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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #194 - 25th June 2008 *Birthday Special*

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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter
***Birthday Special***
Issue #194 – June 25th 2008

Celebrating 8 years of Talk Wrestling Online...

Welcome to the #194 edition of the Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter!

This should of gone out early this morning but I've lost my net access (since yesterday) due to problems with phoneslines in our area! Last year THAT happened and now this...I wonder what is going to happen next year...

I'm your guest host with this very special edition of the Talk Wrestling Online Communtiy Newsletter. Today marks 8 YEARS of Talk Wrestling Online, to celebrate we have a huge amount of content from various members all about Talk Wrestling Online! In addition we have Member Spotlights, a HULK special, A special WWE Week in Review and tons more! The TWO Timeline page will be updated later this week.

As with every Birthday I find it astonishing the site has lasted so long! I can still remember way back when I decided I was going to set up a wrestling site, it is amazing that was over 8 years ago. Over the years the site has changed in most areas; members have come and gone, the design has changed, features have been added but the one constant has always been the COMMUNITY feel.

I have to thank all the contributors over the years, literally thousands of hours of work has gone in to the site in terms of moderating, offering games, articles, competitions and more. Plus just think the amount of hours we’ve all spent browsing and posting on the forums or just sitting in the chatrooms...we’ll never get those back! :lol:

It has been a tough year personally and site wise, I keep talking about community but for that to truly mean anything there needs to be respect. I have mentioned this before but I do think it is worth mentioning again. No one member is above anyone else at TWO, we all deserve the right to contribute no matter what our age, knowledge or ability. This is exactly the same way I thought on June 25th 2000 when TWO was launched and it is the same way I feel this minute.

So thank you again to everyone who has helped TWO become the community it is today, long may it continue :thumbup2:


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Quiz participants should pay particular attention to the history of Vengeance (along with other past wrestling events which took place in June) in order to give themselves an advantage in the quiz. The quiz will be hosted by SuperKick Kid!

Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 9pm (UK Time).

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So don't miss out on a night of fun, join us for the Talk Wrestling Online WWE Night of Champions Quiz and Chat! Don't forget, WWE Night of Champions takes place on Sunday 29th June, and the evening's activities begin from 9pm, starting with the Quiz. We'll see you there, in the chatroom!


Inno's BIIIG Question


Well, hello.

It's TWO's 8th Birthday... and that gives me a lame excuse not to do anything original and just ask a birthday themed question. Yay for laziness and unoriginality! Yay for Inno! You know it makes sense!

So, on that unspectacular note...

"What was the best birthday party you remember?"

M1TCH3LL said:
I've never done many parties to be honest, but I did enjoy the night out we did for a Uni friend last year. We ended up in a gay club getting hammered (not in THAT way :rolleyes2:) and just having a blast in there.
Hey, nobody is judging, whatever floats your boat!

Nimf said:
Ooooh cripes, well I actually have two, just to be awkward. My 14th birthday was my last one in New Zealand. It was just me and my mates watching DVD's while I sat in a very pretty velvet and lace dress (oh god...) with my first love, Delvin Chalmers (oh god again). The best bit was they had filled the house with balloons, it looked awesome.

The other was my 16th birthday-a surprise party my Dad organised for me which involed my Dad catching me on video singing Get In The Ring (full version, complete with swearing, oh yeah) and learning the dance to Saturday Night...Man, those were some good times.
Combining Guns n' Roses with Whigfield? HARDCORE~~~!!!

Nemesis Enforcer said:
It was one of my own birthdays, I was turning 9, that was a biggie for me at the time and my mother had invited around a few of my friends that lived down the street and bought a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake, Michelangelo of course, which while tasting bad looked superb! We all played with my newly presented Turtle action figures (not toys - action figures!) and stuffed ourselves with chocolate and cake until we almost threw up, as far as birthdays go that was a great one!
You can't beat Michaelangelo as a cake. And yes, action figures - not toys! I concur!

Saz said:
Had one in my garden where my parents were throwing the old sofa out, so we put it in the garden had a barbeque and loads of drink and music all in the sun.

Girlfriend let me take a stroll down Bournville boulevard as a birthday gift.
Barbeque and Cadburys chocolate too? Awesome! :eyebrows:

Darkstar said:
Well, I remember back in my days in Nam. Me and Major Jones were chatting about what he wanted to do when leave came up, two weeks away it was. Two weeks of pure hell, rain, Charlie, bullets and traps. Well, I wanted to visit Washington DC and check out the home of our president, but not Jonesy! Oh no way. Jonesy wanted to get drunk and find the cheapest woman he could. So, after much thought, we decided to hell with it and went to San Fransisco.

The city of brotherly love. HAH! Me and Jonesy loved a few women, but no brothers. I dont swing that way.

Well one night, the third of leave I think it was, Jonesy took me to a bar where he said a party was going down. Some broads birthday party. Best night of my life, you see Jonesy and me hooked up with two women. Cute girls, well mine was. Turns out Jonesy hooked up with a man dressed up as a woman.

Who'd have thought that in this day and age? Well, I got lucky and Jonesy ran like the devil himself was after him hide. What a party that was.
O....K then!

Chriscare said:
As a general rule, if i can remember my birthday then it wasn't a good one.
Ah! Good theory! I approve! *hic*

Shaunj4 said:
When I became the wee age of 16 this March. My mates and I decided to do challenges in the form of the TV Show "Fist of Zen". It involved drinking egg white, slapping ourselves with fish, carpet burning ourselves and so on.
I got the "Nettle Jacket treatment"...yeah it stung.

Idiots we were but the fun factor was high in the air!
Kid do the funniest things... if you're gonna act like an idiot, why not just get drunk like the rest of us?

