing him backwards as the crowd cheers him on. Twiggie gets back up to his feet and hits the ropes, comes running back looking for a clothesline but Deadman steps into and grabs Twiggie around the throat.

Heyman: Deadman’s got him round the throat!

Deadman squeezes hard as he stares into the face of the Peta Punisher.

JR: He’s got him goozled folks…..

The crowd are booing loudly as Deadman begins to lift Twiggie up off of the ground but The Peta Punisher manages to shift his weight mid move and and escapes the hold as the crowd goes wild.

JR: He escaped it!!!

Deadman quickly turns around and is met with a dropkick to the knee, sending him crashing to the canvas.

JR: and for the second time tonight, Twiggie takes his much bigger adversaries down with a dropkick to the knee.

Heyman: they’re the same size when they’re on the canvas Ross.

Deadman instantly tries to get up to his feet albeit on shaky ground.

JR: Deadman has a bad wheel here!

Heyman: He looks to be injured Ross.

Sensing that Deadman’s stability isn’t what it should be Twiggie smacks Deadman in the gut with a hard right, doubling him up and then grabs him by the head, running him into the corner and smashes him face first into the chair Deadman had just set up as the crowd goes mental!

JR: MAH GAWD!!!!!!


The crowd is still going nuts as Deadman lays rested on the middle turnbuckle pad, his face getting even redder from more blood pouring down his face.

Heyman: I cannot believe this JR!

JR: This is brutal folks, they’re beginning to destroy each other.

Twiggie stumbles back to his feet, looks at Deadman for a moment before turning back around towards Draven Cage and…….SMACK

Heyman: The Aidrie Boot!!!!!

The crowd are going nuts as force of the kick sends Twiggie crashing backwards into Deadman and then down to the canvas.

JR: I can’t believe this, out of nowhere Draven Cage with the Aidrie Boot!

Cage drops to his knees pulls Twiggie onto his back and goes for the cover…

Heyman: Surely this is it!



THRE…… The crowd boos massively as the massive fist of Deadman smacks Cage in the face causing the referee to stop counting.

Heyman: Deadman at the last moment saving this match JR!

JR: The laws of the jungle are indeed carrying over to the squared circle here tonight folks.

Heyman: They sure are JR, it’s dog eat dog and everyone wants to win!

The crowd are now cheering like mad, stomping their feet as a massive….


….. chant begins to echo around the Olympic Stadium.

JR: and you can hear the folks here in London showing their respects for what is happening out there in that squared circle right now.

Heyman: No doubt about it and yes London, they’ve still got it!

Draven Cage quickly gets up to his feet and pulls Deadman up with him and smacks him upside the head with a hard right hand, to which Deadman retaliates with one of his own,  this action continues as the crowd goes wild.

JR: Just look at this Paul, two huge proud athletes slugging it out, huge shot one after the other.

Heyman: and neither man giving an inch JR, both men throwing those bombs  looking to beat the hell out of each other.

Cage launches another shot into Deadman’s face and connects, his head snapping backwards, and stumbling a few steps, sense he has Deadman rocked Cage quickly follows up with another hard right again sending Deadman backwards and down to one knee.

JR: and Deadman is down!!!!

The crowd are going nuts as Cage grabs Deadman by the arm and goes to whip him across the ring, however Deadman puts the breaks on and reverses the momentum sending DC into the ropes.

Heyman: Deadman reversing the whip here and drops his head…..

With Deadman’s head down, The Hangman sees this and manages to book Deadman in the face sending him up right and stumbling again.

JR: and he telegraphed it!

Cage is quickly back on Deadman with another boot, this time to the gut double Deadman up before dropping him down hard to the canvas face first with …..


The crowd are going crazy as Cage rolls Deadman onto his back and goes for the cover……….


JR: He’s got it!!!!


THRE….. and the fall is stopped as Deadman gets his foot under the bottom rope, this gets a massive chorus of boos from the capacity crowd as Cage looks on confused.

Heyman: The people here might not like it JR, but Deadman is a veteran of that squared circle and has great in ring presence.

