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TalkWrestlingOnline Community Newsletter #233 - March 21st, 2010: **WRESTLEMANIA**


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter
Issue #233 – 21st March 2010


The Editorial

It's that time of year once again; the WrestleMania weekend. Normally, this edition of the newsletter goes up on the day of the event, but with it having a lot more content than a standard edition, as well as it being a generally busy day on the site (the WrestleMania quiz and members getting things sorted for 'Mania itself), we (i.e. Kam) came to the conclusion that putting it up a week earlier would be more beneficial, giving as it does the readers time to read it thoroughly and digest all the segments at a more leisurely pace.

With that being said, we do have a lot for you this time out, including, but not limited to, Movie Mayhem, where I review two new movies with wrestlers in the main roles, The Tap-Out Chronicles with a rundown of UFC 111, a double helping of Quote/Unquote, a WrestleMania-themed Room101, Inno feeding us with The Big Question, Kam statting us good and proper and Nimf with a one-time-only return of the Member Spotlight.

In addition to those, we also have some one-off segments to coincide with WrestleMania XXVI, including My Favourite WrestleMania and The Roundtable Discussion, so there's plenty to get your teeth into.

Enjoy the newsletter, enter the competition at the end... and let us know what you think in the space below,

Meet The Team

1) Which great discovery do you wish you'd been around to witness first hand?

DC:I'd love to have been on the diving mission that found the wreckage of Titanic.
Kam: The tomb of Tutankhamun.
Laffy: The computer. Considering how much it has impacted my life, I would love to have been there at the start.
Inno: The telephone. Although, with my luck, the first phone call would have been a charity begging for just £3 a month...
Fiona: The greatest discovery hasn't been made yet. I'll get back to you.
Darkstar: The discovery of lesbian sex.
Nimf: Hmm. I'd love to have been there when people realised that Earth wasn't the only planet - that moment when someone looked up into the sky and realised there were others. How major would that have been? Scary and awesome all in one.
Alan Smithee: I'm too young to remember it or grasp the magnitude of it at the time, but I'd love to go back and be there firsthand when we discovered who shot JR.
Mr. E. Nigma: For me, it'd be the discovery of the first dinosaur bones.

2) You've organised a strip-poker evening and can invite five other people to take part in the game. The only catch is that it has to be an even split of male and female participants (including yourself), so who do you send the invitations to (they can be "real" people, celebrities or fictional characters)?

DC: Males - Me, Stephen Dorff and Nathan Fillion. Females - Bianca Beauchamp, Cindy Synnett and Daffney from TNA.
Kam: Males - Me, Vince McMahon, Bubba the Love Sponge Females - Awesome Kong, Jazz and Jacqueline (Bubba would be dessert for the ladies)
Laffy: Females - Nimf and Jennifer Aniston. Males - Stone Cold Steve Austin, George Clooney and Colin Farrell. I picked these people as the girls might as well have fun (as we are so not losing) and make it worth our while by having great eye candy.
Inno: Females - Linda Fiorentino, Angelina Jolie, Storm Large... Males - me, Devilifish and Chris Ferguson: gotta make sure the males win to keep their clothes on, so they are quality poker players.
Fiona: Females - me, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Males - Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney.
Darkstar: Males - me, Spike from Buffy (the character will cheat to make sure the men win) and Doctor Fate as he will know when to fold and when to bluff. Females - Alyson Hannigan, Erica Durance and Jessica Rabbitt. DONT JUDGE ME!
Nimf: Mmmmm naked people. Females - First would be Kristen Bell, so I could add a little extra to my e-fed character :lol: And the second would be that woman on your desktop (Daffney from TNA - ed), DC, so I could brag I saw her in the buff (because blatently I would cheat to win...). Males - I have to narrow it down from a VERY huge list to Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder and James Marsters. I'm going to drift away with these images now...
Alan Smithee: Males - Me, Graeme Souness and Magnum PI. Females - Lindy Booth, Serinda Swann and Nikki Cox.
Mr. E. Nigma: Males - Me, Bill Bailey and Bill Clinton. Females - Salma Hayek, Kate Beckinsale and Deborah Ann Woll.

3) Pitch me a high-concept movie, one that you think could be successful, in ten words or less.

DC: Female Vampire Pirates versus Zombie Ninjas... in space.
Kam: The world's population starts to disappear...whatupwitdat?
Laffy: Lethal Weapon meets Die Hard - McClane teaming up with Riggs.
Inno: TWO: The Movie - with the Muppets playing the members
Fiona: "I Would Tell You But I'd Have To Kill You"
Darkstar: Killer Robot Nuns Versus Homophobic Zombie Nazis From Outer Space! We know Nemesis Enforcer would watch it!
Nimf: I won't tell you as you will steal my idea! (10 words... :lol:)
Alan Smithee: It's Die Hard... IN SPACE... WITH ROBOTS... AND NAKED CHICKS!!!
Mr. E. Nigma: Live-action Thundercats/He-Man crossover...

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Forum Member's Picks of the Fortnight

~Website~ Talk Wrestling Online (I know, kiss up much?) because of TWOStars and the entertainment forums!

~Movie~ Dogma, it's so classic and funny!

~Album~ Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 1. For some reason, I'm really enjoying this lately!

~Book~ Officially Osbourne, for the classic Ozzy moments.

~TV Show~ FM or Psychoville; they're so weird, but funny at the same time

~Videogame~ Tetris, because you can never get bored of it!

~Sporting Moment~ Jeff Hardy kicking some teeth in duiring his few appearances on TNA recently, because he's amazing.

~Celebrity Moment~ Coach of the Year thing on Sport Relief; it was so funny!

Movie Mayhem

With it being the WrestleMania edition of the newsletter, the third installment of my look at female directors will be appearing next time out. Instead, as it's the most wrestling-centric edition we have all year, I thought I'd take a look at two movies I watched recently with pro-wrestlers in the lead role(s); Damage, starring Steve Austin, and Wrong Side of Town, headlined by Rob Van Dam and Dave Batista (here credited under his real name).

Directed by: Jeff King
Written by: Frank Hannah
Rated: 15 (UK) R (US)
Running time: 102mins
Release: Out now

Steve Austin - John Brickner
Laura Vandervoort - Frankie
Walton Goggins - Reno
Lynda Boyd - Veronica
Adrian Holmes - Ray Sharp
Jorge Montesi - Nestor
Tony Bailey - Wendell Timmons
Phillip Mitchell - Munson

Following a very similar theme to vastly superior Blood and Bone, this film is the story of John Brickner, a man who was sent to prison for 2nd degree manslaughter. While doing his time, he sends letters to Veronica (Lynda Boyd), the widow of the man he killed, describing the sorrow and regret he feels and that, once on the outside, he'll do anything he can to make it right.

After serving over seven years, the parole board release him after the widow pleas on his behalf... only to have her demand he finds $150,000 to pay for a heart transplant her seriously ill daughter needs. He agrees to do what he can, but his job on a construction site only pays so much.

While at a bar, he meets Frankie (played by Laura Vandervoort - Kara Zor-El in Smallville) and saves her from some overzealous customers, much to the interest of her boyfriend Reno (Walton Goggins), who subsequently tries to convince Brickner to join the underground fighting circuit.

From here, you can probably guess the rest of the movie and how it pans out, although getting there isn't as bad as it could've been. Now, don't get me wrong, this movie isn't a good film, but there is some enjoyment in it and the fights are cheesily brutal. Austin's character does little more than throw heavy haymakers in all of his fights, but credit to the writers for getting in a wrestling move as his "finisher" that ends the fights; the heart punch.

None of the characters are given any real backstory or are fleshed out in any way, so all this film has to rely on is the stunning good looks of Vandervoort, the charisma of Steve Austin and the goodwill Walton Goggins (who also has a starring role in the upcoming Predators) brings from his stint on The Shield. Not even an appearance from William B. Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man in The X-Files) awakens the acting side of things from slumber, while Lynda Boyd, another of my red-haired crushes, is unfortunately under-utilised throughout the film. Goggins is likeable as Reno and it makes a nice change for the "fixer" guy in a movie like this to not be an arsehole.

As I said, the fights are what this is going to be sold on and, in that regard, it just scores a pass. The last battle did make me smile though... it's as if 1986 never went away.

All in all, it's a decent enough movie and worth wasting a couple of hours on, but if the benchmark for movies starring wrestlers (The Rock doesn't count as he's an anomaly) are the ones with John Cena (all of which I have enjoyed), then this falls way, way short.


Directed by: David Defalco
Written by: David Defalco
Rated: 15 (UK) R (US)
Running time: 88mins
Release: Out now

Rob Van DamBobby Kalinowski
Dave BautistaBig Ronnie (B.R.)
Marrese CrumpMarkus
Jerry KatzSeth Bordas
Brooke FrostBrianna
Lara GriceDawn Kalinowski
Ava SantanaElise Freeman
Ja RuleRazor
Nelson Frazier Jr.Animal
David JensenCab Driver

RVD is Bobby Kalinowski, a former Navy Seal who now makes his living as an architect living in a quiet town in Louisiana. He, along with his wife Dawn, are invited on a night out to an infamous club on the outskirts of town... only for trouble to start when Ethan Bordas, one of the owners, starts harrassing Dawn. In the ensuing fight, Ethan is accidentally killed by Bobby, prompting Seth, his older brother, to swear revenge by placing a $100,000 bounty on his head.

So far, so "hey, that's ripping off the opening of Con Air," but that's the least of this film's crimes to cinema. For an actor, Van Dam makes a great wrestler and Wrong Side of Town is littered, from top to bottom, with the worst acting you'll ever likely to see in a movie this year. Out of everyone in the picture, it's Batista who comes out with the most credit and, since he's playing an amped up version of his WWE character, that isn't saying much.

The director, David DeFalco, is a former professional wrestler himself and, from accounts of people in the movie industry, a bit of an idiot. His last film, Chaos (2005) was lambasted by pretty much everyone who saw it and Roger Ebert, famed critic from the US, gave it zero stars.

There is virtually nothing redeemable about this film, perhaps with the exception of the running time (and an admittedly cool scene where Big Ronnie decides to help Bobby out), with it not even being able to fall under the it's-so-bad-it's-good category. In conclusion, avoid at all costs unless you are either punishing someone or have decided to become a masochist.

Oh, and just in case you think you've went mental (which you probably have if you decide to watch this), that is David "Kid" Jensen, the DJ who used to work for Radio 1.


The competition is open to anyone who wishes to enter (only one entry per person) and will run from tonight until April 8th. On that day, all correct entries will be put into a proverbial hat and drawn at random in reverse order (the first name out wins the 3rd prize, etc).

The prizes are as follows...