bigmatt said:
Ah my best birthday? I’m not actually a big birthday party fan, which I’m sure will please anyone reading this. So as not to upset both of them.I will say my 18th.It was obviously special enough being my 18th,but it was made better by having all my mates there.We started the day off by having a liquid lunch at the local boozer before continuing it with a pub crawl,picking up more mates along the way.It ended with a club (apparently) where I spent the precious time asleep on the corner sofa.It must have been an expensive sleep however as all my money disappeared despite not having paid for a drink all night.Waking up was the worst part and not because of the killer hangover.I woke up in just my boxers at 7:30 outside a gay club.None of my mate have claimed responsibility of this stunt to this day.At least the B*stards fed me,as the mayonnaise on my chin proved,so I can’t complain too much,I can only hope the Doner Kebab was o.k.Writing this makes me question how this can be my best birthday,but it was the most eventful.Oh and the mayonnaise thing didn’t really happen-lets get that straight and I mean straight.
Remind me to turn down the invite to your next party!

~~~~~~ AVAST! ~~~~~~

Member Spotlight


Not hard really it's my own name.

Huge to medium. Depends on the card that night. But I watch weekly.

Edge. Nice hair, clothes, good body and he's Canadian. Typical female answer.

Snitsky. The guy really needs to see a dentist. NOW!

C.M. Punk. Vince likes him and he is a straight edge guy. WWE needs that right now.

Edge's. Fits him to a T.

Not really but if the kids at school ask I say sure. I'm the coolest teacher in some eyes.

WWE. I don't watch TNA a lot but sure you can like both.

Cadbury Crunchie. Can't seem to find any chocolate eggs. Wonder who's been eating all those. Ummh. (Who me???)

Okay that's hard. Let me think. Rebekah and Rudie for sure, you and DC (can't have one without the other) Nemesis and Saz (bring hat).

It was a struggle but almost.

No and don't even want to try.

Real English fish and chips with malt vinegar.

The other day I got caught in a downpour and was wearing a white shirt with no bra. It wasn't until some guy yelled out "Hey nice ones" I realized you could see right through my top. Walked home covering my chest. Embarrassing.

I have two in one ear and three in the other. No other piercings and to scared to get a tattoo. I hear they hurt.

Make a prolonged visit to my bank's vault with a wheelbarrow that hopefully would be invisible too.

No I'm pretty happy with the way I am.

One of my students was running in the schoolyard and I told him to stop. He didn't and ended up face first in a mud puddle. You had to be there.





Where do babies come from or why does the wind blow? Betcha no-one's ever asked you that. (There's this whole deal with a stork or summit...Found mine on the doorstep. And the wind blows *** its windy, duh...)

I'm a single mom with a teenager and still sane after all these years.

There have been lots. Had a few good debates with A.C. on the supernatural and etz on Illegal Immigration. Can't really pick one.

Rebekah always makes a good point.
Belty funny has hell.
Mitchell how does he remember all those facts.
All three good. There are no bad posters on TWO.

I think Kam is a super computer who monitor's everything at the same time. In reality seems like a nice guy very fair.

Movie Mayhem

Official Website

Rating: 12a
Running Time: 114mins
Writer(s): Zak Penn (Ed Norton did do some rewrites, but he isn't credited under his own name).
Director: Louis Leterrier


Edward Norton - Bruce Banner
Liv Tyler - Betty Ross
Tim Roth - Emil Blonsky
Tim Blake Nelson - Samuel Sterns
Ty Burrell - Dr. Samson
William Hurt - Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Christina Cabot - Major Kathleen 'Kat' Sparr
Peter Mensah - General Joe Greller
Lou Ferrigno - Voice of The Incredible Hulk / Security Guard

Teaser Trailer
Hulk v Abomination teaser
Tony Stark cameo
Hulk speaks


First things first, this is not a true sequel to Ang Lee's 2003 'Hulk'; It's not a reboot either... the truth is something inbetween. 'The Incredible Hulk' is set five years after the events of the previous movie, and the events of the first movie did happen, but that's about it as far as the connection goes.

Opening in the slums of Brazil, we find Dr. Bruce Banner on the run from the US military and hoping to find a cure for his condition. Hot on his trail is General "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt replacing Sam Elliott), father of Banner's eternal love-interest, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler).

The US army want to find Banner because they want to use his blood to create an army of "controllable" (yeah, right) Hulks to use on the front line. A quick flashback to a ret-conned (from the first movie) origin (which is taken, pretty much totally, from the 70s TV series) shows how Bruce first becomes Hulk and why he feels he has to go on the run.

The characters feel more "real" than they did in Ang Lee's version (it's an unfortunate reality that pretty much everything will be compared to the earlier movie), and the entire picture just feels grittier, nastier and downright dirtier than the 2003 film.

The casting is spot-on, with Ed Norton channeling his 'Fight Club' persona to convey a character fighting a duality within. Liv Tyler makes more of the role than Jennifer Connelly did, while William Hurt isn't quite as impressive as Sam Elliott was as her father. All of that pales in comparison to Tim Roth (dodgy accent aside) as Emil Blonsky (changed from his KGB origins to a British soldier nearing the end of his military career).

Roth makes Blonsky (pre-transformation) appear as the most dangerous character in the entire movie; his feral performance bringing memories of another Marvel character who loves to fight; Wolverine. Two of the most exciting set-pieces in the film involve Emil Blonsky hunting down his prey.

The first is the opening action sequence and is a chase through the Brazilian slums as a group of soldiers (led by Blonsky) hunt down a newly discovered (thanks to another Stan Lee cameo) Bruce Banner. It's a testament to the actors (as well as the director) that he manages to get such excitement out of the two characters in their non-monster forms.

The second is the battle on the college campus that is featured in the trailer. A suped-up Blonsky (Captain America Redux?) goes toe-to-toe with a transformed Hulk after the big green machine has decimated the rest of the army in the vicinity.

The director (who made his name with the Transporter movies) does a great job in making almost every scene seem important, and Zak Penn/Ed Norton deserve a heap of praise for coming up with such a simple explanation for why Banner transforms when he does (if his pulse goes over 200, he Hulks up). This leads to some tense scenes that wouldn't have been half as good if there was another cause for transformation. It also leads to an awkward decline of sexual activity on the part of Bruce Banner towards Betty Ross that is both funny and a little sad.

In among all the action, Leterrier finds time for some light-hearted comedy, including a mangled warning in Portugese and Banner buying some trousers only to change his mind and by a super-stretchy pair of purple joggers instead.

The effects are pretty much seamless, with the opening Hulk rampage in the bottle factory where Banner was working being a fantastic example of "did you see that?" scene setting. All of that pales into significance when compared to the climactic war that is waged by a now transformed Blonsky (he isn't called Abomination in the movie) and a pissed-off Hulk that lasts for the last quarter of the total running time.

To those who have no knowledge of The Incredible Hulk/Marvel mythology, characters or backstories, this is a fantastic action movie with comic-book characters brought to life. For those who are Marvel/Hulk fans, the film is littered with references and hints about what is still to come.

Every actor does a great job of getting their characters over with the audience, even though Dr. Samson is criminally under-used. The standout performance belongs to a manic Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Samuel Sterns, a character who is last seen being smashed by, what he calls, an Abomination (wink-wink) and ends up on the floor bleeding from the head. Some of Banner's gamma-irradiated blood ends up in the wound, his brain starts to swell and a smile creeps upon his face. It seems that Sterns is done with being a follower and is now ready to be a leader.

Marvel characters hinted at, or appearing, in the movie, include Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, Nick Fury, Doc Samson and The Leader. They also reference the 1970s TV show a few times as well, with "The Lonely Man" theme being used after the first Hulk rampage, Bill Bixby appearing on a TV set, Lou Ferrigno appearing as a security guard and, even better, being the voice of The Incredible Hulk post-transformation. Never has "HULK SMASH" sounded so good. The experiment is also pretty much lifted from the show as well.

With the potential for cross-over storylines now a reality due to Marvel Studios doing the movies in-house, the amount of new characters who could appear in a sequel to this (or in any of the upcoming Marvel movies), the reality is that almost anyone could make an appearance. The Mandarin could show up in Iron Man II (due to the terrorists being called The Ten Rings), and in the Hulk sequel, we may get a proper Absorbing Man or, as I hope, Super Skrull.

To sum up, this is a fantastic movie that makes it two-for-two for Marvel Studios and bodes well for the future releases that are planned. Probably the best part of Marvel doing it all themselves is that, when they get all the rights back to characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider, etc, everyone will exist in the same universe and thus can interact with each other. If nothing else, you should get the odd surprise here and there in every movie.


This is what a fun day out at the cinema should be; a loud action movie played on the big screen, in surround sound, with an oversized cup of Pepsi and a large hot-dog.

Is this the greatest movie of all time? Doesn't even come close. Does that make a blind bit of difference? Not a jot.

Go watch and be entertained by the characters, direction, performances and the effects and then get ready for comic-book overload over the next few years.



  • General Ross mentions that the serum Blonsky uses to become the Abomination was created during World War II. This is a reference to Marvel Comics' next film, The First Avenger: Captain America (2011), who was created with the use of a special serum (the same serum Ross mentions). Additionally, the person who takes the serum must be treated with a unique form of radiation; any accidents or deviations from the procedure can cause horrific side effects to occur... as befalls Blonsky.
