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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #211 - April 5th 09 *WrestleMania Special*

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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter
Issue #211 – April 5th 2009

The Editorial

It's the biggest day in the wrestling calendar and, to coincide with that, it's one of the biggest days in the TWO Community Newsletter calendar as well, so strap yourself in, have a large drink to hand and make this your official starting point in the countdown to WrestleMania.

We have a lot of content for you this time out. Newsletter standards like the Member Spotlight (a double-dose of grilling this time out), Meet the Team, TWO Stats and TWO Questions, as well as the back-from-the-wilderness duo of Quote/Unquote and The Probe, are complimented by Kam asking members just what is the Best WrestleMania theme, Chris2K choosing his Top 25 Wrestlemania moments, a roundtable on this year's 'Mania, the winners of the TWO Caption Competition, myself bringing you the results of the Greatest WrestleMania Matches polls and Darkstar talking some more nonsense in Blabbermouth, not to mention the continuation of the TWO Photoshop League.

A big thank you to Fletch for saving The GameZone after Al Stevens had to drop out, and to John Hancock for stepping in and rescuing Ghettoblastin' from Newsletter Purgatory. His first column will be appearing next week, so we're all, I'm sure, looking forward to that.

I know I've waffled on a bit, but all in all, I hope you enjoy reading this issue and take the time to peruse the various segments.


Meet The Team

1) How long is your tongue?

Kam: Erm...average.
TMJ: Long enough to make your girlfriend curious. But not long enough to make her happy.
Nimf: As long as you need it to be, baby.
Darkstar: Like me, short and fat. But oddly agile.
ScottyB: Avoiding the easy sexual joke, I'm going to say average size.
TPIB: Long enough, ladies ;).
Fiona: Long enough to get me in trouble.
Laffy: Long enough to stick it out at you! :p

2) You're on one of those stupid Desert Island Disc shows and the presenter asks you the ridiculous question; "If you had to choose one song lyric to sum up your life, what would it be?" during the course of the programme. Of course, the "Meet the Team" questions are way above such pathetic attempts at interrogation, but, in the interests of experimentation, we'll ask the stupid question anyway... so, if you had to sum up your life with the words of one song lyric, what would it be?

Kam: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream.
TMJ: "But you thought I'd change after a while and said 'you better treat me different or else'. 'Or else' seems like a stupid f**king thing to say to someone like me."- Marilyn Manson, 'The Wow'
Nimf: "Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, BOOM."
Darkstar: "Jam your brain with broken heroes, love your masks and adore your failure" - Stay Beautiful by The Manic Street Preachers.
ScottyB: "I don't want to urinate on myself, I don't want to urinate on anyone else" - Depends by Blink 182
TPIB: "What's Worth The Prize Is Always Worth A Fight" - If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback
Fiona: "Isn't it a shame it's just the same, that's all" - Genesis
Laffy: "And more, much more than this, I did it my way" - Frank Sinatra

3) Since it's the Wrestlemania edition, I guess one of these should be 'Mania based. With that in mind, who is the real "Mr. Wrestlemania"? Is it Shawn Michaels, as he claims? Hulk Hogan, who put the event on the map? Undertaker, who has his entire legacy wrapped up in the event... or is it someone else entirely?

Kam: The first name I think of in regards to WrestleMania is Hulk Hogan
TMJ: I think Mr. Wrestlemania is Vince McMahon. He made it, he envisioned it, and he kept it going when Hogan, Bret and Austin all folded.
Nimf: Hmm I gave this a LOT of thought. And my final answer is I really don't know. What do you judge something like that on? Most 'top' matches? Most 'Manias'? Most influential? I have no idea.
Darkstar: Vince. I cant see anyone else being as important to it. Certainly not any of his kids.
ScottyB: Hulk Hogan - The man headlined 7 out of the first 8 Wrestlemainia's, including one where he slammed a giant.
TPIB: Shawn Michaels, no question. Every WrestleMania that he competes at seems to be the show-stealer.
Fiona: A toss up between Hogan and Taker; I think they are both equally important. HBK remains to be seen.
Laffy: For me it's Taker; 16-0 at WrestleMania fought countless people and buried everyone. I love the streak, I love the legacy and hope it never ends. Taker's entrances send shivers down my back as I lean forward in anticipation of the match ahead.

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Talk Wrestling Online Community Update

Congratulations to the following three members who have each won £25 for posting about their favourite WrestleMania Moment:

* Dan
* Jimmy Redman
* Nemesis Enforcer

Read all the entries HERE.
Read the Wrestling 101 Article HERE.

The following members were all lucky enough to win £15!

* Monday 30th March 2009 = dsrchris
* Tuesday 31st March 2009 = TMJ
* Wednesday 1st April 2009 = Y2James
* Thursday 2nd April 2009 = JamesMXPX
* Friday 3rd April 2009 = Nemesis Enforcer
* Saturday 4th April 2009 = Fiona
* Sunday 5th April 2009 = wwepigred

Below are the winners of the WrestleMania Caption Competition as judged by Inno who each win a random WWE DVD:


Coming off a defeat against the McMahons, God interupts Hogan for a match at wrestlemania. Hogan accepts, but only if God puts his name on the line
(By AustinAries)


After the failure of 12 Rounds, the newest WWE film took an adult twist
(By Y2James)


So I pulled a few strings and I've got you the lead in the remake of Mr. Nanny, Brotha!
(By dsrchris)


The news of Joey Styles knocking JBL out seemed to inspire Hornswoggle... maybe a bit TOO much
(By Reno)

You can see all the entries HERE.

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Forum Member's Picks of the Fortnight

~Website~; a fantastic website, with hot fashion for boys and girls. Nice, so you'll have some sort of feeling that people might not be in the same clothes on a night out!


The 'Sex and the City' movie, as I'm emerging myself in fashion to produce a magazine for my course... darling.


'Greatest Hits' by A1. A little bit of nostalgia and Ben Adams is still tasty!


'The Great Gatsby' by F.Scott Fitzgerald; A beautiful tale of the sacrifice for true love. The language in this book is beautiful and it is my favourite book ever.

The Probe

After the well-received probe of the last edition and the ridiculous issues I had to overcome to even get it published, I thought that I'd give myself an easy ride this time with a long-time favourite of many TWO members and of myself personally. The bitching is kept to a minimum and I know that'll please Kam and DC, but the content is still worth a read. I'm hoping that just the name will sell you on it. Ladies and gentlemen... NAITCH!

It was inevitable really that the two greatest posters in TWO history would one day find each other in a probe situation, and during the biggest newsletter of the year, no less. You must feel so honoured.

Naitch: I am truly humbled by the experience. Ask me again at the end though.

Remind me and I will. So first things first (as opposed to...); who are you and how did you find this site?

Naitch: I am Naitch, some of you may know me as Naitch, others may know me as Naitch but most of you will know me as Naitch. I used to sign into the chatroom many years ago through smashwrestling and people would talk about TWO on a pretty regular basis but I just never got round to signing up. Then one day (if memory serves me correct) Russ said I should join, so I did. And that was 4 GODDAMN YEARS AGO. WHERE HAS IT ALL GONE?!?

How do you think I feel? I've been here for nearly 8 years.

Naitch: I wasn't even born 8 years ago.

If you knew then what you know now, would you have still taken Russ' advice?

Naitch: In terms of knowing what? I mean, I like bullsh*tting about the wacky quasi sport of professional wrestling and this forum has led to me doing so for the last 4 GODDAMN YEARS. WHERE HAS IT ALL GONE?!?

Well TWO has had its ups and downs, its good members and bad ones, and all the drama in-between. It does get quite addictive sometimes, too. Some people might have thought that their time on the site was wasted minutes rather than worthwhile moments.

Naitch: 'Addictive' is a pretty good definition of what a wrestling forum is. I'd been on forums before TWO but I'd never lasted as long as I have and I haven't even visited said sites in years and months and years so why do I keep on posting at TWO? Honestly, I dunno. I realise this is, you know, a probe and you're looking to find it but I can't answer it with any definitive answer. Habit, mostly, I guess. There are times when I think I wouldn't be arsed with it when the US Scene contains the same mundane nonsense and, honestly, it ain't as good as it was when I first joined (and, by the accounts of the old timers, before that too) but I keep on posting (albeit a lot less frequently now, and I was never a post ***** in the first place). Worthwhile? Well, I'd much rather be fingering Page 3 models, I guess.

Let me just read all of that. Give me an hour.

Naitch: I ramble a lot. People may have noticed.

The best of us go on longer than we probably should, but we have the most to say and we say it the best, so screw it.

Naitch: So, basically we're the forum equivalent of Ali?

Tatyana, maybe. But that does kinda leads on to my next question: You say that the US scene forum isn't as good as it was. Any particular reason why?

Naitch: There certainly isn't as much interesting debate as there used to be. And I don't think there's as many 'interesting' posts and posters as there used to be. By that, I mean, people who you know immediately what to expect from in a a good way. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong and remembering some heady days where every thread contained something good that never actually existed. You're here longer than me. Am I?

Genuinely, I don't know. I often wonder if those who came before me looked at my posts when I first joined and thought exactly what I think of some of the new posters today. In fact, I know that some did. Simon and a long-gone member called The Alliance Mark both didn't think much of me in 2002, but Simon ended up frequenting on Colin and my wrestling podcast years later and I became an administrator. Maybe you expect too much having seen those who were there originally. Most people always use the benchmark of what they first saw as how things should be. It's like the old Hogan/Austin biggest draw question, that is always summed up with the answer "the biggest draw is whoever your hero was as a child." I think that philosophy works on TWO too.

Naitch: Austin; hero as a child, that is. Not Hogan; he smelled.

I don't disagree. I never liked Hogan even though my first wrestling figures as a child were of Hogan, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. That wasn't my choice, though. The Flair name should perk your interest though. I hear that you're a big fan of his. Just a hunch.

Naitch: I remember having a Repo Man figure, it was glorious. Had an El Gigante one from when he was in WCW. That one was bought for me. The person that bought it for me must surely have hated me. I like Ric Flair, I may have mentioned it a couple of times.

You even styled your username after him.

Naitch: This is my real name, silly.

My apologies. But what is it about the Nature Boy that was so appealing to you?

Naitch: Flair was, if not the first, certainly one of the first wrestlers I ever saw when I first started watching wrestling and Royal Rumble 92 was the first major show I can remember. Flair did rather well in that Rumble and I was immediately hooked. Had The Berzerker won the Rumble, things may have turned out rather differently. Although not necessarily for the worse being that he was The Berzerker and all. But I'm not old enough to have seen Flair when he was really and truly in his prime. That came later. I watch that stuff now and think I made the right choice in having him as my No. 1 guy because he's everything good about wrestling encapsulated in one saggy titted, banana nosed, horse toothed son of a gun. Right choice for a username? I dunno, maybe I should have gone with 'The Berzerker'.

Did you follow him in WCW afterwards? Most of his fans came from the old territory days and from the Monday night wars. It's rare to hear people converted from his short early-90s WWF run.

Naitch: Oh yeah, I still followed him once he went to WCW, I mean he was still really very great during his initial return to WCW until, I guess, Hogan came in and ruined it all, dammit, and then even his most avid fan would say, save for some fleeting moments he went downhill. The last couple years in particular were rather painful, he didn't start getting some of his mojo back until he went to the WWF again where he at least looked happy again. I wish I could have been old enough to follow him through his territorial days. Damn my parents for not being older, having me earlier and being from the Carolinas. WWF Flair was the first Flair I has exposure to, basically.

Who else in pro wrestling would you call yourself a fan of?

Naitch: Austin, Austin, Austin...Austin. IN JOKE. He's fighting it out with Flair on a daily basis over who gets my love and affection.

Dare I ask why?

Naitch: Similar to your Hogan/Austin point earlier, Austin is my generation's wrestler, he's our guy. I was 12 years old when Steve Austin first gave the Stunner to Vince, 13 years old when he first won the WWF Title. That has a tremendous effect on a 13 year old boy. Sunny had a different effect on a 13 year old boy but Austin covered all the other bases of fun and violence and badassery and coolness.

So I assume that you're excited to see him inducted into the Hall Of Fame, which will have happened by the time people read this.

Naitch: Well, him and Terry Funk. But more importantly, KOKO B. WARE!!!

A deserving name, we can all agree. Looking forward to Wrestlemania?

Naitch: I am. I know there's been a lot of negative backlash towards the card, perhaps understandably, because it isn't screaming WRESTLEMANIA but, on paper, it looks a good enough card to me and I can't see it not turning out well. Obviously the build hasn't been spectacular but, as has been mentioned before, Wrestlemania is now about much more than just the wrestling. It's gone way beyond just being a wrestling PPV.

So you think it'll deliver on the night where the build may not have?

Naitch: I think the build has been decent enough in places and the parts that have been decent have got me interested in the matches that I perhaps wouldn't have been before ie, Orton/Triple H but, yeah, I think that's a pretty good summary of it. It'll deliver when the lights are on bright. IF Stonecold makes an appearance.

Where would his appearance belong? In which segment?

Naitch: I think the obvious one would be getting involved with Jericho. Jericho steals a win, slides out of the ring before any of the Legends can get their hands on him for stealing said win. Glass breaks, Austin strolls out, Jericho shits himself, crowd goes nuts, Austin gives him the Stunner, then Stunners Mickey Rourke just because he can. Something like that. Shit, I dunno, he could be one of the entrants in the Diva Battle Royal for all I care, it's in bloody Texas, they can't not have Austin make an appearance.

Do you have a Wrestlemania ritual?

Naitch: I'd like to say I sacrifice a virgin to Vince McMahon beforehand or something but I don't. My ritual boils down to ordering the PPV, waiting until it starts and then watching it.

No TWO quiz pre-show?

Naitch: I haven't been to one of the quizzes since probably No Way Out 2008.

It'd be a shame not to see you in there for one night in the year. We had some fun in those quizzes, particularly with our "Austin Austin Austin" win a few years back with Craig and Wolverine. I mention that because it segues into my next question. Coming back to TWO, I should ask of your thoughts on the whole split from last year between certain members of the website. I mention Craig and Wolverine as I know that they were posters you seemed to like or respect at least. They left TWO in a blaze of glory and a number of their online peers (for lack of a better phrase) all went with them to another website which you and I are both members of. What was your take on that whole original incident and the subsequent attitudes and split of everyone involved? Were you ever tempted to join in with the action?

Naitch: I'll be honest here, I caught the aftermath and didn't have a bloody clue what was going on because, as with most crazy happenings on the forum, I either miss them through not having been on the forum for a while or through never going into General Chat because it, ah, isn't my favourite place that or through just generally being unlucky (or lucky) enough to miss them so a lot of the EXCITING happenings on the forum have went over my head and, being that I sign into MSN roughly once every 3 decades, go further over my head. But I liked Craig and Wolverine as posters on TWO and then they left. And that was about the sum total of it. I moved on. There ain't nothing juicy in that because you're asking the wrong person about that whole Grammargate (andgate whoevergate namedgate itgate thatgate isgate agate nerdgate andgate agate tweebgate. Gate.) because my memories of it are there was some kinda of shenanigans on the forum, Craig, Wolverine et al left or were banned, started a new forum and I joined said new forum. That was exceedingly long for someone not in the know. But you may as well have asked Chantelle Houghton about the Watergate scandal.

Do you still like/get on with them in any way, shape or form?

Naitch: In as much as one can get on with a stranger on a wrestling forum.

Do you not progress your relationships with fellow posters further than MSN? You know that some TWO posters have actually met, and some have even done the dirty.

Naitch: I have a few people from TWO as contacts on MSN (including about 5 different email addresses and aliases from you. What are you, in the CIA?) but, as I say, I am very, very, very rarely on MSN because this ain't 1999 and I don't a/s/l no more. Perhaps it's a cynical viewpoint, I dunno, but this is JUST a wrestling forum for me where I bullshit about wrestling with other people who bullshit about wrestling and I've never had any real desire to meet with any posters from a wrestling forum. Now that you mention that some of them do the dirty though... although aren't all the females on here pretending to be females? I dunno, it is the internet after all.

You rarely see women pretend to be men online. I don't know why.

Naitch: Maybe you're a woman. As well as being in the CIA.

So who are your favourite and least favourite posters on this 'JUST a wrestling forum'?

Naitch: You/Jayfunk. You for the first question and him for the second.

Any particular reasons? Please, feel free to elaborate and take your time doing so.

Naitch: I think he's, honestly, the worst thing that's ever happened to the US Scene Forum. I dunno if that's harsh or not but he's been here for, what, a year? Look at the forum during that time and tell me it hasn't descended into insanity over him making horrifyingly wretched remarks and people banging their head over and over and over and over again against a brick well trying to argue with him. There was a period of literally about 4 months where literally every single thread in there boiled down to divas, knockouts, divas, knockouts, divas, knockouts, knockouts, knockouts, divas, divas, divas, knockouts, divas. There have been bad posters before (but then, who am I decide that? I'm not the boss of the bedclothes. And anyone who gets that reference gets a prize) but I've never seen anyone drag an entire forum down to his level the way he has done. Maybe he's proud of that, I dunno. Sh*t, stick it on a CV even.[/COLOR]

And I'm just the opposite of all that, I guess.

Naitch: Take it that way, if you must. Saves me some time.

Beltmark once tried to take a cheap stab at me because we've been known to circlejerk in the past. And now he's mostly gone, only to return when someone is butt-hurting his e-mail buddy The Ultimate Warrior. True story.

Naitch: I dunno, is it a circle jerk? But he came back? Shows how much I pay attention. I'll disappear forever and make sure to come back when someone criticises Flair's saggy tits. THEY'RE GLORIOUS, DAMMIT.

I only noticed from the five pages worth of nothingness it brought with it. I'll wrap things up - what's Naitch up to in the real world? Are you simply a forum hack? Or do you study/work/pry on the vunerable in your time?

Naitch: Aside from the occasional foray into the world of underground S&M, casual necrophilia and trying to impress girls in bars by naming all of the Starrcade main events (a sure fire way to get a girl to drop her panties and put your mickey in her mouth right there in the middle of the bar in front of everyone, I'm sure you'll agree). I used to be a study type person but then I got a job in the Civil Service. My job is not terribly exciting because most jobs aren't.

No dreams of grandeur?

Naitch: Don't we all? But then grandeur comes to but a few. Unless grandeur for anyone reading is, in fact, a desk job in the Civil Service, in which case I apologise for the offence.

How much longer do you think you can put up with TWO for? And how long can TWO deal with you?

Naitch: I have no idea, I'd say I'll probably be dipping in and out (as the bishop said to the actress) for many a month and minute to come. Gimme another month and then get back to me.

