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TWO Stars Championship History!

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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

MOST TITLES WON & REIGNS: Evil Gringo 6 (4 Championships)
MOST TV TITLE REIGNS: Christopher Ryan Eagles 5
LONGEST REIGNING CHAMPION (ALL): HI'Ilani Kai-8 Months 23 days

TWO Stars World Heavyweight Championship 2012+

Lucian Jones 2 , 17th November 2014 Notes: Defeated Matt Denton in a 2/3 Falls Match at Decade of Destruction: The Final Chapter Night 2
Matt Denton 1 , 23rd June 2014 Notes: Invoked Battle Royale title shot to Defeat Sickness at Onslaught On Demand 1
Sickness 1 (2nd in Top Title) , 23rd June 2014 Notes: Defeated Lord Bison in a Stairway to Hell barbed wire ladder match at Onslaught On Demand 1
Lord Bison 1 ,23rd December 2013 Notes: Defeated Frankie Thompson at December to Dismember.
Frankie Thompson 1 ,17th April 2013 Notes: Defeated Hayden Dyas At Battle Royal
Hayden Dyas 1 ,17th October 2012 Notes: Defeated Kyle Gilmore at End of Days
Kyle Gilmore 1 ,6th August 2012 Notes: Defeated Famous & Randy Roko at Midsummers nights destruction.
Famous 1 (2nd in Top title) 1st May 2012, Notes: Defeated Famous & Brice Perrino at Redemption to become first world heavyweight champion of new era.

TWO Stars Jr Heavyweight Title History
Chaos Dragon 1, Defeated KJ Woods and Christopher Ryan Eagles at Midsummer Night's Destruction 2014

TWO Stars Television Title History

Christopher Ryan Eagles 5, 16th November 2014- won in a 6 man ladder match at Decade of Destruction: The Final Chapter Night 1
Chaos Dragon 2, 25th May 2014- Defeated Hi'ilani Kai at Wrestlenova X
Hi'ilani Kai 1, 2nd September 2013- Handed the tv title as GM deemd Dragon "Not good enough" to hold the belt.
Chaos Dragon 1, 2nd September 2013- Won best of five series against Donald Eric's at Midsummer Night's Destruction.
7/7/13 Title Vacated after Denton rejects the belt for the Z.E.N Championship at XTV 1:25
Matt Denton 2, 24th June 2013- Won Tv Tournament Finals at Wrestlenova IX against Chaos Dragon
Title Vacated after New ownership took over in December 2011

Cari Dee 1, 28th September 2011, Defeated Evil Gringo at End Game 2011
Evil Gringo 1, 22nd June 2011, Defeated Barry Gower at XTV 7:03
Barry Gower 1, 8th March 2011, Defeated Christopher Ryan Eagles & Angus Mcdonald on XTV 6:41
Christopher Eagles 4 9th December 2010 Defended Apollo Chambers on XTV 6:32
Apollo Chambers 1 15th October 2010 Defeated Matt Denton at XTV 6:24 Night of Champions
Matt Denton 1 1st September 2010 Defeated Tiny Davies at Midsummer Night's Destruction 2010
Tiny Davies 1 3rd July 2010 Defeated Christopher Eagles on XTV 6.11
Christopher Eagles 3 5th May 2010 Defeated Randy Roko at Wrestlenova 6.
Randy Roko 3 23rd December 2009 Defeated The Maxx a Steel Cage Barbed Wire match at Season's Beating's.
The Maxx 1 22nd July 2009 Pinned Iagan in a Triple Threat match at End game 2009 Harry Hart 1
Randy Roko 2 29th April 2009 Beat Jason Bell at Wrestlenova 5
Jason Bell 2 9th April 2009 Beat Randy Roko at Night of Champions
Randy Roko 1 26th March 2009 Roko wins four man ladder match
Sickness 2 12th March 2009 Sickness wins nine man over toprope battle royal
Jason Bell 1 24 December 2008 Bell pins McDonald in a five man elimination match
Angus McDonald 1 27th August 2008 McDonald wins battle royal against seven other men
Vacated 0 26th July 2008 Samson's manager throw title in the bin
Edward Samson 1 23rd July 2008 Beat CVD
Craig Van Dam 1 2nd July 2008 Beat Joseph Helms
Joseph Helms 2 26th March 2008 Beat Drake Rush
Drake Rush 2 28 February 2008 Beating Joseph Helms and Damon Kori after attacking Eagles and taking his place.
Vacated 0 October 2007