  • The name Nick Fury, in addition to Stark Industries, appears during the opening montage on various documents.
  • When General Ross removes the container of "Super-Soldier Serum" from its storage tank, a label can be seen on the tank with the name "Dr. Reinstein". In the first version of Captain America's origin, it was Dr. Josef Reinstein who created the serum that gave Captain America his powers. This name was later retconned to be a pseudonym for Dr. Abraham Erskine.
  • General Ross mentions that the Hulk has managed to stay unseen for five years. It has been five years between Ang Lee's Hulk (2003) and this film.
  • One of the pieces of mail that Banner receives is addressed to the alias David B. This is a reference to the 1970s television series, in which the lead character's named had been changed from Bruce Banner to David Bruce Banner.

Member Spotlight


Simple, tis my name.

Medium at the moment, I've been studying a lot lately so I've less time to watch shows, mostly just watching Raw.

Randy Orton, I've always been a big fan of Orton, enjoy his matches a lot and it's been great to see him have a long run as the top guy on Raw. Plus, he's got one sweet finisher.

Hmmm, there's plenty, Hornswoggle is cringe worthy, just really embarrassing when watching with non wrestling fans.

Jeff Hardy is hopefully on his way to becoming a top guy, giving him a run with Raw or SD's world title would be great, although I can understand WWE's reluctance. MVP is another I can see making a big name for himself in the coming years.

Orton's new one is great, despite what everyone else thinks. Edge, Batista, Jericho and Jeff have all got catchy songs too.

Not really but if I'm asked if I watch it then I'll reply positively.

Of course but I must admit I don't, 7 hours of wrestling a week is too much for me.

I'm partial to a KitKat now and then.

dpddave, Naitch, King, Hardcore Holly, Drake and OMAR.

I cannot.

That'd be a no too.

Spaghetti Bolognese, I don't think I'd ever sick of that.

A girl discovering a nickname I'd given her, it was such a childish nickname, made me feel like a fool.

They're OK, Sometimes I find tattoos on girls can be a turn off.

Plenty of things, nothing really original that's worth mentioning.

Hmmm, my hair grows too fast, have to get it cut like every two weeks, It's a b*tch.

Just read the latest F4W newsletter, probably something in that.


Night. Sunshine and night, yeah I know.



Has anyone ever actually answered yes to the question about licking your elbow, I'd imagine it's almost impossible. I'm extremely flexible and even I can't manage it. (Not so far no, although I peronally try every time I do a spotlight as i'm desperate to be the first...)

I was on the telly two weeks ago, interview about Derek Mahon!

Something like "The Results Thread" I suppose.

Naitch - It's a toss up between him and Mitch over best poster on the site, his posts are always fun to read.

Mitch - Another poster who I'll go out of my way to read what they've posted. He puts his views across really well and I find myself agreeing with a lot of the stuff he writes.

Beltmark - Brutally honest, I don't always find myself agreeing with what he says but It's a great quality to have and I'm envious.

I haven't got a scooby doo.

WWE Week in Review

Celebrating Eight Years of Talk Wrestling Online: Then & Now

Welcome to a special edition of TPIB’s WWE Week In Review. In this special anniversary edition, I will provide a special “Then & Now” article to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Talk Wrestling Online. As always, you can feel free to contact me for comments, questions or whatever via PM on TWO.

It’s needless to say that a lot has happened since TWO was first introduced on June 25, 2000. To give you readers some insight into what has happened- there have been 28 new WWE Champions since June 25, 2000 (which is the exact day that The Rock won his fourth WWE Title), WCW and the original ECW were still in business, no one had even heard of guys like Batista or John Cena, Goldberg was still the big thing going, and WWE had only one brand. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of tragedies since June 25. We have lost such greats as- Freddie Blassie, Bam Bam Bigelow, The British Bulldog, John Tenta, Mike Awesome, Gordon Solie, Eddie Guerrero, Russ Haas, Miss Elizabeth, Bad News Brown, Hawk, Stu Hart, Crash Holly, The Fabulous Moolah, Bob Orton, Sr., Karl Gotch, Brian Adams, Curt Hennig, Lou Thesz, Yokozuna & Chris Benoit among others.

Then- The Rock was a four-time WWE Champion.
Now- The Rock is a major movie star, working with such names as John Travolta, Sean William Scott, & Steve Carell

Then- Randy Orton makes his pro-wrestling debut in St. Louis, MO
Now- Randy Orton is a 3-time World Champion

Then- Edge won his second World Tag Team Title (on the exact day).
Now- Edge is one of the most successful singles wrestlers in the WWE and is a 5-time World Champion.

Then- Justin Credible was the reigning ECW Champion.
Now- Kane is the reigning ECW Champion.

Then- June meant the King of the Ring tournament.
Now- June means the Night of Champions.

Then- WWE was main evented by guys like The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, & Stone Cold Steve Austin
Now- WWE is main evented by guys like Triple H, Edge, John Cena, & Batista

June 15, 2008- June 21, 2008

Welcome to the seventh edition of TPIB’s WWE Week In Review. Feel free to contact me, via PM with any feedback.

Monday Night RAW kicked off the week in Salt Lake City, UT. The event saw week two of McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania, where WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon did it all again and gave away $1 Million of his own money to some lucky fans. RAW was a night of alliances, special appearances, confrontations, contests, and championships. The night kicked off with a face-off between WWE Champion Triple H and his challenger at Night of Champions, John Cena. The two traded insults and promises for Night of Champions, but when Cena shoved the champion, the time for talk was over. As “The Game” and Cena were set to give the fans a preview of June 29, Mr. McMahon came out and announced that John Cena would be facing Umaga in a Street Fight in the opening bout of the evening, which John Cena won with the F-U.

Monday Night also saw Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho explain his actions against Shawn Michaels last week (assaulting HBK and putting him through the Jeritron). Jericho implored Michaels to come out and face him, but Michaels was in no condition to fight, let alone be at the arena due to the eye problems he’s dealing with as a result of Jericho’s assault. Jericho wanted Michaels, but what Y2J got, no one could have expected. The 16-Time World Champion and 2008 WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair emerged and told Jericho that he is retired from in-ring competition, but would meet Jericho in the parking lot. “The Nature Boy” led Jericho to the parking lot, but was cut off by WWE Champion Triple H. Ric Flair’s best friend then told Jericho that he had been waiting since Jericho’s return last November to get into the Intercontinental Champion’s business. After having WWE’s Ambassador, Ric Flair escorted from the building, Mr. McMahon made a match- Champion Vs. Champion, Triple H Vs. Chris Jericho.

Other RAW action saw Maria beat Melina, Layla, Lena Yada, Eve Torres, Jillian, & Maryse in a Summertime Beach Bikini Blowout competition. Jeff Hardy also defeated Carlito. Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly ended their losing streak with some help from one of their opponents at Night of Champions, Ted DiBiase as Holly & Rhodes defeated Cryme Tyme in a non-title match. Also, for the second time in a row, Katie Lea got a pinfall victory over the Women’s Champion Mickie James. This time in Mixed Tag action, where Katie Lea teamed with her brother Paul Burchill and Mickie James teamed with Mr. Kennedy.

The main event of the night saw WWE Champion Triple H defeat Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho via disqualification. While both competitors were outside the ring, former tag team champion Lance Cade assaulted the WWE Champion. Jericho & Cade proceeded to beat down “The Game” until John Cena came out to the champion’s aid. In the end, this new alliance of Chris Jericho & Lance Cade left champion and challenger laying in the middle of the ring.

It was announced during RAW that The Miz & John Morrison will defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against Finlay & Hornswoggle at Night of Champions on June 29. Also, it was later announced on that Mickie James will defend the Women’s Title against the diva who has pinned her twice in recent weeks, Katie Lea Burchill.

Tuesday’s ECW in San Jose saw an epic Night of Champions confrontation between ECW Champion Kane and #1 Contender Big Show. The two monstrous superstars both declared victory and the ECW Championship on June 29, but one more behemoth made his way to the ring- The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Henry then told both Kane & Big Show that no matter who comes out of Night of Champions the ECW Champion, he will defeat them for the title. Kane & Big Show responded by laying out the 400 pounder with a double chokeslam in the middle of the ring.

ECW action saw Hornswoggle defeat Armando Estrada in another bad night for Estrada, as he did not earn an ECW Contract against Hornswoggle. Newcomer Evan Bourne scored a big win over the “Extreme Educator” Matt Striker with a stunning Shooting Star Press. Kofi Kingston scored a DQ win over Mike Knox, but got into a bar room style brawl with Shelton Benjamin that ended with Benjamin inadvertently laying out Mike Knox. The main event match of the evening saw two former rivals and two former ECW Champions face off as “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” CM Punk pinned one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison.

Friday Night SmackDown saw a new level of favoritism by SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero to her fiance and World Heavyweight Champion Edge, as well as the rest of La Familia. The night started off with The VIP Lounge and MVP voicing his opinions on getting drafted to either RAW or ECW come Monday’s Draft. He reiterated that he was being underutilized on SmackDown and that the “management” may be more focused on “personal issues” like getting married than using MVP to his full potential. Vickie Guerrero responded to this by placing MVP in a match against ECW Champion Kane. Kane would get the win over the former United States Champion after “Franchise Player” got himself intentionally counted out. There was no rest for the Big Red Machine, however, as Mark Henry made his way towards the ring and proceeded to demolish Kane and leave him laying in the middle of the ring.

