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Princess Leia a Jedi?

Some mates and I are having a healthy debate over FaceTime about whether Princess Leia was ever a Jedi. This is the type of argument you run into when you're going stir crazy from staying at home and you've had a few pints. I googled, but it seems like no one can agree. There's something about a canon, but I'm not sure I follow. Maybe the story book Princes Leia failed to have continuity with the film Princess Leia. But surely both became a Jedi!


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You blokes have probably settled this by now, but just in case, The Rise of Skywalker had a flashback scene that confirmed Leia's Jedi status. She walked away from it for a political career because she thought it would save her kid. Leia didn't complete her training to become a Jedi master, but the ending showed Leia and Luke in ghost form. Only Jedi's appear in ghost form. I've only seen the films, so I'm not sure whether the books turned out differently.