The belt is retired
Sickness 1 23rd August 2007 beats Twiggie in a match refereed by Evil Gringo.
Twiggie 1 10th June 2007 wins the belt in a triple threat match involving Sickness and Joseph Helms
Joseph Helms 1 8th April 2007 wins the title in an Xscape Match at Wrestlenova 07
Vacated 0 1st March 2007 The belt is renamed the Xtreme Television Championship and will only be eligable for wrestlers at 240 pounds or under
Elder 1 25th Febuary 2007 pins Christopher Eagles to gain the TV belt
Christopher Eagles 2 26th November 2006 defeats Elder in the final of the 2006 TWOStars Television Title Tournament, in a Hell In A Cell Match for the vacant TV Title (NB: It was vacant as Elder had defeated Arron Winter in the tournament).
Arron Winter 1 31st August 2006 was handed the TV Title on XTV 2:28 by Drake Rush
Drake Rush 1 2nd Febuary 2006 beats Arkham.
Arkham 1 23rd December 2005 defeats "The Million Dollar Man" Christopher Eagles with an "assist" from Scott Andrews
"The Million Dollar Man" Christopher Eagles 1 27th November 2005 defeats "Violent" Vinnie Vengeance at Survivor Series
"Violent" Vinni Vengence 1 21st August 2005 beats PMA and Tazz in a triple threat contest for the title at Summerslam
Phillip Martin Atken 1 26th June 2005 wins a 7 man elimination match, securing the final pinfall over VVV to become the first TV Champion


Unified Championship 2011

Title Defunct 22/11/2011

Craig Van Dam 1 (2nd Main Event) , 28th September 2011, Cashed in title shot to beat Randy Roko at End Game
Randy Roko, 1 , 27th July 2011, Won the Elimination Chamber against Matt Denton, Lucian Jones, The Chav, Evil Gringo & Deadman at Midsummer Nights Destruction
Deadman, 1 (2nd Main Event) ,25th May 2011, Defeated Evil Gringo at Wrestlenova VII to become the first ever Unified Champion

Triple Crown Title history 2007-2011

Deadman 1, 26th January 2011 Defeated ANGEL at Battle Royale
ANGEL 1 21st December 2010 Defeated Lucian L. Jones at XTV 6:33
Lucian L. Jones 1 5th May 2010 Defeated Craig Van Dam at WrestleNova VI
Craig Van Dam 1 28th January 2010 Defeated Evil Gringo at Battle Royale in a 60 minute Ironman Match
Robert 'Evil Gringo' Heard 1 29th October 2009 Defeated Edward Samson in the main event of XTV 5:30
Edward Samson 2 30th September 2009 Defeated Angus McDonald in the main event of XTV 5:25
Angus Macdonald 2 22nd July 2009 Won a King of the Mounatan match at Endgame featuring Famous(c), Evil Gringo, Sickness and J-Rock
Famous 1 29th April 2009 Defeats Angus McDonald at Wrestlenova after cashing in his Money in the Bank shot.
Angus Macdonald 1 29th April 2009 Defeats Sickness in the main event of Wrestlenova.
Sickness 1 25th March 2009 Defeats Arron Winter in a cage match to be the first person to hold all the TWOStars titles at the same time at Hell To Pay.
Arron Winter 1 29th January 2009 Defeats Draven Cage, Evil Gringo, Edward Samson and Sickness to become the first ever Grandslam champion in TWOstars history at The Battle Royal.
Edward Samson 1 22nd October 2008 Defeats Sickness, Evil Gringo, Draven Cage, Craig Van Dam and Barry Gower in an Elimination Chamber match at End of Days.
Barry Gower 1 2nd July 2008 Defeats The Judge via submission at TWOStars Zero Tolerance
The Judge 1 30th April 2008 Defeats Draven Cage via pinfall at TWOStars Wrestlenova IV
Draven Cage 1 30th January 2008 Defeats Twiggie via pinfall at TWOStars Battle Royale
Twiggie 1 21st November 2007 Defeats Gower and Gringo in a 3-Way title Unification match to become the first ever TWOStars Triple Crown Champion

