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Talk Wrestling Online Chatroom Information

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TWO Hall of Fame Member
In the TalkWrestlingOnline Chatroom, you'll find a welcoming community of people ready to discuss all the latest happenings and classic topics relating to the wrestling industry.

A team of site workers are employed to look after the TWO chatroom. These people are:

Chatroom Owner
  • Kam
Chatroom Administrator
  • Colin
Chatroom Moderators
  • ahsatan
  • Chris2K
  • Clarkey
  • Miss T
  • Naitch
  • TGO
These people will do their best to make your chatroom experience an enjoyable one. They will do their best to uphold the chatroom rules. These are:

  • No Swearing (or any inappropriate chat)
  • No Spoilers- The Chatroom is UK based, so please don't discuss wrestling shows until they've aired in the UK! (Raw is considered spoilers until Wednesday, Smackdown! until Friday night. TNA results depend on the situation)
  • No Role-playing
  • No Flooding
  • No Fighting/Being Abusive
  • No Excessive Plugging- Use the TWO Plug Forum or to plug your sites
  • No Numerical Responses
  • No Singing- Don't fill the chat screen with lyrics
  • No Excessive Use Of Caps
  • No Asking To Be A Moderator
  • Please note that any decisions on bans or kicks are final.

Please make sure you follow the rules, and we'll see you in the chatroom!
Not open for further replies.