However, things got worse from there. The opening match of the night saw United States Champion Matt Hardy take on Chavo Guerrero’s bodyguard, Bam Neely. Matt Hardy got the duke over the self-proclaimed “One Man Fence”, but that wasn’t the big story of the match. At one point during the match, the #1 Contender for the United States Title at Night of Champions, Chavo Guerrero, distracted Matt Hardy long enough for Bam Neely to get the upper hand by throwing Matt from the top turnbuckle. Referee Charles Robinson saw this transpire and ejected Chavo Guerrero from ringside. The distraction gave Matt the opportunity he needed to get the win over Bam Neely.

Other SmackDown action saw Michelle McCool defeat ECW’s Layla as Vickie Guerrero continues to scout the SmackDown Divas to find the second challenger to face Natalya for the new Divas Championship. Also, Jamie Noble gave a valiant effort against Vladimir Kozlov, but to no avail. Kozlov scored another win and remained undefeated. The disintegrating partnership of Deuce N’ Domino came to a head on Friday Night as the two former WWE Tag Team Champions not only tore each other apart in the very early going of their tag match against Jesse & Festus, but Deuce threw his partner to the wolves and left him high and dry. With that act, Deuce officially ended the tag team of Deuce N’ Domino.

Finlay also scored a win over one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz. John Morrison attempted to distract Finlay to give The Miz the upper hand by pulling Hornwoggle out from under the ring. However, after Hornswoggle hit Morrison with the trusty shillelagh, The Miz was the one who got distracted and got hit with the Celtic Cross for a Finlay win heading into Night of Champions in nine nights.

Chavo would address the World Heavyweight Champion Edge about the situation, stating that he didn’t do anything and Charles Robinson ejected him for no reason. Edge told Chavo that Vickie Guerrero will take care of Charles Robinson and that, next week on SmackDown, he will personally take care of Matt Hardy, but only if Chavo Guerrero takes care of the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions, Batista. Edge promised his best man that he would have his back. It turns out that “taking care” of SmackDown Referee Charles Robinson was forcing him to compete in a one-on-one match with The Great Khali. Robinson tried to escape from the get-go, but was assaulted and dragged back and thrown into the ring. Khali demolished 130 lbs. Charles Robinson and finished it off with the skull-crushing Khali Vise Grip. Robinson was taken to a nearby medical facility. With Charles Robinson unable to fulfill his refereeing duty for the main event of the night between Batista and Chavo Guerrero. SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced that she assigned a special guest referee for the match- none other than the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Vickie also added the stipulation that if Batista lays his hands on Edge during the match that Batista would lose his opportunity at the World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions. Edge delivered on his promise to back up Chavo Guerrero, as Special Referee Edge tripped Batista, allowed interference, fast counted for Chavo, and everything in between. In the end it was Batista getting pulled out of the ring by Bam Neely and Edge made a lightning quick count of 10 to count-out “The Animal”. With the match over, Batista would re-enter the ring and lay out Chavo Guerrero before setting his sights on Edge. Just as the #1 Contender got his hands on the champion, backup arrived in the form of Bam Neely, Curt Hawkins, & Zack Ryder. The trio stopped the impending assault and when joined by Chavo Guerrero & Edge, La Familia left Batista laying in the ring, much to the delight of the General Manager.

Just a reminder that WWE will present the 3-Hour 2008 WWE Draft edition of Monday Night RAW this coming Monday (June 23) at a special start time of 8/7c on the USA Network. All the Superstars from RAW, SmackDown, & ECW will be present and everyone on the active roster is eligible to be drafted.

Superstar of the Week: Mark Henry

Ratings Report
  • SmackDown: June 13- 2.2 Rating (Down From Last Week’s 2.4)
  • RAW: June 16- 3.3 Rating (Up From Last Week’s 3.0)
  • ECW: June 17- 1.0 Rating (Down From Last Week’s 1.1)

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Member Spotlight

Al Stevens

Well back in the days of me training I was struggling to come up with a name and someone said why not try Alan Stevens. Basically took the "an" off the rest is history and it's stuck.

I use to be a massive wrestling fan however lately things have developed and changed however I still catch WWE and TNA when I can though.

Past wrestlers I use to love The British Bulldog ECW Raven and Tommy Dreamer and the Undertaker however nowadays I admire people like CM Punk, AJ Styles, Triple H, Kevin Thorn....actually where the hell is the big man?

As much as I am warming up to him slowly I would say I still don’t get the whole Kennedy stuff. Also I don’t really like Kurt Angle as well there is something about Kurt which is rubbing me the wrong way so to speak.

MVP, WWE wise by a mile I took the mick abit calling him a power ranger and all that, but over the past few months he has really surprised me and who knows maybe in a few years time a possible world champion.

The Game by Motorhead a normal Smackdown Vs Raw choice for me.

Oh yeah I mean it's like the fact I like Cricket I am proud to like it and yes I did walk around on Friday at download wearing my "On you knees" Triple H Teeshirt :lol:

Of course you can, both companies offer something different to the other and that’s the main thing. Keep people guessing what is going to happen.

Sweet and Dude..... Oh sorry I mean Sweet and Chocolate

Anti Hero
Nemesis Enforcer



Egg fried Rice

Threw up in front of someone I like at download...too much booze.

I love them, I don’t have either yet however I always say never say never.

What other than beat the tar out of everyone who has bullied me, nothing much might have to do the whole spying on a women thing but I guess most men would say that.

There is (you know the drill, weight and cut down on fatty foods ect) but I am going to make a start on that anyway next week so yay me.

One of the cut scenes from MGS4, it cracked me up in a strange sorta way.


Even though I said sunshine I love the night.

Shower every day


Do you think long hair suits me or short hair and would a lip ring suit me? (yeah i cheated a bit but hey ) (Short hair with lip ring!!!)

I have some times uncontrollable leg spasms on my right leg/shin from when i dislocated my right knee at the age of 16. Also I have a very very loud and long burp at times.

Any thread which has been interesting and I can offer some of my warped and messed up thoughts.

Naitch is one of the posters I love reading there is something about his style which is great to read.

Franchise - He is such a gimmick poster and an annoying poster however at least we know he dances around people arguments.

Beltmark - He is the forums version of Marmite, You either sit there reading his posts and nodding to them because he is speaking (in sometime a screwed up and warped) Truth. Or you just think he is an annoying git. However there is something about the bluntness of his views which I like.

He is part of the Patriots, so that would make him the most active ghost in ghost's history.

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1. Jimmy
2. Nemesis Enforcer
3. DC
4. Jayfunk3000
5. scottyCUBED
6. Beltmark
7. Jimmy Redman
8. Fiona
10. Rudie


> What is Robert De Niro's greatest film?

> Is Media Studies A Proper Degree?

> Do You Look Forward To The Return Of D'Lo Brown?

> The next world leader?

> RATM, Audioslave or Soundgarden?

My First Year At Talk Wrestling Online


It’s been a exactly a year since I joined Talk Wrestling Online. I found it searching for reviews of a PPV and read the site for about a month before joining. It was easily the best wrestling forum I had been on, and that’s a mixed compliment. It was better than all the decent forums I had been on and a stark contrast to the dross wrestling sites you can come across. Where comments like “Cena sucks because he doesn’t give the rest a chance” and “Viscera only wins because he is fat and people don’t want to touch him” are king. I remember posting on one of these forums for a few days and the first topic I came across was “Is booker really a king?” I opened the thread for the laugh factor and was startled to see the argument revolving around how could Booker be a king when people like Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin have also been king. This witty piece of investigation was followed up by someone with the username Quasimodo quoting reams and reams of information on abdication and its rules and guidelines. Not even a light hearted reply to the author of this information with the line Quasimodo? That name rings a bell could soften the mood.

The hot topics of debate when I joined were Chris Benoit’s death and the Mr McMahon death storyline. I was surprised to see the number of very good posters who added a lot to the site. There were of course some ……erm misguided souls shall we say also but that adds to the attraction. I just used the U.S forum mainly at first, I think my first post in General Chat was after about six months. But more recently I have posted a bit more. Its only recently that I’ve got a hang of the site really and its really surprising how you can get used to the personalities of people on the internet. It’s almost like a dirty secret, I can only imagine the reaction of telling your friends you know the personality of a guy called Good 2 Go on a forum for a sport where men drench themselves in oil and pretend to fight.

The attraction of the site for me hopefully without sounding like a corny politician is the diversity of the site. There are a lot of people from different backgrounds, different countries and with different opinions. It’s a great place to talk about the rasslin. One thing I was surprised was the amount of people on the site who didn’t like wrestling. But after seeing how they can talk about a variety of things from Boxing to drugs(to a certain extent) it becomes more reasonable. The people that run these forums do a good job and it’s in seeing this that you can understand how people can gain from being a member on a site like this without the love for wrestling. I never thought I would be saying this without the chance of vomit, but TWO really is a community and it’s in being involved in the site for a year that even a harsh sceptical guy like me can accept this.

As for me I come on this site for the wrestling and it’s easy to do with some great people giving their opinion and knowledge. Its not really my sort of thing to pucker up but as Kam has asked me to do this, I’m puckering away. There are a lot of people on TWO who I enjoy reading the posts of members such as Naitch, Jung, D.C, Mitchell, Inno, Jack, Jimmy Redman and A.C. And there are also other additional members who will add to the site such as ScottyCUBED, Kanenite and Antihero. I’m sure I’m missing out plenty but my point is it’s a good site to talk wrestling (Well it’s in the name isn’t it) and everything but.