1st Prize - A copy of the WWE Encyclopedia.
2nd Prize - Three limited edition beer mats honouring great horror movies; Shaun of the Dead, An American Werewolf in London and The Wicker Man.
3rd Prize - A huge double-sided poster of two John Carpenter classics - Halloween and The Thing (posters are cinema one-sheet style images).

To win one of these great prizes, all you have to do is email me - dravencage(at)hotmail(dot)com - the answers to the following questions...

1) In the Friday the 13th series, why was the hockey mask chosen to be Jason's visage of choice?

2) In the film Cabin Fever, the protagonists contract a flesh-eating virus. How many of the people in the movie die due to the virus killing them?

3) What record did Sandra Bullock set when she won the Oscar for Best Actress at this year's ceremony?

Closing date for entries is April 8th, 2010

Member Spotlight

Shane O Mac


Why hello there! I'm Emma and I came from the land of smiles!


About 100000000000


I am yep! Some pretty decent matches. Really looking forward to The Undertaker and HBK.

The tag match.

Edge, Batista, Undertaker, Triple H, Bret Hart, Christian, Big Show/Miz, Ted.

I do indeed! I fly out to Phoenix on Wednesday!

I'm happy with the ones they've got!

Usually it would be to book the Sunday evening/Monday morning off work, get a load of junk food and watch! I went last year and going again this year, so it'll be slightly different! We're doing the whole thing again(3 Axxess, HOF, Mania and Raw) so it should be fun!

Whatever they sell there LOL.

The Tap Out Chronicles
(Mr. E. Nigma)

It's a big week for pay-per-views as not only do we have potentially the biggest WrestleMania of all time [TM], but we also have efforts from both TNA and UFC.

Destination X (which you can read more about elsewhere in this newsletter), takes place first, but the main competition to WWE's flagship event will be UFC 111, headlined by a fight that has many people talking about potential history being made; George St. Pierre v Dan Hardy.

The venue for the event is the same building that last year's Hell in a Cell PPV took place and, with UFC announcing that the show has sold out, expect a raucous crowd of 16,000+ to be in attendance.

As per normal with a UFC pay-per-view event, there are some undercard matches that aren't scheduled to be broadcast and two bouts on Spike TV scheduled to go ahead before the main show begins. The two main bouts are the aforementioned St. Pierre/Hardy contest and Frank Mir v Shane Carwin for the Interim Heavyweight Championship.

Taking a look at Mir/Carwin first, this is a bout that could go either way, but even though Carwin is undefeated, I fully expect Frank Mir to take the win and become a two-time Interim Champ, setting up possibly the biggest match in UFC history; Brock-Mir III.

The main event for the show is an intriguing contest that, on paper, should be a cakewalk for the champion, but, coming into the event, Hardy has a better undefeated run; seven fights to his opponent's six.

Like BJ Penn in the Lightweight Division, the general concensus is that St. Pierre can't be touched, that there is no-one in their respective divisions who are able to take their titles from them and, with over two years as champion for Penn and one month shy of the same length of time for George, it's easy to understand why.

If I had to pick a winner for the main events, I'd go with Mir and St. Pierre, but I'd love to see Hardy prove me wrong.

The rundown of the card is as follows :-

PPV Card

Welterweight bout: Ben Saunders v Jake Ellenberger
Welterweight bout: Jon Fitch v Thiago Alves
Lightweight bout: Jim Miller v Mark Bocek

Spike TV Card
Welterweight bout: Nate Diaz v Rory Markham
Welterweight bout: Ricardo Almeida v Matt Brown

Preliminary Card
Lightweight bout: Kurt Pellegrino v Fabricio Camoes
Light Heavyweight bout: Rodney Wallace v Jared Hamman
Middleweight bout: Rousimar Palhares v Tomasz Drwal
Welterweight bout: Matthew Riddle v Greg Soto

Member Spotlight


I am Springsteen and I am from England.

Errrm... probably about a 7.

Fairly happy; I could do without seeing Triple H vs Sheamus, but it'll be a fairly solid card. The match that stands out is certainly Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels.

Again, Triple H vs Sheamus. I don't really care for the feud.

I'll bold my winners:

Undertaker vs Michaels
Cena vs Batista
Edge vs Jericho
The Shiz vs R Truth/Morrison
Triple H vs Sheamus
Bret Hart vs Vince Mcmahon
MITB Match - Christian
Punk vs Rey


Can't really think of anyone at the moment.

Not really, I just order it a few days earlier and watch it when it's on. I've grown out of the whole mark thing now.

There's this wonderful pizza shop that's just opened here that takes orders for home delivery until 1am. So Pizza/whatever I fancy from there.

The Impact Zone
(Alan Smithee)

With WrestleMania being only seven days away and UFC 111 coming the day before, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that TNA have a pay-per-view airing tonight. In fact, you'd be forgiven for overlooking it even if you worked for TNA, it's been that poorly promoted since Against All Odds (pretty much all the talk has been about Lockdown, the next PPV).

Originally mooted as an X-Division-only event, Destination X had a tagline of "A Night When the X Division Will Shine" to promote the show... but, in the weeks leading up to the PPV, that idea was nixed and it reverted to being a standard pay-per-view, albeit one that does have the X-Division at its core.

Of course, TNA have a history of not knowing what they're doing when it comes to promoting their product, so this should come as no surprise, but looking past that, the show itself (ignoring build and certain angles) looks, on paper at least, to have plenty going for it. So, with that being said, here is a preview of the Destination X card (with my predictions) for your enjoyment.

Kazarian vs. Daniels vs. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick

All four men are well equipped to provide a thrilling stunt-fest of spot-monkey greatness, but there's not really been any build to the match going in. Sure, on the last edition of Impact before the PPV, there was a bit of a clusterf*ck brawl, but that's been about it.

Red is a wrestler I just can't stand watching and Kendrick has basically been nothing but a glorified jobber since arriving in TNA on the January 4th supershow, while Daniels, having fulfilled his role in the Joe/AJ/Daniels three-way remake, is back where he belongs. Of the four in the match, Kaz is the one who has the biggest upside, so logic would dictate this is the match to bring him back to prominence in the promotion. Of course, logic and TNA rarely go hand in hand, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Amazing Red win, go on to face the champ and lose in a two-minute squash on Impact, thus rendering this match completely pointless.

Winner: Kaz

Eric Young & Kevin Nash vs. Hall & Waltman

OK, let me get around this stipulation for a second. Hall and Waltman, who have no contract with TNA, have been showing up for months and breaking into the show, despite them not being allowed into the building. The match stipulation states that, if they lose, then they will be barred from entering the building and/or appearing on TNA television. Can someone explain to me how that is any different to their situation now?

Looking past that nonsense, if Eric Young and Sean Waltman do most of the work (just have Hall come in and punch people... his punches are still amazingly well done), I can see this bout being surprisingly decent. Young and Waltman had a nice little outing on Impact two weeks ago, with Eric looking better than he has in years, so there is potential there. I can see Nash turning on Young, costing his team the match, or all four men being in cahoots and it being a retreat of the Finger Poke of Doom.

Winners: Hall & Waltman

Tara vs. Daffney

Before we get to the match, can I just draw your attention to how stunningly hot Daffney is in the above image? She really is the hottest woman in wrestling today... and I'm not just saying that to suck up to the editor and he in no way made me point her out to you just then.

Unlike a few of the bouts on the card, this match has had some build-up going in, with "Zombie Hot" attacking Tara on numerous occasions, including lamping the former Victoria with the title belt and costing her the recently vacated TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships. From a purely aesthetic point of view, this match will hold my interest from bell-to-bell, while, from a wrestling perspective, the two ladies are more than capable of putting on a decent match.

Winner: Daffney

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

This is the match that could very well walk away with "Match of the Night" honours. Anderson is a good in-ring worker and Angle is rightly considered one of the best ever, able to carry even mediocre wrestlers to great performances, so, with the addition of a heated and believable grudge between the two, I expect this to be a bloody brawl that goes a good 15-20mins before some dirty tricks give Anderson the big win. My one wish? That the inevitable kicking-out-of-finishers is kept to a bare minimum.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. Beer Money

Morgan & Hernandez won the belts on January 17th of this year. They hadn't even held the titles for a month before TNA decided to run a "trouble between team members" angle, a storyline that the company can't seem to stay away from; Beer Money had a similar situation (on smaller scale, granted) as well.

With all roads leading to a Morgan/Hernandez feud, I predict "The Blueprint" turning on his partner by hitting him with a Carbon Footprint during the match or assaulting him afterwards for losing the match. Either way, we're leaving Destination X with new champions.

Winners: Beer Money

Doug Williams vs. Shannon Moore

I'm a huge fan of Doug Williams and I'm glad to see him get a singles run with a major US promotion (sorry RoH fans) and that the Chaos Theory suplex is getting over huge, but this is the very definition of a PPV filler match. It's all the more disappointing that the filler match features the TNA X-Division Champion on a pay-per-view designed to promote the very division he rules over.

Shannon Moore seems like a nice guy, but he's bland as bland flavoured ice-cream made by the Bland Corporation in Blandsville, Texas. For a guy who runs his own tattoo shop and looks the way he does, it should be a criminal offence to be that bland.

He's done nothing to deserve a shot at the title, which must be a kick in the teeth to all of the current roster who have waited patiently for their time to come. It's mentioned a lot that all you need to be to succeed in TNA is a former employee of Vince McMahon. It's hard for even the most entrenched TNA defenders to refute that claim when, of all people, Shannon Moore can just waltz into the company and get a title shot on PPV. I'm just thankful he won't be successful.

Winner: Doug Williams

Rob Terry vs. Brutus Magnus

I know I'm in a minority, but I actually like Rob Terry and think, when he gets some experience behind him, he could be TNA's answer to Batista, while his opponent, Brutus Magnus, is arguably one of the most improved wrestlers on the TNA roster, being light years away from the shambolic character he portrayed during his debut.

The breakdown of the British Invasion has been handled pretty well so far, but I hope these two don't get lost in the shuffle now that the group is no longer together.

Winner: Rob Terry

Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Stupid name aside, Generation Me and their early years Hardy Boyz tribute act have impressed since their debut in TNA. The Motor City Machine Guns have been impressing us for years, well, impressing everyone bar the TNA decision makers it would seem.

Uber-over with the fans and with an amazing array of double-team offensive moves under their belts, MCMG should be among the benchmark teams in TNA, but instead, they've been booked as videogame loving jokers in backstage segments and featured in matches once in a blue moon.

