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Talk Wrestling Online Cash Giveaway

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To celebrate the 8th Birthday of Talk Wrestling Online I’m launching our BIGGEST ever competition! For the first time ever I’m giving away CASH! I’ll be giving out £25 to one lucky member each week for the next 8 weeks! Then on Sunday 7th September 2008 I’ll be selecting one of the 8 winners at random to win an extra £100!​
How will it work?

Basically it will be 8 competitions over 8 weeks, one per week (dates below). To enter each week you do the same thing each time with the winner announced on Sundays.

All you have to do is make 8 posts in any of the below forums for whichever week you would like to enter (can be 1 or all). Once you have done that just send an email BEFORE midnight on the Saturday of that week with your username to:

Then each week one member from all the entries will be selected at random and win £25! So if you only want to enter some of the weeks thats fine. Or you could enter every week if you wish! Most of you should meet the criteria with your normal posting habits. It is possible to win more than once over the 8 week period and would mean you have a better chance of winning the £100.

After the 8 weeks are over I’ll be selecting one of the previous 8 winners to win the extra £100.

Which forums are included?

Your 8 posts can be in any of the following 8 forums at Talk Wrestling Online:

  • UK Scene Forum
  • US Scene Forum
  • Spoilers Forum
  • Product Rating & Discussion Zone
  • Other Sports Forum
  • Video Games Forum
  • Entertainment Forum
  • General Chat Forum
Do my posts have to be in just 1 of the 8 forums?

No. As long as you have made 8 posts in total in any of the 8 forums above you can enter.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines for the quality of posts?

Please do not spam the forums to reach 8 posts, any spam posts will be removed. I’ll be checking the winners posts for the week, if you have not reached the 8 posts then I will select another winner. What will count as a suitable post? Anything that is contributing to the thread (not one word replies!), it should be a few sentences or more.

What are the dates?

  • Week 1: Sunday 6th July 2008 – Midnight 12th July 2008
  • Week 2: Sunday 13th July 2008 – Midnight 19th July 2008
  • Week 3: Sunday 20th July 2008 – Midnight 26th July 2008
  • Week 4: Sunday 27th July 2008 – Midnight 2nd August 2008
  • Week 5: Sunday 3rd August 2008 – Midnight 9th August 2008
  • Week 6: Sunday 10th August 2008 – Midnight 16th August 2008
  • Week 7: Sunday 17th August 2008 – Midnight 23rd August 2008
  • Week 8: Sunday 24th August 2008 – Midnight 30th August 2008

£100 bonus prize winner will be announed on: Sunday 7th September 2008

Who can enter?

Any registered members on the forum including staff, except me.

Those of you outside the UK can enter as long as your able/happy with the below...

How will be money be sent out?

Money will be paid via Paypal only. The only other alternative I can offer is gift vouchers from an online store (Amazon etc) for the same amount. I will be giving money out in pounds so if you do live abroad you could be better off! £25 is around $50...and £100 is about $200!

Winners will be announced on the forums each Sunday HERE.

Usual competition rules apply.

If you have any questions please post them HERE.


* Talk Wrestling Online Timeline
* Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #194 - 25th June 2008 *Birthday Special*
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