World Heavyweight Title History

Twiggie N/A 21st November 2007 Twiggie Wins the TWOStars Triple Crown to Unite the 3 divisions
Robert 'Evil Gringo' Heard 3 20th October 2007 Evil Gringo defeats Jason 'Jaycey Baby' LaRoque in Tournament final to be crowned TWOStars Heavyweight Champion for the third time
Title Vacant N/A 28th September 2007 Title Vacated as the Roster splits in to 3 seperate Divisions, these being TWOStars World Heavyweight, TWOStars Pure and the TWOStars HaRdCoRe
Twiggie 1 23rd September 2007 Defeats Evil Gringo via pinfall at TWOStars Genocide
Robert 'Evil Gringo' Heard 2 10th June 2007 Defeats Boyo in a barbed wire steel cage match at TWOStars Zero Tolerance to claim his 2nd World Title.
Boyo 1 8th April 2007 Boyo becomes the first man to make Gower tap out to win his first World Title
Barry Gower 2 28th January 2007 Defeats Drake Rush at TWOStars Battle Royale in a Fatal Four Way match that also included Daniel Strong and The Incredible Holt
Drake Rush 1 5th October 2006 Drake Rush wins the belt in a ladder match on XTV 2:33 including Barry Gower, Evil Gringo, Deadman, Dante Mueller and Twiggie.
Barry Gower 1 23rd July 2006 Defeats Dante Mueller in a Cage match at TWOStars Zero Tolerance
Dante Mueller 1 13th April 2006 On XTV 2:08 Dante "The Assassin" Mueller becomes the first man to make The Incredible Holt tap out, picking up the TWOstars WHC in Saitama Japan by submission
The Incredible Holt 2 30th January 2006 Defeated Brett Banner in a torunament final at TWOStar Battle Royale to become the new champion
Title Vacant N/A 5th January 2006 TWOStars Owner Darkstar vacates the title after an inconclusive finish at TWOStars Zero Tolerance between in a match between Brett Banner and Dante Mueller
Brett Banner 1 27th November 2005 The Brutal Brett Banner defeats Dante Mueller in an Iron Man Elimination at TWOStars World War that also included The Incredible Holt and Evil Gringo
The Incredible Holt 1 21st August 2005 The Incredible Holt beats Evil Gringo, Brett Banner, Chris Eagles, Barry Gower and Draven Cage in an Elimination Chamber match at TWOStars Midsummers Desturction to gain the title.
Robert 'Evil Gringo' Heard 1 3rd March 2005 Defeats Acid Christ via pinfall at TWOStars Wrestlenova I
Acid Christ 2 24th February 2005 Defeats Mickhail Mills in a rematch on XTV 0:02 just moments later
Mikhail Mills 1 24th February 2005 Defeats Acid Christ via pinfall on XTV 0:02
Acid Christ 1 17th February 2005 Acid Christ is officially recognised as champion after the reformation of TWOStars due to a legal loophole

Pure Title History
Twiggie N/A 21st Novemeber2007 Twiggie united the three divisions into a single championship: The TWOStars Triple Crown by defeating Gringo and Gower at TWOStars World War
Barry Gower 1 20th October 2007 Defeats Elder at TWOStars Payback in Tournament Final to be crowned the first TWOStars Pure Heavyweight Champion