I'm hoping, nay, I'm praying that this night is the moment The Guns step out from the shadows and begin their ascent to greatness. All they need is a sustained push on television and TNA have a goldmine on their hands. A victory tonight, followed by a victory in the title match they'll have earned, will ensure that happens... so, of course, TNA will probably prove me wrong and won't do that, meaning we'll be discussing how the promotion is misusing Sabin and Shelley again next year.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

AJ Styles (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Abyss

Styles and Abyss have faced each other many times in the past, with the majority of the bouts being above average at worst. However, in the last two years, the character of Abyss has been destroyed pretty much beyond salvation. All the crying, hair pulling, stupid gurning and being, for lack of a better term, an unadulterated pussy have conspired to reduce a man who was legitimately considered the next great monster in wrestling to being an embarrassment. Now, the cringeworthy segments involving Hulk Hogan's Hall of Fame ring aside (the object inspiring the wrestler was OK when Undertaker had his urn, but that was a long, long time ago), it seems that steps are being taken to turn things around.

AJ Styles, on the other hand, has grown into his persona and, after a similar debacle to Abyss (where he was a goofy comedy act), is now a viable headline act for TNA to base the product around. The in-ring skills were never in question, it was the ability to be an entertaining promo and whether he'd be able to "sell tickets" based on who he, was rather than what he could do, that needed to be proved... and he has. With Ric Flair by his side, his turn into a Nature Boy-esque heel champion has been handled very, very well, which surprised me because, when it started, I felt it was career suicide.

I expect this match to have shenanigans galore, but I don't expect the title to change hands. I mean, look at it this way, the winner of this match goes on to face The Pope at Lockdown, so there is no way Abyss is walking out as champion. Pope already has a rivalry with AJ and the build going into Lockdown writes itself. Abyss v The Pope is a non-starter, so even with the power of Hogan's ring, the masked man is doomed to failure.

Winner: AJ Styles

Member Spotlight

Dante Spears

(I'm the non Ron Jeremy guy)

I'm Dante Spears....I didn't really come from anywhere. I had been reading DC's DVD reviews on for a year or so, figured "Hey I could do that", realized there were almost no Wrestling Book reviews so I sent one to Kam and joined the forums. My previous experience with internet forums boiled down to getting into arguments with self important staff and creeped out by the cult like mentality projected by the forum goers and when I saw TWO didn't have, that I stuck around.

9 and 3/4.

Probably the Money in the Bank match, which is always the highlight of Wrestlemania. I'm so totally prepared for the Shooting Star Press by Evan Bourne off the ladder and I am prepared to mark out like crazy when it happens. I know the match will be great unless someone like MVP or Drew McIntyre goes over as opposed to someone who deserves it like Christian.

The Legacy stuff and the tag match can just f right off. I'm glad Miz is on the card but shoving John Morrison and R-Truth together over, oh say, the Hart Dynasty is annoying. I'm also going to pre-emptively say anything involving the Divas that might make it onto the card can also go away.

Undertaker to beat HBK because HBK does not need the rub of having ended the streak. Batista to hopefully beat Cena and retain all the momentum and credibility his character has created. Edge to beat Jericho. Bret to beat Vince via submission with the Sharpshooter. ShowMiz to beat Jimmy Hendrix and Generic African American Wrestler #3560, Sheamus to beat HHH lest the WWE take the Kofi Kingston route and believe that having Triple H obliterate the up and coming star will make the fans accept him none the less. Orton to beat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase effortlessly because who cares about these two? Rey Mysterio to lose to CM Punk, setting up a feud that will lead to Rey taking more time off. And finally I'm hoping for Christian to win MitB, even though I'd be happy, if not confused, by a Ziggler or Swagger win.

Probably. I think I'm going to the movie theater to watch it because streams are getting more unreliable and I can't buy PPV's.

Mitsuharu Misawa.

I've only ever watched one Wrestlemania live and that was last year... and that involved me running around my school campus for various contrived reasons so hopefully it doesn't come to that again.

Most likely chocolate covered almonds and a bottle of water. Or, considering I'm already spending money, I might buy some popcorn at the concession stands even though you can't buy snacks without a decent credit rating.

Quote, Unquote - Part #1

Yep folks, it the night we've all been waiting for; Wrestlemania is just around the corner. What with the Monday Night Wars starting up and 'Mania next weekend, this is the best time of the year if your a fan of sports entertainment.

The first part of this edition of Quote/Unquote deals with the run up to WrestleMania itself, the various ways that people get ready to watch, yearly WrestleMania rituals and will HBK end Undertakers streak?

What's your Wrestlemania Ritual?
While watching on, I'm gonna be in a skype group call with friends/Fiance, and trying not to let my love of wrestling interfere with the videogaming stream we'll all be part of...whilst eating a vast array of snacks - pizza, Doritos, Dips, Popcorn, Cookies...whatever I fancy - all while watching an awesome array of matches and shtuff. Should be fun! :3
If there is food involved then an address is required.
What I do is I wait until its about to start, then switch the TV off and go to bed, because WM is shit.

Oh, you'll watch, otherwise you won't have anything to complain about.
As Vader would say if he was me wrestling a ripped up Hogan Bear, It's time... it's time... its ritual time!

In what has become tradition now I once again went head to head with Hogan and it wasn't pretty (well I am an ugly git!) and here is the fight so get your snide comments about my lack of life and generally hideousness ready...

And with a chair shot and a leg drop, the Hogan bear's streak is unbroken. Nemesis you sad man you. LOL
I will start next Saturday wating all the wrestlemanias in sucession finishing with wrestlemania 25 about an hour before the show starts. Not sure if i am going to do the Flair ritual this year as it felt wierd not having Flair there but it dooes set me in the right mood and makes me mega excited so we shall see.
No, Laffy, as long as you have the Flair robe, it's just like the real thing. Well maybe not, but it's the thought that counts.

Franchise asked the million dollar question...

Will Undertaker's winning streak end this year?​
Disagree with Franchise. I'm going with Taker. I hope I'm wrong but the grapevine has been hinting at WM 26 being Shawn's swansong for a while now (although no doubt he won't stick to any retirement pledge anymore than Savage, Foley or numerous others).

My principle hope is that the two of them can still deliver a match that's as good as last year and that WWE have the sense to put it on last
I think the WWE has proven that they have no sense, so dream on.
I'm going for a HBK win. But maybe that's more wishful thinking, time will tell. I'm a huge HBK fan and I'm not a fan of the streak and want it to end, and can think of no better way to do it.

I just don't think HBK is quite ready to stop yet, and out of the two, I'd say 'Taker is closer to retiring, (even though admittedly both are very near that stage) so i just have a feeling for HBK this time round.

Lets hope so :D
Let's hope not; another dreamer.
This isn't even a Million Dollar question. More like a 9.95 marked down from 24.99 dollar question
Would that be in Canadian dollars or British pounds?
When it comes to Taker Vs HBK, I really don't mind if both men take weeks/months off after WrestleMania again, but I demand a phenomenal match and want these two to damn near kill each other in Phoenix, and better their match from last year if thats even possible. My hopes for this year's WrestleMania pretty much rely on this one match.
The gold shirted one has put in his demands, I seriously am hoping that the match is better than last year's. It will be hard to top though.
Yeah can't see HBK winning.

Although by the same stretch, he won't retire either.

So fans in attendance can say "I was there for Shawn Michaels first retirement match"
Oh God, I see another streak starting... one I'm not a fan of.
I think they may have worried that the Taker match would have been seen as predictable and cause people to walk out as they knew the result.

Not saying it was predictable, though I doubt anyone expected a HBK win really.
And we all know that the WWE is nothing but predictable.

The Live Wire v2.0

Well, hello.

Once in a year, pretty much every WWE fan - I would say wrestling fan here, but there are doubtless some TNA die hards out there that would dispute this - works themselves up into a frenzy and looks at everything through rose tinted glasses. WrestleMania has a great levelling effect on those that allow themselves to buy into it. It makes things seem bigger, better, brighter and bolder than they actually are - even Great Khali vs. Vance Archer would look watchable on a WrestleMania card. OK, maybe that example took things a little to far, but you get the picture.

The point is that because it's WrestleMania, things can tend to be given a sheen they wouldn't necessarily get on a lesser PPV. However, this year's extravaganza looks to be a bit special, even by WrestleMania standards. With the possible exceptions of the Legacy Triple Threat Match, a hastily thrown together tag match and the Trips/Sheamus affair, this is a stacked card; it's full of solid matches that have proper issues behind them, matches that, on paper, look like they will take your breath away and matches that can justify the "Grandest Stage Of Them All" billing that WrestleMania bestows upon them. While everyone rightfully focuses on the Michaels-Taker match that has the potential to be THE all time WrestleMania classic for the ages, there are other matches on this card that can steal the show too.

John Cena and Batista might not be favourites of mine, but this feud has been epic. If Edge can put on a show anywhere near what he's capable of at 100% fit, he and Jericho can blow the doors off the arena with their title match, Punk and Mysterio are two of the best in the business and putting them in the ring together should hopefully deliver greatness, while the Money in the Bank spotfest usually gives us two or three moments that hit highlight reels for years afterwards. And Bret vs. Vince? It's not going to be a five star classic, but Vince always delivers entertainment in the ring at 'Mania and Bret is such a perfectionist that he won't have agreed to this match unless he could hold his side up.

And let's not forget, there's no women's match added to the card yet - that will no doubt happen at some point - and that means you also have the ideal time to go and top up your haul of snacks and juice. How thoughtfull of the WWE! WrestleMania... the card with something for everybody...

Have fun, go mad... and enjoy 'Mania

The WrestleMania Triple Threat

Which WrestleMania Match do you consider to be the biggest in terms of aura and spectacle?

Fiona - There have been loads, but the one that sticks out in my mind is Batista/Undertaker at Wrestlemania 23. I just watched the DVD again the other night and it was an awesome match. Well worth the price of the PPV alone.

Phil - I think it's probably a tie between Hogan/Warrior and Austin/Rock, although the meeting between Michaels and Flair and Michaels and Undertaker (at WM25) had some aura to them, despite the outcomes being predictable!

Overall I'd probably say Hogan/Warrior, as kayfabe was very much still alive and Hogan was the man to beat. Personally, I love the way Warrior sells the big boot towards the end. I don't know why, but just the way he goes down looks awesome!

John Hancock - Stone Cold Steve Austin, slowly passing out to the Sharpshooter at Wrestlemania 13. Man that moment was awesome. For a start, it came at the end of the greatest wrestling match of all time, but, more than that, it was a real "Oh sh*t" moment where the 90s started to transform into the Attitude Era and the biggest face since Hulk Hogan was born. Add to all that, Austin doing a face turn MID-MATCH, which is one of the most impressive bits of in-ring story telling ever done, and you have a true "Wrestlemania moment" for the ages; the conception of the Attitude Era, and the birth of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Nemesis Enforcer - It's a toss up between Hogan vs. Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania 3 or Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 6 and I am hard pressed to choose, but since you're making me do so, I'll go for Hogan vs Warrior. It was a passing of the torch and a damn good spectacle too seeing the two biggest names of the time go at it when you could really see either of them winning it, the 'slam heard around the world' will always be more memorable I think but for aura (if you were watching at the time) then Warrior/Hogan will always be the more special.