How's the Probe been for you?

Naitch: Bordering on orgasmic.

Well I'm sorry to treat you like every woman I've ever had sexytime with, but I'm gonna have to cut you off before you peak, because I'm done. Thanks for taking the probe. Any last words for the readers?

Naitch: Ever wonder why, if a person is walking down the street on their own and they're perfectly stone faced or even, dare I say, grumpy looking, no one bats an eyelid but if someone is walking down the street on their own and they're smiling to themselves, everyone thinks they're batshit insane? Why is that? Maybe the world needs to learn to appreciate a smiler. Apart from that, it's been an interesting experience.


The Video Games Zone

Hey all, Video Games Forum Guru Fletch here, filling in for Al last minute. Being the Games Master I am, I took the job head on, despite being in the middle of a big move at the moment... yeah I know, blah, blah haha!

So anyway, the subject of this somewhat smaller than usual, compact but perfect little article... Legends Of WrestleMania. The new game from THQ, out just in time for this Sunday's HUUUUGE WrestleMania 25 event... LIVE tonight at Midnight on Sky Box Office and in HD for those who don't already know :p

So the premise of the game is in fact, not a new concept. See for those who don't remember games on the old PS2 and original Xbox system may simply have never played, the age old Legends of Wrestling series from Acclaim. The games weren't without flaws, the last game in the series, Showdown, was actually the worst game to play of the 3 games, down to the awful controls. I do however recommend Legends of Wrestling 2 just for the killer soundtrack.

So yes, onto THIS game. Legends of WrestleMania, featuring, as you'd guessed, some of the LEGENDS from which event? WRESTLEMANIA stupid! There are 38 stars in all, including Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker... I could go on and on. So there's a nice little roster there really, plus 2 major additions. Firstly, managers, something we've long since forgotten in games and indeed in wrestling. There's 4 on show in this game, Mr Fuji, Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan and Paul Bearer, They interact perfectly in the game to advantage you, or disadvantage you wherever they see fit. It's a nice feature, even if it doesn't add all that much to the game.

The second major feature is, if you own THQ's SmackDown vs RAW 2009, then you can play as the Superstars from that game too... only in this one. Bumping the roster all the way up past 100 Superstars... hell you can even import Downloaded content such as Evan Bourne and Ted DiBiase and your own previously made Created Superstars. It's a nifty little feature, and while they all come out just as in SmackDown vs RAW, they now have the chain wrestling ability, like the Legends already in the game. My lord does it feel nice punting all the Legends in the head with Randy Orton.

The game certainly has that old school style to it. The wrestler's entrance's in particular are absolutely spot on. The arena's look spot on, and everything down to the banners with the names on when the stars come out, are just as they were back in the day.

The traditional Smackdown vs RAW control scheme is gone for this game, with THQ seeking a more traditional face button control scheme. Strikes and grapples each have their own button to initialise them, and running is now down to a move with the left stick. What Legends does though, is introduces a new quicktime styles of play, where when you sometimes initialise a move, submission or finisher, you then have to follow the series of buttons it pops up in order to pull it off right... much like the Hot Tag feature in the recent SmackDown game. It is a unique way to play the game that's for sure, and can mix is up a lot, as before that, you can often feel like a good old button mash on the strike button is all you seem to be doing to gain the upperhand.

The career mode, if you can call it that, is less career than usual. You get 3 choices. Rewrite, in which you pick a classic match, and play as the loser and try turn the tables on the real result... Relive, in which you try play out the match, with key features from the actual match that took place, with the same result, or Redefine, in which you play the match, with an added stipulation such as a Cage or Hell In The Cell added. It's certainly a refreshing change to the usual main modes we get, and some of the challenges will have you on the edge of throwing your pad at the screen in frustration.

The game isn't without it's flaws, like most games. The major issue, is that the control scheme, just doesn't work. It's slow, sluggish and unresponsive. That's not to say it isn't fun at times, and the combo quicktime events really do spice it up, but even guys who weren't renowned for fast paced action, it seems to slow it a bit too much.

There's only one set of titles, which can be frustrating. It's the same old winged eagle belt for every match, and we all know how the belt changed. Even SmackDown vs RAW had different versions of belts, so why can't this? The wrestler's themselves seem to be ego boosts for the actual legends... thinned down, and in the case of Hogan... hair is replenished! It's not a bad thing, but like we've found in previous THQ WWE titles, it takes something away from the games. Umaga and Dusty Rhodes were never that thin... hell Dusty's son Goldust is probably fatter than his old man is in the game.

There's a lot of fun to be had with the game if you’re a fan of the old theatrical World Wrestling Federation that graced our TV sets in the 80s and 90s, and certainly, it's a refreshing look at the game from THQ's standpoint. It's not for everyone, but for those who enjoy the era, have fun!


Member Spotlight


Hi, I’m Y2James. I first discovered TWO through the chatroom, some guy said “have you joined the forum?” Then I said “What is a forum”. 4 years and 3,500 posts later here we are.

I have been a fan since I can remember. I only started watch avidly in 1999. My first PPV was No Mercy 99.

ECW: Christian
Smackdown: Jeff Hardy
Raw: Randy Orton
TNA: Kurt Angle

No, never.

Oh there’s so much. The main thing must be the invisible cameras in the WWE. Insulting to my intelligence.

I suspect this answer will change after Wrestlemania, but I will go for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber at No Way Out.

Probably the HHH/Orton home invasion. If that doesn’t count as backstage then HHH chasing Orton through the arena with a sledgehammer.


So much to choose from. The McMahon/Helmsley era stuff was brilliant.

Orton and Cena to take the gold. Mark Henry to stink the place out and Jeff Hardy to do something crazy.

Wrestlemania 17 stands out for me with Rock/Austin, Taker/HHH and Shane/Vince.

Maybe Wrestlemania 18 just because of the atmosphere around Hogan/Rock.

John Cena driving the car into the arena stands out.

Hulk Hogan vs Steve Austin.

FANTASY 6 MAN MINI RUMBLE-WHO WOULD YOU HAVE IN IT AND WHO WOULD WIN?The Rock vs Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage vs John Cena vs Randy Orton. Winner: The Rock.

My phone is broke so I can’t remember.

Probably an overpaid sports star. Realistically a journalist.

America, Australia and Italy.

Kanye West.

I have a terrible memory. I don’t know.

Favorite: Maths
Least favorite: Science

Murder, I definitely need to cut down on the amount of murders I commit.



Wallet, shutter shades and laptop.

Quote, Unquote

It's here wrestling's biggest night of the year, WRESTLEMANIA. Discussion had been fast and furious on the forum, so let's see what our members and well-placed source's have to say about this years show.

Well placed source my arse...thats the biggest piece of BS!
Don't talk about Darkstar that way. Infraction coming in 3..2..1..

Gah. I left my mobile on the chair arm when I went upstairs for socks. Gemma rang me and it made the phone fall off into my coffee. Now it doesnt work. :(
Phew infraction averted.

i have just booked Wrestlemania weekend my boss asked why i needed that weekend i looked at her as if she was mad and stated It's Wrestlemania Baby! Woooooooo! and did the strut. I do not think i have ever seen my boss laugh so hard in her life,
You should have asked for a raise. Any predictions, anyone?

Expect me to be inconsolable if HHH wins. Plus I'd be super drunk so my mate's telly may well take a pounding. Conversely if Orton wins then we'll probably be doing the drunk-guy-conga down the street at 4am.
I'll have a box of tissues or a camera ready.

I can think of worse WM Smackdown main events. HHH vs Kozlov, Edge vs Kozlov, Kozlov vs Big Show...Sense the pattern emerging
No. Can you repeat it for me?

HBK vs JBL sounds like a potential borefest/snorefest.

And if Cena vs Orton happens again, I won't be very happy.
Now here's a pattern emerging, let me guess you'll give it a 2/10.

I think Cena vs Orton will be even more boring than Edge vs HHH if thats what they go with. This years Maina isnt shaping up great at all so far.
This isn't looking good. The Hardy's should liven things up.

Last time Matt and Jeff had a feud, it was quickly dropped due to the matches being beyond dull. It will have to be a spotfest/stuntshow which no doubt it will be.
Oh no, Nem help me out.

I say it should be a trampoline match! :lol:
Now we're talking.

I predict that the Hardy brothers match will be the show stealer this year.

Although my predictions always suck so I've probably just put the kiss of death on that one.
So if the match bombs we all know who to blame.

I think it's shaping up to be a really good mania this year. Orton/Trips, Jeff/Matt and Taker/HBK all have potential to be MOTY. The likely triple threat match (Edge/Show/Cena) will no doubt only get about 15 minutes like previous years which means it should be fast paced and exciting with a no doubt intractly designed finish.
Whoa it's like you have a crystal ball or something.

I just read an article on about a possible appearance by The Rock at WrestleMania. I am really getting sick of seeing and hearing about stories like this.
Then you should really stop spreading the rumour.

So could we see the Ultimate Warrior vs Jericho? Or am I just paranoid?
No we won't and yes you are.

I'd love to see Warrior run-in and squash Santino just for the sight of the rope shaking and the Warrior splash.

They'd know who he is, but I doubt they'd love it. Especially since he can't run anymore and it'd take a good 3 minutes for him to get down the ramp. At which point, he'd be blown up and probably pass out and die.

On second thoughts, maybe they would love it...
No, WARRIOR DOWN!! That would put Money in the Bank though. See what I did there?

i think who ever wins should loss the title match so not to make the thing too predictable and pointless. otherwise it turns into who ever wins the MITB match will be world champion no doubt which makes bad TV
Shoo - the non-believer.

I would actually like to see it being won in the first match and then whoever wins it using it that night to get the mania spot instead of waiting a whole year.
That makes sense, Vince will never use it.

Although, it would be worth it for Santino to cash it in (even if it could be throwing away the case). Win or lose, it would be a hilarious night on RAW the next day.

Just think - Santino Marella unveiling his "Bruno-a-meter".
Eww, I would much prefer he keep his clothes on.

However, I always have some sort of convoluted idea that I have that I am looking forward to.

That being Punk winning Money in the Bank, Orton beating HHH in the main event, then Punk cashing in and beating Orton for the World Title to end the show.
You have way too much time on your hands.

I'm so pumped and looking forward to WM25.

The card is fab, the build up has been great, should be an awesome PPV from start to finish. Just wish I could be in Houston for it this year.
Finally a happy satellite van driver.

Hopefully non-retarded heads prevail.
I doubt it Redman, Vince is still in at the helm.

That's Quote/Unquote for another newsletter. Enjoy Mania and see you next edition.


Member Spotlight



I'm Dave! I got here when wrestleline shut down around 2001/2000. I was RTC there and I'm quite sure I was here too until I returned as Dave7g about 5 years ago.

World of Sport was always on in my house growing up. Even when I was 3 years old I hated Big Daddy and knew that he had no talent whatsoever.
I was a big fan of Kendo, and I can clearly remember Fit Finlay wrestling. These would be my earliest memories.

Strictly going by who's currently on each roster i'll pick:

ECW - Christian. I don't think Jack Swagger holds a candle to CC. Christian should be involved in the Wrestlemania storylines but instead he's hidden away on a show that's even less watched than TNA.

Smackdown - Edge. He's the only man for the job there really. Even though he's hindered in one of the worst angles ever with Vickie and Big Show, his matches can deliver well and he's a decent enough promo too.
Edge and Christian should be all over Wrestlemania instead of what we have. It's not going to lose any potential buyers since I haven't heard of anyone that is looking forward to Cena/Show/Edge.

Raw - CM Punk. His reign was cut short but I was into it. It only seemed to "fail" because he was jobbed out every week and everyone else bar Punk were made to look like a big deal. It was something new and fresh that didn't hurt ratings in the least, now it's back to that young buck HHH and ratings are slipping. What more can I say?

TNA - Joe. I've not been watching really, only the odd match that is recommended but Joe on PPV never fails to entertain me. He could wrestle Mark Henry and make it good. Yeah he's that unbelievable.

I've shaken 'hand' with Andre the Giant. I don't think the other tales of my meeting Gangrel etc. can match that so I'll leave it at that.

Wrestling : It embarasses me so much. Smackdown was put on in the pub one Friday night because there was nothing else on and, yup, out walked "The Dicks". No wonder it has the stigma it has when that sort of camp rubbish is insistantly forced on us. People laugh at wrestling for a reason, and the "glitz and glamour" of a 1970's mentality is why.
Wrestling needs to move on. There's no need for Leprechauns in 2009, think about it.

Wrestlers: They are unbelievable liars, every last one of them. Don't believe a word.

Wrestling fans: Oh so many things. They can be the greatest encyclopedia of wrestling history after watching WWE for a couple of years thanks to the internet and youtube. These are the same fans that stop watching all of a sudden after a couple of years. Some fans will claim to have been watching since before they were born!
Some fans dress up as wrestlers at wrestling events. If you are over the age of 5 and you do that, get off my planet.
Fans that bring the replica belts to shows and drape them over their shoulders while wearing a Thuganomics T-Shirt annoy me too. Children are acceptable, but grown men need to look at their lives.
Also fanboyism pisses me off no end. If WWE do something great, they will crow about it for days on end. If WWE does a shitty Raw or a stupid angle, they won't mention it whatsoever. GAAAH!

I really liked the Raw Elimination Chamber match, thought it told a nice story.Absolutely hated the Smackdown counterpart with HHH and Undertaker basically jerking each other off at the end.

Mike Tyson and Steve Austin, watching that 'live' withought spoilers was something I never thought I'd ever see. We'll never see anything quite like that again. And if you've only seen it on youtube or dvd, then you haven't really seen it!

Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce! And I've done it.

The Hart Foundation were badasses.Heels for sure but I agreed with almost everything they did. There was just the right amount of insider terms with the Harts, it was perfect.

I predict I won't see it. I'll be in Spain when it's on, and the card is nothing short of abysmal this year. So therefore I don't care. Taker vs Michaels will be very good and nothing else will be.

Wrestlemania 10 had Owen vs Bret and Michaels vs Razor. Can't go wrong with those really.

WM 20? I think! Goldberg vs Lesnar, just for the laughs. Hogan/Rock was unreal for atmosphere too.

Cena's driving entrance. I was really hoping he would crash.

Bret vs Kurt. There would have been nothing better...ever.

Vader/Bret/Flair/Muta/Misawa/Kawada. Bret would win of course knocking Mitsy and Kawada out at the same time!

It was from Yvonne wanting me to go for a drink tonight instead of tomorrow. I choose tomorrow folks.

I would have liked to have been a game designer, when I applied to do it at college. I was told I was too old. I was 24! Instead I went on to design houses. Boring.

Las Vegas,then on to the Hard Rock Hotel, and then a few quiet ones at the New York New York casino. Yup it's a fine place to go.

3 years old and drowning in a river, seriously. Can still see the fishies swimming around my head.

History and Tech Drawing. Strange about the Tech drawing since I went on to hold a diploma in it that qualifies me to teach it. It's all about the attitude of the teacher and not the subject. Oh and I despised accounting too. What a load of rubbish.

I don't really fall to any of them. I have a strong head.

I wanted to be a footballer, but I was too small at the time.

I could play Henry Hill in Goodfellas. Like a second nature to me.

360, TV and a copy of Oblivion.

Talk Wrestling Online Photoshop League

Welcome to the third edition of TWO’s Photoshop League. First of all, a big thank you to everyone who entered. Ratings are down from last week, as only 6 people entered but on the bright side, no one got DQ’d this week, so we did, in fact, end up with more eligible entries!

The three words this week were:
Wrestlemania + Ring + Suitcase

And here are the winners :)

In third came this picture from Laffy!

In second came this picture from Nemesis Enforcer!

And finally, the winner of Week 2 is *Drum Roll*
Meaning, Dr. Zero goes 2 and 0 in the competiton!
And here is his winning entry!

This means that after the Wrestlemania Special , the leader board looks like this.

Dr Zero.................................10
Nemesis Enforcer....................7

And now for week 3! This weeks words are:

iPod +Chav + Coventry

*DEADLINE = 12th April*

A quick reminder on the rules:

• No distorting the forum.
• Nothing that goes against TWO’s rules or policies, so no inappropriate content.
• Images must be uploaded via, or
• A link or the actual picture sent to me via Personal Message.
• Entries can be either drawn completely or have all of the three items imported as a picture.
Don’t forget that if you finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the league you can win some prizes!

1st – A £20 gift voucher for an online store

2nd- A £10 gift voucher for an online store

3rd- A TalkWrestlingOnline.Com Retro T-Shirt​

For a complete look at the rules please check out the first edition of the league!

I Don’t Half Ramble On

Spiderkam, Spiderkam
Does whatever an admin can
Rules the web, any site,
Catches trolls just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes Spiderkam.

Is he drunk?
Listen mate,
He's got a Fosters crate.
He can close a thread
Take a look at arguments!
Hey, there
There goes Spiderkam.

In the chill of night
when members feud
Like a streak of light
He deletes the nudes.

Spiderkam, Spiderkam
Friendly neighbourhood Kameran
Wealth and fame
He's ignored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big forum
he welcomes even Mormons
He’s our Kaaaaaaaaam.

Yeah, I don’t know either. For some reason as I started to write this column I started singing spiderkam. Oh well. Sooo, Wrestlemania! Yikes, that’s this weekend, everyone else is doing a Mania themed thing so I guess I should to.

A few years back we held the first Wrestlemania TWOMeet here in sunny Doncaster, here is the attendees:

From left to right, back to front: Tom Trash, Taki, me, Evil Gringo, AC/Mark, Walshy, DC.
Not pictured are Gemsi, TGO, Loolybelle and my friends Leroy and Jordan.

What a bloody odd night that was - you can read all about it here

It says a lot about a WrestleMania match when someone falls asleep during it; Gringo dropped off during the JBL/Cena match... until someone threw a shoe at him and woke him up. Mind, he got his revenge by popping my airbed, the son of a bitch!

Heheheh, sleeping Evil Gringo. Ginger twonk. :p

It was a good time for us all, no fighting or arguments, and it was so much fun getting to know people offline. Since then I have met the likes of TMJ, Colin, Saz, Ravenmark, Antihero and more. What a great time. But these days half those guys aren’t even on the forums much. Life goes on but we miss the old days, though I don’t miss AC trying to keep warm in his sleep by sleeping in front of my oven and switching it on! Bloody hell, my gas bill wasn’t fun.

Still, maybe we can have a meet up next Mania, or maybe Summerslam… yeah, Summerslam in Doncaster anyone?

