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SmackDown Discussion Thread - 6th February 2009


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The Conseco Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, Indiana
Tuesday 27th January

TV Schedule:
Friday 6th February
UK: Sky Sports 3 at 10pm
USA: MyNetwork TV at 8/7c

The double taping of Friday Night SmackDown from Indianapolis continues, with this show airing next week!


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WWE taped next week's edition of SmackDown at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

SmackDown: (Airing Next Week)

* The Brian Kendrick, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Chavo Guerrero, Vladimir Kozlov, MVP, Carlito, Primo Colon, Jesse, Shelton Benjamin, The Great Khali, Scotty Goldman, Kung Fu Naki, and R-Truth all compete in a battle royal for a spot in the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out.
- Vladimir Kozlov wins to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out by eliminating R-Truth in the battle royal.

* Backstage segment with Hurricane Helms. He talks about how wrong Matt Hardy did Jeff at Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He says that Matt's has always been a jerk.

Matt Hardy comes out the the ring and calls out Helms. Helms comes out and gets dominated by Hardy.

* Shelton Benjamin comes out to cut a promo. He says that MVP should change his name to "VPM" - Very Peyton Manning because he always blows the big game even when he has all the fans behind him. He receives tons of heat from the live crowd.

* MVP b. Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match.

* The Miz, John Morrison, & The Brian Kendrick b. R-Truth, Primo Colon, & Carlito

* Michelle McCool b. Eve via submission. Typical divas match. After the match, Maria comes in the ring to help Eve.

* Umaga b. Kung Fu Naki

* Triple H & Undertaker b. Edge & Big Show
- Triple H & Undertaker got the win after Big Show turned on Edge.
Dark Match:

* Kung Fu Naki b. Zack Ryder

Jimmy Redman

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We announce Taker/HHH v Edge/Show. Considering this match contains HHH, Edge and Show, it sounds surprisingly good.

We begin with a battle royal. Well the entire lowercard is in the ring, and only Kozlov and Khali get televised entrances. VICKIE comes out and announces Jeff is in the Chamber, which was very obviously edited into her speech. I wonder what she screwed up. COLT IS IN! He LIVES! Naturally he dies straight away, but nevertheless, he lives. They also plugged his show, because you obviously want to watch a show hosted by a no-name jobber. Kizarny is also alive and he is also buried here. It seems there is no other reason for this other than 'he's sh*t', which is funny considering either Kozlov or Khali will win this. MVP and Shelton are both out, Shelton KILLS him with a superkick. It was one of those spots you just know looked bad live, but with the camera angle they used it looked fantastic. Back from the break. Wait, MVP and Shelton are out, the Majors and Funaki are still in? The Majors are ALIVE! You should have seen Kozlov and Khali fighting each other. It was like everything was in slow motion. Kozlov eliminates Khali. Its Kozlov v Colons and Truth. There was a cool spot where they did a double and then a triple dropkick on him. So he buries the tag champs and your biggest midcard face as well. Kozlov HILARIOUSLY oversold winning this. He also cut a promo, ending with "I vil become a champion." So just to clarify, they've stopped him from saying "Double Double E", which is the ONLY thing he was EVER good for. That was failure on all counts.

Backstage, TODD GRISHAM (Why the hell is he on Smackdown? Where is Eve?!) interviews Helms, who is also alive, about the Hardyz. He cuts hands-down the best promo of his entire non-Hurricane career, and it had nothing to do with him whatsoever. Thats probably sad. Anyway, Matt v Helms by the sounds of it.

Backstage, Edge is upset. He sarcastically burns Vickie for asking him what the matter is. You big meanie. Show comes in and Edge threatens him with Vickie if Show walks out on him again (continuity!), but Vickie seems non-commital. God damn. Why are they doing this? An Edge/Vickie/Show triangle. WHY?