Laffy - I could've chosen HHH vs. Cena as I loved the Conan entrance by Triple H and the gangster entrance by Cena, but for me nothing can replace Flair vs. HBK for the emotion, the passion and pride of both wrestlers; it's a match that still makes me cry everytime I see it. With certain parts of that match, I thought Flair was going to do it, win and tell people he told them he would never retire. Just a great match and great build up, just perfect really for one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

Twig - Well... I most probably won't be viewing this year's WrestleMania (at least, I won't be paying to see it), however, in a departure from the traditional answers of WM 6 and 17, I'll say that the 'Mania which had (heel) Mickie James vs. (face) Trish Stratus for the WWE Women's Championship was my favourite in "spectacle or aura." I know it was one of the 20s but can't remember which, but that's the last one I saw live... and it came from my hometown of Chicago. I remember the crowd turning on Trish and cheering the lesbo James as well as booing the ever-loving-shit out of John Cena. I also recall being at the live presentation of Raw the night afterwards, when Umaga debuted (RIP) and annihilated Ric Flair. Ohhhhh... good times... good times... *sigh*

If you could enter anyone into the Hall of Fame who would it be?

Fiona - It would have to be Owen Hart. He wasn't the greatest in the ring, but he's part of a great wrestling family and he gave his life for the sport. He deserves to be remembered for that alone.

Phil - My heart says Mick Foley, just because I think he's one of the best 'underdog' champions ever. I think the only guy who's come close to holding that level of "he'll never be world champion" status is Jeff Hardy. Not only that, but he's also had some stellar matches and, as a promo guy, when he was on form there weren't many people better than him.

The promos that spring to mind both involve Cactus Jack. The first appearance of Cactus Jack in WWE, at Madison Square Garden no less, against HHH, was awesome, with Dude Love and Mankind being on the big screen introducing the hardcore legend. The second is again involving HHH, this time leading into the Street Fight at the Rumble 2000, when Mankind tells HHH he doesn't want to fight him, but he knows someone who does, and pulls open his shirt to reveal the 'Wanted' T-Shirt. I very nearly wet myself when I saw that, the impressionable 13 year old I was!!

John Hancock - The Rock. We all know it's only a matter of time, but, yeah, The Rock. Of all the people who aren't yet inducted, The Rock is the one who made the biggest impact not only on wrestling, but on pop culture in general. Seriously, every male aged between 18 and 25 in the entire Western World, no exaggeration, knows every Rock catch phrase, know the EXACT dance routine to start off the People's Elbow and can do a pretty good Rock impression. The man's not just a wrestling icon, he's a turn of the millennium pop culture icon who, at his peak, was untouched by any other teen-orientated celebrity, let alone any other wrestler.

Nemesis Enforcer - That's a tough one as so many have already gone in at this point. The one who isn't, but I feel is most deserving right now, is "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Great performer and super charismatic, had some great feuds and brilliant matches and I think would be in the Hall of Fame already if not for the differences with Vince.

Laffy - This is probably going to upset quite a few peope, but the person I would like to put into the Hall of Fame is Chris Benoit. I only knew Chris Benoit the wrestler, not Chris Benoit the person. What Chris did outside of the ring was wrong and should not be condoned, but what he did inside the ring should be celebrated and honoured some way down the line. He was one of the greatest technical wrestlers of his generation and would have been a lock for the Hall of Fame if he hadn't committed a double murder. I know he's tarnished his legacy and it will probably never happen, but if it did, I would like to see it.

Twig - I would put the one, the only, the great, and knowledgeable... Stu & Owen Hart. Fudging the rules? Perhaps, but COME ON!!! If now's not the year to do it, with the official conclusion of the Montreal Screwjob, then neither would ever go in. So, because I'm a rebel, it's got to be both Stu & Owen.

If you were booking Wrestlemania, and you could use any wrestlers past or present, what would be your main event?

Fiona - I would love to see a main event involving the following; Rock, Austin, Taker and HHH. Just let them go at it and beat the hell out of each other. With Hogan as referee, it would be one hell of a match. Taker wins, of course, to keep the streak alive.

Phil - I think you gotta go down the obvious and say Hogan, circa 1985, and Austin, circa 1998. It's the match that will never happen, but will always have fans saying "what if..." over and over. Personally I'd quite like to see Jeff Hardy main event a WM World Championship Match, but I don't see that being very likely now, with his signing for TNA and all.

John Hancock - Just like everyone else, Stone Cold Steve Austin VS Hulk Hogan. I don't even need to begin to explain why.

Nemesis Enforcer - Hulk Hogan (circa. 1989) vs. HHH (circa. 2001) would be an awesome main event I think. I was going to go for the dream Hogan vs. Stone Cold match, but though that to be way too predictable, so went a different way. Back in 2001, HHH was probably the best in the world in the ring and Hogan, back in 1989, was just the best I saw at the time and seeing those two together in the ring would really have been something special for me... also the promo build for the match would have been of the scale.

Laffy - I've thought long and hard about this and had several conversations with people over the years. My favourite match, the dream match that I wanted to see, was Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero. I think it could've been awesome; "Latino Heat" lying cheating and stealing to win the match against "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. It's the match that should have happened, but never did.

Twig - I guess... since I'm backed into a corner here... errrrrr... out of all the possibilities and impossibilities... I guess I'd still like to see Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan. Since this is completely hypothetical, it'd be both of them in their primes, with a crowd that was split down the middle and brought in, via time-machine, from the mid 80s and late 90s, respectively. Stone Cold to win... cus I'm not a namby-pamby little patriot automaton bitch... naturally.

Room 101

Welcome to Room101, the place where all the evils of mankind are stored, ready, should we require them as punishments…

The rules for Room101 are simple, someone nominates 5 things that they hate, 5 things that would make the world a better place if they didn’t exist. I look at their nominations and reasons and should I agree that thing will be put into Room101. If more than 3 of the 5 go in, a bonus thing will be put in too, even though I already rejected it. Should less than 3 go in, then something evil will come back out.

This week, as part of our WrestleMania edition, we have asked long term pro-wrestling fan The Beltster to nominate his 5 biggest issues with WrestleMania through the ages.

1. Overuse of the logo

Is that the Teletubby sun behind the logo?

The main thing I hate about WrestleMania, and I'm not sure if this counts because its nothing that has actually happened at the event in the form of a match or anything, but I f'n despise how, every single year lately, they have that God damn WM logo in the buildings for weeks and months leading into the event and they make sure they get it in tons (and I mean TONS!) of camera shots every bloody week to use in their build up videos. People pointing at the damn logo every 2 seconds. Lame.

You know I’d never thought of that before, and while it makes sense it is a little annoying isn’t it. But still, it just doesn’t feel like a big enough deal to make it into Room101, its something that’s a tad annoying rather than full blown horribleness like everything else that goes in.


2. Ultimate Warrior pinning Hulk Hogan

Warrior looks like some kind of dandylion

I hate Ultimate Warrior going over Hulk Hogan at WMVI. It's my favourite PPV ever, my favourite match ever and at the time I was happy with either guy winning, but looking back, I'd have really liked Hogan to have won so I could see him with the yellow IC.

Hmmmm, the WWF tried something new and pushing a new star into the spotlight. Did it fail? No, despite what some people say, it made Warrior a bigger star than he would otherwise have been. No, it was a risk worth taking and the WWF made it work.


3. Wrestlemania XI

Nothing to see here.

I hate WMXI. Does anything more need to be said? The entire PPV was crapass!

I wanted to turn it down because I enjoyed Bret versus Backlund… but then I ran through the rest of the card. Good God, I forgot how bad it actually was. No doubt on this, a very good call.


4. Predictability

We totally saw this one coming. Honest.

I hate that WWE have slipped into a formula with WM. I hate that every year there is the a MITB match. I hate that every year the Royal Rumble winner gets a title shot at WM which in turn really narrows down the Royal Rumble result to a small handful of guys.

I am agreeing purely on the basis of the Rumble. I can live with the MITB, it’s a nice little spotfest, though I think it should be opened up to any belts to be taken. But knowing that only one of half a dozen guys can win the Rumble spoils it a bit for me. Hell, my favorite in a long time was the 2004 Rumble when one of a fair few guys could have been the winner.


5. The Hulkster not going all the way

Macho looks worryingly like Chris Benoit…

I hate that Hulk Hogan was eliminated before the finals of the WWF title match tournament at WMIV. Hogan vs DiBiase would have been a great match, but it did kick off the year long Mega Powers thing so it was good for that.

Did Hogan and DiBiase ever face off one-on-one at a PPV? Huh, anyway, I think the way they did it was probably the best thing they could have done. After all they wanted the winner to look strong; facing Hogan and winning dirty wouldn’t have been the best for that. And another Hogan win wouldn’t have been great as they wanted to make new stars because they knew one day TNA may need someone to beat their undercard.
No, I need to keep this


By my count that’s 3 out and only 2 in, so something evil will be released from Room101.


The joy of Lemmy forgetting the words to his own song live on Mania was brilliantly bad.

Quote, Unquote - Part #2

In the second part of Quote/Unquote we'll look at the finer points of WrestleMania itself. For example - Will Bret Hart finally get his revenge on Vince for what happened in Montreal? Which match will be last? What are our general feelings of this year's card? Will we be crying in our beers that the show didn't live up to the hype? I hope not for I am an optimist and will go out on a limb and say that this year's 'Mania will be the biggest and the best ever. Touch wood.
Cena vs Batista, seen it already at a Summerslam
Taker vs HBK, saw it at last year's Wrestlemania and it will be the same result again of Taker winning, boring
HHH vs HBK, as much as I'd like to see another match between both of them, we've seen about 20 matches in total between them or added wrestlers
Bret vs Vince, will be a very quick 5 minute match after Vince is done beating down Bret for all 5 minutes and pin him 1...2.......3
I was with you until the Bret/Vince thing. It would appear that I have company in that.
You do realise that Bret's winning, don't you? this whole feud is about him getting retribution for Survivor Series 97...
a heel win for Vince would be stupid.
It's a work or he's a troll, take your pick.
I dont think Brets getting the title... but Vince is going into the sharpshooter. Assuming they go with the tag I figure the nding somewhere along the lines of Vince about to tap to Bret. Batista blindside attack. Cena FU. John celebrates his title win with Bret. Possibly Cena will give Bret the "bow down/im not worthy/worship" to Hart.
What you been smoking Twiggie? I want some.
I would love to see Taker Vs HBK go on last this WrestleMania. It's such a huge rematch from last years event with an all important stipulation, that will tear the roof off the show. But if it's out of the two title matches I would probably prefer to see Edge Vs Jericho as the finale.
100% right, except for the fact that there is no roof to begin with.
There is absolutely no way in hell HHH/Sheamus goes on last. Just none. I know we like to hate the guy, but come on.