Normal unfunny funny stuff will resume in the next newsletter.


Wrestling 101 Info Centre

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Best WrestleMania Theme Song

Over the years WWE have used a variety of themes for their annual spectacular...but what has been the best so far?

"California" by Jim Johnston [Listen]

Houston... We Have a Problem
"My Way" by Limp Bizkit [Listen]

The One And Only
"Tear Away" by Drowning Pool [Listen]
"Superstar" by Saliva [Listen]

Dare to Dream
Crack Addict" by Limp Bizkit [Listen]

Where it all Begins... Again
"Step Up" by Drowning Pool [Listen]
"Touché" by Godsmack [Listen]

WrestleMania Goes Hollywood
"Bigtime" by The Soundtrack of Our Lives [Listen]
"Behind Those Eyes" by 3 Doors Down [Listen]

Big Time
"Big Time" by Peter Gabriel [Listen]

All Grown Up
"Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva [Listen]
"The Memory Will Never Die" by Default [Listen]

The Biggest WrestleMania Under the Sun
"Light It Up" by Rev Theory [Listen]
"Snow ((Hey Oh))" by Red Hot Chili Peppers [Listen]

Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Especially WrestleMania
"Shoot to Thrill" (Live) [Listen] and "War Machine" by AC/DC [Listen]
"So Hott" by Kid Rock [Listen]

Here are the favourites from a few members:


WrestleMania 17
"My Way" by Limp Bizkit

From the PPV that got me into a 'serious' wrestling fan, I felt that this captivated the Rock v Austin feud perfectly. "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva gets a mention also, but when I listen to it I'm not reminded of any of the matches, which why "My Way" wins it for me.​

WrestleMania 17
"My Way" by Limp Bizkit

I'd go for My Way by Limp Bizkit, it's just a great song, but I don't remember any of the PPVs at all so how it worked in the context of the matches I can't say :)

WrestleMania 20
"Step Up" by Drowning Pool

It has to be "Step Up" by Drowning Pool, simply due to the fact that it had the undertaker's bong in the bridge.

It's also a great song!​

WrestleMania 22
"Big Time" by Peter Gabriel

My favourite is "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel. Why? Because it's just that awesome.​

WrestleMania 24
"Light It Up" by Rev Theory

Well, I've thought about it and I have to go with "Light It Up" by Rev Theory. It's just an adrenaline-pumping song and really fits well with the WrestleMania videos that WWE does.​
Best and Worst Celebrities at WrestleMania


* Best Celebrity *
Snoop Dogg - Ok. The reason I liked Snoop Dogg's involvement in WrestleMania, is because he single-handedly made the diva's match worth watching, as you knew he'd be involved somehow. His closeline on Santino Marella is a very cool highlight, and the main reason I chose Snoop Dogg J.

* Worst Celebrity *
I can't think of one!

The Maxx

* Best Celebrity *
Pete Rose - I loved seeing Pete Rose at Wrestlemania. Doesn't matter how many times he gets Tombstoned by Kane, It still makes me laugh very time I see it! He may not make it into the MLB hall of fame, but he's always welcome at Wrestlemania as far as I'm concerned!

* Worst Celebrity *
The worst celebrity at Wrestlemania in my opinion was William "The Refrigerator" Perry. Who did this guy think he was? Then to appear as a part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006! That is total crap. The guy never did anything to impress me.


* Best Celebrity *
Pete Rose! back in 98 I absolutely loved Kane, and was still a complete mark, so to see Pete Rose (who I didn't know, and still don't really know) try to get one over on the big red machine, only to be chokeslammed, was awesome. The next year in the chicken outfit was even better!

* Worst Celebrity *
I'd say Floyd Mayweather. Not because he wasn't involved in a good match, but because the ending was never really going to live up to expectations. As it happens it was done quite well, with all those chair shots leading up to the big right hand, but it just seemed a bit of an anti-climax, especially as the build-up had been, largely, pretty intense..

Nemesis Enforcer

* Best Celebrity *
The best celebrity to be involved at a Wrestlemania has to be Pete Rose who has made 4 Mania appearances in all and on 3 occasions ended up on the end of a Kane Tombstone Piledriver for his efforts. I know many will mock this choice but Pete dressed up as the San Diego Chicken at Wrestlemania XV before he got his comeuppance from Kane again is a highlight for me and the fact he got into the Hall of Fame for his antics makes him more deserving in my eyes

* Worst Celebrity *
The worst Celebrity is quite easy for me to name and that name is Lawrence Taylor. There has been pointless Maina appearances and there has been embarrassing ones but none stand up to Lawrence Taylor main-eventing Wrestlemania over Michaels vs. Diesel for the WWF Title. The Bam Bam vs. Taylor match was really poor and quickly forgotten by the lucky ones and goes down for me due to it main-eventing the show as the worst celebrity involvement ever


* Best Celebrity *
The best celebrity to be involved at a Wrestlemania has to be Mike Tyson. The build up to mania was great with Tyson joining DX and becoming special guest referee although his role in the match would be changed to ring enforcer. The ending where Austin declared the new champion by Tyson celebrated by tossing the enforcer an Austin 3:16 t-shirt was perfectly executed.

* Worst Celebrity *
The worst Celebrity is Snoop Dogg; the fact that he was involved in one of the worst diva segments ever, and the fact he then clothes lined Santino for no apparent reason just bored me to tears, also it looked like he fell aslepp during the match which irritated me.

Top 25 WrestleMania Matches

After a very successful campaign, the votes have been cast and counted. What you are about to read is a rundown of the greatest WrestleMania matches, one per event, as chosen by you, the members of this great forum.

While some of the results were always going to be obvious, and that the later events would see more action, there are one or two that may come as a surprise to many of us.

As this is the 25th Wrestlemania and, by virtue of not having the ability to see into the future, we only have twenty-four events to choose from, to round out the countdown, the first match featuIndigo will be the most-voted runner-up.

So, with 'Mania-mania at a fever pitch, let's see how your votes panned out.

Bonus Match
The Most-Voted Runner-up Match: World Heavyweight Championship - Edge v The Undertaker - 15 votes

First up, we have the highest-scoring runner-up. Actually scoring more votes than a lot of the winners, Edge v Undertaker wins the "Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Handgrenades" Bobby Heenan Award. I was surprised that this match didn't win the voting for WrestleMania XXIV, with its mix of exciting action, wonderful storytelling and two wrestlers at the peak of their abilities. Edge and Undertaker crafted a masterful tale around the "Deadman's Streak" and, at one point, had me leaping off my seat as I thought Edge had actually done the impossible. As we all know, he didn't, and Undertaker went on to win the World Heavyweight Title for the second year in a row after close to 24mins of heated action. A blistering contest, with the only sour point being that Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman are not the right guys to be calling a match of this magnitude (Cole and JBL would have been awesome or, as with the Backlash rematch, Mick Foley replacing Coach), this year's main events have a lot to live up to. This match will stand the test of time as the best of Undertaker's undefeated run.

Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: March 31st, 1985
Attendance: 19,121
The Winning Match: Hulk Hogan & Mr. T (w/ Jimmy Snuka) v Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff (w/ "Cowboy" Bob Orton) - 18 votes

The first WrestleMania was built around one match and one match only; Hulk Hogan & Mr. T v "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. The seeds had been sown in the months prior when Piper, on Piper's Pit, smacked Jimmy Snuka in the head with a coconut (you may have heard the story once or twice) and hired Bob Orton as his bodyguard. After insulting Hulk Hogan and the "Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection", Piper found himself in a feud with Hulk that was to be concluded at "The War to Settle the Score", a landmark event that aired on MTV (back when MTV had music videos on it). Of course, as is the case in pro-wrestling, "TWtStS" actually settled nada, as "Mr. Wonderful" and Mr. T interfered in the bout and set in motion events for the main event of the biggest wrestling event in history; WrestleMania. Training montages of Hogan and T were shown on WWE television and, as the match drew closer, the two faces hosted Saturday Night Live (Hogan also, for real, albeit by accident, choked out a television presenter in the run-up, but no-one talks about that). Come bell time, and with the special referee (Muhammad Ali) on the outside, the fans in Madison Square Garden were ready to watch what they had paid to see. Mr. T did well for a non-wrestler and set the bar for those that followed (with Lawrence Taylor and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. raising it further), while the crowd were red hot and the two seconds, Orton and Snuka, playing their parts to perfection. It has been said, many, many times, that Vince McMahon bet everything on this one event. A lot of people claim it to be hyperbole, but had this event failed, then pro-wrestling as we know it would not exist. It really is as simple as that.

2nd Place: Tie - Steamboat/Borne, Andre/Studd & Junkyard Dog/Valentine - 1 vote.
3rd Place: n/a

WrestleMania 2
Location: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York; Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinios; L.A. Sports Arena, Los Angeles California
Date: April 7th, 1986
Attendance: 40,085 (combined from all three venues)
The Winning Match: WWF Tag Team Championships - The British Bulldogs (w/ Albano) v The Dream Team (w/ J. Valiant) - 7 votes

For the second WrestleMania, WWE decided (wrongly, in my opinion) to host the event from three different venues in three different cities. Uniondale, NY (headlined by Mr. T v Roddy Piper in a boxing match), Rosemont, IL (closed by the WWF Tag Team Title Match) and Los Angeles, CA (main-evented with Hulk Hogan defending the WWF Title inside a steel cage against King Kong Bundy). For the majority of those who voted, the WWF Tag Title victory of The British Bulldogs over the team of Greg Valentine and (a pre-Barber) Brutus Beefcake was the best match of a rather average card. Acompanied to the ring by Lou Albano and Ozzy Osbourne, the Brits claimed victory with one of the most memorable finishes in 'Mania history - Davey Boy took the head of Valentine and rammed it into the skull of Dynamite (who was on second rope at the time) and knocked "The Hammer" clean out. The crowd in Illinois screamed the place down as (one of) the greatest tag team in WWE history finally ascended to the throne. The icing on the cake is that this led to the wonderful series between The Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation, so everyone's a winner... except The Dream Team.

2nd Place: WWF Championship Steel Cage Match - Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy (w/ Jimmy Hart) - 4 votes
3rd Place: Tie - Terry & Hoss Funk (w/ Jimmy Hart) v The Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana & WWF v NFL Battle Royal - 2 votes

WrestleMania III
Location: Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan
Date: March 29th, 1987
Attendance: 93,173
The Winning Match: WWF Intercontinental Championship - Ricky Steamboat (w/ George Steele) v Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) - 14 votes

A runaway winner, Randy Savage v Ricky Steamboat is considered by many to be the greatest WrestleMania match of all time... if not the greatest WWE match, period. I personally think that it is slightly overrated, but that doesn't mean that the bout isn't a fantastic piece of work by both men. The lead-in to WrestleMania had seen Steamboat taken out by Macho Man after he leapt from the top rope and driven a ring-bell into the Dragon's throat. Out for revenge, Steamboat vowed to wrest the Intercontinental Championship from his nemesis in front of the largest indoor crowd in history [tm]. For close to 15mins, these two put on the (pre-planned) performance of a lifetime and had the 93,000 fans packed into the Silverdome on ther feet for most of it. The added distractions of George Steele and Elizabeth at ringside were not a detriment to the bout and the action was hard-hitting and fast-paced from bell-to-bell. In the end, an out-of-nowhere surprise finish brought the match to a close and crowned a new IC Champ... only for Steamboat to lose it three months later to The Honky Tonk Man.

2nd Place: WWF Championship - Hulk Hogan v André the Giant (w/ Bobby Heenan) - 7 votes
3rd Place: The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis (w/ Jimmy Hart) v The British Bulldogs & Tito Santana - 2 votes

WrestleMania IV
Location: Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Date: March 27th, 1988
Attendance: 18,165
The Winning Match: WWF Championship Tournament Final - Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) v Ted DiBiase (w/ André) - 10 votes

For the first time in history, the WWF Championship was vacated after Hulk Hogan was screwed out of the title by Ted DiBiase, Earl Hebner and André the Giant on The Main Event, a show that spun-off from Saturday Night's Main Event, and garnered the highest viewing figures for any wrestling show in history (33million viewers for a 15.2 rating). André sold the title to DiBiase, but Jack Tunney (RIP) declared this invalid and vacated the belt. To remedy this, a tournament was set up for WrestleMania IV, with both Hogan and André getting a bye into the second round. It mattered not as neither man advanced due to a double-disqualification. This allowed the focus to shift onto the real star of the show, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Going through three gruelling matches against three varied opponents (Butch Reed, Greg Valentine and One Man Gang), Savage found himself in the final against "The Million Dollar Man" who had received a bye at the semi-final stage and was well rested. The stage was set and the crowd were at a fever pitch when the bell rang for the start of the match. Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon are on commentary duties (and, in my opinion, have yet to be bettered as a duo), providing the vocal backdrop to what is about to unfold. DiBiase, with André at his side (Virgil had been taken out earlier in the evening) controlled the early going. Savage did manage to hurl him over the top to the floor, but when he went up top to deliver an ax-handle blow, The Giant stood between the two wrestlers and dared Macho to jump. The odds were stacked against him and, fearing for Elizabeth's safety, Savage sent his manager to the back... only for her to return with Hulk Hogan as an equalizer to DiBiase's second. With this new kink in the tale, the New Jersey crowd went into overdrive and the match picked up steam until the awesome finalé. DiBiase locks in the Million Dollar Dream and Savage is done... until Hogan comes into the ring, wallops Ted in the back with a chair (almost causing Ventura to explode with rage) and allows Randy to deliver his patented top-rope elbow and secure his first WWF Championship. The fans didn't care that the good guys cheated and the after-match celebrations were a joy to behold.

Rumour has it that Ted DiBiase was scheduled to win this event, but Savage complained about not getting the IC Title back and was given the WWF Championship as compensation. True or not, it doesn't take away from a glorious end to what had been a mediocre tournament.

2nd Place: WWF Tag Team Championship - Demolition (w/ Mr. Fuji) v Strike Force - 2 votes
3rd Place: Tie - Savage/Valentine, Hogan/Andre & the 20-Man Battle Royal - 1 vote

WrestleMania V
Location: Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Date: April 2nd, 1989
Attendance: 18,946
The Winning Match: WWF Championship - Hulk Hogan v Randy Savage - 10 votes

In an event never to be repeated, WrestleMania eminated from the same venue two years running... and what a difference a year makes. At WrestleMania IV, Randy Savage won the WWF Championship with help from Hulk Hogan. The two men went on to form The Mega Powers and headlined the very first Summerslam against The Mega Bucks tandem of DiBiase and André. All was cosy with the Powers until the green-eyed monster reared his ugly head. Savage (who was notoriously jealous when it came to Elizabeth in real life) was getting vexed by the attention his manager was showing to Hulk Hogan and vice-versa. Various incidents and mix-ups led to the events during a tag match against The Twin Towers (Akeem & The Big Boss Man). Elizabeth ended up knocked out at ringside and Hogan carried her to the back to get help. This left Savage all alone to battle the two behemoths himself until his partner returned. When Hogan did return, Randy slapped him in the face, took his WWF Title belt and left (although Hulk got the win against The Towers anyway). Backstage, Hogan and Savage had an argument that led to Macho Man caning Hulk with the title belt and going full-blown heel. So, one year after he claimed the title with Hogan's assistance, Randy Savage would put the gold on the line against his former best friend. For just under 18mins, the two biggest stars in the company took centre-stage in Trump Plaze and put forth a fantastic main event, full of what you would expect from two legends at the top of their game. Elizabeth was at ringside for the bout and, uniquely, managed both men at the same time. Despite a spirited effort, Savage couldn't stop Hogan from Hulking Up and fell victim to the Big Boot/Legdrop combination, losing the WWF Title to his fiercest rival. Elizabeth celebrated with the new champion, much to the disgust of Jesse Ventura on commentary and would remain estranged from Randy Savage for two full years.

For Hogan, things were going to get a little interesting...

2nd Place: Tie - Warrior/Rude & Mr. Perfect/The Blue Blazer - 2 votes
3rd Place: n/a

WrestleMania VI
Location: Skydome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: April 1st, 1990
Attendance: 67,678
The Winning Match: WWF Intercontinental & WWF Championship - Hulk Hogan v The Ultimate Warrior - 11 votes

As you will see on this countdown, some WrestleManias were promoted on the strength of one match and one match only. Rarely has this been more evident that WrestleMania VI from Toronto. A young Adam Copeland, later to wrestle at the event in the same building 12yrs later, was in attendance as Hulk Hogan, who had been WWF Champion since dethroning Randy Savage at the previous show, was slated to face off against a guy many people saw as his natural successor; The Ultimate Warrior. Unlike today's product, prior to the 'Mania match, Hogan and Warrior hadn't interacted much. A beautifully orchestrated collision during the 1990 Royal Rumble gave the fans a taste of what a clash between the two would be like and, by the time WrestleMania rolled around, the wrestling fans were fired up beyond comprehension. The match is a basic affair, but, with these two guys and their ability to draw an audience into their act, it didn't need to be anything else. The psychology was fantastic; Warrior and Hogan (along with Ventura and Monsoon on commentary) had the fans gripped from bell to bell. This is a great example of the "less is more" philosophy/ You have indy guys creaming themselves with more and more flips to more and more apathy, yet here, in the middle of the ring, you have two musclebound wrestlers having an entire arena in the palm of their hands when simply performing a basic Greco-Roman Knuckle-lock. After going almost 23mins, Warrior shocked the world by avoiding a Hogan legdrop and, capitalising on the downed Hulk, landed a splash to be the first man to cleanly pin Hulk Hogan since his return to the WWF.

Of course, there is the constant talk of Hogan sabotaging Warrior's celebration, but, in all honesty, the guy had just pinned Hulk Hogan and became the WWF Champion, all the while being the Intercontinental Champion. There was very little anyone could have done to take the spotlight away from The Ultimate Warrior.