JR: You’re right Paul and Cage is arguing with the official here, but this is well within the rules.

Heyman: and let’s just have another look at this Ross.,

A double replay hits the screen in slow motion showing Cage, kick Deadman in the gut before planting him hard into the canvas.

JR: You saw it again there folks, Deadman was planted hard into the canvas and I guess it was only luck that he was near the ropes because there was no way he was going to kick out of that.

Heyman: Oh no doubt about it JR, you can see where Deadman’s face smacked the canvas from the Cortex Crash, leaving a puddle of blood in it’s wake.

Draven Cage frustrated slaps the mat as he gets back up to his feet and slowly begins to pull the bloodied Deadman up, who stops at his knees. Draven Cage standing over him yelling.

JR: Cage is letting Deadman know who is in charge here folks and what a symbolic statement this is, the Exrteme Revolution Owner on his knees, all blooded up in front of one of TWOStars most iconic stars of all time.

Heyman: No doubt about it Ross and this will be a picture for the history books on this, one of the two final nights here in TWOStars..


Deadman indeed has taken the low road as he uppercuts Draven Cage straight between the legs, sending the man from Scotland down to his knees as Deadman slowly gets to vertical base, the crowd booing him as he does so.

JR: What a cheap, no good dirty bastard folks.

Heyman: But perfectly legal in this match Ross.

JR: Oh I know Paul, Deadman using these rules to his advantage but I don’t like it a damned bit.

Deadman looks down at Cage and quickly grabs him around the throat with his right hand pulling him up to a vertical base.

Heyman: Deadman has DC!

Deadman places his left arm on the back of The Hangman lifts him up in the air and drives him down hard into the canvas with the Chokeslam as the crowd boos massively.

JR: Deadman with every fibre in his being hits that damned Chokeslam!!!!

Deadman stumbles around the ring, still feeling the ill effects of the drop kick from Twiggie earlier on to his knee before moving back towards Cage and slowly pulling him away from the ropes before dropping on him for the cvoer.


Heyman: Deadman not making  the same mistake as……


Heyman: Cage moments go……

THRE…… The crowd goes wild as Twiggie dives in and breaks up the fall.

JR: and Twiggie saves the match!

Heyman: I thought that was it Ross.

JR: as did I Paul and going back to your point about Deadman moving Cage away from the ropes, it might have been a smart move but the question is did it cost him in giving Twiggie too much time?

Heyman: Maybe JR, Maybe.

The camera pans backwards to show the carnage in the ring with all three men down as the crowd once again start stomping their feet, clapping their hands and chanting……


JR: You’ve got to give it to them folks, all three men have been out of action for at least three years and to perform like this here tonight is nothing short of amazing.

Heyman: No doubt about  it Ross, Twiggie’s last match was in 2010, Deadman and Draven Cage in 2011 and to give us what they have here tonight is nothing short of amazing.

Twiggie and Deadman are now slowly moving, Deadman using the ropes to get up his feet as the crowd continues to go wild.

JR: and let me include you in a little secret folks, these three men were scheduled to face off in a Triple Threat match back in 2010.

Heyman: at the World War Pay Per View Ross?

JR: Indeed it was Paul but Twiggie ran into some personal circumstances which led to his retirement so that match at World War led to the beginning of the rivalry between Deadman and Draven Cage.

Heyman: and what a rivalry it was JR and just think, as good as tonight has been here in London, what might have been if this match had taken place back in 2010 when all three were in their prime!

JR: My mouth is just watering thinking about it Paul, but as you just said bah gawd what a contest we’re seeing here folks, Draven Cage is down, Twiggie is down, the only one on his feet is Deadman!

Heyman: and only just about Ross.

Deadman feeling worse for ware looks down at both Cage and Twiggie before slowly dragging his thumb across his throat to a massive chorus of boos.

Heyman: and we know what this means JR

JR: Indeed we do Paul, Deadman is going to go for the body bag!

Deadman, walks towards Twiggie grabs him by his dreadlocks and slowly begins to pull him up to his feet.