TWO Stars United States Championship
Becomes ERE World Title 0 25th September 2009 Johnny Rockefeller burned the title live on XTV 5:25
Johnny Rockefeller 1 24th June 2009 J-Rock defeats Craig Van Dam(c) in a Fatal-5-way that also featured Evil Gringo, Edward Samson and Sickness
Craig Van Dam 1 29th April 2009 This was a singles match at WrestleNova V
Harry Hart 1 30th March 2009 Cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase during XTV4:51
Sickness 1 25th February 2009 This was an Ultimate X match at the No Remorse 2009 PPV
Robert Heard (Evil Gringo) 1 30th November 2008 This was a 2/3 Fall match at the World War 2008 PPV
Famous 1 29th August 2008 Fanmous defeats Twiggie via pinfall in a Triple Threat match also included Barry Gower on XTV 4:22
Twiggie 1 30th April 2008 Twiggie defeats Chambers via pinfall in a Triple Threat match at TWOStars WrestleNova IV in a match that also included Sickness
Apollo Chambers 2 26th March 2008 Apollo Chambers reclaims the TWOStars United States Championship in a 3-way elimination match including Johnny Rockefeller and The Chav
Johnny Rockefeller 1 29th January 2008 Johnny Rockefeller cashes in the XTV Money in the Bank at TWOStars Battle Royale and defeats Apollo Chambers via pinfall
Apollo Chambers 1 22nd December 2007 Apollo Chambers defeats The Judge via Tap out in a Triple Threat match also including The Big Bull
Title Vacant N/A 4th October 2007 Title Vacated Due to the Roster Split
The Judge 1 23rd September 2007 Defeats Drake Rush at TWOStars Genocide in the final match of a Best of Five series in a H.I.A.C match
Drake Rush 2 9th July 2007 Defeated Jaycey Baby at TWOStars Endgame to become a 2 time champion
Jaycey Baby 1 10th June 2007 Jaycey Baby defeats Arron Winer in a Lumberjack Match at TWOStars Zero Tolerance
Arron Winter 1 10th April 2007 On XTV 3:10 Arron Winter wins the vacant title in a triple threat match also including Twiggie and Mikhail Mills
Title Vacated N/A 12th February 2007 Gower gives up the title
Barry Gower 2 1st February 2007 Defeated SEX in a TWOStars Heavyweight Championship vs. TWOStars United States Championship match
SEX 1 29th January 2007 Defeated Mikhail Mills at TWOStars Battle Royale
Mikhail Mills 1 26th November 2006 After the title was upheld following a draw between Care and Sickness, Mikhail Mills wins the belt in a four way dance also including SEX at TWOStars World War.
Chris Care 1 26th August 2006 Chris Care made Christopher Eagles submit in a 3 way match for the TWOStars United States Championship and the TWOStars Television Championship also including Drake Rush at TWOStars Midsummers Desturction
Drake Rush 1 25th June 2006 Drake Rush pinned Chris Care in the King of the Ring finals
Title Vacant N/A 4th May 2006 Title is Vacated due to Contractual reasons
Vinnie Vegance 1 27th Novemember 2005 "Violent" Vinni Vengance wins a 10 man elimination match to earn the United States Championship at TWOStars World War
Keith Jaxx 1 6th October 2005 Defeats Tom Trash via Pinfall on XTV 0:33
Tom Trash 1 14 July 2005 Tom "The Disciple" Trash wins the vacant US Title, defeating Slim Jim, Jimmy Redman and The Chav in a Fatal Four Way match on XTV 0:21
Title Vacant 1 30th June 2005 "The Future" Barry Gower hands over his Championship belts to earn a TWOStars contract
Barry Gower 1 12th June 2005 "The Future" Barry Gower 'unofficially' unifies the Ex-Rev Intercontinental Championship and the TWOStars United States Championship belts in a steel cage match at E.R.E./TWOStars One Night Stand.
Welsh Scouser 1 1st May 2005 Welsh Scouser is officially recognised as the TWOStars United States Champion at TWO Backlash due to a strange stipulation enforced by The Chav
The Chav 1 3rd March 2005 Defeated Welsh Scouser on XTV 1:03 in a Tournament final to become the first ever TWOStars United States Champion

TWO Stars Tag Team Titles

The Prime Time Playas (Lucian L. Jones and Kyle Gilmore) 1 25th June 2009 Won at Zero Tolerance in a TLC Match that also featured Maxximum Definition

The Wreckoning (Barry Gower and Draven Cage) 1 29th April 2009 Won at WrestleNova in a Ladder Match also featuring The Brotherhood and Evil Immortal

The Brotherhood 1 4th April 2009 Won in a triple threat tag team match against Image Inc and Sickness.