If they swerve everything and go for HHH/HBK, I can see that going on last though, but thats a long shot.

As it stands, it will be HBK/Taker. I can only see it being something else if HBK and/or Taker feel too old and hurt to really have that match, and dont want to go last and disappoint, but thats even more of a long shot.

And even if that happens, it would be Edge/Jericho or even Cena/Batista before HHH/Sheamus.
There is no way in hell Sheamus should even be on the card without a fake tan. He hurts my eyes.
Bret/Vince last?

Just to see Bret close the show finally with his hand raised? Although I do think HBK/Taker should go last.

WrestleMania now does look better than ever. The production values are just unbelievably good and nobody can do a big show like WWE can.

It will probably be a good show. Everybody will have their working boots on, the setting will be fantastic and the matches should deliver.
Thank God there is another optimist in the room.
It's easy to use hindsight and say a particular match should've went on last. Hogan/Rock is an exception due to the unique aspect of who was in it, but, say, for example, Batista v Undertaker at WrestleMania, which far surpassed expectations and deserved to close the show over HBK/Cena; going in, no-one gave it a cat's chance in hell of being anything above passable.

Last year, Orton v Triple H had a fantastic build (at times), a long standing rivalry going back years and came off the amazing Orton-DDTs-Steph segment. Both guys had faced each other plenty of times, with some of the bouts being really great, so, by rights, having the blow-off at 'Mania should've given us an amazing match... but, instead, we suffered from one of the most mundane main events at the event ever. It's not that the match was bad, it was just flat.

In hindsight, there's no way it should've went on last, but going in, a convincing argument was easy to make.
DC, you do my head in sometimes.
I'm getting really excited about this years Wrestlemania.
Punk v Rey will steal the show this year I can feel it.
Ah... no. If that's the match of the show, I want my money back.
ShowMiz vs Truth and Wisdom (I heard John Morrison and R-Truth were going by that, or something.) has been added to the card.

We'll still probably get Rey vs CM Punk... and probably Legacy in some way even though they've exhausted all logical match ups

Here's hoping they can pull of 8 decent matches without resorting to Squash matches like the past two years.
This is the WWE we're talking about, squash matches are they're specialty.
I was going to come in and discuss the fine points of why I'm really looking forward to Wrestlemania, but since people now think that I'm a fanboy, I'll instead focus on the negatives to prove a point.

This Wrestlemania is going to be terrible because WWE have done that really stupid anti-wrestling thing of booking some really good storylines and then tying them together in a sensible and logical way to make people interested. What kind of idiots do that anymore? Do they think it's 1985 or 1998 or something? How dare the WWE insult my intelligence by booking things that make sense, leading to matches that I want to see. There's clearly not enough gimmick matches or plotholes or ninjas, so there's no reason why this show won't do 200,000 buys worldwide and cripple the company to the point of just handing Hogan the wrestling monopoly on a silver plate.

Now nobody can say I'm not fair and balanced.
No Mitch no one can accuse you of being a fanboy. Now Jayfunk on the other hand...

My Favourite WrestleMania

With the build to WrestleMania XXVI being the best in a good few years (pretty much all the main matches have benefited from long builds going in), I thought it would be nice to ask some members of the forum what WrestleMania from years past is their favourite (and chip in with my own at the end). Not match or moment, but which overall 'Mania card stands above all others in their mind? Here are the results.


My favourite WrestleMania? A hard question, but there are really only two candidates for me to choose from; WrestleMania III and WrestleMania XX.

As much as I'd like to say WMXX was my favourite, it was dragged down a bit due to the undercard not being quite as strong as either main event, so my favourite WrestleMania would have to be III. A bit strange considering it happened before I was even born, but nontheless, it is my favourite for a number of reasons.

From the undercard matches to the main event matches, WrestleMania III was almost the perfect WrestleMania. From the strange match featuring King Kong Bundy squishing a midget wrestler, to Roddy Piper's "Retirement" match against Adrian Adonis, to the co-main event featuring "Macho Man" Randy Savage against Ricky Steamboat in a match which was ridiculously good in every way imaginable, WrestleMania III could be the definitive WrestleMania for years to come.

But it will always be the Main Event of WM III which is remembered whenever it's brought up: Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant. The match itself was no masterpiece, in fact, it was quite sloppy on a number of occasions, however, the match has the atmosphere, the important feeling, and the big-match feel that every WrestleMania main event should.

Altogether, WM III was a highly entertaining WrestleMania, with a number of different matches which deliver and an atmosphere that is only rivaled by the WrestleMania match between Hogan and The Rock. It's just too bad that the current WrestleManias can't evoke the same feeling of importance that a DVD of an event that happened before I was born can.

It’s the grandest stage of them all, or so the hype goes, and, in my mind, there was nothing grander than WrestleMania X.

Unusual for WrestleMania in that there was no appearance by The Undertaker - who at this point was either “dead” or missing in action thanks to the heinous actions of Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji’s minions - I still love this show. For one, it’s in the best venue for a WWE show - Madison Square Garden. For such a small arena compared to other places that WWE visit, nowhere has that big time feeling like MSG. The crowd are right on top of the ring and the atmosphere just oozes out of your screen.

WrestleMania X had the best opening match of any PPV I can remember - Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart in a classic match, still one of my favourites. It also had Crush vs. Randy Savage - while not being a five star technical exhibition, I feel it’s very influential to the hardcore style later adopted by the WWE.

Let’s also not forget - WrestleMania X has THE single best ladder match in history - Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon. That match is still influential after all these years and still makes for magnificent viewing even now. Right down to the feel good ending of Bret Hart taking the gold from Yokozuna, this show had it all for me.

Other peeps are no doubt gonna tell you WrestleMania X7 is the best, or WrestleMania XX was the pinnacle of the current generation, or WrestleMania X8 should be up there purely for Hulk Hogan and The Rock… and for sure other shows had bigger single moments, and bigger crowds… but ‘Mania X remains the one for me.

The Beltster

It's really no secret which WrestleMania is my favourite. I've talked about it here before, discussed it, marked out about it with others and defended it against claims that it was something that it wasnt. In fact, people are probably tired of me talking about it, so, tough shit, you have to read it again. Ha!

My favourite WrestleMania is WMVI. April 1, 1990. Toronto SkyDome (now the Rogers Centre) in Toronto, ON, Canada. It was the first WM to take place outside the confines of the United States.

People have called it a one match show; that's false. The only people who would believe this are people who werent fans at the time and dont understand how important certain matches, which dont seem like anything other than undercard matches, were at that time.

Sure, there were some matches which were there just for the sake of it; Koko vs Martel in the opener and Tito vs Barbarian, while Rude was wasted in a match with Snuka also.

On the other hand, there was the break-up of long time tag team the Twin Towers with the Bossman vs Akeem, HUGE at the time. There was the massive rematch for the then-important tag titles with Demolition challenging the Colossal Connection in what would be Andre's last WM as an in-ring competitor. Jake Roberts wrestled Ted DiBiase for the Million $$$ title, the first time that belt was ever up for grabs, in a match which was massive at the time.

It was certainly NOT a one match card, but the main event was obviously the big draw and didnt disappoint. My personal favourite match of allllllllll time. Loved it then, love it now. Great memories, a fantastic event.

I can't believe this WM coming up is the 20th Anniversary of the best WM I've ever seen. Incredible.

Jimmy Redman

My favourite Wrestlemania is probably Wrestlemania 23. It's a tough choice; all the ones I've seen have been good - XX has good memories, 24 was the best visually, 22 was a lot of fun (with added Trish & Mickie) and in the end this is a real close race for me between 21 and 23.

21 had probably a better undercard overall, with the first MITB, Eddie/Rey, Taker/Orton, Angle/HBK and the angles with Hogan and Piper/Austin and while the main events were disappointing, the results were important... but 23 just pips it for me.

Money in the Bank III is my favourite MITB (just shading the first one) and has got to be one of my most re-watched matches, I never tire of it, there's so much great stuff going on. Even the worst stuff on the card, the stuff I'd never want to watch again - Kane/Khali, Melina/Ashley, the ECW match - were perfectly fine to sit through the first time. Benoit v MVP was a pleasant surprise of a match and I think the start of MVP's rise (how sad to think about in hindsight) as a worker. The whole entire Vince/Trump angle, match and aftermath was just fun as hell and, getting probably to the crux of why it beats out 21, both main events delivered big time.

Taker/Batista was impossibly great, just an awesome big man match, and Cena/Shawn was fantastic as well. It gets overlooked constantly for their London match (and that one was better), but this was also a great match in its own right. Cena was at his peak as a worker here and the stuff they did was great.

The entire card was pretty solid; MITB and the two main events are some of the best matches of the decade and they have incredible replay value with me, which gets them points as well.


There have been better matches on other shows, more memorable events, bigger names and larger venues, but for sheer enjoyment from beginning to end, nothing tops WrestleMania VII for me.

It probably helps that this was the show that made me a wrestling fan. I'd watched the sport before then, but was never a fan. All that changed in 1991 when my uncle taped WrestleMania VII off SKY for me. The atmosphere, the brightness, the characters, Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon on commentary, it all just captured my imagination and now, 19yrs later, I've been a fan ever since (only missing wrestling due to not having access to a TV or computer in house moves).

A jam-packed card of FOURTEEN matches means that some are uber-short, but seeing guys like The Texas Tornado just dominate his opponent, or The Mountie shock Santana for the cheating win elevated them from just pointless squashes.

In hindsight, the total destruction of Power & Glory by Legion of Doom was a disgrace, but at the time, I just sat there in awe at how these two huge men just killed the other huge men (and, it's interesting to note that LOD were in the company for over a year before they won the tag team titles. No hot-shotting to glory back in this era). Demolition's music grabbed me by the balls and refused to let go and when they lost to a powerbomb, I rewound the finish and watched it again and again (the actual powerbomb is pretty pathetic by today's standards, but I'd never seen it before and neither had a lot of the US fans back then).

Jake Roberts v Rick Martel is THE perfect example of ring psychology at its finest. Every other blindfold match, without exception, has sucked, but this one didn't. The reason for that is simplicity; neither man tried to over-complicate what was going on. I love it, I really do.

