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Prize structure and posts


I just wanted to post something here about this as I know some players get confused:


The first place prize you win will depend entirely on your contributions to our forum, if you do not contribute to the forum you are still eligible for the £50 prize. However if you are a regular contributor to the forum and win the league…the better your prize could be.

The winner of the league will win:

£50.00: 0 posts
£75.00: 1-250 posts
£100.00: 251-500 posts*
£125.00: 501-750 posts*
£150.00: 751-1000 posts*
£175.00: 1001-1250 posts*
£200.00: 1251-1500 posts*
£250.00: 1501+ posts**

Posts can be the Entertainment, Wrestling, Video Games, Sports, Boxing & MMA or General Chat forums

* You must have made 25 posts within the season. The post count will be taken at the end of the final day of the season. Posts will be checked so please do not spam as they will not count! Talk Whatever Online’s decision will be final.


You can post in any of the forums mentioned above (the FWL forum is included as it's part of the Wrestling section).

So if you join and don't want to be involved in the forum, you'd always be eligible for the £50 prize (as well as the 2nd and 3rd place prizes). If you want to be eligible for the £100+ prize brackets you would have needed to make 25 points during the FWL season as well as having a post count of that amount (whichever bracket) or more by the end of the season (and obviously coming in first place after the final update of the season).

I know we have lots of players who only join the forum to play the game, which is fine, the prize boosts are for the members that contribute to the site, which is what keeps us going. So I think it's important for us to recognise that.
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