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Simon Davidson

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Wrestler's Name: Simon William Davidson

Mr Amorality, The Method, "Simmo"

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 lbs

Pic -

Entrance Music: Meds - Placebo


Hometown: Leith, Edinburgh. Scotland.

Wrestling Style: Brawler/ All Rounder

Brief Profile: The oldest friend of Frankie Thompson, Simon is an embodiment of the negative effects growing up in a place like Leith can have on someone. Lacking in a natural conscience or moral restraints, he is a womanising, ammoral con artist and 'businessmen'. Gifted with a natural friendly charm and endearing looks, he picks up woman with ease despite regarding them with nothing more than contempt. In his hometown he has a poor reputation for his treatment of young girls, and rumours persist that he has introduced drugs and prostitution to his 'friends'. Simon is shallow, callous, and considers himself above those around him. He is often on the look out for cheap money making scams, and trained in wrestling originally alongside Frankie more so to make a cheap buck as opposed to any real passion for the business.

With a history of drug use himself, Simon is a former heroin addict, who substitued the drug with drink and cocaine. He claims to be currently clean of both class A's, insisting that these days he simply likes the odd drink. Cold and calculated, yet highly intelligent, he is out only for himself and posseses minimal concern for those who are hurt along the way. Frankie currently finds it difficult to consider Simon a friend due to the life direction he has taken, but at the same time will always harbour some connection with him due to their long history together.

The opening chords of 'Meds' burst crisply out of the PA system and out from behind the curtain struts 'The Method', Simon Davidson, a casual swagger in his stride. A cigarette hangs losely in his mouth, not enough to disguise an obvious smirk. The live crowd greet the arrival with a chorus of disgusted boos and jeers that in his arrogance, only seem to bounce of Davidson, who takes the cigarette in between his thumb and index finger and flicks it to he floor before making his way down the ramp and towards the ring. His stride is casual and carefree and his only pause is to wink at an attractive female in the front row, before he continues on, climbing the steel steps and entering the ring.

Signature Move(s) : (max 3)
Simon Says - Spike DDT - stalls to stare down the hard camera, may wink.
The Medicine Kick - Beautiful Disaster Kick

Finishing Move(s) :
Skin and bones - Cradle Piledriver
Leith-al Injection - Boston Crab

Alignment: Heel