Speaking of asking why, Matt Hardy is in the ring, to thankfully a big "We Want Jeff" chant. He invites Helms out to fight. Because, I guess, thats what a heel does when someone is vengefully stalking them. Helms is out, their shirts are off and they brawl in the ring. Now this was an awful, AWFUL brawl. I dont know what happened, because they're friends and I'm sure dont mind kicking the sh*t out of each other, but it looked awful. It almost made Shane McMahon look good. Almost. The crowd hated it too. Eventually Matt puts a hold on his shoulder and elbows him in the chest, which somehow knocks him out. Refs come. I like Matt being a heel, I like him trying to be vicious, and God knows Helms is already a jobber, but damn that sucked. Right idea, horrible execution.

In better news, Shelton Benjamin enters. He cuts a promo on MVP, and gets cheap heat on Peyton Manning. At least he got heat, and I mean big heat. Early on this wasnt much. MVP needs to learn how to work a more crowd-pleasing style, and Shelton needs to stop killing his matches with rest holds. There were 'MVP' chants though, and by the time he made his comeback they were behind him. The final few minutes were pretty good. MVP over clean, obviously. If they give him time and just, again, tweak him a bit, he'll get over decently. Good stuff.

Backstage, the Bellas give the Colons 'good luck' for their 6-man with Truth. At least they've stopped wrestling, the Bellas, because they suck. The big reveal was the worst thing to ever happen to them. They should have run with the mystery for a year.

Miz and Morrison and Kendrick come out. I see. Its funny how JR and Tazz bury Kendrick for Zeke every time he wrestles these days. This was a damn good match. Damn good. Carlito got the hot tag and Kendrick blew his kneee-clothesline combo. F*cker, I love that thing. Shenanigans ensue (during which Truth hit the WORST "corkscrew elbow" ever seen) and Miz distracts Carlito for the Kendrick pin. Kendrick wins? How interesting.

BREAKING NEWS, Jeff Hardy is announced for next week's show. Is there a prize for winning the ratings next week or something?

We also have EVE making her wrestling debut against Michelle, NEXT. Why are they giving this away on free TV?

Holy crap it gets better, they played a MARYSE VIDEO PACKAGE! Forget Jeff, forget Austin, that was the best hype video EVER. I know a lot of you are big Maryse fans, understandably, so you so need to watch this.

Eve looks, in her expression and body language, exactly the same as Christy Hemme did when she first came in. That hands-on-hips, "aww shucks" kind of expression, like she's actually very excited and eager but slightly out of her depth as well. She's also wearing an awful outfit. Where is Maryse to burn that when you need her? Michelle came to the ring and was being all "Just Bring It" to someone in the crowd. I like to think this was aimed at like a 300 lbs. man. You dont mess with Michelle. Before the match began I was ready to write that Eve's first match is reason #45 why they need Victoria, but it actually wasnt anywhere near as bad as you'd expect. She sold OK, and she also hit the turnbuckle better than 90% of females, in her first bloody match. It was basically Victoria v Cherry Mk 2, and I mean that in the best possible way because I loved that match. Early on Michelle claimed Eve poked her in the eye and took a time out. That is so freaking old school. Michelle is the GREATEST HEEL IN THE WORLD. Michelle has added the single-leg Boston Crab, with added knee-to-the-head as well. As she does this she's all "This is too easy!" Michelle rules. She wins with the HEEL HOOK OF IMMENSE DOOM AND SUFFERING. She refuses to let go, killing poor Eve, until MARIA makes the save! That was actually all pretty damn good. I'm actually looking forward to Michelle v Maria. In all seriousness, I think Michelle is now good enough, and a good enough heel, that she can carry your Eves and your Marias to decent matches. Michelle is saving this show lately.

Matt cuts a promo backstage about Jeff coming next week. He first threatened another 'accident', but then said he'd be waiting for him with open arms. What a nice guy.

