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Profile Thread: Retired/Injured

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New Member
Name: Speedqueen
Height: 6'2
Weight: 225lbs
Alignment: face
Age: 25
Gender: Confused
Hometown: Manchester
Entrance Music: Filthy by Scissor Sisters
Basic Description: SpeedQueen is a rather camp effeminate young man who is often seen wearing makeup, and calling people Darling. Underneath his comic persona lies a technically sound wrestler capable of putting on some fairly reasonable matches. He has a whole modicum of different outfits that he wears to the ring, in fact, he refuses to wear the same outfit twice. But he does love pink, Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton
Alignment: Face
Finishing Moves: Darling Dropper (Rocker Dropper), Total Sweetness (STF)
Trademark Moves: Cross Faced Chicken Wing, Inverted Atomic Drop, Top Rope Sunset Flip, Frankensteiner
Standard Moves: Bulldog, Clothesline, Full Nelson, Small Package, Roll up

Aditional Information: Raised and bought up near Manchester Piccadilly station in the gay village, SpeedQueen has numerous celebrity friends and often has them accompany him to the ring. In the past he's had Leo Sayer, Donna Summer, and the legendary Graham Norton in his corner for big events.
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Well-Known Member
Name: Draiman
Height: 6ft 4”
Weight: 255 pounds
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Hometown: The other side of Destiny
Entrance Music: Dogma-Marilyn Manson
Basic Description: Draiman will use others to gain things more easily, but will drop them if he feels they’re in his way, or holding him back. Two faced, would describe Draiman perfectly. Draiman came to TWO Superstars to gain revenge on someone, who he feels double crossed him in the past, but is keeping quiet and is waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Only time will tell if Draiman will gain the revenge he so desperately seeks.
Has a strange obsession with using steel chairs in his matches, but it frequently backfires, or he is caught out.

Alignment: Heel
Finishing Moves: ‘Classic’ Jake Roberts DDT, Jumping reverse neck breaker, Cross face chicken wing.
Trademark Moves: Legdrop, Spinebuster, Widows Peak, Running Clothesline, Steel chair throat crusher, Chair shot to the head, Hot Shot to the turnbuckle.
Standard Moves: Bodyslam, Vertical suplex, Elbows in the corner, Kitchen sink kick, Eye gauge, Back suplex.

Additional Information: Has a very dark, deep, disturbing secret, known only by one other individual.


Formerly wwe4eva
Name: Sin
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 275 pounds
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Entrance Music: Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness? - without the singing.
Basic Description: Scary looking,flat black hair, about as much muscles as Shawn Michaels, Ring Attire: S with a cross through it which is brown, black for the rest of it. And a black "coat" thing that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin used to wear, with a black t-shirt under that lol ;)

Alignment: Heel
Finishing Moves: DDT on steel chair (in my matches the ref's will mostly either be distracted or knocked out so I can use the chair
Trademark Moves: Modified STO (similar to Hassan) suplex (turnbuckle move)
Standard Moves: belly-to-belly suplex, choke (until the 5 count, like Tajiri always does, but this is just a normal choke)

Aditional Information: Nickname: "The Sinner"
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Formerly therock010
Name: Obike Fixx
Height: 6'6
Weight: 330lbs
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Hometown: Morecambe, England
Entrance Music: Paul Oakenfold and Ice Cube - Right here, right now
Basic Description: Same look as blade from the film, with all the tattoos and clothing type ( without the weapons ).. Moody character, loner. Big powerhouse, with suprising speed for his size..Would suit a heel run.

Alignment: Heel
Finishing Moves: The Blade Cut... Similar to the Last Ride... And The Knife Edge... A submission move like the Sharpshooter ( Edge uses it )
Trademark Moves: Dirty tricks, low blows and thumbs to the eyes etc
Standard Moves: Chops, Headlocks, High kicks and Big Sidewalk slams

Aditional Information: Likes no-one... Angry.. Has a weird likeness for sharp blades/objects


New Member
Name: Cardiac
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 240lbs
Age: 23
Gende: Male
Hometown: Toronto, Ont, Can
Entrence Theme: Rock'n Roll Revolution by Saliva
Basic Description: He's got a Randy Orton type build. He is too overconfident. He wears Black jeans and a blue t-shirt. His hair is just like Big Show's before getting shaved by Kurt. he wears tapping on his hands that go half way up his forearm.

Aligment: Tweener
Finisher: Cardiac arrest (Burning hammer)
Tradmark move: Heart attack (Angle slam), Adrinalin Rush (Rolling dice)
Standard moves: DDT, German suplex, Neck breaker, big boot, clothsline (running and flying)
Aditional Information:
Qoute: "Somebody better get you an ambulance because your about to have Cariac Arrest"
Weapon of choice: Iron pipe


New Member
Name: Beetroot
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 420lbs
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hometown: The local allotment
Entrance Music: Fire inside the man by Savage Garden
Basic Description: Dressed in an all purple leotard and purple facepaint Beetroot likes to mix power roughhouse style moves with a superb array of technical moves.

Alignment: Face
Finishing Moves: "The Juiceamatic 5000" Bearhug into Overhead Belly to belly suplex
Trademark Moves: Headbutt from the top rope. Ankle Lock.
Standard Moves: stiff chops, cravats, single leg grapevine.

Adam Sibley

New Member
Name: Cleetus
Height: 6ft 8in
Weight: 265 lbs
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hometown: The last chance farm in Ohio
Entrance Music: Hillbilly theme tune
Entrance: confused
Basic Description: Framer's son, dungarees quite muscly, longish blonde hair
Alignment: He is a power horse but is easily confused so can be easily lead but the fans take to him.
Finishing Moves: Texas cloverleaf, michinoko dirver
Trademark Moves: maul kick, in the corner 10 face slaps
Standard Moves: power house. lots of slams, whips, high impact moves
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