2nd Place: Million Dollar Championship - Jake Roberts v Ted DiBiase (w/ Virgil) - 3 votes
3rd Place: The Orient Express v The Rockers - 1 vote

WrestleMania VII
Location: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California
Date: March 24th, 1991
Attendance: 16,158
The Winning Match: Retirement Match - Randy Savage (w/ Sensational Queen Sherri) v The Ultimate Warrior - 11 votes

With Randy Savage being in two "Greatest Matches" in a row, followed by Hulk Hogan being in two sequentially as well, it's interesting to see that The Ultimate Warrior follows suit by claiming his second match in a row as well. I guess that goes to show you how great all three men were in the period of time that covers WrestleManias IV-VII and how awesome a talent Randy Savage was to be in the chosen match three of those four events. This match is probably the most heated of the three Savage wrestled in, arguably even more so that his 'Mania V bout with Hogan. It's also my favourite WrestleMania match of all time, so I'm glad it was chosen by so many of you. The story leading up to the bout was a simple one; Warrior had lost the WWF Championship to Sgt. Slaughter courtesy of inteference by Randy Savage. They continued to antagonise each other until a "Retirement Match" was signed between the two and would be the semi-main event just below the Hogan/Slaughter match. As has been mentioned elsewhere in the newsletter, the fact that The Ultimate Warrior walked to the ring tells you all you need to know about how important this match was being pushed as and that the retirement stipulation was being treated deadly seriously. Randy Savage, now known as The Macho King and with Sensational Queen Sherri by his side (the two had been together for a while, having also teamed up against Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire in a comedy-esque mixed-tag match) and the "King" looked ready for business in a dazzling blue and silver wrestling outfit. Not unlike the Warrior's match from the previous year, this was a psychological masterclass from the moment the wrestlers appeared through the curtain. Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon were on fire during their commentary and really added to the spectacle.

The battle went one way and then the other, with Warrior surviving a sequence of top-rope elbows (beautifully sold by Heenan) and Savage returning the favour by kicking out of Warrior's Gorilla Press & Splash combo. This should be used as a lesson as to how to get across kicking out of a finish and making it mean the world (which, by rights, it should). The actual end sequence is perfectly played out and having the match end with Warrior standing triumphant, one foot of Macho King's chest, as the referee counts to three is a stunning visual... only to be topped by what happens after the bell.

Miss Elizabeth, who has been in the crowd for the event (the camera pans to her every now and again), watches on as Sherri, livid that her meal-ticket has been stamped out, attacks a brutalised and beaten Savage until the first lady of the WWF can take no more. With the fans screaming their support, Elizabeth charges the ring, tosses Sherri over the top to the floor and, after the obligatory confusion as Savage thinks Liz was the one attacking him, they embrace in the middle of the ring to a huge ovation. On a final note to signify Randy's startling face turn, he holds the ropes open for Elizabeth so she can exit the ring. This was huge because he had never done this and always demanded she do it for him. He may have lost in the best match Warrior has ever been in and, perhaps, the most emotional he had ever competed, but he won back the woman he loved and the adoration of the fans. Even in defeat, Randy Savage came out a winner.

2nd Place: Tie - Virgil/DiBiase, Rockers/Barbarian & Haku, Hart Foundation/Nasty Boys & Jake Roberts/Rick Martel - 1 vote
3rd Place: n/a

WrestleMania VIII
Location: Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana
Date: April 5th, 1992
Attendance: 62,167
The Winning Match: WWF Intercontinental Championship - Roddy Piper v Bret Hart - 7 votes

From over 16,000 attending WrestleMania VII to over 60,000 the following year, the closest vote so far has Randy Savage missing out on a staggering five-from-eight record in "Greatest WrestleMania" matches. As it is, his and Ric Flair's magnificent tussle over the WWF Championship came second with one less vote than the Intercontinental Championship Match between "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Bret "Hitman" Hart. In the months leading up to this encounter, Hart had been the IC Champ, but dropped the belt to The Mountie (and wanting to protect his aura - and his ego - Bret ran an angle where he had a fever going into that contest). The Mountie (an underrated performer with the best entrance theme in existence) then went on to lose the IC strap to Roddy Piper (and his infamous "SHOCK PROOF!!!" t-shirt) at the 1992 Royal Rumble before both men entered the Rumble itself to try and claim the vacant WWF Championship (which Ric Flair managed in what many consider the greatest and most star-studded match in the event's history). With Roddy enjoying the first title run in his WWF career and Bret wanting a shot at reclaiming the championship, the ball was rolling towards Indianapolis and WrestleMania VIII.

During the event, both men cut a great promo backstage with "Mean" Gene Okerlund that chronicled Piper's history with the Hart family and that he would do anything to keep his title (including brandishing a leather belt hidden behind said belt during the promo). Bret Hart's biggest singles match to date also saw Piper in the best shape of his career. Both men wrestled a stunning brawl that ended up with a bleeding "Hitman" on his knees as Roddy stood above him, ringbell in hand and referee out of it, as the fans waiting with baited breath to see if the Scot would follow through on his earlier promise. Ultimately, Piper decided to take the straight route and slapped on a sleeper instead of clanging Hart with the bell. It was a decision he would live to regret as, in a stunning counter that he would repeat at the 1996 Survivor Series against Steve Austin, Bret scaled the ropes, threw himself backwards and, almost breaking his neck, managed to pin Piper to the mat (alledgedly the first time Roddy had ever been pinned in a WWF ring).

With the Hart Foundation theme blaring out, Piper, in a show of excellent sportsmanship, put the title belt around the waist of his opponent and helped him to the back. Some say this was an attempt to steal thunder in the same manner Hogan did at WrestleMania's IV and VI, but I personally don't see it that way. Piper would never have as good throughout the rest of his career, while, for Bret, this was the launchpad for him to reach the main-event and stay there for the rest of his wrestling career.

2nd Place: WWF Championship - Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) v Ric Flair (w/ Mr. Perfect) - 6 votes
3rd Place: Jake Roberts v The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) - 2 votes

WrestleMania IX
Location: Ceasers Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: April 4th, 1993
Attendance: 16,891
The Winning Match: WWF Intercontinental Championship - Shawn Michaels (w/ Luna Vachon) v Tatanka (w/ Sherri) - 6 votes

The Intercontinental Title crops up for the fourth time as Shawn Michaels debuts in our countdown. His 18min+ match against Tatanka (who, if you've only seen him during his second run with WWE, was a good, and over, worker during this time) is the highlight of a poor WrestleMania. Michaels was in his stride as the IC Champion and was having good-to-great matches with a variety of opponents (his series against Marty Jannetty, his former partner, in January/February of this year were outstanding), so the prospect of a good match between the two was appetising. Adding to the match were Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri who accompanied the champion and challenger respectively. Sherri had been HBK's "gal" until she got waffled with a mirror and turned to the light. Luna was brought in to be her replacement. Tatanka and Michaels had a heated matc, seeming to herald that this event would be worth watching. Unfortunately, not unlike The Hardyz v MNM from WWECW's disaster that was 'December to Dismember', the opener gave false hope and would ultimately be the high-point of the entire event. WrestleMania IX is an event best left to the mists of time, but this match deserves to be seen.

2nd Place: The Steiner Brothers v The Headshrinkers (w/ Afa) - 3 votes
3rd Place: Tie - Yokozuna/Bret & Yokozuna/Hogan - 2 votes

WrestleMania X
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: March 20th, 1994
Attendance: 18,065
The Winning Match: Bret Hart v Owen Hart - 11 votes

For the second WrestleMania in a row, the opening match is the choice of the people... and what an opener this is. Brother versus brother in a battle for respect and, in Owen's case, to prove he can step out of his elder sibling's shadow. There had been tension brewing between the two most famous Hart brothers for a while and this almost came to a head at the 1993 Survivor Series when Owen was the only brother to be elminated in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Bret, in a sign of solidarity (Owen would later claim arrogance), put his singles career on hold to win the WWF Tag Team Titles with his younger brother. They would get their shot at the 1994 Royal Rumble as they faced off against The Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre). Unfortunately for the Harts, Bret would suffer a knee injury at the hands of the Canadian title-holders and, rather than tag out, would try to apply the Sharpshooter for the win. Unable to stand, Bret fell to the floor and the referee called the match in favour of the champions. Incensed at his brother "hogging the spotlight" once again, Owen screamed a tirade at Bret as he used the ropes to pull himself upright... only for the younger Hart to "kick Bret's leg from out of his leg" and become a fully-fledged bad guy. After these events (and Bret co-winning the Rumble with Lex Luger later in the evening), Owen wanted to show the world that he was the better Hart and that he had invented the Sharpshooter and not Bret (in reality, neither invented it and Bret credits Konnan with showing him the hold). The elder Hart refused to fight his brother (as both Undertaker and Jeff Hardy would do in later years), but continual out-of-the-ring shenanigans would force his hand and they had a date set at WrestleMania (as both Undertaker and Jeff Hardy would do in later years). Bret and Luger were both granted title shots against Yokozuna at the big show and a coin toss was used to see who would get the first crack. If Luger won, he would face the champ and Bret would fight his brother. If Lex lost the toss, then he would face Adam Bomb and Yoko would challenge the man he won the title from at the previous year's event. As it transpired, thankfully, Luger won the toss and was screwed out of the title by the returning Mr. Perfect. Nobody cared.

Bret and Owen opened the show and tore the house down. A wrestling clinic from start to finish, the Hart brothers traded moves and holds for over 20mins before Owen turned a victory roll into a pinning cradle and pinned his brother, cleanly, for the 1-2-3. Easily the biggest night of Owen's career (even eclipsing his later KotR victory), the youngest Hart would never attain another decisive win against his brother. Bret, on the other hand, would go on to win the WWF Title later in the night and defend it against Owen all across the world, culminating in a belter of a blue-barred steel cage match that headlined Summerslam the same year. Knowing the legacy and the revere that the WrestleMania X ladder match is held, it gives you an idea of how fantastic this match is to be able to eclipse that aura.

2nd Place: WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match - Shawn Michaels v Razor Ramon - 10 votes
3rd Place: WWF Championship (Roddy Piper as referee) - Yokozuna (w/ Fuji/Cornette) v Bret Hart - 2 votes

WrestleMania XI
Location: Hartford Civic Centre, Hartford Connecticut
Date: April 2nd, 1995
Attendance: 16,305
The Winning Match: WWF Championship - Shawn Michaels (w/ Jenny McCarthy) v Diesel (w/ Pamela Anderson) - 15 votes

WrestleMania XI is regarded as one of the poorer events to carry the name, but, to be fair, there were some nice matches on the card. The three matches listed in the runners-up section below were all good matches (with LT doing very well for a guy having his first - and only - wrestling match). All the hype going in was for the Bam Bam/Taylor main event, but it was Shawn Michaels' first WrestleMania main-event that took the honours here. The build to this one had been close to perfect. Diesel, the 7ft giant, had been brought in by HBK to be his bodyguard and help him attain the WWF Championship. The two formed an on-screen (and off-screen) bond that became a dominant tag team, winning the WWF Tag Team Titles along the way. But, as with all good things, it came to an end. Diesel had been on the end of two errant superkicks by his friend, but, at Survivor Series 1994, a third kick (after Diesel had eliminated four of the five members on the opposing team... by himself) was the straw that broke the camel's back. HBK ran for his life as "Big Daddy Cool" would take no more and turned face. Three days later, Diesel would win the WWF Championship in EIGHT SECONDS from Bob Backlund and become the new figurehead for the company. As you can imagine, this didn't sit well with Shawn; the man he brought in to help him win the title was now walking around wearing it. At the 1995 Royal Rumble, Michaels would become the first man to enter at #1 and go on to win the match (it should be noted that The British Bulldog was #2 and also lasted to the end... and that the match itself lasted around 45mins). Later, during the main-event match where Diesel defended the WWF Championship against Bret Hart, all manner of interference and shenanigans involving HBK (as well as Owen Hart) resulted in the bout being thrown out and the big man retaining the belt. With all obstacles out of the way, the "Road to WrestleMania" was underway. Going into the event, Michaels promised to win the title and have Pamela Anderson (at the time, THE hottest female on the planet) in his corner when he did so. Come bell time, Anderson (who looked uncomfortable to be in the building) had actually decided to arrive with Diesel and Michaels made do with Jenny McCarthy as her replacement.

The match itself is ok, but is overshadowed by the matches that followed (especially their No-Holds-Barred encounter at In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies, where, in a role-reversal, Michaels was the champion face and Diesel was the embittered heel challenger). Going too long at over 20mins, the action sags at times, but the crowd were well into it and this carried things along nicely. Michaels may call himself Mr. WrestleMania, but this is not the match to show if you want people to believe you (especially with the botched Powerbomb for the finish).

2nd Place: WWF Intercontinental Championship - Razor Ramon (w/ 1-2-3 Kid) v Jeff Jarrett (w/ The Roadie) - 5 votes
3rd Place: Tie - Bret/Backlund & Taylor/Bigelow - 2 votes

WrestleMania XII
Location: Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
Date: March 31st, 1996
Attendance: 18,853
The Winning Match: WWF Championship Iron Man Match - Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) v Bret Hart - 12 votes

Another landslide (there was only six matches on the card) and the second WWF Championship attempt for HBK, this time against his most famous and heated rival, Bret Hart. The build to this began at the Royal Rumble where Michaels won the event for the second year in a row. This, along with Bret Hart retaining the title at the same event against Undertaker (after 'Taker had Tombstoned Hart, only for Diesel to pull the referee out of the ring and cause a DQ... leading to Diesel/Undertaker at this WrestleMania), set the scene for what promised to be an unforgettable main event. The hype videos leading up to the show focused on the training of both men and how their characters were so different. Bret was shown being stretched (for real) by his father, while, in Texas, HBK was going through his regime at the hands of José Lothario, the man who trained him all those years ago. To add to the prestige, WWE Interim President, Roddy Piper, declared that the WWF Championship Match would be an Iron Man Match and the winner would be the person to garner the most falls inside SIXTY-MINUTES. He also said that, if there was a draw at the end of the time-limit, then the match would go to sudden death (but this seemed to have been forgotten by Hart).

The most memorable aspect of the bout was the entrance by Shawn Michaels. Zip-lining from the roof of the building, HBK electrified the arena and began his rise to become Mr. WrestleMania. Bret, on the other hand, walked to the ring with purpose and determination. After the instructions by Earl Hebner, the match was underway. Michaels, who was in the best physical condition of his career, took the early advantage as the first 15mins were quite exciting (culminating in an errant superkick - he does excel at these - to the chin of a seated Tony Chimel). The middle of the match does drag a bit, but is understandable considering they have to wrestle for an hour. People (understandably) compare this to the Rock/HHH Iron Man Match, but most forget that the latter had a lot of outside activity to help with keeping things interesting. HBK/Hart had two guys in the ring and nothing else to tell the story. Anyway, the last 15mins kick things into overdrive until the last three minutes go supernova as Michaels pulls out all the stops to get the pin... until a mistimed missile dropkick allows Bret to lock on the Sharpshooter (a perfectly applied one at that) with just over 30secs remaining. The crowd were on their feet to see if Shawn would give up this close to the end. He wouldn't and, with the bell ringing to signify the end of the 60mins, Bret grabbed his belt and headed to the back. Re-instated President, Gorilla Monsoon, came out, told everyone about the sudden-death ruling and ordered a restart, much to Bret's dismay. Hart continued to assault the back of his opponent until an Irish-whip was countered and Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music (only for him to be so fatigued, Bret got to his feet again first). Tuning up the band, HBK landed a second superkick and covered the champion for the 1-2-3. We had a new champion and "the boyhood dream had come true". The sight of Michaels, on his knees, completely exhausted and the title belt in his lap, is one that has been replayed many, many times. It's also as real as you can get, as Michaels had attained a status he had been told, as Bret was previously, was beyond him. The doubters had been proved wrong and Mr. WrestleMania had finally been born.

2nd Place: Tie - Austin/Vega, Undertaker/Diesel & Piper/Goldust - 2 votes
3rd Place: n/a

WrestleMania 13
Location: Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinois
Date: March 23rd, 1997
Attendance: 18,197
The Winning Match: Submissions Match (Ken Shamrock as the referee) - Steve Austin v Bret Hart - 16 votes

Much like the run of matches from WrestleMania IV, V, VI and VII, the matches from X, XI, XII and 13 all featured one of two guys. This time out, it's Bret Hart's turn to take the Randy Savage role and feature in three of the four bouts chosen. This is, by far, the moment that WWE began to turn the corner. People say that it was when Austin won King of the Ring, but they forget that Stone Cold was back in the midcard straight after that event (he wrestled in the pre-PPV match at Summerslam against Yokozuna, a full two months later). Austin had been on TV and challenged Bret Hart to return to the WWF (Bret had left after WrestleMania XII). He insulted Hart and the Hart family until Bret could take no more and agreed to meet Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1996. The two men had an awesome match that was incredibly heated and had a great finish (a re-run of the Bret/Piper match from 5yrs earlier). This bled into the 1997 Royal Rumble as Hart actually eliminated Austin from the match, only for the two ringside referees to miss it (they were trying to break up a Mick Foley/Terry Funk brawl at the time). Stone Cold re-entered the ring, hurled Bret over the top and was declared the winner. Hart, incensed at the decision, came out on the RAW the next night and went ballistic. After reviewing the footage, WWF officials decided to have a Four-Way Elimination Match (a wrestler could be pinned, made to submit or go over the top rope to the floor), with the winner getting a shot at the WWF Title at WrestleMania. The anté was upped when Michaels, on a special Thursday night edition of RAW, vacated the title due to him having "lost his smile". The winner of the four-way would now become the champion outright. Bret came out the victor in a stellar contest (it was the main event of In Your House 13: Final Four, has Vader's best outing in the WWF and is another of those matches that needs to be seen by everyone), but lost the title to Sid the following night, thanks to interference by Steve Austin. Hart would lose the subsequent rematch (inside a steel cage) due to interference from Undertaker (Austin had interfered to help Bret, as it would mean their upcoming 'Mania match would be for the title) and turn his attention to eliminating Stone Cold for good.

The promos leading up to the Submission Match focused on Bret's array of wrestling holds in comparison to Austin's brawling style (in truth, Austin is a very good technical wrestler, but this wasn't what the people wanted to see from him). Ken Shamrock, who was to debut as a wrestler not long after this, was the special referee and the match began with Austin taking down Bret and laying into him with right hands. One of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time, Bret v Austin will be remembered for two things. First, and foremost, the double-turn of the two wrestlers and secondly, the sight of Austin, trapped in the Sharpshooter with blood running down his face. Bret has gone on record and said that this is his favourite match and, with it being the last WrestleMania appearance for "The Hitman", it's a fitting swansong into the bargain.