Heyman: and it looks like Twiggie is going to be the next victim JR.

JR: and you’ve gotta believe Paul, that if Deadman hits this it’s going to be all she wrote here tonight in London.

Deadman places Twiggie’s head between his thighs and begins to cross Twiggies arm’s across his chest, as this is happening Draven Cage can be seen getting up to his knees.

Heyman: You say that Ross, but the Hangman just won’t stay down!

Deadman with a firm grip on Twiggie’s wrists pulls up with all the power left in his body and………



The crowd are going absolutely nuts at what they just witnessed as a double replay hits the screens.

JR: Just look at this folks, Deadman lifting Twiggie up and then out of no where Draven Cage plows right into Deadman with the Gore!

Heyman: That’s gotta hurt Ross, Deadman is in a world of hurt….

Cage is a little bit stunned but quickly comes to as he crawls towards Deadman, the crowd cheering him on as he managed to throw his arm across the chest of the Extreme Revolution Owner….


JR: Here we go!!!!


Heyman: Come on Deadman…..


At the last possible moment Twiggie dives in on the cover breaking up, initially to a chorus of boos but they soon turn to cheers.

JR: Oh man, Twiggie just saved this match for himself folks because lets face it there was no way Deadman was kicking out there Paul.

Heyman: Oh no doubt about it Ross, we were one second away from Draven Cage walking out of London, victorious!

Twiggie rolls to one side, his face grimaced with pain as he rests against the ropes.

JR: You’ve got to believe these three men are hurting like hell Paul, as we’ve already mentioned all three have essentially come out of retirement for this match tonight and you have to applaud the effort.

Heyman: That you do JR and we’re not quite done yet either.

The Hangman holding the side of his neck and shoulder gets up to one knee, looking at Twiggie as he does so, seeing this Twiggie grabs hold of the top rope and pulls him up to a vertical base before planting a hard kick into Cage’s chest knocking him backwards slightly as he gets up to a vertical base himself.

JR: That’s one hell of a stiff kick from Twiggie folks,

Twiggie senses that Cage is ready for the taking plants a boot into the Hangman’s gut doubling him up. Twiggie quickly moves around back of Cage, grabs his arm and forces it between his legs which Twiggie grabs hold of firmly as the crowd goes wild.

Heyman: The Flow JR! He’s going for it….

Twiggie uses his other arm to lock Draven’s freearm (think pumphandle slam opening position) before Twiggie pulls Draven up quickly and across his shoulder, hooks The Hangman’s head into position and drops to the canvas, driving Cage’s head into the mat as he does so.

JR: Cage’s head driven into the mat! That’s got to be it!

Twiggie immediately goes for the cover on Cage, hooking his leg as he does so….


Heyman: Cage hasn’t moved an inch!



The crowd boos massively as Deadman breaks the count.

JR: And the match is still going to continue.

Heyman: That it is JR and Twiggie is not happy with what just happened. He thought he had the match won.

JR: as did Draven Cage just moments ago folks.

Heyman: It’s what he does now that’s important Ross and Twiggie is up on his feet.

Indeed Twiggie is up on his feet and moves straight towards Deadman looking to pull him up but Deadman catching The Peta Punisher off guard grabs him by the arm and pulls him down to the canvas locking in….


JR: Bah Gawd, that’s not a normal move of Deadman’s!

Heyman: No sir it’s not, but Deadman has been on the opposite end of it on many occasions!

The crowd are booing like mad, but also stomping their feet urging and willing Twiggie on as the referee is right in his face asking him the question as Deadman locks his fingers together tight and pulls back hard on the head of the Dire Wolf..

JR: That he has Paul, former TWOStars and ERE superstar The Crippler has beaten Deadman many a time with this very move and who can forget their historic rivalry?

Twiggie is screaming out in agony and begins to raise his arm as if, he’s about to tap out.

Heyman: and Deadman has got it locked in perfectly JR and I think he just do this!

JR: He might just Paul but these fans don’t like it one bit.