That’s enough puckering for now, my lips hurt but not as half as bad as my knees. To ensure I haven’t written this in vain there will be bonus giveaway of monopoly money. Just quote the password bigmatt rules and you will get 100’s and 100’s of Monopoly dollars.

Teething Pains

Awhile back I was surfing the net just looking at various wrestling forums and trying to figure out what it was they were all about. I began coming back to one over and over again TWO. The format was simple and the conversations taking place were civil and everyone seemed to get along unlike some of the other forums where flaming other posters seemed to be the order of the day. Taking the plunge I finally decided to join. After posting in the Introduction Forum I was stunned by the amount of people that actually replied welcoming me and that actually felt good.

It didn’t take long for me to jump right in and start responding to different threads and actually starting one on my own. At the beginning my posts were largely ignored probably because people didn’t know me and probably because some of them were rubbish (I’m great with the rubbish posts). but soon I started to get to know some of the others and in short form felt quite at home.

TWO is quite unlike most other forums on the net and I have found it such a great place to be that I encouraged my son with Kam’s permission to join too. The one thing I noticed right away was how knowledgeable some of the posters were. Take Mitchell, DC, Beltmark, Jung or Naitch plus many more whose wrestling knowledge to so much superior to my own. Sometimes posting along with them made me feel like an idiot but I thought so be it and they were nice enough not to point out that I didn’t know what I was talking about half the time. Thanks guys.

Others like Rebakah, Rudie, Nimf and Nemesis feel like old friends it’s just unfortunate that I live in Canada and will probably never get to meet them in person but talking to them in Chat or on the various threads is enough. One of best things I love about TWO is the debates that I have been able to have with John Hancock and my buddy A.C. I’m looking forward to more in the future.

In closing I have to say thanks to Kam for providing a safe place on the internet for people from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas without feeling inferior or ridiculous. I only hope TWO is around for some time to come and though posters come and go I expect to be here to celebrate more birthdays.

So Happy Birthday TWO you got over your teething pains and now so have I.

I have been a fan of wrestling since the late 80’s and must confess that I grew up and enjoyed the NWA/WCW rather than the WWF (although I do enjoy this product also) but my love of wrestling is one of talent and in the ring ability. I don’t care much for the other side of wrestling such as the storylines or production values.

I was a fan of this site for a long time before I signed up. I used to read your opinions at work to lighten up my dull, dull day.

I like the fact that there were some experienced and knowledgeable people on the site (Jung, DC, Darkstar, Beltmark and even Naitch.). So in December 2007 I decided the time was right to sign up and start to voice my opinions on the good old wrestling business.

Well to be honest the first month wasn’t much fun, firstly I didn’t know my way around the site well and was only in the US scene therefore didn’t know the existence of the introduction thread and I hadn’t learnt not to take everything personally which would lead to the infamous 100 replies off topic threads and the southern vs. northern styles debates and the pointless WWE vs. TNA comments.

However over time I learnt that everyone had an opinion and no opinion is right or wrong once I accepted that it made it easier to debate about wrestling.

I then moved into the other forums which I enjoyed as well and had some good debates about drugs, god, Iraq and bush. And some pointless debates such as Devon or Devonshire (it’s Devon!! )

I have enjoyed my time on TWO thus far and hope to be around for a while...

It started with a kiss…..well it didn’t, in truth it started with a click of the Stumbleupon button and a Wrestling101 article. From there I’d notice a box with links to the forums. This confused me greatly at first, then I realised they were run by the same person.

I signed up to TWO in October of last year, it was purely an impulse thing, I can’t actually remember if I read anything before entering my glorious details and pressing the button that would send my details off to be processed and make my account.

I, for one, hate joining established forums, there’s always in jokes and people are often arrogant and horrid to new members. Despite the in-jokes (which if I’m being honest didn’t really surface at first), there was no arrogance related to how long you had been a member of TWO. I didn’t really post much at first, this was general shyness, and the fact I didn’t want to get judged, it may sound sad, but at the time I actually cared what people online thought of me.

Then came along the Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL) Version 14, which I entered. 12ish weeks later I emerged as the outright winner, mainly due to the injuries of both John Cena and Matt Hardy, but none the less I won and received a prize (I chose Series One of Skins on DVD for those interested). It was about this time I first ventured into the TWO Chatrooms, firstly for the No Way Out quiz, then more and more as the days went by. It was here I started to gain friends from the board.

Despite not being the most active/best year of TWO I’m sure there’s parts of this last year that’ll stick in your head for a long time. Things like Warriors Return to the ring, or maybe Chris “we-cant-mention-his-accomplishments” Benoit’s double murder – suicide. I would mention things from the board, but I’m too lazy to check whether or not my memories are correct.

A few months in I started getting a feel for the forum and began posting more, reading the newsletter frequently, I even started to look at the Hall Of Fame and read back topics, sometimes getting caught up in the threads for a good hour or so before realising it was becoming almost as sad as playing World of Warcraft. It’s safe to say I’ve become addicted to TWO, I check it several times a day, for what reason I’ll never fully know, but to have a guess I’d say it’s the community sense and the people who truly make TWO what it is, the members.

I’d like to end by saying thank you to everyone at TWO, for making my first year a fairly enjoyable year, and a thank you to Kam in particular for setting up TWO and for asking me to write this.

And finally, Happy 8th Birthday TWO, maybe in the next 8 years we’ll find out who/what Kam really is ;)
My Top 3 WORST Talk Wrestling Online Moments


I somehow managed to miss, or was oblivious to, most of the big bad events on here like R-X so mine are more personal:

#3 That Probe
Yeah, Craig and co were utter idiots and just came across as a bunch of vile childish twits. I never saw much of the fallout beyond the newsletter though thanks to the mods being really on top of the situation but from the little I've heard I'm glad they're gone.

#2 Christian_Rules/Hoffmeister (especially the breeding licence thread):
This guy is probably the worst poster I ever debated against, while I disagree strongly with their views on certain things at least people like Simon and Beltmark (when he keeps his calm) argue in a civil manner. C_R just seemed like he wanted to rile people as much as he could, suggesting that chavs should be tortured and certain groups being denied basic rights was a good thing. Then if people disagreed he'd start flaming and claim they were defending criminals (even if the topic of discussion wasn't illegal, ie single mothers claiming benefit).

#1 Jayden being banned
Sure the gimmick posting was seriously annoying and stupid but before that point he was a great member so I he was missed but his antics at the end coloured people’s perceptions a bit.
Evil Gringo​

Hmmm, top three worst TWO moments?

#3 Grammargate
Number three would be the recent leaving of Wolverine, Moobs and Craig.

It has been christened Grammargate and other things but the sad fact of it for me was the loss of two forum leaders, who when not acting like kids in the end, where good posters, good mods and used to be an asset to this site.

But more then that it is the continued attacking of the site, its members and such all over the internet. On the TWOStars training forum and profile page it has continued, on the e-fed wikipedia, on BawGawd it went on (or so I am told, having never looked so sorry if it didn't but I wouldn't be surprised).

Surely nothing is that annoying that it would make you want to be banned from a site and then attacking it's members for disagreeing with you over the whole of CyberSpace?

Anyhow, because of this it makes my list.

#2 Leaving?
Number two would have to be any leaving thread. ANY. I would never do one as lets face it, if you are leaving the forum the people you will still speak to, therefore the people who may care, will have your MSN and can talk to you regardless.

Also if I had got annoyed to the point of wanting to leave this place then why would I want to let people know they had gotten such a rise out me and have them feel like they have won?

Plus the only leaving thread I have seen upheld is Simon's... and what a leaving thread that was!

#1 RX
Well number one would be R-X for me as I nearly lost my position of writer on and also the International Scene leader spot because I was slightly involved in the group.

Due to someone else's actions I was implicated in the leaking of private information to other members of the site after what was, to be honest, a bit of childish kidding around on the internet that had gone too far.

Even now people are annoyed to hell over it and I hate being associated with it because of this fact. I like people to get along after all lol.

Hopefully I can avoid seeing or being part of any more such issues in the many years to come!
My Top 3 Talk Wrestling Online Moments

Some mine favourite moments are as below:-

#3 TWO's own brand extension.
Kam worked extremely hard on TWO, and it was a big step when he decided to split TWO into the two websites we see today ( and I think it was a good move and has paid off, and the new TWO looks even better.

#2 My first quiz as QuizMaster
I think it was back in 2001, and was at TWO's birthday celebrations around the time of the King of the Ring PPV event. It was great to join the TWO team and was the start of a real good time for me.

#1 The Wedding of the Century
I believe it was the summer of 2001, the celebrity couple of TWO (Kam & Chyna) decided to tie the knot, and they did it in style - the TWO Chatroom. The bright white room still haunts me to this day.