2nd Place: WWF Championship (No DQ) - Sycho Sid v The Undertaker - 2 votes
3rd Place: WWF Tag Team Championships - Owen Hart & The Bulldog v Mankind & Vader (w/ Paul Bearer) - 1 vote

WrestleMania XIV
Location: Fleetcenter, Boston, Massachusetts
Date: March 29th, 1998
Attendance: 19,028
The Winning Match: WWF Championship (Mike Tyson as the Special Enforcer) - Steve Austin v HBK (w/ Triple H & Chyna) - 18 votes


With that one call, Jim Ross captured the emotion of an event that is the very definition of "you had to be there". Steve Austin had won his second Rumble match in a row as Mike Tyson watched from an executive box. The next night on RAW, Vince McMahon proudly introduces Mike Tyson to the crowd and installs him as the special guest enforcer for the WWF Championship Match between Shawn Michaels (now of DeGeneration X) and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. As Vince interviews the boxer, the glass shatters, the entire arena comes to their feet and the TV viewers are focused on events unfolding. Austin enters the ring, cuts a blistering promo on Tyson and then, to the shock of McMahon, flips him the bird. "Iron" Mike responds by shoving Austin in the chest (heralding the above JR comment) and all Hell breaks loose. Vinnie Mac's cry of "You ruined it" are pitch-perfect and start the ball rolling on Austin v McMahon. In the weeks to follow, Michaels would also challenge Tyson to step into the ring with him, only for this to be a ruse; the boxer joined DX and participated in angles to humiliate Austin. This meant, going into the match, Michaels had the outside enforcer in his pocket, thus protecting his title reign.

WWE kept it very quiet at the time, but HBK went into this match with a very serious back injury (he wouldn't wrestle again until Summerslam 2002 - over four years later). The he could even compete is astounding. That he put in the performance he did (although, the threat of an Undertaker pounding may have had something to do with it), is all the more amazing. The bout was heated, fast-paced and had almost everything. Brawling, wrestling, high-flying, shenanigans, etc... they were all present and correct, including the, at the time, obligatory ref-bump. The finish was wonderful; HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music (he had hit it on Austin numerous times in the weeks prior to the show - not unlike his current storyline with Undertaker), Austin ducks and attempts a Stunner. Michaels shoves him off the ropes, goes for the kick again, "Stone Cold" catches the foot, spins HBK around, kick to the gut, STUNNER!!! Mike Tyson slides into the ring (fast-) counts Michaels down and awards the title to Steve Austin. He also follows this up by landing a knockout punch to HBK after "The Showstopper" gets back to his feet and demands answers. This is when the Attitude Era came of age (I believe it started at the previous year's event) and WWE never looked back. "Steve Austin's time had come and there ain't nobody that can stop me". Never a truer word has been spoken.

2nd Place: WWF Tag Team Championships (Dumpster Match) - Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie v New Age Outlaws - 3 votes
3rd Place: Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) v Undertaker - 2 votes

WrestleMania XV
Location: First Union Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: March 28th, 1999
Attendance: 20,276
The Winning Match: WWF Championship (No DQ) - Steve Austin v The Rock - 21 votes

To many people, the Rock/Austin rivalry is the best in-ring feud of all time. The only pairing to headline three WrestleManias, Steve Austin v The Rock was just magical every time it happened... and it happened a lot. The Rock had become the WWF Champion at Surivor Series '98 in a worked re-run of the Montreal Screwjob. Mankind, who was McMahon's lackey, ended up trapped in a Sharpshooter at the hand of The Rock, who had come into the event as a super-over babyface due to his rivalry with Vince... only for McMahon to call for the bell and award the championship to the future movie star. Survivor Series '98 was an absolutely stunning piece of booking. A show-long angle that caught virtually everyone by surprise and made The Rock the company's top heel by a wide margin. Rock would trade the title back and forth with Mankind over the months of January and February while, alongside this, the Austin/McMahon rivalry got physical as Vince won the Rumble and then had a blistering cage match against Stone Cold at the follow month's In Your House event. Austin's victory in the cage granted him the shot at WrestleMania and the stage was set.

Jim Ross, who had been out with Bell's Palsy, was reinstated to call this match (rumoured to be at the behest of Austin) and did a stunning job of calling the action alongside Jerry Lawler. Brawling all over the arena, the two perennial rivals tore the house down until the inevitable ref-bump and chaos resulted in Mick Foley (who had defeated Big Show in a match earlier in the night to referee the main event, only to be injured by the giant and rendered unable to comply) coming to the ring and counting down The Rock after the most over-zealous selling of a Stunner yet seen. Austin had won the WWF Championship two years running and would cement his position as THE top star in the industry.

2nd Place: WWF European Championship - X-Pac v Shane McMahon (w/ Test) - 2 votes
3rd Place: Tie - Kane/Triple H & Hardcore Holly/Billy Gunn/Al Snow - 1 vote

WrestleMania 2000
Location: Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
Date: April 2nd, 2000
The Winning Match: WWF Tag Team Championships Ladder Match - Edge & Christian v The Dudleyz v The Hardyz - 12 votes

Apart from the first two WrestleManias, one-on-one matches have been the voters' choice. With this event, that was never going to happen, as the only singles match at WrestleMania 2000 was between The Kat and Terri Runnels. That being said, though, it is the first appearance of the WWF Tag Team Titles since WrestleMania 2. The top story going into WrestleMania 2000 (the only 'Mania to be named for the year it took place) was the "McMahon in Every Corner" main event, but the tag-team ranks in WWE at the time had taken a massive leap forward from the dreary days of The Godwinns, Body-Donnas and Smoking Gunns three-way feud. Easily the most heated the WWF tag division had ever been, the chemistry between the three brother tandems (the teams were comprised of either real of storyline brothers) was unbelievable and brought with it many great matches.

The precursor to "Tables, Ladders & Chairs", this Three-Way Ladder Match escalated things to another level. Edge & Christian and The Hardyz had been feuding for a while (with their outstanding No Mercy '99 Ladder Match still being talked about today), but, before it could get stale, The Dudley Boyz arrived from ECW and tore the house down. Going into the event, D-Von and Bubba were the champs, but the titles were essentially vacated as they were placed high above the ring. What followed is a perfect example of how stunt-fest wrestling should be done. High-spots were well worked and well-timed, every wrestler had a chance to shine and the fans were kept glued from bell-to-bell. I honestly didn't want this match to end, but when Edge & Christian reached up and grabbed the titles, I knew I was watching history being made. That the three teams could follow this up and go on to even better things is a awesome. That they did it consistently is a miracle. Tag-team wrestling doesn't come much better than this.

2nd Place: Two-Fall Triple Threat for the IC & Euro Titles - Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho v Chris Benoit - 8 votes
3rd Place: Four-Way Elimination WWF Championship - Triple H v The Rock v Mick Foley v The Big Show - 7 votes

WrestleMania X-Seven
Location: Reliant Astrodome, Houston, Texas
Date: April 1st, 2001
Attendance: 67,925
The Winning Match: WWF Championship (No DQ) - The Rock v Steve Austin - 17 votes

Is it coincidence or fate that Rock/Austin should win the voting for WrestleMania X-Seven with X-Seven votes? Either way, the second WrestleMania main-event featuring these two had a lot to live up to. Not only did it have the legacy of their first 'Mania encounter of two years earlier, but they also had to live up to what many consider the pinnacle of WrestleMania cards.

We had no reason to worry, though, as the two men had another blistering encounter that, while the worst of their three main events (which is like saying Return of the Jedi is the worst of the original Star Wars trilogy - still a great movie, just not as good as the other two), is captivating from beginning to end. With the No-DQ ruling in full-effect, the action was hard-hitting and energetic... until Vince McMahon came down the ramp. At that point, EVERYONE wondered what the boss would do. He didn't disappoint. The Rock landed The People's Elbow and went for a pin, only for Vince to yank the referee out of the ring. The entire crowd were shocked, but not as shocked as they would be when Austin asked McMahon to give him a chair and then walloped The Rock with it over a dozen time. One three-count later and we had a new champion, but, more importantly, Austin had crossed over to the darkside and teamed up with his most hated rival. The sight of Austin and Vince shaking hands to close WrestleMania was a, no pun intended, stunner.

2nd Place: TLC WWF Tag Team Championships - Edge & Christian v The Hardyz v The Dudleyz - 10 votes
3rd Place: Chris Benoit v Kurt Angle - 2 votes

WrestleMania X8
Location: SkyDome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: March 17th, 2002
Attendance: 68,237
The Winning Match: Icon v Icon - The Rock v "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan - 22 votes

Chris Jericho v Triple H may have went on last, but they were fooling no-one. The REAL main event of WrestleMania X8 was the titanic clash between "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and The Rock. Quite possibly the last true dream match, Hogan v The Rock was the stuff of pipe dreams and videogame CAWs. WWF Magazine even ran a Fantasy Warfare article featuring the two. Hogan hadn't competed in the WWE since June of 1993 and had been out of wrestling since WCW closed its doors in January of 2001, so the prospect of him and Rock tangling seemed to be the work of fiction writers... until Vince brought back the original nWo. From that moment, the match was on. Hogan, the old lion, against The Rock, a man many saw as Hulk's natural successor. A chance meeting at No Way Out kickstarted the angle. Hogan pinning Rock, cleanly, after a legdrop, in a tag match showed the world he could still get it done.

WrestleMania in Toronto was the venue and this match, more than any other, captured the spirit of what WrestleMania means. When the two wrestlers stared at each other in the middle of the ring as the fans excitement reached critical levels, you were drawn into another world and would not be able to take yourself away until the final bell had rung. The actual in-ring action is pretty basic, but with two masters of working the crowd and a crowd that wanted to be worked, this was elevated to an experience far beyond a simple wrestling contest. Canada wanted to cheer Hogan and nothing was going to stop them doing that. Rock, being the smart guy that he is, played up to it and became a subtle heel for the duration of the bout. Hogan worked the fans as well as he ever has and the match lived up to its "Icon v Icon" billing. The Rock won the match, but no-one really cared about that. Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania were back in WWE and that is all that mattered. Hogan's ovation in Montreal following this event cemented his status and led him to one more run on top as the WWE Undisputed Champion. This is the perfect example of how a main event doesn't necessarily have to mean the last match on the card.

2nd Place: No Disqualification Match - Ric Flair v The Undertaker - 4 votes
3rd Place: WWF Championship - Triple H v Chris Jericho (w/ Stephanie McMahon - 2 votes

WrestleMania XIX
Location: Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington
Date: March 30th, 2003
Attendance: 54,097
The Winning Match: Chris Jericho v Shawn Michaels - 14 votes

One of the more heavily-voted events, this one was always going to come down to one of two matches. I voted for Austin/Rock III (and I feel it is the best of the trifecta), but the majority went for Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho. The storyline going into the match was simple; Jericho idolised HBK when the former first broke into the sport, but felt that he had surpassed his hero and wanted to prove it on the biggest stage.

Both men went into the match as mirror images of each other. They contested a stunning match that, in many folks' eyes, stole the show. Holds, counters, high-flying and stunning psychology (Y2J hitting a superkick and doing HBK's pose was great, as was HBK kipping up behind Jericho when he did the pose again) made this a match to remember. In the end, Michaels won with a quick roll-up and Jericho, humbled, hugged his hero in the middle of the ring... only to follow that up with a kick to the nuts. To steal the show from the likes of Austin v Rock, Hogan v McMahon, Brock v Kurt and the Pillow Fight (one of them is a jest, can you spot it?) takes some doing, so it's a testament to both of them that Mr. WrestleMania and Y2J achieved just that. It's also a testament to Vince that he gave it the time to develop (22mins - the longest match on the card).

2nd Place: Steve Austin v The Rock - 11 votes
3rd Place: WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar v Kurt Angle - 5 votes

WrestleMania XX
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: March 14th 2004
Attendance: 20,000
The Winning Match: World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat - Chris Benoit v Shawn Michaels v Triple H - 26 votes

Whether it's nostalgia and rose-tinted spectacles or merit alone, there was only ever going to be one winner for WrestleMania XX. The story begins at the Royal Rumble where Benoit wins the event after entering at #1, winning a title shot at WrestleMania. Exploiting a loophole in the contract, he decides to jump from Smackdown to RAW and challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship... a decision that doesn't sit well with HBK. A contract signing for the main event goes awry as Triple H signs the document but, before Benoit can do the same, Michaels superkicks the Canadian and signs the contract instead. After some politics, Steve Austin decreed that Hunter would defend the title in a Triple Threat. Benoit, who had been branded a choke-artist who couldn't win the big one, had the chance to show his exciting Rumble victory wasn't a fluke.

When WrestleMania rolled around, many were wondering if the former friendship between Triple H and HBK would be a deciding factor and, in the early going, it was (to the point of the former DX stablemates suplexing Benoit through the announce table). But as the bout wore on, the Canadian got back into it. Near-falls aplenty left the fans with their hearts in their mouths. A Sharpshooter on Michaels elicited a hearty cheer, but that paled into significance when the Rabid Wolverine clamped the feared Crippler Crossface on Trips and pulled for all he was worth. Hunter dragged himself to the ropes, but, not to be denied, Benoit rolled over (keeping the hold locked on), repositioning themselves in the centre of the ring and the live crowd almost burst their own eardrums as the screamed the place down. Triple H had no choice but to tap and the man who could never win the big one had just won the big one in the most emphatic manner possible. As memorable as that moment is, it pales in comparison to the after-match celebration. Benoit ascended the turnbuckles to salute the fans and when he came down, his real-life best friend, Eddie Guerrero, was standing there with the WWE Championship on his shoulder. The two men embraced as confetti rained down around them. All the hard work, the sacrifices, the trips to Japan, the indy scene, ECW, WCW, being told they were too small to make... it was all finally worth it. Two men, considered cruiserweight wrestlers at various points in their careers, had ended the biggest show in wrestling history as the main title-holders in an organisation criticized for being obssessed with the larger physique. It was a moment in time that will actually transcend time. Benoit, would, of course, destroy his legacy in a moment of madness, but, on this day, he had reached the highest point all professional wrestlers hope to achieve.

2nd Place: WWE Championship - Kurt Angle v Eddie Guerrero - 3 votes
3rd Place: Kane v The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) - 1 vote

WrestleMania 21
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles California
Date: April 3rd, 2005
Attendance: 20,193
The Winning Match: Shawn Michaels v Kurt Angle - 18 votes

I wasn't surprised that this match came out on top, but I was incredibly surprised at the lack of votes for Batista's climb to the top of the mountain. Kurt Angle, outside the ring problems aside, is rightly considered one of the best wrestlers of all time (even though he is close to becoming a parody of himself these days). Shawn Michaels, as you may have seen mentioned once or twice, is the self-proclaimed Mr. WrestleMania. Put those two together and the ingredients are primed for an epic encounter. On the "Road to WrestleMania", Kurt Angle had violently attacked HBK at the Royal Rumble after Shawn eliminated him from the match. From there, the challenge was made, HBK v The Olympic Hero at the biggest stage in wrestling, WrestleMania. Angle, to get into the head of his opponent, faced Marty Jannetty on Smackdown (after the former Rockers had reunited, for one night only, on the previous RAW) in an absolutely stunning match that actually got Jannetty rehired... only for him to be released a few months later due to legal issues. This also gave us one of the best parodies in wrestling as Kurt Angle, with Sensational Sherri, came out dressed as HBK and sang his own take on the theme song, "Sexy Kurt".

Although it is overrated, the match itself is still a fantastic bout between two excellent workers. The action is fast paced throughout, with counters and exchanges flowing perfectly. The only low-point is the length of time Michaels stays in the match-winning grapevined Ankle Lock before submitting. Even so, the match is another great example of why, in my opinion, the idea of WWE being the land where only giants are successful is misguided and a falacy. Sure, big guys will always have a place in WWE, but that can be said for any promotion, but look at the list so far; only WrestleMania VI has a winning match that features two massive men competing against each other. Some of the other matches have a "big man" as one of the participants, but the majority of the matches featured here are between two wrestlers who fall outwith the remit of what constitutes a big-man wrestler.

2nd Place: Money in the Bank Ladder Match - 5 votes
3rd Place: The Undertaker v Randy Orton - 3 votes

WrestleMania 22
Location: Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Attendance: 17,159
The Winning Match: Hardcore Match - Mick Foley v Edge (w/ Lita) - 12 votes

As we near the end of our countdown, we come to another narrow victory in our polls. Edge v Mick Foley is, to me, the swansong to what we have come to acknowledge as hardcore wrestling. Of course, there still are hardcore matches, but this was, to me, the last chapter in the book. Mick Foley has long been an advocate of Edge in real life, stating in numerous interviews that he sees Edge as the best pro-wrestler working today. The catayst for their match was Foley's desire to have "that one WrestleMania moment". The former Mankind felt that his performance at the previous year's event (a losing effort alongside The Rock against Orton, Flair and Batista of Evolution) was a below-par effort and he wanted to make amends. Edge, on the other hand, blamed Mick for costing him the WWE Championship against John Cena (Foley was the referee when Cena caught Edge, mid-crossbody, and hit the FU for the win). The Rated-R Superstar, livid that his dream of main-eventing 'Mania as the champion had been taken away, challenged Foley to a match at the event instead. Mick, in a surprising move, declined the offer of a wrestling match and, unsurprisingly, challenged the man who challenged him to a hardcore match. One con-chair-to later, Edge accepts the match.

The pre-hype videos focused on who Foley had become in comparison to who he had been. Edge mocked Mick and said he used to be someone to instigate fear, but now, he was nothing more than a pathetic cuddly teddy bear. Foley, in response to that, agrees that he had become exactly what Edge had described... but when he was smashed in the head with a chair, Edge had awoken something that had been dormant too long; the Hardcore Legend was back and ready to do some damage.

Come match time, Joey Styles joined Jerry Lawler (who had been doing RAW with) and Jim Ross (who he had been brought in to replace) to call the action. Edge enters first, in street clothes (which really does add to the Street Fight/Hardcore aura of these types of match) and looks like he knows this is his chance to elevate himself to the main-event window and stay there. Mick Foley, showing a dedication sadly lacking today, managed to get himself into stunning shape, at least for him, and was ready to give the performance of his life. Many people who compete in these matches forget all about the psychology of the why and the when. In this match, every weapon shot means something, every action and reaction was with a purpose and Lita, on the outside, plays her role as perfect as you could hope her to. For close to 15mins, Edge and Foley brutalise each other as the Chigaco crowd scream their lungs out. But nothing, absolutely nothing, could have prepared any of us for the unbelievable finalé. A table set up at ringside, Foley on the apron and Lita cracking the flannel shirt-wearer in the nuts. One dose of lighter fluid later and said table is aflame directly behind Foley. Edge charges across the ring and, in a moment of madness, spears his opponent between the ropes and drives both men through the flaming table to the floor. Edge may have won the match, but Foley got what he came for, his WrestleMania moment.