Twiggie looks to be in absolutely in agony and is about to tap out when The Hangman grabs that arm in the air preventing him from tapping out.

Heyman: Genius JR, absolute genius move here by The Hangman.

JR: maybe so Paul, but Twiggie is in a world of hurt right now.

DC still hold of Twiggie’s arm uses his free arm to launch a fist direct into Deadman’s bloody face,

JR: Oh what a right hand…. and another!

A third punch to the face sees Deadman release the Crippler Crossface from Twiggie as he grabs his face.

Heyman: Cage may very well have saved this match JR, but at what consequence for Twiggie, he is clutching that arm and you can see the grimace across his face.

JR: I tell you Paul, these three are giving you everything they have here tonight.

Heyman: Deadman is down, Twiggie is down and the only one moving is Draven Cage.

JR: and to say he didn’t want to compete here tonight Draven Cage is proving that he is one tough son of a bitch.

DC has hold of the top rope and uses it pull himself to a vertical base as the crowd cheer him on.

Heyman: Cage on his feet now JR and you get the feeling that the ball is completely in his court here.

The Hangman holding onto the top rope slowly walks towards the corner opposite where Deadman and Twiggie are on the canvas. Once in the corner DC squats down and begins to motion towards Deadman to get up, this gets a massive cheer from the crowd.

JR: and you know what this means folks. There is a GORE coming right up.

Heyman: and a second one in just many moments Ross.

JR: and dare I say it Paul, but if Draven Cage his this right now this match is going to be over.

The camera is focused directly over the shoulder of The Hangman, seeing exactly what he is seeing as Deadman and Twiggie besides him slowly get to their feet, Deadman in front of Twiggie with his back towards Cage.

JR: The crowd here in London are going nuts folks, they can sense. We can sense it.

Heyman: but does Deadman sense it Ross?

Deadman is up to his feet first and staggers around as Draven Cage comes vaulting out of the corner right towards him….

JR: Here we go!!!!

The crowd are cheering like mad as Cage lowers his shoulder and in one split second motion Deadman sidesteps the Gore sending Draven Cage straight into Twiggie full force as the crowd goes wild!



JR: That damned Deadman side stepped it folks and Twiggie is down!

Deadman sensing an opportunity doesn’t waste a moment as he quickly grabs Draven Cage by the head and launches him between the top and middle rope to the arena floor as the crowd boos.

Heyman: Deadman tossing Cage from the ring and…. no way!

Deadman quickly dives on top of Twiggie hooking his leg as he does so…..










Heyman: HE DID IT!!!!

The crowd are booing like mad as “The End of Heartache” begins to blast through the PA system.

Salvatore Heir:: Here is your winner……DEADMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JR: The son of a bitch stole it! Draven Cage did the damage and Deadman takes the damned glory.

Heyman: This is beautiful JR, you say he stole it, I say he once again showed us all how smart he is!

Deadman is still led on his back as the official raises his arm, breathing heavily the Extreme Revolution owner slowly sits up and gets to one knee.

JR: Well call it what you want Paul, but I can’t believe this poor excuse for a human being is victorious here tonight on what was meant to be a celebration of this company.

Draven Cage is now back up on his feet on the outside of the ring and does not look happy at all as he slides back into the squared circle, steel chair in hand.

JR: oh man! Cage has a chair folks!

Deadman is back up to his and is quickly met with the butt of the steel chair straight to his gut as the crowd goes crazy. Cage quickly follows that chair shot up with one straight across Deadman’s back sending him down to the canvas.

JR: Bah Gawd, you could hear those shots all the way at the top of the Olympic Stadium!

Heyman: He’s a sore loser JR!

The crowd are going crazy still as Draven Cage tosses the chair out of the ring and begins slowly booting Deadman towards the ring ropes before finally shoving him unceremoniously out of the square circle.

JR: Draven Cage has disposed of Deadman and you’ve got to believe Cage was a heartbeat away from winning this thing.

Heyman: But he didn’t Ross, Deadman did and once again Draven Cage has proven he’s a sore loser.