#3 Grammargate
The first real forum-wide situation that I was involved in. I may actually have been the initial spark that set the whole powderkeg off.

Truth be told, it was absolutely pathetic how far things went and how destructive it actually became... especially as it really was much ado about nothing.

Some people took offence to a thread that was designed to help people and threw their toys out the pram. I think the big deal about it was that it wasn't no-name members of the forum causing problems, rather mods (and respected mods at that).

The way it came to a close (the infamous probe that led to a boycott of the newsletter by some, the horrible comments aimed at certain members AND their families and the "Anonymous" post) was the poster-child for pathetic. The fact it fizzled out so quickly showed, to me, that it really meant little to nothing in the bigger picture.

There are a few things I would like to say to/about certain people in regards to their conduct throughout that time period, but, truth be told, they're not worth the effort it takes to do so... in fact, they're not worth the effort it takes to look straight ahead.

#2 A seriously good debate...
It was really hard to think of specific moments, but I'd guess it's anytime I've got into a seriously good debate with someone like A.C. or Beltmark; people who will argue their points with facts and/or heartfelt opinions rather than blindly avoid certain issues in the way other members (Jayfunk and Franchise are prime examples here).

I've had some good debates that have lasted for days over issues that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

#1 TWOStars
To close this out, I'd choose being appreciated for my hard work in the e-fed (and it can be hard work), particularly when it is a match or a promo that I am really proud of myself.

There were two specific matches that I was really happy when people appreciated the effort put in. One was a two-ring, eight-man elimination match for four briefcases granting a slot in an upcoming Elimination Chamber match.

The second instance was the 60+ page epic I wrote when I was chosen to take the TWO Triple Crown.

The e-fed can appear to be a group of grown men (and kids) taking something too seriously, but to those involved, it is a part of the forum we are extremely proud of and really put a lot of effort into it. It's a great outlet for creative writing and is a great way to develop writing skills.

I guess the moment that stands out is TWOStars reaching it's fourth year.

#3 The Chatroom
It can be a really decent place, usually filled with controversy and such. I remember when TWO got taken over and everyone was in there ranting to give us back TWO. Good times.

#2 Drakes frog murder
Now that was funny. At the time I was with the majority in thinking that it was just so wrong but without taking sides and just sitting back and watching the ranting was brilliant. The majority were agreed that it was sick but seeing Drake and a few others trying to defend it was funny.

#1 The Champagne Room
When I first became a Subscriber that was the additional forum section to be in. All of the randomness, bitching, fun and games and free stuff made it a place to be. That was the place to rant in.

Another year, another birthday, and another newsletter where I'm asked to write about my ever-increasing time here. Ever since early 2002, I've seen it all and done them all too. Putting this kind of thing into a particular order is quite daunting, and I'm going to stray from the rules of this and focus more on aspects of the site rather than specific "moments", but hopefully it makes for a good read.

#3 The conspiracy theories
It was always a blast when the mods and certain members got together to fish out weird occurances on the site. Since much has been said about RX, and the less the better, I'll focus on the more exciting - Ravenmark's death. I remember the night that it went down: Wrestlemania. Chris2k and I were watching his webcam when suddenly he went offline. We heard nothing for a bit until someone came onto the site and posted that Ravenmark had died in an electrical accident. Naturally, everyone was sad as TWO was a very close-knit community at that time. I wasn't convinced and made a sly comment to Kam about it during an unrelated MSN conversation. Next thing I know, Pabster is added in and the three of us are discussing our concern. We decide to take it to a few other members and sure enough, we have a bit more support than originally thought. Actually, the only person who didn't believe me was Goldy. Once posted in the mod forum, evidence stars pouring in that suggests Ravenmark lied. The killer was KJ's electrical expert knowledge that led to us posting the thread about it in General Chat. Ravenmark owned up, everyone turned against him for about a month, and then life went on. It was nothing more than a game to most of us, but it was something unexpected and as depressing as the subject matter may have been, looking back it was a great few days of pure fun to work together with all the mods and admins to piece the puzzle together. You couldn't have written a game like that.

#2 My entire run as administrator
First of, I'll preface this by saying it's not as easy as you'd imagine. Sure, you get to ban a few people and make fun of Taj_San and ignore Christof's reports, but you also have to deal with every minute problem and manage all the idiosyncrasies and conflictions of the posters and especially the staff team. Yet, I've always been proud of what I did to help the site and felt that both Russ and Kam worked well to guide me and take on my suggestions and control me at times of going in at the deep end. I'd like to think that people thought of me as a decent moderator and generally as a good poster because I felt I was at my best during that stage. I enjoyed taking part in the discussions, seeing over the disputes and generally having fun away from the real world where I was having a few difficulties at the time. It was pleasant escapism until it got to be a little too much and became an unnecessary burdon. But everything until that point was lots of fun for me and I can't say I have enjoyed the site as much since those days. If pushed for an example of a specific moment during this period, it'll always be the "Kate Boogeyman" thread. Myself, Russ, Chris2k, Colin, Kate and everyone else who added something to it should be proud of themselves - it was the most perfectly constructed and yet beautifully spontaneous and random thing TWO has ever created, made even better by the lightning quick replies on that night where a bunch of us sat in an MSN conversation franctically hitting "F5" to keep up with the posts and laugh as we replied to everyone else either joining in with the joke, taking it in a new direction, or watching it sail over their heads; which made it only the more awesome. We'll never have one of those again.

#1 Meeting the people in person
As much as I like busting balls and posting here, it's nice to know that when I eventually fade away into obscurity, I can say that I have made some real friends on here. Thanks to TWO (and my old site, in fairness), I met Jayden and Trash in Reading and spent the weekend rocking to wrestling tapes, poker games, Sunday morning Dominos pizza and all the weed we could handle. Thanks to TWO, I met Goldy, Darkstar, Ravenmark (Corinomark, more like: "Is that... is that Steve Corino?"), Saz and BRM at wrestling shows across the country. I met Fletch and maintained a friendship with him for a good few years that saw more ups and downs than Amy Winehouse's drug cupboard. Most recently, I had Colin come down to stay for a week and will probably go up to see him as soon as I can. I also converse regularly with people like Ahsatan, who I'd like to believe I could call a friend now, and consider Ray to be a somewhat younger version of myself, but with a hotter girlfriend. One of TWO's most endearing attributes is that for all the haters and the annoying Franchises, there is always one person you can get along with and take it beyond the realms of just a forum. You don't always plan it that way - it just happens. I've been lucky in that regard to say I've done it over and over again. When Kam says it's a community, he ain't lying, folks. He ain't lying.
My Top 3 Talk Wrestling Online Community Images


#3 First time I realised I wanted to be part of this site was when I saw the members on the site were mad enough to wrestle as well. Look at the moody look as well. One of my favourite pics that and darkstars blade job...

#2 The TWO family sharing happy and important times in their lives.

#1Two Meet ups made me want to join in the fun and nice to see what every one looks like. A happy band of brothers. Made me laugh reading what everyone got upto.


#3 I adore this picture of Inno. He took it on what was meant to be DC's stag do, if I remember right. He's also happy here which seems to be a rarity nowadays!

#2 King Reno with Pete Doherty. Although I HATE Doherty, I know how much this meant to Reno and was just so major league thrilled for him meeting his hero!

#1 I really like Slim Jims pic in this thread-the detail is awesome. Although it freaks me out to think there are wrestlers under my feet...I mean, poor things, my feet STINK.


My top three picks are based on my experiences here at TWO

#3 This first image was the shock of 2005 where Jimmy Redman, a lad I had been working with on TWOStars revealed that he was in fact a she.

Half the male population of TWO suddenly stood to attention, only to sit down because a) She was in Australia and b) she was not of a legal age.

#2 This next photie is my all time favorite entry that I gave the TWO community in the form of Photoshopping Mrfill, my next two were the Hamburgler entry for the photoshop dance off and my quickie of Johnny Hancock with R2 and C3PO...

As you can see, I got the "feeling" of the piece. If you want to make it ultra effective, try singing the Imperial March as well...

#1 Finally, a topic of great debate and humour, yes, it would have to be the wonderful showings of Adrian on the Picture thread. Has anyone seen him smile? Does he have a bottom half or is he half Dalek like the wrinkly pruney one from Doctor Who of past?

The above is with shirt, there are versions without that will haunt you for the rest of your life. There is rumour of an archived picture long ago when Adrian was wide-eyed and happy, where the birds sang and the trees went, er "Whoosh whoosh!" with the wind and the kids were playing. However, rumour has it that it is in an incan temple where only a guy with a hat and a whip dare tread.

If only we can find a guy like that!
Talk Wrestling Online Round Table

How did you first find Talk Wrestling Online?

Beltmark: I was wanting to sell an old WWF championship belt I had in duplicate, and wanted to do so to a UK buyer without hitting eBay, so I Googled 'UK wrestling forum' or something along those lines, and signed up specifically as WWFBeltMark due to wanting to sell the belt.