2nd Place: WWE Championship - Triple H v John Cena - 10 votes
3rd Place: No Holds Barred Match - Vince McMahon v Shawn Michaels - 3 votes

WrestleMania 23
Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan
Date: April 1st, 2007
Attendance: 80,103
The Winning Match: World Heavyweight Championship - The Undertaker v Batista - 12 votes

I went on a little diatribe earlier about the "WWE is a big man's world only" mentality earlier and, to advocate my point, this is the 24th match out of a list of 25 and only the second to have two big men squaring off; a measly 8% of the entire countdown. Batista had a reputation as being a lazy worker, but he had also been built up enough that the Undertaker's streak would be in serious jeopardy. No-one gave this a chance of outshining HBK v Cena later in the card, but both Undertaker and "The Animal" were upset that they didn't get to close the show, so vowed that is they couldn't end the show, they would steal it instead. Undertaker had won the Royal Rumble (considered the best Rumble match since 1992 and, without question, consisting of the greatest "final two" segment of any Royal Rumble in history) and, with it, the chance to challenge either Bobby Lashley, John Cena or Batista for either the ECW, WWE or World Championship respectively. On an episode of RAW, 'Taker chose Batista and chokeslammed him to the mat. Following this, HBK (who was the runner-up in the Rumble) was given the shot against John Cena at WrestleMania. From there, the two main-events teamed up and faced each other at No Way Out (The RAW team won after Batista turned on Undertaker and on the last RAW before the PPV (the Smackdown team were victorious after Michaels finally turned on Cena).

With the "Road to WrestleMania" travelled, the World Heavyweight Title Match between Undertaker and Batista was meant to be an appetiser for the true main event between Shawn Michaels and John Cena... only problem was, no-one told 'Taker and Batista. The two big men tore the house down with a brawl that shattered announce tables, crunched bones and had near-fall after near-fall until Undertaker managed to land the match-winning Tombstone and keep the streak alive. This match was a miracle considering how apathetic Batista had been in the past. With his working boots on, the man is worthy of his position; a fact shown by the quality of the rematches over the following months. Batista has featured twice in this countdown and both matches are easily his best work to date.

2nd Place: WWE Championship Match - Shawn Michaels v John Cena - 10 votes
3rd Place: Money in the Bank Ladder Match - 7 votes

WrestleMania XXIV
Location: Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida
Date: March 30th, 2008
Attendance: 74,635
The Winning Match: Career Threatening Match - Ric Flair v Shawn Michaels - 22 votes

And so, we come to the end of our trip down WrestleMania Lane and to the last match in our countdown. Ric Flair was in an angle where Vince McMahon had decreed that it Flair lost another singles match, he would have to retire on the spot. This storyline ran for a while as Slick Ric notched up victories over MVP, Kennedy and Mr. McMahon himself (in a memorable Street Fight that saw a bloody Flair SPLASH VINCE THROUGH A TABLE!), but everyone knew that the end had to come eventually and, fittingly, it was against Mr. WrestleMania at WrestleMania. Going into the event, the word of the hour was respect. HBK respected Ric Flair and the feeling was mutual. Ric Flair actually demanded Shawn Michaels be his opponent, but Shawn didn't want the responsibility of retiring the legend and declined. Not willing to let it go and seeing the idea of Shawn automatically winning as a slap in the face, Ric called out Shawn and they unleashed the infamous and astounding "Old Yeller" promo (see it here) that signalled his intent not to retire on the grandest stage. Of course, we all knew he was going to lose. It was more a case of how he would lose and with how much dignity it would carry. Flair being inducted into the Hall of Fame the previous night set the tone that this weekend would be all about Ric Flair and what he means to the wrestling business.

Vince, to his eternal credit, pushed the boat out big style for Flair's entrance into the Citrus Bowl. The robe was astounding, the music sounded louder and more profound, the "WOOOOOOOO" chants resonated with more meaning and the atmosphere wasn't one of regret, but one of celebration. For one night only, Flair turned the clock back twenty years and put on the performance of a lifetime, while Michaels lived up to his billing as Mr. WrestleMania (I may have mentioned that nickname once or twice). The fans were emotionally invested from start to finish, and even though the result was never in doubt, there were moments where we believed the impossible could happen. Of course, Flair did lose (and whoever came up with the "I'm sorry, I love you" segment deserves to be canonised), but that didn't matter one iota. The fans got to see "The Man" go out on a high, go out on the biggest stage the sport has to offer in front of almost 75,000 people inside the stadium and millions across the world and the fans, more importantly, got to say goodbye to their idol the right way. Michaels deserves credit for simply leaving the ring after saying something to Flair after the three-count and letting Ric soak in the adoration and adulation from the capacity crowd and his family in the front row. I welled up watching it and, incredibly, WWE topped themselves the next night with Ric Flair's emotional send-off that closed RAW. No-one has had a better goodbye than Ric Flair, not Austin, not The Rock, not Hogan, no-one had been given the chance to call it a day with more dignity and respect and no-one, in my opinion, deserved it more.

2nd Place: World Heavyweight Championship - Edge v The Undertaker - 15 votes
3rd Place: Tie - Floyd Mayweather/Big Show & MitB Ladder Match - 3 votes

Top 25 WrestleMania Moments

When DC asked me to do a section about my favourite 25 moments from WrestleManias past, I thought "25? Why can't I just do 10? I can't choose 25!". But as I came to choose my top moments, it became easier and easier as the memories of WrestleMania came flooding back, and I realised that there were so many memorable moments in the last 25 years, it was going to be a struggle to limit it to just 25.

Classic moments can be defined in a number of ways, be it in their meaning at that one moment in time, or their legacy that is carried on throughout the years. And whilst most people will remember the feel-good memories, there have been a number of not so happy moments throughout the years that will also be covered.

Please also remember that list is based purely on my own personal feelings about the top 25 moments, and I'm sure you'll agree with some and disagree with others.

So let's get going with this countdown, and I can see no better place to start than number 25...

#25 - Butterbean KO's Bart Gunn - WrestleMania 15

The Brawl For All was a tournament that wrestling fans really didn't appreciate. It was the WWE's attempt to try and tap into the momentum being gained by the UFC, a shoot fighting tournament with so many complex rules and scoring systems, I couldn't begin to explain it to them. The concept of the tournament was to get "Dr. Death" Steve Williams over as a legit tough guy, but that plan ended when a left hook from Bart Gunn knocked him out cold. Gunn went on to win the tournament, and his reward was a Brawl For All match against established boxer Eric 'Butterbean' Esch at WrestleMania. Unfortunately for Gunn, this reward turned out to be the most embarrassing and career altering moment of his career. As the professional boxer squared up to the professional wrestler, any shoot fighting fans would have been able to predict the outcome. And it happened in a blink of an eye. Butterbean staggered him with a right, and then knocked him down with a left. Gunn got up, but a right cross from Butterbean knocked him out, and the Brawl For All (and Bart Gunn) were never spoken of in the WWE again.

#24 - Money In The Bank - WrestleMania 21/22/23/24/25

When WrestleMania 21 rolled around and the Money in the Bank match was about to start there were mixed feelings, especially from the internet fans. Whilst pretty much everyone knew that it would be an exciting, action-packed match, but many also felt it was just a way to get six high profile names on the WrestleMania card that didn't have proper feuds coming into the show. But since then, the profile of the match has been raised further and further. Every MITB winner has gone on to use the title shot granted to him to win a World Title (Mr Kennedy excluded, but Edge won the shot from him, and subsequently won a World Title), and as a result the prestige of this match has gone through the roof. All four matches thus far have been top quality, and Shelton Benjamin's stock went through the roof as a result of his performances in the first one. In fact, if I had to choose a specific moment in a Money in the Bank match, I would have to go with Benjamin running up the ladder to clothesline Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 21, an incredible feat of balance and athleticism. It's now probably the second highest anticipated match of every WrestleMania, and I know I'm looking forward to this year's. Particularly Mark Henry's input...

#23 - Battle Of The Billionaires - WrestleMania 23

Who can forget when a fake Donald Trump took on a fake Rosie O'Donnell in possibly the worst Raw match... wait, possibly the worst match in history? As a result, a lot of people became very worried when Donald Trump himself became involved in an angle with Vince McMahon. Thankfully, they both chose participants to compete in a match on their behalf, McMahon choosing Umaga, and Donald Trump choosing... Bobby Lindsey! OK, so Trump forgot Bobby Lashley's name, but he still gave him his full support come WrestleMania 23. The stakes were raised when it was announced that the losing billionaire would have their head shaved following the match. Then Stone Cold Steve Austin came in as the guest referee, just in case there wasn't enough hype already. Despite Lashley nearly killing himself with a suicide dive over the top rope, the match was an entertaining brawl, and come Lashley's victory, Vince duly had his head shaved in the middle of the ring. Trump put a lot of effort into his appearance too, even getting involved in the ring, knocking Vince down, and taking a horrible Stunner from Austin. He also did a backstage skit with The Boogeyman, and asked him for a sandwich. Too funny.

#22 - Floyd 'Money' Mayweather defies his size - WrestleMania 24

Nobody was expecting the Big Show to return at No Way Out 2008, but when he did, he did so to quite a big pop, particularly as he showed off how much weight he had lost in his year long absence from the WWE. But things turned sour quickly when an injured Rey Mysterio was still limping around ringside, and Show, seemingly perturbed by this blatant leeching of his time, took Rey into the ring and began to destroy him. Floyd Mayweather was sat at ringside (he had been introduced as a friend of Rey's earlier in the evening), and Show began taunting him to get in the ring. What happened next will be remembered for a long time, as Mayweather entered the ring, and landed three real shots to the face of Show, one of which broke Show's nose. That set up their match at 'Mania 24, where Mayweather entered the ring with all the pomp and circumstance you would associate with him. Despite his lack of wrestling experience, Mayweather was able to work a decent match, which he duly won after a brass knuckles shot to the head. Although the more memorable moment took place the month before, Mayweather's appearance at Mania was a huge deal to the media, and he was respectful enough to give this huge payday the necessary time and effort.

#21 - Kane vs. Pete Rose - WrestleMania XIV, XV, 2000

Nobody was quite sure what Pete Rose was doing in the ring as a special guest announcer at WrestleMania XIV. But people sure were shocked when Kane came down for his match against his brother The Undertaker, and proceeded to Tombstone Rose all the way to Red Sox hell. The next year at WrestleMania XV, Rose came out to gain his revenge dressed as the San Diego Chicken, but alas, Kane was ready again, and Rose got his second Tombstone as a result. Fast forward one more year to WrestleMania 2000, and Rose tried to get clever. The San Diego Chicken came out, but it wasn't Rose in the costume, as he appeared and hit the distracted Kane with a baseball bat. No luck there. It was strike three for Rose as Kane gave him a Chokeslam, and to make matters worse, Rikishi added a Stinkface to the deal. Believe it or not, there were reports that Rose was approached about a spot at WrestleMania X7, but turned it down because of creative differences. Rose and Kane had another meeting in an advert for No Mercy 2002, and in 2004, Rose was the first inductee into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

#20 - Stone Cold's Last Match - WrestleMania XIX

There is only one match that has appeared on three different WrestleMania cards. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two biggest stars of the last ten years collided at both WrestleMania XV and WrestleMania X-7, before their final chapter at WrestleMania 19. This match is famous for reasons that were not clear until maybe so much as a year later, during which time Stone Cold Steve Austin had not competed in another match. This was Stone Cold Steve Austin's last match. Unlike Ric Flair or Randy Savage, there was no "retirement" stipulation banded around beforehand, nor had they announced it beforehand like in the case of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Austin had only told a handful of people, among those Vince McMahon, The Rock, his good friend Jim Ross, and the crew of the documentary "The Mania of WrestleMania". To make matters more complicated, Austin was working with a severely damaged neck, and had been admitted to hospital the night before with high blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat. Looking back at this match now there are so many signs of Austin's in-ring departure, particularly the moment following the match where Rock and Austin privately talk in the centre of the ring. If you can, try and watch the Austin/Rock portion of The Mania of WrestleMania to truly appreciate what a landmark moment this was.

#19 - Brock Lesnar's Shooting Star Press - WrestleMania XIX

A real once in a lifetime moment now, as we ignore the first, very entertaining, 20 minutes of WrestleMania 19's main event, and concentrate on when Brock Lesnar nearly broke his neck in the biggest match of his career. People had seen videos of Brock doing the SSP in OVW, and were wondering if this match would be when we would get to see it in the WWE. They were right. Sort of. When you study the footage you can see that Brock is apprehensive before starting, and that the top rope where his left foot is can be seen shaking up and down. This, perhaps in addition to the overwhelming risk of the move, contributed to his literal downfall. Fans around the world were shocked, Brock landed pretty much on the top of his forehead, and the fans in the arena were stunned into a pensive silence. Angle, working himself against doctor's orders with a broken neck that required immediate surgery following this match, tried to cover for Lesnar by rolling out of the way. Brock was visibly shaken when he amazingly got back on his feet, and seemed to have no clue what he was doing or where he was. He miraculously only suffered a concussion from the move, and was somehow able to finish the match with an F5 shortly afterwards. It's thought that Brock's incredibly muscular neck gave him just about enough protection to prevent any more damage. Lesnar has not yet attempted a Shooting Star Press in his reign as UFC Heavyweight champion.

#18 - The WWF Title Tournament - WrestleMania IV

In case there was any doubt, the WrestleMania that featured the most matches in one evening took place at Trump Plaza at WrestleMania IV. I wanted to include something about this WrestleMania in the countdown, but I couldn't really pick anything decisive that represented the show as a whole. So I decided to just include the whole thing. A tournament took place with fourteen wrestlers vying to become the new WWF World Champion after the title was vacated following Andre The Giant's attempted sale of the title to Ted DiBiase. Randy Savage ended up defeated DiBiase in the final, with some help from his friend Hulk Hogan, issuing in Savage as the first WWF Champion other than Hogan in the Hulkamania era. Whilst none of the matches had any time whatsoever to be any good, the tournament concept was unprecedented at the time, and looking back it gives WrestleMania IV a real difference to any WrestleMania before or since.

#17 - The Rock vs. Hollywood Hogan - WrestleMania X8

It may be a shock to see this match so low, but the real moments happened on the shows before WrestleMania X8. It was a strange build-up to this match, the intense staredown between Rock and Hogan on a RAW before WrestleMania X8 will live long in the memory, but then so will Hogan trying to kill The Rock by hitting his car with a lorry. Come WrestleMania, and in many ways it was the crowd that made this match special, as the entire of Toronto turned on The Rock and began cheering for their former hero Hollywood Hogan. What followed was a match of pretty dull proportions, highlighted by The Rock's incredible ability to switch into heel mode and play on the crowd's reaction. The handshake afterwards is a golden moment for sure, but the nWo's attempted beatdown made things go on a bit too long in my eyes. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with me on this one, but hey, this is my column damn it!

#16 - Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg bow out disgracefully - WrestleMania XX

If the fans at WrestleMania X8 made Rock/Hogan special, then they certainly did the same for Lesnar/Goldberg at WrestleMania XX, albeit for completely different reasons. The two men came into this match knowing it was their last; Lesnar had given up his WWE dream to pursue his NFL dream, which was followed by his MMA dream. Goldberg has just given up completely and this was the last day of his year long contract. But in this age of the internet, this sort of news spreads fast, and there's no more internet-friendly location than Madison Square Garden. The crowd tore into both men before the bell rang, and the chants of "You Sold Out" at Lesnar, was followed by the singing of "Hey Hey Goodbye" at both Lesnar and Goldberg. With the match not getting going very quickly at all, the chants turned into "this match sucks" and "boring". All these chants were the loudest "smark" chants I've ever heard, literally overpowering the announcers voices to the extent that JR had to come clean about what the fans were chanting about. It was truly the most surreal match in WrestleMania history, with only special guest referee Steve Austin getting any love from the New York fans. It didn't help that the match itself was a train wreck, quite possibly because neither man knew what to do or how to react to the hostile crowd. But the crowd's reaction in the early moments will be something I never forget, and a lesson to any wrestler that no man is bigger than the WWE, and the fans will always remind you of that.

#15 - Stone Cold Turns Heel at WrestleMania X7

The Austin/McMahon feud had been the cornerstone of the WWF for over nearly three years. Many say that the "anti-establishment" tone of the feud was the foundation of the Attitude Era, and the main reason the WWF had been successful in the Monday Night Wars. So imagine the shock when, in his home state of Texas, Stone Cold Steve Austin teamed up with Vince McMahon to accomplish his dream of reclaiming the WWF Title. Unfortunately, the moment was lost to the fans in attendance, they saw past the unification of McMahon and Austin and continued cheering their beloved Rattlesnake as he won the title from The Rock after a series of sickening chair shots to a grounded Rock, the chair having been given to Austin by McMahon himself who stood next to Austin cheering his assault on. The alliance only lasted a few months, as the Invasion rolled into town and Austin sided with WCW/ECW for reasons that were never properly explained. But there has been no more surreal moment in WrestleMania history than seeing Austin and McMahon share a beer in the middle of the ring.

#14 - Shawn Michaels leaps off a ladder - WrestleMania X

Maybe that heading doesn't quite do this justice, but it's the best way I could think of describing it. In the first high profile ladder match the WWF had done, HBK took on Razor Ramon to unify the Intercontinental Title. It would have been easy to pick another ladder-based stunt from WrestleMania, TLC 2 had its fair share at WrestleMania X7, and Jeff Hardy's dive from the ladder at WrestleMania 2000 was a sight to behold. But whilst compared to the stunts performed at WrestleMania by people like Jeff Hardy in years to come, HBK's performance in this match thrust him into super-stardom. And no more memorable moment arose from this match than Shawn heading ten feet into the air, and hitting a Flying Splash onto the prone body of Razor Ramon. This one move became a defining moment for not just Michaels, but for WrestleMania as well.

#13 - Foley and Edge Dive Into Fire - WrestleMania 22

Mick Foley is a strange man. He spent his entire professional career sacrificing his body and mind in acts of disturbing brutality, and whilst his Hell In A Cell match against The Undertaker is the most remembered of his matches, as far as WrestleMania goes he has done some pretty sick stuff too. Who can forget him being Chokeslammed on to two upright steel chairs by the Big Show at WrestleMania XV? But perhaps even more insane than that was at WrestleMania 22. The crowd were in expectancy after Lita set fire to a table at ringside, and when Edge speared Foley off the apron, and both men flew into the burning table to provide a truly memorable "holy sh!t" moment for all those watching. Foley speaks in his book "Hardcore Diaries" of how he craved a definitive WrestleMania moment to establish his legacy, and this awesome stunt finally gave him what he wanted.

