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SmackDown Discussion Thread - 31st October 2008

What Did You Think of SmackDown #481- The Halloween Edition?

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The San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California

TV Schedule:
Friday 31st October
UK: Sky Sports 3 at 10.30pm
USA: MyNetwork TV at 8/7c

WWE Fans, we encourage you to come out live to experience WWE SmackDown (and the aftermath of the Cyber Sunday PPV) on Tuesday 28th October at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California!

Come dressed to the San Diego Sports Arena on October 28 as your favorite WWE Superstar to be part of "The World Largest Costume Party"

Double Main Event

The Undertaker vs. Big Show
-Casket Match-

San Diego’s Own Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
-Steel Cage Match-

Also in Action:
Triple H (WWE Champion)
Shelton Benjamin (WWE United States Champion)
Carlito/Primo Colon (WWE Tag Team Champions)
Jeff Hardy
Vladimir Kozlov
Michelle McCool

And Many more!!!

*subject to change
According to the WWE Scheduling page, it's a casket match and a Steel Cage being advertised for this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Can't see it happening to be honest with ya folks, but it would be nice if it did. Might get one on TV, and one as a Dark Match though. :thumbup2:


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WWE taped this week's edition of SmackDown from the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California.

SmackDown: (Airing this Friday)
* Jim Ross comes out dressed up as a sailor, Tazz is a marine.

* SmackDown opens with Vickie Guerrero, Big Show, and Chavo Guerrero all beside a casket. Vickie taunts Undertaker and picks Chavo to face him in a Casket Match.

* The pyros explode and Jim Ross and Tazz welcome fans to the show.

* John Morrison & The Miz b. WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo Colon in a non-title mastch.
- John Morrison got the pin on Carlito for the win. Referee Charles Robinson botched the finish as he counted to three and rang the bell on the wrong finish. The Tag Champs go to the back confused.

* Jimmy Wang Yang comes out in a Cowboy outfit. He's dressed as "John Wayne Yang." He asks the crowd about his costume. Yang then heads to the back to re-do the segment as they didn't announce him as John Wayne Yang and give him a mic...

* Jimmy Wang Yang vs. The Brian Kendrick
- The Brian Kendrick is disqualified when Ezekiel Jackson interferes. After the bell rings Jackson and Kendrick attack Jimmy Wang Yang.

* Backstage, The Great Khali and Runjin Singh are walking when Kung Fu Naki comes up to them and says something. Khali speaks and Singh translates as "size matters" as they keep walking to the ring.

* The Great Khali and Runjin Singh come to the ring as they launch t-shirts into the crowd. Khali then does the Kiss Cam. They find him a woman dressed as a witch to kiss. Khali doesn't want to kiss her but the crowd cheers him on. He kisses her. She then asks for a French kiss. Singh instructs her to take off her mask and Khali lays one on her. The witch faints as Khali wipes his face.

* Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, & Rey Mysterio b. Mark Henry, MVP, & Kane in a six-man tag team match.
- Rey Mysterio receives a huge pop. Usual back and forth action with Rey taking out Kane on the outside. Jeff Hardy got the win following a swanton bomb.

* Vladimir Kozlov comes out to the ring. He says he should have been in the title match at Cyber Sunday. He says he wants a shot at the title next. Triple H comes out to confront him. They both exchange words and get face-to-face. Kozlov leaves the ring. Triple H pumps up the crowd and does some poses before heading to the back.

* Michelle McCool, Brie Bella, & Maria b. Victoria, Natalya, & Maryse in a six-diva tag match
- Maria gets the wing with a top rope cross-body.

* R-Truth vs. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin for the title is announced for next week's SmackDown.

* Undertaker b. Chavo Guerrero in a Casket Match
- Chavo comes out first. Undertaker is out next to the biggest pop of the night. Big Show comes out and waits at the top of the ramp. Undertaker gets the win after hitting the tombstone on Chavo, rolling him into the casket, and slamming it shut. After the match Big Show attacks Undertaker.
Dark Match:

* Kung Fu Naki b. Curt Hawkins
- Kung Fu Naki got the win via pinfall. The crowd was behind him the entire match.

Jimmy Redman

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Well, my dear little Smackdownites, I thought that I was going to miss Smackdown today as I was supposed to have my very first job interview (~~!) this afternoon, but alas, it was postponed, so here I am. Lets see what they throw up today.

To open we have, oh crap, the Big Show. He growls and keeps stroking his neck, which is very off-putting, but otherwise his promo is surprisingly good. He calls Taker a coward for busting out the gogoplata of DOOM. Show says he's going to bury him and walks off, which segues nicely into the casket which VICKIE GUERRERO is sitting by, avec Chavo. Vickie wishes us all Happy Halloween, and says Taker will be in a Casket Match, toonight. She describes in great detail how Taker's brains will explode (That is a direct quote folks) as he is trapped in the casket, ending with a hilarious "Lolz, that will be such fun!" (That is also a direct quote, obviously except for the "lolz") She says the man who will do this to Taker is...Chavo. The f*ck? Chavo sh*ts his pants and leaves, while Vickie laughs with her greatest laugh EVER. That was A-Mazing.