Darkstar: I had been reading Powerslam and had decided that finding people on the net to speak to about wrestling would be better than looking at gemmas bored face as I explained why HHH needed to drop the belt :)

Inno: I was working over on and was told by Our Glorious Leader Groovico to check out the chat room. I did. Then I checked out the forums. Then I set up camp and haven't left for any serious length of time since, bar my freak out breaks.

King: I just put in Wrestling forum on Google and there it was.

Miss T: Hmm.. when I was a little wrestling dweeb I was a HUGE fan of the Hardys and Lita.. TEAM XTREME!! I used to be on Lita's fan site and they had a chat login (to TWO chat) there, then I found Smash Wrestling then to TWO.. highly embarrassing but the truth! (Lita Rocks!! :) )

Nemesis Enforcer: I first found TWO by Googling the words ‘UK wrestling forum’ after I had been banned from UKFF for disagreeing with a mod there on a regular basis, I wait for around 6 months before I got the urge to discuss wrestling once again and being cheap I wanted a free site to do it on so hit Google to find a new home for myself.

Rebekah: Well, I just typed Wrestling Chatrooms into Google and it was the first thing that came up. I wasn’t aware of a forum for a couple of months as I went in through the Smash Wrestling link.

Twig: Google, man. I believe my search was something along the lines of "talk" "wrestling" "online" :lol:

What were your first impressions?

Beltmark: Great. Very busy, alot less chaos and flaming (I mean downright flaming) than other forums, rules...I thought it was great.

Darkstar: Good. The place seemed friendly with everyone knowing each other.

Inno: It struck me as a cool place run by a Man of Mystery...

King: It had a great Other Sports forum which drew me in.

Miss T: I think my first impressions were good after having cyber with Russ and then I met Chyna and a strong bond was formed...haha

Nemesis Enforcer: I liked TWO from the first time I looked at the forum, it seemed to have a lot of members who were posting regularly and I thought to myself there is a good atmosphere here, sure there were a few people who I though hmm not sure about him and how we will get on but I was happy that there wasn’t really any problems and my first impression really did turn out to be right about TWO being a friendly place.

Rebekah: Friendly place.

Twig: Damn... these people know waaaaaaaaaaaaay more about wrestling than I do.

Did you register straight away or browse for a while?

Beltmark: I registered right away, I dont recall if I ever listed my belt for sale or not.

Darkstar: Straight in and posting. I dread to think how bad my first post was, probably amazingly banal.

Inno: Straight away, originally as "Dreamer".

King: Yeah that day I think.

Miss T: As soon as I found out about the forums I registered and spammed for a while.

Nemesis Enforcer: I jumped straight in, no messing. I had first viewed the forum 5 mins before I hit register and filled in the form, I had just had 6 months away form talking about wrestling and was fed up of it I told myself the first forum I found that I had a good feeling about it and that’s what happened had a scan on TWO felt it would suit me and signed up.

Rebekah: I was in the chatroom for ages before I registered for the forum.

Twig: I think I checked out the US scene forum for a minute and then signed up, as: Twiggieplex.

How does the site compare from when you first joined to now?

Beltmark: Its the same, nothing's changed. I dont really buy into the "the old days were great compared to now which is the sh*ts" because I dont really think of it as any more than what it is. Yeah there are new people and alot of the old posters who were great have gone, but its still relatively the same deal.

Darkstar: Its bigger, and so it has the problems associated with being bigger, its harder to keep track of everyone and more conflicts will arise.

Inno: It's a more organised form of anarchy now :)

King: Not much of change really IMO,different members come and go.

Miss T: Its one hundred percent different, when I joined it was small and although there were the fundemental rules there are now; it was so much more relaxed (because it was smaller). There were great friendships and huge fueds all the time.. was great fun :)

Nemesis Enforcer: A lot of things compare well to when I first joined, being here for less then 3 years (2 years 6 months to be exact) is a major factor in that I think though there have been some changes - with more then a few established members leaving and a lot of new young members taking their place - I do think there is more posting threads for the sake of posting them going on which didn’t happen as much in my early days here (or so my memory says) though which while not exactly harming TWO that much is a little unnecessary.

Rebekah: Not a lot seeing as I only registered in November 2007, I guess obviously the forums changed from the old black and grey colour to the blue one, which is better now I think. Other than that nothing really.

Twig: Honestly, the discussions in the US forum seem less... in depth, or intellectual than when I first came around. But then again, that's the exact same thing people were saying by the time I'd gotten there.

Do you have any favourite moments or threads?

Beltmark: Not really. Winning the newcomer thing my first year was kinda cool and I like getting debater of the year, makes me know that I'm annoying people enough to stand out as the most argumenative pr*ck here :lol:

As for threads, I dunno. I've argued with everybody about everything, it all blends into one thing these days.

Darkstar: Favourite moments... RX (when it started, before the crap), restarting TWOStars was a big thing for me, the meets are always fun as well.

Inno: Personally, I still hold the classic Holmes/Moriarty thread as one of my favourite ever online experiences.

King: My "Should Rafa be sacked?" thread caused a few lively arguments,the God thread was good a while back.

Miss T: I have so many good memories that I could never list them all? Even the bad ones I now look bad with rose-tinted glasses.. thats why I couldn't add to the Worst Memories section because I couldnt think of any really (apart from Draven being a jerk, because thats recent!) The best memories are the friends Ive met from the beginning or the last few years, weddings, chatroom antics, bannings, fueds, lots of laughter!! Dont know what else to say!

Nemesis Enforcer: I can’t really think of any moments that I look back on and think to myself now that was a great moment, however I was looking through some of the Hall of Fame threads and had a very good laugh at the Size, does it matter? *adult content* thread which was started by The Man Beast… well we are open people, that’s what will be said about us TWOites when we are looked back on in the future that’s for sure!

Rebekah: The goal difference debate I had with people like G2G, stevehayes and others which is here created lots of debate but became irrelevant in the end. Also the Racism/Konnan thread. Both created great debate and thats good for people really.

Twig: Joining the e-fed. TWOstars has been a blast from the get go. It really helped me learn so much about how matches are formed and worked. After that I think I appreciated watching real-life wrestling so much more, as I understood a lot more of what was going on. In the fed, Dante and I's hardcore match at WrestleNova II, where I jumped off the TWOtron. Brett Banner & I's hardcore match... where I dove off a balcony onto concrete. My feud with Evil Gringo. Becoming the first Triple Crown Champion. Sorry to say, but I don't feel like there's been any "big" moments on the normal boards, just cool people, and the occasional drama.

What about worst moments or threads?

Beltmark: I hate the PC brigade getting on their high horse, I find it frustrating to read, but thats how they feel about reading my posts I guess so there you go.

Darkstar: RX when it went bad.

Inno: The seemingly endless cycle of bitching against Clique of the Moment and/or the mods. Can't we all just get along???

King: People over reacting over the slightist little thing annoys me to be honest,as for bad threads,there has been so many :p

Miss T: Covered in the above!

Nemesis Enforcer: Things on TWO have been pretty stable (going by the way some of the longer serving members talk and looking back at old threads) while I have been here with not much controversy going on so while there isn’t any really bad moments that come to mind. Getting my name dragged in to the whole Craig, Moobs and Wolverine member attack thread would be up there I guess, although I never really paid much attention to it on what they said about me as I am very laid back about being called things and what not, like I said I haven’t had any really bad experiences.

Rebekah: Maybe all the stuff that went on with the 'controversial' newsletter, and the repercussions from that.

Twig: The Unknown post. When Craig, Moobs, and ... someone else left the site and got a whole lot of attention while doing it. I guess Omar Days peaced out too, didn't he?

How does Talk Wrestling Online compare with other forums you visit?

Beltmark: I no longer visit any other forums.

Darkstar: Far friendlier to newcomers.

Inno: This is the only one I've constantly visited over the years, besides the Smash ones. They died. Wasn't me.

King: You can't swear on this forum :lol:

Miss T: The only other forums I visit are BN which is just like TWO at the start but maybe a tad smaller. I've been to other forums in the past though.. none of them compare with here.

Nemesis Enforcer: Compared to the other forums I have been on TWO compares very well. The other big wrestling forum, like I have mentioned, I visited was UKFF and when compared to there TWO is heard and shoulders above in my own opinion. The only other forum I used to visit a lot of one I can’t mention on a family friendly forum like this but while it was very adult orientated much like here there was a good sense of community and support networks there for people.

Rebekah: Well I visit about 4 in total (including TWO) and I would say this is probably the friendliest one. Other than that they’re the same really.

Twig: It feels more... formal, at times, but not in a bad way.

Talk Wrestling Online has alot more rules/policies compared with other wrestling forums, do you think this helps or hinders the site?

Beltmark: It all depends. I mean, you need guidelines, lets put it that way, but you have to realise that even though you promote a family site, for the most part, its full of adults and teens, and people swear. I've been infracted for swearing a thousand times, I think its a little tight on that rule, I mean people watch movies and hear it alot more and claim they love those movies, yet they will infract me for typing the same word alot less? I think thats a little rough.

Overall though, I've no problem with the rules, they are there to be broken :deviltail:

