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TNA Wrestling: 3rd Degree Burns Music of TNA Music CD

Discussion in 'Wrestling Forum' started by Kam, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Kam

    Kam Administrator Administrator

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    Buy It:

    UK: £9.99 @ Amazon UK
    USA: $13.99 @ Amazon

    1. Sting (Prequel-Victory Road 2006)
    2. Sting (Slay Me)
    3. (Bobby Roode (No More Fears)
    4. Samoa Joe (Prequel-Voctory Road 2006)
    5. Samoe Joe (Crush You Up)
    6. Christy Hemme (Society Box)
    7. Rhino (Stampede)
    8. Jeff Jarrett (Prequel-Victory Road 2006)
    9. Jeff Jarrett (My World)
    10. AJ Styles (I Am)
    11. Raven (Prequel)
    12. Raven (Scream)
    13. Alex Shelley (Papparazzi/Up Yours)
    14. Abyss (Prequel)
    15. Abyss (Down In The Catacombs)
    16. AMW (Guilty)
    17. Shark Boy (Eat Me)
    18. James Gang W/BG Intro (Nobody moves)
    19. Gail Kim (Unstoppable)
    20. Christian Cage (Prequel-Victory Road 2006)
    21. Christian Cage (Take Over)
    22. Adrenaline Rush

  2. Fletch

    Fletch Well-Known Member

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    Awful, just awful.

    And I have no idea how they can be allowed to put Adrenaline Rush on there since its the property of Extreme Production Music USA??!!!!
  3. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

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    £ 1,000
    I dont know why they put "prequels" on there, looks like a crappy CD, i've heard every song on the disc (apart from the prequels that i have no interest in) so i wont go out of my way to buy it.
  4. The Great Ahmar

    The Great Ahmar New Member

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    £ 1,000
    They don't have the one song that rocks! Kurt Angles! The only sound I'm interested in is 15. Abyss (Down In The Catacombs) For the pure fact the entreance rules!

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