In the ring Draven Cage still doesn’t look happy, and on the other side of the squared circle The Peta Punisher has got back to his feet as well holding onto his stomach as the two rivals lock eyes.

Heyman: Here we go JR, both men wanted to win and now I hope they destroy each other…

That however doesn’t happen as Draven Cage walks towards Twiggie and extends his hand to the delight of the crowd.

JR: You were saying Paul, Cage ishowing his respect here.

Heyman: Oh please, come on Twiggie. Knock his head off.

Twiggie looks at Cage’s extended hand and then out across the London crowd who cheer loudly before accepting his hand and shaking it.

JR: Oh what a moment and that’s what this night is all about folks, two superstars who have fought each other tooth and nail over the years here in TWOStars showing their respect for each other and this organisation.

Heyman: You’re going to make me barf JR.

Draven Cage and Twiggie are now walking around the squared circle, their arms raised above their heads as the crowd continue to cheer them.

JR: What a night so far folks and what a match. Deadman may very well have won this battle but tonight is about more than wins and losses. Tonight is about these TWOStars putting it all on the line as a thank you to the fans and showing their respect for each other and bah gawd I think they’ve done just that.

The scene fades to black as Draven Cage and Twiggie continue to show their respect to the crowd, who in turn are cheering them on.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
The camera cut to backstage interview room where Todd Grisham is back with a formal tuxedo on about to speak to The Technical Mauler Dan Fox. Fox is still in his training gear with his wrists taped up as the production team give them the green light to start the interview.

TG-“Ladies and gentlemen we are live here in what has been a very incredible start to our final two shows. I am live here with one of the current generation, who tomorrow night who everyone says is the hardest obstacle to ever get past. Of course I’m talking about Evil Gringo. Fox, many people believe you can’t beat this man who is a hall of famer, the most successful champion in TWOStars history and a lot of people would call him…The greatest wrestler in TWOStars history. How are you going to go into this match?”

Fox licks his lips.

DF-“The same way I do every other match. I scout, I train my ass off and I deliver.”

TG-“What is your mindset going into this?”

DF-“My mindset is the same as it has to be and that is positive. I believe I can beat the greatest of all time. If I don’t then there is no point In me being here in our last shows, he’ll walk the floor with me. But I’ll be exploiting his strengths and weaknesses. I know that knee hasn’t fully healed. I am a wrestling machine that he has never met before. I’ve beaten hall of famers, I’ve made people tap out in pain and I have brought people to their limit. I will do that to Gringo tomorrow night at the Olympic Stadium.”

TG-“What style of wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts will you use in this match?”

DF-“Anything that gets me the win. I’ll go technical, submissive, hell even bloody lucha if it means a win. I will do whatever it takes to beat Evil Gringo.”

Fox looks into the camera.

DF-“Gringo, I respect the hell outta you. When I’ve been bad or had people against me, you didn’t take sides and always saw the good. You were the man who wanted to make everyone feel good. Now I’m the man who will make you tap out. I can counter your counters counters. I can bend your body in so many ways you’ll look like a pretzel. I know that knee will slow you down eventually. I know I can do the impossible. I know I can beat the god of TWOStars.”

Fox pauses and drinks from a water bottle.

DF-“You know I’ve had it pretty rough recently. I’ve had people question me and what I am, I’ve people take advantage believing it’s all good natured when they are out to make me feel worthless. People who think they can conquer me and win. I say to them look at me tomorrow night. I will use my fists, I will my brains and I will use my heart to show the world that I am not damaged goods. I may be misunderstood and hell I may be goofy at times and no sell shit, but I am the most determined son of a bitch you’ll ever meet. You don’t like my taste then you can f**k off and speak to the others. You don’t like how I do things then quite simply move on instead of running around like a headless chicken. I don’t care what paths they take, as long as they don’t intertwine with mines. I will never change who I am, I will never change my philosophy on life and that ring. Gringo tomorrow isn’t just a match, it’s a match for me, and for you to see who are head strong and can rise above the bullshit. Can you still bring it and can I show the world how deadly I can be. I’ve had people tell me all my life I can’t do it….I’ve proved them wrong every step!!!”

