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Profile Thread: Tweeners

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Name: "The Unstoppable One" Brian Dammage
Weight: 250 lbs
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Entrance Music: Can't Stop by Pre)Thing
Entrance: Explosion like Pyros Go Off at Start. Runs out onto ramp, runs from side to side pointing at fans. Walks to ramp, Walks down and shakes hands before sliding in and then climbing turnbuckle and looking around. Stands then on rope and holds up arm as pyros spray from cornerposts
Basic Description: Dammage is dark, unknown, mysterious and enigmatic, but above all else he is unstoppable. From his long brown hair to his dark grey tights and boots, when people see Dammage one word springs to mind...Superstar..hes unleashed his rage elsewhere for the past year but now is the time to come to TWOStars

Alignment: Tweener
Finishing Moves: Cant Stop (Rock Bottom), Dammage Plan (Vertical Xploder Suplex)
Trademark Moves:56K DDT (Tornado DDT)
Catatonic (Gun Stinger)
Dammage Effect (STO)
Interior Dammage (Widowmaker (Reverse DVD)
Standard Moves: An array of technical locks and holds
German Suplex, Vertical Suplex, Brainbusters, Clotheslines, High Knees, Forearms, Drop toe Hold, a vassed assortment of submissions

Aditional Information:Born and raised in Memphis watching wrestling at the Colliseum he loved wrestling but after a car accident that Dammage thought had killed his friend, he disappeared, seemingly off the face off the earth. The friend from the crash survived and made it his mission to find his friend. 3 years later and a dark young man with long brown hair appeared locally near the Midsouth Colliseum, people didnt realise who it was but his friends and family knew that Brian had returned, but he wasnt the same, he took to the ring to unleash his rage and fustration and distanced himself from those who cared.
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Name:Trimmy D
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 220 lbs
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hometown: Trimmsville
Entrance Music: Blow me away by Breaking Benjamin.
Basic Description: Young star to the buissiness but has the training to make it big anywhere a Fan Favourite and has a simular style of wrestling to AJ Styles and Shane O mac. Trimmy D loves to plain mind games on his opponents.

Alignment: Tweener
Finishing Moves: Trimmy-T ( a double arm DDT with an inward sweep so the opponents head ends up between his own legs like the opponent X factors themself).
Trademark Moves: Demolition Driver ( Get opponent into a styles clash position but instead of landing on the midbody he drops to his knees into a modified tombstone.
StaleFish ( spinning 180 frogsplash)
The Undiscribable ( M-dogg20's handspring then a spinning 450 over the top rope onto the outside.
WHAT! ( Jumps and hits a diving elbow off anything over 10 feet)
Standard Moves:Scissor kick, superkick, spear, knife edge chops, and baisically any high risk move.

Aditional Information: Trimmy has recently been called the hardcore kid after many high profiled No DQ and last man standing matches. Trimmy was trained by Tripple H and Shawn Micheals he has also learned many things about the wrestling industry from contacts of Tripple H. He has alot of guts and will do anything to get what he wants. After a famous victory in his own creation " The steel Cell match" he was taken under the wing of a former GCW Champion Chris Crisis who later released Trimmy to make his own way.


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Name: "The Hangman" Draven Cage
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 248lbs
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Hometown: &th Dimension of Hell, Airdrie
Entrance Music: Wherever I May Roam, Metallica
Entrance: As the music hits, DC waits in the back until the initial crescendo hits, makes his way down the aisle, gets in the ring under the bottom rope and sits in the corner oblivious to all. Until I am ready.
Basic Description: Fromer bodygaurd-for-hire who now just beats up anyone he likes.

Alignment: No-one
Finishing Moves: Hangman's Noose (Tazmission/Hammerlock) Hangman's Drop (Diamond Cutter from the top, with me on the second rope) and The Expulsion of Sanity (Tommy Hawk). Tag Team Finish is The Hangman's Gallows (A 3D of the top with me on the 2nd rope directly in front of my opponent, and my partner standing on the 2nd rope adjacent to us)
Trademark Moves: Chokeslam, Powerbomb, Tombstone, CageDoor (sub, edgecator/regal stretch) and the ShadowCast (sub, double-underhook turned into a stretch over the knee, puts strain on the back and neck), Airdrie Boot, and a frog-splash.
Standard Moves: Clotheslines, forearms and kicks.

Aditional Information: The Hangamn started as a bodygaurd-for-hire who became a bit sadistic, before abandoning the money of gaurding to simply beat people up. He doesn't care who you are or what you do, he will destroy you.

Remeber people......The brighter the light, The darker the shadows. :evil:
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