#12 - Hall Of Fame Inductees - WrestleMania XX, XXI, XXII, XXIV

Call me sentimental, and I'm sure Chris Jericho would hate this, but I love the small bits of time given most years since 2004 to the year's inductees into the Hall of Fame. It gives the crowd a chance to see wrestlers they've not seen for a while, or in the case of Flair or Hogan, another chance to cheer them that evening. Whilst the Hall of Fame has had its few criticised inductees, particularly those into the celebrity wing, the recognition given to the legends of the industry and not only the show the night before, but also on the WrestleMania broadcast as well, is a fitting tribute to their years of service to entertain the fans.

#11 - WrestleMania - The Beginning

In the first of two "entire show" moments in this countdown, we go back to 1985 and the very first WrestleMania. All sorts of legend and folklore surrounds the origin of the first WrestleMania, some say that Vince McMahon risked the entire company on the one event, and had it not been successful then he would have had nothing left. The most clichéd statement surrounding the show is that without it, wrestling today would be a much different industry, and not for the better. It's difficult to disagree with that statement, as the mixture of celebrities, from Mr T to Liberace, to the big drawing Main Event between T and Hogan taking on Piper and Orndorff, lay the foundations for the one yearly show that tops all others. No wrestling company has come close to matching the grandeur of WrestleMania, and the very first one is where it all started.

#10 - The Austin Era Begins - WrestleMania XIV

We head into the top 10 by looking at one of those moments that combine everything WrestleMania is about. There was the big money match between Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels for the WWF Title, with the celebrity involvement of Mike Tyson, at the time one of the biggest sports stars in the world. The match had a certain inevitability about it, Michaels was suffering from a severe back injury that would keep him out of action for four years, so Austin was almost certain to win. And he did, with the surprising help of Tyson who Austin had brawled with just weeks before, and Tyson had even pleaded his allegiance to DX beforehand. Tyson counting down Austin's shoulders became a legendary moment, as the torch was passed from Michaels to Austin (well, maybe thrown and caught, the 1998 HBK wouldn't have willingly passed the torch to anybody), and the Austin era, which soon became the Attitude era, had begun.

#9 - The Macho Man Retires with Elizabeth By His Side - WrestleMania VII

WrestleMania VII provided one of the most memorable moments in WrestleMania history, and it all stemmed from a retirement match. Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior had been feuding for some time, with Savage costing Warrior the WWF Title to Sgt. Slaughter two months beforehand. Savage was going under the name of The Macho King and was managed by Queen Sherri, a far cry to his days of the Macho Man with Elizabeth by his side. But suspicions were aroused when Miss Elizabeth was sat in the front row for the show, and following Warrior's victory, meaning Savage was forced to retire, things started getting interesting. Sherri began verbally, and then physically attacking Savage in the ring, berating him for losing in this huge match. But soon Elizabeth could take no more, and she jumped the barrier and headed to the ring, grabbing Sherri and throwing her from the ring. An awkward moment followed, as Savage required confirmation that it had been Sherri attacking him and not Elizabeth. But soon the two embraced in the centre of the ring to a huge ovation from those in attendance, and as they left the ring together for the last time, Savage held the ropes open for Elizabeth to climb through in the same manner she had done for him for a number of years. Truly one of the most emotional moments of WrestleMania, and certainly one I will always remember as being the end of an era.

#8 - The Best PPV Of All Time - WrestleMania X7

My second "entire show" choice comes in the form of WrestleMania X7. This was the first PPV to be held following WWF's purchase of WCW, and what a show it was. Every match on the card, with the possible exception of Chyna vs. Ivory, delivered either far beyond the expectations of those watching, or matched the incredible hype it had been given. TLC II surpassed the already dizzying heights of the first match, and who can forget Edge Spearing Jeff Hardy from 10 feet in the air? Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit put on a technical wrestling classic widely considered one of the best in WrestleMania history. The gimmick battle royal was great fun for any long time wrestling fan. Shane and Vince McMahon put on a match so full of drama, suspense and twists that the fact they weren't wrestlers didn't even cross anyone's mind. Am I done? No way! The Undertaker and Triple H had a great, no nonsense brawl, Eddie Guerrero carried Test to a far better match than was expected, and William Regal and Chris Jericho tangled in a good, if unspectacular match. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman provided superb commentary throughout the whole show. And of course, the show culminated with a huge Main Event, as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock had a hell of a match, which ended with the aforementioned Austin heel turn. This show is widely considered to be the best wrestling event of all time, and certainly can't be topped for a show held in the USA (which takes Canadian Stampede out of the running!). If you haven't watched this WrestleMania... well, watch it. And if you have, watch it again.

#7 - Hogan passes the torch to the Warrior - WrestleMania VI

I'll be honest; I've never seen the whole match between Warrior and Hogan at WrestleMania VI. In my defence, I was only three went it took place, and it's a match I've never been able to see in its entirety. But I'm fully aware of the implications this one match had in the history of the WWF. Hogan had ruled the roost in the WWF for over six years, and with his increased mainstream celebrity status, there needed to be a new force to be reckoned with. Enter the Ultimate Warrior, whose energy and excitement had made him into a huge star as well. They collided at WrestleMania VI in Toronto, and Warrior shocked the world when he was able to pin Hogan down for a three count to win the match and capture the WWF title. But the memorable moment came after the match, as Hogan took the belt into the ring and presented it to the Warrior, before holding up Warrior's arm to declare him the winner. The torch had been officially passed, even if Hogan was fighting for the WWF Title again the next WrestleMania. And then winning the WWF title in 30 seconds at WrestleMania IX. But ignore those parts.

#6 - Rey Mysterio shocks the world to win the World Title - WrestleMania 22

The death of Eddie Guerrero in late 2005 cast a huge shadow over the wrestling industry, as it lost one of the most entertaining men to have ever set foot in the ring. Whilst the WWE made some bizarre decisions regarding Eddie's legacy, many of which insulted and horrified even the most loyal of fans, one of the more emotional stories that came about was Rey Mysterio's sudden push. For it to work you had to forget the last year of action that saw Eddie make Rey's life a living hell by claiming that Rey's son Dominik was, in fact, Eddie's son. You had to remember that Eddie and Rey were best friends, and Rey reminded us of this by dedicating each match to Eddie's memory. And there were some big matches, as Rey won the 2006 Royal Rumble match after entering at #2, and despite losing his WrestleMania title shot to Randy Orton, he got it back as Teddy Long felt sorry for him. Hardly the most character building of storylines, and when WrestleMania 22 came around, most fans saw Rey Mysterio as an afterthought, only in the match because of his connection to Eddie, and highly unlikely to win the title. But Rey was able to score a highly unlikely victory over Kurt Angle and Randy Orton, and straight away you've got yourself a moment to remember. Sure, the match was under 10 minutes because HHH vs. Cena was deemed more important, and sure, Rey's celebration was cut short as they had to change the ring over to accommodate a Playboy pillow fight, but if you ignore all the mistakes at the core you find what WrestleMania is all about. Rey Mysterio, a man considered never good enough based on his size, accomplished all of his dreams in one night by becoming World Champion. And what's more, he did it in the name of his best friend, believing that Eddie would be looking down on him with pride.

#5 - Shawn Michaels zip-lines to the WWF Title - WrestleMania XII

WrestleMania XII is widely remembered for just one match. Shawn Michaels took on Bret Hart in a 60 Minute Ironman match, with the winner being decided by the most pinfalls or submissions in that hour, and the WWF Title was at stake. This remains the longest match in WrestleMania history and possibly the one match that divides wrestling fans everywhere, some find it a technical masterpiece, and others find it boring and difficult to watch due to its length. But before the match even began, it provided us with a WrestleMania moment that cannot be forgotten. When Shawn Michaels' music hit everyone turned to the entranceway to await the Heartbreak Kid's arrival. But instead, Jose Lothario appeared there, causing much confusion to the watching fans. Lothario walked to the ring, climbed the turnbuckle and pointed to the roof. The fans confusion was soon put to rest as Michaels appeared at the top of the arena and zip-lined his way down to the ring in the ultimate act of showmanship and flamboyance. The crowd went wild as their hero continued his long aerial ride to the ring, and it set the tone for what would truly be a memorable contest. In recent years the WWE have tried to tap into a similar vein for their main event matches, who can forget Triple H dressed as Conan The Barbarian, JBL dropping specially-made JBL dollar bills from the roof, John Cena dressed as a Chicago gangster, or speeding into the arena in a Corvette through a plate glass window. But no matter how hard they try, or how much money they throw at a wrestler's entrance, it is unlikely they will ever be able to beat the thrill and excitement of HBK's entrance at WrestleMania 12.

#4 - Ric Flair gets superkicked into retirement - WrestleMania XXIV

"I'm sorry. I love you." Ask any wrestling fan who said those words at WrestleMania, and they will tell you it was Shawn Michaels. He spoke those words (making sure to make it easy for the viewers at home to lip read) moments before he delivered the one, final Sweet Chin Music that brought Ric Flair's legendary 36 year career to an end at WrestleMania 24. Everyone was 99% sure that Flair was going to lose this match, he had been inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before, and at 59 years old, there was only so long he could maintain a glimmer of the standard he had set during his career. The match itself was a high quality affair, maybe at the time slightly over-rated due to the sentimental value involved, but definitely a match to warrant being called Flair's last. It was difficult for me to choose between the Sweet Chin Music or Flair's walk back to the locker room as the more distinguishable moment between the two, but I went for the superkick purely because it was an exact moment where something so special had to come to an end. The great thing is, I can't think of another move that would have had the same effect. An emotional moment? Yes. A unique moment? Definitely. An immortal moment? Absolutely.

#3 - Stone Cold bleeds for his (H)art - WrestleMania 13

Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin did not like each other. They did not like each other going into WrestleMania 13, and they certainly didn't like each other coming out of WrestleMania 13. But it was at WrestleMania 13 that one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history took place, a match that ended with a WrestleMania moment for the ages. Stone Cold had actually gone into the match as the heel, with Hart still one of the company's top faces. They fought in a submission match, a match favouring Hart and his devastating Sharpshooter submission hold, however the majority of the match was a wild brawl, during which Austin was busted open by a shot from a ring bell. As the match reached its conclusion, Hart applied the Sharpshooter to Austin in the centre of the ring. Austin had nowhere to go, blood was pumping through his body and out through the cut in his forehead. Unable to do anything about the hold he was in, but also unwilling to surrender to his bitter rival, Austin passed out from the pain and referee Ken Shamrock called a halt to the match. The image of Austin screaming in pain with blood running down his face into his open mouth has become synonymous with his career, as many see it as the point where Austin was elevated into megastar status. The aftermath of the match was almost as important as the match itself, with Bret continuing to attack Austin, signalling an unprecedented double turn, Hart becoming a heel for his actions, and Austin becoming a face for the courage he had shown. Not only does this moment capture the drama of a big WrestleMania match, but it can also be looked upon as laying the foundations for the Austin era.

Fun fact - If Shawn Michaels hadn't "lost his smile" and surrendered the WWF Title the month before, it would have been a re-match of Michaels vs. Hart from WrestleMania XII, and this match would have never happened.

#2 - Hogan slams the Giant - WrestleMania III

The scene is WrestleMania III. The crowd is recorded as being 93,173, a record for an indoor event at the time and still remaining the largest attendance for a North American wrestling event. The main event has come around, with the crowd having been already treated to a superb match between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat. But if you had asked any one of the 93,000+ in attendance what match they had come to see, they would have simply said "Hogan vs. Andre". The match has been given the title of "The Irresistible Force facing the Immovable Object", and it was a clash of the two biggest wrestling stars the WWF had in the 1980s. Hulk Hogan had been riding the wave of Hulkamania for 3 years, and had been WWF Champion for all that time. Meanwhile, Andre the Giant had gone undefeated (allegedly) for over 12 years. Andre was angered by the lack of respect given to his accomplishment, so he put a plan into action. Firstly he hired notorious heel manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and then he gatecrashed an episode of Piper's Pit and challenged Hogan to a match at WrestleMania for the WWF Title, attacking his former friend to further demonstrate his point. The big question that was on everyone's lips was simple; could Hogan slam Andre? As the match came around, Hogan tried to pick Andre up for a slam on more than one occasion, but he was unable to muster the strength he needed. But finally, with the will of every Hulkamaniac in the building behind him, Hogan was able to lift the 550 pound Andre into the air and slam him down, causing the crowd to erupt with cheers. Hogan quickly added his patented leg drop, and covered Andre to win the match and retain his title.

I'm sure 99% of you know all that already, but I thought I'd remind you just in case. This moment defines WrestleMania in the eyes of nearly every wrestling fan around the world, and many consider it the greatest moment of wrestling history. And yet I haven't put it at number 1 in my list. As I said at the start of this column, the list you're reading is very much based on my own personal WrestleMania experiences, and when WrestleMania III occurred I was just over six months old. It doesn't mean as much to me as my number one choice purely because I wasn't around at the time to understand its true meaning and its place in the history of the wrestling business. It would be easy for me to look back 22 years ago and say it's the greatest moment of all time, but I would be betraying my actual belief. And you wouldn't want me to lie, would you?

#1 - Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero celebrate as world champions - WrestleMania XX

Some people will tell you that Chris Benoit was a psychopath. I'm not here to debate that, nor am I here to speak anything other than about my favourite WrestleMania moment. But Chris Benoit was my favourite wrestler, and Chris Benoit remains among my favourite wrestlers no matter what has happened since this incredible moment in wrestling history. When Benoit made HHH tap out at WrestleMania XX, I leapt from my chair in joy and adulation. My favourite wrestler had won the world title at the grandest stage of them all, I was allowed to be happy. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened when Eddie Guerrero joined his best friend Benoit in the ring following the match, holding the WWE Title he had successfully defended earlier in the evening. Eddie was my second favourite wrestler, and I had been just as happy when he defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Title at No Way Out 2004. For the first time in my wrestling watching career, I was moved to tears as Eddie and Benoit embraced in the ring, before they raised each others arms, with the two title belts being held aloft as well. Being such a big fan of both men, I understood the sacrifices they had made to get to where they were, the problems they had faced in WCW because of the overbearing control held by the top stars, and even the lack of pushes they had received in the WWE before this moment. But their resilience and determination meant they had finally reached the top of the mountain, and I could not contain my happiness for their success. I shed tears again when I watched this moment on DVD, and my eyes still well up whenever I watch it again. Hell, they're welling up now as I'm writing this. Only Ric Flair's retirement party on RAW in 2008 has come close to bringing out the same emotion from me, and whilst Benoit's legacy may have been tainted due to the unfortunate events that transpired in 2007, I will always be able to look back at WrestleMania XX and remember the positives of his life. And, no matter how much the WWE try to wipe his existence from their records, there is nothing that will stop me remembering him as my favourite wrestler.

So there they are my personal favourite 25 moments from WrestleMania’s grand history. Hope you enjoyed reading them, and if you did, be sure to check out my PPV Reviews on If you didn't, well you're just mean.

Have a great WrestleMania peeps.


WrestleMania Roundtable

Intercontinental Championship:
JBL Vs. Rey Mysterio

Inno: I go for the JBL to keep the belt. Can't really see Rey having much need for the IC belt, so let's just hope this match doesn't suck as much as their match on Raw did...

The Beltster: I thought Regal was the IC champ :lol: Nice to see the IC title getting defended at WM, last time that happened was 2002 right? JBL for the win I suppose...although isnt he a physical wreck and after I read Tazz has taken his leave, maybe this will mean Brawshaw makes his way back to the SD! announce table and drop the strap to Mysterio. So in essence...I have no idea.

Flamboyant Fozz: Whatever happened to the days when the IC title was a stepping stone for a mid-carder on the way up? Here are 2 former World Champions battling for the strap. They have had some decent matches in the past and the contrast in styles should make for a reasonable opener. I would have said JBL to win but with Taz leaving, he may be returning to commentary duties. My prediction: Rey Mysterio.

Jimmy Redman: Firstly, I am angry that Rey Mysterio is not in the Money in the Bank match. JBL's title win came out of absolutely nowhere, for mine, and has done nothing so far. Actually JBL commentating on Raw the other day made me wish more than ever he would stop with the damn wrestling already. Anywho, I believe that they put him with Rey simply to give him a chance at a decent match for his Texas Mania, as well as to get Rey on the card, which makes enough sense. And it should be a good match, I'm just not all that interested in it. Rey winning isnt totally outside the realms of possibility, but JBL in Texas so soon into his reign means I imagine he will win.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Finlay Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Christian Vs. CM Punk Vs.Kofi Kingston Vs. Kane Vs. Mark Henry Vs. MVP

Inno: I'm looking to Christian or Shelton Benjamin to take the briefcase here. We should get the usual spotfest that we all secretly look forward to as well -the big question for me is what crazy spot is Shelton gonna come up with this year?

The Beltster: The annual botch fest...hmmm, Christian isnt getting any love from VKM I hear, so maybe MVP to win? To be fair, I'm really not upto speed on anything going on and so I dont know who is and who isnt getting any sort of push or who is in the doghouse. I've never been a fan of MITB, its a horrible match every year full of crapass highspots and nonsense plus whoever wins it will never be a credible champion since Edge. Its like King of the Ring, after Bret won the first, everybody else after wasnt as credible. Austin became a star but outside of his KotR speech, being 'The King' didnt do anything for him. I'll stick with MVP.

Flamboyant Fozz: Finlay Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Christian Vs. CM Punk Vs.Kofi Kingston Vs. Kane Vs. Mark Henry Vs. MVP
A good mix of larger and quicker athletes, which will hopefully make for a different type of match as the format is getting a little stale. Expect Shelton to fly all over the place as usual. Logically I would expect Christian to win this but for some reason I have a suspicion that Kane will win.

Jimmy Redman: Kane...Finlay...MVP...ergh. I must say that it isnt the MITB lineup I would have picked, and the build has been abysmally, mind-numbingly boring, but never mind. They still have Punk, Shelton, Kofi and even Christian to come with the wacky spots, Finlay and MVP to sort of hold things down, Mark Henry to be awesome and Kane to be...Kane. Clearly the most interesting thing about this match is Mark Henry in a ladder match, which should be fantastic and I'm really looking forward to some cool stuff with him. I have not the slightest idea who will win. This is similar to last year after Jeff was out and they just had to plug someone in at the last minute, except this time nobody has pulled out at the last minute and they've just been wandering around aimlessly the whole time, on purpose. The only ones who I actually want to win are Mark Henry and Shelton. Going backwards, I'm sort of ruling out Kane, Mark Henry (sadly), Kofi, Finlay and probably Shelton (sadly), which leaves MVP, Punk and Christian. It will be one of those three but I honestly cant decide which one. Whoever does win, well...good luck. I mean good luck finding a way to make their world title win seem credible, because I still cant see whoever it is losing their cash-in. They pulled it off with Punk, they can pull it off again.