TG-“Many say that Gringo can beat you with one good leg. How do you respond to that?”

Fox begins to get wound up but tries not to let it be visibly seen. He bites his lips as he looks straight at Grisham.

DF-“Are you saying that I can’t beat him?”

TG-“No of course not!”

DF-“Because I can and make no mistake about it I am the best in the company and the best wrestler of all time. You don’t get any purer in wrestling than Dan Fox! I will, guaranteed, either break his neck or make him tap out and be the best of all time!!”

A clap of hands can be heard as Evil Gringo emerges from the shadows. The fans chant his name as he smiles at Fox.

EG-“That is the Fox I wanted to face tomorrow night. Your purest form. You’re emotional and dedicated and I for one f*****g love that. I’ve watched you for years be on and off but you’re probably the best technical wrestler of the recent generation. Hell you’re unbeaten in 2014. You’ve tapped out a lot of men.”

Gringo wipes away from his nose.

Eg-“I’ve been out for a while in that ring but I’ve been training like a maniac. I’m not normal man Fox I am the best in the world. And my knee may still not be great but don’t take me for a fool. I can with one leg take out whoever is in front of me in the ring.”


Fox now visibly is seen to be wound up, as he takes gringos bait.

EG-“You are a bright talent Fox. And it is an honour to face one of your generation in our very last show. But promise me one thing?”

DF-“What’s that?”

EG-“That this will be the greatest wrestling match in TWOStars history!!!!!!



Gringo offers his hand out on respect as Fox nods his head with the adrenaline kicking in.

DF-“Facing you tomorrow night will be the greatest moment of my career. Being in the best match this company will ever see. But I am willing to die if it means getting that win! Whether that means I have to break you neck”

Fox looks down at Gringos knee.

DF-“Or your knee. Face it man. You’re up against a pure wrestling machine, you ain’t gonna make it.”


Gringo laughs.

EG-“Heard it all before, walk the walk with me Foxy and see how good you really are!”

Fox and Gringo shake hands to the crowd delight. They stare each other down with the camera cutting back to the commentary team.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
We cut to the parking lot and wee see a stretch limo pulling up.

JR: I wonder who that could be?

PH: I normally find it's best to wait until the door opens.

The driver gets out of the car and walks to the back door of the limo

PH: Here it is JR. The moment of truth.

Voice: I will catch you at the hotel.

The camera pans around and we see that it is Keith Jaxx along with his new squeeze Clare Lynch.

Crowd: BOOOO!!!!

The two new found lovers give each other full on frenchies as we here the booing filtering through from the stadium.

JR: I think I am going to be sick.

Voice: Keith, Keith!

Tood Grisham appears on the scene as Clare Lynch is placed in the Limo.

KJ: Later Babes.

TG: Keith, what's going on. Why is Michael Cole left in a pool of his own blood and what's going on with Clare Lynch???

The Limo begins to pull away as Keith Jaxx addresses the questions of Todd Grisham.

KJ: Todd it's like this. The TWOStars Galaxy are the biggest bunch of fickle fans I have ever seen in my entrie life. All they want to be is entertained. Have a joke, have a joke at the expense of others. But no more Todd. No more. You see I was never gay, I give these fans what they wanted for 10 long years and for what? Nothing that's for what. They don't appreciate the talent I have in that ring they just want to see Keith Jaxx loving it up being the camp and fun one but no Todd I have had enough and If I have to wrestle that idiot Jaycey Baby then he is going to meet the real me. The WILD BOY KEITH JAXX!!!!

Jaxx hits Todd Grisham a Bitch Slap before walking off leaving a shocked looking Todd Grisham.

Cut too..



We return, once more, to the image of an empty throne, spotlighted within an empty and otherwise completely black studio. Slowly, the spotlight fades out, and we’re left hovered in barely even a second of silent darkness. It feels like minutes.
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