Pretty much every match on the undercard had a purpose; Big Bossman v Mr. Perfect was great, with a long-term storyline coming in (Bossman had to go through the entire Heenan Family to get to Perfect), Undertaker was being pushed as the next big destroyer and, at this event, the streak began, Vrigil had the best night of his wrestling career in a match against Ted DiBiase, The British Bulldog clashed with The Warlord in a power v power bout, The Nasty Boys won the WWF Tag Team Titles from The Hart Foundation in the latter team's last high-profile match together and, in the opener, I fell in love with The Rockers as they managed to overcome their much larger foes.

Hogan v Slaughter was a heated affair that had me on the edge of my seat at 14yrs old. Believing it was real, I got so mad when Hogan got busted open, but cheered wildly when he bounced back for the win. The lasting image of this is when the match is over and Hulk grabs the "Hulkamania Will Live Forever" banner that a fan had in the front row. Blood on his face, he unfurls it and walks around the ring with it. A great visual image that embossed itself in my brain and has never left.

All of this, however, is second fiddle to Warrior v Savage. This is my favourite WrestleMania match, but it's just luck that it's also on my favourite WrestleMania. Words cannot do justice to what my teenage head was feeling and thinking as this match unfolded before my eyes. I didn't know either man, but the pre-match video package (even back then, WWE's production team were on the ball) told me all I needed to know; the promotion wasn't big enough for both of them. Of course, back then, I was of the impression that stipulations were adhered to, so actually thought one of them would never wrestle again.

The raw emotion evoked by both wrestlers, the fans, the commentators, Elizabeth and Sherri at ringside was breathtaking. Heenan and Monsoon convinced me that this was as important a wrestling match as there had ever been and their reaction when Warrior was being hit by Savage elbows from the top had me in the palm of their hands... to the point I genuinely leapt from my seat when Warrior kicked out after taking FIVE huge elbow drops.

I jumped around the room when Warrior eventually won the bout and I wish I could have that feeling of "not knowing" back again when watching today.

WrestleMania VII, partly due to nostalgia, partly because it's the show that made me a fan, partly because of the quality of talent throughout the card and partly because I can watch it from beginning to end with a smile on my face, is, and sorry for rambling a lot longer than I hoped I would, my favourite WrestleMania of all time.


Well, hello.

Yes folks, that's right, for ONE NIGHT ONLY (or until the next time I feel like it) Inno's BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG Question is wheeled out for your delectation! Given that this is the WrestleMania special edition of YOUR newsletter, it made sense that this should be reflected in the BIIIIIIIIIIG Question.


I wanted some of your TWO favourites to cut a promo on our Glorious Leader, Kam. A promo that would air on the last Raw before WrestleMania, and set up their headlining match... sadly, your TWO favourites didn't answer, so I was left with just these goofs.

On the plus side, Kam got wind of what was happening and I got his response to those promos... if only to prove he IS human and not a computer.


Matt Denton said:
Kam... Why would you book this match against the fastest rising poster in TWO history? It's insanity, I tell you! Simply because you have zero chance of being able to pull off the upset victory against me!

Absolutely no chance what so ever! So please hide behind your riches, and pay me not to show up to Wrestlemania... That's the only way you will walk away with the ownership of TWO!

But, I must say if you did perform the unthinkable and put me down for the count... I'm going to walk out. Your highest profile poster will walk out and take his abilities to your biggest rival! The UKFF will pull out their cheque book and snap me up in a hurry, making their forum... The greatest they've eve--

*Matt gets dragged away by security for mentioning the UKFF but manages to shout out the following whilst flailing wildly*

Kam said:
Riiight...fastest rising poster? You’ve been here FIVE YEARS! You could take those ‘abilities’ of yours elsewhere but ‘Matt Denton’ isn’t going anywhere. Remember that little form you signed to join the forum? ’Matt Denton’ is copyrighted by TWO! BWAH HAHAHAHAHA!
MojoPogo said:
*Mojo strides out in a spectacular cavalcade of fireworks to the thumping riffs of Du Hast by Rammstein, surveying the crowd as he climbs into the ring*

Michael Cole hands him a microphone saying, "So, Mark, you're up against Kam, the overseer, omnipresent, unstoppable, undeniable, some would say robotic, leader of TWO? What do you have to say?"

Mark confidently swipes the mic from Cole.

"Kam. You may be a cyborg from the future, sent back to try and restore order to the online smorgasbord of wrestling (and general) madness that is TWO, but you hadn't counted on the..."

*looks around audience and sees nothing but who the f*** are you? and Job Squad signs*

"dozens of Mojopogo fans, and Mojo cutting the best promo in the history of promos on you. This however isn't it. Couldn't remember, the greatest promo in the world. No, this is just a tribute..." he says, as he slams the mic down, rolls from the ring, and is promptly chased to the back by a satanic granny...
Kam said:
Satanic granny? I think you'll find that's Darkstar, you'd better run!
Saz said:
You know, I've spent a while here at TWO, done some good things, done many bad things, but in all that time I have never crossed the boss.

Well Big Boss Kam, you crossed the line and you crossed the line BIG TIME.

You see, Shaolin Handlock enjoyed TWO the old way, he doesn't like change and well, who does?

But no Big Boss Kam, you hadda go change that site, you hadda make SHL's eyes well up with tears of sadness, tears of shame, tears of regret!

And what did you do Big Boss Kam??? You didn't change the site back! You sent your lackies Mitchell and Omega to put him back in his place. I ask you Big Boss Kam, was it worth it? WAS IT? PUNK!

You see, you have awoken a sleeping beast, pacified by rules and complicity, but to see SHL so cruelly dealt with by your changing ways, I'm going to throw the rules out of the window.

At Wrestlemania Big Boss Kam, you and I will be going at it one on one in a no rules match.

You know what I am going to do Big Boss Kam? I'm going to walk all over you, all over this site and I'm going to paint you blue... BLACK AND BLUE!

Then, when you are crying for your mommy, when you want to quit, I will take off your mask and I'll reveal your face to the world.

Yes Big Boss Kam, you and I will clash like mighty Titans, but only Saz will walk away unscathed, I will take your soul, I will take your dignity and I will win at Wrestlemania!
Kam said:
Talk Wrestling Online has come to terms on the release of TWO Senior Mod Saz as of today March 21, 2010. We wish Saz the best in all future endeavors.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ AVAST! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

WrestleMania RoundTable

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Jack Swagger vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne vs. Drew McIntyre

dsrchris: That's a lot of guys for one match. Like, a LOT of guys. Should be a nice spot filled match, as per usual. I'd love it if Christian won this, but I can’t see that happening. Unfortunately I think Kofi Kingston (10th man?) has this in the bag this year, regardless of the fact that I don't think he's anywhere near ready to push up to ME level.

Hanahbananabob: I always look forward to the Money in the Bank matches as ladder matches are my favourite type of match, but I have to say this year’s match isn't looking so great in my opinion. I still don't get why they put people like Kane in the match, who don't seem to do a lot and I'm not really sure what Swagger and McIntyre will add to the match. I would like to see Christian win as he is the only guy in the match I'm actually bothered about, but they made such a big deal about McIntyre getting into the match that I think he could possibly win unfortunately.

Jimmy Redman: Regardless of the banality of MITB build-ups since, well, ever, the match itself always delivers. You think they cant possibly, but they always manage to pull some more cool stuff out every year. I'm looking forward to Bourne and Dolph doing this match, should be wicked. Plus, I mean, Shelton Benjamin. God created this man because he knew that one day, WWE would invent Money in the Bank. At this stage one assumes that Drew will win it from the build, with maybe Christian a very outside chance if they dont pull that trigger for whatever reason. Nobody else has a chance, obviously. But it should be fun.

Joey Asbo: I think the match is too cluttered this year. Some of the names are in there to be spot monkeys, not because they have world title potential. I wouldn’t have had Bourne, McIntyre or Swagger in there. I think Christian will walk away with this one. I think there is great potential for Christian to realign with Edge for the majority of the year, with Edge as champion. This would see Christian cashing in on Edge when he was vulnerable, in a heel turn.

TPIB: I think this match has the potential to be the show-stealer like it has been in past WrestleMania events. While it will more than likely be overshadowed by certain other matches on the card, I think it will be an interesting match nonetheless. I will personally be interested to see how the match is done with nine competitors in it at one time. I expect some great spots by Christian & Shelton Benjamin in this match, but I am really looking forward to what Evan Bourne will pull off in the contest. As far as a winner goes, there is no doubt that I see Drew McIntyre winning the Money-in-the-Bank contract. All the pieces fit together for McIntyre to win with "The Chosen One" character and the fact that he is already an opportunistic heel. That with the fact that the character is backed by Vince McMahon all add up to McIntyre being my pick.

Y2James: I am a bit fed up now of the MITB match happening every year at Wrestlemania. I feel every Wrestlemania should feel completely different to all the others, but MITB is the same midcarder spotfest every year. Saying that, it will still be a fun match and we get to see how Shelton Benjamin tries to kill himself this year. I can’t see anyone other than McIntyre or Christian winning, but it’s obvious Vince doesn't have faith in Christian as a main-eventer, so I'm predicting McIntyre for the win.

Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes

dsrchris: I'm actually quite looking forward to this. I imagine it would have been quite a lot better if they hadn't jobbed Legacy out so much during their formation, but whaddya gonna do? This is built to push Ted DiBiase Jr. so I'm expecting him to walk away as the winner (and probably a face).

Hanahbananabob: I'm not really too sure how I feel about this match to be honest. It hasn't been built up particularly well in my opinion and seeing as they have been in matches for the last few weeks on Raw it hasn't really made the Wrestlemania match seem like that big of a deal. I'm quite bored of the feud now, so I'm hoping that Orton will win to end it, but I can see Dibiase winning.

Jimmy Redman: I dont think it could have been possible for them to book these three men worse than they have. There have been some bright spots (DX feud, one-night Ted thingy) but overall Legacy (as a group, as an angle and as two future stars) has been one of the worst wastes in forever. I dont even care enough about them anymore to get angry about it. Its just a total nothing match. I can only assume Orton will win, since he's the star and the babyface-by-default, but I wouldnt be surprised if one of them wins either. Nor will I really care.

Joey Asbo: The triple threat, has a interesting dynamic. I was expecting, and would have preferred, a face turn from Ted DiBiase and a one on one with Randy Orton. I would have then had Cody turn on Randy at Wrestlemania, giving Ted a huge win to give his career a kickstart. I think the probable outcome will see Cody and Ted failing to co-exist, with the finish seeing something like Cody hitting the Cross-Rhodes on Ted, before receiving an Orton RKO or punt, and Randy going over.

TPIB: While it is not exactly a main event match on the card, I still think this will be a big night in the careers of Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase as it could really propel them towards the top. While I could see DiBiase winning, I do not think it will happen. In the end, I see Orton picking up the win.

