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SmackDown Discussion Thread - 28th March 2008


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The Crown Coliseum - Fayetteville, North Carolina

TV Schedule:
UK: Sky Sports 3 at 10pm
USA: The CW at 8/7c

Hopes And Dreams
28th March 2008

In what will be the final edition of Friday Night SmackDown before WrestleMania XXIV, emotions will be high, adrenaline will be flowing, and last-minute strategies will be formulated. With The Granddaddy of Them All just two days away, some Superstar dreams will be realized, while others will be crushed.

This Friday, all eyes will be on Undertaker and World Heavyweight Champion Edge, as they prepare to defend their respective streaks at WrestleMania. For Undertaker, it's a 16-0 unbeaten WrestleMania record. For Edge, it's never having lost to Undertaker. On SmackDown, they both will be looking for any final advantage they can gain before doing battle for the World Heavyweight Title in Orlando.

Last week on SmackDown, United States Champion MVP clashed – verbally and physically – with Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho on the set of MVP’s VIP Lounge. In the end, Jericho got the upper hand by knocking MVP from atop a ladder in the ring. The two will meet again this Friday, "Champion vs. Champion."

Another championship on the line at WrestleMania will be ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero's title. The winner of the 24-Man WrestleMania Battle Royal will earn the opportunity to face the champion that same night in a title match. SmackDown’s, Kane, Mark Henry, Chuck Palumbo, The Great Khali and Jamie Noble will all be included in this 24-man over-the-top rope war. Last week on SmackDown, Henry destroyed Kane, Khali and Palumbo. This Friday, will one of SmackDown’s big men be out for revenge before they all do battle at 'Mania?

This Friday, the Diva Competition heats up even further as one more Diva will be eliminated according to your votes, and we move one step closer to finding out who will win a custom Beverly Hills Chopper.

Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown at 10pm on Sky Sports 3 to find out what happens in the land of SmackDown before The Granddaddy of Them All!


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by Patrick Harris


Dark Match: Ron Killings def. Kenny Dykstra

Killings received a nice reaction when you consider how long he’s been out of the WWE and instead stuck in TNA purgatory and also AAA. There were plenty of responses to his WHAT’S UP yells. He pins Dykstra with an axe kick.

Smackdown Tapings:

1) Mark Henry def. Kane, Chuck Palumbo, and The Great Khali in a 4 man battle royal.

Chavo Guerrero is introduced at the start of the show and does guest commentary. Match itself is rather short. Kane is eliminated first and followed by Chuck Palumbo (both by Khali, I believe.) Henry and Khali trade chops and punches for a bit, then Henry lifts up Khali for a body slam and throws him over the top rope. Henry receives a face pop for his disposing of Khali.

Chavo sneaks into the ring after the match and takes out Henry at the knees. He works on him for a bit before Henry comes back and gives Chavo a bodyslam and splash.

Teddy Long is backstage with Eve, Cherry, and Michelle McCool. He announces that Eve has been eliminated from the Diva competition. Maryse and Victoria show up and start arguing with everyone. Teddy says the only way to settle this is with a ‘Diva Super Soaker/Water Balloon Tag Match’ or whatever the hell he called it. Yikes.

Promos are shown throughout the night for Edge’s funeral ceremony to commemorate the ending of Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak.

2) CM Punk def. John Morrison

This was a solid match that was given about 10 minutes and was similar to their summer matches for the ECW title. The highlight was Punk giving Morrison a frakensteiner off the top rope. Finish comes when Punk reversed Morrison’s corkscrew neckbreaker finish into the GTS.

3) Jesse, Festus, and Kofi Kingston def. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, and the Miz

The heels work over Jesse until he makes the hot tag. Everybody is on the outside brawling when Kofi hits a spinning roundhouse kick on (I think) the Miz for the pin.

4) Batista def. Snitsky

Spear. Spinebuster. Batista Bomb. Pin. Match lasted 60 seconds tops and was a total squash. Batista grabs a chair after the match and gives Snitsky another powerbomb on the chair.

5) Michelle McCool and Cherry def. Victoria and Maryse w/ Eve as special referee in the ‘Diva Super Soaker/Water Balloon Tag Match’

This was basically soft-core porn. Buckets of water and water balloons are in each corner with super soaker guns. Victoria had the humorous moment when she came out with goggles, a snorkel, and those toddler arm floaters. They throw balloons around for a bit and end up hitting Coach, Michael Cole, and even a few made it into the front rows. McCool hits some type of suplex on Victoria for the pin. Maryse looked like a girl who’s been hysterically crying because all of her eyeliner was streaking down her face. Eve poured a bucket of water over her after the match to top it all off. They went with this instead of getting Flair on TV one last time? Please.

6) Chris Jericho def. MVP via DQ

There’s a bit of a delay while the ring crew switches out the mats. MVP comes out while the ring is still being switched and he gets on the mic and works the crowd for a few minutes. He also walks over to the announce table and mouths off and berates Michael Cole. I doubt that will air, however.