Sickness 1 25th March 2009 Sickness won the titles at Hell To Pay in an All Or Nothing Match against Winter.

The Blood Alliance (Sickness and Aaron Winter) 1 23rd December 2008 GM Winter and Sickness both turn on their tag partners at Seasons Beatings and claim the belts for themselves to reinstate them.

Draven Cage N/A 23rd September 2007 defeats Apollo Chambers in a one on one match to retire the Tag Team belts

AC/DC 2 16th August 2007 AC/DC defeat Care and Retromark after an injury to Care on XTV 3:23

Chris Care & Retromark 1 12th August 2007 defeated RBX when Chris Care made Ashton Butcher tap to an STF at Midsummers Night Destruction

RBX 1 9th July 2007 Ashton Butcher beats Apollo Chambers, Mikhail Mills and Mike Ward in a ladder match to secure the Tag Tiles for his team at the Endgame Pay Per View

AC/DC (Apollo Chambers & Draven Cage) 1 6th May 2007 Due to Judge's injury VL:O dissolved and Draven Cage took on Apollo Chambers as his partner and along with him formed AC/DC as part of the F.E.R.E. faction at TWOStars No Remorse Pay Per View

VL:O (The Judge & Draven Cage) 2 8th April 2007 beat The Flaming Dark at Wrestlenova III

The Flaming Dark (Sickness & Jaycey Baby) 1 28th January 2007 The Flaming Dark (Sickness and Jaycey Baby) beat VL:O in a Hotel Lobby Brawl

VL:0 (The Judge & Draven Cage) 1 30th November 2006 Violence Level: Omega (The Judge and Draven Cage) defeated The Incredible Holt and Drake Rush of The New Blood on XTV 2:14

The New Blood (The Incredible Holt & VVV) 3 26th August 2006 The New Blood (The Incredible Holt & "Violent" Vinnie Vengeance) defeated Butcher & Winter before joining the New Blood at TWOStars Middsummers Night Destruction

The New Blood (Ashton Butcher & Arron Winter 2 27th July 2007 The New Blood (Butcher & Winter) defeat The Caged Rhinos in what has been called a screw job ending on New Blood TV 2:27

The Caged Rhinos (Draven Cage and MBR) 1 23rd July 2006 Won in an Iron Circle match at Zero Tolerance

The New Blood (Butcher and Winter) 1 2nd April 2006 Defeated The Dark Alliance in a Tables, TVs, Ladders and Chairs.

The Dark Alliance 2 23rd December 2005 Beat The Judge and Redman in a Flaming Tables match at Zero Toleance

The Judge and Jimmy Redman 1 27th November 2005 Won in a stipulation multi man match where the remaining 2 men becoming the holding team.

The Judge and Jordi Warner 1 30th October 2005 Won the belts in a triple threat including The Dark Alliance

Arkham and Retromark 1 25th August 2005 beat the Dark Alliance in a lumberjack match on Xtreme TV 0:27

The Dark Alliance (Sickness & Boyo) 1 26th June 2005 beat Holt & Trash in an unscheduled match at TWOStars End Game 05

The Future (The Incredible Holt & Tom Trash) 1 3rd March 2005 win a 4 way elimination event at TWOStars Wrestlenova I to reinstate the title belts

HaRdCoRe Title history Edit

Twiggie N/A 21st Novemeber2007 Twiggie united the three divisions into a single championship: The TWOStars Triple Crown by defeating Gringo and Gower at TWOStars World War
Twiggie 1 4th October2007 Twiggie wins a Battle Royal on XTV 3:30 to win the TWOStars Hardcore World Championship
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