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Review: Then, Now, Forever, The Evolution Of The WWE Women's Division


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So bought this set and it was interesting, to say the least, opens with a history of women's wrestling then into the first spotlight on Wendi Richter brief bio followed by a match vs Moolah where Richter wins her first Women's title, then into a spotlight of Sherri Martel, but instead of a women's title match her match is a team elimination match. Next was Medusa/Alundra blaze followed by her winning the title from Bull Nakano.

From there it got kind of odd, the next spotlight is on Ivory, but the match following is her losing the title to Chyna.

Next spotlight was on Victoria, match was her retaining the title against Trish.

Next spotlight was lita match lita losing to Victoria in a cage match

Next was Molly Holly match was the one molly lost and got her head shaved

next was trish stratus match was Lita beating Trish for the title

Next was Mickie James match was Mickie James winning the title from Trish.

Next was AJ Lee watch was her beating Kaitlyn for the title

Next was Paige, match was Nxt championship match at NXT Arrival.

This concluded Disk One.

Disk Two.

started with a spotlight on natalya watch was her vs Charlotte at nxt turnover.

Next spotlight was the Bella, here where I found the match choice odd, rather show a match involving one of them winning the title it was Brie losing to stephanie at summerslam

Next Spotlight was Bayley match was iron woman match vs Sasha

next was Charlotte match was triple threat match from wrestlemania 32

Becky Lynch was featured next match was her becoming first ever smackdown women's champion.

Next was sasha Banks didn't highlight one of her title win as a match instead it was her vs Charlotte hell in a cell match
the end of disc Two

Disk three
Next was carmella wining the first ever women MITb

Feature on Mae Young followed Mae young classic final.

First female royal match was featured next.

Alexa Bliss was next match was her retaining inside Elimination chamber

the final spotlight was on Ronda Rousey actually found her inclusion odd considering her limited time in WWe match was her debut at Wrestle mania.

Personally I would have like to have seen an additoinal fourth documentary disk on the evoultion of Women's wrestling.

Most of these matches ae readily available on you tube or the wwe network.



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Thanks for posting a review.
Personally I would have like to have seen an additoinal fourth documentary disk on the evoultion of Women's wrestling.
Why? What did you feel was missing from the others that would warrant another disc? Did the wrestlers provide commentary or was it just a rehash of their previous bouts?
I was wondering the same thing. Showing a history of something needs commentary to go with the action, that follows a timeline. That's the way it's done with other sports.