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The best athletes in team sports?


I've been having this conversation with a friend of mine. He said that soccer players are the best athletes. I disagreed, because although I do think they are athletes because they can run real fast and need good footwork, I think american football or rugby players are better athletes, and even basketball players because they need to be super agile, fast, they usually get trained to jump high, which make them, in my opinion, better athletes. What do you think? Which sports produces all-round great athletes?


I don't think any athletes are necessarily better than the other. They all need different skill sets. I think that there can be no real definite answer to this.

I was watching a soccer game the other night and was, as I always am, in awe watching how much these men run around in a game. They run constantly, and that takes a lot of stamina. American football, they don't run like that non-stop during a game, but they hit hard, they are at war out on the field. That takes grit and physical strength. Basketball players, they run a lot during a game, but their play space isn't as big as a soccer field, however, basketball is a contact sport. Those men are also at war out there on that court, similar to players in a football game.

Could a soccer player go on to an American football field and take those hits? Probably not. On the other hand, could an American football player run non-stop like how soccer players do? Maybe they could. Could they kick the ball and do all the footwork that it takes to get a goal? Could they hit the ball with their heads with any kind of precision? I don't know about that. Could a basketball player go to the football field and excel there? Maybe. Like I said, different skill sets, so athletes are different but not better, in my opinion.