UMAGA! I guessed Funaki was the sacrifice toonight, and I guessed right. To begin, SUPERKICK. He just killed him straight away. Umaga rules. BUTT SMASH, Spike, done. Umaga's moveset is so, so over. I mean the pop when he just raised his thumb was ridiculous. And this is a monster heel we're talking about. Umaga just rules.

Backstage, HHH tapes his wrists. Strangely, they play his music for this. YOUR main event is NEXT.

Raw Rebound. Randy Orton rules. Them is a lot of Rs.

Edge and Show enter and they could have died on the ramp for all I know, because I have no interest in seeing Edge or Show enter. I still dont know why they're feuding. Or why Vickie is going to either side with Show or swerve him and go back to Edge for the 50th time. Or why any of this needs to happen at all. Turns out neither Edge nor Show died. Very good main event though. Edge bumped around for the first part of it, obviously because none of the other three could. I like Show using (or attempting to use) what looks to be a Vader Bomb Elbow Drop. Lots of heat on Da Game after the break, and when they finally hit the hot tag the crowd EXPLODED for Taker. Edge hit a spear and I immediately called the gogoplata, so Show dropped a leg on Taker. Good counter. To finish, Show helps Edge up but Edge pushes him away, so Show KNOCKOUT PUNCHES HIM TO ETERNAL DOOM AND INCESSANT REPLAYS. That looked kinda weird, like Show wasnt looking at Edge when he hit him. Anywho, Tombstone to win. I have no earthly idea why Edge and Show are feuding, but besides that it was a very good main event.


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Match Results- February 6, 2009

Final Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Battle Royal:
Vladimir Kozlov def. The Great Khali, R-Truth, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Primo, Carlito, The Brian Kendrick, Jesse, Kizarny, Scotty Goldman, Kung Fu Naki, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, & Chavo Guerrero to become the sixth and final entrant in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out.
Order of Elimination
1) Vladimir Kozlov elim. Scotty Goldman
2) The Brian Kendrick elim. Kizarny
3) Shelton Benjamin elim. Jesse
4) MVP elim. Shelton Benjamin
5) Chavo Guerrero elim. MVP
6) The Great Khali elim. Chavo Guerrero
7) The Great Khali elim. Kung Fu Naki
8) The Great Khali elim. The Brian Kendrick
9) The Great Khali elim. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
10) Vladimir Kozlov elim. The Great Khali
11) Vladimir Kozlov elim. Primo
12) Vladimir Kozlov elim. Carlito
13) Vladimir Kozlov elim. R-Truth

MVP def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin by pin following the Drive-By Kick.

6-Man Tag:
The Brian Kendrick & World Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison def. R-Truth & WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Carlito by The Brian Kendrick pinning Carlito following The Kendrick.

Michelle McCool def. Eve Torres (in her in-ring debut) by submission to the McHeel Hook.

Squash Match:
Umaga def. Kung Fu Naki by pin following the Samoan Spike.

Triple H & The Undertaker def. WWE Champion Edge & Big Show by The Undertaker pinning Edge following the Tombstone Piledriver.


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As I said a couple of weeks ago it was a good idea not to book Umaga's return in the royal rumble match or put him in the elimination chamber because he needs his aora of invincibility to be built up again to the point that he either represents a genuine threat to Undertaker's undefeated streak or....and this is a big or......he gets a WWE title match at Wrestlemania (I can but dream).

I am glad Kozlov won the battle royal because it shows the commitment WWE still have to pushing him as a star and I am not complaining because it will be fun to see what he does in the chamber.

Incidentally it might have been a smart move to have Carlito pull off the battle royal victory and begin the slow return to him being a formiddable singles competitor because when he is motivated the cool one usually shows the potential for being a big star one day.

MVP feuding with Shelton is cool but I would like to see them as a heel team along the lines of what Rated RKO were.

Jimmy Redman

New Member
Shelton is like becoming the new MVP. He's the US Champ and I cant remember the last time he won a match.