Y2James: They certainly screwed this up. I think everybody has passed the point of caring and it’s a shame such a talent like Orton is stuck with these two. The face turn of Orton has been completely weak, they haven't totally committed to it so hopefully he turns back to heel straight after Mania. I think the best thing they could do is have Kofi Kingston run in and clear house with a steel chair, turning heel in the process. Orton must win.

Unified Tag Team Championship
Big Show & The Miz vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

dsrchris: Why not just have Miz vs. Morrison? Thats all anyone is really gonna care about in this match anyways. I have no inclination to want to watch R-Truth, or Big Show, and this just leads to the two mid card titles being undefended at Mania AGAIN. Incidentally, ShowMiz are my pick for this one, because R-Truth and Morrison just aren't very good as a team. Leave John to carry on in singles competition and fire R-Truth.

Hanahbananabob: To start with I wasn't that interested in this match, but I'm quite liking Morrison and R-Truth as a team, and I'm hoping that they will win. So yep, I'm gonna with Morrison and Truth for the win.

Jimmy Redman: ShowMiz are great, although that hardly needs to be said. I dont mind this as a thrown-together thing, I like Morrison so I'm glad he's on the card, my mother likes both of them, and it should be a fairly cool match. There doesnt seem to be any reason for the titles to change, they work well on Show & Miz and these guys are just a random face pairing. I think the only way they wouldnt retain is if Bryan screws Miz, but I wouldnt think it likely to happen.

Joey Asbo: I think this one has kind of just been thrown together to get the guys in the match on the card. I hope Big Show and Miz retain, as I like what WWE has done in making Big Show somewhat of a tag team specialist and I don’t see a great shelf life in Truth and Wisdom.

TPIB: I do not really have much to say regarding this match, but I do see R-Truth & John Morrison winning the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles. It seems to me that Truth & Morrison can get more out of being tag champions than The Miz & Big Show.

Y2James: I'm pretty sure this will be the opener and it should do a good job. All four men deserve a place on the card, so I'm happy this match has been made. ShowMiz are a great team and haven't held the belts that long, so I think they will pick up the win.

Rey Mysterio v CM Punk

dsrchris: YESS!! The Punker!! The best thing about the whole damn WWE right now. A man who can creep the sh*t out of you just by singing Happy Birthday!! Punk has to win this. The Straight Edge Society needs to claim a big victim, and Rey should be that victim. CM Punk all the way baby!

Hanahbananabob: This feud has been building up nicely over the last few weeks and even though I'm not a huge fan of either Punk or Mysterio, I'm quite looking forward to this match. Despite how irritating I find CM Punk, I have to admit he's been great in this feud and I'm looking forward to seeing Rey beat him! I really can’t see Rey losing and being forced to join the Straight Edge Society...but then it is the WWE so who knows?

Jimmy Redman: Sh*ts gonna be awesome. Rey is awesome. Punk is awesome. The build has been awesome. I mean the angle last week with Rey's family, incredible. I love this. I'm watching Smackdown as I type and again, its been great. Knowing the new stip now I lean towards Rey winning, although at the same time Rey losing would work as a means to a blow-off. Rey is just one of those ones where I often cloud my predicting judgment by thinking "I just really dont want him to lose". The match, by the way, will be one of the best on the card, time permitting.

Joey Asbo: I think Rey vs. Punk should be a great match. I am a big fan of Punk’s striking style and provided that meshes well with Rey’s pace and aerial ability, it has the potential to be a show stealer. The build has been good, and in order to carry on the feud, I think we should see Punk win, with Rey’s payoff coming later in the year.

Y2James: Decent feud leading in and on the big stage, I think this will definitely deliver. Thinking about it, this could be the surprise match of the night, if given time. I would like to see Punk win so Mysterio joins SES, which would be good TV.

Triple H vs. Sheamus

dsrchris: Not bothered in the slightest about this, but I'd like Sheamus to win. It looks like him and trippers are BFFs now anyways, so if anyone's gonna get Hunter to job at Mania, it'll be the big, pale ginger fellow.

Hanahbananabob: Really not interested in this one to be honest. I'll predict Triple H. That's all I have to say about this one!

Jimmy Redman: This is interesting only for the novelty of HHH being in a random midcard match at Mania. Sheamus is decent but he hardly interests me personally, and HHH is, of course, boring as f*ck. I expect the match will be good, actually, Sheamus is OK and Hunter, for all his faults, is a worker and can really carry a young guy to something special if he wants to, and you'd think he'd want to with Sheamus. I'm not sure who's winning yet, I'm leaning towards Sheamus, since they still seem keen on pushing him, plus its way easier without the title involved. In any case, he should come out of it looking good.

Joey Asbo: I am not really looking forward to this match. I don’t really buy Sheamus just yet, and much prefer Triple H as a heel, so as a matchup it means nothing but filler to me. I see HHH picking up the win.

TPIB: I am not expecting too much out of this match, but I see Triple H winning it.

Y2James: I know both guys need to be doing something, but I think this match will be terrible. They seem to be too similar in style to have a great match. The shorter they keep it, the better. Triple H to win.

Bret Hart vs. Mr. McMahon

dsrchris: Bret will punch Vince a lot. Vince will bump and super sell everything. Vince will bleed (if he hasn't got his PG hat on). Bret will win. Don't expect any moves folks, the best you'll get out of this is maybe a sharpshooter, with Vince all bloodied up. Perhaps.

Hanahbananabob: I think the reason why I haven't been that interested in this match is because I didn't watch wrestling when Bret was a wrestler, therefore I wasn't hyped to see him return. The feud has gotten better in the last week or so, but I don't think this match will be that great in my opinion. I will predict Bret to win.

Jimmy Redman: I think I'd enjoy this entire thing a lot more if I was an older fan and had any emotional attachment to Bret at all. Alas. But nevertheless, the build has been more good than bad, and the big reveal angle was really well done and got me hooked. The match, I mean who knows how Bret will go, but at least its a street fight, and best case, it turns into a really good, heated brawl, although that might depend on how un-PG they end up going, particularly blood-wise. Winner is obvious.

Joey Asbo: I’m not excited about this match as much as I thought I would be. I think Bret HAS to win. It’s pretty straightforward. Good build, lots of punching, kicking and ramming head into ring posts, finishing with a sharpshooter.

TPIB: Well, this will not be a "pretty" match by any stretch of the imagination, I expect it to be a short match with a number of botches; particularly Vince visibly going way out of his way to not even slightly touch Bret's head. Regardless of how ugly the match will probably be, the only way I see this ending is with Vince tapping out to the Sharpshooter. I would not be surprised (though I would be glad to see it) if Stone Cold Steve Austin got involved in this one.

Y2James: I'm completely intrigued by this match. By that, I mean how can these two possibly do anything that doesn't end up being completely embarrassing to watch! Who knows, maybe they will surprise me. The feud itself has been a huge letdown for me, which is a shame. Bret will no doubt win.

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Edge

dsrchris: I know Edge is returning, but I'd love to see Jericho win this one. Edge would have to put in a stellar performance to make him winning the title a possibility, as Jericho is just that damn good as a heel champion. I always found face Edge to be better when chasing the title anyway.

Hanahbananabob: This match has been built up well, with good promos (Except the one that started the irritating spear chant!) I like both of these wrestlers and I think that they could put on a really good match. I reckon Edge will win this, but I would actually like to see Jericho win because I think he deserves a longer reign as champion.

Jimmy Redman: This angle has been interesting without blowing me away, mainly because Edge isnt a babyface at all. Plus I feel like they've been doing the same thing the past month (the spears), like, I've seen Edge spear Jericho so often already, what will I care when he does it at Mania? Minor complaints aside, the match itself should be great, they're both great and will enjoy working with each other in such a major match. I'd say Edge to win, he's the Rumble winner, plus there's the possibility of a MITB cash-in here, in which case it would have to be on Edge.

Joey Asbo: Jericho vs. Edge has tremendous potential. I’m a huge fan of both men and I think we could see a really special match. It doesn’t matter who wins, as long as it’s a good competitive match, as I see the feud continuing. I’m going to say Edge will pick up the win though.

TPIB: To me, this match can be, and should be, an excellent match between two very capable wrestlers. I expect this match to go long and will hopefully make up for the botchfest that will be Cena vs Batista. In the end, I see Edge winning the title.

Y2James: The build for this has been a little lacklustre, but sometimes it’s the more simple feuds that deliver the great matches. My expectations aren't that high for this, so I should come out happy. I think Jericho will get an upset victory.

WWE Championship
Batista vs. John Cena

dsrchris: I really have no opinion whatsoever on this match. The build has been pretty poor. And that's not even the scripting, it's the way both men have played it. Hasn't made me care one iota about the outcome of this match. Okay, my pick for a winner, hmmmmm...Batista. No reason, just Batista.

Hanahbananabob: When I first heard about this match I thought that it was going to be incredibly dull, because I personally cannot stand Batista and I think he is a terrible wrestler. However, since he turned heel he has become more interesting and the segments between Cena and Batista have been good, especially the one where Batista explained why he attacked Cena. I really don't know who I want to win this match, but I think that Cena might win this one. Hmmm but then it could be Batista....Okay I really don't know who to say for this match!

Jimmy Redman: I've loved this build so much. Its so simple, and doing something so simple these days is so refreshing. But it works. Heel is an asshole. Heel says he's better than face. Heel keeps screwing with face. Face finally overcomes at Mania. Plus, Big Dave has been such a revelation as the biggest asshole in the world, he's been so great. I am so looking forward to this match. I say Cena to win at this stage, but its by no means obvious and I wont have a proper prediction until I see the go-home. But it should be awesome stuff.

Joey Asbo: Fairly decent build, helped that Batista was long overdue a heel turn, and seems to be revelling in his new role. He really is coming across as a bad ass, and Cena is playing his usual underdog role. I don’t think it’ll be the best match on the card. I’ll go with Batista retaining, I think he deserves to keep the belt for a little while.

TPIB: I expect both Undertaker & Michaels to put on the best match they could possibly do here. I know that I really should not get my hopes up about this match, but I cannot help it as it promises to be an excellent match. I see The Undertaker winning this match, even though the build to this match has made me believe that Michaels could realistically end the streak. While I am a big HBK fan, I also realize that, for Michaels, it is a smart move to end his career. I still expect to see HBK make some appearances in the future though.

Y2James: I'm torn. On one hand heel Batista is the single greatest thing the WWE currently have, then again Cena continues to be the most annoying thing since eye floaters. I don't think the match will be bad, but it won’t be great. This match is all the more annoying because John Cena will win.