This was another enjoyable match. Jericho seems to be finally finding his stride again and MVP’s potential is through the roof. Jericho reverses a Playmaker attempt into the Walls of Jericho and MVP is able to escape and scurry out the ring. He grabs the belts and runs into the ring to get DQ’ed. Jericho ducks the hit and gives MVP the Codebreaker on the US title.

7) Funeral Ceremony

The ring is set up with full funeral arrangement garb and resembles a wake. The black flowers and wreaths are present, along with a picture of the Undertaker and a podium for Edge to speak. A casket is in the middle of the ring. Edge and his entire posse are present in formal attire. Edge gives a eulogy on the Undertaker, covers his accomplishments, and lists his Wrestlemania opponents. He comments on how that time has now come to an end.

Vickie interrupts and says she has a gift for Edge. It’s a video in the style of a movie preview promoting Edge as a superhero for conquering the Undertaker. When Edge starts a final prayer, the lights go dark and Undertaker’s music and video plays. The casket opens and Taker ambushes Edge. He assaults him in the corner until Edge is able to escape. The tapings end with Taker posing in the middle of the ring.

Note: Someone screwed up during this segment and really exposed the product. When the lights dropped and the music/video started, it seemed to go on longer that what you’d normally expect. One of the producers who had been outside on the corner ring steps for the entire segment then literally jumped onto the apron and banged on the back of the casket in plain sight. He hopped back down and the casket opened. I was just a few feet away from this since I was sitting 3rd row floor on the TV side. All of us in the area looked at each other literally dumbfounded since it was painfully obvious. I understand this type of segment isn’t necessarily ‘believable’ to begin with and it’s nothing that will show on TV, but it kills any type of suspension of disbelief that the crowd needs to have to be fully invested with the product. I can’t possibly believe that’s how it was designed in the first place. It definitely looked amateurish.

8) Dark Match: Ric Flair, Batista, and the Undertaker def. Edge, the Big Show, and MVP

The crew clears the ring again and everyone comes out for the dark match. This match was fun and resembled what you’d see at a house show. The heels stalled and argued with each other throughout. Flair and MVP started the match off, and the heels worked over Undertaker for most of the match. Finish comes when all six men are fighting and Taker simultaneously hits a tombstone on Edge while Flair gets MVP to submit to the Figure Four.

Post match, the faces are in the ring celebrating for several minutes. Batista grabs the mic and thanks Flair for being a friend and an integral part of his professional and personal life. Flair speaks and thanks Fayetteville for supporting him throughout his career. He says that if this Sunday is truly the end of the line, he’s glad to have performed here one last time. Taker doesn’t speak but embraces Flair and motions to him. All three walk out together to end the show.
Wrestling observer

I'm glad Flair got to work with Taker one more time after all the respect they have shown each other.
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Jimmy Redman

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OK, hows about a little commentary for the last show going into Wrestlemania.

3 heels and a face nobody cares about anymore. Not good. CHOP OF DOOM~~ I still mark for it. Mark Henry sold it like a champ too. I marked for Henry eliminating Khali too, he's owned Khali this whole build up, which I like. However, no matter how you look at it, having a bunch of monster heels as top contenders for a heel's title when nobody cares about any of them, is bad. There are no faces in the battle royal, certainly not ones that are worth anything. Still no idea who will win though, or whether they'll win the belt, which is a good thing, I guess. But thats more because nobody should win, rather than having many good contenders.

DIVA SEGMENT~! It ruled. The three contestants backstage, Teddy Long comes in to announce who is eliminated this week, a drumroll sounds from nowhere and they all look around selling it, it was awesome. Eve is eliminated. Go Cherry! You cant beat Michelle or I'll cry, but good on you for making the final. VICTORIA and Maryse come in and laugh at Eve. Teddy says they'll all settle this conflict in the ring...with a water fight. They all look appropriately disgusted, for once, but they still gon' kick some skanky-ho ass.

CM Punk over John Morrison They had a really damn good 10 minute match here. I dont remember any of their ECW matches being this good. Started slow, but it soon picked up. There was a lot of good spots and counters, like Punk's top rope hurricanrana, Morrison's new backbreaker/neckbreaker combo, trading kicks, etc. Reversing into a wicked-looking GTS for the win. Heaps good.

Show/Mayweather promo, into Press Conference promo.

Kofi Kingston/Jesse/Festus over Miz/Cade/Murdoch More Battle Royal previews. Another good match. Cade and Murdoch were heeling it up, which was good, and so did Coach for 5 seconds!

Cole: Have you seen that Dirt Sheet Miz and Morrison do?
Coach: I find that extremely entertaining!
Cole: They make fun of everyone..they even made fun of you once!
Coach: ..I must have missed that episode. Anyway...

And the match was good, even Kofi did well in it. I still dont like Kofi. In the end it 'descended into chaos' into Kofi hitting the Jamaican Buzzsaw on Miz for the win.