To properly begin, we have JR and Tazz, dressed as a sailor and a soldier respectively, welcome us to Halloween Smackdown, complete with appropriate graphics. JR looks ridiculous, but he said that he looks so good in white that Pat Patterson asked him out, which is a billion points. JR also announced Jeff/Rey/Matt vs Mizark/Kane/MVP. That sounds rather appetizing.

To make things just that little bit better, Morrison and Miz come out to start the show. Even greater, Morrison is going to wrestle with his DAZZLE ABS. I guessed the Colons, but it doesnt make sense to put them over your tag champs in order to job them to DX. Well, actually, in the WWE Universe, it makes a little too much sense. Anyway, I guess right. We're in San Diego so the Colons are over huge. Decent stuff culminating in throwing the heels outside before the break.This was one of those matches that was entirely decent, nothing wrong with it at all, and yet nothing special to note about it either. Shenanigans into a Reality Check for the heel win. I'm shocked, personally. I would pay money for Morrison and Miz to somehow win the match next week. You could easily have Kozlov and/or JBL interfere. It wont happen, but damn, I would love it to.

Jimmy Yang's music hits and out comes...John Wayne Yang. This show just gets better. He cuts a very short promo, which I'm sure John Wayne fans would understand a lot better than I did. Apparently he's in action against THE Brian Kendrick, next, which is also great news. Sadly, Kendrick and Zeke come as themselves. JR and Tazz are great during his entrance, I cant remember exactly why but they made me chuckle. Kendrick and Yang have a great little 4-minute match, with some nice spots. To end, Zeke pulls Kendrick out of a pinning predicament (he missed the first time) for the DQ. Post-match, Yang dives but Zeke catches, throws him onto the apron, then does his nifty finisher in the ring, and we end with a Sliced Bread No. 2. That was fun.

Just to make things even better, backstage, we have The Great Khali and Runjin Singh! Out of nowhere pops KUNG FU NAKI, who asks Khali to teach him "the art of seduction". "The Great Khali says: Size Matters." Khali is THE greatest comedy babyface ever. This show has been incredible so far, we're 40 minutes in and everything has been brilliant.

Speaking of witches (intended), we have the Halloween Khali Kiss Cam~! Runjin says that he wants the woman with the best costume. They show a fair few pretty ladies before settling on a woman dressed as a witch. She says she loves Khali, and you know that she means it. Runjin compliments her on her fake nose and fake warts. Khali is shaking his head here refusing, like last time. He eventually lifts up her fake nose and pecks her on the mouth. She says she wants a French kiss, so Runjin tells her to take her mask off. "I'm not wearing a mask." This is great stuff. Runjin asks Khali to do it, he's hugely refusing here. "Khali" chants, the first one was unprompted too. Eventually, Khali kisses her properly, she sells it huge by grasping her chest and collapsing, he sells it huge by wiping his mouth and being generally disgusted. That was AWESOME.

Its 6-man tag time. Hmm, the hometown hero, the superface tag team, the monster heels, MVP. One of those things is jobbing. We have a HurraPop for his main man MVP, but I didnt hear a word of it. The Hardyz came out together to a huge ass pop. That Rey guy was kinda over too. To begin we have fun, quick tag stuff from the faces, with a cool double-vertical-crossbody spot. Kane pulls Rey out of the ring to go to break. Back, we get heat on Rey. Mark Henry is great here. "GET UP!" What a bad ass. This match, by the way, has huge heat literally bell-to-bell, it was electric. Finish was the usual clustering, Rey springboarding onto Kane, before a Matt Twist of Fate and a Jeff Swanton on MVP for the win. I am SHOCKED. But damn, that was just great, good match and great heat.

Aww man, just as things were going so, so well, out comes Kozlov. He starts to speak and the HurraPopping Helms does a silent impression of Kozlov, which was actually hilarious. Kozlov challenges HHH. In another shocking turn of events, Da Game comes to the ring. He calls Kozlov "Boris" and says lets fight now. Kozlov is all "Nuh-uh biatch" (Except, you know, in heel-Russian-speak) and challenges again for the belt. Da Game comes with the ha ha, and comes with the racism, as he uses Rocky IV as an analogy to show how American man > Russian man. Vote Obama. HHH ends by saying if he wants a title take it up with Vickie Guerrero. Ahahaha the f*ck? Evidently someone has finally told HHH what it is that Vickie Guerrero is supposed to be doing as General Manager. They go nose-to-NOSE but Kozlov backs away. That was...interesting, and considering its Kozlov and HHH I mean that in the best possible way. Man, if I can handle both of those two then this might well be the best episode ever.