First ever "Miss WrestleMania":
25-Diva Battle Royal

Inno: I know not and care even less. I just hope for some Santino goodness.

The Beltster: I dont know who's in it. McCool because she is Mrs Taker. Hows that? The match will stink and Kevin Dunn will get his way of putting on more awful Diva related crap at WM. Who cares.

Flamboyant Fozz: From what I've heard there have been problems getting enough participants for this but I'm not entirely certain WWE would have asked people like Wendi Richter anyway. I expect this to be a reasonably short affair. With either the returning Gail Kim victorious or a surprise entrant.

Jimmy Redman: Now, THIS is more like it! Admittedly this is a thrown together battle royal to get all of their women on the PPV and has had more awful build (goes without saying for this PPV), but nevertheless, I cant not get excited about this. You know I'd be excited if it was simply a Divas battle royal, but adding in the former talent has made it a hundred times better. Seeing Trish et al coming back will more than make up for any shittiness. By my count they have 18 women, or 19 if you include Tiffany, I suppose she could work a battle royal, so that leaves a half-dozen spots. One will obviously be Mae Young, unless she dies before Mania I guess. I'm counting on Trish and Victoria, and hazarding guesses at maybe Lita, maybe Jazz, maybe Molly, maybe...God, who knows. I do wish Santino was in it though, that would have ruled the world of professional wrestling. No idea who will win either. None of the Divas are worth crap these days, to my immense sadness. All we know is that it will probably suck, and yet I will probably enjoy it. A lot. I think it goes without saying that, for me, the success of this PPV lies solely upon the appearance of Trish Stratus.

3 On 1 Handicap Match:
Chris Jericho Vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat & Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

Inno: Legends are gonna win this. Fact. Mickey Rourke might just get involved, I would think. Seems a bit of an anti-climax to a great angle, but hopefully the crowd bite and get into it.

The Beltster: The old farts will surely win somehow in possibly the worst match on the card outside of the Diva fiasco. I look forward to reading how Snuka fell off the top rope and how Piper got wedged in the entranceway by his stomach and never made it to the ring. Are they still going on about Rourke making an appearace? If so, I'm sure he will cost Jericho the match and old Yeller will be there sweating, dropping elbows on his jacket and going balder faster than the Hulkster in a barber shop.

Flamboyant Fozz: This match just looks to have been thrown together and I don't think it was the match originally planned. The 3 legends should get a good reception, and it's been quite some time since we last saw Steamboat. There may be a surprise planned for this one although I honestly don't know what or whom. Piper, Snuka and Steamboat for the win.

Jimmy Redman: I remember saying over a month ago that this angle has/had been so good on a weekly basis that I was barely interested in a payoff match - especially as I already figured the payoff would be disappointing. Its the proverbial "booked themselves into a corner" situation, I guess. Anywho, you'd figure a few set points: Legends get their moves in on Jericho, Flair gets involved as much as possible without actually wrestling, Rourke gets involved somehow, Legends stand tall at the end of it all. Snuka and Piper should be pretty awful, Steamboat is harder to place and I'm more interested in seeing how he goes than anything else. The result doesnt seem that important to me, but somehow I dont see Jericho jobbing to two dead guys and an agent at Mania, so I predict he will get a sneaky win before being put in his place by them all post-match for the happy ending.

Unified Tag Team Championship Lumberjack Match:
The Miz & John Morrison Vs. Carlito & Primo Colon

Inno: Carlito and Primo to take the win here by nefarious shenanigans gone wrong on the part of The Miz and/or Morrison. Given time, this could be a great match...

The Beltster: Dont know. Probably a no-contest so they dont have to unify the belts. None of these guys mean anything to me or mattered when I was watching to I cant get interested at the thought or whoever winning. I just dont see them unifying the belts and if they do, it wont be long until they are split again.

Flamboyant Fozz: I think it's good that they are unifying the titles as there just aren't enough teams to make them competitive at the minute. The lumberjack stipulation seems a little pointless but I suppose it's really only to let everyone appear on the show. Miz and Morrison are going pretty strong at the minute so expect them to walk out with the gold.

Jimmy Redman: Firstly, I am angry that Morrison, Miz, Carlito and Primo arent in the Money in the Bank match. I am, however, glad that they've actually put a tag title match at Mania, let alone one which will unify the belts, and especially after the great work that these teams have been putting in on TV recently. They've had good matches in some form every week for the past 2 months and I've enjoyed them immensely, so as long as they're given enough time I expect they will have a pretty great match. Unless they go down a lamentable path of splitting up Miz and Morrison after Mania, those two should really, by all possible measures, win the unified belts.

Extreme Rules Match:
Jeff Hardy Vs. Matt Hardy

Inno: Much as I despise the little rainbow haired fraggle, I think he'll take the win over Matt. For whatever reason, You always get the feeling that there is little confidence in Matt, whereas Jeff is just a marketing machine for them. Wins = T-Shirt Sales...

The Beltster: Surely Jeff, or has his title run been forgotten already and he is back to midcard mayhem? Matt is a horrible face, a horrible heel and his matches turn me off. His jimmy legs drive me crazy, maybe they could pay Bret enough money to come back, slap the Sharpshooter on him and straighten those bad boys out or something. If this is a one-off match, Jeff takes it. If they are going to have a longer and more sustained feud, Matt goes over.

Flamboyant Fozz: I think this could be the one that steals the show. These two must have had hundreds of matches growing up and Jeff usually seems to raise his game for 'manias. The extreme rules stipulation adds excitement and don't be too surprised to see Jeff come crashing down from an oversized stepladder. If it's anywhere near as good as the last (real) brother v brother match at a Wrestlemania we should be in for a treat. Rumours that Hulk Hogan is to be guest referee are just that BROTHER! Prediction: Matt Hardy

Jimmy Redman: They have not pushed this enough recently, for my liking. Matt's promos have been good, and I've liked it in general, it just feels like its been lost in the shuffle of all the other Mania stuff and not bothered with too much. Shame. Also, people seem to have their first PPV match burnt into their brains and are unable to believe that they could have a good match. Thankfully I am not so affected, partly because I never saw their first PPV match, partly because they have both improved lightyears as singles wrestlers since then, partly because its been a good angle (as good an angle as Matt v Jeff can possibly be) and they have a gimmick match at Mania to work with, and partly because they had a 10-minute match on Smackdown last year that was actually pretty good. So hopefully it will be good, with enough hate-filled brawling and enough big gimmick spots. If they just have a tame, garden variety, garbage can lid hardcore match I will be sorely disappointed, but I dont think they will. This is the Hardyz. I'll also go out on a limb and pick Matt to win. I have no idea why, but I want him to win so I guess thats reason enough. I suck at predictions anyway.

Mr. WrestleMania Vs. The Streak
Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

Inno: Ha! Undertaker. This should be a hell of a match as these two guys always raise their game and work well together from their encounters in the past. The Streak will not die...

The Beltster: Taker. The streak will never end I'm sure, and certainly not to Shawn Michaels who would need the rub about as much as Triple H would. I'm sure this will be match of the night and possible WWE match of the year because both guys put their working boots on at WM and its in both their home state so if I were going to watch WM, this would be the match I'd be watching for and only this.

Flamboyant Fozz: This is the one that everyone is looking forward to and has had the best buildup. Like Rock vs Hogan this is the main event really. Of course these two had a feud in 1997/8 that saw a forgotten classic, the first Hell in a Cell and almost legitimately ended HBKs career. Both guys are a few years older now and maybe past their prime but they will be doing everything they can to put on an unforgettable show in their home state. I don't think Undertaker's streak will end unless they are really trying to put someone over and Michaels doesn't really need it in this stage of his career so expect 17-0.

Jimmy Redman: This seems to be the Angle/Michaels of 2009, in that, even with my limited internet exposure lately, too many people are calling this a classic before it has even happened. Not without reason maybe, but all the same I feel glad that I have a much more low-key anticipation for the match than most others. Having said that, I have enjoyed the build (funny what happens when WWE put effort into something) and it should be a cracker. Its Mania, its in Texas, both Taker and HBK will want to rip shit up, and they probably will. It seems like an unbackable favourite for Match of the Night, but I think that says more about the rest of the card that there are no other real contenders. There is no possible reason in any realm of the universe why Taker wouldnt win this match. In TNA that means that HBK wins with a weapon after a ref bump and a heel turn, but thankfully in WWE that means that Taker will, in fact, win the match. I am such a big proponent of the Streak that I'm actually relieved that there is no threat to it this year, after having to deal with Orton, Batista and Edge in recent years.

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match:
Edge Vs. John Cena Vs. Big Show

Inno: John Cena to take the win to promote what looks like a decidedly average movie. Show and Edge's sideshow will be settled with a big payoff, as Vickie's character is just so over as a heel right now, peeps NEED to see them all get their comeuppance!

The Beltster: Cena. This is the annual 3-way at WM. It seems like WWE are stuck in repeat mode where every year one of the top title matches is a shitty 3-way. Big Show hasnt been worth a damn since he had that great run as ECW champion and was putting on great matches on TV week in and week out. Edge I've never liked, overrated as an interview and a worker, bores me to tears. Vickie was a god character but isnt a wrestler so she cant add anything to this match and Cena is worthless, just like he's always been. Easily the most cringeworthy, annoying git who has ever been a constant main eventer in WWE history, his promos are likely as bad and overly scripted as ever and his pathetic offence I expect is the same. I could care less which one of these worthless wrestlers wins that worthless title. I'll go for Cena just because.

Flamboyant Fozz: We've seen many Edge and Cena matches and they do seem to bring the best out of each other. Adding Big Show in is a way to freshen it up a bit. Not sure what's going to happen in this one, other that booing Cena obviously. Edge is pretty much the top heel in the company at the minute, so for that reason expect some heelyness and Edge to sneak a win.

Jimmy Redman: Urgh. Edge. Big Show. The love triangle. Annoying Cena. Even as a Cena fan and a Vickie fan, I must say this has been dire. I had been dreading this storyline for months, and its been no better now that it has arrived. I am annoyed that they went down this road instead of prolonging the predictable-but-stomachable Cena chasing Edge and Vickie around the world until revenge at Mania. I am annoyed that the World Title build for Mania - Wrestle-bloody-Mania bloody 25 - has been...this: bad comedy, bad interviews, bad matches. I am annoyed at how annoying John Cena is. I am annoyed that Vickie Guerrero cannot save this angle. And as always, Edge and Show are next to worthless for me. Just, meh. The match wont be bad, it will probably be good without being all that much better than good. Nobody deserves to win this match, but I predict Cena to win, simply because a heel is winning the other world title. And hopefully it leaves Edge and Show to love-triangle amongst themselves. But man...urgh.

WWE Championship:
Triple H Vs. Randy Orton

Inno: Orton should go over here. I just have the feeling it's his time for the big 'Mania win, as he's been the best thing on Raw for the past few weeks. I'm loving the angle they've bolted on to this match, don't ask me why, I just do! As long as we don't get a Steph heel turn to side with Orton...

The Beltster: Triple H I expect, but after catching up with the build if its not Orton, WWE are retarded. Orton has been fantastic the last couple weeks. The house break-in was awful, just a really crap segment, but the RKO on Steph before that and specifically the segment with Triple H cuffed to the ropes and Orton being a complete bastard was probably the best thing I've seen on WWE TV in years. Orton should win, Triple H will win.

Flamboyant Fozz: Again another one we've seen a few times. Heel HHH made face Orton look weak but that was a few years ago and they are seen more on the same level these days. I haven't really cared for the buildup for this one. It shouldn't need to be about much more than just being for the belt (a belt that looks ridiculous on Triple H btw) but anyway these two are capable of putting on a good match and I think this might go on for a long time, possibly a bit too long. Could be good if it doesn't become the McMahon Show but we've been here before haven't we. Probably see a few punts at some point too. Predicition: Triple H.

Jimmy Redman: Now we're talking, an actual world title match with actual build. Imagine. Despite the lull in the middle I've liked the hokey, OTT things they've done more than I've disliked them, and the angle last week with Stephanie was a trillion buys. It was just phenomenal. Randy Orton is the ruler of the world. I truly believe that (provided they dont screw him up - fingers crossed) last week's angle was his 'Austin 3:16' - the catalyst for his explosion into the stratosphere. Or maybe that means his first Stunner on Vince. I'm not clear enough with my wrestling history to make accurate analogies, but you get the point. If he doesnt win the WWE Title at Mania they just have no earthly clue at all. Anywho, these two generally have good matches together. It seems strange that after all of this hatred they're going to have a straight wrestling match, so I'm counting on a ref bump or two and some Legacy/McMahons/sledgehammer related shenanigans. I'm also counting on a good, long match. As I said, Orton or bust. This goes against usual Mania builds, where we spend months telling ourselves HHH will definitely win for sure so we're so damn relieved when he doesnt, but this time I am so sure that Orton has to win that I'm now scared that he wont. To be honest, I think if he doesnt it will affect my already-beginning-to-wane enthusiasm for wrestling quite dramatically.

Any final comments?

Inno: Get your sandwiches in for the Divas match!

The Beltster: I've not watched any wrestling shows in months outside of the odd couple minutes here or there so I'm not at all upto speed on whats going on at WrestleMania to be honest. The card looks weak, although on paper things can get skewed so it might end up being a good show. I'm really pleased and looking forward to seeing Koko B Ware go into the HOF. Always one of my favourites as a kid and a guy underrated due to most people only remembering him for the bird in the WWF. Nice one, Koko. Get in there son!

Flamboyant Fozz: Excitement doesn't seem to high for this one (I think there are still tickets available) personally I'm willing to give it a chance. There may be surprising appearance somewhere but if it's anything big I think they should have promoted it really. It's likely that this one will be mainly remembered for HBK/Taker and that will be the 'Wrestlemania Moment' we see in years to come.

Jimmy Redman: Trish Stratus. Randy Orton. Or give me death.

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Final Thoughts

So another edition is, as they say, in the books. I hope you all took something out of the collective efforts of everyone involved.

A big thank you from me to everyone who took part in the newsletter, be it writing the column or answering the myriad of questions permeating throughout.

Next time, we return to normal, which means the return of Movie Mayhem, the next go round with the Photoshop League, more probing by Mitch and the usual banter from everyone else.

As one door closes, another one opens. Nimf, who has done an excellent job with the Member Spotlight, is stepping down as from this edition. I have two more Spotlights to keep me going, but after that, I'll be looking for someone to take over the reigns. Anyone interested, feel free to PM me with your intent.

As for The GameZone, while Fletch took over this time out (and at very short notice), I'll be looking for an eager member of the forum to take over on a more permanent basis.

Outwith that, I'm also looking for someone to front a column on TNA (just the results and any major news stories, a writer for a segment on television and someone to cover a General Sports piece as well.

So, if you want to put your name up for The Member Spotlight, This Week in TNA, General Sports, TWO TV or The GameZone, please let me know.

Have a great WrestleMania.

Thanks for reading and take care.

Newsletter Editor:


Thanks to everybody who contributed to this issue of the TWO Newsletter:

NEXT EDITION: Sunday 19th April 2009
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As much as I liked the newsletter, and I did like it a lot, I have wanted to say for the past few editions that Fiona really needs to work on Quote, Unquote. It's fine to just take quotes from the forums but some of them (less this week than usual) are placed in with no context or ordering. I think the quotes would mean more if you knew what they were on about, rather than just for Fiona to add a comment about (which should help and yet makes it worse).

Other than that, good read.


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Please explain what exactly you mean Mitch. They are supposed to be random quotes takes from the forums. Most of them do have an order or narrative. For example almost all of them were about Mania, which is what the newsletter is about this time round. If you check back all but one was taken from the various US Scene Forum Mania threads. It's not supposed to be a serious column.

Oh well done everyone on this edition. Welcome aboard Fletch and John Hancock.
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I enjoyed your part Fiona, lets put it this way i have mixed feelings about the probe


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I enjoyed the newsletter, and winning a DVD made it even sweeter.

Thanks Inno! :D


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Please explain what exactly you mean Mitch. They are supposed to be random quotes takes from the forums. Most of them do have an order or narrative. For example almost all of them were about Mania, which is what the newsletter is about this time round. If you check back all but one was taken from the various US Scene Forum Mania threads. It's not supposed to be a serious column.
Random quotes are fine if you understand what the quotes are about. But if I were a new member who read this newsletter, I wouldn't have a clue what context some of these quotes meant. You've cut it down in this edition compared to how bad it was, but the first quote you used from Telina's Mits is the perfect example:

"Well placed source my arse...thats the biggest piece of BS!"

What the hell does that mean? What source? What has the source talked about? Ok, so it's about Wrestlemania... what about Wrestlemania? A match? A rumour? What rumour?

If I went back to read the thread it came from, it'd make far more sense. But you haven't provided any context for it. You've picked a random quote that doesn't mean a damn thing and asks more questions than answers.

I draw comparison to the Power Slam segment that is basically Quote Unquote without the captions. They limit it to a specific subject and then choose quotes that, when a stranger is reading it, can be understood without needing to read the thread to know what they're on about. The example I gave desperately needs context to understand what it's referring to.

Other than that, it's fine and you do an otherwise good job with it. But "random quotes" really isn't enough.


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I didn't read all the newsletter cause it was so damn long but I will do when I get more time. What I did read was great and I also won a DVD thanks to INNO.

The Beltster

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Oh Mitchell, how you still love me so. I've been busy for months, not around and yet you are still talking about me. I knew I made a grand impression but even I'm impressed at how well I've done at ingraining myself in your memory and becoming an integral part of your every day life.

Would you like an invite to my house? I'll even come and pick you up if you like, I can tell you want to be my bestestest friend EVER! Let me know when your free darling.

:lol: :love:

John Hancock

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Please explain what exactly you mean Mitch. They are supposed to be random quotes takes from the forums. Most of them do have an order or narrative. For example almost all of them were about Mania, which is what the newsletter is about this time round. If you check back all but one was taken from the various US Scene Forum Mania threads. It's not supposed to be a serious column.

Oh well done everyone on this edition. Welcome aboard Fletch and John Handcock.
Freudian slip?


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Whoa! What's REALLY going on with the Newsletter thread?

Mixed reviews it seems. I enjoyed what I read. To an extent. That's an awful lot of Wrestlemania history to go through. Got a bit repetitive in parts.

The probe was interesting. Seems it churned the soup pot a bit.

Well, good job to all involved. I'm sure it was a hectic week and you still managed to turn out a fine product.


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It was posted Sunday night and I just finished reading it....
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