Streak vs Career
The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

dsrchris: I wonder if Shawn Michaels is gonna pretend to be Jesus again?? Seriously should be the highlight of the night. Again. I can't pick a winner?! I've tried, and there's just too many variables that could lead to either man winning. Hmmm. I'm going to go for Undertaker, as I don't feel Shawn has anything to gain from ending the streak, but having a huge shock send off at Mania would solidify him as a hall of famer for next year.

Hanahbananabob: I cannot wait for this match. I really can’t! The build-up to this match has been excellent, and I really honestly don't know who will win this one! Sure, a lot of people have been saying HBK has been thinking about stopping wrestling, but I really hope this won't be the end of HBK's career. I've never really been an Undertaker fan, so I'm not all that bothered about the streak, so I'm gonna go with HBK....(I think!)

Jimmy Redman: Speaking of awesome. It almost goes without saying that this has all been great. From the minute they started building the rematch months ago, its been awesome stuff, one of the best match builds in recent years. As a huge Streak fan I'm as desperate as always for Taker to win, but, unlike last year, I'm not confident at all. You can justify Shawn winning with the career stip and parity booking and Taker getting old and what not. In the end I still think Taker wins though, Shawn can have a gigantic send-off and make a comeback in January or something. I'm wary about expecting too much from the match (Taker is definitely a year older) but the stip makes for a slightly different match and I'm sure it will be fun, whether it beats last year's or not. Taker to win.

Joey Asbo: I am really looking forward to the rematch from WM25, I just hope it lives up to the hype again. I think Taker has to win, I am not a fan of ending the streak, and the loss will give Michaels some time off to heal up. I have mentioned in the Wrestlemania 26 thread that I would like to see Triple H get involved, costing HBK the match and entering a feud with Undertaker. I do have a lingering feeling that HHH will turn heel as he is facing Cena in 4 matches in the UK in April.

Y2James: We can only hope it manages to live up to our expectations. If it does, then this match will be worth the price of the PPV alone. It is definitely the match I am most looking forward to, and it needs the go on last. If Wrestlemania retirements have told us anything (Savage, Foley, Flair & Hogan) it’s that you end up appearing in TNA. I am 90 percent sure Taker will win but that 10 percent of doubt will make it all the more exciting.

What are your thoughts on the promotion/hype for WrestleMania this year? (Has the WWE done a good job?)

dsrchris: I certainly know it's happening! It's been all over the radio and TV in my area, so they've done a good job on advertising, and the build for some of the matches has been really good. They haven't gone as overboard as they did last year, but I don't really blame them.

Hanahbananabob: I think WWE have done an awesome job promoting Wrestlemania, in my opinion! They have produced some great video packages, with highlights from previous Wrestlemanias and also ones promoting this year’s matches, but the best ones are definitely the videos promoting Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker, simply awesome!

Jimmy Redman: A fantastic job. I mean, think back to the build for WM25, when we were all "..meh" until the last second because the build sucked so much. This year's has been in a different universe. They have a bunch of cool matches lined up, and they've just been going from A to B to build to them. No bullsh*t, no swerves, no changing direction every week, no dropping things cold, no random three-way world title match, and so on. The only bad build has been Legacy, everything else has been at least good, solid, logical build. Its funny, after the Rumble I thought to myself that they'd mixed everything logical up and I had no idea what Mania would look like anymore, and yet in the end, Mania looks exactly like we thought it would look like in December. They had a logical card by the New Year, then they used the Rumble and its aftermath to tease a lot of different things and keep things up in the air, and then after NWO they focus in on the card that we wanted in the first place, and then they've delivered on it. They've just done the 'right' thing, so to speak, and so much for the better.

Joey Asbo: I think over the past few weeks, WWE has certainly upped its game and overall the build hasn’t been bad. I think the card has fallen into place very nicely in some ways, such as Jericho vs. Edge; Taker vs. Michaels; and the Legacy triple threat. But some matches seem thrown together, Sheamus vs. Triple H; the tag title match. It seems to be lacking a few big names/celebrities. Had it had a Tyson, Mayweather, Trump, Rock or Hogan I think the hype and buzz would have been amazing. It just sadly seems to be missing that last piece of the jigsaw.

TPIB: Well, I think that they could have done better and done more to promote it, but I think the name "WrestleMania" does quite a bit of promotion on its own, as well as putting The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels II on the card.

Y2James: The build-up for the matches has been pretty underwhelming. I don’t feel particularly hyped for Mania this year.

Is there any matches (not on the card) you would have liked to see happen this year?

dsrchris: An IC or US Title defence might have been nice. Can't remember the last time I saw an IC title match on a PPV??

Hanahbananabob: I don't think so to be honest? I can’t really think of any match-ups that could be included, apart from maybe Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool....that could still get added though!

Jimmy Redman: A women's match, obviously. Ideally a proper one-on-one match for a title, strange concept as that is. But they havent even announced the assumed giant tag, get-all-the-girls-on-the-show match. So I hope they at least do something.

Joey Asbo: If NXT had have debuted earlier, then a great match to add to the card could have been Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz in a Rookie vs Pro match. Could have even had a selection of the other Rookies and Pro’s as lumberjacks.

TPIB: Well, there are a lot of dream matches that come to mind, but given the current angles, I think the current card is about as close to ideal as possible.

Y2James: I think some of the matches that are on the card could have been different, but there isn't anyone missing from the card I particularly care about.

Is there anyone you would like to see on the show who currently isn't announced for the show?

dsrchris: I really do hope Danielson has something to do with the Miz's match. That would make my night.

Hanahbananabob: I think it's only Kofi Kingston that isn't included who I actually enjoy watching. Maybe they might add a 10th competitor to Money in the Bank or something?

Jimmy Redman: Apart from the women, not really. I think the most obvious guy left off the card is Kofi Kingston, but its not like I'm going to miss him or anything.

Joey Asbo: I mean, like I said, Rock, Hogan I would have had, but those at present are not realistic. Also JR, I mean I know he perhaps wouldn’t be announced anyhow, but it would be great to have him back. Also, where’s Kofi? Would have been good to have him in MITB.

TPIB: Well, I think some sort of special appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin would be nice. I say this because I am kind of thinking that Austin will play a role in the Hart/McMahon match. Other than that, I cannot really think of anyone I would like to see on the show who is not booked.

Y2James: Not from the roster. Maybe a surprise with a legend would be cool, maybe Piper could referee the Hart vs. Vince match or something.

Any other comments?

dsrchris: Nope.

Hanahbananabob: I'm really looking forward to Wrestlemania, even more so than last years I think! I hope it will be just as good, if not better than last years!

Jimmy Redman: Give me Taker, or give me death.

Joey Asbo: I hope everyone enjoys Wrestlemania and I’ll look forward to seeing how things pan out in the exciting post Mania period. Bring on the Draft!

TPIB: I expect this to be a great WrestleMania overall, mostly due to The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels, though I expect the World Heavyweight Title and Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match to be quite good, as well.

Y2James: It won’t be any worse than Wrestlemania 11!

Final Thoughts

Another larger-than-normal edition of the newsletter is almost at a close and it goes without saying, even though I am now saying it, that the contributors deserve a round of applause for their efforts in bringing this too you.

I hope you enjoyed the one-off features in this weekend's newsletter and, if you're a first time reader, you return in two weeks time to see if we can keep up the good work. The competition below is open to everyone, so simply email your answers. Good luck to all who enter.

Enjoy TNA's Destination X tonight, UFC 111 on Saturday and, of course, WrestleMania XXVI in seven days time... and, if your wondering, I'm predicting a good night for Edge, Undertaker, ShowMiz, Bret Hart, Batista, Sheamus, Orton, Punk and Drew McIntyre.

Newsletter Editor:

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Thanks to everybody who contributed to this issue of the TWO Newsletter:

NEXT EDITION: Sunday 18th April 2010
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Really good newsletter. :)

EDIT - Although, 5/10 for Damage? I would have given it at least an 8/10.


Am disappoint, son
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Four weeks ago at No Way Out.
Aah right. I didn't see that. Kinda glad I didn't.

They asked me to comment on Wrestlemania, when I've only just started pouring through the last 2 months worth of programming I've missed.

So yes, I am now aware that Kofi Kingston isn't in MitB, but I still reckon he'll qualify this week and take the whole thing. I can't see a 9 man MitB, because that'll leave someone left out when everyone inevitably pairs off at some point.

Dante Spears

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Why not, we had 7 one year and that was probably the best Money in The Bank we've had thus far

The GS

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I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't asked to contribute to this newsletter as I reckon I must be one of the only members whos active daily that wasn't asked.
Still though, ye done a good job.


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It's really hard to include every one who wants to be involved, especially when people don't reply to PM's.

Awesome newsletter, stonkingly huge and with some gerat content. And being the Editors other half, I know how hard he worked on it, so kudos DC.


I'm the good looking one up there
I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't asked to contribute to this newsletter as I reckon I must be one of the only members whos active daily that wasn't asked.
Still though, ye done a good job.
Did I not send you a PM? You were on my list of peeps to speak to? Although two people didn't even bother giving me a "No thanks" and just ignored me, so they will be scratched off any future list for anything I do.

Dante Spears

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I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't asked to contribute to this newsletter as I reckon I must be one of the only members whos active daily that wasn't asked.
Still though, ye done a good job.
You were, but there was a clerical error

Private Message: Wrestlemania member spotlight!!!
Recipients: Dante Spears, G2G, Gold Standard, Shane O Mac, Springsteen


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See I THOUGHT I put GoldStandard in there...

The GS

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Did I not send you a PM? You were on my list of peeps to speak to? Although two people didn't even bother giving me a "No thanks" and just ignored me, so they will be scratched off any future list for anything I do.
Judging from Dante Spears' post I'm guessing I didn't get the message because you spelled my username with a space. You spelled it Gold Standard instead of GoldStandard.
It's okay anyway.


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Did I not send you a PM? You were on my list of peeps to speak to? Although two people didn't even bother giving me a "No thanks" and just ignored me, so they will be scratched off any future list for anything I do.
yeah that was me my bad, i read it same with DC and i was like i will do that late, then i saw the newsletter up then i was oh f*ck i knew i had something to do


I'm the good looking one up there
The word "D'oh!" is overused... but on this occasion...


Dante Spears

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I think Laffy sent me a PM for some contribution to the newsletter...and I completely forgot about it. Oh well, just gives you more respect for the people who put this together, considering they pull it off when the people they ask to help don't respond.


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Just a quick reminder that the Movie Mayhem competition closes for new entries at 11.59pm tomorrow night (UK time).


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The Movie Mayhem competition will be closing in just over 50mins, so if you haven't entered, then just pop a quick email to the competition address and see if you can win a prize.



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The competition is now closed and all the entries are accounted for. The drawing will be taking place in the General Chat forum and the winners will be listed in this very thread tomorrow evening.

Good luck to all who entered.