Darkstar: A bit of both. The rules can be a nightmare to keep inside of, especially with the mods having to rely on our interpretation of them. A good example would be that recently a warning was handed out because of the use of the C word. A good case could be made either way for that one.

Inno: It helps and hinders - helps maintain the organised anarchy, but hinders when peeps don't seem to get that. Meh. Swings and roundabouts, my friend.

King: I think it helps.

Miss T: It has pros and cons.. I feel that I'm kinda censored here these days and cant be myself or call someone a penis or say something slightly controversial otherwise I get a warning via pm or a sh*tty infraction warning from a mod with an attitude problem and power complex! But most of the time they do work, maybe a little less "wrapping people up in cotton wool" would be good. If they are grown up enough to be on the Internet then I kinda think they are grown up enough to be told when they're being stupid!

Nemesis Enforcer: I think it helps more then it hinders to have the amount of rules that TWO does, when I used to post on UKFF there was a lot of ganging up on people and really savagely attacking them for what they liked and disliked in wrestling, a lot of flaming went on and there wasn’t a good atmosphere in which to post and enjoy what you were writing, with the rules set up like they are on TWO it does really make it easier also it stops gimmick posters which I have seen lots of, much to my anger, on other sites with less/more relaxed rules.

Rebekah: It helps it in that you don’t have troublemakers breaking rules and whatnot. It also hinders it in a way because I think the rules can be a tad restrictive at times

Twig: I never had a problem with it. I suppose it weeds out some of the douche bags, and motards.

Over the years many members have come and gone, if you could bring one back, who would it be and why?

Beltmark: This Sunflower chick I apparently used to talk to who had nice t*ts...I'd take another look.

Darkstar: Pabby. Really, does anyone need a reason for the return of the mighty Pabster?

Inno: I have no idea. Maybe Dean Douglas? Not heard of him in years.

King: Refuse Matt M needs tocome back so I can infract him he must have the record for infractions.

Miss T: This is too tricky!! I cant choose! Theres lots of people I would like to bring back but maybe if I had to just choose one it would be AV so I could give her sh*t one more time!

Nemesis Enforcer: I never really connected with anyone who would go on to leave so there is no-one that instantly stands out as the one single person I would like to see back, with that said though I do think the one person who has left who I would like to bring back is Ray. I could always make time for Ray on the forum and he was always good for a laugh or three.

Rebekah: Errmmm, again a toughie as I’ve not been around that long.....I dunno, I guess a member who other members still talk about today because of what he/she did on the site, be it good or bad.

Twig: Dante. He drops a post one in a blue moon, but he & I used to be buddies, and talked on MSN all the time... Drake and I never chat no more neither :sad:

Why do you think the site has lasted 8 years?

Beltmark: Honestly, considering its mainly promoted as a pro wrestling site, and due to wrestling being in the sh*tter, I've no idea how its lasted so long, with new members joining pretty consistantly.

Darkstar: The structure of it keeps it up (high up on google searches, 101 ect). The constant work by the mod team to bring in new members helps I think, as well as word of mouth.

Inno: Persistence and mental illness on the part of Kam :)

King: People like wrestling good or bad, OS, Video Games, Entertainment Forums people will always visit there.

Miss T: Because your the only admin on the internet without an ego Kamran :)

Nemesis Enforcer: I really do think it is due to the community atmosphere that TWO has lasted 8 years, I have only been here for going on 3 of those 8 but looking back through the old threads its still visibly there from the start of the site and I think that is its appeal to new members to sign up, the friendly nature of conversation, the informative threads on both wrestling and general news and the support that can always be found when its needed.

Rebekah: Well, more and more members have joined so the site has grown in that respect, and that has obviously helped a lot.

Twig: Because of the high kick to ass ratio. Definitely

If you owned Talk Wrestling Online what changes would you make?

Beltmark: Oh I dont know, probably none. Maybe I'd loosen up on a few minor details, but overall I'd not change much, if anything.

Darkstar: I'd be a little more aggressive on banning people. Though in fairness that wouldn’t be the greatest of things in every case.

Inno: Pay me more. In fact, just pay me. Seriously.

King: Bring back the old Black Theme,I still don't like all this blue.

Miss T: Ummm... make it possible so I can minimize crappy TWO Stars and ask some people to lighten up a little! :p

Nemesis Enforcer: Speaking for myself I wouldn’t change much at all if I was the owner of TWO really, I am very happy with the setup of the site right now. One possible thing I would change is the age you have to be to sign up from 13 to 16. Now I have nothing against the younger members of TWO and most have shown themselves to be quite mature and able to make their point in an articulate way but for every potential poster in their early teens like that there are plenty who very naïve and immature who when in a fix just throw tantrums, that said there is plenty of adults who do the same!

Oh and I’d make some changes to the swear filter so it *’ed out just single swear words rather then those contained in other words such as Nigh****ch (or as it has to be written to avoid this Night watch)

Rebekah: Change the swearing rules, I mean yeah younger people are on the site but I think if the thread were marked 'swearing warning' and there was a restriction on the amount of swearwords allowed i.e 3 a post, it could work.

Twig: Duuuuuuuuuude. I don't want that kinda pressure and responsibility hangin over my head. Kam, you're doing good.

Any final comments?

Beltmark: Happy Birthday, well done. 8 years is a long time. I'm not sure I'd want to babysit this bunch for close to a decade.

Darkstar: Yeah, Gringo has a stupid beard ;)

Inno: No, your honour, the defence rests.

King: Now pay me :p

Miss T: Yeah.. I love TWO and come visit the chatrooms more often kids!! :love:

Nemesis Enforcer: Yeah I have a final comment, Kam its been 8 years, don’t you think its time you settle this once and for all and just post a picture of yourself and prove that I was right in my Members Spotlight that you are in fact a monkey put in a suit and strategically shaved?!

Rebekah: Just....keep up the good work

Twig: I can't go one day without stopping by TWO. In that respect it's like no other drug I do. (In case you were confused that's a shining endorsement)

Final Thoughts
Well thats it folks!

I hope you enjoyed the newsletter, plenty of great contributions from the members, so thanks to everyone.

Look out for our brand new competition starting soon celebrating 8 years of TWO...there will be CASH prizes!



Thanks to everybody who contributed to this issue of the TWO Newsletter:

NEXT EDITION: Out on ? [New Editor Wanted!]

Black Knight

New Member
Great newsletter and I loved the Talk Wrestling Online roundtable. My all time favorite was the Top 3 favorite TalkWrestlingOnline moments.


Well-Known Member
Happy Birthday TWO :)

Well Done everyone involved in the newsletter.

Some really enjoyable reads.

skipped through DCs Hulk Special, as I didnt want any spoilers, which I'm assuming it contained?


Well-Known Member
Firstly, I must circlejerk over Fiona, Cathal and the other one or two who said nice things about me. It's always nice to read, and I think you're cool posters too.

As for the newsletter, it was a good read. The roundtable wasn't as spontaneous as hoped, but it did it's job and answered all the safe questions as well as you'd expect. I did enjoy the Top 3 stuff, and the First Year segment was probably my favourite. But as ever, there was very little I skipped, other than the movie and week in review sections. Not a slight on DC, I'm just not interested in reading about films. And not a slight on the WWE, but I avoid most things that TPIB writes.

Most importantly, happy 8th birthday to the site.


Well-Known Member
I enjoyed the newsletter and felt it lived up to the "special" tag it was posted under.

I don't blame people skipping the movie stuff if they aren't into movies that much. I love movies and like to post about them, but I'm not going to say you have to read it.

The roundtable was good, as was the Spotlights, the timeline and a few others. I, like Mitch, skip the WWE reviews for two reasons; a) I've read most, if not all, of the content in other threads, and b) TPIB's way of writing the articles. It just screams "big blocks of text" (although this edition's doesn't appear to be as bad as before).

All in all, a good effort by everyone involved.


Well-Known Member
Cathal you sexy bitch! :p

It's nice that some people still remember the freaking frog incident. The funny part about it is that I didn't create the thread to annoy anyone and the reaction it got was huge. "OMG, YOU TRIED TO KILL A FROG! SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!" :lol:

Anywhoo, great newsletter. Loved every single bit and congrats to Kam and to everyone that has contributed in some shape, way or form to maintain this site up and running.


Well-Known Member
Crackin' newsletter! Although I didn't read the Hulk bit (since I was here when DC wrote it) it was a much better length review than in the past! Enjoyed the roundtable and the best and worst moments.


Global Modd
arse, I had a section written out for the E-0fed but I guess it's too late to split it in now... Good stuff anyway though, nice to see peopel being positive about the good things about the site for a change! :D

The Beltster

Well-Known Member
I didnt even know Ray left...was there a reason or did he sensibly just quietly stop posting?


Global Modd
I think M1tch said it best "he got a life"! Fair play, wish I could.....

Nemesis Enforcer

New Member
Great newsletter yet again, lots of me in there which makes everyone happy :p

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well-Known Member
I just noticed that I'v made the list of most active users, I guess it's offical now that I have no life :(

Nemesis Enforcer

New Member
I just noticed that I'v made the list of most active users, I guess it's offical now that I have no life :(
I have been number 1 most active for the last 5 weeks straight (only knocked off by Jimmy this week) and been in the top 3 for the last 8 or so weeks

Don't feel too bad :lol:


Well-Known Member
Yeah, scotty, NE is a loser, you just had a slow few weeks. You only have no life when it's continual :lol:
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