And as I say that, out comes Michelle McCool! And Maria, and Brie Cheese. 6-man tag time. They're in costu-OH MY GOD THEY'RE IN COSTUME. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!?!?! VICTORIA THE GIANT BANANA TIME~!!! OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD OHMYF*CKINGGOD. Its true, its damn true, out come Maryse, Natalya and VIC-F*CKING-TORIA THE GIANT F*CKING BANANA!


I wish I could accurately describe to you exactly how I reacted to this. Just imagine me jumping up and down in my living room, waving my arms and yelling "Banana banana!" like the tool of the century. VICTORIA does that to one. Umm, anywho, there was actually a match, which was short as f*ck, but decent, I think. Maryse actually did a really great modified spinning backbreaker, that was a nice move. VICTORIA tagged in and did her spinning sideslam. She was so incensed that Brie kicked out of that she tossed her outside~! VICTORIA went after her and grabbed onto both her legs, but was mysteriously kicked away by what seemed like an equally mysterious leg, under the apron. Yeah! This angle is brilliance. Back in the ring, Michelle gets the hot tag to clear house, but Maria blindly tags herself in (Oooh~!) and hits a top rope crossbody for the win. Maria and Camembert celebrate, Michelle is pissed, and I LOVE this sh*t. My God, this pretty much is the best episode ever.


Its now time for YOUR main event Casket match. I keep forgetting to mention that Lillian Roberts is dressed up as *I think* Dracula, and he looks unduly excited as he explains the rules for this match. Out comes Chavo. Obviously there will be shenanigans, as while it would be great for my personal enjoyment, they wouldnt just kill Chavo without any. The casket gets its own entrance, complete with druids, and Chavo has a great look on his face that basically says "Err, this isnt very good, is it?" Taker comes out, and "well, its the Big Show." JR wonders "What in the heck is this?" Apparently he's never heard Big Show's music before. We break, and we come back for the bell, with Show staying up on the ramp. Taker, obviously, kills Chavo for a few minutes. He slams the casket lid on his head, and oh God, there is a Casket Cam. I am not kidding. Its not quite as bad as Taker Cam a few weeks ago, but its still awful. NEVER do this again. Anywho, Show slightly distracts Taker a few times from the ramp. One time Taker motioned for the lid to be opened, and I thought to myself that Show should slam it down from behind them. So he did. I rule. Eventually Show comes into the ring for firstly a punch-off, and then a headbutt-off. Show and Taker > Kozlov. Show gets dropped onto the casket lid, and he FREAKS THE F*CK OUT. Shades of Heidenreich. Back in the ring, Taker Tombstones Chavo and throws him in. We get a split-second Casket Cam before the win. No, just no. I dont know how exactly you can have a 5-6 minute Casket Match, especially on Smackdown TV, but bah Gawd, they had a 5-6 minute Casket Match. Backstage, Vickie is watching Taker celebrate. She appears to be speaking to the TV, saying "OK, fine. If you beat Taker next week, you can have your title shot at Survivor Series." I now realise she's not talking to the TV, but to Kozlov. I'd rather the TV got the title shot, personally. End scene.

In short, that wasnt the greatest Smackdown episode in history, but it was certainly the greatest Smackdown episode in recent memory. Considering that I enjoy every episode of Smackdown that they make, that is some feat. Not since the days of JBL commentating and MattVP has there been such a great episode. There was literally not one bad thing on this show, a show that included Chavo, Show, Kozlov and HHH. That was just such f*cking fun.

I actually dont mind the continuation of Show/Taker. I personally like my idea of them having a Buried Alive match at Survivor Series. Taker/Vince was really good, and seen that Taker and Show have been having good matches so far, I'm sure they could easily top that. However, Show being scared of caskets (shades of Heidenreich) makes me think they'll continue along the casket line. Whatevs. HHH not accepting Kozlov's challenge immediately made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but after the end of the show it does now. I obviously expect Kozlov to go over Taker in a non-clean fashion, leading to the two PPV matches, which makes an insane amount of sense. I love Smackdown.

VICTORIA~! :banana:
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I thought Taker's knees were dodged up? How the heck he took the tombstone on the knees I don't know.


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That was a freaking epic episode of smackdown.

HHH came out to the wrong music, we all know "Time to play the game" is for matches, and "King of Kings" is for promos/face offs.

Vickie makes an awesome evil dictator-y figure.


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Rats I picked the wrong thing on the poll. I meant to pick good.

Smackdown this week was hilarious. Gotta love Victoria in her banana costume. Koslov/HHH next week okay I'm in for it.

Khali and Singh are actually quite funny. Great Smackdown this week.:thumbup2: