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Slammy Awards


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I miss them, especially since WrestleMania 36 was so different and they've pulled the plug on WWE 2K21. It's made me nostalgic. I enjoy the WWE Year-End Awards too, but the Slammy Awards are more fun due to the wild categories like best double-cross, best dance moves, etc. So, let's make our own. Who would you pick for the awards? Feel free to make up your own award names if you'd like.
I'm game. Let's see if I can remember some of the categories. I'll mix some of 2019 with 2020 since the year isn't up and I'm lumping all WWE brands together.

Surprise Return of the Year - Edge at Royal Rumble
Best Original Show - Table for 3 (I especially liked the "Impactful Reunion" episode with AJ Styles, Sting, and Jeff Jarret)
Best Entrance - The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36
Match of the Year - Lots of great matches this year, especially on NXT, but I'm going with Firefly Fun House because it stood out the most. Cena and Wyatt put on a spectacular show.
Best Rivalry of the Year - a tie between Shayna and Becky; Cena and Wyatt
Most Boring Rivalry of the Year (made this category up) - Roman Reigns and Corbin
Breakout Star of the Year - Shayna
Superstars of the Year - Becky and Wyatt
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I'm following along with @Gareth The Great and including all the brands. I know this is not how it would go really, but the Sammys were meant to be more fun than serious anyway.

Comeback of the Year
Bray Wyatt (Vince has buried him several times, yet Wyatt always manages to climb back to the top).

Best Rivalry of the Year
The Fiend and Cena (the buildup was so good)

Most Ridiculous Feud
Rusev, Lana, Lashley (love triangle/cheating scandal)

Best tag-team
Asuka and Sane

Breakout Star
Tyler Bate (NXT UK; He's so young, but he's already incredibly talented.)

Best Tweeter
Sasha Banks (Her best tweets are when she's cornered by fans.)

Most Hated

Biggest OMG Moment
The decision to continue with WrestleMania despite the lack of crowd and all the safety issues to overcome.


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Jake The Snake Roberts for Best Surprise Return of the Year. Shoot, that was on AEW. How about Taker then? Everyone thought he was retiring. He was back in no time and it was surprising.

Most Ridiculous Thing On the Line In a Match (made up category) goes to Rey Mysterio and his mask. Hey Mysterio, you've already been unmasked before. Everyone who cares about professional wrestling knows that.

EC3 for Best Tweet of the Year for this one, selling custom-made face masks.