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Top ten knockouts in UFC history?


From the UFC Ultimate Ultimate Knockouts DVD Review:

With little else left to say, I've elected to rate the content here within by turning this into a review-come-listamania. For my money, here are the top ten knockouts in UFC history (only one of which isn't to be found on this DVD, but considering the recent timeframe, we'll let them off)

10) Tank Abbott vs Steve Nelmark- Ultimate Ultimate '96

Included more for it's visceral aftermath than the knockout blow itself, video packages for several years afterwards documented the effects of Tank's heavy hands, as Nelmark slumped on his knees against the fence, his head hanging prone and limp, 45 degrees from his shoulders.

9) Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler- UFC 47

After two rounds of BBJ-whizz Diaz inexplicably dominating the standing exchanges with noted banger "Ruthless" Robbie, and the Miletich man got a touch over-enthused when getting a foothold in the exchanges with a combo, closing distance straight into a textbook cross-right from Diaz, toppling like so many feet of timber into the canvas.

8) Pedro Rizzo vs Tank Abbott- Ultimate Brazil

A visual feast amplified by the manic hometown crowd reaction, the debuting student of Marco Ruas made maximum impact weaving past tired haymakers and picking off shots, before finishing Tank with his soon to become trademark left leg kick/straight right combo to send the bruiser down and out.

7) Pete Williams vs Mark Coleman- UFC 17

The biggest upset in UFC history at the time, "The Hammer" huffed and puffed his way into the overtime period and made the cardinal mistake of dropping his hands for the briefest of moments, eating a heavy right kick square on the jaw and crumpling to a second straight Octagon defeat.... possibly dreaming of the inflated pay cheque waiting for him in PRIDE??

6) BJ Penn vs Caol Uno- UFC 34

The quintessential rapid-fire finish: Uno sprinted out of the blocks, missing a flying roundhouse kick, and Penn just unloaded in response, going ballistic with left followed by right. Ten seconds. Phenomenal.

5) Tito Ortiz vs Evan Tanner- UFC 30

The first Shamrock fight aside, easily the crowning moment of Ortiz's lengthy 205lb title reign: a clinch, a gargantuan belly-to-belly slam and a stoppage- the slo-mo replays emphasised the velocity with which Tanner's head rebounded off the mat upon impact.

4) Shonie Carter vs Matt Serra- UFC 31

The dictionary definition of "pulling one out of the fire". With thirty seconds remaining and Serra surely cruising to a decision, "The Terror" shot to put the exclamation mark on the final round, and Carter threw total caution to the wind, timing a wild spinning backfist to absolute perfection- arguably the most dramatic KO in UFC history.

3) Yves Edwards vs Josh Thompson- UFC 49

Four-odd minutes of tentative exchange suddenly came to a crescendo when Edwards released a standing rear waistlock, taking leave of his feet and unleashing a lightning left roundhouse kick to the back of "The Punk's" head. Absolutely spectacular.

2) Scott Smith vs Pete Sell- The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale

100% genuine All Japan style fighting spirit delayed selling at it's finest: Sell nailed Smith with a right hook to the gut, causing him to double-over. Smelling knockout potential, Sell rushed in to be met with a resurgent knockout right hand, smack on the button.... John McCarthy stepped in... and Smith (the winner) crumpled to the mat in absolute agony from the prior blow.

1) Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz- UFC 47

Ortiz was still el numero uno in poster boy terms going into this ridiculously long awaited fight, even coming off the back of a five round shutout at the hands of Randy Couture and allegations of him previously "ducking" Liddell running amock. An insane standing second round barrage against the Octagon mesh with Ortiz's head pinballing from left to right was all it took to instigate a role-reversal of Austin-Hart proportions in the UFC pecking order. The two biggest names on the list, and the most notable KO in company history.