Batista over Snitsky Bell rings, spear, Spinebuster, Batista Bomb, pin. Seriously, it took about 30 seconds. Another Batista Bomb on a chair after the match for Snitsky. I was expecting Umaga to attack him to look strong going into WM, as Batista is surely going over. Never mind.

Edge/Taker promos. The build to this match should have been a lot more interesting than it actually was. It was THE Smackdown match, and yet nobody cares about it.

DIVA Water Fight Time! Eve is the referee, not in the match, which makes no sense whatsoever as she was involved in the argument, whereas Cherry wasnt. Anyhow, VICTORIA and Maryse come out-OH GOD VICTORIA IS WEARING A SNORKEL AND FLOATIES AND FLIPPERS. OTT Victoria is the best heel in wrestling right now. I hope they dont pick on Cherry, the big meanies. They throw water balloons and shoot water pistols, it goes on for about 3 minutes longer than it should have, but they made up for it when VICTORIA misses Michelle with the bucket of water and slips in the puddle. And all is forgiven when Michelle hits HER FINISHER on Vicky for the win. For the moment I will ignore that they've called it The Wings of Love.

Chris Jericho over MVP by DQ, even though he never got hit with the belt. Another really good match, which was given some time. Good wrestling and lots of good counters, MVP countered Y2J's springboard dropkick for example. MVP grabs both belts to use but Jericho hits the Codebreaker. He then cracks him with a ladder (and throws the ladder away onto him, ouch). I am concerned as Jericho stood looking at something in the sky, but he didnt point it out so I've no idea what it was.

This was the first I'd heard of Edge's funeral, and it didnt interest me one bit. Vickie interests me more than Edge these days, and that is saying something indeed. Well done to the video monkeys for making the Edge/Taker feud look much better than it is. All the same, it was fun to see Undie get out of the coffin and beat guys up, even if it was bleeding obvious. Vickie screaming and running away was fun. Edge gets away, which is good, and we're all sweet. As far as being the last thing before a Wrestlemania, well...but it did what it had to do.

Really, really good Smackdown episode, almost pre-loss-of-JBL levels. Cant remember the last one which was this good. Didnt hype Wrestlemania all that much, but Raw did that so I'm not complaining. Let Smackdown do the...wrestling.
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They went with this instead of getting Flair on TV one last time? Please.
Heh i like how everyone is saying this now. If he wins at mania it'll be "jeez just f' off already Flair!"


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Morrison and Punk had a CRACKER! Really good match. Punk pulled the 'Welcome to Chicago' move (I think that's what it was named) which was cool to see. As previously stated, the Frankensteiner was the shiznit as was the final sequence from Morrison's finisher to Punk's G2Sleep which Morrison sold perfectly.

Slim Jim

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Didnt hype Wrestlemania all that much
It's the little things that count though, and the two Edge/Taker videos did what their whole fued has failed to do so far for me and that's making me want to see the match.

Also, I thought Cole and Coach did a pretty good job in putting over the Money in the Bank match throughout the show.

Jimmy Redman

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Yeah points taken, I was going to add "except for the MITB" on the end of that sentence, but I didnt. And like I said, the video packages were cool. But the feud as a whole has been terrible, and this week it was no different.

Compare it to last year. A fair few people actually thought that Batista might win, and I'm sure the thought crossed almost everyone's mind, myself included. Everyone was desperate for Undie to win at WM, because there was that chance that he might actually lose. Now, with all the talk of Edge being the one who should have beated Undie at WM (I disagree, but whatever), he should have been built up as a credible threat, like Batista was (obviously in a different way, cowardly heel and all..). But at no point during the entire feud did I think that Edge could win the match. There's just no doubt about the outcome, and its boring. As much as I dont like Edge, he deserved better for his big Taker-at-WM program.

And as for promoting Wrestlemania in general, thats something that Raw tends to do better than Smackdown, for all its faults. The whole build has been terrible, but the go-home Raw this week was great in making people want to see the matches, especially Flair's, obviously. Whereas Smackdown do things differently, i.e. have matches, and while that was great for promoting the MITB and the Battle Royal, I grant you, the main event build was the same as the rest of the feud, a let down. Going into WRESTLEMANIA with the big Undie/Edge showdown, it should have been a lot better than a mock funeral.
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Nemesis Enforcer

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I really enjoyed Smackdown this week because it didn't go OTT on the Mania hype, I know why they are hyping Mania so much on the shows but I am buying it anyway and don't seen the constant bombardment of vids etc that Raw and ECW gave us, Smackdown got it just right this week I thought

Punk vs Morrison stole the show for though, excellent match they put on I thought which was a complete contrast to the Batista squash (Goldberg lives on in WWE it seems :lol:)

The Diva waterfight was just beyond awful to me, I just wonder how different things would have been if Awesome Kong had signed with WWE instead of TNA (she apparently talked with both)


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Boring show. A couple of decent matches but nothing special. My attention waned, and the sooner that untalented family-destroying murderer Michelle McCool is off my TV, the better.